Alexander Skarsgard: Me Playing Christian Grey Wouldn't Be An Issue

Alexander Skarsgard: Me Playing Christian Grey Wouldn't Be An Issue

Alexander Skarsgard grabs a coffee to go on Wednesday (November 7) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 36-year-old True Blood actor recently spoke about potentially playing the leading role in the 50 Shades of Grey movie.

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“Me playing Christian wouldn’t be an issue. I even have a sex chamber in my basement—my True Blood character does—so I’ve had [the necessary] training,” Alexander said (via the Examiner).

DO YOU WANT TO SEE Alexander Skarsgard as Christian Grey in 50 Shades of Grey??

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139 Responses to “Alexander Skarsgard: Me Playing Christian Grey Wouldn't Be An Issue”

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  1. 26
    hmmmmmmm Says:

    As much as I love my Alexander I have to say it would be a miscast for him. I read the books and it has to be someone younger and to be honest it would be smarter to cast an unknown. All this talk is just pr for the movie.

    Anyhoo, while looking at this pic I wonder how he takes his coffee.

    @Xaty- LOL. or Alex Skarsgard’s closet where all white t-shirts go to breed and multiply.

  2. 27
    PAW Says:

    YES! YES PLEASE!!!!! OMG!!!!!

  3. 28
    wendy Says:

    I hadn’t thought about Alex playing Christian but I think it would be great. He is sexy and can play a tormented/sensitive/driven/domineering kind of character. Not many can do that. It’s not just the looks – they have to get the character right. No way is Matt Bomer capable of all the subleties need for Christian. Ryan Gosling is an amazing actor but not sexy enough. It’s going to be a tough role to cast. So many women have already pictured their Christian Grey.

  4. 29
    Lorelai Ann Says:

    I don’t see him in that part. The only physically believable options are matt bomer or henry cavill (who inspired the author to begin with).

  5. 30
    karl Says:

    Yeah i dont see it… the ladies that would see this, wouldnt give a crap if the actor could actualy “act” or not, just as long as they could drool over him…

  6. 31
    Karma Says:

    None of his serious fans want him to play this role. Just look at TPF or meatballs tumblr and you’ll get it. This isn’t the type of movie he would do anyway. He’s just being polite because he gets asked this stupid question in every interview he does. I’m actually surprised JJ didn’t mention that Alex is being considered for the lead in the remake of Tarzan.

  7. 32
    Dave Franco Says:

    Francois Arnaud should be considered, he’s the right age and a good young actor. But I agree, Whoever gets this role… what does it matter? girls will definitely watch this.

  8. 33
    Canuck Says:

    @Lorelai Ann: Forthe record, the book was originally Twilight fanfiction and Christian Grey’s name was “Edward Cullen” while Anastasia was “Bella”.

    Not hard to figure out who her inspiration really was coughRPatzcough…

  9. 34
    A Says:

    Alex is my perfect Mr. Grey! <3

  10. 35
    ladybug Says:

    @hmmmmmmm: At least it’s not a grey t-shirt! :)

    And thanks JJ for turning this into a 50 Shades of )O(@(*#$)* thread. Really. Please don’t do it again.

  11. 36
    NE1 Says:

    I have no issues with that. I had kind of wished one of the Supernatural studs could do it, but they aren’t blonde. He’s a good choice, I’m 3/4 of the way through the book.

  12. 37
    Disney Villainess Says:

    Skars needs to stop playing, and sit his nice and polite ass down. Geez, he always gotta be the diplomatic guy in these situations, LOL.

  13. 38
    Dave Franco Says:

    Two Words: Francois Arnaud. Don’t be surprised if he is cast. The same casting agency for this movie is the same for the TV show he works on.

    And also don’t be surprised that Katie Cassidy gets a role in this since she is friends with Dana Brunetti.

  14. 39
    Dave Franco Says:

    Matt Bomer, I will REPEAT will not be cast. Dana said he wants an unknown actor and will cast thru the casting agency he put together.

  15. 40
    Radio interview Says:

    Nice radio interview. And trolls Can we please put the CT rumors to rest in the radio interview where he mentioned were he has been travelling in the last 3 weeks he would have had no time to see CT or travel to namibia poor guy he must have been tired

  16. 41
    Laura Says:

    @Radio interview: Errr you think he would have actually said he went there?

  17. 42
    ladybug Says:

    @Radio interview: Last book that you read…
    Alex: I’m currently reading a book about Joe Hill called The Man Who Never Died about the labor union.

    Last Movie you saw…
    Alex: I saw The Master the other day.”

    I want to see his library.

  18. 43
    Alex is Desperate... Says:

    For attention. He is not getting any roles so he has to resort to this B.S. He barely has a career at this point. Alex, you are done. Go back to Sweden. You are the next Dolph Lundgren! Yes you are!

  19. 44
    Macy Says:

    Oh great, 50 shades of crap debate. I hope he stays far away from this role.

  20. 45
    Oh man Says:

    @Alex is Desperate…:
    Don’t you all say that every year though. He seems to be doing just fine to me. Hey Dolph still got it and i am sure he much smarter than your dumb a**

  21. 46
    ladybug Says:

    @Oh man: Dolph, who was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to MIT? Yeah, he’s probably smarter than the troll.

  22. 47
    Marie Says:

    He is Christian Grey, more so than any of the other actors wanting the role, period. Matt brings too much personal baggage with him and would kill the entire film with it. Ian could not act to save his life, and Henry is too stiff in both his acting and movements to be taken seriously. Alexander is perfect for the role.

  23. 48
    Marie Says:

    And for those complaining about his age, the age of the character was completely unbelievable, bump up the age in the film, is done all the time. Will make the movie that much better and believable. He is but two years older than Ian, and looks that much better.

  24. 49
    lol Says:


  25. 50
    Ke Says:

    @Radio interview:

    Thanks for the interview

    Hmmmmm Alex was pretty certain where he travelled in the last few weeks and never once managed to slip up in a namibia mention ? to visit Charlize Theron

    Is he just being coy and careful or it never happened?

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