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LeAnn Rimes: Riviera Restaurant with Liz!

LeAnn Rimes: Riviera Restaurant with Liz!

LeAnn Rimes is all smiles while hanging out with her BFF Liz on Wednesday afternoon (November 7) in Calabasas, Calif.

The 30-year-old singer and her gal pal grabbed lunch at Riviera Restaurant and LeAnn was spotted taking some leftovers home.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of LeAnn Rimes

“Please help the victims of Hurricane Sandy w/ @wishuponahero,” LeAnn tweeted earlier in the week. “Be a hero and donate at or grant a wish yourself at”

20+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes having lunch with her friend…

Just Jared on Facebook
leann rimes riviera restaurant with liz 01
leann rimes riviera restaurant with liz 02
leann rimes riviera restaurant with liz 03
leann rimes riviera restaurant with liz 04
leann rimes riviera restaurant with liz 05
leann rimes riviera restaurant with liz 06
leann rimes riviera restaurant with liz 07
leann rimes riviera restaurant with liz 08
leann rimes riviera restaurant with liz 09
leann rimes riviera restaurant with liz 10
leann rimes riviera restaurant with liz 11
leann rimes riviera restaurant with liz 12
leann rimes riviera restaurant with liz 13
leann rimes riviera restaurant with liz 14
leann rimes riviera restaurant with liz 15
leann rimes riviera restaurant with liz 16
leann rimes riviera restaurant with liz 17
leann rimes riviera restaurant with liz 18
leann rimes riviera restaurant with liz 19
leann rimes riviera restaurant with liz 20
leann rimes riviera restaurant with liz 21
leann rimes riviera restaurant with liz 22
leann rimes riviera restaurant with liz 23

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • Sal

    Trailer trash.

  • @Ina_Angel

    My sweet friend!

  • SunnyAutumn

    She looks cute in these photos, but still way toooo thin.

  • gwen

    Who didn’t see this one coming? RHOBH aired on Monday, everyone expected that Leann was going to pull some crazy stunt. Since she tweeted about dinner and a movie with Eddie we all thought it was going to be that.

    Look who took these photos. AKM-GSI. Yes the same photo agency that was on the private beaches with Eddie and Leann in Cabo and the same photo agency that was inside Eddie’s birthday party. So as usual this is a STAGED photo-op. So why was it important that we saw these photos of Leann playing nice with Lizzy? Did Eddie only agree to go on tour with Leann if she pampered his mistress? Don’t you think it’s odd that Leann has to take Lizzy on these shopping sprees and out to lunch just to get Eddie to appear in public with her?

    Gal Pal? Why are you being so modest? That ” gal pal” is Eddie’s mistress. It’s also the same “gal pal” Leann was making out with in March while Eddie watched and took pictures of it. The same “gal pal” who was spreading her legs while Eddie watched during their vacation at the lake. The same gal pal who showed up days before Leann’s birthday wearing the same dress that Leann wore in January. Why is Lizzy dressing like Leann? Because that is what Eddie wanted all along, a mistress and wife to fund his affairs.

    Is anyone else creepied out by the fact that these photos of Leann look just like Brandi? Why is Leann trying to hard to look like Brandi? It’s the same hairstyle that Brandi wore in Monday’s episode of RHOBH.

    Of course Leann is tweeting about Hurricane Sandy, she got a lot of backlash for mocking the hurricane on Halloween. So now she think she can make up for it by tweeting about it? Or are these once again just attempts to get attention for herself.

  • Belle

    So she has a used husband and a disloyal friend who she inherited when she “won” said used husband. I’m sure she paid for lunch. BTW, what the holy heck is she wearing. Tacky, tacky, tacky. I thought she had money. Too bad it doesn’t buy taste or class since she has neither and could desperately use both. It does however buy paid for photo ops and to have them posted on Just Jared. This is another classic.

  • gwen

    What Just Jared won’t tell you:

    “Naughty girl! LeAnn Rimes kisses and cavorts with female friend (as husband Eddie Cibrian looks on)

    She is known to often put on a public display of affection with her husband Eddie Cibirian, the pair constantly kissing and cuddling for the world to see.

    But LeAnn Rimes was spotted seemingly puckering up to another woman yesterday, as she fooled around with a girlfriend during yet another holiday break to popular ski spot Mammoth, California.

    And instead of Cibrian being worried about his 29-year-old wife with her hands and lips all over someone else, the 38-year-old actor was cheering on and even took photographs of the naughty embrace.

    The risque behaviour went down on the balcony of a cabin the duo had seemingly rented with another couple, including LeAnn’s blonde-haired girlfriend ‘Lizzy’.

    Drinking beers on the porch, LeAnn and her gal pal started to get frisky during the afternoon.

    The two women were not only seen puckering up, but embracing, and LeAnn even stripping off to expose her black bra and also nuzzling her face in her friend’s chest.

    -The Dailymail

  • Bill

    I see she is up to her same old tricks papping herself out, posting like a maniac on twitter still. This chick is desperate for attention. She tries so hard to act normal. She is so homely. Ed must be robbing her blind cause he sure never fell in love with THAT.

  • Beth

    LeAnn has filed a lawsuit against a teacher of special needs children. The teacher has 6 children of her own, 4 of which she adopted have special needs. The woman is currently receiving medical treatment after being physically attacked. LeAnn stalked this woman through social media knowing that the woman didn’t like LeAnn, called the woman, used very foul language during the conversation, called the woman a bi_tch, and back stabbed the mother of the children in LeAnn’s care. The woman felt threatened by LeAnn and her history of stalking and recorded the conversation to protect herself against LeAnn’s well known bullying history. The recorded call is why LeAnn is suing this wonderful woman. A defense fund has been set up to help the woman with legal bills as LeAnn is trying to force her to sell her home and file banckruptcy. Please donate.

  • betty

    Poor Leann she really needs help when she uses an ordinary lunch date to gain attention.things really must be bad in her household. Keeping up appearances is hard. I see sadness in her eyes despite her smiles.

  • LH

    Who and what is in these pictures that it warrants 28 pictures. Come on. LeAnne was a jump off that tricked and stalked Ed. In the end, he wins. He is ready to bail on her after he ruins her financially. She will be lucky is she has a career to go back to. She will be lucky if she is left with any sanity. I can’t feel sorry for her until she drops the lawsuit and is out of Brandi’s life. Period.

  • gwen

    1) Why Leann is tweeting about Hurricane Sandy:

    “LeAnn Rimes Mocked Hurricane Sandy Victims With Her Insensitive Halloween Costume?!” Perez Hilton

    “LeAnn Rimes dresses as Sandy for Halloween as hurricane rages”-heatworld

    2) Why Leann set up this staged photo-op with Lizzy:

    “Four Reasons Why Brandi Glanville is the Breakout Star of ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’”

    Most of us remember Brandi Glanville before she was a Bravo reality star. Brandi first catapulted into fame as the jilted soon-to-be ex-wife of C-list actor, Eddie Cibrian, who famously left her for country singer LeAnn Rimes.

    Here’s four reasons why Brandi is the real star of the RHOBH.

    1.She’s never boring: While the other housewives send flower displays, bottles of wine or politely written hand notes as housewarming gifts, Brandi will gladly wrap up a toy gun filled with tequila and kinky rubber sex sheet — her cheeky gift to Lisa and Ken last night while visiting their new pad. She makes off-color jokes and often goes braless, which is far too low brow for the likes of Kyle Richards and Taylor Armstrong, but the antics are worth their weight in gold just to watch everyone wince. That being said, Brandi never really comes across as a mean girl. Sure she has her moments (as do all the ladies), but rather than appearing like a villain (ala Atlanta’s Kenya Moore) you get the impression she’s just cut from a particularly cavalier cloth and refuses to censor herself.

    2.She’s not afraid to stick her foot in her mouth: We’re big fans of all the housewives, but nobody really lets loose the way Brandi does after half a glass of bubbly. A little like playing Russian Roulette you never know what may set her off. When meeting new housewife, former Dutch model and self-proclaimed romantic, Yolanda Foster, for the first time she describes Beverly Hills as the town where “you know everyone, you’ve slept with everyone.” It’s like a gust of fresh air to hear her drop words like “labia” or “crystal meth” only because she says what the evil side of your brain is thinking and who doesn’t want to watch that on T.V.?

    3.She’s gorgeous and always looks fabulous: You’d be hard pressed to find an ugly housewife, but Brandi – who made a living as a model in the 90s – still looks as catwalk ready as she did in her 20s. She’s unapologetic about rocking it out in a teeny bikini and even somehow managed to make a leg brace and crutches look fashionable in season 2.

    4.She’s single and ready to mingle: “I was married to the number one douchebag of all-time,” she famously said last season referring the philandering Eddie. She’s admitted to an affair with Gerard Butler, makes countless lesbian jokes directed toward Lisa and has this kind of hilariously awkward fake crush schtick with Lisa’s husband, Ken, that’s a little endearing. Sure, Kim Richards is technically single, too, but you don’t get the same goofy, man-eating quality from her. So let’s hope Brandi has a romance this season and let’s make him someone famous. Hey — we hear Leonardo DiCaprio is single…”

    -OK Magazine

    3) Eddie lusting over Lizzy:

    Popsugar: “LeAnn Rimes Logs Bikini Time on a Lake With Eddie Cibrian and Friends”

    Photo 3/41-lack of pda between Eddie and Leann

    Photo 15/41-Eddie standing directly over Lizzy and watching her

    Photo 16/41-Eddie standing directly over Lizzy and watching her

    Photo 25/41-Eddie standing directly over Lizzy and watching her

    Photo 32/41-Eddie standing directly over Lizzy and watching her

    4) Another moment of Eddie lusting over Lizzy:

    The Superficial: “Leann Rimes Playing Bocce Ball in a Bikini”- Jan 7, 2012

    Photo 29/40-Eddie is watching Lizzy’s husband grab her behind and then he gets excited after seeing this and only then does he grab Leann’s behind

  • http://justjared Leticia

    How did she mock sandy by dressing as a character named sandy??? Im sure that was just a coincidense! And why put her down because she went for a guy that she’s attracted to and married him good for her she’s one of the millions that made a mistake by marrying the wrong guy and Eddie marrying the wrong woman I’m happy for them instead of stuck in a loveless marriage they moved on good for them I wish more people were as brave but I will say they should’ve divorced instead of cheating hopefully they learned their lesson.

  • http://justjared Leticia

    *staying stuck…

  • Belle

    @Beth: LeAnn knows she can drag this out. I read that she lied to her husband about having made the call and now that her lies have been exposed, she’s punishing someone else for showing the world what a psycho she is. She is an extremely vindictive, disturbed person. Her bestie is someone who followed the cash after Brandi kicked Ed to the curb and who gets to go on free trips, shopping sprees, lip injections and as we can see here, participate in staged photo ops. She also seem to accompany LeAnn and Eddie everywhere which is weird. LeAnn’s other “friends” are paid employees and people on Twitter who think she really is their special friend and who kiss her butt in a way that could be part of a guide book for sycophants. This lawsuit is a disgusting cherry on the top of the crazy beotch sundae, that is known as LeAnn.

  • Dolly

    @@Ina_Angel: I dare you to disagree with her just once and see how long she’s still your “sweet friend”. You’ll be blocked and backstabbed faster than you can say “staged photo op”. The only way to be LeAnn’s “friend” is to kiss her butt and defend even her most heinous behavior. That isn’t a real friend. That is a deluded, entitled narcissist and with blind supporters to reinforce it, it will only get worse.

  • Hope

    Leann Rimes is so unfortunate looking.

  • Mia

    Busy day, huh LeAnn? Lunch with your paid to hang with you friend (who will split as fast as Ed does). Hurry back to post BS on twitter. Those freaks blowing up your timeline is disgusting. Begging for you to pay for their trips. That’s all you can attract as fans? Half dozen mentally challenged freaks? That includes KH too.

  • Cat

    Leann looks like a 12 year old boy LINEBACKER!!! Where are the womanly curves? Oh thats right Beautiful Liz has the face, butt, boobs, and legs that Eddie loves. Leann’s face is killing me with those huge NOSTRILS and HORSE TEETH.

  • Mia

    @Belle: RIGHT ON

  • Tizzy

    Leann is soooooo jealous of Brandi. Notice she dyed her hair darker AFTER Beautiful Brandi dyed her’s darker? Leann is unstable and needs an intervention from her family! She is losing it as she now realizes that Eddie is not the prize catch she thought he was. Can you say CASH COW????

  • @Ina_Angel

    @Dolly: oh come on you don’t know anything about our long talks or friendship. We have conversations and we don’t always agree.

  • Tizzy

    unfortunate = Butt Ugly

  • Lillian

    I think a decade went by and I never gave her a second thought. Then I saw her with Dean, she was about 15 lbs heavier (but not fat) and had almost platinum blonde hair. I thought she was adorable. I don’t know what all happened to her between then and now but she doesn’t resemble her former self at all. She acts a fool too. Seems quite mean. Where are the people who are suppose to care about her? Britney had way more money than Leann and I am sure was also supporting family, yet they stepped up and put a stop to her nonsense. Is there nobody in Leann’s life that truly loves her? Is she that scary and manipulative and mean that every single person close to her is afraid of her? Something is off. Bigtime off.

  • Toni

    I understand Eddie Cibrion is encourage the lawsuit against that handicapped family in hopes he’ll get some money as well.

  • Janice

    She’s trying to pimp herself in public to remind America’s Got Talent that she’s got nothing else. Wait until the producers read these public comments. Hey AGT, Cher’s available. She’d be great!!!!

  • Cam S

    Some ONE is in need of attention. No Career, no prospects. “Borrowed” (her words not mine) friends, family, husband. So pathetic

  • Life of Brian

    Why is this girl’s shoulders wider than her hips? Actually… where ARE her hips? Oh, guess that’s why she not have any babies of her own yet huh? Don’t look too fertile, looks like a little dude playing dress up in his sister’s Forever 21 clothes.

  • nomorerimes

    There’s an article in a Florida paper interviewing LiaR dated Nov 5 stating that LiaR was “feeling under the weather”. Is that why she shortened her concert in Calgary? No reason was given the venue at all–she just up and left. What a way to treat fans! So now she’s all of a sudden feeling well enough to go out with her husband’s mistress. Wow–we all need whatever medicine she uses. Unless the not feeling well is just another in a long list of LiaR’s lies. She supposedly has some concerts coming up in Florida–will she or won’t she? Gosh that would be a good name for a country music song–But then LiaR’s immoral life history would make a good song too.
    By the way, LiaR, nice of you to give Mike some working time! He was probably wondering what you had been up to since it’s been a while since he has been called to take your pics.

  • Stewie

    Ed refuses to give her a baby. I think he’s gonna milk this for a long long time, Perhaps drive her cray cray to where she has to be hospitalized. That way he lives rent free still, has her cash and can screw anyone he likes day and night.

    I have no respect for Ed because of what he has allowed LeAnn to continually put Brandi through, however, I condone his game plan. She deserves it.

    And he ain’t never given her his babeh. Ever.

  • tiger

    Someday Taylor Swift will end up a hasbeen like Leann Rimes when the next big thing comes along. And like Leann, Taylor will probably steal another woman’s husband, being the promiscuous girl that she is. But nowadays a lot of jilted woman are suing their husband’s mistresses. If you got money, then they want it. They’re kind of entitled to some compensation when you think about it. You ruined their life and their standard of living. Many woman are unable to get remarried after a divorce, especially if they’re past a certain age.

  • Dolly

    @@Ina_Angel: She’s not your real friend. You and Asu kiss her butt and she responds the way she does to all her butt kissers. You’d never dare tell her that she is making mistakes that are costing her the good will of the public even though it’s true. A real friend would sit her down and tell her she is making a fool of herself, is behaving like a narcissistic, immature entitled brat and to quit pimping out children that aren’t hers because they will resent her when they are older. What do you disagree with her about. What picture of her is the most beautiful or what song of hers is your favourite?

  • Kelly

    Her hair is filthy – ugh. Bet she smells too.

  • Ok

    @Gwen …. Who would take that much time and know so much!! Brandi go take care of your boys!!!!!! U suck!!! 3. She’s gorgeous and always looks fab….haha….what a fool!

  • elaine

    Bet that breath of hers would knock over a horse. nasty nasty woman

  • LooseLipz

    Does she do anything besides shop, tweet, meet girlfriends for lunch and vacation.?
    I know she’s good at canceling shows claiming she’s too ill, but goes out on the town that night.
    Those fake sacks are so obvious, and her friends lips might typically Hollywood it’s pathetic.

    You know I’d like to stick Leann and Kim in a time capsule that has an expiration date of 2050.

  • Go away

    It’s funny that she follows Just Jared on twitter and they always seem to post her pap pics first. No self respecting celeb would follow a tabloid site on twitter. That says it all.

  • Click

    Unhappy girl, inside and out
    Nobody likes her, she knows it
    Low IQ fans, she knows it
    A$$ kissers, who come at a price, she knows it
    She’s unattractive, DUH


  • Marco

    OMG! She looks like a Neanderthal!!! Just eewww! Yuck!!!! Poor thing.

  • Ali

    Brandi is such a girls girl and a mens girl – look at her time line on twitter and it’s nonstop congratulations, love, adoration from her real fans – not paid for twitter bots. Brandi is on fire and a winner.

    Then look at LR. Haters and a few troll fans who spend their waking moments on twitter, pretty much. Leann is a total hasbeen and a loser.

  • betty

    Tiger I disagree with you about women not being able to get married at a certain age.Women get married at all ages and some having several kids to boot .It depends what a man is looking for. After age 25 you won’t find to many men or women that has not been married or have kids.

  • KissThis

    This woman’s life has just been one sad, long ride. And it’s mostly HER own fault. I mean come on, didn’t her career peak when she was like 15? I think she must be a very unhappy person. Why else would someone need so much attention all the time? She’s a lot like Lindsay Lohan.

  • Go Ask Alice

    gwen, I am not disputing you. I just want to know where is it out there about Eddie and the rest of that. WHEW!!!
    I read around on line gossip celeb sites and weekly mags because I work part- time at Walgreens during Nov., Dec.
    If this is true about Eddie on and over LeAnn, the girl would surely lose her mind!! And with her friend!!!!

    Might be a really good thing though. Yes, because that happening, she going off the deep end about this guy, she could cry a plea to the Country Music World, CM fans, and get her standing and place back.
    LeAnn Rimes, like her or not, she has real talent. her vocie is flawless. Her looks, and all these ting s people are posting is , I am looking at the situation in a nice way, it is because people are disappointed in her. She seemed to be on the right path, not too crazy, while Lyndsay Lohan and Britney Spears were nuts.
    The public can be forgivng if one is really contrie adn really makes amends to others and really cahgnes. Briney Spears did.

    One thing for sure is ,last week was the CMA’s Coun try Music Awards and leAnn Rimes was not even in the same city!!!
    She once lived in Nashville or at least kept a home there. She once was nominated all of the time and if not, then was a presenter.
    Last time just about was when she first steped out with that man.

    Beth, the people, one of them LeAnn had exhnaged phone calls with may be a teacher of Sp.Needs kids, and adopted, and whatever, that doesn ‘t make her right or smart about this. She was wrong. Who stalks via twitter adn communicates with someon you do not kn ow, who has no bearing on your life about their life!! Same thing would be for me to write LeAnn a letter or get on her twitter page , ..I do not know her. I am not in her world. Her life makes no difference on me one way or another.

    LeAnn was wrong to engage in converstaions with the people and some kind of way they or she got their phone numbers. Crazy. What entertainer engages in phone calls with people. LeAnn did not know if this was some deranged fan who would have showed up the kids’ soccer games or sch. or LeAnns’ house.

    BOTH women, LeAnn and I forgot Ms. Teacher’s name, were wrong and crazy.
    Janice , I heard rumors about AGT too. I canot see LeAnn being called for that . Too much controversy.
    If theat man was gone from her life and a bit of time had passed, well yeah. Now, no.

  • talia

    almost 1% donationss thatz it??????

  • Sandy

    @talia: Teach needs to learn. You play, you pay.

  • Rizzo

    @Sandy: Just like LeAnn is going to learn the same. You marry a player, you pay.

  • Diablo

    @Sandy: Yes, LeAnn, we all know you’re making her pay for YOUR bad behavior. After all, an entitled brat who stalks strangers, calls them in restaurants while on a speaker phone, cusses them out, insults the MOTHER of her husband’s children, all while surrounded by others they met on Twitter, really has the moral high ground. Oh, right, it;s just a game to you. PSYCHO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good thing you have money because it’s the only reason anyone can stand to be within 5 feet of you.

  • Marco

    @Diablo: Amen!! We all know Leann is the one posting….because she is crazy like that. Will this woman ever grow up? She is very unlikable.

  • Diablo

    @Marco: There is a special spot in hell saved just for LeAnn and her ugly, black heart.

  • marritza

    it’s always the same photo agency taking these staged photos…how obvious can she be. and always when rhwob airs w/brandi. She is pathologically competitive, and I hate when she always says the same thing in interviews about how the public builds stars up and then tears them down. That is such bs to generalize like that. She is insinuating that the general public is evil and sadistic and has planned to do that from the start. The public build her up because they thought she was a great singer(nothing more nothing less), and as far as knocking her down, she did that all by herself w/flaunting her relationship, brandi’s kids, brandi’s ex friend liz, etc. The reason the public reacted neg. towards leann is because they felt duped. She’s insulting the gen. public by making ignorant remarks that peeps purposely build stars up , just so they can shoot them down. She’s totally wrong and once again putting fault on others instead of taking responsibility for her own atrocious actions! Ugly dress!

  • annabele

    Hiiiii KRISTI if u say sumthin over and over u ikely full of shiit!!!!
    how well U shud know chula!!! Cheating Ed storys where are they???,LE bargain basement broke you know for FACT. haahaahahaahahahahaahaha