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Kristen Stewart: I Could Do Five More Years of 'Twilight'!

Kristen Stewart: I Could Do Five More Years of 'Twilight'!

Kristen Stewart shows off her pearly whites as she arrives for a taping of the Today show on Wednesday morning (November 7) in New York City.

The 22-year-old actress went on the program to talk about her upcoming flick The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2.

“To have five years with one main focus, it’s just rare for an actor, usually you’ve got five weeks, five months, so yeah I definitely,” Kristen said on the show. “I’m okay with walking away but at the same time, I could keep it for another five.”

When asked about rumored on-again boyfriend and Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson, Kristen replied: “Funny you should mention that. I’m just gonna let people watch whatever little movie they think our lives are.”

FYI: Kristen is wearing Hudson “LouLou” Jeans and a Belstaff Bowden leather jacket.

10+ pictures inside of Kristen Stewart arriving for her Today show interview…

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  • Livia

    that beautiful!! I love it!!

  • missy

    Yes, cause you career sucks big time, miss. Not only you cannot act… Awful cheater you are. You do not deserve Robert.

  • Martere

    Is it me or she owned up to pretending being a couple to keep the buzz on?

  • mel

    She’s awesome! Love it :)

  • Rose

    She’s an idiot…



  • kingkayski

    I like that she look them all in the eyes while answering the forbidden personal question and smirking at Savannah when she finish Good for her!.She’s more than ready to answer all this personal question,only you’re not gonna get anything out of it.I think Savannah is way out of line and trying to make a name for herself,now she’s got it.

  • freebird

    thank god she wont!

  • Amy

    pray circle for this girl go away!

  • shameonHER

    watching her life as a movie? SHE CHEATED. She should go and hide herself.

  • emma

    Kristen looks REALLY good these days !
    Her couple is her business, she’s so right to answer that way.

  • I’ll Bet

    little talent sold for top dollar

  • taz

    The only thing i know about this girl is that she complained immensely about twilight now she wants 5 more years?

    please tell me this is the last movie?

  • The Movie I’m Watching:

    It’s titled – “Spoiled Little Codescending Tramp”
    - total low budget flick

  • Bateman

    no thanks..i have to return some videotapes

  • Matt L

    I think she answer the question marvelously without giving anything,she’s a smart coockie,good for her!!

  • az

    @Matt L: matt lauer, that you? =/

  • Robsten= Summit’s Joke on U

    the Summit’s media Wh_0_re is hustling overtime…
    she’s even reduced to selling her “romance” with that other loser for attention…so much for all that keeping what’s mine private. Fake Trampire.

  • Marie

    And suddenly this overaged teenager is able to smile and even laugh to the paps. Since she betrayed her lover (who is much too good to want her back).
    Fake girl!

  • Matt L

    What exactly did she sell?We didn’t even get anything,just go hug your stained Robs pillow!

  • Bye now!

    And here comes the hate brigade!

  • lila

    She just has no right to demand privacy or say that she’s going to keep her personal life personal – she’s the one who issued a public apology. She’s the one who admitted that she cheated to the public and admitted to the public that she loves Rob. Why now is she saying that it’s none of our business? it’s just so hypocritical, so anyone saying that we need to back of and mind our own business needs to realize that she made it the world’s business.

  • lol

    Kristen likes smart cockie

  • ann

    why sholud she hide??? and by the way she did that for 2 months almost..there are PLENTY of people,normal people who does that, and ARTIST,ACTORS Who also did that and it wasn’t so much big of a deal!! she didn’t kill anyone,god!!! everyone has a life!

    PLUS if rob took her back it’s his choice!! they are back together and it’s their problem!!!!

    perhaps people need a second chance,have u thought that? kris gootten her second chance,now let’s ser from now long!

    by the way: they were a real couple …if not why would any of them spend their birthfays with each other,or visit each other on the movie set? make friends with their costars? meet the parents?? spend the holidays together?? and so much more….

  • ann

    jeeeees she doesn’ smile now,after the scandal..she ALWAYS have smiled!!!!!!!!!!! there are tons of photos!!!!

    here she was attending her fans,sign for them!

  • Abfab

    Ha ha. Looks like she’s backpedaling. She said in an earlier interview that she was “so ready to walk away from Twilight”. Doesn’t this sound like she can’t wait for all of it to be over and done?

  • AMY

    Of course you can, you cheating asss b!tch!

  • AMY

    @Amy: Yo hoo, you stole my name!

  • Em’

    Pleaaaaaaaase. Why do the host didn’t ask her if she didn’t lose her right to be uptight about her private life the day she issued a public apology in a very Tom-Cruise-jumping-on-the(couch way?
    Seriously, they should have thrown her a big “Please B*itch. SIT DOWN”

  • Maria

    No! Please don’t! We’ve had enough of your bad acting!

  • Sheila

    Her hair is awful, like she always looks like it needs a wash, so oily looking.

    Can’t stand her. She can’t act and has an awful masculine monotone voice and bad attitude. I shake my head and can’t believe ouf of all the talented 20something actresses out there, this gal is the best they could fine to elevate to A-status?? She has the personality of a flea, can’t act, answers questions like she has half a brain, has awful posture, cheats on her BF with a married dude, is fake about everything she says, yet acts oh-so-authentic and has dirty oily, hair and yet the young’uns love her??? They need to re-evaluate who they idolize in that age group.

  • Macy

    thank God, twilight is almost done, i’m so sick and tired of her!

  • belle

    @GO TO HELL KS: hope someone wishes you would go to hell too

  • T

    looks like the public will never know the state of their relationship,like it always has been. i do like the leather jacket though

  • anonymous

    Ew, use a brush!!! OF COURSE she would do another 5 years, she needs job security now more than ever considering her star is fading, that most think she is skank and will never view her the same way again and she can’t act worth beans.

  • Rupert

    I know what’s in her hair,,lol

  • ahilàlla

    you jealous fat haters will burn in hell!
    (while kristen and rob will still be together having “amazing vampire s*x” and laughing at you!)

  • ahilàlla

    you jealous fat haters will bur-n in h*ll!
    (while kristen and rob will still be together having “amazing vampire s*x” and laughing at you!)

  • scott

    but of course she can how else would she stay “relevant” and that last answer what was that?! to me it sounded like “nope sorry can’t say anything about my fake relationship until the premiere”

  • Sam

    She always whined about how she could not express herself as an actress in the Twilight Saga and that the buzz was annoying her and now look – the Saga is over and so might be her career and all of a sudden she could go another five years.

  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    Lol, she knows her career will be running on fumes the moment that film is shipped. Poor little hypocrit.

  • notafan

    @lila: Exactly. I was like ..wth does she think of herself. She can’t claim privacy after the whole public ignominy she put herself and Rob through. She has no right anymore to claim privacy. And btw, robsten fans,,.,she just admitted to playing with you guys and keeping you guessing, she pretty much honestly admitted to using your stupidity to her advantage. Go revel in joy!

  • Cris



  • B


  • http://jgs350 Julie

    Why is it if a man cheats he’s forgiven and he gets another notch in his belt and proves “he’s a man” instead of “he’s a man-whore” and all is swept under the carpet because after all in the opinion of others boys will be boys they can’t keep their pants zipped. But if a woman makes a mistake, especially one who grew up in the limelight and didn’t have a NORMAL childhood makes ONE mistake she’s labeled a whore. PERIOD. Don’t give her a break just drag her name in the gutter and brand her a slut and a whore for life. But then a man can cheat and womanize many a time over and even if he apolgizes his name is not drug throught the gutters and he’s not slanderized like a woman. Now tell me, Is THAT FAIR. NOT!! I don’t agree w/what she did but I think she apologized and deserves a second chance. If he accepted her apology and takes her back then ENOUGH-leave them be. That would be the same if the shoe was on the other foot. Brad Pitt cheated on Jennifer w/Angelina and he was not labeled a Man Whore even tho he was and was Angelina labeled a house wrecker even tho she WAS! She broke up a marriage for Gods sake. GET OFF YOUR HIGH AND MIGHTY JUDGEMENTAL HORSES AND SAVE YOUR JUDGEMENTS FOR SOMEONE ELSE.

  • belle

    @GO TO HELL KS: wishing someone to go to hell is mean and unnecessary considering she has done nothing to you. how would you feel if someone said they wish you would go to hell. hence my comment earlier

  • belle

    @Julie: agree with everything you just said. we live in a society of double standards

  • A

    Of course super private Kristen doesn’t want to talk about her relationship with Rob *snort* I’m sure she is planning to keep this “Are They Or Aren’t They?” thing going on as long as possible.She knows she is as talented as a piece of wood so all the hoopla surrounding their relationship is necessary to keep her relevant.Btw a guy who attended the show tweeted this –> “18 people at Today for KStew. Eighteen. Where are the Krisbians?. Thank God there weren’t many people here. Kristen only signed/took photos with LITERALLY three people. ” Looks like New Yorkers are not too fond of this skank.

  • Tak

    She looks horrible. Unless she is styled to the hilt by her stylist and hairstylist and slathered in make-up by a make-up artist this woman ALWAYS looks like re-fried crap.

    The attention she receives makes no sense: she has no talent, no natural beauty, no manners, no brains, no humility, no style and, judging by the state of her greasy stank looking hair in most pictures, no shampoo. May she fade into obscurity whilst desperately trying to cling onto the fame and attention that she courts and obviously loves no matter how much she tries to pretend to the contrary.

  • whaaa

    love how she has turned it all around on her critics
    she has learned zippo
    she will misbehave again