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Vanessa Hudgens - Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2012

Vanessa Hudgens - Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2012

Vanessa Hudgens hits the pink carpet at the 2012 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show held at the Lexington Avenue Armory on Wednesday (November 7) in New York City.

The 23-year-old actress is in town this week to act in Montblanc’s 24 Hour Plays on Broadway event next week. She will join a bunch of other celebs to learn short plays and then perform them in front of an audience all within one day. We can’t wait to find out the character Vanessa plays!

Also pictured inside: Jessica Szohr, Alexa Chung, and Katrina Bowden attending the fashion show.

15+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens at the 2012 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

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vanessa hudgens victorias secret fashion show 2012 02
vanessa hudgens victorias secret fashion show 2012 03
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vanessa hudgens victorias secret fashion show 2012 06
vanessa hudgens victorias secret fashion show 2012 07
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vanessa hudgens victorias secret fashion show 2012 11
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vanessa hudgens victorias secret fashion show 2012 14
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115 Responses to “Vanessa Hudgens - Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2012”

  1. 1
    BOJI Says:

    Vanessa looks great here. New York seems to be doing her good.

  2. 2
    BOJI Says:

    Love faux fur coat.

  3. 3
    anne Says:

    Vanessa looks gorgeous

  4. 4
    anne Says:

    Austin was there too

  5. 5
    louis Says:


  6. 6
    Pearl Says:

    Vanessa looks REALLY good these days !

  7. 7
    nat Says:

    she looks fierce and sexy

  8. 8
    maria Says:

    She looks very chic and casually glam! It was freezing in NYC, and snowing as well, and she looks fresh and beautiful in spite of the weather!

  9. 9
    lizzzie Says:

    she looks amazing, love love love love her hair like that, and her eyes are stunning <33333333333333333333333333333333

  10. 10
    J-ish Says:

    ah, new post!! :) she looks looks pretty, she loves her animal prints haha <3

  11. 11
    Hulwe Says:

    Jess looks fantastic here, so does alexa

  12. 12
    Kat Says:

    Katrina is so gorgeous!

  13. 13
    Ella Says:

    Wow, check out those hot victoria secret models!

  14. 14
    Tessie Says:

    Katrina really has the most adorable smile

  15. 15
    camille Says:


  16. 16
    camille Says:

    vanessa looks so pretty here

  17. 17
    Rorick Says:

    Im here for the VS model pics whoa

  18. 18
    camille Says:

    i saw 1 pic, cuties

  19. 19
    Me Says:

    Nice sexy bod on Katrina

  20. 20
    My 2 Cents Says:

    Lovely Girl. Her style is impeccable here.

  21. 21
    Melissa Says:

    I’m not a fan of the boots with the dress, but overall she looks gorgeous; then again all the ladies in this post look beautiful. I wish Vanessa and all those involved in the 24 Hour Plays event a huge success. I read (think I did) somewhere that a part of the proceeds from the event were going to help those affected by Hurricane Sandy; does anyone know if this is true, or do I have this event mixed up with another one.

  22. 22
    Mcmasters Says:

    Hot katrina!

  23. 23
    Mollie Says:

    Vanessaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa <3 love her

  24. 24
    Hiphop Says:

    I love katrina’s dress!

  25. 25
    anney Says:

    Vanessa looks seriously so stunning. The girl with the orange dress, i dont know who she is, but she is so gorgeous too.

  26. 26
    Xo Says:

    V looks stunning. I don’t love the outfit but it was snowing so I’m sure she was more concerned with being warm than showing her dress.

  27. 27
    Everhart Says:

    Kudos to Alexa and Katrina! They totally rock!

  28. 28
    anney Says:

    OMG that’s Jessica Szohr, I almost didn’t recognize her

  29. 29
    Nancy Says:

    I like katrinas fashion sense the most here

  30. 30
    Felicity Says:

    Omg i love how nice Katrina’s skin looks here! <3<3<3<3

  31. 31
    JCF Says:

    Vanessa looks amazing as well as Alexa, both rock the leopard print trend.

  32. 32
    Evangeline Says:

    Wow, who is that stunner in the orange dress?

  33. 33
    susan Says:

    why is Jess and the other blonde girl without a jacket? DAFUQ MAN, it’s snowing in New York!!! Baby V and fashionista Chung look really good.

  34. 34
    Nightngale Says:

    @anney: She looks great these days! Jess is doin well

  35. 35
    Sharla Says:

    Yay Katrina!!!!!! Go girl!!!!

  36. 36
    anney Says:

    she is gorgeous, i just saw an instagram and OMG Jess and Vanessa ♥

  37. 37
    Tyler Says:

    Everytime i see katrina and her sexy legs i get aroused hehehe

  38. 38
    Alicia Says:

    Damn… Katrina looks more stunning here than ever. She looks great on tv, but wow

  39. 39
    lorel Says:

    Vanessa looks gorgeous. Period! I really like the outfit but then again i’ve always loved her style.

  40. 40
    lorel Says:

    there is more pics with Austin

  41. 41
    maria Says:

    All the women look beautiful, but that orange bandage dress is practically showing her crotch. It’s way too short. Just partial to Vanessa, who is so stunning here. She just stands out with her ethnic beauty.

  42. 42
    aryanna Says:

    @lorel: no there is not they are just friends now

  43. 43
    BO Says:

    I`m so relieved that she and SLL aren`t posing together now .At least most of the times .They are just friends .Even in his premiere she didn`t pose with him .So happy .

  44. 44
    lorel Says:

    lol they posed together on the pink carpet. so cute tbh

  45. 45
    lorel Says:


  46. 46
    lorel Says:


  47. 47
    lorel Says:

    for you girls, Vanessa and Jessica

  48. 48
    A Says:

    She looks like Cruella Devil. If Cruella Devil were a latina hooker.

  49. 49
    Xo Says:

    @lorel: thanks for the pics! They look so cute

  50. 50
    Fan Here Says:

    why so flawless bb!!?!!! she looks gorg

  51. 51
    maria Says:

    @A: Cruella devil?? LMAO. I believe it’s Deville, and sorry, she looks nothing like her. Vanessa is GORGEOUS.

  52. 52
    Fan Here Says:

    Now THAT’s just adorable

  53. 53
    BO Says:

    LOL ,I hardly call that posing together .lol Face it , they aren`t as close as they once were .They look so fake .

  54. 54
    Haters Suck! Says:

    Vanessa you just look so damn good. Such a beautiful smile. Always mice to see her with Austin. The two have something special going.

  55. 55
    Fan Here Says:

    Austin looks so handsome! they make an attractive couple, Vanessa have been looking radiant the last couple of days, taking dance classes, being in NY with her boyfriend, she looks just happy.

  56. 56
    LOL Says:

    @A @maria you dumb biiitchez its CRUELLA DE VIL

  57. 57
    maria Says:

    @LOL: Well now, aren’t you a sweet one? I have only seen it as Deville.

  58. 58
    A Says:

    @maria I left out the space. It’s not deville though. Again, if you’re going to correct someone, use google first. Otherwise you look like twice the @ss. And I was obviously referring to her outfit, which has nothing to do with her being “gorgeous.”

  59. 59
    maria Says:

    @Fan Here: She glows when she is with him. He looks VERY haandsome and they really are stunning together. So nice to see a nice TALL guy with her.

  60. 60
    maria Says:

    @A: Um, check Google again, sweetheart.

  61. 61
    Fan Here Says:

    she looks so tiny and cute next to him, It’s adorable.

  62. 62
    A Says:


    There you go dearest.

  63. 63
    maria Says:

    @maria: I at least know it’s not ‘devil’.

  64. 64
    Haters Suck! Says:

    $crew them. I’m not interested in getting into another week long 900 comment tirade with these dumba$$es. So $crew them.

  65. 65
    Fan Here Says:

    Ignore her Maria, best thing we could all do is ignore her.

  66. 66
    BO Says:

    I think she`s gotta stop posing .Lesser and lesser people are buying this relationship and I don`t blame them .It`s all due to Pudge`s lack of performance much like the Rent .Either she has to look more convincing when she`s with a PR bf or stop this.

  67. 67
    maria Says:

    @A: Thanks, darling. I so appreciate you looking like an a$$ too.

  68. 68
    A Says:

    @maria I know how it’s pronounced, thank you. The point is Vanessa’s wearing a big tacky @ss fur coat paired with thigh highs. But I think you already knew that.

  69. 69
    chris Says:

    Vanessa who? Lot of gay women here.

  70. 70
    lorel Says:

    me —–> crying for Josh </3 lol I liked Josh but she looks so much happier with Austin. hahaha

  71. 71
    italian mom Says:

    Thank you very much Lorel!
    They are incredibly attractive. I admire her so much for how she is able to make her partners shine.
    Behind a special man there is always a really great woman.
    She is better than me at doing this. ahh! I need to improve.

  72. 72
    lorel Says:

    HUDGENS, her name it’s n the title.
    Homophobic much?

  73. 73
    lorel Says:

    just look at her cheekbones! she is gorgeous

  74. 74
    Xo Says:


  75. 75
    BO Says:

    Aunty Dhal Brain b.utts in as big know it all but she gets every single little fact $crewed up and then starts blabbering and blaming other people .It happened in previous post too .She just made no sense at all .Gosh , how do I always get stuck with such d.orks on this site ?

  76. 76
    giselle Says:

    @Xo: they’re an ugly ass couple. she could do a lot better than some nobody who seems to be enjoying the perks his girlfriend brings along

  77. 77
    LOL Says:

    Why does van has a little belly down there? did austy knock her up? the gal looks preggo.

  78. 78
    BO Says:

    they just look so fake .that`s the biggest of the problems .Smile as wide as you can *** a but eyes tell it all .Btw ,I had a new inspiration .how about Zac find a young Bollywood actress .They are so much more georgeous than this m.uck and also more successful !!!Yaaah!

  79. 79
    yets Says:

    @bo maybe efron can date you and then you can shut the f*ck up and you both can go and f*ck yourself.

  80. 80
    bop Says:

    i wonder if any of these dlisters actually voted or cared about the election

  81. 81
    Haters Suck! Says:

    That’s frankly none of your business but just so you know Vanessa made a post encouraging people to go vote. I doubt Vanessa voted seeing as she was in new york at the time. I highly doubt she is registered to vote in the state of new York. Only in California.

  82. 82
    Xo Says:

    @Haters Suck!: She could have voted early in California before she left. A lot of people did that for this election.

  83. 83
    Haters Suck! Says:

    That’s true. Forgot about that.

  84. 84
    BOJI Says:

    My oh my, Austin looks so handsome in his suit, Vanessa must be the envy of the ladies there. They are as lovey dovey as ever, thanks for the links.

  85. 85
    BOJI Says:

    That pic of them on the red carpet together, Vanessa looks so gorgeous. Really love that cheetah print coat of hers. Haters will always try to find fault no matter what.

  86. 86
    BO Says:

    I see that JJ and JJJr are fed up of shipping Vaustin .They were the top shippers earlier .But I think they`ve figured out this isn`t gonna work out in the end .So don`t wanna ship the relationship much .Wise decisoin i`d say .When they break up , the Vaustin fascinated ppl are gonna turn back on JJ and JJJr .So better not to create too much fascination on that .

  87. 87
    Alex & Chloe Says:

    Vanessa looking super cute wearing our Mini Skeleton Key Necklace! xoxo, Alex & Chloe

  88. 88
    Alex & Chloe Says:

    Vanessa’s Mini Key Necklace is here btw (: – xoxo, Alex & Chloe

  89. 89
    chris Says:

    Vanessa attention *****.

  90. 90
    Emma Says:

    @Chris: Shut up

  91. 91
    Selma Says:

    Haters are so pathetic –’ .
    V’s looking really great ! <3

  92. 92
    cheap Says:


  93. 93
    maria Says:

    It’s so sad there are so many jealous people in the world. Jealous that she is so beautiful, that she has a gorgeous bF, that their idol isn’t there and getting attention, whatever the reason. Do what your momma’s taught you…..say something nice, or don’t say anything at all. The internet shouldn’t be your license to be ugly.

  94. 94
    tina Says:

    She looks great. They had a busy night. Hoping we get video from the 24 Hour Plays.

  95. 95
    rob Says:

    Haters gonna hate. Vanessa is hot!

  96. 96
    A Says:

    @maria, sweetie, why would I be jealous that my idol isn’t at the Victoria Secret Show? And I’ve never even heard of the other girls listed that attended. Last week Ashley was honored by Variety as one of Hollywood’s new leaders alongside people like Channing Tatum, Seth Roegen, and Rebel Wilson. And Vanessa’s watching girls who also prefer to wear as little clothing as possible when there are cameras around. Seems fitting. ;p

  97. 97
    maria Says:

    I am not getting into it with you, darlin’. I meant jealousy in general, not that she was at this particular event, as well as The Rolling Stone event. And looking GORGEOUS, I might add.

  98. 98
    A Says:

    @maria Honey, Ashley is fifty times as beautiful as this chick is, especially since her beauty starts within. And you said, “jealous that their idol isn’t there and getting attention,” meaning these events.

  99. 99
    tina Says:

    “beauty starts within” lol,smh tweeting every time you do something for charity sort of cheapens it,imo. Being recognized by others for your work with charities that a different story. I’m fine with Vaness attending VS or any other event she want to attend. She’s having fum and she is ALLOWED to.

  100. 100
    A Says:

    @tina Ashley does NOT tweet every time she does something for charity. And tweeting about things like that from time to time is GOOD. She can make much more of a difference by inspiring her millions of followers to do like her than she can just on her own. Ashley’s not a braggart.

    And LOL I don’t have an issue with VS either, it was just a joke. I forget that you Hudge fans don’t come programmed with a sense of humor.

  101. 101
    italian mom Says:

    Ashley Tisdale would be really sad reading A.
    Being in the spot light is not easy at all. Having such a deranged fan so disrespectful and intrusive of her friend Vanessa’s private PRIVATE intimacy must be really embarassing for Ashley. She surely would be disgusted.
    And I would say A did not understand the great message of the first HSM. Ashley on the contrary made it hers.

  102. 102
    maria Says:

    A twisted, perverted, sick sense of “humor” is not funny. And for the record, Vanessa does keep in touch with her fans as well, on her official FB page. She posts great pics of travels, her sister, her favorite things, etc. That’s enough of an insight into her life. Don’t need a play by play on twitter. I am sick and tired of this Ashley crap. It is getting so pathetic that this is the only way to brag. We’ll see who has the last laugh.

  103. 103
    italian mom Says:

    well said, maria.

  104. 104
    :) Says:

    lol this girl doesnt know what to wear.. like seriously!! :)))
    she needs a stylist …..

  105. 105
    morel Says:

    lol girl, go to trend something for tisdale…

  106. 106
    tina Says:

    She looks great. Just because her dress isn’t up her ass doesn’t mean it isn’t stylish.The mark of a truly beautiful woman, when you look good no matter how plain the dress.

  107. 107
    Yawn Says:

    She looks like a hooke

  108. 108
    maria Says:

    @italian mom: I agree, Italian Mom. She would be so embarrased by her vile mouth, the pics she posts, and the extent to which she goes to degrade a good friend of Ashkey’s. It’s quite sad, really. And funny, it has served no purpose, but to increase the number of comments on VANESSA’s threads, it hasn’t changed anyone’s minds, and she’s just made herself look like a lunatic. Intelligent people often have NO common sense, and this is a good example. This is not a fight that anyone can win.

  109. 109
    maria Says:

    @maria: Ashley’s

  110. 110
    mykamicks Says:

    Im just happy to visit JJ’s site, everytime Vanessa is being featured. The thing I do now, is to disregard useless side comments. It doesnt help. All I know Vanessa is continuing & really really working hard after 2008 (HSM3) its proven that her career flourishes much no matter others may compare.

    She doesnt compete anyone, she has loyal friends around her, ideal family to support her & ever loyal fans who are supporting her all the way. Nothing to stoop down with opinionated people who are not in favor of hers. Criticism is the best way to improve oneself.

    To maria, boji, haters, tina… I have read all your defense towards Vanessa. Im glad that you were always there.

    Btw, Vanessa & Austin looks great.

  111. 111
    maria Says:

    @mykamicks: Thank you, and hello! Miss your comments!

  112. 112
    Isha Says:

    Vanessa always dress with class; not trashy like many of the young entertainers. Love her beautiful silky hair, I am sure it’s all natural.

  113. 113
    Isha Says:

    @tina: I agree 100%.

  114. 114
    maria Says:

    @Isha: Her hair is not all real. Her natural hair has just reached her shoulders, since she cut it for Gimme Shelter. I really do like these extensions though. It’s been a painfully slow process for her to grow it out, and I always advise girls to think really hard before cutting it that short. It does take years to grow it back.

  115. 115
    IA Says:

    I don’t like her with red lipstick. It just doesn’t look right.

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