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Brad Pitt: 'World War Z' Trailer - Watch Now!

Brad Pitt: 'World War Z' Trailer - Watch Now!

Brad Pitt flashes a smile in the official trailer for his new film World War Z.

The film follows a U.N. employee (Pitt) who is racing against time and fate, as he travels the world trying to stop the outbreak of a deadly Zombie pandemic.

World War Z, which also stars The Killing‘s Mireille Enos and Lost‘s Matthew Fox, will hit theaters everywhere on June 21, 2013. Check out some stills from the trailer below!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the trailer for Brad Pitt’s World War Z?

Brad Pitt: ‘World War Z’ Trailer – Watch Now!
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  • QQQQ


  • Observer2

    The trailer is already trending on twitter.

  • x

    $5 dvd bin at walmart

  • gwin

    Wow! Seriously can’t wait…

  • awwww


  • Joe

    He looks so bad… I guess the parts are going to be fewer and farther in between, due to his appearance and age. He is not aging well! This will NOT be a blockbuster…

  • lana del rey

    Swinging in the BACKYARD… pull-up in your fast CAR.. whistling MY NEUUUUUYMMM…. u awwwwouupened up a beeer.. say come over hhuuuurrr… play a video gAAAmmme…

  • Carly

    amazing, can’t wait to see it.

  • QQQQ

    x @ 11/08/2012 at 8:19 pm
    No, that’s already reserved for the failed perfume, ” LONELY & DESPERATE” the hag put out a couple of yrs ago.

  • ^_^

    this is will be epic movie

  • wow

    The trailer looks crazy good. It’s gonna to be a huge hit next summer.

  • cool

    oo grandpa pitt with a new movie. have to se this . l like!

  • Love B.P.

    Thanks Jared.I just love Brad Pitt.

  • plez

    Look like a great summer movie.

  • Sugar

    OMG this looks awesome! Did I get first page on JJ Brad thread?

  • holy moly

    This is going to be the best zombie movie ever.

  • yolly

    WOW !!! Amazing.

  • Jaye

    Oh, d.amn! That was awesomeeeeeee!

  • cool

    :O, but he is like 50 years old.he could be someones grandpa. excuse me. I guess he is a hottie pitt.

  • Love B.P.

    Brad Pitt is close to 50 but he is still handsome the x’s will not shut up about BP and move on..

  • marina

    WOW!! this movie looks AMAZING!! brad looks so HOT!! Angelina is so lucky!!

  • yolly

    Hello Neleh,Senior,Vicki,Anoble, PT. Happy birthday Neleh!!!! Hugs.

  • anustin


  • awwww

    Brad looks gorgeous in the movie.

  • yolly

    God bless the Jolie Pitt Family.

  • Lia

    Love it!

  • yolly

    Thank you Jared, you are the man.

  • yolly

    Goodnight. Take care & be safe.

  • Love B.P.

    Brad Pitt is a gentleman with manners.He treats his woman with respect.

  • yap

    WWZ is a freakin badazz movie. Brad rocks.

  • busted

    Finally got to see the trailer. Looks good. Brad looks good. and really who give a sh*t about Aniston. Why ruin this with her.

    Anyway I’m excited for the film. Love me some Zombies.. and this is not you usual Zombie movie. I think some people will be in for a surprise. It has a lot of thought. And they are still filming so not sure what we are seeing is going to be in the final.

    Thanks ladies for the computer help. I’m waiting to see if all is well

  • JC

    Zombies huh? If they really wanted something original they should have gone for vampires since nobody is doing vampires these days. I like Brad Pitt but this thing looks like a movie I’ve seen a hundred times. Every actor takes a paycheck role from time to time.

  • fyi

    World War Z and Brad Pitt are trending on twitter.

  • Jen in Rehab

    The movie looks good and so does Pitt

  • cool

    @Love B.P.:

    haha ok!

  • tish

    OMG!! The film looks so good. Kinda skerry tho:) Wish i could watch it with all the JP Fans.
    Mr.Pitt you are a genius.

  • lurker

    amazing looks epic

  • :)

    is this movie with brad pitt! wow! fantastic, faboulous, marvelous, nice sweet, sexy, the best, perfect, beautiful, extraordinary, huge,..I am out of adjectives people..I cant wait!

  • dawne

    adrenalin rush……………will be a monster hit. Put that in your crack pipe and smoke it, trolls. Great JP projects just keep comin`at ya…………sucks to be on the wrong side of right, doesn`t it.

  • oops

    I saw ONE zombie. Where are the zombies?!

  • haha

    Jennifer Aniston!

  • Eva

    The trailer looks insane, tense. so epic. Brad looks great too.

  • Geez

    Can June 21, 2013 come faster? The trailer looks magnificent.

  • lana del rey

    BLUE JUUUYYNNZZ, WHITE SHUUURRRT… u wAlked inta the room u knaaaaa u made my uuuuuyzzz burn, it was like jeuumzz dean, FA SHUUUUREE.. u shoooo freshhh u sick as …ceuuuncer… u were shoortaa pounk rock, i grew up on hip hop, but u fuuuut muuuu bettaaar than maaa favortie sweataaa nnnnn… I knaaa.. that luuuuve is meeeuuuynn.. and leuuuuv hurts… but I still remember that day we met in december and baby….

  • Dakota

    Looks great! Brad Pitt, you never disappoint!!

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    As I said before, I don’t like zombies but will sure she this one because Mr. Pitt. Looks great.

  • mumbles saves the day


  • ineffable

    yes. this movie will be exactly what I need. It’s those types of zombies that are the best.

  • carry

    I said It it is fantastic. I love the trailer. I also loved the suspense sound /song. Summer 2013 people lets all alive on health and peace and offcourse with money to go see it. I’m so in!!!!!!!

  • jmho

    Looking hot Brad. I had to watch the trailer about 5 times before I could take my eyes off of him and look at the rest of the scene.