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Mila Kunis: 'Meridian Hills' Executive Producer!

Mila Kunis: 'Meridian Hills' Executive Producer!

Mila Kunis dons “Love Pink” sweatpants while carrying groceries out of Gelson’s Supermarket on Friday (November 9) in Los Angeles.

Earlier in the day, the 29-year-old actress’ boyfriend Ashton Kutcher was seen grabbing brunch with a friend in West Hollywood.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Mila Kunis

It was recently announced that Mila will be an executive producer on the upcoming drama Meridian Hills.

The project centers on a “young, newly married woman who joins the Junior League, discovering an eclectic group of other young women who become unlikely allies in her quest to change the system” around the 1970s.

10+ pictures inside of Mila Kunis stopping at a grocery store…

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mila kunis meridian hills executive producer 01
mila kunis meridian hills executive producer 02
mila kunis meridian hills executive producer 03
mila kunis meridian hills executive producer 04
mila kunis meridian hills executive producer 05
mila kunis meridian hills executive producer 06
mila kunis meridian hills executive producer 07
mila kunis meridian hills executive producer 08
mila kunis meridian hills executive producer 09
mila kunis meridian hills executive producer 10
mila kunis meridian hills executive producer 11
mila kunis meridian hills executive producer 12
mila kunis meridian hills executive producer 13
mila kunis meridian hills executive producer 14

Photos: FameFlynet
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  • Size 2 Is The New Size 16..SMH

    HOT! I can’t believe people think she’s pregnant. Look how skinny she is!

  • The World We Live In

    @Size 2 Is The New Size 16..SMH: People think this, people think that, people overreact, people jump to conclusions without knowing any facts, people go out of their way to hate others, people believe magazine models look the same as in the magazine, in their every day lives, people voted George Bush into office twice, people class marijuana as a class A drug and alcohol/cigarettes are legal. Basically my point is, people are DUMB, or screwed up, whichever term you prefer :) I would even go as far as to say both, a lot of times lol, especially on the internet.

  • Anne

    @The World We Live In: hehehe! That was a good comment :).

  • The World We Live In

    @Anne: Thank you :) just tryin to spread some truth lol

  • chris

    Looks like famewhore Vanessa Hudgens.

  • kelly

    So beautiful, and so cool she is going to be an executive producer for a TV show.

  • meg

    she looks here little weird in those loose pants, she started not care about clothes lately

  • Aranka Paul

    Meg – why should she be slave to clothes. She likes to relax, and she certainly can’t do that in the evening gown. She is a good acctress and that is all that counts. I don’t know why people would even suggest that she is heavy. She is a petite girl and smart one as well. She is concentrating on her career and not on this other peripheral bull.

  • kelly

    A bum like this gets Goddess status. Don’t take much to win you gay girls over.

  • Gelson’s sponsorship

    I bet next time Mila shops at Gelson’s all is free for her. Btw, where’s her Dior handbag? Has the contract come to an end?

  • laura27

    I don’t like her mouth!

  • csa

    @Gelson’s sponsorship:

    Dior fired her (true story) because she dresses like this! Awful pants!

  • hamdi
  • Busted!

    Let’s see.. That’s the Gelson’s Market in Sherman Oaks, a few blocks from where she lives and miles away from where Kutcher lives. There’s one close to Kutcher’s house though. Well well…
    Proof she doesn’t live with Kutcher and the whole relationship is a PR stunt, as is Beaver&Selena and the rest of Hollywood phonies.

  • Ellgy

    The pants are hideous. They make her look like a midget.

  • txr

    @Busted!: There are pictures out there from yesterday that were probably taken an hour or two after these pictures with she and Ashton coming out a restaurant together. Who knows if they live together and who cares? it doesn’t change the fact they are in a relationship, the only thing that is busted is your theory.

  • csa


    she is one!

  • Dani

    I used to dress in sweats all the time…when I was pregnant.

  • csa lover

    @csa: and here goes csa again!!!

  • Busted!

    Which only proves they just meet for a photoshoot and then go their separate ways. Nothing unusual about hanging out or meeting up for lunch with an old buddy…. esp. if it serves the purpose – business contract.
    Ha! Busted again!!!!!!!!!

  • txr

    @Busted!: Rght, like going to Bali for a week together, or just returning from Australia this past week, or seen in NY together. That is one master plan they have going on.

  • umadbro

    if you want to see a pr couple, look at emma/andrew, lily collins/her bf of the week. as soon as spiderman 2 is released on dvd, that relationship will dissipate. selen/bieber ended bc she couldn’t handle the beliebers hatred and honestly she is better than him. ashton/mila are the real thing. they are the new hollywood it couple that were years in the making. they will have babies in a few years and you will eat your words.

    and again, instead of clicking on threads of people you hate to leave nasty comments, csa, why don’t you focus on your favorite celebs?

  • Busted!


    Well, you just wait for “because of their busy schedules, it was getting harder and harder to maintain a relationship” PR announcement when the contract is over, why do you think this is any different from beaver/selena strategy to keep them in the news? Because you’re no dumwits like the rest? Can you prove you’re not? Because you want to believe?
    Do you also believe Mila saved an employee’s life??

  • umadbro

    um no? try again, moron. even when mila was shooting her movie in ny, ashton went to visit her for almost 2 weeks once. he visited her twice during the 3 weeks she filmed. she also flew back from ny to spend time with him during labor day and 4th of july in la. they just went to australia together for his business ventures. she has been spotted on set of tahm multiple times, including last night. they’re not just hanging out when cameras are around. so, please, try to know your facts before you make a fool of yourself.

    many relationships in hollywood are “contracts”, i agree with that. but mila and ashton are one of the few rare ones that are. as for her rescuing an employee from a seizure (and you also probably doubting her being stuck in an elevator), i have inside sources to confirm those actually happened. but you probably think i’m lying anyway!

  • Michael


    Will you stop with you’re supposed inside sources. They are obviously a real couple you don’t need to keep lieing about actually knowing her.

  • Nono

    All of umadbro comments are correct and she looks fine in these pictures

  • dana scully

    she looks like a giant b*atch.
    id hate to run into her.

  • georgie

    @hamdi: The other girl is younger and prettier

  • sasha

    @umadbro: I don’t doubt they are a real couple. But I also think they set up PR shoots and use their relationship to promote themselves.

  • Busted!

    If you have ‘inside sources’ then you should also know the ‘saved employee’s life’ story came out right after the homeless stalker arrest, when she needed some positive PR. Coincidence. How about when the first rumors claiming she’s pregnant appeared. Soon very candid photos of poor Mila buying boxes of tampons popped out. Damn, such a coincidence.. Strange there never had been any photos of Mila buying her personal stuff before or after. Pleeeease Mr/Ms Insider, I also want to know what brand of toilet paper Mila uses…if any..
    And some people need to stop with ‘someone tweeted it so it’s real’ drivel. Rumor spreading through Twitter is the easiest thing to do and is done day in day out. Just ask traders how markets are often manipulated by spreading false rumours on Twitter. Some very big amounts of $$ can be made if you know what strings and when to pull them using Twitter among other tools.
    Some people sure need reality check.

  • kdee

    @Busted!: Someone apparently does need a realithy check and that would be you. Once again you demonstrate you have no clue what you are talking about. Mila is photographed constantly at malls/stores buying things all the time. Why would she need positive PR after the stalker story? That is ridiculous. As for twitter, I know this is really difficult for you to wrap your mind around simple concepts, but when someone posts a PICTURE of her on twitter at a location such as on the set of Two 1/2 Men, or a PICTURE of her with Ashton at whatever location that isn’t a rumor..that’s a reality. Your nonsense is funny to read however.

  • Busted!

    Mila is constantly photographed at malls buying things – false.
    You didn’t get the thing with Twitter which again doesn’t surprise me at all. Let me help you a little – it’s the actual source & the purpose of certain tweets. And the pic from Two 1/2 Men set is a good example. Must have been a random passer-by for you. Good.
    A dog was watching an orchestra conductor……..thinking to himself……. just throw the damn stick, will you!

  • ted

    @Busted!: I absolutely love your comments. They really tell it like it is.

  • ted

    @kdee: The photo on the set of two and a half men with the ‘super stalker/fan’ was totally set up. Check your ‘sources’.

  • kdee

    @ted: There have been several photos that have been tweeted of her on the set of Two 1/2 Men, on many different days when they are filming. But don’t let facts get in your way.

  • PR stinks busted

    Thanks, I only do this fun stuff ’cause I’ve loved Mila since That 70s Show.. although to some folks here it may seem like I hate the damn girl. People need to realize the entertainment industry is business like any other with its single main objective – generate profits… and therefore employing available tools to fulfil this objective.
    And I think Mila deserves fans who are not complete muppets.

  • ted

    @kdee: Mila may go to the set. I believe they are a couple. I am just saying that cretain photos that are supposed to be by paps taking candid shots are actually are set up for PR.