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Miranda Kerr: Flynn is the Best Workout!

Miranda Kerr: Flynn is the Best Workout!

Miranda Kerr dons leopard print shoes while stepping out of her apartment on Friday (November 9) in New York City.

Earlier in the week, the 29-year-old model looked stunning at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show After Party.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miranda Kerr

Miranda recently tweeted a picture of herself strutting her stuff with supermodels Alessandra Ambrosio and Doutzen Kroes, saying “Good times #vsfashionshow.” Check out the picture below!

Miranda recently talked about how her son Flynn is a way for her to workout.

“Running around after my son is the best workout,” Miranda shared. “He runs around and he loves to dance, so sometimes we put the music on and we dance around and it’s so much fun and that is like the best! You’re having so much fun, and you’re working out at the same time!”

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  • Green

    She’s just so boring as a person…. But good on her for making mills out of thin air.

  • teehee

    Her cheeks are so pinch-able

  • JC

    Someone else already beat me to observing how much of a bore she seems.

  • trendeh

    @teehee: agree! doesn’t really deserve to be called as a supermodel

  • justme

    she might be boring to you but IMO she’s so pretty!! wish i can look like that!

  • AnnmarieZ

    Isn’t she just soooo wonderful and perfect!? Don’t you wonder what problems she really has??? Everyone has some problems………

  • Sian

    LOL @Green, I couldn’t have said it better. She’s beyond dull.

  • meangirl

    for a start I’d say having a husband with a pear shaped body and wider hips than hers LOL

  • Dieter

    She has an IQ of 160 (and a beaufiul ass) !!!!

  • very questionable character

    i must say i think miranda is very beautiful but that is no excuse for the incessant narcissism she displays especially on social media, i have never seen anyone so into themselves, quite scary actually- she should really think about toning it down.

  • Green

    @very questionable character: all that’s probably posted by her marketing team, not her.

  • Ellgy

    Running around after small children can keep you fit. I was at my fittest when my kids were under 5.

  • wtf

    Oh my she is so dumb!

  • ?

    Honest question….
    If she is so boring, why do you waste time posting on her threads? Are your lives that empty?
    Really wondering.
    She’s gorgeous, IMO

  • Dee

    I used to think she was so gorgeous…but I really am starting to think she calls the paparazzi on herself. I think she can’t handle not being in the spotlight. Truth be told, her “supermodel” status started at an older age, around 21 or 22 whereas girls like Adriana Lima or Barbara Palvin were discovered by VS at 18. Miranda got older and Candice basically replaced her as VS’s #1 Promo girl. A few years ago you would rarely see paparazzi pictures of her and when you did, she was always dressed down in jeans and boots. Now she dresses to the nines with perfectly styled hair and she walks slower in front of the cameras. How do they know exactly where she is all the time? And her flashing her bra backstage at the show this year was plain tacky. It’s kind of sad because she is charming and sweet…but so obviously narcissistic and needy of attention.

  • @Dee

    They know where she is because they wait for her at her door. You rarely see pics of her when she isn’t in NYC or LA.

    And the whole “scandal” of her flashing her bra…at a lingerie show! is beyond ridiculous.

  • Marie

    She begins to sound as if she misses a grip on reality.

  • @Dee…..#15

    Do you really think we can’t tell that you have posted over & over again using different names???

    Your comments are not only untrue but reek of jealousy and envy.

    The only time you see pics of Miranda is when she’s promoting a product, like VS, Qantas etc. Or in New York where the paps know where she lives & can take pics of her as she leaves her apartment to get to her car as she doesn’t have underground parking like most people in Manhatten.

    She doesn’t need to phone ANY paps as magazines BUY her pics as she’s very popular & readers like to see what she’s wearing and love any pics of her with Flynn.

    Your statement that she seeks attention is ridiculous, she’s a model doing her job just like other actresses or singers promoting their movies or music.

    As for her showing her bra backstage at the VS show…..duh….that’s what she’s supposed to do, she’s modeling for VS promoting their lingerie…..get it???

    It’s obvious that you dislike Miranda so why bother clicking on her articles, it’s not that hard!!!

  • uhno

    even if “dee” is posting over and over again she isn’t wrong! ha!

    and if people want to post on “her” thread they can, it’s called an opinion, stop worrying yourself about it :)

  • oh look

    An egg-headed narcissist walking on the street…

  • .

    True, Dee can say what she wants as many times as she wants, that’s why there’s no need to change her name.
    I can’t say she’s wrong, but complaining because paparazzi take pictures that she is watching and commenting (thetefore consuming) and saying it’s tacky to show a bra at a show of a company that sells bras is stupid. Sorry.

  • Em

    She’s hot, and aware of it.

  • Prezes

    So I guess I need a baby to get in shape then.

  • @dee

    She’s gone from jeans to a more sophisticated look?
    Gee. It’s called GROWING UP.
    Hasn’t your style changed as you’ve grown?
    BTW, Miranda is still the only angel who consistantly gets solo commercials. She’s one of the most popular, and most recognizable angels, and VS knows it. Why do you think that newspapers and websites are using her photos when they talk about VS filming their show? Even showing her over Adriana and her comeback, and Ale and her fantasy bra. She even made the cover of the NY Post, with their headline of ‘God hates us (referring to Sandy, and the big winter storm), but we have an Angel’, showing her in her green, circus outfit.
    She is well loved, and extremely famous. THAT is what really bothers you. We all know it, so why not just admit it.

  • wellus

    @Dee: Actually it was a lot later than 21, not until she and Orlando where seen as a serious couple 2008 but mostly 2009 when she was about 26yrs old.

  • Char

    Pathetic famewhore who can’t even model. She calls the paps so she can get snapped. Ridiculous.

  • @Char…..#26

    No matter how many times you post “she calls the paps” it will NOT make it true and that’s what upsets you the most…

    Miranda is gorgeous, successful and you can’t stand it.

    Magazines/gossip sites want to buy her pics because they know they will get more hits hence more dollars, it’s called supply and demand.

    But of course you can’t admit that so you post your mantra “she calls the paps” when EVERYONE knows that Miranda doesn’t need to because she’s so sort after and popular already!

  • honey

    @@dee: stop Adriana’s VS’ no.1 any blind man can see that. Adriana was on the cover of NY post full frontally last year. It just so happens that she isn’t back to her normal form which could be a reason they decided to use Miranda’s pic this year because she looks better than Adriana. Wouldn’t that make her second choice?. She still hasn’t opened one VS show and she’s been with them for several years now. Even Candice opened the show last year.
    And are we living in the same planet? Adriana is ALL OVER the internet right now. She even trended on yahoo and msn. People are raving about her. That woman got class. You never see her calling the paps or trying to be be in cheesy commercial. NO OTHER VS MODEL CAN EVER STEAL HER THUNDER. vs knows that. She knows that, the world knows that.
    Adriana is the Boss and I tell you to deal with it.

  • @28

    Anyone who posts posed family portraits on the internet is not classy. And Adriana is so desperate for attention that she appeared in this year’s show before she was ready. Sure she was trending. because people were talking about her weight. And during last year’s show, she made a fool of herself blowing kisses and waving, when she was supposed to get off the stage. THAT, my dear, is desperation.
    Yes, she is gorgeous. Yes, she is the queen bee at VS right now. But that is because that is all she has. HF doesn’t want her. She has no business to keep her busy after her modeling career is over. Nothing. She will hang around VS way past her prime, just like Heidi. But at least Heidi has a career beyond modeling. What will Adriana do?
    And everyone knew that Adriana was back. Her photos were out there just like Miranda’s, yet the papers chose to show Miranda, and not Adriana. Yes. That does say it all.

  • honey

    Desperate act is posing nude for Uncle Terry. Desperate is callling the paps every single day. Desperate is posting pics of your infant while breast feeding him. Desperate is trying to make it in the high fashion world but flop. Desperate is posing backstage with your bra showing while making teenage poses
    Adriana posted family pics in the internet because I can clearly remember her fans were constantly asking her to. But even at that, she waited until the baby was 6 months old.
    Oh and Adriana trends all over the internet every single year. Not because people want to see if she lost the weight. Nice try though. She’s trended on twitter 3 times already this year. two of those being when her commercials for a Turkish clothing line were released . And the other WHEN SHE GRABBED TO AMERICAN SUPER BOWL COMMERCIALS.
    Miranda was promoting bags for an Asian company and did a Lipton commercial. How come she never trended at yahoo, msn, twiiter or any relevant site if she’s extremely famous? That goes to show no one cares.
    Don’t tell me you are bragging about Miranda’s Kora? That would be embarrassing considering it can’t even add enough to her earnings to be on the Top 3 money makers. It took Gisele and Heidi just a few years when their earnings started skyrocketing. Miranda still isn’t in the top 5. Even Doutzen makes way more than her. And you want us to believe she’s a successful businesswoman. And why are you projecting? How do you know Adriana won’t do anything after modeling? Even she doesn’t, her networth is way, way more than Miranda and her husband’s combined.

  • @30

    Uhmmm, Adriana was the flop in HF. Miranda has scored multiple Vogue covers, along with many other HF covers and dozens of editorials.
    Not to mention walking for some of the most respected houses in paris. Dior, Chanel, Prada, etc. Adriana? No.
    Adriana is a great PANTY model. She will never be anything more.

  • orlando?

    Was Orlando there? On the VS show?

  • Xavi

    Miranda is so cute!

  • @32

    Orlando is filming a movie in South Africa.