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Brad Pitt: 'World War Z' Trailer - Watch Now!

Brad Pitt: 'World War Z' Trailer - Watch Now!

Brad Pitt flashes a smile in the official trailer for his new film World War Z.

The film follows a U.N. employee (Pitt) who is racing against time and fate, as he travels the world trying to stop the outbreak of a deadly Zombie pandemic.

World War Z, which also stars The Killing‘s Mireille Enos and Lost‘s Matthew Fox, will hit theaters everywhere on June 21, 2013. Check out some stills from the trailer below!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the trailer for Brad Pitt’s World War Z?

Brad Pitt: ‘World War Z’ Trailer – Watch Now!
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  • ##


    Needs attention,don’t give it. Drives sickos cray cay being ignored.

  • tamsin


    I only saw one zombie too. There seems to be lots of olympic athletes in it though. :)

  • MIMI

    It looks awesome.

  • Brad the Babe

    Save a seat for me . Can’t wait to see this incredible film.

  • beautiful

    How beautiful Brad looks in this movie.

  • @

    Totally awesome!

  • Erica

    I am glad Brad makes his first sci-fi movie, I am hyped. I hope he also will do 2000 Leagues under the Sea with David Fincher.

  • who

    ooooh yeah! WWZ will at least make $10 back on its budget because I’ll be seeing this movie for sure. LOL This looks awesome, I can’t wait.

  • groundcontrol

    This looks incredibly intense. And scary.
    There are just as many people, if not more people, praising the trailer as finding fault. Planty of people are very excited about it including many fans of the book like me. So there is absolutely no general consensus that it’s bad at all. That just another lie in a continuing line of lies from our trolling liar. Of course I don’t confine my reading to sites known for their bias against Brad or Angelina.
    Whether it exactly follows the over 40 storylines in the book is irrelevant. It can’t possibly do that. Even Max Brooks knows that so the silly criticisms over superficial differences is irrelevant to whether it will be a good film or not. You also cannot tell how much of the many storylines in the book are used in the film from this trailer. This is to be a trilogy and I imagine this is the initial infestation and panic world wide.
    The film simply cannot just mimic the book. It would make for a difficult narration and it also isn’t necessary to give each segment or character its own separate storyline. That would make for a five year series.
    It does seem from the trailer that they are touching upon it as the world wide crisis that it is and political issues. But it is hilarious how a little 2 minute trailer has people thinking they know the entire movie.

  • fyi

    World War Z is trending worldwide on twitter.

  • reeven



    Total piece of shit and the same goes for WWZ.

  • http://! hag

    will be in line to see this!

    jenhagville is in panic mode. middle-aged spread pr tactic trying to spin into bumpwatch for a middle-aged, ugly, untalented hacktress is just played-out boring.

  • Jen the HAG

    oh my who let the dogs (loonifers) out?? ah never mind the loonifers always post the same shit every Brad and Angelina’s thread even themselves know what they post are all crap and lies..!! Well what ya gonna do when you are obsess with the fans of the celebrity you hate but always crave that FANS attention and validation bwahahahha!!! But love it when their post are buried in a second … the LOONIFERS must be so mad.. thinking NO..NO I WILL NOT BE IGNORE !! bwahahhahahahhah!!!

  • Jen the HAG

    #89 Wonderbust @ 11/08/2012 at 10:13 pm +24

    for all those lurkers and others who did not get a chance to see it, I just want you all to see how obsessed tamshiit is with Brad Pitt, like its really really scary keep in mind that Nov 5th was a Monday, do you all know of any male that posts this much about another male celebrity that he claims to hate?

    looks like the loony hag is craving for FANS attention bwahhahahah!!

  • Passing Through

    I saw the trailer at around 6pm and went off to have a Black Keys-athon but I see Tampon is back on the night shite and predictibly dropping her butt nuggets all over the thread. All because the WWZ trailer came out. Brad and Angie own her s k a n k azoid zombie ass. Shoot…that’s what’s wrong! I can’t believe I didn’t realize this a long time ago! Tampy is upset because Brad didn’t ask her to be in WWZ! She doesn’t even need makeup or CGI. She’s camera-ready as is, ready to get all Norma Desmond and they didn’t want fug ass! She was scaring away all the extras they hired to be fake zombies. Awwwwww…that’s soooooooo very sad…NOT!

  • Marieme

    Holy F! This is one of the best trailers I’ve seen in years. Exciting and terrifying! I love Brad (duh!) and I dig Mirielle playing his wife. Cannot wait! Congrats.

  • woman spanish

    Fantástico! Impresionante!

  • Phool

    @ QQQQ

    Thankyoy 4Q for being the First Fan to be able to post 1st you beat the Trolls to it and it made my day long live Jolie Pitt fans .

    loved loved loved the trailer cannot waite counting the days already

  • Phool

    Good morning Woman Spanish

  • Phool

    @ WonderBust @11/08/12 at 10.13pm

    Thanks for pointing out the obvious of a mega melt down of a dude lol
    keep needling them

  • woman spanish

    Hi Phool, how are you? the trailer looks awesome, I’m very excited to see this movie

  • Phool

    @ Women Spanish i’m fine thank you….cannot waite to see this movie …by the way have you seen KTS yet?

  • Phool

    appologies before hand in case some one already had posted this :

    Marriage Equality Victories in 4 States Mean Hate & Bigotry Lost Big in America
    Marriage Equality Victories in 4 States Mean Hate & Bigotry Lost Big in America

    Posted by Maressa Brown The Stir cafe mom
    on November 7, 2012 at 1:24 PM

    Last night, voters sent a message: It is time to move FORWARD! In addition to the re-election of President Barack Obama and election of the first openly gay Senator, Wisconsin candidate Tammy Baldwin, voters in four states — Maine, Maryland, Washington, and Minnesota — took major steps toward legalizing same-sex marriage. Overall, the results are not only a fantastic win for human rights but a reflection of just how much progress we’ve made and we will hopefully continue to make.

    Here, the low down on all of the key victories for fairness, equality, and love …

    Maine – 53 percent of voters said “yes” to legalize same-sex marriage. Now, fingers are crossed Pine Tree State has no trouble sticking with this move! (After all, the legislature passed a bill allowing marriage equality back in ’06, but voters overturned it in ’09.) The good news: By December, same-sex couples in Maine can get marriage licenses. Woowoo!!

    Maryland – Although those close to the vote are saying it was a close call and passed with a very slim margin, Maryland became the first state below the Mason-Dixon line to approve same-sex marriage. 51.9 percent of voters said “yes!” to equality.

    Washington – In addition to OK’ing recreational pot last night, voters had their say on a bill legislators had already approved — which would legalize same-sex marriage in Washington State — but opponents pushed to make it a question on the ballot. The vote is currently inconclusive, due to a high number of mail-in ballots, but early results are leaning toward a victory!

    Minnesota – When asked if they should approve a constitutional amendment that would ban same-sex marriage by defining marriage as a union between a man and a woman, 51 percent of voters in the Midwestern state said “NO!” And local advocates are pumping themselves up for another fight anticipated to come in January, according to The Duluth News Tribune: To officially legalize same-sex marriage.

    All in all, this was undoubtedly an election year to remember. As Chad Griffin, president of the Human Rights Campaign, said in a statement:
    When the history books are written, 2012 will be remembered as the year when LGBT Americans won decisively at the ballot box. The dreams of millions of fair-minded Americans were realized as discrimination crumbled and equality prevailed.

    Hooray!!! And, ha, guess this means Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are getting muuuuuch closer to finally tying the knot.

    (((((((((( Passing Through the last bit reminded me when you said Brad & angie are 5 states closer to getting married I guess some one read your comment and hey presto icluded it in their article well every ones thinking about it )))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  • Phool


    Brad Pitt 1984-85 Sigma Chi Calendar Mizzou Fraternity Greek College School Written
    by Derek on 31st October, 2012

    BRAD PITT FEATURED IN THE 1984-1985 UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI / MIZZOU SIGMA CHI FRATERNITY DERBY DAYS GREEK CALENDAR This is where Brad Pitt’s acting career started, performing to the fraternities and sororities Brad Pitt is shown with his fraternity brother, Kevin Mullally, as a Derby Day Chairman! – AND – Brad wrote a four-paragraph column describing the purpose of Derby Days, the charitable institution the fraternity was sponsoring, and a thank you to suppliers, Toni Somers Photography and Anheuser-Busch. His column gives a glimpse back into Brad’s college innocence.

    This pin up calendar was printed by the Sigma Chi Fraternity likely in a small quantity of 500 to 1,000 and distributed to the fraternities and sororities on Brad Pitt’s college campus. Like most things at school, most of these calendars were used and then discarded, especially since Brad was an unknown at the time.

    This is likely one of the last surviving calendars in existence! GUARANTEED AUTHENTIC OR YOUR MONEY BACK (WITHIN 14-DAYS OF SALE) Condition: Fully intact at stapled spine. Some light stains on front cover, penned writing on cover and some monthly calendar pages. Otherwise, very clean – has been in clean, odorless, dry, dark storage since 1985. Will be shipped in a sturdy cardboard flat Will be Shipped at No Charge via Registered Mail WIKI.

  • woman spanish


    Yes, I saw KTS in September when released in Spain and is a brilliant thriller!

  • Phool


    Chelmsford schoolgirl stars in Disney movie with Angelina Jolie

    By Sophia Charalambous

    A SPRINGFIELD schoolgirl has swapped the classroom for the studios of Hollywood by starring as the young Angelina Jolie character in a new Disney blockbuster.
    Isobelle Molloy, 12, will play the young version of the title character, Maleficent, based on the Sleeping Beauty fairytale.
    The actress will fly to Los Angeles on November 14 to screen the special effects for the film, which Walt Disney Pictures plans to release in 2014.
    Isobelle, who trains at Tomorrow’s Talent in Little Waltham, has already filmed her scenes for the film at Pinewood Studios.
    “I am really happy with how it all went,” she said.
    “I met Angelina. She’s really nice. We were talking about her contact lenses because we both wear them.
    “She showed me hers and then she said ‘if you need any help just ask me’.
    “It is funny because my mum was saying that I look like Angelina before I even knew about the film.
    “It is a big compliment to be picked because that means I must really look like her.”
    Isobelle was filming on and off for three weeks in October.
    Because she was missing out on school a tutor was hired for her.
    She said: “Filming was amazing, I was a fairy so I had to have harnesses put on me and fly.
    “I even had my own trailer and it said ‘young Maleficent’ on the door.
    “My character could be seen in two different ways. She’s not evil but not happy, but that’s all I can say, I’m not allowed to give too much away. I know I have to wait a long time to see myself on the big screen, which is a shame, but I cannot wait.”
    Isobelle only recently finished a stint in the hit West End musical Matilda for the Royal Shakespeare Company.
    She won a full scholarship to the famous Redroofs Theatre School, in Maidenhead, Berkshire, after the director saw her play the lead in Matilda.
    She now spends four days a week at the school and lives in a hotel with some of her classmates.
    “Film is very different from the stage, where if you do something wrong you have to carry on, but with film they shout ‘cut, let’s do that again’.
    “Both are amazing in different ways and I love both of them.”
    Maleficent is directed by Academy Award winner Robert Stromberg, who was production designer for Avatar and Alice in Wonderland.
    “The first two auditions they gave me a completely different script because they did not want anyone finding out about the film,” she said.
    “I did not have a clue what I was auditioning for.
    “I am always busy, lots of auditions for big things and small things, I am never left twiddling my thumbs.
    “But my family are the ones who keep me grounded, I am definitely not a prima donna.”
    Mum Leanne Cornwell, 38, is very proud of how professionally Isobelle has taken to the working world.
    She said: “It is really exciting stuff; she’s been a busy girl.
    “I do not think she realises the enormity of it all. She just takes it in her stride.
    “I cannot wait to see Isobelle on the big screen. It is a dream role, it really is.
    “I think she got her Angelina Jolie looks from me!”

    (( How sweet is Angie with her co-stars)))))

  • Rose

    Good morning to the faithful Jolie Pitt fans, hoping we all have a wonderful day. I’m pleasantly surprised to be waking up to the handsome pictures of Mr Pitt the most handsome man and father on the planet. That’s what driving trolls cray cray for 8 years.

    I’m wondering how does it feels to live with constant hate for 8 years? How does it feel to get up every day with hate and venom in your hearts?
    How can trolls who live to hate function daily?
    Do you feel as if your head is about to burst at any minute?
    Why do you believe Brad and Angie ever read your hate?
    Is your hate filled comments ment to deterred the fans or influence their
    fans thinking?
    I’m trying to understand why waste hours every day for eight years commenting, on a fan site, when you know damned well your comments will disappear in minutes, Sometimes faster than the time you took to
    type your comments. What is wrong with you?
    I’m a fan, I come to this thread of the person I like and leave my comments with like fans. I rag on SS at times but never 24/7, 365 days, for 8 years.
    Why can’t trolls do the same? Go to the thread of people you like and vent all you want about whom ever you want?
    What satisfaction do you get being here, are you a masochist? Do you like feeling your stomach ache daily? What are you getting out of this daily hate?
    Do you get sexual satisfaction looking at Brad and Angie pictures knowing they will never be with you? Just asking?

  • Phool

    @ Woman Spanish after seeing KTS don’t you think Brads got a foot in for Oscar nomination ? he was just smoking and im not talking about just smoking loved him all the cast were great as well. I hope Andrew Dominic gets nominated in Directorial catogorey hes done a good job.

  • Rose

    @Phool: Good morning Phool, hope you are doing great. I believe the University of Missouri should have given Brad his diploma because he left college two credits short of his diploma. With all Brad has accomplished in the movies business you know that’s is worth a Docturate in movies, don’t you think so? I believe WWZ is going to be fabulous. I’m going to see it, omg, Brad is so handsome.

  • Rose

    @woman spanish: Good morning WS, how are you? You saw KTS and loved it. We have to wait until the end of this month. So how are things in your country? Hope great. I’m looking forward to see Brad out promoting KTS by next week. I know Brad is cutting back on promotion to spend more time with his children, but maybe some magazines will have interviews, hope so.

  • woman spanish

    Phool, I do not understand that Brad does not have an Oscar for Moneyball, so I expect nothing from the Academy

  • woman spanish

    Good Morning, Rose: I’m fine thanks. In my country, things could be better, say they will begin to recover economically from 2013, hope it’s true!

  • briseis

    @Rose: Because trolls are insanely jealous of the JPs. The Ticks and Squigs are not doing it for them so they rant and rave at the more successful duo, hoping in their twisted minds to bring them down. And they are upset with us fans because no matter what they say we still love the JPs.

  • anustin

    #89 wonderbust!!!!

    lord of the rings!!!! that poster needs a companion!pronto!

  • Phool

    @ Rose @11/09/12 at 05:49am
    Good morning my dear Rose How are you? What a beautiful day first 4Q made my day its great to se a fan being able to post first on their favourite actors thread instead of a moronic named Troll that you don’t see again after the first page. Brads Movie is sending them Cray Cray big time it like its Cray Cray time in the world of trolls lol.

    All that pent up anger and hate against two people they don’t know anything about but still they manage to remain on their threads 24/7 spending all their time & energy crazy isn’t it. That’s why we say Brad & Angie own their A$$es excuse my language so early in the morning lol.
    Brad & Angie plus 6 are WINNING.

  • Phool

    . I believe the University of Missouri should have given Brad his diploma because he left college two credits short of his diploma.

    Rose I do agree the University should give him his Diploma or a fellowship after all he’s Brad Pitt but I do agree on that one. As for WWZ is going to be great I bet Maddox & Pax would love it, I know some were saying it’s not exactly like the book but what adaptation from book to big screen is? People need to give it a chance and see it on big screen before they make any judgment.
    Didn’t the JR Tolken fans create a fuss before Lord of the Rings before it was even released? Its part of the parcel so to speak.

  • ///

    Brad Pitt is trending on google+

  • Rose

    @briseis: Hi briseis, the trolls are upset with fans because they know they have not been able to change one fan’s mind about BA. Don’t you think by now the trolls understand they appears to be unstable (*_*). Poor trolls.

  • ///

    WWZ trailer is on front page of Reddit !!

  • Rose

    @Phool: I’m sure WWZ is going to be a great success. There are jealous people who will never, ever be satisfied with whatever Brad does unless he returned to his former boring and unproductive life. Remember that bitter hateful BFF, CH was openly begging Brad to “go home where you belongs Brad”. I mean how much more pitiful can some people get. Begging a man to leave his family of eight to go back to a phony life. That’s how the trolls think, they will never be satisfy unless Brad regress to a life of sitting on the couch smoking weed with his X.

  • Phool

    Brad Pitt vs. the Horde in ‘World War Z’ trailer

    After a relatively quiet 2012 (Andrew Dominik’s superb recession-hit mob thriller Killing Them Softly aside), Hollywood mega-star Brad Pitt looks to have an extremely busy 2013 ahead of him, with no fewer than four films already on his slate. The second, and arguably the most anticipated of those features, is Marc Forster’s World War Z (2013), an adaptation of Max Brooks’ (son of Mel) popular novel of the same name, which documents the coming global zombie apocalypse.

    Along with an uninspired teaser poster, a 30-second sneak peek was released earlier in the week, followed by today’s full trailer (bottom of post). One thing is for certain – the z-heads on show aren’t of your slow, shuffling, garden variety.World War Z follows United Nations employee Gerry Lane (Pitt), a devoted husband and father who traverses the world desperately trying to protect his family – and seemingly the entire human race – against the zombie pandemic that is toppling armies and governments alike. The trailer teases the beginning of said outbreak, with Lane and co. doing a lot of running from thousands of CGI-rendered flesh-eaters.

    The trailer footage has already divided fans, some of which have taken to social media to express their disappointment at how different the film ‘feels’ to the semi-journalistic tone of its source material. Max Brooks’ novel takes place after civilisation has been restored, and is comprised of interviews with the survivors of the ‘zombpocalypse’. Instead of using this as a means of flashing back to the disastrous events, Forster’s adaptation sacrifices this method in favour of a ‘Brad Pitt and friends vs. zombie horde’ flick – a far more conservative approach. Additionally, it’s no secret that the production has been plagued with multiple problems since its inception including release date delays and third act rewrites.

    Even so, there’s no denying that World War Z has the potential to be an excellent zombie disaster movie. In addition to the every popular Bryan Cranston, Pitt will be acting alongside James Badge Dale, Lucy Aharish, Matthew Fox, David Morse and Mireille Eros as Gerry’s wife, Karen.


  • Phool

    The charity work of Angelina Jolie is as beautiful as she is:

    There has been a lot of talk around Hollywood circles about the wedding plans between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. When a glamorous couple like this discuses marriage people get interested in them. In fact Mollie Sullivan has reported for on Nov. 3, 2012: Rumored details about Angelina Jolie’s wedding dress. People all over have been talking about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s planned wedding, and and now there has been rumors of plans about her possible wedding dress.

    Hollyscoop has reported that according to Grazia, Angelina is getting a custom made L’Wren Scott dress because she “wanted to go with someone who is not so obvious for designing wedding gowns.” Of course, all the go-to designers, including Vera Wang, Vivienne Westwood, etc wanted to do Angie’s dress, “She’s been courted by some of the hottest designers on the planet, but having a big name isn’t important to Angelina. She wanted someone she could trust and she most definitely trusts L’Wren.”

    This really is a fascinating couple. Wikipedia says that Pitt, who has received four Academy Award nominations and five Golden Globe Award nominations, winning one Golden Globe, has been described as one of the world’s most attractive men. And IMDb reports that Jolie, who is an Oscar-winning actress, often appears on many “most beautiful women” lists. And there is more to Jolie than just being beautiful and talented, she is clearly also a beautiful person who has become prominently involved in international charity projects, especially those involving refugees.

    Look to the Stars reports that Jolie has been on field missions around the world and has met with refugees and displaced persons in more than 20 countries, including Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Cambodia, Pakistan, Thailand, Ecuador, Kosovo, Kenya, Namibia, Sri Lanka, North Caucasus, Jordan, Egypt, New Delhi, Costa Rica, Chad, Syria, Haiti, Iraq, and elsewhere. And Pitt, who is clearly a lucky guy to be with a magnificent woman like Jolie, also appears to have an admirable philanthropic side to him as seen with his working alongside Jolie to set up the Jolie-Pitt Foundation, which is dedicated to eradicating extreme rural poverty, protecting natural resources and conserving wildlife.

    Credit: Examiner

  • Phool

    Politically Active Celebrities

    Angelina Jolie is one of Hollywood’s most devoted activists. In 2003, Jolie became the first person to be awarded the Citizen of the World Award, which was presented by the United Nations Correspondents Association and in 2007 was given the Freedom Award by the International Rescue Committee. As a Goodwill Ambassador for the UNHCR, the actress has travel to war-torn regions such as Afghanistan. Jolie is currently raising six children with partner Brad Pitt.

    Three of her children were adopted from three different impoverished nations–Cambodia, Ethiopia, and Vietnam. Earlier this year, the Oscar winner made her directorial debut with the “In the Land of Blood and Honey,” which shed light on the horrific 1992 in Bosnian War.

    Jolie has publicly spoken about her complicated feelings about Obama. “I think there are many, many things I think have gone in a wonderful direction and there are a few things I am disappointed in but I don’t feel like tonight is the night to clarify,” she told the Daily Caller earlier this year. “But there are many wonderful things that have moved forward, and of course, some other things that are very frustrating.”

    credit Business International.

  • Phool

    Angelina Jolie “Really Beautiful” in Maleficent: “She’s Just Incredible!” Says Costar Elle Fanning
    by Brett Malec

    We just can’t get enough of evil Angelina Jolie in Maleficent!
    And neither can Elle Fanning.

    Fanning, who plays Sleeping Beauty’s Princess Aurora in the upcoming Disney film alongside Jolie, says that working with the A-list Hollywood mama definitely did not disappoint.
    More “spooky” scoop on Angelina’s Maleficent!

    “It’s amazing,” Fanning told us of Maleficent at last night’s 2012 AFI Fest premiere of Ginger & Rosa in Hollywood. “We just finished it in London. Angelina Jolie, she’s just incredible. Meeting her and getting to watch her, she just looks amazing. She has these cheekbones and these horns. It’s really, really beautiful.”

    Fanning, 14, says she didn’t get to work with Jolie’s 4-year-old daughter Vivienne, who makes her acting debut in the film.
    “Vivienne plays young Aurora,” she said. “I wasn’t on set the day she filmed, but she played little me.”
    Angelina “born to play” Maleficent

    While working with Jolie was a blast, Fanning says the best part of filming the fairy tale flick was “getting to be a Disney princess; it’s just incredible. I had the long hair and the dresses. It was all magical, the whole world. It’s great.”
    Stars bring their kids to work, too!

    CREDIT E! Online

  • Phool

    Angelina Jolie Says Education Is A Powerful Thing

    By Elizabeth Willoughby on November 8, 2012

    When Taliban gunmen shot Pakistani teenager Malala Yousafzai on her school bus a month ago, they said it was to set an example. The outspoken student, only 15 years old according to officials at her school, had been advocating for girls’ education and human rights for several years, ignoring warnings to keep quiet.

    Despite receiving one bullet in her neck and one in her head, Malala survived the attack. The Taliban’s action has outraged groups and individuals across the world. It has sparked protests, vigils and petitions, including one from UN Special Envoy for Global Education and former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown demanding that all children attend school by the end of 2015. It has also prompted a national movement in Pakistan to renew commitments to ensure that girls get educated as well as the boys.

    Disturbed by Malala’s story, actor and activist Angelina Jolie wrote in an article for The Daily Beast: “This violent and hateful act seems to have accomplished the opposite of its intent, as Pakistanis rally to embrace Malala’s principles and reject the tyranny of fear. A spokesman for the Pakistani Taliban said, ‘Let this be a lesson.’ Yes. Let this be a lesson – that an education is a basic human right, a right that Pakistan’s daughters will not be denied.”

    Now recovering at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, England, online status updates say Malala remains stable and continues to make good progress. The I Am Malala petition calling for “the world’s 61 million out of school children” to be in education by the end of 2015 will be presented to the president of Pakistan one month after the assassination attempt, this Saturday 10 November.

    Read more:

  • tweet

    There is so much excitement about the WWZ trailer all over! This is an awesome fan-reaction pic- I love the little boy- he looks to be about my son’s’s cool that there is a movie coming out that we BOTH want to see!

    @JasonCiaramella We just watched the trailer for World War Z…

  • Premalee
  • tamsin

    I love how loons describe as “trolls” or “Jenhens” anyone who disliked this trailer. Did you foolios forget that this is a public opinion blog? When Jared asked “what do you think of this trailer”, he did not say “We will not accept negative opinions and those are subject to censorship”, so yes, both positive and negative opinions are welcome.

    So I guess the whole world are Aniston fans and “trolls” because 99% of commenters in Youtube and anywhere else did not like Pitty’s Chanel ad, hated this trailer as well or otherwise do not care for him, judging from his latest movie’s poor B.O performance.

    What’s even funnier is how loons need to post under multiple aliases to validate their opinions and try to create positive buzz for a movie that will be DOA. Sorry loons, there’s no way you can spin your idol out of the bad PR he got himself into. :D

  • Phool

    Can Brad Pitt save the world?

    The official full-length trailer for the post-apocalypticWorld War Z starts off rather innocently, with a family stuck in city traffic playing “20 Questions.” Then, out of nowhere, police on motorcycles zoom through the stalled cars, taking side mirrors along with them. Helicopters and mysterious explosions create city-wide panic, as an officer warns people to keep inside their cars, before getting blasted by a garbage truck himself.

    The two-and-a-half-minute trailer reveals the mass hysteria surrounding the impending zombie apocalypse and what one man, U.N. employee Gerry Lane (Pitt), will do to make sure his wife (Mireille Enos) and young daugters are safe. While their safety is threatened by fast-moving zombies (they run!), the footage amplifies the magnitude of this worldwide catastrophe as the human population takes a dramatic toll.

    Not much else is uncovered about the actual plot of the movie, but the deep, thumpingInception-esque beats and the numerous images of life-threatening developments get the job done.
    PHOTOS: Brad Pitt’s Most Memorable Movies

    World War Z, originally set for a December theatrical release, is an adaptation of 2006′s novel of the same name by Max Brooks. Marc Forster directed from a script byMatthew Michael Carnahan. It will hit theaters June 13, 2013.
    Watch the full-length trailer below: