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Brad Pitt: 'World War Z' Trailer - Watch Now!

Brad Pitt: 'World War Z' Trailer - Watch Now!

Brad Pitt flashes a smile in the official trailer for his new film World War Z.

The film follows a U.N. employee (Pitt) who is racing against time and fate, as he travels the world trying to stop the outbreak of a deadly Zombie pandemic.

World War Z, which also stars The Killing‘s Mireille Enos and Lost‘s Matthew Fox, will hit theaters everywhere on June 21, 2013. Check out some stills from the trailer below!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the trailer for Brad Pitt’s World War Z?

Brad Pitt: ‘World War Z’ Trailer – Watch Now!
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  • Phool

    Good morning Premalee how are you my dear still busy watching tennis ? hows the gas/electricity situation in your area? i pray its sorted out.

    by the way thankyou for Angelina’s warfare link much appretiated.

  • tamsin

    It’s no coincidence that the “Twilight” franchise is about to end. Enough of them vampires. Thanks to “The Walking Dead”, zombies have taken over the entertainment landscape, and Hollywood is just about ready to unleash an epic big-budget zombie movie.

    However, a close look at the comment thread below the video — and the fast-growing number of dislikes — reveals that the trailer has elicited plenty of negative, even violent, reactions.

    Fans of the best-selling novel by Max Brooks on which the film is based are up in arms because the trailer clearly shows that “World War Z” the movie departed radically from the book.

    They heaped abuse, sometimes with expletives, on Hollywood in general, Forster, and Pitt himself, who co-produced the movie.

    But one need not have read the book to realize that something is, in fact, amiss. The zombies in this movie are fast — very fast — and come in rampaging hordes. They’re downright scary, but are they zombies at all?

    One commenter offered a sober comparison: ”The book is a very realistic series of interviews with survivors, soldiers and civilians. The zombies are slow. The Brad Pitt character doesn’t exist. The only thing the two have related is the title.”

  • SandyFeet


    Well JOE aren’t you that clever honeybee that goes to all the different web site and spew your negativity? You obviously don’t practice what you preach. Go back to FFs, since they pay you the big bucks, because I have seen you there as well. You make your living going from place to another doing exactly what you are doing here.

  • Passing Through

    # 152 tamsin @ 11/09/2012 at 10:31 am
    Serious question here, Tampon – Why do you bother to write more than 2 or 3 words when you know we’re just going to thumb it down without reading it? You’ve made scientific history and established a new low for the IQ scale – r e t a r d…idiot…moron…Tampon. Congrats.

  • anustin

    LMAO @ uriniston obsess JPs fan.gawd!! just like

  • tamsin


    hmm, I am not Joe, and I don’t post at FF. More than one person dislikes the Brand, and talks about it public opinion blog, of all places. Shocking, isn’t it?

    Say, I haven’t seen this moniker before, why do you need to change it? You must be one of those loons who claims to never reply to “haters”, so now you don’t want to reveal yourself to your loony friends.

    Try to stay on topic for a change. Did you like the trailer or not? Rather, are you in the minority or not? That’s the question. :)

  • umm

    Many people think the trailer look amazing. The people ain’t happy are the book fans. Even half of them say it doesn’t look like the book, but still looks great, they will see it. Only those insanely obsessed with the book are upset. well even Max Brooks thinks the book is very difficult to convert to a movie. Just be glad someone makes WWZ movie.

  • karl

    i must be dumb, cause this looks like crap…

  • Jaye

    Top of the morning, afternoon or evening to you JP fans!

    umm @ 11/08/2012 at 9:46 pm

    I agree. No matter how much the fanboys complain, they will be there in droves. Rarely have they not complained about a movie adaptation of their favorite book or graphic novel.

  • Phool

    Rose @ 11/09/12 07:51am
    ”. I mean how much more pitiful can some people get
    Remember Rose Pitiful people always keep pitiful company its like opposites attract what else is expected

  • Phool

    Tweet at 11/09/12 at 9.41am

    Thank you Tweet it’s always nice to read fans reactions

  • Phool

    /// @ 11/08/2012 at 10:57 am
    Check this out ya’ll :
    Ten worst actresses working today. Guess who made the list?

    @ /// I for got to thank you for yesterdays nugget was well worth it lol what I don’t understand why That one didn’t make Number one shame at least shes’s gracing the top 10 that’s an achievement.
    Well there always this year with We are Morons so may be next list ????? 1st position lol

  • Phool

    @ Woman Spanish 11/09/12 at 06.21 am:

    WS don’t give up hope Brad is getting the nominations he’s already had 4 hopefully the faith one with KTS. Considering the amount of movies that released every year and the amount of actors star in them its still the lucky handful that get nominated from those hundreds.

    So I consider that as also part of a victory. Brads not only stared & nominated for Oscar but also produced Oscar nominated movies and also His production team won for The Departed which I still this day am angry why he wasn’t nominated who cares it there are limit of 1-2 producers or 10 I think all should be awarded, hats my opinion.
    He’s getting better & brawer with his choices of projects ..

  • QQQQ

    OT – PT
    It’s amusing how Tomas Byrd only play lights out tennis when he playing THE GOAT, RF, but against everyone else he is sooo meek. He just lost to Nole in 2.
    I wonder if Tsonga will show up for his match against Murray, he’s already een eliminated but it would nice if he showed some guts. He needs another coach.

  • chunky pipe

    …this again?…come on now…hahahahahahahahahahahahaha…we’ll see, I guess…hahahahahahahahahahahhhaha…

  • dawne

    Jared, why is Brad’s thread not up on the Main page header??? I’ve noticed that is happening more often than not? Anyone smell a rat?

  • Phool

    Hi Jaye how are you missed you so much. Last I heard the editing was still going strong.

  • chunky pipe

    …jared, is doing the right thing…ain’t noone want to be aftraid looking at those plain faces…hahahhahahahahahahaha

  • tamsin

    LOL Big Momma is cranky this morning or what! What happened? Did she run out of Ex-lax? I feel it for her minions. @ Rose, go and fetch that for her. @ Toilet tish, get the baby wipes ready.

    Poor landwhale admitted to check out on hidden comments just two days ago. LOL, so basically she admitted that she’s a lying, hypocrite tvvat, but no worries; all loons do it, regardless of whether the proxy network is fully operational or not.

    We don’t care about our comments getting hidden; all the proxy-assisted forgery is pointless anyway- they are visible from the mobile site. Say, what would loons do if Jared got a hold of a list of IP addresses pointing to the proxy servers where the thumbs are originating from?

    Yes, yes, we know this place is her whole life. It’s sad that her limited intellect won’t allow Big Momma to stay on topic. I don’t want to push her too far but perhaps somebody can remind her that the topic today is she liked the trailer or not. Please don’t let her strain herself.

    Oh and we know she’ll claim she never reads our comments. So predictable. LOL.

  • Linda

    The trailer is phenomenal. I will be there in theatre on June 21, 2013

  • well

    Love the trailer, so intense and amazing. Brad’s sons gonna love it.

  • Phool


    exctract from Jazebel :

    George Clooney’s sister Adelia Zeidler would like to put any gay rumors about her brother to rest in the wake of his split from Stacy Keibler: she says they’re “ridiculous.” “I think he decided that in his life he could have the career or he could have a family. I know everyone says ‘Well, Warren Beatty said he’d never get married and then he met Annette Bening.’ But you know that’s the only example people can think of, so it doesn’t bode too well.” Wait, did we ever really think George Clooney was gay? Was I taking the day off that morning? [NYDN]

    Passing Through i thought this might make you laugh as i know you are a big Porgie fan lol

  • http://Justjarde Jack

    This movie is just crap

    It’s look like I AM LEGEND

    Look here
    I AM LEGEND – Movie Trailer

  • umm

    Max Brooks needs to thanks Brad, now I read people see the trailer are interested in reading his book. He will sell more books for sue.

  • Passing Through

    # 167 QQQQ @ 11/09/2012 at 11:14 am
    Figures. That’s why guys like DelPo, Berdych & Tsonga, hardest hitters in the game, are stuck at 6, 7, 8 in the world. No fire unless Roger’s on the other side of the net. What’s really funny is that DelPo said Roger is one of his best friends on the tour so I can sort of understand how that drives him to play his best when he plays Roger. It’s about respect – both for Roger and wanting Roger to respect him. When DelPo beat him (barely) in Basel Roger said he thought DelPo was “right there again”, meaning he thought DelPo was back where he was in 2009 when he won the US Open – that he could threaten for #1 again. Then…he played crappy in Paris and lost to a guy who’s #52 (Michael Llodra) and then lost to My Boo on Tuesday. No consistency whatsoever. But, he’s playing Roger tomorrow and he’ll probably be all fired up again because he needs to be otherwise My Boo makes the semis and he goes home. You can at least see improvement and progress with DelPo, but these other guys though? It’s an all-or-nothing attitude and they just hope that Roger’s a little off that day. Then the next match they can’t keep the ball in the court. It drives me batty but the fact is – ROger’s 31 and they’re all 5-8 years younger and should be able to beat him more than occasionally. Even at the advanced-for-sports age of 31 Roger is better than these guys will ever be.
    BTW – Did you see Roger won Sportsman of the Year and Fan’s Favorite again? It was his 8th Sportsman award and 10th straight fan favorite award. Roger’s haters always rag on him as being “arrogant”…yet his fellow players say he’s the most gracious player on and off the court so obviously his haters don’t know jack.

  • tweet

    a tweet from the South Africa actor who works in WWZ
    Fana Mokoena ‏@fanamokoena

    Trailer to that movie everybody wants to see. World War Z

  • IMO

    I think Paramount is right to move WWZ to summer release. This definitely is a summer blockbuster movie. Looks spectacular.

  • Rose

    To the new trolls posting today. Brad and Angie’s fans don’t give a rats a s s what you think about WWZ . Stop wasting your time. Go to school!!

  • Lucian

    I can’t wait for June 21, 2013 to see the movie. I hope they will have world premiere in Cannes next May.

  • lol

    LOL@the silly troll.

  • Passing Through

    # 169 dawne @ 11/09/2012 at 11:16 am
    It’s not up there because there’s no current Ticky thread to put it next to so everyone call remember how happy Ticky is without Brad. Duh.

  • Carly

    The trailer looks immense. holy god.

  • Zenith

    Zombie is the new vampire. I can’t wait to see World War Z.

  • Passing Through

    # 175 Phool @ 11/09/2012 at 11:35 am
    Pffft. That story’s a week old. It was in last week’s OuttaTouch. I just didn’t bother to mention it since there’s really nothing there for me to make fun of except that Porgie’s sister is portly, 56 year-old, mother of 2 grown children frump who lives in a middle-income house down the street from where they grew up that she’s lived in 20+ years, and really, that’s not funny – that’s just middle America single motherhood. In other words – there’s no mileage in this for me. It’s not something I can use again and again…cuz you know how I like to beat Porgie over the head with his lameness. His sister basically said, he’s not gay, he’s never going to get married, we don’t talk that often and when we do we don’t talk HW and no, she’s never met Stacy or any of his hoes. Plus – Porgie and Wrestling Chick are still together, so the NYDN got that wrong and I don’t even get to make fun of Wrestling Chick getting her walking papers. Sometimes Porgie disappoints me with normalcy…and sometimes he gives me comedy gold. Unfortunately for me…this is one of those disappointing normalcies…

  • BW

    Brad said WWZ is going to be very entertaining. I can see it. it looks great. Brad always makes good movies.

  • Premalee


    Hi Phool, thanks yes I did get gas but not much. I may go tomorrow as my vehicle has a even number.

    To anyone needs gas in New York


    natty levy ‏@nattyyyy

    @bobbob1313 watch Warm Bodies, not #WWZ. 2013 will have its cult zombie hit after all.. It just won’t be the one with the great audiobook.

  • plz

    Just because it is different from the book, it doesn’t mean it is bad. It looks a great fun and epic. There are a lot of great movies that aren’t follow the books such as Jaw and Jurassic Park. The books fanboys better to be open minded, watch the movie first and then judge.

  • tish

    G’day *ALL JP Fans,

    I am so impressed with the amazing trailer scenes. Coudn’t take my eyes off Brad maman or should say Angie’s man but after watching it a bunch of times altho i am a chickenshite with skeeey movies i will watch this for sure. Hubby was laughing after he watched it, first he said ‘Oh yeah it looks great , we have to see it. But added and sure you will watch it , ahah..with your hands over your eyes asking me to tell you when that scarey part is over and he will have to describe in a light manner .lol.

    This film is for kids over 14 but i remember too taking 3 kids to the drivein on buck nite which was called Dusk to Dawn with horror films running all night. THe kids were much younger than 14. We didn’t worry back then about what the kids could absorbe. There were no warnings. Hel\l most or one parent smoked like a chimney in the front seat at the drive in or long rides. Fast food joints were just a few but if a kid went a couple of times a week or mo. to eat junk food they were the lucky kids . Funny how everything has changed. It sure ain’t the old days which i think were safer days.

    Yepper Brad did it again. I think it’s going to be a fantabulous film.
    Soo proud of Brad and all he is achieving. What a man, always reaching for the sky. Gotta love him.

    Thanks to Everybody who has made interesting contributions. about the film. Also all the interesting reading material added. GGreat stuff!!!
    Phool you have added so much that it will take me awhile to read it all but tks a mil.:) And everybody else. Can’t do all the names might forget someone but you All make coming to Jareds so much fun.
    Pisssss on the trolls, don’t read them, don’t care.. A red X is always a cray cray jealous jerk,

    Have a great day JP Fans….

  • mouna

    love it

  • Redditors chime in


    Fun Fact: In the book of the same title, the zombies in World War Z are explicitly described as being slow, lumbering husks that cannot move quickly.


    Exactly. In Max Brooks’ zombie universe, their mobility is severely handicapped by rigor mortis not long after they turn.

  • Just Sayin

    Slow zombies never scare me, I don’t know why in the movies always portray them slow and people are scared of them. ridiculous. But in WWZ, the zombies are so fast that scares me.

  • Redditors chime in


    what happened to the creeping horror? the knowledge that even the slightest random noise could set one shambler to moaning, which would be heard by other shamblers who would moan…carrying the feeding call for potentially miles and drawing in thousands…hundreds of thousands…to the point where you end up surrounded and the sheer weight of the horde is breaking down every barrier you’ve put up and the other barriers are shredded under the weight of the undead masses clawing themselves down to the bone…and then grinding the bone into dust, all to find the tiniest crack or smallest crevice to find purchase one, shredding muscles by forcing them hundreds of pounds of pressure past what they can bear…

    what ever happened to that? what ever happened to the original Dawn of the Dead?

  • tish


    Hiya Premalee,

    How are you doing thru all of this aweful mess. Just wanted to say that map you sent to Phool altho i know is for ALL Eastenders would be very hepful. I am sure everybody appreciates any and all info they can get from the devastated areas. Every little bit helps.

    I read you are better off then the many who lost sooo much but am really glad you are safe and sound.

    You have a heart of gold . I never forgot the mag you were going to mail to me.:)..hugs
    Just wanted to say Hi, as havn’t spoken to you in awhile.

    Take care..God Bless….

  • Redditors chime in


    The tragedy is that it would have been very easy to convert the book into a movie. Pitt, as Brooks, would be going around interviewing these people and then we see what they are describing on the screen..


    When I first heard Pitt was in the movie, I assumed that he would be the interviewer… its hard to believe they just bought the IP of the book for the title.

  • Nina

    World War Z might be the best zombie movie in history.

  • Redditors chime in


    Agreed. They took the most interesting parts of the book and (most probably) eliminated them to make it a generic badass-with-a-family-thriller. What about the vignettes of the divers killing zombies in the catacombs under Paris? What about the vignette from the astronaut stranded in the space station? What about the Chinese naval fleet that has troubles starting a new society with the islanders? What about the US military’s need to completely change the tactics and equipment they use in order to confront an entirely new foe?

    They could have included these things in the movie, but the trailer certainly suggests they didn’t. I loved the book, but I am quite skeptical of the movie. It would have transitioned much better into a TV miniseries.

  • geez

    This one obsessed troll, get a freakin life already, So stupid.

  • Redditors chime in


    “Don’t pretend you not well suited for the job.”

    “Oh yes! Finally all those years at Zombie Fighting Academy are paying off, in your face ZombieU!”

  • Redditors chime in


    Especially awful given that every story in the book emphasized that humanity was not ready for any of that fckng sht. I GUESS THEY DIDN’T HAVE BRAD PITT RIGHT GUYS?!