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Vanessa Hudgens: Rolling Stone Party with Austin Butler!

Vanessa Hudgens: Rolling Stone Party with Austin Butler!

Vanessa Hudgens and her boyfriend Austin Butler hit the red carpet at Rolling Stone’s Top 25 DJ List held at Tao on Tuesday night (November 7) in New York City.

The event also served as a party for the newest Covergirl ambassador’s DJ duo and sisters NervoMim and Liv.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Vanessa Hudgens

Earlier in the night, Vanessa and Austin were spotted at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show sitting front row with Jessica Szohr.

25+ pics inside of Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler at the Rolling Stone party…

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vanessa hudgens rolling stone party with austin butler 01
vanessa hudgens rolling stone party with austin butler 02
vanessa hudgens rolling stone party with austin butler 03
vanessa hudgens rolling stone party with austin butler 04
vanessa hudgens rolling stone party with austin butler 05
vanessa hudgens rolling stone party with austin butler 06
vanessa hudgens rolling stone party with austin butler 07
vanessa hudgens rolling stone party with austin butler 08
vanessa hudgens rolling stone party with austin butler 09
vanessa hudgens rolling stone party with austin butler 10
vanessa hudgens rolling stone party with austin butler 11
vanessa hudgens rolling stone party with austin butler 12
vanessa hudgens rolling stone party with austin butler 13
vanessa hudgens rolling stone party with austin butler 14
vanessa hudgens rolling stone party with austin butler 15
vanessa hudgens rolling stone party with austin butler 16
vanessa hudgens rolling stone party with austin butler 17
vanessa hudgens rolling stone party with austin butler 18
vanessa hudgens rolling stone party with austin butler 19
vanessa hudgens rolling stone party with austin butler 20
vanessa hudgens rolling stone party with austin butler 21
vanessa hudgens rolling stone party with austin butler 22
vanessa hudgens rolling stone party with austin butler 23
vanessa hudgens rolling stone party with austin butler 24
vanessa hudgens rolling stone party with austin butler 25

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# 1

she looks very pretty here!

# 2

Best she’s looked in a long time, and she always looks good :)

# 3

Mary comment doesn’t make any sense..

# 4

they are a cute couple, her hair looks good too.

# 6
anonymous @ 11/08/2012 at 4:52 am

austin is a loser

# 7

so still the olsen-wannabe and her boy toy..

# 8

eeeew. She’s ugly and cheap. Women must be weird to give her compliments. They act like they’re in love with this vulgar looking loser.

# 9

She has the mouth of the joker. Fug.

the truth @ 11/08/2012 at 5:19 am

She got the character in the next batman. Congratulations Duck Face

@chris: idiot

Will she stop making that thing with her damn mouth?!?! She looks like a fvckin’ fish

Lovely couple, him looking handsome and smart and she,gorgeous and classy.

the truth @ 11/08/2012 at 5:44 am

there similarities between vanessa and the Joker !!! the same SMILE !!!!

She thinks she is oh sooo stunning, the way she poses and the way she looks, like omg i’m gonna kill them all with my attitude, it’s hilarious…

the truth @ 11/08/2012 at 6:45 am

You’re not pretty baby !!! Joker Face

Funny how some of you think you are mind readers. She’s only posing for the cameras for heaven’s sakes. It is a public event and it is part of a celebrity’s duty.
Notice how the Trolls clump together, all using the same comp.

@BOJI: So desperate, isn’t it? Blows my mind that people can’t just admit she looks great. She wears Faux fur, and she’s a cartoon character. She smiles without teeth on the red carpet when her mouth is tired of smiling, and she’s the Joker or a fish. People are just unbelievably ignorant.

austin ******** has a long frankenstein head

kelly martineau @ 11/08/2012 at 7:24 am

#6 Austin is a loser. I agree. Every time V does the red carpet her mouth is always like that. Her mouth is glued that way. What on earth does she see in this guy? Date a guy your own age.
V needs to start working on movies. She played around enough,

@BOJI: That’s right, Boji. Those people have obviously not watched video clips of a red carpet, where the photographers are screaming at you to do all kinds of things. Like showing your nails or can we see the back? Do they think the celebs come up with these poses on their own? If they didn’t, the celebs would walk straight across the carpet, wave, and the photo-op is lost. They shout at them, to keep them on the carpet longer, so they can get more pics. They do it to ALL the female celebs.

the truth @ 11/08/2012 at 7:48 am

picture number 10 pff pathetic !! you need a doctor V. you’re not beautiful , especially with this pose !!!

Don’t you think you kind of hurry calling people desperate and ignorant without thinking for a second? There are people who don’t like certain looks on other people and so they would express how they feel. Just because she is Vanessa Hudgens and so many people worship her that doesn’t mean everybody has to like her.

@the truth: Oh Shut up…Take a hike.

She looks great. Good to see her and Austin. No you don’t have to like her. It just never ceases to amaze me what people feel they accomplish with their negative comments. At the end of the day she’s happy and her fans are happy for her. Can’t wait for the 24 hour plays.

So what?
If you don’t like her, just stop coming here

the truth @ 11/08/2012 at 8:08 am

you could defend the devil if you can !! she’s vulgar and you don’t want accept this…is she your sister ?

@the truth, can’t get enough of Vanessa ? Or are you just seeking attention? Always posting on her threads even though you’re not a fan.

Wow, they look great. She is beautiful and he is very handsome. Well done Vanessa.

@ Maria, sorry. Been busy. Just dropped by to check on the thread. Nice seeing some of you up and about. It is night here already.
Vanessa and Austin really look great here, can’t fault them. I like her ensemble.

They don’t look good, they look uncomfortable. Don’t say otherwise.
I like her outfit, but hate her nails.

Apples and oranges. To each his own. Do you think Vanessa or her fans care when you come to sprew hate? Love the 10th picture, she showing her playful side. If she never does another thing in her life she has already done more than most of the ones making bad comments will do in their lifetime, at 23. If she choses to live her life and never act in another movie, it’s really none of your business. She look happy.

tulisafan @ 11/08/2012 at 8:37 am

She is a gayfron fan, maybe she is still mad because Vanessa dumped him.

tulisafan @ 11/08/2012 at 8:43 am

She looks gorgeous

@the truth: boBo/ truth, whatever. You just showed your maturity level. And sorry, but it’s really not cool to post pics of yourself.

tulisafan @ 11/08/2012 at 8:44 am

@the truth:
She was doing an interview for a nails magazine/blog. They asked her to pose like that.

@Ashley: Hun, I was trying to explain why celebs POSE on the red carpet that way. Clearly, you just want to be nasty.

@tulisafan: They don’t want to hear “the truth”. They want to just be nasty. Well, THE TRUTH is, they look gorgeous, and they make a beautiful couple. Like a post on FB this morning……
“I don’t want a perfect person. I just want someone to act silly with, someone who treats me well and loves being with me more than anything.”

That, people, is what a relationship is. And that is Vanessa and Austin.

Just because Jared chooses those pictures, it doesn’t means that’s her only pose, she is always smiling, and she has a really gorgeous smile. Oh God i guess haters gonna hate.

I think she is saying that because the same person is using multiple names to post the same kind of hateful comment. Its not about if you like Vanessa or not, it is about changing your name just to hate on her. And she is gorgeous. Ha.

He looks like half her age.

@tina I wanna know how you feel about the fact that Vanessa is dating yet another guy born in the nineties, seeing as you thought her and Ashley’s mere friendship was inappropriate due to Ashley being three years older. But Vanessa can date a guy three years younger? Hmm…

@maria just because she’s posing on the red carpet doesn’t mean she has to smirk all the damn time. And it’s the WAY she makes that face. Ashley makes it sometime to but she never manages to look so smug the way Vanessa does.

@mia, I agree. She is truly flawless. Love the gold on the lower lids of her eye makeup.

I LOVE Vanessa and Ashley together, they look always adorable, the Spring Breakers pictures are so cute, but i think Ash is. 23… I dont know.

Look at that pic of BUTTface kissing pudgens forhead. that a$$ is looking directly at the camera. famewh.oring much.

@mia Ashley turned 27 this year and Vanessa is turning 24 this year.

@A I feel I won’t let you use me as a ploy to put Ashley’s name on Vanessa board.

@mia: She’s not talking about Ashley Benson, she’s talking about Ashley Tisdale.

@. It’s not something you should care about
What’s the problem with them kissing if they’re going out?

She looks great but only

Vanessa looks GORGEOUS. So no need to talk smack. It’s SUCH sour grapes. Seriously. If you want to talk smirks, Tisdale looks just as silly, and Efron looks absolutely asinine. So let’s not get into a ridiculous argument over who looks better smirking. A smile without teeth is always going to come off as a smirk or as in Efron’s case, a fish trying to pucker. Nothing you can do about it. There are lots of smiling pics of her at this event. We can’t control the ones JJ posts.

Ash is 23 or 24, in Venice they were talking about the age difference between the Spring Breakers’ cast, she is 23.

@tina LOL I feel you’re full of sh!t. Never able to get your foot out of your mouth and never willing to admit you were wrong. How do you feel that the picture of Vanessa you called filthy and obscene thinking it was fake, is in fact, an actual photo she took?

And I don’t need to use you as a “ploy” to put Ashley’s name here. I have no problem doing it blatantly.

Ashley Tisdale.
Ashley Tisdale.
Ashley Tisdale.
Ashley Tisdale.
Ashley Tisdale.
Ashley Tisdale.
Ashley Tisdale.
Ashley Tisdale.
Ashley Tisdale.
Ashley Tisdale.
Ashley Tisdale.
Ashley Tisdale.
Ashley Tisdale.
Ashley Tisdale.
Ashley Tisdale.
Ashley Tisdale.
Ashley Tisdale.

See? :)

and when pudgens pouts her mouth it looks like a baboon’s a$$.

Gosh mia where’s your common sense @a is talking about ashley tisdale not that benson trashcan.

@erica i have no problem with these two kissing or or whatever they do. i was talking about him looking at the camera. bu.ttface always looks at the camera.

and when pudgens pouts her mouth it looks like a baboon’s a$$.

Gosh mia where’s your common sense @a is talking about ashley tisdale not that benson trashcan.

@erica i have no problem with these two kissing or or whatever they do. i was talking about him looking at the camera. bu.ttface always looks at the camera.

@mia I’m talking about Tisdale not some irrelevant pretty little liars chick.

@maria a smile without teeth is not always a smug smirk.×800/images/ashley-tisdale-123.jpg

Sweet pretty girls have sweet pretty smiles. Simple.

pudgens mouth has this fuc.ked up feel and look to it. its one of a kind lips. kinda like a she actually looks like that joker from dark nights.

i wonder if bu.ttface wake up in the middle of night at look at pudgens face and get scared.

@.: omg, u really evil.


Look at the face she’s making! On what planet is that sexy?? Hahahhahaah.

@A: My foot isn’t in my mouth you asinine twit. I never said her age made her an inappropiate friend the only time I brought her age up was when YOU said her speeches during HSM were more mature.The only thing that I think makes her a bad friend is ( as I have said) is she a self promoting user. Are you taking some sort of medication? If not maybe you should consult a doctor about prescribing you some.

@tina I said that Ashley gives more intelligent and interesting interviews. She always has. Vanessa is now a few years older than Ashley was when she started with her HSM success so that’s a moot point anyway.

And I don’t see Ashley as the self promoting user. Vanessa is the famewh0re. Vanessa is the one who has admitted to being jealous of Ashley before for getting more attention when they’re out in public. Vanessa is the one who can’t be bothered to connect with her fans because she’s too busy worrying over where the paparazzi will catch her in old navy sweatpants next.

What, you think that medication will wake me up and help me realize that Vanessa is amazing?

More people have disliked my sweet and beautiful pictures of Ashley than have disliked my trashy and vulgar picture of Vanessa. They’d rather see the disgustingness. It’s nice to know where you guys stand.

The comments on here make me laugh so hard… thanks guys! :)

Vanessa who ? she play the joker in batman isn’t it ? I Remeber now !! good performance.

enoughisenough @ 11/08/2012 at 10:37 am

I don’t care where any of you stand. To anyone who posted a link that leads to a vulgar picture you have been reported to not only Jared, but the proper authority. It’s one thing to leave hateful and disgusting remarks about an individual, but it’s a whole other thing when you leave links that could potentially lead an underage person to view those disgusting pics. I don’t care who you idolize, I’m sure they would be very disappointed to know the lengths you have gone to in order to spread the hate. I know if I was a celeb, I definitely wouldn’t want some of you as my fans.

@the truth she has a knack for scary performances that’s for sure:

@enoughisenough LOL the link I posted was properly censored and published on msn so…

HAHAHA ONE OF THE BEST !!! she will win a oscar for this !!!!

@the truth doesn’t the chorus sound like one of those blooper american idol auditions?? “Let’s go OUT ooooooohhh Toniiiiiaaaght!” Hahahah.


Yes it is !!! the bloopers special vanessa! 10 hours of laugh

justsaying @ 11/08/2012 at 10:56 am

man-some sick mean wierdos on here…..She looks fantastic and so does Austin. LUV them both. She is fantastic at posing for the camera and I love it ! Keep rocking it V ! (She is in such a better place emotionally than the fools putting her down on here…they think they get to her but she is so much more mature than them…she get’s it and knows how to live HER life.) Thanks for letting us go along for the ride V !

rotflmao, Vanessa is jealous of whatsherface. She flew to see a little girl who was dying of cancer, we only heard about because the girls mother post a picture and thanked her. She gives her time without advertising it. SHE WAS ACTUALLY IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH ZAC. She is currently happy in a relationship, not on twitter complaining about one. The paps go where the money is, simply. Your girl won an award, I told you of the post, still it got what 10/15 hits? Vanessa going down her stairs with her little sister got over 800. Maybe, just maybe if you spent equal time on promoting her there she would get more post. I’ll say it once again for you. I DON’T CARE WHAT OR WHO YOUR GIRL DOES. The meds aren’t for anything to do with Vanessa. They’re for you.

Why on earth will someone talk about Vanessa’s disney costar here? Lol i dont know if she is still working or anything, well i dont really care about her, but why someone here would even care about her? Are we back in 2008? Im not hating on the girl, but it is just hilarious, why would we talk about her? Lol please.

@justsaying why would anyone think they’re getting to Vanessa? It’s not as if she’s here reading this stuff.

@tina Vanessa has said it herself. She said when her and Ashley go out together fans come up to her as well but they tend to make a really big deal about Ashley, screaming and stuff. And yeah Vanessa was in a relationship with Zac but Zac has always had more to say about Ashley and looked much more intimate and relaxed when he’s with her. And Zac’s still in Ashley’s life.

You did NOT tell me about Ashley receiving that honor. Ashley announced it and I already knew. You sent me the stupid jj link. I hardly go on her threads on this site anymore anyway thanks to you Hudge fans. And the rest are probably the same.

Look, this is an article about Ashley the other day on a different site that I happen to have just been looking at. You’ll notice that there’s only a handful of comments, but the “thumbs up’s” for the comments like “Ashley is stunning.” are in the hundreds. We (Ashley fans) all read her stuff. We just don’t feel the need to leave a hundred comments every time she takes a walk outside because what’s the point? I think she looks beautiful in every picture. I don’t need to find every article and say so.

Haters Suck! @ 11/08/2012 at 11:15 am

I told maria this and I’ll tell you. F**k these a$$holes don’t engage with them. I’m no longer interested in a week long 900 comment tirade with people who think their farts don’t stink. You can’t fight crazy and we can say these people are out of their minds. What they hope to achieve by stuffing their idol in our face I have no idea. They have no clue what they are talking about.

I agree, she is amazing

LOVE her key necklace! Says on Twitter it’s by Alex & Chloe. So cute!

Vanessa looking super cute wearing our Mini Skeleton Key Necklace! Available here: – xoxo, Alex & Chloe

@Haters Suck!: I try not to but when someone blatantly lies about something I said in an attempt to make some one give a shi t about what whatsherface is doing, it’s hard, I just keep remembering what Joan Rivers said about her and laugh.

I’ll just in the future skip any items written by A.

Vanessa looks great!
Haters are always gonna hate so why answer them???It’s pointless. Also why comparing her with Tisdale??? It’s not gonna make some people like Vanessa less or Tisdale more…Personally after all these comments an a previous post i dislike Tisdale even more….

@tina Joan Rivers has something nasty to say about everyone and she likes to pick on Ashley. For what it’s worth, I’ve also heard her say positive things about Ashley before, which makes me think that maybe she has a soft spot for her and when you’re that kind of person that’s how you show it. IDK, but she sure does love to feature her whenever she can. I think I know what comment you’re talking about and it was bullsh!t. Ashley takes pictures of herself and puts them on twitter. She’s a beautiful girl and everyone knows beautiful girls love to post pictures of themselves. Doesn’t make her a famewh0re and it doesn’t make her a bad person.

And again, Ashley: millions of fans more than Vanessa. It’s a statistic, you could say, using numbers available online, and therefore, if Ashley is whatsherface now then Vanessa certainly never even hit the radar. You see what you’re saying when you try to put down Ashley? Tsk tsk tsk, silly Hudge fans.

Haters Suck! @ 11/08/2012 at 11:30 am

That’s what I’m doing. Every time I see A I just skip the comment no point in reading something by someone with the brain power of a 2 year old. I’ll still fight haters but not ones that are stuck so far in their own ass and cannot under any circumstances be reasoned with.

@kate and I dislike Vanessa more for the same reasons. You misunderstand why I come here.

@HS! my IQ is now, has always been, and always will be scores higher than your own. Being a fan of Ashley rather than Vanessa does not make me stupid. In fact, it should say something that I related to Ashley instead, since she’s without contest the far more intelligent out of the two.

@sara: Thank you for the links, I love the ones of her talking with Austin and Jessica.

Feeding pests only makes them come back guys…

oh look, the hypocrite ***** (Haters Suck! ) is back..

Haters Suck! @ 11/08/2012 at 12:08 pm

Back? Didnt realize I left. One moment please. Yup I’m here alright. Call me what you want I don’t care.

@LOL hahahah I know. Commenting to say you’re not going to comment counts as saying something hahah.

Haters Suck! @ 11/08/2012 at 12:13 pm

Anyway always nice seeing Vanessa and Austin together. Vanessa looks to happier when she’s around him. I think the two have something special. Where will it go, I don’t know but I like it.


Your so stupid!

@Haters Suck!: At 23 she still has her whole life in front of her. She seem to be enjoying their time together. Being int NYC is opening a lot of chances for her to network. Always good to lay down the ground work for the future.

They are definately a great looking couple and they seem to have it together. She seems very happy with him. I’ve seen interviews with him and besides the fact that he is strikingly handsome (pictures don’t do justice IMO, he also has a really nice voice) he seems very mature and articulate. Possibly because he has been in the business for some time and has been fairly sufficient…living on his own. So give the guy a break. No one knows what will happen tomorrow but today it’s all good.

@Haters Suck!: I agree, HS. He makes her smile, and they seem to have a great relationship. That’s what counts. As far as the ignorant witch who can’t seem to find her way out of here, either we don’t pay attention to her, or we go to that chicks’ threads and attack. I know we’re better and classier people, so no need for that. The only way she knows to keep talking about her girl, is to continually bash her best friend. How effed up is that?

Haters Suck! @ 11/08/2012 at 12:32 pm

Exactly and nothing wrong with having a little fun while you’re doing that.

Austin works at walmart?

Haters Suck! @ 11/08/2012 at 12:38 pm

Oh believe me it’s taken a lot for me not to go on the offensive on her posts but I’m doing my best and just not to give her the satisfaction. Like I said u can’t fight crazy so when I see A or bo on a comment I’m not even bothering to read it.

I don’t know why I’m getting thumbs down for asking that question. my friend told me he works at walmart with her. Is that a bad thing or something? lol…

@A yet you don’t see me going to her posts hating her….and i didn’t see anyone from here commenting on her posts… and i also have noticed that in the internet most Vanessa’s fans don’t say anything bad about Tisdale but Tisdale’s fans always call her(Vanessa) names without a reason… Being a fan is about supporting a person not bringing someone else down so as to make your idol seem better…And i have a question for you: Do you think that by saying offending things about Vanessa makes Tisdale look better???

italian mom @ 11/08/2012 at 12:51 pm

Chelles I totally agree. I too noticed he has a nice interesting voice.
I must say I’m looking forward to see them interviewed together, but I also bet the more they stay together the better they become.

kate, I’ve noticed on twitter it’s mostly Vanessa fans who trash tisdale, not the other way around. I guess it depends on what profiles you come across though..

@Haters Suck!: I never read BoBo. She’s a raving lunatic. This one is just a b*tch with a capital A.. I have never in my life seen anyone who is so hateful, vindictive, accusatory, self-righteous, and obnoxious. And that’s saying something, cause I have met LOTS of people in my life. No one even compares with the hate this chick spews, about a girl, who’s done nothing to her. Imagine what she does to the people who actually DO cross her. She needs help or she’s either going to harm someone or jump off a bridge cause she can’t deal with the simple fact that not everyone cares or follows her idol. Honestly, I didn’t know she was chosen as a Variety leader of tomorrow for her TV work. Cause I DO NOT FOLLOW HER. Yes, that’s nice. Never said she doesn’t do TV well. But we here just do not care.

Haters Suck! @ 11/08/2012 at 1:02 pm

Not only that but she’ll pretty much blame me, you and every other Vanessa fan for any and everything said or done about tisdale. I honestly don’t care what her idol does it holds no intrest to me and I have no intrest in what she has to say anymore.

@Haters Suck!: A has just change her name to Hi. What an idiot.

@Hi i’ve seen the completely opposite…maybe both fan bases “hate” each other equally…. i just stated what i noticed…

@kate: Don’t get sucked into a debate with this person. No real fan has the time or inclination to go anywhere to spread hate for whatsherface. She is just trying to use Vanessa’s threads to promote her girl.

She looks line a New York hook er

@Haters Suck!: Exactly. It’s like saying someone with a German name is responsible for killing thousands of Jewish people. She doesn’t understand it’s NOT us yet we have to take her crap. Vanessa and her career, inner and outer beauty, and loyalty to her family, friends, and BF speaks for itself. She is not a drunken starlet who sleeps around. Everyone who works with her raves about her and her work ethic. There is no reason to compare whose smirk is better or whose eyes are more soulful. Everyone sees something different.

@What “Your so stupid.” No my dear. It’s you’re. As in, YOU’RE the stupid one.

@maria Doll, I was being so nice in addressing you and you had to call me a witch. You and @HS are, as usual, being hypocrites. You’re “bigger and classier people” (Lol) now that you’ve been given a taste of your own medicine but let’s not forget what leads all these haters to your posts. You guys leaving your own hate in the first place. And my only way to talk about Ashley is to diss Vanessa? Does HS not diss Ashley?? Maybe YOU maria, (maybe) don’t show up to leave hate for Tisdale, but YES, HS has and does, and so have many other names on here. Many.

@kate funny, because I’ve witnessed the opposite in that it’s usually Vanessa fans putting down Ashley. And it started that way, yes, because HS would say something like Ashley is a *****, Ashley is a disloyal friend and thus I would provide him with examples of Vanessa that would fit her into the same categories. It started as pure defense. Once I realized what jerks these people are and how fun it can be to watch them scatter, I kept at it.

@tina no you stupid b!tch, I have not changed my name to Hi or anything else. As much as it may kill you to believe it, there is not just one single person out there who dislikes Vanessa Hudgens. I am ALWAYS A when I comment on here. I do NOT change my name.

Haters Suck! @ 11/08/2012 at 3:09 pm

Oh yes i never miss an Ashley post however few of them there are. Every single hater Ashley has is actually me. This is all my fault of I just went down and kissed Ashleys feet and supported her and not Vanessa everything would be fine. Nobody else can possibly like Ashley except for me Ashley is a superior human being, hell we should have elected her president. God knows I never miss a chance to diss Ashley.
Lol give me a break.
@maria and Tina don’t feed the monster I just did that one for the fun of it.

Lol all you do are take the points and insults I’ve already made, exchange. Ashley’s name for vanessas and dumb the whole thing down.

@hs oh and it would be a f*ucking privilege if Ashley ever dared grace scum like you with the honor of kissing her feet!

@A: Poor thing, you better schedule an appointment with your therapist. You are losing it….. you are BO. If I were Ashley I would be mortified…

There she goes, yada yada yada yada yada. Aren’t the feet tired of stomping, and isn’t the whining done yet? Making generalizations is a supreme way of spreading prejudice and ignorance. I don’t put all of Ashley’s fans in the same category, just you. You’re the only one I see being hateful. Other than the usual Efron idiots who can’t stand that she didn’t stop living after he was gone.

You know, Vanessa, Zac, and Ashley have enough anti-Disney haters who don’t want to see them succeed. Isn’t it rich that amongst us fans, there is all this ridiculous in-fighting?? This is SO ludicrous. We need to just agree to disagree, and stay where we belong. And that means you too, Vanessa fans.

Haters Suck! @ 11/08/2012 at 3:56 pm

Great suggestion except one problem. A is going to blame me for every hater Ashley has. She already does. Shell not believe I don’t go on Ashley posts amd bash her. Shell never not believe everyone who says something bad about Ashley is a Vanessa fan.

@A yet you’re doing the same thing you’re accusing HS is doing…it doesn’t make you better…whatever that’s between you and her… i can’t continue fighting with you or anyone here…we obviously don’t have the same opinion so there’s no point…


You’ve already proven your ignorance. Ever heard of a wise fool? How embarrassing for you but at the same time, how laughable. Why continue this deranged way of looking at things? No one cares about you or your manipulation. I don’t even blame Ashley for this. If you are a true fan, then stop turning people against her. Your creating Ashly haters with your fits of determination and tantrums. Once again… no one cares about you anymore! Now move on to the next thread before you make yourself look even more STUPID! lol.

@Haters Suck!: I know, HS. I hear ya. It’s just so stupid. Honestly, I have no idea where all these hideous comments are. She never gets any on JJ or JJ Jr. She must be talking about the foul people on Perez, you know, that classy site. She thinks it’s just Vanessa fans. Well, even here, if you go to other celebs posts, some of the same nasty posters comment there too. They click on every thread, and just spew. Nothing we can do about those idiots. It is, what it is.

MoreThanWords @ 11/08/2012 at 4:43 pm

@Alex & Chloe: I LOVE the necklace, but then I love all things skull. ALEXANDER MCQUEEN (R.I.P) is one of my all time favs. It’s cute on her, she looks blo0dy amazeballs in these pics.

@Maria, I totally agree with your last comment to Haters Suck, I’ve been coming onto Vanessa’s site all the time, sometimes multiple times a day and I am so saddened that the amount of hate comments this young lady receives whenever her post comes up, truly saddens my heart. These hate comments are a pure example of a divided country and in my opinion it’s only going to get worse because the youth today cannot be controlled. No discipline= out of control youths= failure future. Whatever happened to RESPECT, FORGIVE and FORGET or at least, move on. The sad thing about these cyber bullies and hater’s is that you’re right Maria, we can’t do a thing but just ignore them everytime they post, the more you try to justify, they anger more. I feel deep remorse for those kinds of people for humility will only bite them back tenfold. It’s great to know that you, Boji, Hater’s Suck and several other’s remain devoted fan’s always. I don’t rarely post because you all say what I want to say anyway. God Bless.

V looks beautiful :) (as always)
I’m loving her makeup and I’m glad Austin’s ok after this Hurricane fiasco.

And wow, so much negativity!!… like the 900+ comments on the other thread weren’t enough?
Guys live and let live, go outside or something or spend time with your family, no need to keep all this hatred in your heart haha :)

A post about Ashley looking cute with her grandmother just came up yesterday on JJr but only has 1 comment. Why not go there and write something about how pretty she looks rather than commenting that V looks ugly? Ya know? ;)

& thank god its almost the weekend!!
Love V’s butterfly earrings too. I live in Manhattan and would have died for the opportunity to attend that show.

@JRDN, bless you and thank you. The 3 words I choose to live my life now, Respect, Forgive and Forget, the only way we can move forward and be better human beings.
These are by far the best pics of them as a couple at an official function and hope to look forward to more.

@chelles no dear, I am not bo. Bo is a zanessa supporter. You’ll never hear me say anything positive about those two having ever dated. Bo is from a country I’ve never even heard of. And she speaks completely different than I do. It should be obvious that I’m not her.

@hs I do.not blame you for every bad comment made about ashley. I blame you for the ones you have made. And by the way you guys, I’m just playing your game. I didn’t even have these negative thoughts about Vanessa all in me until you guys kept bumping up the ladder. I think I’ve been like a frog slowly cooking and not realizing as I’ve gotten mea

@Maria dear! I am talking about jj. Go READ any of the comments ob ashleys threads. You’ll see that they’re cruel and you’ll definitely see some familiar names too.

And all of you! Stop with the self righteous blather! Being a Vanessa fan is your only common ground! Its okay for someone to spread as much hate about any other celeb they wish as long as when they get to precious vanessas posts they defend her to the death?? So f*ucking hypocritical!

good work haters .keep it up .bless you .i missed the new post .slept all way through


Ever heard of the movie dumb and dumber? Well “A” is stupid and your stupider. Go figure!!!!!!!!

Spread the love and that is how we should live our lives not hate.

You use up more energy to hate than to love. It literally drains the life out of you and ages you. Take my word for it.

I don’t care what y’all say. Okay, Vaustin are a cute couple. Did you see the way she was looking at him and the kiss on the forehead

dislike her boots :o

i am guesin mis blue print is a nun whos had her life ruind due to over fasination for celeb gosip and nw preachng othr ppl


butter ,dude, wen u ar kisin ur pr gf at least luk at her not at the camera.gosh!sm one teach him sm pr stunts!

i wndr hw these vaustin fans ar gona react wen these 2 breakup

Haters Suck! @ 11/08/2012 at 9:23 pm

Do not feed the animals aka the haters.

Fearless4Efron @ 11/08/2012 at 9:25 pm

LOL Imagine if Vaustin breaks up. People: “Aw I feel sad for Vanessa” ; Me: “Bring in the champagne! We’re gonna celebrate!”
Remember… Vaustin is not forever. She deserve better

i wndr whethr suk smthng is gona cal buttler snake too.btw i hope vanexxxa just stop playin aroun and just practise sm acts bfor she goes on stage and s.crew it up too.

Ikr, zanessa are togethr.this is just pr.hw many times hv i told thex just refuse to acept.the thng is they dont knw facts proprly.for ex dhal brain.she just got so gnawed gnawed yestrday wen she said zac said the broadway thng waay bak and not recently

Are you serious? Well, you can’t reason with a fool, i see what the others mean. Goodnight.

Well said.u cant reason with fools and that includes u too my

@ both BOs, you choose to hate, spite,slur and slander, and troll with a vengeance and I choose love, respect, compassion and forgiveness. What’s so bad about that? You don’t have to be a nun or a pious person to practise all that I mentioned. Upbringing plays a big part and that is what I teach my family.

@Boji being that self righteous really isn’t attractive.

@JRDN: Thanks, JRDN. I have seen your posts before, and do appreciate your support. For the life of me, I just don’t understand the need for this hatred. Like I said, I occasionally read comments on other celebs threads, and do see some of the same haters on every thread. Sad, but true. I can deal with the usual famewh*re trashy comments. But these two posters have taken the hate to a different stratosphere. It’s downright vicious. And so wrong. Is this how our young people are being raised? Is this acceptable to them? I have to chalk a lot of it up to simple immaturity and the fact that in their teens, they are obsessive about minor things, and have an inability to keep things in perspective. I hate what has been going on here. Vanessa and Ashley would both be mortified. They are both successful, in different ways. They are both establishing themselves and I am happy for both that they continue working at something they love. I learned to accept years ago that not everyone likes Vanessa, and that some will never forgive her for her mistake because she let them down from some perfect image they had of her. But human beings are not perfect. It’s what makes us beautiful…that we can make mistakes and rise above them. I think it’s dangerous to idolize someone to an extreme that doesn’t allow you to see their shortcomings or understand differing tastes.

@BOJI: we are putting the naysayers on deep ignore.

@A, @BO, cut it out!! a real pain in the ass!!

@maria sorry, but to me Tisdale IS perfect. It’s why she’s scandal free.

Like I said, no one is perfect, amd I think we have shown that to be true, much to someone’s chagrin.

@maria hahahah actually you haven’t managed to dig up any real dirt on her!

@A: Everyone here is not interested in you or Ashley.
If you want to talk about Ashley go to Ashley’s page and talk about it.

@A: You are never going to get it. Come back in about 10 yrs, when you’ve taken the Tisdale posters off your walls and stop writing fan fiction. You may be better equipped to understand, cause you are clearly missing the point right now. That is all I have to say to you.

surlx me and A ar raisd beter than pea\’s least our mothrs do not persuad us to take n ude pics the way pea does

hello Aunty tik tik ,lol

No one is perfect , that much we know Pea-Dhal thanks to our higher capacity of brain .But it is no excuse for anyone to continuosly commit misdeeds .

hilarious @ 11/09/2012 at 2:46 am


Why is he a loser? Just because he is not as famous as Zac? oh you mean thousands milions other people are loser too?

i love her. i love the looks by the way.

@boji why do you use the name BOJI as your username? the name boji is a korean word for vag*ina so why use that as your username?

They are a cute couple but she she hasn’t done anything of note lately

the truth @ 11/09/2012 at 5:51 am

good performance in the last batman ! she deserves an oscar for playing the Joker without makeup !!!

@the truth: imbecile

the truth @ 11/09/2012 at 6:46 am



@ Yets, I’m not Korean. It is just a short form. Hey, if I were to be concerned about the meaning of each and every name in another language, I would be hard push to find a suitable moniker. How about BO. JI ?

@Boji I doubt the real yete asked the question notice the capital Y. They’re just messing with you.

no problem boji. just wanted to know why you use it. no need to change it.

@the truth: Zac fan yot meok u la

the truth @ 11/09/2012 at 8:06 am


Stronzata porca troia tu !! zac & v…

the truth @ 11/09/2012 at 8:17 am

@bella: do you think i’m a zac fan ? hahaha STRONZA VA FON C”"”

@the truth: You make me sick!

the truth @ 11/09/2012 at 8:32 am


you start i finish !!! insults is not the key baby live your life !!!!!

the truth @ 11/09/2012 at 8:41 am


BO is like “the truth

@auto devis: Please tell me when I can catch your latest accomplishment.

Vanessa, I’m your fan and I think you’re naturally beautiful. But what happened with your fashion sense lately ? I believe you could afford much more beautiful dresses. I really adore your style back then.

@maria you know, I have a typical teenage girl’s room. Meaning it’s pink and yes it’s covered in pictures and posters, but of all sorts of things. Ashley is one of my idols. I also have posters up of Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, and Lady Gaga, my other idols. Why should I take down my Tisdale poster? Would you say that if I were a teenage Vanessa fan with a Vanessa poster? And as for my fanfiction, I’m a talented writer and a lot of people read my stories and leave me feedback. It’s fun! It’s not something that consumes my life. In fact, I haven’t updated my stories in a couple of months. That’s about how often I put a new chapter together. Again, would you mock me if I centralized it around Vanessa’s character. I’m a really normal teenage girl, not a crazed stalker. I love Ashley and that’s a part of me but only a part. I do plenty of other things. If you knew me you’d see that.

@A i was just wondering just imagine if zac was in vanessa’s place zac would be dating some girl and they would have pics of them doing nothing everyday. all these hudgens fans would be saying the same story we are saying. how classless efron is and how he can’t keep anything private anymore. but its vanessa who is doing it so they need to have some story to defend her. isn’t that funny?

@J I think that Vanessa’s PDA is over the top and does prove she wants the attention. A hug or a kiss here and there is absolutely fine. Looking like you’re about to f*uck on the sidewalk is a bit much. They both famewh0re all over the place. And I remember someone pointing out, Vanessa manages to hide when she wants to.

@A: Get the hell out of here!!! Mind your own business

@A: In 10 yrs, you will no longer have posters of idols on your walls, will no longer write fan fiction, and will have an entirely different way of looking at life. Along with maturity and growing up, comes tolerance and compassion, and the ability to see things as they are, without idealization and unrealistic expectations. You will be a different person at 28, than you are now. That is what I am saying. You don’t get why we adults see human beings differently than you do, cause at 19 or whatever age you are, you are not cognitively developed to understand. You may be book smart and well spoken, but I promise in 10 yrs, you will be a different person, once you experience more of life and being out in the real world. It does change you for the better.

Wow, where is this PDA recently? Not talking about their private vacations last year. I think they have toned it down quite a lot since then. Not that Zac and Vanessa didn’t always show PDA with their touches and glances, and beach pictures. How is walking a red carpet practically doing it on the sidewalk?? This is a good example of the ridiculous exaggerations of teens.

@J you got that right. pudgens fans know all these PDA is over the top and clearly staged. but they are pudgens fans so they need to find a way to make her look good.

@maria I don’t care how much I’ll change in ten years. Yeah my perspective will probably change a little. But don’t think I don’t live in the real world now. You don’t know a thing about my personal life. And the point is, I’m eighteen now. I’m in no hurry to be thirty. I AM young right now, I DO have posters of my idols on my wall, I DO write fanfiction. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it. Oh, and for the record, there are plenty of older adults that publish fanfiction. Just like there are plenty of adults who visit a Vanessa Hudgens thread on a gossip site daily, apparently.

Good heavens, Boji and the other 5 still acting silly starstruck over Hudgens and pimping her out day and night here? She has to be a relative, ROFL! To zone in on one actress as the center of your universe and the cornerstone of your existence is terribly lame and restrictive. I really don’t get this. I never got it, actually.

@maria No, Zac and Vanessa were never nearly as bad as these two, and when Zanessa WAS disgusting it was because of HER. Just look at the pictures. She was climbing on top of him, so desperate for her photographs to be featured. She knows exactly what she’s doing. Ashley on the other hand, tried to keep her relationship with Scott private for months, and were they were finally caught kissing, it was at a stoplight in his car in the middle of the night and as soon as she realized photographers were around she pulled away and hid her face. No smug smirk on her face like Vanessa. It’s pretty obvious that Vanessa likes camera attention and she wants to make it very clear she has a sexuality. We get it already. We all have one, no need to flaunt it in everyone’s faces.

Boji and the others, do you know how many supercute chicks out there, both acting and non-acting, other than your precious Hudgens? Millions. Do you get out much? Or do you only visit Hudgens blog and Justjared when they post something about her? What a freaking narrow-minded exposure of the entertainment industry you guys have. If you all were broader and more intellectual you seriously wouldnt be carrying on the way you do.

@A LOL you can just see how @maria apparently has grown up because she’s a adult with her living the whole day on pudgens thread and keep defending pudgens classless actions. oh how mature of maria LOL

@A@me@intric8: Stupid

@J: Uh, actually, we wouldn’t care. I have no problem with him living his life, and doing natural things like dating, having dinner, going to the market or the gym, and attending events. THAT is not “famewh*ring”. Famewh*ring would be the desperate cries for attention like Leann Rimes, Kim Kardashian, Lindsay Lohan, Heidi and Spencer Pratt, Tori Spelling, etc. Those are the ones who come to mind for me. Celebs like Vanessa, who are just living their lives in peace, are not famewh*ring. You say that just because she is being seen with someone other than Zac. Life goes on.

@me my point exactly! That’s why I made the comment about the adults being on Hudgens’ gossip site. If this stuff is all just for silly teens, then what is she doing here?

@intric8 how are you man? i missed ya. where have you been?

@maria thats the most irrelevent defending i have ever read. did you just say lean rymms is a famewh.ore but vanessa is not. even those celebs do the exact same things to get attention. go shopping, attending events and gym what is the difference in what vanessa is doing. that was a very bad excuse maria. if zac would actually be doing these things then you would say a different story.

@me: Trying to avoid Hudgens posts, her fans are such a farce i tell you. Thank heavens some people here still try to knock some sense into them.

@maria “You say that just because she is being seen with someone other than Zac. Life goes on.” You keep saying that to everyone. Why do you assume they’re all Zanessa fans? Bo is, but I don’t think that’s why the rest are here. I for one am thrilled that Zac is free from her clutches and know he’ll never return to her. I thought she was famewh0ring with Zac too, crawling all over him in public. It’s one thing to enjoy your fame. I can’t deny that Ashley seems to like hers. It’s another thing to live your life calculating your next move to help you desperately cling to it. Having constant pda sessions reported would indicate a desperate want for attention. Going for someone younger and trying to establish his fame like Butler was an easy choice I’m sure. Ashley was helping him by getting him acting work. V jumped in and decided they could mutually benefit by getting each other paps pictures. Whatever.

Haters Suck! @ 11/09/2012 at 10:25 am

Don’t Maria. You’ll never convince a know it all that they don’t know it all. They can’t be compromised, reasoned, or rationalized with. It’s like trying to bring down a brick wall with a baseball bat. You can swing and Hit it as hard as you can but you’re just wasting your strength.

@J exactly. Famewh0res don’t come right out and identify themselves. They do the same things other celebrities get photographed doing, the cameras just happen to “conveniently” be around more often and they do things like suck face with their adolescent boyfriends everywhere they go to insure the cameras they love stick around.

And yes @maria, anyone like Heidi and Spencer Pratt who are already “famous for being famous” so to speak are going to be extremely obvious cases of famewh0res. But there are plenty of celebs who actually work and still try their very hardest for tabloid attention.

@intric keep coming man i love reading you. but its your choice so i am not goin to pressure you.

and about knocking sense in to these nutjobs, that ain’t ever gonna happen

@bella: Aw, because we don’t agree with you? Or because we don’t parrot the same damn generic comments post after freaking post, like “gorgeous!”, “she looks so young!” (hello, she IS young dumbasses), “i love her hair!”, or “i love her dress!” like you losers do? Seriously, it is so lame how you fans here keeping forcing the issue… its so fake and the support is so obviously generated by the same small amount of people. Yeah, you use fake names all the time too but you are not fooling anyone people. Get lives, do something with yourselves.

@me: Thanks – I appreciate that, i enjoy reading your comments too and your appeals directed to some of these knuckleheads, also A’s stuff and even Bo at times.

I am damn sure boji is gina , maria may be greg or pudgens herself and HS here is stella.

if these people are as mature as they say then they should know how stupid it is to defend the trashiest celeb in HW.

@me LOL Boji damn sure likes to pretend she’s Gina. She told me she thinks of Vanessa as one of her daughters.

Damn as soon as I post my comment it already has a thumbs down! Are you guys refreshing the page every five seconds??

@intric thank you. i love all the haters here. its just so funny how boji , maria , tina and hs keep defending pudgens. its like its the goal of their lifes LOL

@Haters Suck!: Why not come up with a more appropriate analogy? A Hudgens fan trying to convince a non-Hudgens fan of her significance in the entertainment industry, specifically here on justjared, is like a monk back in Copernicus’s day trying to convince him that he was completely FOS, that the earth is indeed the center of the universe… much like her fans here trying to convince others that everything in the entertainment industry and in their personal lives revolves completely around Hudgens. Yep haterssuck, that’s pretty much fail, and thing is we dont need to bust out trig and calculus to define Vanessa’s significance in OUR modern world, so you can go back to your Hudgens shrine in your room and burn incense, but try not to put your san diego chargers pennant and 4th place peewee ribbon on fire while you do so. There’s tons of kindling around with all of those Vanessa pics hanging on the wall.

@intric0:I do not insult anyone just by using a keyboard like you do
I bet you’re a fan of Kristen. are you happy if I say she’s a crook and adulteress on her board?

@A: Im tellin ya A, these guys HAVE to be related to her somehow. That was my suspicion all along. Its just too crazy of an effort they go through, plus how they get offended so easily over any negative comment about her. Its nuts, something very screwy is going on here.

@intric8 Seriously though, can’t you see HS making a video like this about Vanessa??


@a LOLOLOLOLOL oh god i am dieing here. i think i just peed in my pants

@bella: Boji has vocalized something to that effect about Kristen, but it doesnt bother me. But wait, have i said anything derogatory about Van? No, so whats the problemo? Here’s my feelings about her – she is cute, an average actress who is a bit difficult to cast…. and thats about it. I very rarely even consider her other than when i visit this site. My mind is on many other projects coming up, the next thor movie, world war z, Keanu’s, Keira’s, Zoe’s next flicks, even breaking dawn 2, etc etc. Not like you guys waiting to camp out for spring breakers and that straight to video movie Van has coming up with that atrocious nick cage, who i particularly cant stand.

@A@me@intric8: you are all talk and no are good for nothing

@A: ah haha, yeah theyre somethin like that no? Too funny

And when the sun sets in the evening, I will still be a fan. Ramble on talk amongst yourselves. Looking forward to her performance in the 24 Hour Plays. She happy with who she is and I’m happy for her. If the only way you feel you make yourself sound important is coming here and making ignorant comments feel free. She is living her dream with the guy SHE WANTS. Her life isn’t a fan fic, ( like some people seem to think of others) it’s real with up and downs. She’s not perfect, we have never said that, but we still chose to be HER fans. When I spend my money at a movie it’s what I want to see, not whatever flavor of the moment movie comes along. I was watching some actor on Leno the other day, he said, “I choose to be an actor because in no other profession can you work 3 months out of the year and still be paid” She worked on her movies the begining of this year. Now she can do whatever the he ll she wants.

Oh and I LOVE Nicolas Cage, I have since Valley Girl and Birdie. I’m sure when he looks at his Oscar and golden Globes he gives a da mn what someone commenting on somebody elses gossip site thinks.

italian mom @ 11/09/2012 at 12:58 pm

A 207. You are worse than I could imagine.
Don’t you feel for that poor boy? Did anything cross your mind about his problems and pain? Blame on you for using that video. For your lack of sensibility or respect.
And you took your others to laugh with you.

This is what I wake up to?

@A@me@intric8: Thanks b*tches for continuing to ensure that Vanessa is at the top of the JJ foodchain. Job well done!

@tina LOL I KNOW Ashley’s life “is not a fanfic.” I don’t even write about Ashley because she’s a real living person, not a character.

And some people choose to dedicate themselves to other projects when they’re not acting, like Ashley with her production company and animation work. Some would rather do nothing. It’s up to the individual. But Ashley’s choice is going to help her get ahead so..

@italian mom Don’t I feel sorry for Chris Crocker? Uhm no, he’s an angry lunatic. Have you ever watched any of his other videos? Yes, he certainly has problems but he chose to put himself out there on youtube and he made videos afterwards saying he was enjoying his fifteen minutes of fame from that vid, so I don’t imagine he would be bothered about it being posted on a Vanessa Hudgens JJ thread. It’s already been featured on about every late night show.

BTW aren’t you just Boji and this is the name you use when you want to get extra preachy? Seems like I’ve heard that before..

@Anon But you see JJ is ONE website, in which the owner already has an extreme bias towards Vanessa anyway. She can be a “top celeb” here, great for her. She’s not going to be called that anywhere else so let her have it here. Every dog has its day, right?

@A: The best celeb that you can come up with to idolize is Ashley Tisdale? You are such a Loser!

Haters Suck! @ 11/09/2012 at 1:40 pm

It’s cause some fans like myself have decided not to feed the animals. They want to be a$$holes, let them be a$$holes. I could have said things a long time ago but have declined. I’m not interested in anymore week long 900 comment tirades.

italian mom @ 11/09/2012 at 1:44 pm

A uhm, then if he is enjoying…Just discovered a new special kind of funny foolishness, maybe.
BTW I’m not Boji. But I like her. AND i support Vanessa, more than the others. AND I think Kenny is really great. I watched ‘this is it’ He was sweet while energetic, respectful and sensitive. I hope to see many other things created by him.

Wow surprised that pudgens fans have intrest in trash only. i thought it was only pudge but it turns out they idolize every famewh.ore out there. mature my

@Anon: Just ignore her she’s trying to use Vanessa post as a platform to say whatever about whatsherface. We aren’t trying to enter into a battle of wits with the unarmed.

@anon idolizing Ashley Tisdale makes me a loser? But idolizing Vanessa Hudgens would not? Sorry but Ashley’s infinitely more likeable and talented not to mention prettier, smarter, funnier, classier, and MUCH better dressed. I think I made a good choice.

@haters suck! How many times have you used the “don’t feed the animals” bit now? Nine? Do you really think you’re that funny that you want to repeat your stolen jokes again and again just in case somebody didn’t get to read it the first eight times?

@italian mom Kenny? What does he have to do with anything? I like Kenny too, mainly because he said that Zac and Ashley were his favorite pairing from the movies.

@me@A: Shut your foul mouth

@bella lol who are you talking to? No ones even bothered to mention you but you really want in on the fight don’t you?

@A: I don’t want to fight with a person like you, and you aren’t worth it because you are trashy

italian mom @ 11/09/2012 at 4:44 pm

oh, me! I mean.. Bo, you wouldn’t like me talking of the dove of Kant or James Hillman or Mackintosh…you like talking about your…Come on girl you have a long road ahead! Switch on your brain.

@bells I’m not trashy at all. That would be your three nude scandals idol.

@italian mom I have watched bo jump on me about a topic featuring efron where they disagreed. So no, I don’t think they’re the same.

@A: In my point of view, you are a trash. You always come and criticize her articles..I don’t want to talk to you human being anymore and waste my time on it….And that isn’t your problem that I like her or not.

Some people who are not fans come to Vanessa’s threads just to be heard, hoping to get a response from us regulars. Well, talk about knocking sense into us who are fans, how about you getting the message we don’t need your input or advice. We are happy with supporting Vanessa. Oh yes, there more talented and beautiful actresses out there but they just don’t appeal to us, can’t you get that into your heads?
Anyway, what are you doing on Vanessa’s threads? You did say there are better and more beautiful actresses out there. We don’t seek you out so why seek us? Besides surely there are worse celebrities out there for you to Troll their threads.
Call me names or anything, at the end of the day I’m still Vanessa’s fan and you are still a Troll. If you think Hate is your mission, I can only pity you. Religion ie. if you have any, education and a family upbringing has all been for nought. When you raise a family and teach your offspring, I wonder what values will you be instilling in them.

lol , is that the best they can do ? When they can`t handle the battle and when there are just too many haters , they always turn towards me , \’\'BO is me , BO is A \’\’ LOL I think their brains are just too poorly developed that their brains cannot register the fact that I am from a country with ten twelve hours time gap between theirs and so when they are awake I sleep and hence any comment made between around 11 am to around 7pm cannnot be made by this BO .lol After all this time , they still haven`t registered that fact .That just makes me wonder deeply of their brain development

Well, looks like some of the Trolls are really in need of therapy. Let me psycho analyse Bo for instance. Everything she says on the threads is a contradiction. I think she is sexually and socially repressed coming from a background with strict moral codes of conduct. Even the language she spews out contradicts her upbringing and the sites she visits. And if you think we are attacking you personally, think again. I am here because Ian a fan but you in the name of Hate is completely and utterly ridiculous. I can read between the lines and see you are full of frustrations. Wish I could help but I can’t. I am but a name on this thread. You don’t know how we fans live our lives. Everything you accuse us of is far from the truth as we live normal lives and that is why it does not affect us. Having good values is something that makes me see life with positivity. I suggest you do the same. No ill wishes or ill feelings on my part.

LMAO. Again with the, “oooh, they must be relatives of Vanessa, cause they are here every minute if the day, and no one else could possibly like Vanessa.”. Let’s see, where do I start with that? For the umpteenth time for the dimwits? I live in Boston, work as an Oncology nurse in a hospital clinic, have a family of 5 , and live a busy life. But guess what? I DO go on the internet, have IPhone and IPad, so technology is always with me, just like all of you. I like other celebs as well, but have always had a soft spot for Vanessa, BECAUSE of ugly people like you haters. You make me support her more, because of your nastiness. I don’t think anyone deserves what she gets, over a teenage mistake, unless you are a murderer, rapist, etc.

None of you has the right to tell me how to spend my time, and who I should support. So bug off. Especially since a few of you have multiple hater names, like BO/me/wera/, have not a shred of respect or decency, and spend far more time obsessing over her than I do. I check here for celeb news, and comment on some. Not just here. Just never on Tisdale. Only on those I like. All your assumptions and accusations are just ludicrous.

When they can’t handle the argument anymore they turn the discussion in to religion and family upbringing and what not. why do they think we get defended by that sort of aligations. LAME LAME LAME so if someone don’t worship pudgens then that person is morally And socially repressed. really boji? if they love pudgens they are’t. go figure.
the language bo spills out is a contridiction to ho sexually repressed she is. ever heard of humor? what about your dear friend haters suck? he’s the same ain’t he?
if we don’t support pudgens then we are full of frustrations. trust me guys all of you are in denial. you guys are more frustrated with your lifes. thats why you chose to come on some stupid site and argue with all these haters. you enjoy it.

boji get one thing into your head, just as you said you don’t know how the haters live their lifes or what they does in it. and whatever we write here does not contradict who we are as a person in real life either. as you said you don’t know who we are personally. i hope you understood. be carefull when you pass judgement on someone you know nothing about.

@J: So what is your point in being here? Please explain. Because you want to prove that hate is alive and well in the world? Because you dislike that Vanessa has fans? Because you have an intense need to show your immaturity? I just see NO point in why you continue to come back to continually post on someone you dislike so intensely. Seriously. What a waste of time. Yours and mine, having to read your nonsensical arguments.

@maria there you go thats all you have to say. actually i haven’t been here for awhile now. i just read it yesterday. thats when we had that discussion. remember?
the dicsussin we had yesterdy was no nosensical argument. you clearly know i made a valid point there. the same goes with my comment above. its pathetic when you don’t have anything to say you question why i come here. Just as you said in your comment above, its nobody’s business why i chose to come on this thread. none of you have the right to tell me what i should do with my time or who i should support. so your argument is invalid.

@maria: You are an oncology nurse with 3 kids and you spend all your time here? Very screwed up priorities. And you are a fool to divulge personal info the way you do. Who cares, and why would anyone believe you anyways?

Love that we never know about Vanessa’s charity work until it’s happening. Tonight she’s working on a Telethon to help victims of Hurricane Sandy and the 24 Hr Plays she’s doing are a charity to benefit arts education for underpriveleged students in NYC. She has a good heart and beautiful soul. Oh, but she took some naked pics 7-8 yrs ago, so she can’t possibly be a good person now. Yup, that is the stupidity and ignorance we deal with here.

@intric thats what they use as their defendence. doesn’t make sense doesn’t it. why even spill your personal info here. is that another way of trying to make people buy what they say.

again its the same lame a.s.s complimentary. pudgens has a beautiful heart and pudgens has a beautiful soul. pudgens is so spiritual because pudge attend the church. pudgens is so family oriented cause the whole pudgens family is a free reality show. And they love the attention. yada yada yada yada

lord bless the patients in Pea -Dhal`s ward .Going on internet time to time to comment on a gossip site is a distraction no matter what .Such a distraction tends to cause more damage at a hand of a nurse -someone who`s dealing with living ,breathing `human lives ` – than a normal person .I think the hospital authorities don`t know about this , otherwise they wouldn`t allow a nurse of them to do that .If something goes wrong with a patient due to her distracted mind constantly lurking around on JJ – say for example she she cuts the ureter instead of the umbilical cord during child birth – the hospital has to take the blame .I don`t think if they knew about this , they are gonna keep her any longer .What are you Pea -Dhal , you blame others for having no decency or respect but you are the one who doesn`t have any of that .You are `playing` with `human lives `. You are far worse than any of us .Can someone inform the hospital authorities and get her fired ? It will be a blessing to all the patients…

Something aint right with these guys Bo, i think thats why we end up sticking around and confronting them. Pudgie is like completely besides the point already.

@Intric8: “All my time”? Really? The few seconds it takes to type a reply, is my entire day? Don’t make me laugh. It’s 10:45 pm, I’m planted on the couch with my IPad, watching a Bball game with my husband, and vegging. What’s YOUR excuse to be here constantly? And you can choose to believe me or not, I don’t care. I gave some info, just so lame brains can see we don’t know much about each other, so quit making generalizations and accusations.

@BO: Such an idiot. I don’t go online at work. Ever. Except on break.

@.: Oh. And what kind of charity work have YOU done lately?

hi bu tt shot!long time no see!

@BO: LOL, or she goofs and “administers” potassium chloride instead of sodium chloride, or sets up an infusion of platinol instead of paraplatin.


@maria not buying it there. lets say you are at your house today. no work. took a leave or something but what about other days when you work. i am darn sure in no hospital out there have given nurses the curtesy to be planking on their phone 24/7 i believe its kinda illegal cause you can’t focous on your work like that. its highly unbealievable that you work as a nurse. you are here 24/7 so how do you even work cause your whole time is spend on deffending pudgens. somebody should complain to higher autherities. this woman is highly dangerous for patients. how the hell did maria even get her nursing diploma or whatever. this just can’t be true

Report Pea Dhal to hospital authorities and get her FIRED !

@maria LOL you don’t go online at work ever? only on a break. i bet you are one of those who clean the rooms and hallways and throw away patients cra.p and wash bathrooms and etc. cause then i can have a good clue how you get all this free time

Pea Dhal , you don`t go online during work ? Howcome , you are her 24 / 7 .You HAVE to go online during work not just during breaks .SOMEOOOONEEEE ! REPPOOORRRRTTTT!!!

@.: Thats called a nurses aid. Bo, how did u get blue font?

b u tt , I didn`t .JJ keeps switching it back forth from blue to black .But if you wanna get a blue print , just type something in that space saying website/twitter .then your name will appear blue.

lets ask a question from maria.

maria what sort of procedures do you do when you get a patient with a asthma attack. what do you do to get them out of the danger. you should know this if you are a nurse @ 11/09/2012 at 11:16 pm


It might take just a few seconds to type a comment ,but it`s a distraction to your mind all day long .Your mind is always preoccupied – “ ha , I wonder what those haters ,that vile BO , is saying about my sweet girl Vanessa “ blah blah blah .It`s a distraction no matter what .I`m serious guys .Someone really should report her .What`s her hospital ? Does anyone know ?

@bella english motherf*ucker do you speak it??!

@intric8 what you said to Bo about something not being right about these guys is so true!!! It’s like a car crash you can’t look away from! You have to stick around, and while it’s horrible at the same time, it’s so entertaining watching them blow up. So then you say stuff to make them irate again.

@dd she could just google it though…

oh god .bu tt ,type the adres in that website/twiter cage!

I bet aunty pea brain is pulling her hair out while serching thrue google to find what procedures are done to get a asthma patient out of danger. try harder pea brain. you can do it.

oh god!bu tt shot,type that in the website/twiter cage

@A i know.
she can google it. i think thats why its taking her lot of time to answer as she must be busy googling it.

bu tt , is that really your e mail ?

Justin and selena broke up

Pea -Dhal is so silly .There`s a saying here , fish dies due to it`s mouth .Same goes for Aunty Pea Dhal .She got in to trouble that day when she said that taking n.ude pics of oneself is healthy s.exual development making me to make fun of her saying she has n.ude pics of her and so does her husband and she encouraged her sons to take n.ude pics of them selves to ensure healthy s.exual deveoplment and blah blah blah and today she again got messed up saying she`s a nurse and all the $hit .LOL She is a total joke .

@bo why do you call @intric8 butt? I thought you two sat on the same side of the fence?

actually A it`s the short form for the longer version I-cannot-sleep-in-peace-at -night-unless-I-see-a-b utt shot-of Pudens .You see , it`s just too long , so I call him Bu tt .He`s really obsessed with Pudgens` b utt .

@BO: No its not @but they think we stay because we like them so much!

All 3 of us commented at the same time.

again jelena is no more e news conformed

@Bo shes also frantically googling the difference between sodium and potassium chloride lol

dd , can you put the link , if it`s not trouble that is .I couldn`t find it .

A, i used to request an a ss shot of vanessa because i felt that was her best feature. Her fans didnt take too kindly to it. Bo loves to use nicknames for people here. I love her nicknames, anyways mines is buttshot for the above reasons. I also happen to have a pretty nice as s for a guy, i u wont mind me mentioning it lol

Lol. Selena Gomez was always wayyyyyyy to pretty for him anyhow.

Aunty Pea Dhal is just so pathetic .She should have kept that big mouth of her shut .Now we are nerver gonna let this rest .I dunno about you , but I won`t .She`s been a pain to me since the beginning , constantly saying my ranting my english isn`t good and then wanting to have me banned from this site .LOL

@bo theres a post in jj on the break up there’s one on e news as well. i am trying to put the link but the site isn’t posting the link what the F ING is with this site.

@A actually justin was way too pretty for selena (if u know what i mean) LOL

@A:I love selenas beauty. She looks like an angel. He was lucky to experience that girl.

Next up i suspect, is Austin dumping pudgy. Just a hunch, but he hasnt looked happy with her for the longest time. Look at all their pics together, dude always looks grumpy with her. Question is, which actor would be willing to hook up with vanessa without lookin like he is ”settling’?

@dd LOL.

@intric8 Yeah, come to think of it, she does have an angelic look to her.

Sel is natural .So much prettier than Pudge .Her figure is really good .Not to mention career wise she`s just miles ahead of Pudge.I don`t think there`s any need for SLL to dump Pudge .They are just friends .

i love Vanessa, she is gorgeous

she is so pretty, and lol at the nosedale fan here

@intric you know the weird part is. when efron and pudgens broke up i was wondering who would date her next. the only guy i could come up with was austin. there was shia and robert but they ain’t going nowhere near efron’s leftovers. so i wasn’t surprised when vaustin happened.
on the other hand i always thought pudge loved attention. even when she was with efron she would try to clinge on to him and he looks so uncomfatble. well he wasn’t into famewh.oring. just as they broke up i knew she would put up a whole show with the guy she dates next. and i was right. pudgens turned out exactly as i thought. i wonder if anyone else felt this way about pudge

now i just read on twitter that pudgie was at some knicks game and was sucking at some lollipop. really sucking at a lollipop? hope pics would come so i can see how pudge sucks it.

hahaha nosedale, i know, she is really ugly, maybe now if she cant ride zefron´s **** she would probably try her way with Justin.

@carma nosedale? Because that’s supposed to be a clever play on Tisdale? Yeah, no.

Carma and zuti = samefag = maria

i knooooooooooooow right? we all know the only thing she cares about is the press, maybe she would invite him to her next promoted birthday.

hahahaha once a loser always a loser

@intric8 Probably.

@carma/zuti you’re clearly the same person, so stop talking to yourself. No one else would think “nosedale” is a clever play and she is NOT ugly. She’s gorgeous.

her high school musical LIFE couldn’t last forever … let’s all sing this together

@.: Actually, Efron got way to big for pudge. Its a fact. She and austin are paired pretty well. Shia is way too big for her. It has to be some small time actor so she can feel like she is sticking out. Yeah, i also want to see how sensually she works that lollipop haha!

Why does vanessa interview so terribly? She really is not that intelligent.

haha good one
she is really ugly, and … her eyes? she has her eyes so close, she looks like a sick person!, i never understood how 2 gorgeous persons as Vanessa and Zac could ever hang out with someone like her.

@Ella OMG that is exactly what I keep saying!

i bet she always fel t so utterly worthless and inferior with them.

Vanessa is a mixed breed common, squat short dumpy and headed to lok like her mom in three more years. If i had to choose a mate, i would procreate with a beautiful and intellectually gifted jewish girl over some third world half breed anyday. dont want my son growing to 5’4″ with merely average intelligence.

T@Bruce: I know. Tons of cute chicks that blow hudgens looks away. Whats peeps obsession with her looks here? Shallow. Stupid. Are they paid promoters here?

Well, well, if I’m insane then what are you who claim to be haters? I wonder where logic lies in the minds of some.
Yes, I will use religion as that is the guiding factor in our lives unless we live in atheism.
@J I was referring in particular to BO but if you feel that you are amongst the Trolls then you can count yourself in. I really don’t know what pleasure you get by coming on to the threads to attack Vanessa’s supporters. We are here as fans. I don’t go around to other celebs’ threads spreading hate and attacking their fans. I do believe in practising what you preach. I find hating and fighting on the threads draining and negative. Hence, I choose to spread as much good as I can. And if I can niggle a little of your conscience then it is gratification in itself. I may not know you personally but it doesn’t mean I cannot reach out to you in a positive way. If you think i’ve gone all spiritual then, I am but not religious. Neither do I Practise piety. Love, compassion, humility, understanding and charity is sadly lacking in most lives. I just want to make people aware of these and that it is never too late to turn over a new leaf and have a change of heart.

that`s a little insulting .There are really beautiful girls in third world countries .For example Indians .

Whoa nelly. Looks like Maria went off the deep end after getting cornered, and now she is really getting nasty! I assume it was google fail? Bo is spot on, you know.

hahaha i don’t want to insult sick people but it looks like she has a mental disease, she looks retarded, her eyes are like sooooooooooooo close. ewww.

oh god Blue Print really should be spending her life all day long in s church , that should be how she picks up theses Biblical phrases .lol It would have been loads better if she had shown love , kindness , compassion to her own husband and kids instead of to some duty celeb girl and managed the family well .I t would at least have prevented her husband kicking her out of the house and she`d not be sleeping in the church .

but nosedale should be proud, her nose looks as ugly as usual. did nosedal and the irrelevant duff girl (the older one) get their noses done by the same guy? they are like twins.

All humans are beautiful. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Words can only get you down. Remember Christina Aguilera’s song” You are Beautiful” ? I really can’t believe what some of you are saying. Don’t talk about another human being and call her a half breed like she is an animal. No body deserves that unless they have committed such a heinous crime that no normal sane human being would even consider it. Every one is beautiful in their own way.

i’ve no idea, I always thought Tisdale looks like kesha, the have the same features, the same body type, but Kesha is a little bigger.

at least ashley\’s deformity-if ther\’s one at all-is physical but pudge\’s is mental.a girl in good health would nvr take pics of her c rotch spredin legs apart so that her lips are shown.that makes ash\’s weaknes whole lot better

oh, you are not the only one! everyone on ONTD are always saying how nosedale and kesha could easily pass as sister.

If you can love yourself, then surely you can appreciate all that is around you. And I am referring to you Miss BO blue print,

they hate her?

ha ha ashley looks retared? actually pudgens is the one who looks like she has some attention difficulty. and her face is like a baboon’s a.s.s and her lips are like a and pudgens give very dumb interviews. to be honest pudgens mother has a very retarded looking face. pudge will turn the same the minute she hit 30 ashley’s mother is so pretty.

BO, been looking at too many crot ch spreading of late, have you? You have one too. So please do not spend unnecessary time condeming the female body part which is god given and from whence you came into this world.

you make little sense Miss Biblical Allusion



@me, again all females have vulvas, so don’t make them sound dirty. What’s with the X rated Bashing? Even, Ashley does not deserve racial slurs. Respect other races and that we were all born different.

honestly, i don’t think they even care about her, i don’t think she is even relevant there, i saw a post about her being in a fox series and they all trashed her. but they find cute her friendship with Vanessa, they are always saying how smart she is because she knows she still has to be with Vanessa, Zac, Selena, Justin, to “stay there”, i dont know, i love ontd.

OT: NGL i love ONTD too. guilty pleasure TBH.

Miss Fake Biblical , you would better tell it to your Pudgens .Funny how you worship a girl who showed the remotest respect to her c .rotch by taking sl.utty , unbelievably h.orny pics of them and sent to a barely known guy , but condemn me for making fun of that .lol

@Fan Here:
hahaha it’s really good, the little trolls over here dont know anything about “hating on someone”. JJ¨s trolls are like little babies.

poor her. booo

And that´s because they are not haters, they are just a little group (2 or 3? idk… idk.) of girls obssesed with Vanessa. They love her, they love to look at her pictures, the love to talk about her, even BO would love to see her with her idol! they are just a sad pathetic little group.

@Fan Here:
everyone noticed it. And the funny thing here is how everyone is reacting, or the lack of reaction, i mean it is funny how the babies are here leaving comments and the fans are just laughing at them, and they come with those long post and no one is actualy reading anything. It´s funny, it doesn’t matter actually but at the end of the day Vanessa and her fans are always winning.

hahaha i know.

of course , Pudge fans should win `cause THIS IS A PUDGE POST not to mention they outnumber us haters by far .But it hasn`t been that way for a while .lol

who´s the girl with Vanessa at the Knicks game? the brunette one.

i dont know, the blonde is Karina, Katerina, Katrina or something like that, but i dont think they are together,

@carma pudgens fans are always winning? gosh we were right. now this proves they are clearly delusional. so far with every argument we have been winning all of them. just look even now aunty bogina here don’t even know what to say. you know pudgens is trash.

lack of reaction? they do bother to reply to us. that is giving reaction. even aunty bogina (who’s the pudgens clan leader here) can’t stay away.

practice what you preach biitchez

i always thought they were just obsessive fans. And that’s true, i’m glad no one is paying attention or reacting to the fans/babies/obsessives.

@BO blue Print and @me, blessed are your crotches, may you be blessed with beautiful children and learn to respect them ( yr crotches ie) . : )

hmm..Jelena is over ….reminds me of that day ..long time ago…when I heard of Zanessa….break up.*sigh*
I kept telling myself , why should I bother ? But that`s how it is .They were bonded with our lives .I just can understand how Jelena fans could be feeling .
If I didn`t know that Zanessa are still together , the news of Jelena break up would have made me upset endless .So long Zanessa !

@Fan Here:
they are, i bet they can’t live one single day without looking at her pictures or posts, i can even tell you they probably are following a bunch of Vanessa´s news account, i mean, its like they know everything about her. I saw the previous post, just one picture and more than 800 com, and they even dare to ask why Jared post everything about her. hahaha i’m not complaining though, the girl is really atractive, a pleasure to look at.

Respect other Bit ch es because are you not one yourself? Do not degrade the female gender by name calling.

she is gorgeous, and i love her relationship with Austin. They are both so precious!

Miss Fake Biblical , may you learn to respect the purpose of your c.rotch – your husband – and the products of your c.rotch -your kids – more .lol

@Fan Here:
That she is. I find her relationship with her boyfriend adorable, i liked them since the first set of pictures, the ones at someone birthdays last year. I used to like zanessa, but that relationship its over, and being completly honest with you i think it was the best, Vanessa looks jenunely happy now, and Zac, well i love him too but i think he is finally happy with his “batting in a *****” current life. They are both winning. And they break up was a clean one, without no one talking bad about the other, no twitter fight, nothing! They had a cute relationship and a good break up, the only ones ruining everything were the usual nosey friends, trying to gain a little attentions using their OH SO CALLED best friends, but Vanessa and Zac both have class and dont actually care about the NOSEY ones.

nosey as in nosedale. lol

Haha. Boji you are a piece of work

hahaha what do you think?

Maria, you are busted. Dont get all nasty with Ashley because we caught you in a major, embarrassing lie. Ooooh….

i’m happy that relationship ended, i don’t know, it was the best day ever.

@Fan Here:
hahaha almost every Vanessa fan were happy that day, and i bet they still happy today because it´s like they are dead for each other. I would have loved if they would still remaining friends, but OH WELL, at least they were/are mature enough to handle that past relationship with respect.

ok, but nosedale is ugly

@ Intric 8, and how have you been doing, me lad? Hope all is well at the homefront and workplace.
Have to say this but I have been truly blessed of late. Old classmates dropped by to catch up. Lovely meeting up and sharing. Everyone seems to be doing well.
@Intric8, pls don’t pick on maria. You forget there are a few Marias on the threads. It is not an exclusive name.

i dont think Vanessa and her ex break up was a clean one, but i agree, the both handle the break up in a mature and classy way. Especially Vanessa, because she was on promo right after the news broke.

@BOJI: i am doing great! Lots of blessings as well. Halloween was super fun, had a huge, unexpected bonus come through at work, big things are coming up, cant complain. Btw, tell your friend maria to stop lying. Its bad karma.

Bo thanks for the blue font tip sweety

@Fan Here:
well it could be, i heard millions of rumors, but i don’t think we would ever find out, Vanessa or Zac would never post on twitter about their relationship status or lyrics about anything in particular to try to share their life with her fans, they are really good young actors. And we see what they want us to find out about their lifes, and we dont know anythng! Just look at Vanessa at the theleton event today, she was there picking the phone, without any promotion and not even trying to put her name out there, she was just trying to help.

@Intric8, that is great news and I’m happy for you. It is always good to hear positives.
I don’t think she’s lying as yes, there are another 2 marias around and I have confused them with her before.

b utt , i didn`t know you didn`t know of it .I thought when you said that day Miss Biblical Allusion comes in blue print `cause jj does it a as favour to whom who have spent 10 000 hrs in this site , i thought you were stating a fact .Miss Biblical Allusion is just as famewhoring as Pudge is .That`s why she adores her so much .
Btw , what was the mistake Pea Dhal made of Ashley ?I missed that

@Carma, exactly. Vanessa is doing positive things with her life right now and she sets a good example. Everyone is allowed mistakes and allowed to redeem themselves. She has done a wonderful job. I don’t see why some of us can’t let go and choose to put a noose around her neck. What has she done to us? Why must it always boil down to comparison with another celebrity or down to morals or racial discrimination/ slurs. Every celebrity has their fandom. Why are some of us hell bent on destroying it? What or where is the satisfaction in that ?

@BO: Her mistake was lying about being miss oncology RN then going offline after google wasnt helping her out. I think shes taking a crash course in nursing as we speak so maybe she wont be back until the next pudge post. Hey, i think van had eyebag surgery but i cant be sure. It looks weird on her lower bags, plus she has been wearing tons of makeup to try to look good lately. Enough to need a putty knife to apply. Mascara is also super overdone. Whats up with that?

@ Intric8, rebel rouser at it again, I see. Oh, well. Any more make up tips? You do seem to know a lot about everything? Jack of all Trades, master of none? : )

lol , perhaps she`s a patient herself in a hospital .lol it explains better how she has so much free time . that should be a mental hospital .

italian mom @ 11/10/2012 at 3:22 am

Oh, I see haters love Vanessa almost more than her supporters. Step by step they ( the enigmatic haters) let us know everything about their personalities. Boring but also interesting in some way.
I’m so glad she is in NYC doing special things that the haters would dream about doing themselves. They can’t and so go on bashing. It’s their way to love her. Try to be funny, haters!

@ Italian mom, you are so right. You have such wisdom

just ignore haters people.
i love you Vanessa Hudgens.

Well at least Maria or perhaps it was HS have stopped pretending to be two twelve year olds talking out of their pathetic @sses and bashing my idol like anything that comes out of their ill spoken mouths could possibly affect Ashleys flawlessness. Sorry. Ashley looks like a doll and Vanessa does not. Even in the supposedly “bad” picture posted of her which was just because she was making a weird face, your attention is still drawn to her big gorgeous eyes. And look how long that went on while I bit my tongue. And Vanessa fans claim you never talk about ashley? Hell you love to talk about her so much that you’ll create two fake personas to hide behind and talk to yourself all night.

LOL Miss Bibilical Allusion talking to oneself with mama italiano . Miss Biblical , at least when you are faking a person -not- quite-fluent-in -english , just fake it right , without making us laugh ,Your so-called- not-so-good -in english -mama italiano has a very rich vocabulary .LOL

If you dont like Vanessa then why are you looking at pictures of her ?! stop being attention seekers and grow up, Vanessa looks stunning and If she is happy with Austin then we should be happy for her!.

Where on earth did auntry pea brain go? she didn’t answer @dd s question. so that should help everybody here (specially boji and hs) realize that maria is a lieing and she ain’t no nurse.

italian mom @ 11/10/2012 at 6:24 am

Boji thank you!
I see the haters took my word and went for it .
A loves Ashley. Ok. BUT her standards of beauty need a discussion.
Even my mother when showed a photo of them all said Ashely is nice but when seen near Vanessa she fades, she becomes only pretty.
A : everyone is entitled to his own opinion. You stick to yours and accept ours.
BO:she says LOL. BO hai perso la bussola! Too funny, really too funny.
Italy and Malaysia joined together. Hiphip hoorraahh.
So, Boji can we toast ? Well. I wish we could.
Ok. Thank you A thank you BO for providing a good laugh in this rainy day.

italian mom @ 11/10/2012 at 6:38 am

Dot. maria is a passionate. She loves her job and comes here to regenerate her strenght, to find some light and recharge so she can give back to her patients courage, optimism, patience in their pain.
I suggest you to become a volounteer in that. It will do good to your soul and to your mind.

REALLY??? @ 11/10/2012 at 6:48 am

@italian mama i highly doubt you are having a laugh but rather waving your hands in rage pulling your hair out and throwing stuff and other things. and please you dumb f*ck aren’t you maria herself don’t try to defend her lies. that bi*tch is obviously lieing thrue her teeth.

thank YOU GUYS for providing us with some great laugh. desperate PU$$IES. you can’t even back up your own clames. how funny is that. that fake a$$ maria was the perfect example.

i bet she will come up with some made up story on how she fell sleep while reading the comments and didn’t no a question was asked until she woke up.

@maria comes here to regenarate her strength and find some light and recharge? is she that dumb to understand she ain’t gonna find any peace on some stupid gossip site. tell her to go to some temple or a church or something. thats where you find real inlightenment defending some trashy celeb on a gossip site ain’t gonna do her no good what so ever. now your comment shows how mature you guys are. you guys like to compliment yourselfs don’t you. how pathetic.

italian mom @ 11/10/2012 at 8:00 am

For what I read I felt this way of maria. I can be wrong, of course. It’s just my opinion. This site was so much better a while ago. It was a fan site not a hate site. You die hard haters were not here at that time.
We, Vanessa fans, will happily be here always. Just to have fun, just to share our opinions, just because we support her. You guys are so intrigued. It takes 2 minutes to come and go. Have some fun instead of anger.

@italian mom: Wow, italian mom is using some big words and great sentence structure once again, but seems to be intentionally misspelling words to still portray herself as an italian who doesnt command english too well. Geez, the posing and deceit going on here with V fans is seriously pathologic and unbearable. Is it supposed to impress anyone that pudge has a hardcore fan from italy? Smells like another typical ploy from team pudgens if u ask me, the type put on from someone from the philippines. Ive seen it all, trust me.

Thats true, the babies, aka so called haters are always making us laugh, they are so desperate, and obssessed with Vanessa, i find it hilarious, they all love her, just like you, you are here, talking about her. Why do you think we are here? because it is funny, it is hilarious how a couple of little babies think they are making us, the fans, a little worried about anything. you are the ones providing the laughs here, all of you just come out as pathetics little babies. and we are here just having fun with all of you.

@Intric 8: You again? What kind of pathetic loser spends all his time on a message board on a Friday night…oh yes…you who hasn’t had a date since Obama was sworn in his first term. You are an idiot.

@A: your goal was to convince people that Tisdale was the end all be all of celebs than you failed miserably. As you can see, now the real haters of ths girl are coming out in full force. You should hook up with Intric 8….obviously you two could use some company if you spend all of your time here.

@italian mom:
it is not a hate site either, it is a site with a bunch of babies obsessed with Vanessa, they love her, They know everything about her. I find it funny and i love how all the fans are always just laughing at them, it is a win-win situation, Jared get hits, and the fans get fun, the only ones always loosing are the little babies aka haters, because they are obviously not haters, they are just obsessed with Vanessa.
It is simple, one poser here wish Vanessa was still dating a certain someone, the other little girl wish her idol had a little part of Vanessa post disney carrer and or support, and cant stand the fact that no one in the adult world actually think nosedale is “pretty”, and the other one hates the fact that someone like Vanessa has comments, the others? they are just appendices, a bunch of zanessa fans, trolls and the same people changing their names over and over again, has no one notice how when a certain user comes here, oh so casually, the other is here too, when they both have been claming they live in really different places with really different time zones?

@carma: I agree, these haters are good for laughs but that is about it. It’s obvious they have a collective IQ in the single digits.

@carma: Rofl. Its the other way around, loser. Or should i say maria? None of us would ever go out of our way to defend a second rate celebrity 24/7 because It just looks too pitiful and disconcerting. But we lovvvvve hanging around and pointing out the sheer magnitude of your loserdome for doing so. Now THAT is fun

@Chelles: Kindly f uck off with your “you again?” bu llshit. Every time you pop in with that username, its the same attitude. Kiss my a ss.

@carma the same could be said about you pumpers. you guys also come at the same time. when one of you starts commenting the other ones comes out.

same here also. its fun when you attack full force. ask your buddies about that. just look even boji (who’s the master mind here aka gina pudgens) can’t handle us when we are all commenting at the same time. how will you reply all the comments. so you better come with the others.

ow and we don’t come here because we have any interest on pudgens what so ever. we come here because we find it extreamly pathetic the level of worshiping you do for this famewh.ore. it amuses me. its very enjoyeble pissing you guys and see how you keep defending pudgens like there’s no tomorrow. its your priorety to defend pudgens even with the level of famewh.oring she does. non than that i have no intrest in pudgens.

and i am sure you guys enjoy it as well. so don’t deni that cause you guys clearly love having us here.

hmm i must say @bo’s obsession with wanting this trash with efron boggles me. she needs to understand he’s better off without pudgens.

@Intric 8: And everytime you pop in it’s the same mysogynistic bullsh*t. Why don’t you f*ck off? Did I strike a nerve? Good.

I know, they are just funny… it is really good to me come here and just laugh at them, they looooooooooooooooove Vanessa, maybe they love her more than some fans.

and it is so easy to make them angry or something hahaha it is funny! thats why i love this site, no one here can actually be called a hater, they are just plain pathetic. hahaha

Haters Suck! @ 11/10/2012 at 9:21 am

Lol yeah u keep thinking that if it makes you feel better. I haven’t been commenting because 1) I’ve had things to do amd people to see and 2) I’m not interested in these long dream out tirades anymore. No matter what you say, no matter what you do, no matter how nasty and low you sink you’re not gonna draw me into this crap not wil you ever convince me not to be a Vanessa fan. God bless you A I have nothing nothing more to say to you.

@carma: Yes, they are ridiculous with obviously too much time on their hands;)

NOSEDALE, Oh . my . god! kudos bb <3 we are with you.

a friend? i don’t know.

they are just pathetic. hahaha and they all love Vanessa

chelles and narmy are the same person. look at the time of the comments. how lame is it that they have to change names to prove their point

@dd: I can assure you that we are two different people. Nice try though. I’m Chelles…Chelles only.

@Chelles: Care to validate that misogynistic accusation, unfair characterization that it is? Fu ck you. We have a right to speak our minds as much as you do, miss whoever you are

Damn this is so funny carma chelles and narmy are all one person. what a nutjob. if your going to change names then atlest do it so it would be more believeble.

is maria trying to come with another name. maybe chelles. smells like it.

Vanessa looks gorgeous in the new pictures

there´s new pictures?

yeah, she was at the Knicks Game and the telethon to help those affected by Hurricane Sandy

Everyone is fake here, switching usernames, etc. like a bunch of posers and cowards, just like Maria. Chelles, kindly get your Hudgens-worshipping trollfaggory out of here, or stay if you want, but be prepared to back up what you say.

where can i find the pictures?

Its mollie now. this is getting ridicoulous. just look at the time of the comments people. this person is a serious mental case. talking to herself.

thank you. Do you know who is her friend?

@carma: Good to hear that. She always gives her time unselfishly to the causes she believes in. Without using it as an excuse to self promote. No tweet her whereabouts, just showing up and manning the phones.

i’ve been posting on JJ and JJJr since 2007… you can check my name on all her posts.

well,well,someon is usin gool translate to show shes in italy

But i dont see any celebrities in that picture you just linked!

she looks adorable! Thank you.

Wow it didn’t even take a second after being posted and my comment get a thumb down. you people are fuc.ked up. how sad is this. This is obviously maria. i think she lost her mind after getting cought with her lies.

omg she looks so gorgeous!! her little face, she is flawless

@intric8: That would require me going back to your past idiotic, misogynistic and racist posts and cutting and pasting. My time is too valuable. I have eyes and a brain though as I’m sure others do as well. The only idiots changing their names and reposting are the haters like BO and A. I don’t have to resort to that stupidity.

her cheekbones, she is gorgeous, she has a natural glow!

chelles is maria

@dd: I’m Chelles…me and Maria are not the same person. Are you mentally challenged?

@Chelles: Then dont. Just simply fuc k off.

@dd: Of course you are. If I’m Maria then you are A…right A? LOL….you people are a riot.

@intric 8: Why don’t you f*ck off? Is that all you’ve got? Pathetic…LOL.

chelles not buying it. you are clearly maria. stop trying to prove you aren’t cause normaly when a person tries to prove a point like that its mostly cause they are the same person and mant others to thing they aren’t.

chelles not buying it. you are clearly maria. stop trying to prove you aren’t cause normaly when a person tries to prove a point like that its mostly cause they are the same person and want others to think they aren’t.

@dd: You are ridiculous. I’m not Maria and that’s all I’m saying to you. Come up with a better theory next time okay? I think Maria is a nurse right? I work in a completely different field. We are two different people. Got it?

@Chelles I particularly have it out for you, since you’ve decided to sling all those accusations at me without having the decency to make half a point. Then you state laziness as an excuse not to do so. You are a coward and a scuzzbag, do you realize that chelles?

Well, Good Morning! ROTFLMAO… lovely that you’re all so interested in me, oh, and that you noticed I was on vacation this past week from my 3day a week job. Isn’t that lovely that I only have to work 3 days a week? Oh my, I guess that explains the time I have to comment here, but, dear me, doesn’t explain the hoards of time spent by all these supposed university students. LOL. How nice that lame ‘dots’ have such a need to piss off the fans. Funny, you all spend more time attacking us than Vanessa.

Let’s see, and I didn’t even finish reading all the hysterical comments, but I was discussed for quite awhile, without one word on Vanessa. I was accused of lying, of not being a real nurse, and LMAO, needing to google answers. What a hoot! I guess I was too busy SLEEPING to google. So, without the help of google, let me just say, albuterol and a nebulizer are the way to go for an asthma attack, CDDP and Carboplatin are two different drugs but are both used to treat lung cancer for example, sodium chloride and potassium chloride are administered only if a pt is hyponatremic or has a low K+, and I do have a bachelor’s degree, a nursing license, and certifications. Any other lame accusations for me? But, hey, thanks for all the interest.

You lame haters, though, have issues. When I was your age, I was STUDYING in college, doing my clinicals, dating my now husband, and enjoying my friends. WTH? I have been there and done that, but you all just are more intent on attacking people you don’t know, just because “it’s fun”? Man, that’s just sick.

@intric 8: Like I’m scared of you. Bring it assh ole.I’ll chew you up and spit you out.

she is flawless

pudens\’ pathetic pu ssy puckering police!

@Chelles: “I think Maria is a nurse, right?” Yes, you are the type of scuzzbag to perpetuate her lie, Chelles. Fantastic job. Of course we are to believe anything you say here on an anonymous message board as well. That’s what is so great about the internet, we can say and be whoever we want to be without proving anything. So what occupation are you in Chelles, rocket science? Famous artist? World renown dance instructor? Or just a plain and simple Hudgens pumper out to jump on someone who hasn’t even addressed you, deep deep into the thread mind you?

the blonde one was in the VS fashion show. the brunette i have no idea who she is.

hahaha she is.

@intric 8: You’re foaming at the mouth. You should pop a Xanax and SIT down. You sound like a mental case. Get a life…lol.

Haters Suck! @ 11/10/2012 at 10:22 am

You don’t have to explain or defend yourself to these a$$holes. You don’t answer to them and you most certainly don’t owe them a damn thing. These people are just trying to throw as many accusations against the wall and try to find something that sticks. Best way to fight an angry blind man just stay out their way.
Remeber people try not to feed the animals.

“without the help of google, let me just say, albuterol and a nebulizer are the way to go for an asthma attack, CDDP and Carboplatin are two different drugs but are both used to treat lung cancer for example, sodium chloride and potassium chloride are administered only if a pt is hyponatremic or has a low K+, and I do have a bachelor’s degree, a nursing license, and certifications” – YOU ARE NO ONCOLOGY NURSE MARIA, WRONG ANSWER about cisplatin and carboplatin in particular, and trust me I KNOW. Now, without googling and if you are actually the nurse administering the chemo (since you are an oncology nurse), why is your evaluation of the two wrong? Do you realize how comically simple your answers are? Its so obvious your knowledge is paltry and you dont know what the F you are talking about, other than google or a book.

she looks incredibly gorgeous, thanks for the pics guys, ONCE AGAIN JARED IS LATE.

@intric 8: Let’s face it, your allie is BO….or Bipolar BO as I refer to her. That’s just sad.

i didnt know that bu tt shot was starving to come in blue font

@intric 8: Let’s face it, your allie is BO….or Bipolar BO as I refer to her. That’s just sad.

@intric 8: Let’s face it, your allie is BO….or Bipolar BO as I refer to her. That’s just sad.

@intric 8: Let’s face it, your allie is BO….or Bipolar BO as I refer to her. That’s just sad.

@Chelles: Nasty accusations toward me, you have me in a very foul mood.

Not sure why that posted upteen times but whatever:)

@intric 8:
i think you have a problem, lol

@intric 8: I have a date. Ciao.

@maria we ain’t buying it maria. it took you all this time to figure out a believeble answer and write it believable as well.

thank you intric i really appriciate that. she got one of the main points wrong
clearly she googled it and made up the answer. maria you lost it woman. i had my doubts about you being a nurse but i don’t anymore cause you aren’t

she always looks adorable when she is making faces, she is such an expressive person, hahaha

good to see her happy.

Intric8 i think we should ignore carma chelles and anney or whatever. its evident all of them are the same person. they are just trying to get in between the argument. how desperate they are.

@intric 8: One thing, before I go. How dare you assume that Maria is lying about her profession which is one of the most noble IMO. She has been posting for a long time and owes you are anyone else any explanation.

The pages ar colourful nw that md ,b utt and korean v agina all three come in blue

@intric 8: Maria doesn’t owe you are anyone else an explanation.

I´ve been reading about Selena and Justin break up, and i hope their fans dont turn out like the psycho zanessa fans, can you imagine someone like BO hating on Justin and Selena, then again, every fandom has their own psycho and maybe thats were BO belongs, with the 12 years old fans.

Look Maria, its very simple, its the principle that bothers some of us here, namely, nobody likes people who say blatant falsehoods about themselves, even in message boards. You guys use a zillion different names to fake support here and that is bothersome enough, but then you guys go embellishing yourselves left and right, so you deserve to be called out on it. Then some of you call me racist and misogynistic, which is quite far from the truth, and thats fine but at least back it up with something. Be fair is all.

@anney: Yes, let’s get back to why we’re here… to look at pics of Vanessa. She does look very cute and happy. Haters obviously have little impact. Thanks for posting. Ciao.

I dont know about BO but Scooter’s gonna have an aneurysm, i think he is in Germany. hahaha

Yes intric we were right. chells is maria. just look how she’s trying to save her own as.s. now maria is gone probably googling to find what went wrong. she must have already banged her head somewhere to.

@Chelles: Dont you have a date? Dont you find using the word ‘ciao’ kind of silly and pretentious? Whatever, Chelles.

@italian mom sorry, but I think Ashley is the more beautiful one and no my standards don’t need work. Its her smile and her eyes for one. So much shines through. She has a very pretty face and I prefer it to vanessas. If you like a more exotic look then fine vanessas your girl. Ashley is a And besides, when you love someone it makes them.even more beautiful than before.

Besides, while Ashleys beauty continues to grow, Vanessas continues to fade. Shes of an ethnicity whose beauty peaks very young and who unfortunately is not likely to age very gracefully. Looks like in the.end, Hudge will be the one with the plastic surgery rep.

Oh btw, Maria is an adult, an oncology RN educated with a BS degree along with various certifications so she can certainly handle the situation fine. Thanks for your concern, Chelles.

Wat da hell!y is evry pudgens pucker is obsesd with me .and no i am no aly of anyone.i operate alone.thank u

she looks gorgeous, i love how she does not need to dress up, or use so much make up, or get surgery, she is a natural beauty, just look at that beautiful face, and her eyes are so gorgeous, she is perfect, and the most important she has an amazing heart she could be out with her friends, but she was helping. love her, a real naturally beautiful, inside and out

@dd: I dont know about that maria, should we give her the benefit of the doubt that she is actually an RN, but hardly knows a thing about actual and/or practical pharmacology, or health care for that matter? Wrong answer about potassium/sodium chloride as well by her – she’s gonna end up killing someone someday.

it is true! Selena´s team is working really hard, maybe Justin would hit a talk show first? what about Ellen? lol we would find out really soon. hahaha

Some fanboy said he met Vanessa at the game,and she was friendly and more extroverted than when he met her with Zac. Then he thanked Zac for taking “his year long man cruise” and freeing her. lol

she was helping at her church, and one in New Jersey too, wasn’t Gimme Shelter filmed in that zone? She has become really close with the girls at the shelter and she has been spotted many times there (by random people of course), helping or just chatting with everyone. Maybe they were affected by the hurricane and she was there to show her support.

@anney:Are you on drugs or something dude? Holey crap i never saw anyone obsess over someone so average

You know what. to be honest i keep loading the site hundred times a day to read this. and that takes about 2 hours of my day. i don’t normally comment much so lets give that part and hour on top of that if i comment like you guys do then it would take atleast nearly 6 to 8 hours to write the comments and post it and then reaload the page again. its such a lie if anybody here says they have a active life ( thats a old excuse to get away with the aligations made towards their private life and they don’t want that) and work on full time jobs cause as i explained above it takes the whole day to keep up with this thread. on top of that maria seem to know what goes on twitter as well. so if you want to keep updated with your timeline then you need to keep checking it atleast one’s an hour. so i am 1000% sure maria is not a nurse. its very wrong if she keep checking thrue gossip sites while at work (if she is a nurse) cause then you can just imagine what kind of a nurse she is. i feel pitty for the patients. and boji here is probebly a non at some church who are to be certain has lot of time in their hands. except for those 2 3 hours that take them to clean the church and do the prayers and etc.

@intrict tha fact that maria can’t comment thrue her own name anymore she’s using names like carma and expressing her feelings thrue those names. you guys are right. they are mentally challenged.

i mean nun not non

I couldn’t even make it through all the pages of the one person with the different names talking to themselves. But I just have to say, in response to Chelles or Carma or Nana or whatever name they were using when they said this, that I do NOT use any other personas. It’s enough for me to respond with my point of view and it’s pointless to rally fake support because I would know it was all fake, and I don’t really care about how it affects YOU guys. I know there are millions of Ashley fans out there. There are a couple who have showed up on Vanessa’s posts. The rest are somewhere else, still supporting her and I’m secure with that, knowing that fake support doesn’t need to be created for her. It’s a shame you guys don’t realize the same about Vanessa. And I’m guessing the Ashley haters/Vanessa fans (They’re the same f*ucking thing, but per you guys’ bald faced lies “We don’t ever talk about her we swear!!”) are attempting to talk bullsh!t smack about her in an effort to drive me away. Well sorry, I’ll stay for as long as I like, talk about what or whomever I like, only answer and address those I feel like, and all the while know that Ashley continues to best Vanessa for the many, many reasons I’ve already listed again and again. But nice try.

no, i’m just a fan, you know, i love Vanessa, and this is a Vanessa Hudgens post, so i’m here supporting her. That’s JustJared´s objective, inform you about your favorite star/actor/celebrity and when you clik on someone post it means you are interested in that person, im interested in Vanessa, so im here posting, talking with other people about Vanessa. What about you? i mean, you are here, n page 19.

@lola: It takes you two hours just to read comments. Another sad indictment of the education levels of today’s youth. I really wouldn’t spread that around it’s nothing to be proud of. It took me maybe 10/15 minutes and that was with looking at picture and awwing.

LOL and you think Vanessa’s prettier? She really DOES look like a lesbian hahahahaah.

gorgeous, my bb is gorgeous, and haters stay pressed

@tina you dumb woman i meant to read this whole post which has over 500 comments with essay time long long commets. and if anybody here is going to respond to any of them they need to read all the comments carefully to get a good idea what you should say in response. and it will take atleast 4 hours to keep reloading it and reading it. don’t lie here it does take most of the time from your day to maintain this post. and you do read all the comments here. it doesn’t matter if you say you don’t cause nobody will buy that lie.

Vanessa looks gorgeous! the other girl needs to do something with her nose, it’s a really bad capture. not so flattering.

I’m not the one with the lack of reading comprehension or the sad vocabulary skills.

Tina bad excuse tina bad excuse you understand what i write and thats what i need

@lola: Maria is commenting under different names and googling like crazy between comments. She still fails to state the obvious about the distinction between potassium and sodium chloride, but if she was a halfway decent RN or even a second year student she would know immediately what i was driving at. Too late, time has way expired for the answer.

LOL did tina just say pudgens does charity without calling the paps. do these people live under a rock? there’s always pics when she does charity. there are even pics of this marathon she did. and who are these other celebs you are talking about who call the paps while doing charity?

Idiot, plain and simple. A waste of time. You now go into the same category as the others.

HS, these people ARE sickos. They can think what they want. I was not wrong in any of my answers, as I tried not to get too clinical in my answers. CDDP is used for lung cancer, Carboplatin mostly for others. NaCL is only given in MY practice for a pt who is hyponatremic, and would only give a KCl infusion for a low K+. Let’s see, I would also give Procrit for anemia, Neupogen or Neulasta for neutropenia, NPlate for thrombocytopenia, Ferrlicit for low iron stores, FOLFOX for colon CA, I could insert a PICC line for peripheral access, or use a mediport for central access if necessary, as most of my patients have. How’s that, intric8? Should I go on?
How ludicrous that we get blasted for not being here when we sleep or are busy, and blasted for being here as well? LMAO

And thanks to Boji, HS, Chelles, and anyone I missed for your support.

@A: Im with you regarding Ashley. She has a more reassuring face, beautiful everything, nice long legs, plus she has the Jewish heritage which i would love my children to benefit from. I want looks and brains, not just looks. With Ashley, you get looks, talent and brains coming in the future. Cant lose. Vanessa is cute, she is only 23 and still looks youthful but once she goes through her collagen drop at 25 i have no idea what her appeal will be like. She is totally frontloaded in my opinion, riding completely on childish looks and charm. Plus, she is way too short. I noticed that she always either wears shades when not wearing makeup or no shades with tons of makeup, and i think she either had lower eyebag surgery removal or she has developed a dark circle problem under her eyes. Look at a recent closeup pic of her eyes, do you notice how much she paints her face, right up to the eyeballs and the tons of mascara she relies on? Weird.

No contest! If you looked at Vanessa’s skin under a magnifying glass I bet it’d be scary.

@maria: They are too busy talking to each other to realize we leave, go live life and return. We’re not all on here at the same time because we live in different countries and time zones. They actuallly spend more time on her threads than we do. lol Don’t try to explain anything to them, they lack understanding.

Haters Suck! @ 11/10/2012 at 11:44 am

Like I said you don’t owe these people $hit. Let them go kick rocks they have absolutley no right attacking you the way they do. Not only do they want to attack Vanessa but they want to attack personally the people who support her and they say we are the ones with the problems. Riiight. People who can’t tell the difference between their ass and their elbow and they have no right judging anyone.

@intric8 exactly!!! I agree with everything you just said, including the thing about Ashley’s jewish heritage because I’ve always found jewish girls to be exceptionally beautiful. And it isn’t just about features. There’s something sweet and soft in Ashley’s face that just isn’t there when you look at Vanessa’s. Oh, but Ashley is also very petite. She just has very long limbs, so her legs stretch on for miles, which in my opinion is the best of both worlds anyway.

woow tisdale looks ugly as usual

@A: Just so you know, I skip over your posts like I do Ashleys’. Although, I don’t read your posts, I do remember to thumb them down! You’re like white noise.

@A: Blah, blah blah!

@maria: Too late Maria, you’ve had way too much time to research or inquire with your oncologic nurse friend, and not only that, you failed to reply to the obvious context what we initially discussed, that far too many patients die from nursing mis-administrations of potassium chloride being mistaken for simple saline, just from flushing a catheter mind you or worse, or fat fingers on the pump setting an infusion rate 10 times the norm, or setting the infusion rate too fast, and in the contra example regarding cisplat and carbo, which there would essentially be no catastrophic difference at all. I wasnt expecting you to give a complicated reply, just an insightful knee jerk reaction like any knowledgeable person in the field would have given, and you had commented since then without clarifying until now so im sorry but you fail the test as far as im concerned.

you are still living the hsm life… at least Vanessa and Zachary both have moved on, i mean Venice and TIFF, festivals around the world, they are over disney. And Ashley would always be reminded as the third wheel, even Elle magazine pictured as the third one, the irrelevant one, the ugly one. not my words, elle editor and mg chi.

@maria that was very believeble but lets be real here. you have been on this thread this whole lurking. and if you know the answers then why did it take you an hour to answer? ofcourse you were having a shower or making breakfast or something right. not that anybody have to prove themselfs here but atleast do it next time so people will buy your lies. its obvious you googled all of it.

now i have a job to go to. i will answer later if there’s any questions

Haters Suck! @ 11/10/2012 at 12:07 pm

I’m sure Maria is sorry she didn’t comment in accordance with your schedule. I’m sure next time she’ll put answering to you at the top of her priority list and drop everything just to respond to you. Jacka$$

@Haters Suck!: Now the racist have united and are showing their true colors. Only an ignorant bigot would make such stupid statements, smh.

@intric you seem to have a good knowledge about the medical field. lets get maria’s head out of her a$$ shall we. ask her something more harder to find. that asthma thing was easy. find something more harder that it would be hard to find even if she googles it. lets ask something with some real depth

@maria: Please, I know it’s hard (because I fall prey to it myself) don’t be sucked into a debate with these idiots. You have nothing to prove. They are the ones with the time on their hands to google things. We know who we are. The last people we need conformation from are these bigotted asses.

@yets: I dont know what to make of this Maria person, or any of her pseudonames

@tuz that was never said by anyone but YOU. And regardless of who said it, those are words straight from the mouth of a jealous c*unt so they don’t phase me at all. And you, why change your name 500 comments in? Do y’all think this is the only way to trash talk Ashley without looking like “the regulars” as they call themselves do? You’re not fooling anyone here, just so you know.

Ashley’s the prettier one. Ashley’s also much more talented and intelligent which counts for a lot. Vanessa is a vapid smile and that’s about it. Well, these days she’s a smug smirk instead I guess.

Please please intric ask something harder man. i want to see if she ignore it or answers. if maria is a nurse then she should know right. fine take your time but you should really ask something more harder.
its very clear she took her time to google the answers but still.

@tina okay, I’m sorry, but why is everyone here a “bigot?” That’s just the only logical explanation in your mind as to why someone wouldn’t like Vanessa? BTW, if you still can’t figure it out, it’s Vanessa’s fans that we really can’t stand, not Vanessa herself.

Haters Suck! @ 11/10/2012 at 12:47 pm

You do realize just because you hold out a hoop people aren’t going to jump through it. Maria doesn’t owe you anything. Shes got nothing to prove to you or anyone else you aren’t her boss.

@Haters Suck!: Im sure shes happy that she has you as a bodyguard

damn just see how these guys keep kissing eachother’s what a love they have. obviously stella (hs) would stand up for pudge (maria)

The sad thing about bigots is the make racist statements and are too stupid to realize when they do.

@Haters Suck!: No, I don’t owe anyone, any explanations. I am being attacked as usual. I happen to have family visiting for the weekend, oh, but I suppose that’s not good enough. Oh, wait, I should be googling, right? When I responded at first, I told you I did not read all the responses, as they were all attacks, and frankly ridiculous. I just briefly touched on what stupid things had been brought up, and did not go into a lengthy clinical response, though I could have. There wasn’t any reason to. You don’t have to be a nurse to know Na and K are different electrolytes. Basic chemistry or biology would teach you that. But, if your mother or grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer, I could tell you they might give her dose dense Adriamycin/Cytoxan for 4 cycles, which will cause alopecia and will need antiemetics like Zofran for the nausea and vomiting, followed by Taxol and possibly Herceptin, if she is Her2 positive, for another 4 cycles, with Herceptin Q3weeks for a year. If she gets neuropathy, they may do weekly Taxol instead, or try gabapentin for symptoms. They may do Zometa for bone metastasis as well. These are things you would not know from a standard college Bio or Chem class. Only if you work in oncology. But some fools insist I am not who I say. Let them. It doesn’t bother me one bit. Just goes to show what we’re dealing with here.

@tina: No kidding, tina. Now a particular race has more beautiful girls. I can’t even go there. She has such a superiority complex.

It’s kinda fascinating, every Vanessa’s thread has really a lot of comments than other celebs.

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