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Daniel Craig: 'Skyfall' is on Track to Best Bond Opening Ever!

Daniel Craig: 'Skyfall' is on Track to Best Bond Opening Ever!
  • Daniel Craig‘s Skyfall rakes in $30.8 million on Friday, heading towards best Bond opening ever – Entertainment Weekly
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  • Anna

    It’s the best Bond movie…amazing effects…

  • Hashim 100% Albanian

    I hate Daniel Craig – he kills Albanians in 007 movies.
    He should kill stupid Jews and Serbs.

  • Ryu

    Waaaaaaaaa! Way to go Daniel!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dee

    I’m so pleased. Skyfall is a bloody brilliant Bond movie!

  • jiji

    @Hashim 100% Albanian: you are complaining not only about this, but also everything about him, don’t you?

  • Robin

    A great start!!!! North Americans also love James Bond!

  • Hannah

    @Hashim 100% Albanian: Geeeeeeeeeez, can’t you tell fact from fiction? Hmmmm maybe you live in a make‐believe world.

  • Noah

    Excellent! I’ll keep my fingers crossed! :)

  • Mary

    Hashim 100% Albanian

    i have flagged your comment as offensive.

  • Q-tee

    Skyfall was simply epic…. I cried at the end of it.. I never cried that much at a movie, especially Bond movies…. Amazing!

  • Lisa

    Bond, James Bond is so AWESOME ! Skyfall is the BEST film of the year.

  • Lisa

    And one more thing, Daniel Craig will win the Oscar in 2013

  • Mary


    I agree, Skyfall was epic. there were so many great scenes.

  • Monica

    It proves people love Craigs era Bond. Haters should allow the fact!!

  • Ariel

    Man that guy gets all the ladies, (thats because Daniel’s Da MAN!)
    JAMES BOND!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kirk

    @Hashim 100% Albanian: le Chiffre? But James Bond didn’t kill him….. When he was murdered, Bond out cold.

  • Amy

    Daniel Craig on Jimmy Kimmel Live PART 1
    Daniel Craig on Jimmy Kimmel Live PART 2

  • Amy

    Daniel Craig on Jimmy Kimmel Live PART 3

  • Bond Fan

    Timothy Dalton is still my fav. Bond!

  • to 19

    @Bond Fan:
    Yes, I also like Dalton because he has good taste. He has right ideas of things, ideas that are based on careful observation, and understand causes of effects and their significance correctly.
    Timothy Dalton also calls Daniel Craig the best Bond ever
    Timothy Dalton, who played the secret agent in the 1980s, feels the new movies are much better than the past couple of incarnations of Bond, James Bond.
    With Skyfall opening nationwide this week, many people have been talking about the James Bond franchise and the many men who’ve played the secret agent in the past 50 years. Sir Roger Moore already said he felt Daniel Craig might be the best James Bond ever, and it looks like another former James Bond might agree with him.

    “There’s a case to be made that Daniel Craig is the best Bond ever, or at least in a very long time,” Timothy Dalton told Steven Zeitchik with the Los Angeles Times. “With Roger Moore it was a pastiche that almost became a parody at the end. And with Pierce [Brosnan], I think he wanted to go darker and deeper but that wasn’t what those movies were.”

    Dalton, however, did not mention himself or Sean Connery in that scenario, as well as all other “pre-Moore Bonds,” according to Zeitchik.

    Dalton admitted he has not yet seen Skyfall, but he did see the past two films with Craig: Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace. He said Craig’s portrayal showed a spirit that the recent Bonds didn’t have, as well as echoing the early Bond films.

    “Daniel Craig’s Bond movies are absolutely modern, up-to-date versions, but they’re also the legitimate heir of Dr. No and From Russia With Love,” he said.

  • Guinness

    I love this interview. A few “new” questions. And I agree with Dan–she is “dirtier”. poor Rhianna–but she is what she is. not classy and not a good influence on my girls.

    yey mendel!!! (I want to see it again and again!! I know what I want for christmas! Dan wrapped in a red bow. that’s it. ok, but this movie will suffice I guess. )))) I saw it! I saw him!! With MY Dan. but next time I am not watching any trailers, any on-set pics, not watching any “how they did a certain scene”, and alot of scenes were cut from the actual movie…AND I loved the opening credits with Adele’s song eminating from 10 foot high speakers with subwoofers—they added some other sounds too….but just the psychedelic-ness of the sound and the images were enthralling. (otherwise, dont like Adele’s song at all)
    Dan was cut, he was spot on, he was funny, he was sexyy, I loved the new motorcycle scene–that was a more manly cycle for him to manuever–he lookd spectacular. the pool scene was definitely shorter than I would have liked…but thank you for adding it in there–not sure why they needed it, but I guess Barb insisted? thanks Babs. (my mom’s name) AND The new ideas were what I loved most about the film, and i wonder who that praise goes to? Dan MUST have thought of some…like they did say he thought of adjusting his cuff links after falling thru the hole in the train…I loved the beach scene with the scorpion shot. Damn–never did one of those-I will keep to wrapping my mouth around the glass and doing it (thinking of you Dan

    The fight scenes were pretty cool–and violent, but less violent then the gross bathroom scene & stairwell scenes!! Interesting that they were more technical vs. gross bloodfull hand to hand. Loved Dan’s moves…there was one were he hit the floor next to the villain and grabbed his leg–like when a baseball player slides to the side of the base and reaches for it at a different angle to avoid the tag…

    The dragon scene was one of my favorites cuz Bond kept pointing at it, while he was getting beat to hell… pretty funny. nice touch. The subway scene crash was awe-inspiring and fresh!!! AND Javier was perfectly cast–damn. He was brilliant. (why was he encapsulated like Hannibal Lecter? that was a blunder that bothered me) BUT the scariest person in the entire movie was the french actress–her make-up, her dagger nails, her height, her lipstick, her acting was so disarming and ambiguous that I didn’t see what Bond was seeing at the bar, she was shaking–she did a great act: (I thought she was a baddee).

    My Dan said he was impressed, he thought it was the BEST one yet, and he said it was a nice touch adding the Astin Martin at the end. (He loved it. And that says alot–it means more than my biased opinion.BUT he also said CR was the best. i think he likes Dan. He is a “working-class” Bond.) I really like what Dan says during his interviews. He is sitting more confidently, he is smiling more, he is having fun. (serious PDA’s are soooo sexy. I do this all the time with my Dan–he thinks it is a touch of voyerism, maybe.) OH–yes, after the movie, My Dan asked me what I thought, and all I could think of was, DAMN–DAN, he was right–it just looked like a spectacular fun time!! Fun. It was fun to watch!!!

    So, Mendel, you now know what I want for christmas…a boxed set of all three! put it on your list!! and how was it the second time? was it as good as the first? did you notice anything different????

  • Skyfall Nabs Top Bond Opening

    Box Office Report: ‘Skyfall’ Nabs Top Bond Opening in North America With $87.8 Million
    The pic has taken in a total of $90 million domestically including the $2.2 million earned in exclusive Thursday runs; Steven Spielberg’s awards contender “Lincoln” opens in 11 cities to strong numbers.

    Sam Mendes’ James Bond pic Skyfall easily seduced the North American box office with a potent $87.8 million debut, bringing its worldwide cume to $500 million or more in only two weeks of play.

    Skyfall earned another $2.2 million in exclusive Thursday runs in Imax and other large-format theaters, bringing its four-day domestic total to $90 million.
    Returning Daniel Craig in the role of 007 for a third time, MGM and Sony’s Skyfall nabbed the top opening for a James Bond pic, not accounting for inflation.
    Quantum of Solace debuted to $67.5 million in mid-November 2008, a series best, and Casino Royale — marking Craig’s first turn as 007 — opened to $40.8 million in November 2006.
    Box-office revenue was up an impressive 25 percent over the same weekend a year ago thanks to Skyfall and a strong crop of holdovers, including Wreck-It Ralph, Flight, Argo and Taken 2.
    Produced by Bond house EON Productions, Skyfall’s domestic opening was buoyed by an A CinemaScore and stellar reviews. The film skewed older, with 75 percent of the audience over age 25. Males made up 60 percent of those buying tickets.
    Skyfall is doing massive business overseas, where its cume was roughly $350 million going into the weekend. Weekend numbers weren’t immediately available.
    The 23rd installment in the Bond franchise is certain to surpass the $586.1 million earned by Quantum of Solace and the $594.2 million grossed by Casino Royale in their entire worldwide runs.
    This time out, cinema’s most famous spy must save both M — again played by Judi Dench — and MI6 from former operative-turned-villain Raoul Silva, played by Javier Bardem. The movie also stars Ralph Fiennes, Naomie Harris, Berenice Lim Marlohe and Albert Finney.
    Skyfall cost roughly $200 million to make after rebates.

  • Skyfall Nabs Top Bond Opening
  • Skyfall Soars To $90M Opening

    ‘Skyfall’ Soars To $90M Opening In U.S. & Canada As Biggest Bond; Can It Reach $500M Global Thru Sunday?
    I’ve tried to give continuous updates all weekend with domestic box office numbers for Eon Productions/MGM/Sony Pictures’ Skyfall and DreamWorks Studios/Fox/Disney’s Lincoln, both of which received great reviews going into Friday and sparked intense industry interest. Total moviegoing through Sunday was $160M, more than half of it from James Bond #23, so that’s a very nice +20% more than last year. “Skyfall blew past all expectations for the film,” gushed a Sony exec today, calling it “the biggest juggernaut in the history of the James Bond franchise”. Despite a four year hiatus during which some cynics thought 007 had jumped the shark, Skyfall opened in North America much larger than anyone thought. Rival studios thought Sony was low-balling with its $75M pre-release estimate. And on Saturday morning, the studio begged me to lower my sources’ $88M weekend estimate. But the actual number is $87.8M ($31.7M Friday, $33.9M Saturday, and an estimated $22.2M Sunday). Add in Thursday’s select 463 IMAX preview screenings and Skyfall‘s cume is now $90M. This is absolutely the biggest-grossing 007 movie ever in the string of films since 1962 – not adjusted for inflation or higher ticket prices or IMAX premiums. It blows away Quantum Of Solace‘s $67.5M opening weekend in November 2008. After Skyfall received a coveted ‘A’ CinemaScore from audiences, word of mouth bumped grosses +7% from Friday to Saturday – even though Friday’s gross included $2.4M from Friday midnights. Skyfall‘s 3,505-run wide release in U.S. and Canada also set a new theater count record for the franchise and its #1 opening is the ninth to be released by Sony Pictures in 2012. IMAX took in $13.1M at their theaters as part of Skyfall‘s weekend box office. Exit polls showed 60% of the opening weekend audience was male and 40% was female with 25% under 25 years old. Sony also says the exits showed “extraordinary recommend numbers” so expect a great holiday run.

    Internationally, I’m still waiting for a 10-day update from Sony after it opened overseas October 26th. Sources tell me that, going into this Friday, the Sam Mendes-directed, John Logan-scripted, Daniel Craig-starring actioner had taken in $346.8M internationally But Hollywood now is betting that the worldwide total will be a gargantuan $500+M through Sunday – which can only be described as shaken, not stirred.

  • Skyfall Explodes With $515M

    ‘Skyfall’ Explodes With $515M Global As Biggest Bond With $90M Domestic Opening
    Sony Pictures, MGM, and Eon Productions just announced that Skyfall, the 23rd and biggest grossing in the James Bond film series, earned another $89.0M million this weekend overseas bringing the international total to $428.6 million. With this weekend’s $90M opening in the U.S. and Canada, the Sam Mendes-directed, John Logan-scripted, Daniel Craig-starring actioner now has an estimated $518.6M worldwide. Yowza!

  • Mendel

    Hi Guinness

    Yay! I was waiting for your review!!!

    “yey mendel!!! (I want to see it again and again!! I know what I want for christmas! Dan wrapped in a red bow. that’s it. ok, but this movie will suffice I guess. )))”

    Well, I’ll see what I can manage to get you – it might be just the red bow though… ;)

    “otherwise, dont like Adele’s song at all”

    I do like it, but realised, I had a case of misheard lyrics – I thought she was singing: ‘This is Skyfall, when you come home’ rather than ‘when you crumble’ – now that leaves me a bit disappointed (I liked ‘my version’ better…)

    “not sure why they needed it, but I guess Barb insisted? thanks Babs.”

    I think this was Babs’ present to us ladies…

    “Loved Dan’s moves…”

    So did I…oh, you didn’t mean those ones… *grin*

    I love the scene when he walks into the psychiatrist’s office – he has such a gorgeous smirk on his face!

    “BUT the scariest person in the entire movie was the french actress”

    Actually, you do have a point there…

    “how was it the second time?”

    Going on Tuesday – can’t wait for a second helping of Dan :)