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Brad Pitt: 'World War Z' Trailer - Watch Now!

Brad Pitt: 'World War Z' Trailer - Watch Now!

Brad Pitt flashes a smile in the official trailer for his new film World War Z.

The film follows a U.N. employee (Pitt) who is racing against time and fate, as he travels the world trying to stop the outbreak of a deadly Zombie pandemic.

World War Z, which also stars The Killing‘s Mireille Enos and Lost‘s Matthew Fox, will hit theaters everywhere on June 21, 2013. Check out some stills from the trailer below!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the trailer for Brad Pitt’s World War Z?

Brad Pitt: ‘World War Z’ Trailer – Watch Now!
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707 Responses to “Brad Pitt: 'World War Z' Trailer - Watch Now!”

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  1. 201
    Carly Says:

    I am glad the trailer doesn’t give out too much plot, it doesn’t show close up of zombies. You gotta to see the movie to find it out.

  2. 202
    Rose Says:

    I may be missing something here, is this 2 1/2 minute trailer the entire movie? What are these trolls having a meltdown about, we get it, you hate Brad and Angie. If the movie followed the Book, the trolls would not like it. If the movie takes a different turn trolls will not like it. Trolls what is your problem? We know you’ll never like any Brad’s movie because he left his X wife, we get it. Stop wasting your time leaving a comment, we are thumbing them down as fast as you put them up.

  3. 203
    Passing Through Says:

    # 203 plz @ 11/09/2012 at 12:56 pm
    Book, schmook. The reality is – 99% of the people won’t even know the movie is based on a book and therefore will not have read the book and enter the movie with a preconceived prejudice. It’s not different thatn any other book-to-film. In case it’s escaped people’s notice – the average American doesn’t read many books anymore. The days of people getting books on the NYT Best Seller’s list and ticking them off their reading list are long gone. Do people really think everyone who saw the Twilight and Harry Potter movies read the books? No, of course not. I saw the first Harry Potter movie, said it sucked and everyone who’d read the book said that I need to read the book. If I thought the movie sucked…why would I read the book? Same with WWZ. Some people who read the book will still like the movie. Some people who read the book will hate it no matter what. Conversely, some people who haven’t read the book and don’t even know the book exists will love the movie and some of them will hate it. C’est la vie. And que sera sera. And any other French idioms you’d care to insert (now the trolls will rush off to Google “idioms”,,.and probably “preconceived” and “conversely,” too)…

  4. 204
    wtf Says:

    get a life stupid troll,are you so happy that you can copy and paste?!,noone is reading the sh*it you are posting so get alife and stop wasting your time

  5. 205
    plez Says:

    @geez: Especially when these people whining will also pay to see the film so they can whine more and because even with the fast zombies it is still a zombie movie and they love zombie movies.
    As I noted before, fans of batman were so upset with Nolan. This of course was before they saw the movie.

  6. 206
    Passing Through Says:

    # 209 Redditors chime in @ 11/09/2012 at 1:06 pm
    ROTFLMAO. That’s not even what happened but it’s a prime example of how the trolls don’t know what happened and are just copying and pasting any negative comments they can find. FAILURE! LOL!

  7. 207
    umm Says:

    I bet those complain loudest are the first ones in the theatres in the opening day.

  8. 208
    tish Says:

    Hey JP Fans, Why do the trolls have to whine and bytch. If they don’t think the trailer scenes are what they expected . Easy peasy DON”T GO to the movie. Save your money! More seats for the ppl standing in line.

    I have read many books , saw the film and it didn’t seem like the book was much like the film . But i could sit and name how so many of those films won academy awards. Great films on the big screen.

    Trolls are such unhappy ppl. Live to hate. It wouldn’t mattter what they see on the trailer scenes . They won’t admit they don’t like the incredible Brad ..and as we all know most are just nuts…here to be pesky. Why don’t they go watch a Ticky

  9. 209
    well Says:

    I admire Brad always tries something inventive not just follow the tradition especially man-made tradition like slow zombie.

  10. 210
    groundcontrol Says:

    “their mobility is severely handicapped by rigor mortis not long after they turn.”
    Rigor mortis as applied to Zombies? Seriously. You feel the need to go there? You do know there are no such things as zombies and that there have been all kinds of zombies in literature and film don’t you?
    Rigor mortis doesn’t set in for 3 – 5 hours and then it dissipates gradually but completely within about 2 days after death. So if you really feel the need to be scientific about something as fake and non-scientific as a zombie then at least understand what you are trying to argue.
    Further if you feel the need to ruin the fantasy with “science” about zombies – the kind that are really dead – then since they DIE they wouldn’t be moving at all – not even a shamble. And they wouldn’t be hungry for human flesh. They would have no appetite at all as they are DEAD.
    Even though I thoroughly enjoyed the book I must repeat what I’ve read – “fans of the book” can be so annoying and constipated about it all. Unclench.
    There are some interesting commenst about the movie vs the film though we really don’t know what’s in the movie yet but criticisms based on a poster’s hatred of Brad Pitt, or worse of Angelina Jolie, are worthless.

  11. 211
    an oldie Says:

    Hahaha, almost all comments on CB are positive, so what are haters to do? Now they resort to the “trailers may be good, but they are deceptive” line. And, it’s only a 2 min trailer, but people are complaining it didn’t include details of the book? Jeez, Brad and Angelina always have to answer to higher standards.

  12. 212
    tish Says:


    You got it plez,:)…The whiners will be the first ones standing in line all excited about Brad’s great film.

    Sorry Rose and PT i should have refreshed b/c basicly said the same as you about the trolls and their incessant whining.

    LOL The trolls are lost in the red already :)

  13. 213
    Premalee Says:

    @PT & QQQQ

  14. 214

    yeah first again
    ugh flop already
    still no fucking wedding
    jolie still vvhoring as usual
    leaving lots superstinky FJWP
    many vile rotting soiled undergarment
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    disease 4 u you fuck with them
    u fucking puke anyway
    u r fucking warned now
    or else u r fucking fucked
    govern ur fuckingself
    as u fucking were

  15. 215
    Passing Poo Says:

    Mister Hankey says ‘Howdy Ho’ to BAMPZSKVille!

    Mister Hankey also says that WWZ is a big piece of shit like only Hollywood can create.

  16. 216
    dawne Says:

    @Passing Through:

    LOL, it’s up now……….there must be a flag when Jared’s name is mentioned in a post.

  17. 217
    S. Alanes Says:

    Take my advice — Don’t click on anything.

  18. 218
    tish Says:


    Hi Jaye,

    I have been agreeing with All of you (JPFans) as to the trolls taking up
    the best seats at the theater. And don’t we know it.

    Got to read a couple of your posts yesterday and see you are really working diligently on your book . Great hobbie, you are an artist in your own right. Would love to buy your book when it comes out. Pls tell us when you are at that point. I love your writing and enjoyed ‘The Trolls Lives “posts. Fantastic!! I got to save 2 and couldn’t find the 3d. I think it was the first one i missed saving.. The posts move so fast and you forget which thread it began on. Grrrr.. It’s great tho to put one of them in here when *Good things are happening with Angie or Brad and the trolls are going beserk.
    They really say it all. If the Trolls have half a brain it’s got to make them feel stoopid. Don’t know about the brain part tho. lol

    Just wanted to let you know when you are not here you are missed .
    It’s always good to see you check in. Your posts are enjoyable.

    Keep up the good work….Take good care…

  19. 219
    Guys this is Knox in 20 years Says:

    Does anyone know if this is brad pitt?

  20. 220
    Inventive Says:

    @well: they took a great book and turned the movie into a generic action movie. brad Pitt doesn’t even look comfortable… His lines have no genuine tone.

  21. 221
    tish Says:

    Dumb Trolls, do they think we are stoopid like them. DUH!

    Nobody here as in JP Fans opens up a link onless it’s from another well known JP Fan…idiots..

  22. 222
    Truth Says:


    “I even spoke with Max Brooks this summer at ComiCon 2012 and asked him what he thought about the movie and the changes and I quoted him as saying “It’s Brad Pitt’s movie now” with a disappointed tone. Max Brooks’ devotion and hard work on both World War Z and The Zombie Apocalypse Guide deserve so much better than this. This movie isn’t for World War Z fans, it’s simply for Brad Pitt fans.”

    Basically Pittstain needs cash. How much does he stand to lose if it’s a bomb? The most hilarious part is people don’t even know he’s still shooting scenes for this movie. Shhhhhh.

  23. 223
    wtf Says:

    I didnt thumb the comments but they are already locked!

  24. 224
    Truth Says:

    World War Z, nightmare movie, is a MESS
    I recently re-read World War Z to see if it was as good as I remembered. I hadn’t read it for a few years and I got to thinking—maybe I’m over-selling it, maybe it’s not as good as I recall. So I re-read the book, and then I re-read JM Straczynski’s 2008 draft of the script, and no, I wasn’t over-selling it, and it was every bit as good as I remembered. Better, actually, because once you get past being grossed out at the BRAAAINNNSSS parts of the book, the nuance and detail of the socio-political collapse presented comes through. So yeah, the book is fantastic, Straczynski’s script was amazing, and despite rich source material and a prime cinematic target, the movie is missing by a mile. By, like, millions of miles.
    But maybe I’m not the target audience anymore. WWZ has been reworked to the extent that the movie has essentially nothing to do with the book (alienating the audience of a massive best-seller seems like a weird decision, but whatever). That 2008 script wasn’t much like the book either, but Straczynski managed to translate the fear, the desperation, the utter destruction of life as we know it. So it was never going to be a particularly faithful translation. Maybe my challenge now is not rating WWZ as part of a canon, but taking it for what it is, independent of what it could have—should have—been. So let’s talk about the first trailer for a movie whose troubled production is going down in Hollywood history as one of the epic nightmare movies.

  25. 225
    huh Says:

    Million of people in the world haven’t read the book, they are going enjoy the movie greatly.

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