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Vanessa Hudgens: Hurricane Sandy Celebrity Telethon Fundraiser!

Vanessa Hudgens: Hurricane Sandy Celebrity Telethon Fundraiser!

Vanessa Hudgens is casual chic while attending the Hurricane Sandy Celebrity Telethon Fundraiser at Fuse Studios on Friday (November 9) in New York City.

The 23-year-old actress helped answer phones and raise money, alongside Katrina Bowden and Lisa Ling.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Vanessa Hudgens

Later in the day, Vanessa was spotted watching the Dallas Mavericks versus New York Knicks basketball game at Madison Square Garden.

Earlier in the week, Vanessa was seen all dressed up with her boyfriend Austin Butler at Rolling Stone’s Top 25 DJ List party.

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# 1

FINALLY!! she looks gorgeous

# 2

why so flawless Vanessa??

# 3

she is naturally beautiful and needs no makeup to show it, and her outfit is so cute.

# 4

the fanboy tweets yesterday about Vanessa picking the phone at the Telethon Fundraiser, where hilarious, they love her!

# 5

ikr?! she is gorgeous

# 6

gorgeous as usual

# 7

Cutie is back.

# 8

last night i saw a twitpic, instagram, whatever and my reaction was “oh no, not the bun” lol but she actually looks so adorable, her face is so pretty.

# 9

i love her outfit! so cute and appropriate, it looks like her sister is in NY too, she posted a picture with Austin and Vanessa! they are adorable.

lol the infamous bun, Vanessa proves she can pull off the high bun!

So gorgeous! I love her pants and jacket, so well mixed

Vanessa looks great here and it’s great that while she’s enjoying herself in NYC she also takes the time to help out those who don’t have it easy right now.

She can pull off any look.. i love it!

im not a fan of the bun, but she could rock a bun with any outfit. I’m really glad she is helping. She is always helping really good causes. Bless her.

she looked so cute, hope she is having a great time in New York.

Call me french @ 11/10/2012 at 12:34 pm

She looks so adorable, the outfit it’s really cute and appropriate! And I love the fact that Vanessa is ALWAYS involved with charity and helping ppl that are in need, shows how sweet and caring she is.

i seriously love her jacket.

She looks great and is once again she is supporting a worthy cause. This is why I’m a fan.

she looks gorgeous here, she is glowing. Also does anyone know where I can get that shirt?

Call me french @ 11/10/2012 at 12:37 pm

Oh, tomorrow is the start of preparation for the 24 hour plays on broadway, right? and then, monday is the play… I’m so excited, and already hoping someone will record it and upload on youtube <3

@Call me french:
she is a really sweet young lady.

BBV is pretty

Call me french @ 11/10/2012 at 12:42 pm

@anney: ikr? she’s lovely, everybody that got to meet her says that she is really sweet and loving. Gina did a very good job raising her, and i love her for it <3

i thought the girl was her little sister. lol who is the girl? does anyone knows?

Just look at the time of the comments from the 1 to 20 just a minute or two apart. you people are a riot. why go this law to support pudgens. how many times did this person changed her/his name?

Vanessa’s definitely the most gorgeous disneystar.

idk, she is most like ex disney… lol

chchcherrybomb @ 11/10/2012 at 12:46 pm

@.: oh god, shut up! Go back to the posts of whoever you support and leave us here alone, supporting Vanessa, srsly.

@anney: i know, lol, but she is still the most gorgeous one

My girl looks flawless

@.: its nice to see ur a fan ;)

Love her. The haters from the other thread can get ******.

Call me french @ 11/10/2012 at 12:56 pm

The haters are funny, they come here, talk trash and then get all offended if we do the same with their idols….

Finally a V post! And i can actually comment here lol bc Jared always posts about V when im sleeping!

this is what a natural beauty looks like, and i’m glad she is out of the disney little world!

SORRY VANESSA FANS but i’m posting about other thing, If you want to see CHRISTIAN BALE AT THE ACTORS STUDIo please Like this page :)

She’s philipina. She has said this many times.

yes, she is filipino, and she is proud of her heritage!

@carma: I’m glad because I thought she was mexican.

@vienna: You are obviously pinay. So is “carma”, but arent you both the same person? Why do you guys change your names on page one and two all the time? Is it to make it seem like lots of random people are crazy about pudgie? Classic pumping, by the book i tell you!

yo no soy filipina, latina seria un termino un poco mas correcto si deseas referirte a mi “sangre”. por favooor .
Sos tan básico, triste y patético….

@Intric8: yes!!! Im not carma ok?? what a fool

she’s American, half filipino from her mom’s side, and Irish, Native American, Spanish and Chinese from her father. Maybe you confuse her with Selena, i think she said she has a little from a mexican, and sometimes people tend to confuse her with Vanessa. both beautiful exotic looking girls

@carma: So why would you say “im glad” about her not being mexican? Are you dinegrating your own race? What the hell is wrong with you? Quiere que ver el doctor? Que estas esperando conyo?

@carma: yes, very exotic lookin

You think Vanessa is a “natural beauty?”

Yeah okay. Some girls are naturally cute. Some use lots and lots of makeup.

i’ve never said i was glad about her not being mexican. LOL and im not mexican, not even close. And i don’t understand what you wrote there in spanish, it really doesnt make any sense.
Que es conyo y por que motivo tendria que esperar o esperarlo? porque tendria que querer ver a un doctor? Nada de lo que escribiste tiene sentido alguno, te juro que intente darle algun sentido, pero no.

I wonder if gina and greg ever thought their two little girls were going to turn out as fame.who.ring ho’s and hollywood bimbos

“carma” just to let you know, mexicans would never say “She is filipino and proud of her heritage!”, but a filipina using google translate into spanish or who can speak some spanish would definitely say something like that. Man you guys are into total shameless promotion of vanessa, arent you? Notice how you rush onto page one of a hudgens post to make sure all the comments glorify her? Its majorly fkd up, i tell you!

italian mom @ 11/10/2012 at 1:46 pm

Intric8 ahahah! you see! we must write in our native languages to fix the truth in your brain. Here and there you are saying that my English is good. Not perfect of course,but good. I’m very happy then. If you bother correct me you are always welcome!
I’m thrilled for theatre. I hope Austin can stay and check and scutinize everything during all reharsals. It will be great.

Ah, so you are filipino and took spanish class in high school. And you are in love with vanessa, why was that again?

Call me french @ 11/10/2012 at 1:47 pm

@A: Ashley tisdale clearly is in the latter category.
And nobody even said anything about Ashley, is, she is THAT irrelevant for us, so just stop comparing them, go back to Ashley’s thread and stop humiliating yourself and the Tizzies.

Haters Suck! @ 11/10/2012 at 1:47 pm

That’s my baby V. That is why I always have been and always will be her fan regardless of the crap her haters make up. In spite of what you try to make up Vanessa is a good person so go suck a d!ck.

Haters Suck! @ 11/10/2012 at 1:50 pm

Everybody want to drive the haters like intric8 crazy just keep leaving nice and positive comments. They can’t stand it when people are actually nice.

@Haters Suck!: By the way, vanessa seriously and honestly does not look as good as she used to. Her face and skin are looking quite different lately. But its great that she is helping a good cause, Kudos to the lovely katrina, and lisa for their help too. Katrina looked awesome at the VS fashion show!

chchcherrybomb @ 11/10/2012 at 1:52 pm

Why don’t you guys just get back to your idols thread? You guys must lead a sad life to actually have to hate on people you don’t even know in order to feel better for yourself ):

Each hudgens post must be fair and balanced. Free of deception and shenanegans.

you have problem dude. it’s really sad, i already told you im not mexican. Mexicans are the one who were born / live in Mexico, do you know where Mexico is? it is in America, im a latinamerican, im not mexican, lol. And everyone know Vanessa is filipino and she is proud of her heritage (she is always saying “im half filipino and im proud of my heritage”), Just as im half Brazilian and im proud of my heritage (that doesnt means i´m Brazilian)

Call me french @ 11/10/2012 at 1:56 pm

@Intric8: You’re a Zefron fan, right? I think I saw you on his thread… Not tryin’ to say anything by that, just wondering.

I love her

@italian mom: Hey, you are back to baroktok english. Make up you mind! So obvious that you are faking bad english! I think you like to make like italiano, no?

Intric* and A are two sad schmucks who have been on Vanessa’s other thread all morning. They both are mental cases who are obsessed with Vanessa. They seriously need help. Vanessa looks beautiful as always. Go V.

porque motivo voy a inventar ser latina cuando en realidad soy filipina? no jodas nene!! no soy filipina ni tengo una gota de sangre filipina. si tenes la mitad de las neuronas que decís que tenes solamente leyendo lo que escribo e interpretando vas a poder saber exactamente de que parte de America soy, que por cierto, NO ES MEXICO.
parece que tuvieras un problema de razonamiento, lo juro, sos tan basico nene.

@call me french anyone can find a horrible picture of any celebrity. But childhood photos are few, usually given by the celeb themselves, and so it doesn’t feature them ” caught at their worst moment.” That was Vanessa’s born looks, and those were Ashley’s.

And besides in Vanessa’s new movie, she does away with the make up and the hair and this is what you’re left with.×300/gimme_shelter_still_03_400x300.jpg

And there are plenty of BEAUTIFUL pictures of Ashley without makeup.

@italian mom wow, your english is suddenly suffering again? You were writing wonderfully earlier! Seriously, I agree with the rest of them, this isn’t convincing at all. Who are you actually?

@Intric8: @A. You nutcases belong together. Why don’t you go get ******?

Haters Suck! @ 11/10/2012 at 2:00 pm

God love you man. I’m not interested in getting into another pi$$ing contest with you. I’m here to support vanesssa and that’s what I’m going to do. So as usual if you want to play this game you’ll have to play with yourself.

Call me french @ 11/10/2012 at 2:02 pm

I find it very funny how these people are obsessed with conspiracy theories… Can’t Vanessa just have many fans? You are overanalyzing something so simple…

Haters Suck! @ 11/10/2012 at 2:03 pm

People don’t feed the animals. Watch, observe their habits, but don’t feed them. Just let them starve.

absolutely adore V, she is like that, helping people, she even brought supplies for relief after she came from Los Angeles, hate her but no one can bring her down. not hate at least!

@chchcherrybomb funny because you’re on my idol’s threads too you godda*mn stupid b!tch. Don’t like it when the tables are turned????????!!

@carma Vanessa wasn’t born in the Fillipines and yet you call her Fillipino? But in order to be Mexican you have to be born in Mexico? Uhm… My best friend calls herself Mexican, not “latin american” and she was not born in Mexico.

Call me french @ 11/10/2012 at 2:06 pm

@A: THEY ARE NOT CHILDREN ANYMORE, don’t care if ashley was cute back in the day, the fact is that she is NOT nowadays, ok? ok, As for Vanessa in gimme shelter, do you really think that she’s like that? Lol, they did makeup for her to look like that, and she had to gain 10 pounds for the movie, something I don’t hope you understand, seeing as Ashley’s projects (lol, THE project, actually, seeing as she only have 1) are so shallow that she don’t need to change at all. now go away.

@Haters Suck!:
That’s what we all should do, Im sorry about talking with Intric8, but i think he has a racial problem, i’m from latin america and he insist i SHOULD BE from filipina… ha.

@HS you’d know a lot about playing with yourself. It’s why you’re always on Hudgens posts, no? Hahahahah, I can already see Boji coming out of the woodworks to lecture me on taking things too far.

italian mom @ 11/10/2012 at 2:08 pm

Intric8 I wonder why my English was bad. I will discover.I admit I was translating word after word, but I’m in a hurry. Bye bye everyone!

chchcherrybomb @ 11/10/2012 at 2:09 pm

@A: obviously, since you were talking about vanessa there too, you are so obsessed with her that i bet you don’t even notice how much you talk about her… Nobody said anything about Ashley here, but you, just being you, HAD to bring her up.

Haters Suck! @ 11/10/2012 at 2:10 pm

God love you too. You can try and bait me into a fight all you want it won’t work. As I’ve said I’ve got nothing to say to you.

@call me french she’s not just cute nowadays she’s drop dead gorgeous. And fine, here’s another of Vanessa looking rough, and she has a face full of makeup:

I said to be a Mexican you should born / live in Mexico (or just love the country) maybe your best friend loves mexico (if you are brazilian, you dont call yourself mexican), i just know Acapulco, Cancun and Cabo, and that´s because i were there a couple of times with my friends on vacations, im NOT mexican, im from latin america, its like you and Intric8 have the same retarded brain. Vanessa is half filipino, we were talking about blood heritage.

@carma uhm, no, she was born in America but her parents are from Mexico. Loving a country does not make you from that line of heritage..

@chchcherrybomb actually YOU started it by saying that she wasn’t as successful or some bs. But either way, I knew you were a pudgens pumper and called you on it. I didn’t talk about Vanessa otherwise, just defended sweet Ashley.

Carma, Então você está dizendo que você é metade brasileiro e que a gordura é o orgulho de sua raça? que soa muito estranho e estou certo que você entende o que quero dizer. não é como ela é algum tipo de gostosa de qualquer maneira, não?

Carma, Então você está dizendo que você é metade brasileiro e que a gordura é o orgulho de sua raça? que soa muito estranho e estou certo que você entende o que quero dizer. não é como ela é algum tipo de gostosa de qualquer maneira, não???

@Intricc8: por que você está falando português?

@call me french she doesn’t look terrible there… and you’re choosing pictures in which she’s making terrible faces. I gave you a smiling, fully made up Vanessa Hudgens. You don’t know how to match that, so you come up with a picture of Ashley making some weird face, caught off guard by the paps. Leave her alone, she’s gorgeous and you know it.

I dont see her pretty. Even with makeup.

Call me french @ 11/10/2012 at 2:29 pm

@A: no i didn’t, sorry, but it was the 1st link that i found, lol, she doesn’t look terrible, but neither does vanessa, i still dont understand why did you came with the comparison, novody was talking about ashley, a VANESSA fan said that she looked beatiful with little/no makeup, what does that have to do with ashley?

@call me french it’s ongoing. Vanessa fans can’t stay off Ashley’s posts trashing her so now I just come here and promote her. An eye for an eye. I don’t think Vanessa Hudgens is ugly or anything, but when people say those things about Ashley I just give them something of their own idol to mull over.

Call me french @ 11/10/2012 at 2:37 pm

@A: It would be one thing if somebody said anything about ashley, then I wouldn’t think less of you for defending her, but its kinda stupid to defend someone when nobody is attacking her in the 1st place. I’m not saying this to be mean or anything, but when you do this, you come out as a pathetic fan, and I don’t know you, but I guess you’re not always like that, so, idk, maybe you shouldn’t be that defensive all the time, it stresses everyone out, including you (sorry for any grammar error)

Eu estava conversando com carma, não você. ela é brasileira. What im saying is this, if a half black and a fan of devin aoki, and someone thinks she is half korean, he would make a comment and say “actually, she is half japanese”, not “she is half japanese and proud of her heritage!” because it would be weird and smack of race promotion. Likewise, if i were german and someone else thought rihanna were algerian, i wouldnt correct that person and say “she is domican and proud of her heritage!” because its just so strange to do so. so why would this supposedly half brazilian “carma” race promote vanessa that way was what i was wondering.

@Intric 8:
A ver cuanto tardas en traducir esto. No soy de Brasil, mas tengo sangre de Brasil, y disfruto pasando algunos fines de semana en una de nuestras casas de ahi, tomalo como quieras. No solamente sos racista sino que difrutas haciendo comentarios dicriminatorios, sos tan basico y triste hahaha, das lastima. Tratas de enredarme o hacerme “caer” usando el “gordura é o orgulho de sua raça” PORFAVOR, si en lugar de solamente leer sobre un pais o tratar de buscar algo en google tuvieras la posibilidad de conocerlo y explorarlo, estoy completamente segura que te comerias tus propias palabras! sos demasiado basico. no odias a nadie, ni das clases de odio, solamente das lastima… y esos que hablabas de tener una inteligencia superior no?
Cant you make a better come back? hahahaha you are just a racist, do you think calling someone fat would make me angry? hahaha you are just a racist, and it is pretty sad. hahaha

because im a fan, and everyone here is a fan too. Because if you read or listen to an interviews about Vanessa and her blood heritage you could read or listen to her own words, HER OWN WORDS, Vanessa has said so many times she is half filipina and she is proud, as a fan i remember her words, and its not normal to me to talk with some racist guy who thinks you should be a filipinio to know Vanessa is proud to be one too.

@carma:you faked a conversation with yourself. You said its nice to find out she is filipino and not mexican. Then you race promote, and i am the racist? You are a psychotic fraud, and your not fooling anyone here.

Although I’m not a fan of the bun look on anyone (except maybe during gym time) it’s surprisingly fitting with this outfit. It’s heart warming to see celebs and those with “status in the community” helping others.

por favor!
just because you don’t know what to say, now “I was talking with myself!” hahaha you are just a racist. And now everyone knows it.
Y es realmente patetica la forma en la que siempre reaccionas, cuando no sabes que decir, la culpa es de los demas, Y TE LA DAS DE INTELIGENTE, no seas basico ni triste nene, yo ni soy filipina, ni hable nunca comigo misma en estos post, quien pensas que soy? vos? pensas que soy como vos? NUNCA podria caer tan bajo, nunca podria ser tan triste como vos. Sos patetico y acabas de demostrarlo.

Hahaha Poveda, i have you all figured out girl

lo dudo muchisimo, pero lo voy a admitir, sos divertido ahahaha por eso te sigo contestando, como esos muñequitos que solo sirven para que uno se burle de ellos. hahaha por mi, segui… siempre hahaha

@call me french, that’s fine. Think whatever you want about me. I think there’s something “up” with this group of fans on this site. They’re over the top, crazy, and they’ve insulted me and Ashley both one too many times. Now I just come around to mess with them. Yes it stresses them out. Usually, I’m unaffected though I will admit there are occasional times when I do get angry. They don’t typically last long, so this remains entertaining to me. I remind myself that I already KNOW I’m smarter than these people, and then their opinion becomes worthless.

She’s amazingly beautiful. Lovely. The bun looks amazing on her :)

She is looking great and giving back to the community. Try not to feed the pest maybe they will just disappear.

Here, lets keep it in english so others understand… U are a psychpthic fraud, willing to do anything to promote pudgie. Its so sad

loool, everyone here knows you are the psychopathic racist.
No podes refutarme nada nene… es imposible, como un fan yo estoy aca, vos? para “odiar”, no lo creo, porque lo unico que haces es dar lastima, ni isquiera podes odiar a alguien sin caer en insultos banales e inutiles, no servis. sos patetico, esta en tu naturaleza, y creeme, todos lo notaron.

When Vanessa made the movie Gimmie Shelter, she actually had on makeup to make her look worse. There’s actually a video of them putting on the makeup before shooting the movie somewhere on youtube. Here is a better picture of Vanessa without makeup and she still looks beautiful.

What’s peoples obsession with Vanessa’s heritage?
So what she has a mix of a lot of great countries in…. it does not define her. What defines her are her actions. And tonight she proved that she has good intentions.

@What! I wouldn’t call that beautiful. I actually saw those and was going to use one as my bad picture example but decided to play a little more fair and post one where she was wearing make up..

I’m over the bun but she looks so cute. I like her outfit.

@What!: Don’t bother. It’s not worth it. She has a superiority complex so big, and that extends to her idol. It’s just not worth arguing with her. They don’t know what to make of Vanessa’s fans, quite honestly. They think we are all the same person, or are Vanessa’s relatives. LMAO. Yup, it’s ok for Ashley to have fans, but shocking that Vanessa does?? Ashley’s posts hardly have any comments, yet A has to come here because we are far more interesting to debate with than her fans. Efron’s fans also come here to argue, yet if you check out the ongoing St Tropez thread , not one Vanessa fan bothers them and their gossiping. They are ridiculous in their accusations. I was being accused of googling, LOL, when in fact it was the middle of the night where I am. They are insane.

So, we just don’t care about them. All they do is drive up the number of comments, which brings us more news and pictures, as evidenced here. I think Vanessa looks very cute here, but more importantly, I love how she is always proving what a big heart she has. I don’t care if other celebs do, cause this is not about them, is it?


Well…. she looks pretty to me. You should learn to respect different opinions. What you say is not the law. Okay, you don’t like Vanessa. I respect that but don’t try to criticize her fans when they try to speak well of her.

LIBERTA !!!!! @ 11/10/2012 at 5:15 pm

some people talk bad about her !!! WHY ???? she have a good personality No drugs No drunk !! There are worse…

MoreThanWords @ 11/10/2012 at 5:40 pm

I think it is very commendable that Vanessa as well as other celebrities participated in the event. Good on them for supporting such a worthy cause. Go V!

hi Beautiful.

Vanessa bless your sweet heart! She looks just adorable with her hair in a mussy bun. Doing your bit for humanity, that’s the way to go. What a fine role model you are.

@Liberta she does drink… Not that it’s a big deal, but if you think she doesn’t, you’re sadly disillusioned.

Good for Vanessa for helping out and giving back. She looks happy..just gorgeous.

Pudge doesn`t look good without make up .Are you nuts ? She looks so watery and faded .Ashley looks so much better .

Vanessa looks gorgeous

and i agree with all of you, she always looks so fresh and great without makeup, Vanessa is gorgeous, a natural beautyy

The Trolls must have a love/ hate relationship. They’re always here on her threads. Outwardly they show hate but inwardly, they must be yearning for everything that Vanessa is. They accuse us fans of being blind worshippers but honestly, they are the ones never failing to post comments after comments in the hope of us fans replying to them. Vanessa is doing a good cause. Instead of supporting the cause, they just come to criticize and find fault with her appearance and they call themselves normal? It makes me sad to see human beings being so petty and superficial.
And if all I get are name calling retorts and attempts at taking cheap shots at me, it doesn’t matter as this thread is about Vanessa and the good she is doing with her celebrity status, not about me.

what happen to vanessa and austin all of a sudden. the PDA stopped and both specially austin looks out of place and bored. they doesn’t seem interested in eachother at all. its like they are just friends or something. where is that love they had for eachother? and why aren’t they hanging out alot with eachother like they did before. they seem to spend time apart alot. is there trouble in paradise?

@Lil: Geez, the comments on another thread were that the PDA was over the top. LOL. Keep in mind that Austin is in NYC for work, that may involve shooting different times of day. That explains why he is not always with her. Couples do not have to be together 24/7 either. I think they look just fine. But why worry? It’s their lives, and if they choose to go separate ways, they will. People should just butt out.

@ Lil, not at all. Austin is busy working on Carrie Anne Diaries. Their recent appearance of them showed them very in love. He kissed her head in one of the pics.

lol , If he cares to afford any time hanging out with Pudge ,I`m sure he can .You don`t shoot 24/7 .You have a schedule .And Pudge has been in NY a while .It seems to me they are trying to put some distance between them .Am I glad ?? You bet ! lol And about that kissing forehead , well , that was PDA .He was looking at the camera .period.

@maria well that was rude. you call yourself a fan? well guess what i am a fan as well and to me they look unhappy for some reason (to me it does) so as a fan i worrie why she isn’t happy. thats what fans do. they care about everything related to the celeb they love. and you call it bu#tting in? i remember you use to drool over zanessa. its wrong when i do?

@boji yes i saw that pic. i hate it when austin look at the camera. why does he do that? it automaticly make the kiss look so fake. he need to stop that. anyways i hope we get pics of them after all the shooting is over. i don’t care even if its everyday. i love looking at them. going to lunch , shopping and yoga and everything. i love how they do everything together. hope they last longer than zanessa. which i have a feeling they won’t. but we can hope for the better. i really think they are soulmates.

Happy to see the same debates continue. Vanessa looks adorable as usual!!!! While I am not an Austin fan… Why do you think she is in NYC? Come on! She likes Austin so I suppose we should like him too ;)

@Lil: Rude? Really? I was giving my opinion that they look fine. I guess I am more realistic, and understand that you can’t judge anything by pictures. Zanessa is long gone, and I only supported them while together, but not when he was an idiot. I don’t consider that “drooling”. She is totally capable of making her own decisions, so I don’t think you should be worrying.

Haters Suck! @ 11/10/2012 at 11:56 pm

People get pissed if they hold hands. Lord knows if they were to kiss people lose what’s left of their minds.


Why is this dime a dozen bum geting all these comments. She’s average looking. Gay girls can’t get enough of this b**ch. She looks like she’s been around the block 50 times. And didn’t the vulgar hag pose nude. eew.


Eeeew, plain. And such a big wide nose. Nothing remotely cute about this harsh looking bimbo. I bet the loser smokes too. And cuss like a sailor.

Kelly, speak for yourself. Don’t forget you are female too and some might just call you a Bi tch for bi tching about Vanessa. What she is doing is for a good cause and you lay claim to such credits? I think not, so don’t demean others for doing charity work.

I like the style, but she looks like need more time to sleep. Her face less glowing than usual. And enough with the over tanned, you’re already beautiful Vanessa.


Wow. So many races. Not one of them is black. Which is odd because she looks black. Are you sure she isn’t part Alien too?

lanasworld @ 11/11/2012 at 6:01 am

she’s cute . Not a fan of hers btw.

Horrible nails and shoes.. I can’t look at them..

Hmmm, I’ll bet pea-brain doesn’t know I don’t deliver babies, or do any kind of urological sugery. Some people really know how to look like fools! LMAO

@BOJI: So true. Sadly, the race issue is alive and well on her posts.


@A@Lil@kelly@laura@Intric8: Shut up!!! Do not come to this place if you don’t like her. ..and Oh my… Why do Zac From crazy fans always come to her posts and blame her?
His fans are really trash.

i think i have finally lost my senses. i have started talking from my a.s.s again. how stupid of me. i am so dumb.

i have no life what so ever . and i have no friends either . my family treats me like trash . to be honest i am trash so can’t blame my family either . so i come here and release all that anger i have . bashing vanessa is like therapy to me . i love her with all my heart , and i am obsessed with vanessa . its just that i am very jealous that zac use to have sex with her and i wan’t to be like her , i envy everything she is , i wish i get to have sex with him but i know he will never even look at me even if i pass by him . i am fat and very ugly person inside and out , so no guy is ever going to be interested in me anyway . it just hurts me that i will never be able to experience intercourse , hence i am depressed . and i just wan’t to kill vanessa because i think she’s the most beautiful thing ever . THE TRUTH


(me talking to myself here) i think i should keep my mouth shut this time and be careful with my words. cause i kind of got cought with my lies on that last post. (lie as in implying that she’s a nurse and hence get lot of sympathy here) i don’t want to crack my brains out again like i did yesterday while googling to find a answer to that question. i kind of pulled my eyeballs out at that moment. so i should be careful not to act all smart cause if by any chance someone would ask a question related to medicine and i will have to crack my brains out again to google the answer. and i do not want that again. if a question will be asked again, i can’t ignore it either cause then it will be evident that i am not actually a nurse and is ignoring the question to keep out of cracking my brains again. so what should i do? should i slowly stop posting with this name and start using another name or should i keep using this name? (thinking)

ok , I know that it was the bu tt shot who acted my dopleganger earlier .But I don`t think it`s him now considering that we are on pretty good terms .It`s pretty obvious who this is ? isn\’t it ? lol REPOOORRRT ! POLIIIIIICCCCCEEE! SHE`S GONNA CUT THE URETER !LOL

oops i think my multiple personalities are at it again. i called myself as SHE’S there but it should have been I’AM i think my brain really got heavily cracked yesterday while googling that answer that i can’t even get a simple pronoun right. i think i should call the real nurses here before my other personalities such as @boji @tina @and haters suck comes out. (actually i am a mental patient at a mental hospital myself and have interest in becoming a nurse when i get out from here. which will be never it seems as my multiple personalities are all out today)

Zac who? Oh, that guy with all the makeup on. And the plastic face with the tacky hair style. lol. Don’t make me laugh. Hahaha, somebody wrote this at another site, “Was anyone surprised to see that Vanessa Hudgens’ had a massive bush?” Real classy.

yes maria will need atleast 10 years of electric shock treatment to get away from all these multiple personalities she have LOL

She looks as cute as a pumpkin!

@kelly: Write as many stupid racist comments as you please. It only means we’ll get more pictures of Vanessa. Oh we fans tend to ignore racist idiots, so ramble on.

italian mom @ 11/11/2012 at 9:27 am

She have ??? She has I would say. Oh my Gosh!! Someone in need of grammar lessons! ohoh!!

Doppelgängers alert. As a matter of fact I know for sure Maria is a qualified nurse and yes she works with palliative patients( hope I said it right) nothing to sneer at. Have communicated with her and a few others so I should know better. She doesn’t have to prove anything to any of you. It is a profession to be respected and admired. Takes alot of guts to be a nurse. I have friends and classmates who are staff nurses and some of them are retired. Only ignoramuses will poke fun at them.


I’m not being racist. I’m stating a opinion. I thought she was part black. But you can’t accept that, now can you. Now go and dream about your average, vulgar looking woman. You must be a lesbian.

italian mom WHAAAT? you think i need grammer lessons? how about you go and get some lessons before you tell others ha? you write like a 12 year old and unless others here talk wanglish i don’t think anybody understand what you write. which i believe you do it by intention cause you clearly know how to write proper english. but want us to think you are from italy. aren’t you one of maria’s personalities? sure you are.

lol , I-am-not-so-good-in-english-Italian mama has forgotten her title .LOL she`s giving confident lessons in english to someone who i assume is from an english country .lol Aunty Korean V.agina has got it all messed up .She can`t fake this right .ll

@Rea: You know she is part Filipino right? That’s her God given tan. She has never been pasty white.

If and when any of you end up in a hospital, only then you will learn to appreciate a good and compassionate nurse,

As I have said in the pasr the saddest thing about racist is they never think what they say is racist. Smh

Not only racist but also homophobic.

@ me, you should be ashamed of yourself if English is your first language. Italian mom , as her name suggests lives in Italy and English is her second language. Her wisdom shows through despite her limited English and I understand her perfectly well. She improves as she posts onVanessa’s threads.
Keep it up, Italian Mom, don’t let the Trolls get to you. Your English is more refined and better than they can ever hope to be unless they change their attitudes.

boji is out. now wait until haters suck comes out. and maybe chelles to. i am just so sick of all these personalities. i don’t even remember which one is my real personality. i am thinking its maria but i am not sure about it.

@ Tina, I agree and Trolls are really retarded as they do not use all their mental faculties.

@boji why should i be ashamed? if italian mom ain’t good at it herself then she shouldn’t be giving others advice. go figure now

Having fun still, I see?! Doppelganging.

@me, when one learns a language, Practise makes perfect. I needn’t say more.

Korean V.agina is defending Pea-Dhal .lol this site is crazy .


You sound prejudice. Pasty white. Um, people can’t help it what color their skin is. Seems like pale people are discriminated against.


Well she has a huge wide mouth to be a pumpkin. Nothing cute about the turn-off. What happened to her top lip. Oh I forgot. She’s the joker.

@kelly: rotflmao. Isn’t that the reason for tanning? Sorry can’t turn it around on me. It’s your problem, not mine.

doplegangr keep it up.whoevr u ar.

@kelly: No, Kelly, no I mean the truth, no I mean whoever you were b efore you chnged ur nam I’m the joker, can’t u see the huge mouth and a.r.s.e. I have


@kelly: It’s not pale people who are discriminated against it’s people with a dearth of intelligence…like you. Not only are you racist but I’m quite sure the size of your jeans are bigger than your IQ. I put you in the same category as Intric8 although, I’ll even admit he probably has more intellectual horsepower going on then you have.

@BOJI: Thanks for having my back, Boji.  I don’t owe anyone, any explanations. I am being attacked as usual. I happen to have family visiting for the weekend, oh, but I suppose that’s not good enough. Oh, wait, I should be googling, right? When I responded at first, I told people I did not read all the responses, as they were all attacks, and frankly ridiculous. I just briefly touched on what stupid things had been brought up, and did not go into a lengthy clinical response, though I could have. There wasn’t any reason to. You don’t have to be a nurse to know Na and K are different electrolytes. Basic chemistry or biology would teach you that. But, if your mother or grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer, I could tell you they might give her dose dense Adriamycin/Cytoxan for 4 cycles, which will cause alopecia and will need antiemetics like Zofran for the nausea and vomiting, followed by Taxol and possibly Herceptin, if she is Her2 positive, for another 4 cycles, with Herceptin Q3weeks for a year. If she gets neuropathy, they may do weekly Taxol instead, or try gabapentin for symptoms. They may do Zometa for bone metastasis as well. These are things you would not know from a standard college Bio or Chem class. Only if you work in oncology. But some fools insist I am not who I say. Let them. It doesn’t bother me one bit. Just goes to show what we’re dealing with here.

@kelly: And despite how you little you think of Vanessa’s looks…let’s be honest….we all know she is assuredly better looking than you, wealthier and has undoubtedly dated men that are astronomically better looking than the one’s that you have come across.

@maria: you are in s battle of wits with the unarmed. It’s like pouring liquids into a sieve, a waste of time and effort.

@BO: And can you seriously step off and leave Maria and Boji alone. You seriously need to get on medication, you are getting nuttier and more incoherent as the days go by. By the year’s end you will be residing in a padded cell.

@BO: I know mental illness is nothing to joke about but you are ridiculous.

hey guys i just proved that i am obviously lieing. read my comment on 174 and then go read comment 512 on the post before this one. i just patsted the same comment i posted on that thread here. and thats because i am not really a nurse but pretending to be a nurse. i obviously googled the answer yesterday and i have forgotten the answer now and i don’t want to crack my brain again. so to ease things out i pasted the comment i made yesterday. if anybody here thinks i am really a nurse then they must have s.h.i.t for brains. (but the thing is the people who think i am actually a nurse are my other personalities. such as boji so that proves that i have s.h.i.t for brains as well and hence i have multiple personalities) if i knew the answer for real then why the hell would i paste it but rather write a new one. damn i am really losing it ain’t i? my whole game went wrong. my secret just came out from my own mouth there. thats why i said before from now on i should keep my f.u.c.k.i.n.g mouth SHUT

Haters Suck! @ 11/11/2012 at 11:27 am

Doppelgänger Maria
You’re out of your f**king mind.

@maria: Oh, BOBO, I did that cause you cowards ran off and didn’t read my response. So I REPOSTED it. Awww, so you read it twice. boo-hoo

@maria see what I mean. They know nothing. They follow whatever leader is on at the time. Like lemmings. Don’t waste time trying to explain anything to them.

yes i am nuts. how crazy is that that after i got f.u.c.k.e.d up with my own lies i am still trying to prove that i am actually a nurse. i am still at it arn’t i?

It’s quite obvious that 11/11/2012 11:18 is BO, same appalling spelling errors and lack of puncuation or meaning. Kindly step off now. Maria doesn’t owe you or anyone an explanation. It’s obvious that anyone with an ounce of common sense knows she is a nurse (specializing in oncology), has worked as such for a number of years and is quite knowledgable regarding treatment. She has been posting on Vanessa’s threads for some time.

@maria: I agree that the idiots really aren’t worth the trouble. They are cyberbullies that hopefully will get lost because no one really takes anything they post seriously.

Anything else you’d like me to go on about? Let’s see……so colon CA is one of our more widely treated diseases. We may use FOLFOX, which is flourouracil, oxaliplatin, leucovorin. First I access the mediport, which is a central access device, with a 20 G Huber needle, and dress with gauze and a tegaderm dressing. Then we start with magnesium and calcium drip to help prevent neuropathy, then do some antiemetics and a little dexMethasone, then a 2 hr drip of oxaliplatin and leucovorin, followed by another dose of mag-calcium. Then we do a continuous infusion via ambulatory pump for 46 hrs. Usually follow that with a dose of Neulasta to prevent neutropenia. They come in 2 days later to de-access the pump after a flush with normal saline and a heparin flush so the mediport doesn’t clot. If the mediport doesn’t give us a blood return, we have to send the patient to interventional radiology to have altiplase instilled and get verification that the line is still correctly in place near the SVC. If the pt has disease progression, we may go to FOLFIRI, which adds irinotecan to the regimen. So that is just one of the 35-40 infusions we do daily. Want to hear more??

L0VE YOU, maria. Do you think they understood one tenth of that?

yes people chelles here who is one of my personalities who i use to back up my clames and i use all my personalities to make it look like lot of people support me and believe i am a nurse but you know i am lieng and hence i am a mental patient

the only clame of excuse i have left is that i don’t owe anyone any explaination. how will i explain my self at the first place when i am making everything up and none is true and i don’t remember what lies i have said before to explain it either way. i should have thought about all this before i wrote down all of my personal info here hoping i would get some sympathy. how stupid of me. i should have known better. why am i so dumb?

Oh, come on, BOBO, did you run away?? Did I intimidate you?? Oh, please, I got lots more. Oh, and I had a great time at the Oncology Nursing Conference in May this year in New Orleans, and two years ago I went to the one in San Diego, which was my first trip to the west coast.

google does wonders

And, here come the”oh they’re all the same poster comments”. LMAO. Just for the record, I only post as maria, and I see no need to post as anyone else. Can’t say the same for BOBO and all her aliases and attempts at doppelganging. And she stinks at it.

Thanks Chelles and Tina!

Oh, BOBO, is that all ya got?? Google, seriously? You try and see how long it would take you to find out ALL that information I posted. Let’s see. MDS, or myelodyspastic syndrome, is a hematologic disorder we treat as well. Usually do about 20 Procrit or erythropoetin injections daily. Sometimes 20,000 units is enough to maintain a Hct over 12, but sometimes have to progress to 40,000 or 60,000 units weekly, or every other week. As the disease progresses, sometimes we need to do a transfusion of packed cells, and if that doesn’t keep the disease at bay, we usually start Vidaza infusions. Would love to give YOU an injection of an anti-hallucinatory drug. Not sure if it would help. You may be too far gone.

@maria: No worries.

And BO is as transparent as her spelling atrocities while the other idiots can’t even fake knowledge using low-tech info on Google. They are best ignored. It’s a shame we can’t stay on JJ punching and jabbing but unlike those haters, we have lives.

@chelles Vanessa is better looking and wealthier than her haters? Same goes for Ashley and YOU, you hateful little c*unt. You don’t know how to stay where you belong anymore than any of the so called “trolls” here so get off your godda*mn high horse and go somewhere else all together.

Btw I’m better looking than Vanessa. As a matter of fact I personally know a lot of people that I think are better looking than Vanessa. And then of course Ashley’s much better looking than Vanessa. Vanessa’s most likely got wealth on all of her haters, I’ll give her that, but wait, Ashley’s worth more money than Vanessa too, look it up. And she has more fans.

You lose.

all the googling i did DID pay off very well. i sound very believable. and my other personalities believe me as well. i am so proud at the moment. is this my 15 minutes of fame? but what i don’t understand myself is if i don’t owe any explaination to anyone here then why do i keep explaining my self over and over again. am i just asking for IT or what. am i that self conscious? how stupid of me is that.

Laughing so hard I have tears in my eyes. That whatsherface fan. Always good for a laugh.

Haters Suck! @ 11/11/2012 at 2:02 pm

Wow did you really throw the C word at someone and didn’t even hide it well. Geez you stay classy lady stay classy. And did that person even mention Ashley, don’t think so but you just had to go after her with that crap anyway.

L-M-ar se-O……BOBO is grasping!! I don’t just “sound believable”, I AM believable. Go google every single thing I said. It would take you hours to come up with all that, even if you knew what to look for. Why don’t YOU google psychiatric disorders, hun. You’ve got a few.

Oh, and I see Ms Superiority Complex is at it. “Oh, I’m prettier and smarter than all of you, and Jewish girls are prettier than anyone” and her idol is too. Please don’t poke the beast. Let her stay in her own little pink world, cause she’s like Peter Pan, who doesn’t want to grow up and see that her opinion is not the only one in the world.

Amanda.Von @ 11/11/2012 at 2:46 pm

Vanessa is wearing the Rita Jacket by Acne. Its sold at Barney’s.

@hs uhm I wasn’t trying to hide what I called her. I’m a girl I can use that word whenever I want to. And I said what I said because chelles is a troll on Ashleys posts but feels she is somehow more moral than the nonfans on vanessas post.

@Maria when did I say jewish girls are prettier than everyone? What I said was I’VE always found jewish girls to be exceptionally beautiful. What’s wrong with that? I do really like the look, I think its beautiful. Ashleys half jewish. She’s beautiful.

Haters Suck! @ 11/11/2012 at 3:30 pm

I don’t care who you are you shouldn’t call anyone that word. Is there anyone who isn’t a troll on Ashley posts? You’ve pretty much accused everyone of doing it. You may think you and Ashley are better than everyone else but you’re not. Your word is not law.

Wow never heard that one. Being a girl allows you to have a foul mouth. She’s just getting more and more hilarious. So glad she’s whatshernames fan.

@A: You either lied about changing your name on here or you need to reread the comment @chelles wrote. Nothing in her comment implies or suggests she’s referrring to anyone other than @kelly directly; the only way that comment was referring to you was if you were @kelly.

@intric8 where are you man? did you see the pics where pudgies sucking on to that lollypop? somebody need to put some in pudgies durty mouth. she must be a good sucker. BJ queen.

btw what the hell is with that horrific looking nails she got there. pudge looks like a street hoo.ker.
pudge can’t even hold the lollypop right without breaking those fugly nails. this chick has some serious issues. she’s trying too hard to look sexy.

@A: At least I’m not a pathetic troll who finds it necessary to post under a barrage of fake names right Kelly or are you going by “A” now? DId you mean to out yourself as a liar or are you really that clueless? I vote that you really are that clueless. I actually feel sorry for you because in your case jealousy is a disease and you are so bitterly jealous of Vanessa that I fear that your brain is starting to atrophy. Why do you keep on bringing up Ashley Tisdale? Nothing against her, but I’m not interested in her…she’s kind of irrelevant to me and to this thread. I just care got it?

@AG: I mean I just don’t care about Ashley or you for that matter.

@.: And stupid people don’t realize she had those nails done for a nail event. She would never do that for every day.

And once again, Ms Superior Racist, Jewish girls are not prettier than anyone else. Such ridiculous generalizations.

@A: Why don’t you just post your tirade on one of Tisdale’s threads. Then you would be preaching to the choir. I’m a supporter of Vanessa Hudgens that is why I am here.


It’s a very odd thing to compare Vanessa and Ashley, I mean not only are they different ages but also very different people with different goals, it would be better to compare them to others their age BUT if you feel the need how about we look at where Ashley was when she was Vanessa’s age, it must have been around the time they were doing promo for HSM2, and Vanessa have had several movies out already, hmm, well, that pretty much says it all if you look at how far each of them have come in the same period of time, thanks a bunch A for giving us even more reminders of how far Vanessa have come and how impressed we should be with her accomplishment, and just image when she’s Ashley age how even further she will have come then, the same thing goes with their wealth (since that seem to be more important to you then have a good carer and a happy life).

You know we didn’t really need more reminders as to why Vanessa is someone you should be a fan of, but sometimes it’s nice to be reminded.

OMG, they are like a chicken with it’s head cut off, begging their leader to return. Really pathetic.

She looks good..though i don’t like her nails :/…..
How do the haters manage to insult her on a post about her doing charity surprises me…And how some of them try to compare her with their idols who are completely irrelevant also surprises me… It’s seriously pathetic how some of them(haters) post so many comments on a person they hate (and those who say it’s a payback are more pathetic)…I don’t think she ever hurt anyone of them or said anything bad about their idols…So why???…. And name calling is so immature…. If you don’t like her don’t comment and “waste” your time…. It doesn’t make you better than her writing awful comments about her….

@e i agree with you…Vanessa is doing much more different things from Ashley…..And on the beauty thing i don’t think that anyone can compare them…They have different looks….Vanessa has a Filipino look while Ashley the Caucasian look… It’s a matter of taste…And I actually like Vanessa more after i decided to comment on this site…

@e: How true, e. That’s why comparisons are pointless and unfair. But some people just can’t understand. One is brunette, one is blonde. One is older, one is younger. One is in TV production, one is working on a movie career for now. Some think Vanessa is more beautiful, others don’t. We can NOT change minds or our tastes.

Hi Vanessa love you so much!

No Maria, you are not googling, you are using a Mercks manual and/or consulting with your oncologic nurse pal. 35-40 infusions a day, 10 hour days and you still find the time to dwell on a Hudgens post 24/7? Is it a clinic or hospital setting? So is it “hurry up and sit down, let’s get this course of chemo started so i can get back to my Hudgens post again!” kind of situation with you and patients that come there? That is a very high workload environment (35-40), you must carry on like a robot with absolutely no patient care skills whatsoever, but Boji says it’s all “palliative” efforts there which is also complete nonsense. Most efforts are curative with chemo, even though the prognosis may not be good. Palliative, efforts are much more utilized on the RT and pain management route, not chemo. What, you want to relieve pain associated with cancer by making them feel even sicker and have their hair fall out and put in more distress? Tell me something, how many RN’s are spread out with your 35-40 workload/day?

how popular am I ? Even when I am no where around the site these people ca\’`t help but talk about me ! specially Pea -Dhal.

oh dear me. i am seriously going to get f.u.c.k.e.d up now. what should i do? should i come with a different name or should i call my nurse pal or should i go thrue mercks manual. this guy ain’t gonna leave me alone without a fight. i am so scared right now. i think my multiple personalities are at it again. god help me.

@intric8: We have 6 nurses scheduled for the day, one doing triage. We are an out pt clinic, but hospital based. Not all infusions are chemo, as we are also a hematology practice. Some are iron, like Ferrlicit, Venofer, or Infed, some are biphosphonates, like Zometa or Reclast for boney mets or osteoporosis, some are simply for hydration post chemo. We have 25 chairs and start around 8:30 and go until 6 p.m. As I previously said, I work 3 days a week now, having worked 4 days a week til this month. If you look back, if I am at work, I only post on my lunch break. I do not have access while at work, nor do I have a minute’s time. Most of our tx’s are curative, but sadly we do have many that are palliative. Palliative chemo works quite well for a time, but when tumor markers and scans come back positive, tough choices have to be made. Navelbine is one drug we use often in palliative care these days. Hospice decisions are tough for families, but we have wonderful ancillary servies in our setting, to help families deal with those decisions. It is also extremely difficult for us, as we become very close to our pts. They spend a lot of time with us, and some have been with us for years. We have great successes, but we lose some of our pts as well. Let me just say, it is not easy, but beyond rewarding.

You don’t have to believe anything I say. But that’s your choice. Doesn’t bother me. You’ll never know who I am, nor will I ever meet you. My job is a difficult one, so I do need mindless time doing nothing, like now. Vacation is over, so back to work tomorrow. Believe what you want, but I think you know I am being totally honest. I have no need to lie to strangers who I will never know. Boji is the only one who knows who I am, because we connected years ago here, when first defending Vanessa.

this is just a guess. but i think maria might have been a nurse long time ago but is out of work for a very long time. and she clearly do not remember what she learned at her nursing courses and is going thrue a rough time to prove that she is still a working nurse. but she obviously isn’t. thats why its taking her load of time to go thrue whatever the books or googling she does to get a proper answer. so clearly the bi*tch is lieng.

@intric8: A MERCK manual would not give you the information I have given. And sorry, I AM the oncology nurse. None of my friends are, except those I work with. We are all OCN certified, BTW.

@yets hmm thats what it looks like

@yets: Oh, please. Unlike you, I have a life. I do cook dinner, watch football on Sundays, and do not need to google or lie. I don’t spend every minute here waiting for your responses. Unlike you, “yets”.

Ahh, Intric8, why feel the need to put down Maria? Have some respect for her profession. She is what she says she is. She is a qualified Nurse, not a doctor. I think what you are doing is pointless. You spend a lot of time doing research or googling yourself but don’t expect others to do the same. Hospitals and clinics will not survive if not for nurses like her. Trying to be one up or trip her is as good as trolling.
I have 2 family members who have cancer , one has been through chemo and radiation and one is too old. Both have been in and out of hospitals. Now they have gone to alternative treatment, some would call it quantum physics. Have you heard of bio resonance? Go google it then.Both seem to be faring well from this treatment. I am also using this treatment for my ailments as I find modern medicine has too much chemicals in them and an operation is not always the answer.

@yets: Oh, and what is it that I don’t remember from my “nursing courses”? Do you realize how stupid you sound??

You know some one is trying to stir things up. I see a lot of names who are Vanessa supporters , but the things they say is highly suspicious. Doppelgängers alert!!! Yets is not Yets. Maria, ignore that Imposter.

@BOJI: So true, Boji. But actually, a few of my most recent patients, who I had teaching sessions with, were in their 90′s. Unbelievable. And they are both doing quite well. They are dose-reduced for their age, so their side effects from chemo are minimized. In these cases, the chemo is palliative for them, to prevent growth of tumors which may cause symptoms, but may not be curative.

yets i am very sorry. i am clearly lieng there. whatever you said on your comment is the truth. eventhough i keep dening it i really do spend my whole day on hudgens thread but what happen was that sinse 2 days ago me and my multiple personalities have been at hard work trying to prove others that i am indeed a working nurse. but you do understand that i am not. so because of that i haven’t been able to comment much as i have been busy cracking my brain while searching for answers. as you see it takes a lot of time to come up with a believable answer.

just remember don’t believe it when a reguler commenter here tells you that they doesn’t reload this thread every second of the day or that they don’t live on this post cause they do. and its very evident as well. i hope you got what i mean.

yours trully maria <3
i love you yets.

@BOJI: I knew that wasn’t OUR yets. These people are that desperate to resort to doppleganging.

@hs go check tisdales latest thread then. You WILL find chelles. And yes I’ve accused plenty of Vanessa fans of being Ashley trolls because I’ve seen them there!!

@Abbi no and no. I’m not kelly and I don’t need to reread chelles comment either. I saw who it was addressed to. Her points were still hypocritical.

@chelles no c*unty I am no one but A. I’m not here under a bunch of different aliases JUST A. Only pudgens losers feel the need yo rally fake support.

Vanessa and ashley should be compared to girls their on age THEY’RE THREE YEARS APART **** FOR BRAINS. Can I ONLY compare Ashley Tisdale to other women who were born in 1985 exactly because that narrows it down a lot. They’re in the same age range. And Maria you poor senile nursing home patient, Ashley does production ON TOP of movies. She isn’t a one trick pony like Vanessa. And why can’t you compare brunettes and blondes? Wtf does hair color have to do with ANYTHING and why in the world does it mean so much to you??? Hair color doesn’t have anything to do with beauty. FACIAL beauty os what I’m looking at. And saying that I find jewish girls to be very beautiful in general is NOT racist you poor sick in the head woman. Its a compliment! Sweetheart, dearest, darling, you are clearly the mental PATIENT not.the nurse.

@maria, the treatment I speak of actually shrinks tumours. Have encountered many cancer patients at the centre who claim they feel much better. The origins of this treatment is Germany but there are 2 centers here, one has German eqipment and the other Russian. My hubby and I attend the one with the Russian equipment more for general health care and because it is cheaper. If it can help anyone at all, I don’t mind sharing information.

Oh, and just so I’m not accused of leaving to google or consult a Merck manual, I do have things to do before bed.. Good night! And like I said, believe what you want. Doesn’t bother me one bit. I find it very amusing to see all your foolish attempts to prove me a liar.

BTW, intric8, I don’t even own a current Merck. Had one back when I was in college, but it’s all outdated. Especially in oncology. It changes so rapidly, with new drugs and new regimens being approved all the time. Haven’t looked at one in years, as a matter of fact. We stay current in our practice with pharmaceutical updates weekly and attending CEU offerings, not consulting an outdated med-surg manual.

@BOJI: We don’t do alternative medicine, obviously, but do know some pts who do both. I think it’s definitely up and coming, but I do advise caution. I am so happy it’s working well for those you know! I’m sure we will hear more about these therapies soon here, but Boston is a medical mecca, and not all about alternative therapies yet.

@maria: A MM would not give specifics about patient load and the management of patients in a particular clinic, but it is very specific about the management of many types of conditions. WTH maria, do you even own one? Flip through and look up hodgkins for example and you will see the detailed typical management of that lymphoma including Rt and chemo. Also, you cant say “most of the patients in our clinic are curative but many are palliative”‘ – it would mean few are considered palliative. You are right though, i dont care, its impossible to prove if you are one or no, and this is all about someone just being a nurse anyway, not like its a job that takes real brains to pull off. Nevertheless, its hard to fathom an older person like you with a busy sched being so ridiculously starstruck over someone like pudgens, thats the weird part – unless you volunteer in her fan club on your 3 days off, in which case i would spend quality time with my family than waste it cheerleading here.

Boji, i havent googled a damn thing. You think im gonna burn part of my day researching stuff to dispute someone like maria? This is all off the top of my head, and im not kidding. If younwant to portray maria as mother theresa, tell her to quit her job and make room for thousands in line who would love to take her place. Hello, do you know how many available RNs there are presently and coming up? Do you know the volume of peeps who have crossed professions over the last couple of years and gone into hospital based work? There is a wave of available workers near.

@maria: Thats why they have recent editions, dumb dumb. Its continually updated. Whats wrong with u?

@maria, have met walking testimonies who have sworn by alternative treatment. Met him in a health store. Saw he had wires coming out of his tshirt and pants. Told me in a hoarse voice that he had final stage lung cancer and was coughing blood just 6 months back. No cure and he sought alternative help, only 29 yrs old. When I saw him, he was feel much better, not coughing up blood and was hoping to go back to work soon. He shared with me his treatment. I have the contact but have not chosen to pursue it as I am attending another centre. When all else fails, it is about the quality of life and not quantity. I lost one of my classmates a month ago, radiation nailed her coffin. Her tummy bloated, had water retention, couldn’t eat or drink. She died from weakness.

Lets just say that maria use to be a nurse but she is obviously out of work and have been for a very long time

@BOJI: If maria would just say what she should be saying, those alternative therapies should be used as an adjuvant treatment if at all, the primary option should first and foremost be traditional medical and scientific. Dont ever encourage someone to seek otherwise boji, there are far more testimonies with people who threw their lives away relying on shark oil pills or healing touch. Together is fine, especially if helps keep them positive and optimistic.

@ Intric8, must be a boring night so in need of some brain stimulation. I’m sure there are better sites where you can stretch your grey matter. : )

@A: You are referring to me as c* unty? Speak for yourself. LOL, you are one miserable and obviously certifiably crazy little trollop. Honey, you aren’t worth the dirt underneath my Manolos.

As I have indicated numerous times, I don’t post on Ashley’s posts so why don’t you enlighten me on which post you are referring to? I don’t dislike Ashley nor would I waste my time and energy on her threads as a troll. I’m certainly not going to denigrate her the way you do Vanessa. What purpose would that serve? Dealing with you is akin to dealing with a 2-year old or someone with borderline personality disorder. …it’s fruitless and not worth the effort. I suspect that you have real issues that goes beyond a imaginary rivalry between Ashley and Vanessa.

long ago , when I first came in to the site Pea Dhal said something of her being a therapist .Suddenly she`s a nurse .I`m trying to find that post .

@Boji Intric8 is clearly intelligent… I don’t know why you guys want to insist everyone here that doesn’t come to sing Hudgens’ name in praise is a moron.

@ Intric 8, quantum physics, me lad. I’ve seen what chemo and radiation does to people first hand. If you’re young and fit by all means use modern medicine. I have had surgery which I think did more damage than good. Have you heard of qi gong? Well, it is all abt using ones internal energy to heal oneself. I do believe in it. Also have a relative who practices and swears by it. I have stopped practising it as I’m told I have too high an internal energy and could self heal but I really haven’t mastered it yet. Had to attend a course for it and I must say was impressed by what I saw and felt.

@Chelles LMFAO Yeah, I’m so sure you’re decked out in 1000 dollar shoes while you type this. Lying dumb@ss.

So is A, i know this girl is a real intellectual by the way she constructs her arguments but she chooses not to bring up her profession just as a way to validate herself to further validate pudgie like some here do. Morethanwords pulled the same stunt before as well. That is the crux of the whole matter with fans here, the constant feigning, posing, cheap plugging, multiple ids to generate faux support, etc. Its so silly like kids stuff, but i guess thats what her fans are like.

@Chelles, anyone who uses such foul demeaning words does not deserve a response.

@A: LOL, oh honey if you only knew. Kindly f*ck off now…Mkay? I’m not the liar…you are right Kelly? SMH and laughing at you.

One person fanning another’s ego and having it reciprocated means you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours. I’m dissappointed in you, Intric 8 , you do not need that.

Haters Suck! @ 11/11/2012 at 10:12 pm

Man these people are so full of themselves it’d be funny if they weren’t serious. Haters honestly think they know everything about everyone. Like I said you can’t fight crazy.

where\’s Pea Dhal ? She has gone away , probably to cut a ureter .LMFAO

@BOJI: boji, you are completely missing the point. Consider a pre-cancerous in situ breast condition. 5 rem over 5 weeks and it is essentially cured with redness and discomfort and maybe some moist desquamation along the way, but empirically the results are absolutely established with probably 90 probability of being disease free 20 years later. You mean to tell me you are willing to roll the dice due to some radiotherapy discomfort and go with a sea algae concoction based on a testimony froma stranger at a grocery store who is peddling it for a profit to begin with? Boji listen to me, you better be very, very careful.

@Intric8: Are talking about me? I don’t give out that info on gossip blogs…why should I? Why would I care what you or that nutjob “A” think about me? Think about it, we’re on a gossip blog.

@haters Suck, good evening, me lad! Hope things are fine with you. Am off in a short while to catch up with friends for a tete a tete.

@<a href="/2012/11/10/vanessa-hudgens-hurricane-sandy-telet@Haters Suck!: hon-fundraiser/comment-page-10/#comment-25949288″>BOJI: You are right, you can’t fight just doesn’t work. Normally, I would ignore these losers but hey if I’m here and I they are going to attack me and Vanessa who is the reason I’m here on this thread anyway…well..I’m going to snap back. But LOL, at these people who get so bent out of shape. It’s a gossip blog.

@ Intric8, I’m not about prolonging my life. To me it is all about quality and what I do with it. I have no qualms with death. I’ve seen enough around me to know what I’m talking about and that is why I choose to stick to being positive about life and everything else whilst I’m living the remainder of my life. To me death is only a transition and not an end of life.

@Chelles omfg you’re disgusting. And no, for the second time, I insist I am only A, not kelly, not anyone else. You’re insistence will never make it true. You’re not Blair Waldorf sweetie, change your attitude.

@Intric8 But what’s so weird is these fans are like three times my age! A sixty year old woman idolizing a 24 year old girl is just odd! Shouldn’t your idols be closer to your own age?

@ Intric 8, not talking abt all those you mentioned, sea algae, hahaha. Change your mind set will you? Have an open mind. Seek and you will find. Ask and it will be given. I believe very much in these two sayings.

@A: I think Boji has a personal stake in vanessa, and im also worried about her acceptance of death, like shes completely cycled through kubler-ross already. Am i missing something about her condition?

@A: I’m going to assume you are in high school right? I think we’re done here.

@BOJI: Jesus. You cant think that way being a health care professional. Its negligent and unethical. As a patient you can be afforded that lattitude, but it is not practical thinking. As a religious zealot, i would completely understand the position. Remember though, you have an obligation to your family as well, who may not be so eager to see you whisked away in a tunnel of glorified light the way you envision it happening. Think about others in your decision making and desire to remain on earth, didnt christ advocate that as well? I dont know because im agnostic.

@intric8 Maybe Boji is like… a great aunt?

*a Great Aunt to Vanessa I mean.

@Chelles: if A is still in HS, she is destined to be the ceo of a fortune 500 someday, mark my words

@Chelles no c*unty I’m in college.

@A: Oh really? Umm okay…….oh well, .sweet dreams Kelly or is it Kate?

@Chelles now I’m Kate too? Wtf is Kate I haven’t even seen that name here.

@A: Keep it classy.

@A: Yes perhaps, or an extended relative of vans mom somehow? Hey, i would understand more and even cut her some slack if she just dished, but until then im still perturbed by the situation

@Intric8: That’s good because, she’ll need the salary and bonuses to cover her extensive therapy bill.

ok Pea Dhal , here`s part of my term test paper .you should be able to answer them .


1.which pair has a compound without N and compound with P ?
*casein/chitin *albumin RNA *cutine/RUBP* glycogen/collagen *ATP PEP the correct statement regarding DNA .
*two antiparallel plolynucleotide chains prsent . *structural changes in DNA causes mutations .*H bonds between N bases make the two strands stable . * 40% cytosine and 10%of adenine presnt .* adjacent nucleotide are bonded with each other by a strong between base and PO4 3- groups .

3.mismatch response between organelle and funcion
*golgi- glycolipid synhesis * SER- lysosme production *ribosome- proteinsynthesis * peroxysome- alcohol detoxification *centrioles -collecton/organisation of microtubules the incorrect statement rgarding enzymes
*globular protiens and active in aqueous medium *enzyme doesn\’t change the equilibrium of reaction * enzyme specificity is explained by lock key mechnism * synthesis of enzymes takes place in G2 phase * enzymes of bacteria living in hot springs are active even in that tempaerature

5.correct statement
*blood clot coveirng human wound mainly contains fibrinogen *fibrous cartilage is in the nose * higest percaentage by weight of compact bone is organic part *motor nerve is compose of axon * all granular WBC occupy clear lobbbed nuclei

@A @intric

@boji ain’t no aunt to pudgens. boji is pudgens mother gina guangco pudgens.

i must say it as well. you both are very smart. i hope you guys achive big things in the future. glad i even got to talk to you guys. its good arguing with these nutjobs. experiense never go out of hand. we will have better handling with the mental cases like this in the future thanks to boji and maria

Holy @BO aunty maria is done and done. if she will ignore answering your question then we can assure pea brain is lieing.

Haters Suck! @ 11/11/2012 at 11:09 pm

If the sun comes up tomorrow we can assure you’re a dumba$$.

6.what vaccine doesn`t contain microbial antigens
*polio *antirabies * hepatitis B * triple * BCG

7.incorrect statement
*microbial virulence depends on invasivenss *enzyme Lacithiase responsible for invasivenss * Phospholipase is an extracellular enzyme produced by pathogens *realtioship between host and pathogen is dynamic * virulence of chicken pox virus is less

8.incorrect statement
*nutrient agar is a liquid culture medium *potato dextrose used to culture fungi *glucose is added as the energy source * microbes do not decompose agar easily *sterilization is by moist heat

9.correct regarding Necator americanus
*caudal bursa is in the posteriour end of female * L3 larvae shed twice in the small intestine * infected by human faces and polluted water *female worm produce L1 larvae after internal fertilisation *main food of adult worm is organic matter in large intestine

@BO: Clumsy brain failed to point out the extremely obvious and catastrophic difference between administering potassium chloride instead of simple ringers. One day she’ll flush a catheter with it by accident and induce an MI, or infuse 40 meq instead of just 1meq because she doesnt know how to convert in mg or doesnt know the diff, or bolus inject the prescribed amount in 5 seconds instead of an hour because her patient is “borderline hypokalemic, so i thought he needed it faster!” and end up big hospital incident report on her hands

oh poor me, what am i going to do now. i knew this was coming. i should have kept my mouth shut but clearly i can’t. if i ignore this i will get caught with my lie. back to googling. my brain is already cracking. this ain’t good for my mental health (not that i have a good one already but whatever)

@yets sweetie i forgot to tell you that when i say that i skip lot of comments from the haters without reading it because i think they are pointless, thats a big lie. i carefully read each and and everyone of them. and i get so pissed that half of the hair in my head is gone due to me pulling them out while being pissed.

and i am not sleeping either. i am very well awake and is googling the answers to @BO’s questions. oh god my brain is cracking up again. wait a sec i need to pull some hair out emmediatley


1.write short notes on
*water pollution *intercellular unctions *synapsis

2.what is alternation of generatons .Explain using life cycle of Nephrolepis .
explain the develpment of megaspore of the sporophyte of Angiosperm to the female gameophyte .

3.describe the life cycle of Wucheraria Bancrofti .
name the diease and symptoms .
measures to prevent it and treatment .

4.uses of skeleton to animals .
state the human features in the vertibral column and explain the importance of those featurs .
describe briefly the stru
cture of typical vertebrae and explain how it differs from Atlas vertebrae and reasons for the differences .




1.write short notes on
*water pollution *intercellular unctions *synapsis

2.what is alternation of generatons .Explain using life cycle of Nephrolepis .
explain the develpment of megaspore of the sporophyte of Angiosperm to the female gameophyte .

3.describe the life cycle of Wucheraria Bancrofti .
name the diease and symptoms .
measures to prevent it and treatment .

4.uses of skeleton to animals .
state the human features in the vertibral column and explain the importance of those featurs .
describe briefly the stru
cture of typical vertebrae and explain how it differs from Atlas vertebrae and reasons for the differences .



BTW Maria, aren’t you concerned about Boji’s thinking today, being that you are a health care professional and a personal friend of hers? I’m tellin you, she has me concerned and i am not joking around.

@intric8 wow man you are so intelligent. if you don’t mind me asking, how did you get so smart? are you a doctor or something?

its fine if you can’t answer.

Bu tt , do oncology nurses give physcotherapy to cancer patients in your country ?

Vanessa is gorgeous

she is just so pretty! i love to read so much love here, Vanessa´s fans are the best fans ever! <3

haven’t it still been obvious that i am not actually a nurse? i mean come on guys its so obvious that all my answers are made up thrue serching than making all of them by my own intelligence. i can’t even get a simple fact right. such as the things my dear friend intric8 mentioned. i am faking it guys. mentally insane tend to do so. hence i am one.

dear me I forgot the structured essay part .


structured essay
1.*controling centre of heart and loction
*reason for stimulation of pressure receptors o aortic arc and crotid artery
*importance of homeostasis
*how are hepatocytes arranged in liver and 3 materials produced in them
*explain hepatic sinusoid
*role of liver in glucose metabloism
*write and describe functions of 6 parts of male reproductory system
*what\’s the hormone
1.prliferation stage of uterus
.secretion stage of uteus
4.development of primary graphian follicle
5.fomation of corpus lutiom
*whatis cogenesis and exolai what happens in 3rd stage



lol , Pea Dhal might never have thought there`s a doctor -or are you a medical student Bu tt shot – is in the site .Someone who knows better than her .lol she would never have done this if she knew .Poor Pea .lol I`m never gonna drop this .

@VEE @camille why are you fuc.king bit.ches so obsessed with faking the fact that sl.ut pudgens is so famous? both you bit.ches are the same person. look at the time of the comments. you bit.ches are insane. why go this law? making pudgens famous on this site isn’t going to help her get some class or work for that matter.

@intric8: I’m impressed but at the same time worried. For some one with your obvious intelligence to be such a racist blows my mind. The rest are like lemmings. They waited for you like children waiting for their father. You not only spout racist views but encourage them in others. If you are an indication of what to expect in the future, I pity the world my grandchildren will inherit.

@BO just remember never drop this. pea brain need some real lessons to be tought. keep asking her questions. i am going to enjoy this very much. just think aunty pea’s brain must be on fire right now.

dotty ikr .I was loking for an opportunity like this .I`m gonna keep asking questions .I might have to dig up all my term test papers though `cause I don`t remember a thign .Thi is gonna be so cool .Anyeay i wanna know whether oncology nurerses give physchotherapy to cancer patients .
`cause on day she said she was doing that

@BO: They dont do so in any country Bo, that is an entirely different referral and expertise altogether. Group support is mostly utilized and the nurses may assist in setting it up. They may be tasked to run it but it is a management-of- problems based advice sort of thing, like any group help, but an occupational therapist is often tasked for that sort of thing. For maria, if she is for real, its inpatient-outpts coming in throughout the day, new consults if they do any there, getting hooked up, checking for reactions especially if they are new or based on the type of drug, their hematology side operation stuff, then sending them off if they are outpts or calling for transport if they are inpts, and all in between she is presumably charting like a maniac given their patient load, and whatever leftover time in between is seemingly hitting the Hudgens posts on JJ and skipping lunch. She can correct me if im wrong.

hahaha all you dummys out there should pay attention to me. I’m so STUPID that I don;t know how to spell words correctgly and I like to make fun of others because I knwo they are better than me. but i’m going to continue making fun of others even though I’m to stupid to use good grammar, spelling, or even proper english

then clearly she is no nurse . she said to me long ago that she gave pshychotherapy or something to some cancer patients .Aunty Korean V.agina was full of praise for her .lol Clealy she was andala .

@tina: Please dont characterize them that way. You are just doing that to make them feel resentful toward me and create animosity. It is a cheap trick. A and Bo, you read their comments well even though they are emphatic or counterpointing you and you KNOW they are intelligent. If you cant see that they are smart, then you are not smart.

Bi*ch Vanessa fans suck. Filipino women suck. They all look the same. They all have smash faces, flat noses. And those losers eat all kinds of disgusting foods. So there Hudgens butt kissers. From the looks of it, there only seem to be about 6 people here worshipping the hag. Same people, Bo, Tina, Maria and BOJO. The nowhere club.

I bet Aunty Pea is cutting a ureter somewhere .lol

hey Kelly , I am a hater .What are you talking about ?

@tina what? think before you speak will you. you should feel pitty for yourself and your buddies here. aren’t you a mother with kids and yet you come on here and defend some trashy celeb like its your life’s priority. if this is how our elder generation inspire us then i pitty you very much tina.

ignore my comments I’m just so stupid that I still can’t spell words like “pity” and “lollipop” I’m whats wrong in the world today. I’m a judgmentl bas****


Sorry. There are 2 people name Bo. One is Bo and the other is BOJO. That’s why I’m mixed up. You go by Bo.

@kelly you should come here more often as well.

Haters Suck! @ 11/12/2012 at 12:32 am

Damn these people are like the people who think the moon landing was faked, and the government is hiding alien bodies somewhere in the white house basement. Everythings a freaking conspiracy.

well acually there`s credible proof to believe that it was fake .people aren`t just telling that .theres proof

Haters Suck! @ 11/12/2012 at 12:39 am

Thank you for proving my point.

@tina: You dont even know how many aspects of the filipino culture i love. Liempo, bulalo, dinuguan, the barong… i am practically pinoy myself, and how many close friends i have. Mexicans, blacks, japanese, korean, hawaiian, samoan, indian too. I am very cross-cultural and far from racist, but i particularly dont like race promotion because my belief is that we are beyond racial barriers at this point, and there is no reason to try to elevate one race above the other in our present age. Living in the US, we need to tone down our national pride because it may be offensive to others in the world. It is part of being considerate. Ideally, id like to marry someone with Jewish blood but thats just me personally.

she looks gorgeous

Vanessa always has so many comments! i know she is gorgeous, she deserves everyone’s love <3 kisses!

yes race prmotion. filipino is being promoted here by boji and maria. its pathetic. it has to be gina and pudge herself.

let me see , there`s 25% ofeveidence to show they actually went to moon .but there`s 75% of evidence to show they did`t.

I wasn’t referring to either of them. I think they are trying to make Zac or Ashley the main topics on Vanessa’ s boards but I don’t doubt their intellegence.I just choose to ignore their rants. If you don’t think I’m telling the truth look at the comment the others made when you weren’t here begging you to come help them. I tend to ignore ignorance on all levels, so what people who can’t spell basic words ( I allow for people of other languages) say doesn’t phase me. When someone who is educated spreads racism, we all need topay attention. “All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing”

morning! i saw some pictures from last night, she is so pretty, hope she had fun with her friends. Rent reunion BTW!!! yayyy

she is fuc*ki*ng flawless and i love her jacket! loling at the haters wanna be.

Haters Suck! @ 11/12/2012 at 1:00 am

That’s bo ladies and gentlemen. These are the kind of people we are dealing with. It’s all coming together now.

meh, they are as irrelevant as their idols. While they are here tryin to hate on Van, she is enjoying New York with her fam, friends, and long time boyfriend, and as fans we are so happy for her. And nothing’s ever, no one ever gonna bring us down

She looks old for 23. And her hands are so ugly. Are the fingernails just glued on. Cheap.

that`s a damn lie Aunty tik tik .You don\’t ignore our rants at all .Aren`t you the one who said my comment on that hike post is good and spot on .lol go rea how many times you rected to my posts .lol BTW , I am extremely sorry for having your banning me from this site failed .You see , they only ban people who vilate their TERMS AND SERVICES .usin p.orn or porn.ographic language is not a violation of them .If theyban such people , they have to ban everyone who comes her .lol U c , they use a sensoring system .So that in turn means we can use p.orn here only thing they won`t show it .I just don`t wanna take any futile pain for having me banned .I love you .LOL Besides , JJ just loves me !

she has the best facial expressions!

she looks forever young! lol at least to me, she is so pretty!

(Wrote last comment before reading your last) What I get is you don’t see yourself as racist but you have no problem in encouraging it in others here. For what? Your amusement? I know that’s what brought you to Vanessa threads in the first place, to “mess with” her fans. At first I found you funny, remember? Now all I can see are people like Kelly who are coming out of the woodwork.

im finally back, she’s looking better than ever, I saw Spring Breakers, and oh shiiit best movie ever, Harmony Korine is a genius


Are you in love with this vulgar, plain average woman. You can find her type anywhere. She is not special. She’s so tacky. Here nose is big and flat. And where is her top lip.

@bo love you, too. Lol But I will still ignore you when you rant in about the ex.

@kelly: You are an idiot. Like you are the epitome of beauty right? You are tacky and vulgar just like your ignorant attitude.

i never found anyone as precious as her,i couldnt find anyone. Vanessa is not only gorgeous or flawless, she is a strong woman, with a beautiful soul, a really big heart and she even has 2 or 3 persons jealous of her here, always talking about her, trying to bring her down, like you and the other girl and the other boy, but she is always smiling and being her gorgeous self, she is just too precious. It is imposible to not love her. Thats my opinnion and i think everyone here should respect it, that’s the difference between me and someone like you, while you are here hating, i’m just expressing my love.

@kelly: Vanessa is a gorgeous girl. She is everything that you are not and everything that you will never be.

her bun! she is gorgeous

The “great one” better get a top lip because she only has a line. Her mouth reminds me of that puppet character The Little Drummer Boy.

Thank goodness that there are so many hot girls in spring breakers. If it were vanessa alone in that movie nobody would see it. Just like suckerpunch but it was embarrassing how those other girls made vanessa look very common looking cause they were so cute. I think the same thing will happen in sb ers. If that movie is decent at the box office i bet the vanesa fans will give her all the credit for it because they have a very narrow minded view of the world. Cant believe how delusional they are. Haha

Kelly the BIOTCH @ 11/12/2012 at 1:48 am

@kelly: I agree with are just an ignorant piss ant with no class. If your exterior appearance matches your are one ugly biotch!

@ Penelope. ROTFLMAO, you’re just a joke. Too funny.

Kelly the BIOTCH @ 11/12/2012 at 1:57 am

@Penelope: I really don’t think you’re an authority on anything Penny. You can’t even spell or form a simple sentence. How sad for you to be talking sh it about V.

Kelly the BIOTCH @ 11/12/2012 at 2:01 am

@Penelope: You are the narrow minded one and I agree you are too funny. You ARE a joke.

@Pearl, thanks for reminding me why I like Vanessa so. She is indeed precious.
Those that try so hard to show off their intelligence are often without wisdom. But the fact remains that they are Trolls. No amount of intelligence can hide the fact that deep inside you are no better than the blue collar low life you think yourself above. When all else fails, it has to boil down to accusatory name calling, I’m Gina herself or a relative of Vanessa. You cannot accept the fact that I’m not related to anyone and that I’m an independent Vanessa fan. All your Trolling is making me more adamant in my support for a dear sweet girl.
Call me whatever or accuse me whatever, I don’t owe any of you haters an explanation nor do I need to defend myself. I don’t hate any of you, just feel sad at your state of mind. Call me insane but when I hit too close to home that would be your natural defense mechanism kicking in, taking cheap shots at me.
If only you can reflect upon all that you’ve written onVanessa’s threads and realise the evil and negative vibes that you are perpetuating then I would be one of the first to congratulate you. Until then, I will just keep on trucking like I always do on Vanessa’s threads,

how can Pudgens Puckers say Pudgens gets lots of hits than other celebs. Just look at the post of that Olsen girl with Sarcozy .See how many thumbs ups and thumb downs are there on each and every comment .300 , 200 ,100 s lol Pudgens Puss.y Puckering Police spend 24/7 on her posts and continuosly keep thumbing up and down but still other celebs beat her by faaaaarrrr .lol

@ BO never said that she got more. But thanks for your continued support in raising her numbers.

Kelly the BIOTCH @ 11/12/2012 at 2:23 am

@BO: I have no idea what you just posted. It makes no sense. You are like the crazy cat hoarder that everyone avoids.

Kelly the BIOTCH @ 11/12/2012 at 2:26 am

@BO: You never make any sense in fact. So I generally avoid your posts. (Backing away from the crazy cat lady).

oh ! Aunty tik tik , you are such a denier of obvious facts ! Go back and read how many times you Pudgens Puss.y Puckers have ranted how she gets so many hits and that`s why we get so many dumb posts of her ugly face .
Well, well, what have we here .Kelly the Biotch .A new comer or rather a new personality to a frequent visitor .The latter I rather think .The lingo sounds similar to Selma .Hmmm….Well, hun , did you ever wonder that the reason you couln`d undersatnd me was due to your poor english .LMAO `cause the comment is quite clear , in fact one of your mates- tik tik- even replied to it .lol

Kelly the BIOTCH @ 11/12/2012 at 2:35 am

@kelly: Are you really that racist or were you raised under a rock in some backwater podunk?

@BO: She is one of the others just changing her name

dotty , yeah I know .But it`s so obvious .I think it`s Selma .The lingo sounds like hers

Kelly the BIOTCH @ 11/12/2012 at 3:07 am

@BO:Who is Selma dumbass???

you guys if anybody here has twitter go read gina pudgens twitter. she literelly speak the same lingo as aunty korean here. she herself is in denial. it is gina.
and haters suck here has to be stella cause he write like a 12 year old.
and aunty pea brain maria is sl.ut pudgens herself.
the whole pudgens family seem to be out of work so they must have lot of free time to come here.

Kelly the BIOTCH @ 11/12/2012 at 3:10 am

@BO: I can’t understand you because you make zero sense, can’t spell and assume everyone on here understands your gibberish.

Kelly the BIOTCH @ 11/12/2012 at 3:13 am

@me: You are whole different breed or idiot. You are as bad as cat lady. You both should be banned for mucking up all of the posts with your stupidity.

Again, I ask what is your problem with demeaning female parts? You have one yourself, surely. Another cheap shot. If you say I speak the same lingo as Gina, then, I take that as a compliment, thank you very much. I don’t read her twitters btw.

Kelly the BIOTCH @ 11/12/2012 at 3:14 am

Later haters!

Great minds think alike ! : )

how lame is that aunty korean vag.ina is complimenting herself again.


hahaha. Precious. Oh brother. Taking a cheap tacky picture of yourself nude with a big bush is precious. LOL. How tacky.

@me, grow up Child!

@ Kelly, you too have a lot of growing up to do. Don’t tell you do not have a bush yourself. Either you trim it or wax it, you still have it. Some prefer it au naturale. Either way, there is nothing to be ashamed of. Or are you one of those pubescent teenagers yet to grow a full bush ? You make the female body part sound dirty, shame on you. And if you say, you’re a guy you should have one too, so what about that? Why the need to come on the threads to condemn and demean female parts?

@kelly and me, you obviously have personal issues or angst. Don’t know why you feel the need to use crude words to get your points across. It only reflects upon your mindset.

@kelly and me, you obviously have personal issues or angst. Don’t know why you feel the need to use crude words to get your points across. It only reflects upon your mindset.


Keep the thing hidden. She’s vulgar and certainly not a lady.

italian mom @ 11/12/2012 at 4:05 am

Hello Boji! It seems it is not a quiet mornig, is it? I wish I could be here standing by you but I have 12 hard work hours ahead, for weeks, it’s needed and worth it.
interesting thread so far. Maria made me think a lot , of successful and unsuccessful friends. She gave me bumps (it’s too hard seen from the outside)and I will re read and learn.
And I thank her very much for sharing.
It’s sunny, finally! Have a nice day, Boji and maria!

@ Kelly, you are vulgar yourself in your word usage. Just think upon it. And what makes you think you are any better. Judge not others and you will not be judged. Live your life with a conscience and also with compassion. I am not religious but spiritual. I know there is good in everyone if they allow it to surface. I see a lot of bitterness in the posts, life has its ups and downs but it is how you pick yourself up and move on which matters. With this I bid you a good morning, afternoon and night.

aw, Italian mom, bless your wise heart. You, too have a good day!

italian mom @ 11/12/2012 at 4:16 am

BTW …I really can’t stand women in trouble with women’s body.
Women not able to understand ado’s emotions and issues.
Women not able to stay respectful of other women.
Every part of our body is a miracle of perfection.

@BO: Sh*t UP b!tch, i don’t know who is Kelly the Bioth. Wait you Sound like Mo, A, ., Intrict8 and the others. Always on V´s post, get a life looser :)

shut the f.uck up selma motherf.ucker

shows the level of ur inteligence sayin me and a ar the same:-@

I wake up to Italian mom profusely plugging Maria. Italian mom says she is about to work a 12 hour shift. Funny, thats just like maria who supposedly works her 12/36 hour shift. Wow, what a coinkidink. Im tired of Italian mom’s fake bad english and intentional misspelling. Here it is from above:

“Hello Boji! It seems it is not a quiet mornig, is it? I wish I could be here standing by you but I have 12 hard work hours ahead, for weeks, it’s needed and worth it. interesting thread so far. Maria made me think a lot , of successful and unsuccessful friends. She gave me bumps (it’s too hard seen from the outside)and I will re read and learn.”

Here’s Maria scolding A a few posts ago, with a dramatically different writing style:

“Ashley Tisdale would be really sad reading A.
Being in the spot light is not easy at all. Having such a deranged fan so disrespectful and intrusive of her friend Vanessa’s private PRIVATE intimacy must be really embarassing for Ashley. She surely would be disgusted. And I would say A did not understand the great message of the first HSM. Ashley on the contrary made it hers.”

Gotta laugh at the lengths you clowns go through to act. Very entertaining. Long day for me, i’m signing off. Cheers.

Tsk Tsk, Intric8 , ever the cynical sceptic. Is this how you live your life? I wonder. Always suspicious of others and their actions.Well, then hope you have a good day at work.

So i guess gina use to tweet alot before but haven’t tweeted much lately. just few days ago gina tweeted saying how she’s fed up with all the hate her family gets and thats why she don’t tweet much anymore.
except thanking the fans for the suppor all gina tweet is how great her two daughters are. such as how spiritual vanessa is , how kind vanessa is and how she’s so innocet and can do no wrong and how she’s so private LOL

if you don’t want hate from people then tell your daughter to learn how to be private. tell her to stop calling the paps and tell her to stop famew*horing. maybe then the hate will stop. but i guess gina loves the attention as well so she isn’t going to do that.

if the hudgens are so private then why do they have public twitter accounts. why can’t they make it private then you wont be getting hate. and on top of that gina and stella keep tweeting how great hudgens and the filipines are. self promoting is it. that is one of the biggest tricks of famewh*ring these days.

if gina is such a good mother then she should have learned something from vanessa’s scandal. and yet gina doesn’t seem to put any restriction stella. stella literelly live on social networks. the girl has no life whatsoever. and again she keep self promoting herself by taking half naked pics of her in provocative poses while showing clevage. and thats all stella does.

i just can’t believe these lunatics keep defending this family. you people are crazy. or wait aren’t you guys the hudgens family themselfs?

@intric8: Oops thats italian mom scolding A above, not maria. Have fun today all. Learn something from the coming exchange, regardless which side u are on.

italian mom @ 11/12/2012 at 8:03 am

Intric8! Shift?? I own my job. Northern Italy provides welfare to other regions, as everybody knows, by working madly and paying a lot.
Simply I’m still stuck here doing certain pc printing work then I go in production and check and push and organize and finish and …endless.
So I could read you, strange young man, missing in class, politeness and always hype,aggressive but maybe you live in a metropolis and stress gives hard time to your heart which not always provides the necessary amount of oxigenated blood to your brain.
I’m serious, check your heart to begin with. Then think about bad habits. Sincerely good luck and come here as a better person, as I see you would be .

@jems actually pudgens family have jj on payroll and has the paps on speedial.. just few comments ago maria was talking about how she knows boji privately.. so we can guess that maria knows haters suck and tina privately as well. or either they has to be the hudgens family themselfs. i mean they clearly work as a team and where ever they talk privately (skyping or dm ing) they make a plan on what they should say and how they will attack others here.
or either these people are paid to promote vanessa on this site.

@italian mom: Its 2:00pm there now, havent you been working for most of the day already? Why “12 working hours ahead” when it was already 1pm there? You are such a m oron, woman.

@yets that is so true man. if they are so private then why have twitter at the first place. gina and stella aren’t the ones who are famous. vanesa is. so vanessa should be the one who tweet. and its not like a team is taking care of the accounts. its gina and stella themselfs who tweets. self promoting at its finest.

I feel my phrase on the Pudgens family was spot on .Filipaina Family of Famewhores. lol

@jems and @yets you two fuc*ing idiots just gave yourselves away. So how much are you getting paid for leaving all the comments you do on this site, it must be pretty good because no matter what name you use your dumba** is always on here. BTW moron it’s themselves not themselfs. For fu**s sake learn to spell and use proper grammar once in a while.

@Bo stop pretending to know everything. You’re so ridiculous girl, you’re always commenting her post, WHY ? It shows your lack of intelligence staying on this site and commenting all day long her post. Even if I’m not that good in English (I’m French), at least I’m not hatefull and rude as you can be. Again, get a life, you’re so a waste of time.

@_ you motherfu*cker not everyone here is excel at english. i guess you are a$$hole. good for you.

@374, having fun messing around with other posters’ names, I see. I must say you do have a vivid imagination about the conspiracy theories amongst fans. Most of us do work for a living and are from different parts of the world. I think it flattering to be called Gina or a relative but I am not. For one I don’t live in the States and neither do I live in the Philippines.

Italian mom, you have an uncanny abilitiy to read people. It is always a pleasure to read your comments. Thank you.

Intric8, thought you’d be at work. Afternoon shift perhaps?

italian mom @ 11/12/2012 at 8:31 am

Intric8! You know nothing of me my job and my habits. You are not stupid. Only mean aggressive or insecure. You are a master in building walls. Then you find yourself in your own prison.
I bet you are not fully happy when you insult me. But you insist because you want something.
What do you want? As I’m not a m oron I can answer a polite question, not soon, tomorrow early morning. Bye!

Selma , you are questioning my commenting here all the time which is none of your business but won`t question why oncology nurses , mothers with multiple kids are commenting here 24/7 .Go ahead ask them that same qusetion ! In my opinion bashing a dirty celeb is much bettter and classier than licking as.s of such a celeb which is what you are doing .

Let them make all the inane comment they want. So, because they are related to Vanessa, Stella and Gina, shouldn’t be allowed to live their own lives. Well, sorry but in my life I have always found love to be classier than hate. So, I hate no one. I support whoever I CHOOSE. If talking about somone mother makes you think you’re better person, that your character showing . It takes nothing from this family but says a lot about your own.
I’M SURE THE PAPS WERE CALLED BY VANESSA FOR THIS EVENT.(sarcasm) You idiots,she is at charity event for Sandy Victims. She shows, with her actions, what type of person she is. So small minded people sitting behind their computers mean less than nothing to me. The sun rose again, and I’M STILL A FAN.

Kelly the BIOTCH @ 11/12/2012 at 9:22 am

@kelly: It’s Kelly the twatty little biotch. You shouldn’t talk about tacky. We all know your fat a ss was raised in some backwater brothel. @Jems, you are obviouly BO the illiterate cat lady. Still can’t make heads or tails of what you are trying to say boo.

Kelly the BIOTCH @ 11/12/2012 at 9:26 am

@BO: It doesn’t matter what you rename yourself. Your dumb and lame style of writing is always a dead giveaway. Wonder if Vanessa ever reads all of these posts from this assortment of loons? I sure she must laugh her as s off.

@ Tina, at the end of the day we are stil Vanessa fans and no matter how articulate they are or intelligent which they profess to be, the fact of the matter is they are TROLLS or HATERS if you please. The foul language used and their bullying tactics is enough to make any recipient of this hate to want to commit suicide. Thank heavens, Vanessa nor her family do not read such threads. Wise indeed. Fortunately we Fans are made of Sterner stuff. You can throw as many insults at me but it doesn’t deter me posting here and supporting her. Here’s looking forward to a new day and a new thread tomorrow.

@tina why must you keep accusing others of being racist? Other than the person who just said she hates Filipinos I have yet to see a racist remark made yet, and yet you’re throwing it around towards everyone who doesn’t love Vanessa. It’s a serious accusation and if you’re going to make it, you need to have some actual cause to believe it’s the truth. I am NOT racist, not in anyway.

And why do these new names keep popping up nearly 400 comments in the thread. Someone’s up to some funny business for sure. I don’t know for sure which fans have multiple aliases but clearly some of you do. And that’s pathetic.

@intric8 I didn’t even see that post from Italian Mom about me. I’m confused too. “Ashley made it hers??” Whatt? Sometimes her english is very confusing, other times it makes perfect sense and is structured in a way far too complex for someone who’s english is supposedly still broken. Hmm…

What makes it sad is the fact they take the time and effort to spell all the cuss words correctly but can’t spell simple words, like reply. Lieing is not a word, I’m not lying believe me. Lol

Kelly the BIOTCH @ 11/12/2012 at 9:35 am

@Jems: If you ass****s expect anyone to read your stupid rants then get out a dictionary preferaby one in English or at least write in your native tongue so SOMEONE, ANYONE can undestand you.

Kelly the BIOTCH @ 11/12/2012 at 9:39 am

@A: Is it obvious to everyone else that Kelly the Biotch is really A?????

Kelly the BIOTCH @ 11/12/2012 at 9:45 am

@A: The only funny business is you changing your name so you can make blatant racist comments because that’s really all you have. Would love for you to post your Instragram photos so we can see what a truly hideous creature you must be.

@Kelly the BIOTCH NO I am NOT Kelly. I never would have made that statement about hating Filipinos. For the umpteenth time, I think creating fake aliases to rally support for yourself is pathetic and I haven’t done it. Don’t assume that just because that’s what you Vanessa fans feel the need to do that everyone else does it too. I want people to know when something is MY opinion so I’m going to use MY screen name to represent it and no one elses. Likewise, I can’t control what anyone else posts, and if I didn’t say it, it’s not my opinion.

Kelly the BIOTCH @ 11/12/2012 at 9:50 am

@A: You are the vulgar one and obviously you are not the brightest crayon in the box if you think anyone really believes that you aren’t changing your name so you can make racist and vulgar remarks about VH.

RACISM a belief or doctrine that inherent differences amoug the race’s determine cultural or individual achievement. So statements like ‘Jewish girls are better prettier or whatever” racist, plain and simple. Like I said racist are so set in their beliefs, they think nothing of setting one race above another. It’s ingrained.

@kelly the biotch I’m not changing my name. I don’t support or agree with those racist comments. And there’s no way for me to prove that to you so I’m not going to keep arguing it with you. As long as I know it’s true, that’s always good enough for me.

@tina No, I NEVER said Jewish girls were prettier or better. What I said is I’ve always found the Jewish look to be very beautiful. I don’t think it’s wrong to say you find any ethnicity’s look attractive. But whatever.

Kelly the BIOTCH @ 11/12/2012 at 10:02 am

@tina: Exactly. Kelly the Biotch and A also have this habit of using “Filipino” capital “F” when they are making their remarks. It is obviously the same person. I wouldn’t take anything that A says to heart. This chick is obviously a hypocrite.

Kelly the B.ITCH , I wonder where your bushy p.ussy was raised in .Hmm… a slum where all aorund you bushy puss.ies are being lent for men to stick their c.ocks in to perform superman ho action .It would explain why you`ve grown up to become what you are now licking dirt off a dirty celeb`s b.utt ……

@kelly the biotch that’s because Filipino is supposed to be capitalized. We both also have this crazy habit of capitalizing the word “I.”

I am not Kelly. I do see one person here hiding behind a different name though. Who are YOU? Why do you feel the need to hide behind a different name to make these untrue accusations?

Kelly the BIOTCH @ 11/12/2012 at 10:09 am

@BO: Well you would know about being raised in a slum right b.tch?

kely the b.itch ,i wonder whr ur bushy pu.ssy was raised in.hmm..a slum whr all around u bushy p.ussies ar being lent to perform superman ho .explains y u ar in dis state b u tt licking a dirty wh.ore

Kelly the BIOTCH @ 11/12/2012 at 10:10 am

@A: Why don’t you just give it up and go away in defeat. I think we all know what a hypocrite loser you are.

@kelly the biotch you’re really hateful. But your lies are still only lies no matter how many times you repeat them. And leave BO alone. For a group who are supposedly so open minded and oppose racism so vehemently I’ve seen a lot of criticism made about BO’s country and where she lives. YOU are the hypocritical loser.

Kelly the BIOTCH @ 11/12/2012 at 10:14 am

@BO: You would know all about slums. Why someone hasn’t banned your idiot a** is beyond me. You are one vulgar, uneducated chick with zero going for yourself except coming to this place so you can post stupid sh*t that no one really reads or cares about.

Kelly the BIOTCH @ 11/12/2012 at 10:16 am

@A: You are the one who is hateful spouting off all of your racist sh*t and then trying to pretend like you actually have any class when you clearly lack any whatsoever.

Kelly the BIOTCH @ 11/12/2012 at 10:18 am

@BO: I will make it my mission to get you banned you miserable little twit.

Kelly the BIOTCH @ 11/12/2012 at 10:19 am

@A: I’ve never said anything about BO’s country…but you just did.

Kelly the BIOTCH @ 11/12/2012 at 10:23 am



Isn’t this what you just said? I never made any reference to Bo’s country you did. Why don’t you just give it up?

Kelly the BIOTCH @ 11/12/2012 at 10:28 am

@Kelly the BIOTCH: You are an obvious liar only a fool could not see that. Sorry to be so harsh but you deserve it.

@Kelly the BIOTCH: This is for you. This is a comment left by @A, take it and run with it as you see fit. This one was left on the thread about Vanessa at the VS show.

A @ 11/08/2012 at 12:57 am -18

Hidden due to a low comment rating Click here to see.

She looks like Cruella Devil. If Cruella Devil were a latina hooker.

Kelly the BIOTCH @ 11/12/2012 at 10:34 am

@guest: Thanks. A or Kelly the Biotch has left a lot of incriminating comments on various thread which really show what a racist little twit she is. If she feels that way fine but don’t hide behind other aliases. Actually, she doesn’t even hide it, you can go back to her comments and see for yourself. She is a liar and a hypocrite.

Kelly the BIOTCH @ 11/12/2012 at 10:37 am

Sad thing is that none of this bs has anything to do with Vanessa Hudgens. But this thread has been hijacked by losers who need to be put in their place.

@Kelly the BIOTCH: Are you banging meth? Jared should see your ranting lunacy on this page. Then lets see who gets banned. Wait, how can Jared ban anyone? Man, you crack me up. Any ban they try is so defeatable, that you are actually making yourself look like a f*ucking !diot proposing it.

A blatant racist is less insidious than one who isn’t open with it. My two favorite lines by racist: 1) I don’t want to sound racist but…… guarantee you will hear the most horrifyingly racist things afterwards. 2) I have a friend who is (Asian, Mexican, Black, or whatever) like having that friend excuses you from being racist. In some of his last interviews George Wallace ( the poster boy for racist) claimed his best friend was black. Hope that won him his place in heaven.

Kelly the BIOTCH @ 11/12/2012 at 10:45 am

@intric8: Banging meth? Hardly? I just like f*cking with idiots.

Kelly the BIOTCH @ 11/12/2012 at 10:46 am

@intric8: Please don’t get me started on you.

Kelly the BIOTCH @ 11/12/2012 at 10:48 am

@intric8: Why the hell are you even butting in? Get lost.

Bring it. This whole page is filling up with your cuss. keep it coming.

@tina: Who is a racist here? I made a comment earlier about having friends of various races. Guess you’re referring to me.

Kelly the BIOTCH @ 11/12/2012 at 11:00 am

@intric8:Like I said get lost…I’m completely uninterested in you. You’re a loser but not worth six more pages of insults!

Kelly the BIOTCH @ 11/12/2012 at 11:05 am

@intric8: In short, I prefer to tussle with REAL men.

Racist? – “She looks like Cruella Devil. If Cruella Devil were a latina hooker.”
Crybabies. Grow. up. Vanessa gets casted for hispanic roles even though she is not latina, yes? This should outrage the hispanic community, but they dont make a fuss. Then someone makes a personal observation that is a negative reference to the race she has portrayed, and this is now against your liking, because you worship Vanessa, and you want to cry to the administrator of this website because the comment didn’t go your way. Silly children. Jared wouldn’t even get involved. We should propose to him that we match ip addresses to a single username. That way, you guys cant keep posting under a zillion different ones, and that should cut comments in half on each ridiculous Hudgens post.

Kelly the BIOTCH @ 11/12/2012 at 11:08 am

@intric8: You are not worth the time or the effort. Later haters!

Kelly the BIOTCH @ 11/12/2012 at 11:12 am

@intric8: Please spare us your pseudo intellectual analytical bullshit regarding gender. We don’t care about your opinion Intric8 or as I like to call you “Insect8*”.

Kelly the BIOTCH @ 11/12/2012 at 11:16 am

@intric8: Not a coward but I prefer to deal with real men not men that hide behind pseudo intellectual bs. My deed here was to expose A for the little liar that she is. I think I succeeded. I’m not interested in tussling with men like you. The men are prefer are out living life not whinging and throwing up threats!

@Kelly the BIOTCH: Spare us your lame rebuke, threats, along with your hudgens worship and begone then. Beat it.

@intric8 When I scroll through this page I see her username again and again. She’s not going to waste her time with you but she’s going to reply to you three times in a row to tell you this before you’ve even responded hahah. And I agree absolutely about one name to one ip address. Then they wouldn’t be able to make these accusations about me (I can’t help what other “haters” post) and they would stop using fake names to hide behind when they make these accusations.

@kelly the biotch Bye! Don’t trip over those Manolo knock offs of yours on your way out! ;) Bahahahahah.

Kelly the BIOTCH @ 11/12/2012 at 11:18 am

Later H8ters! Until we meet again!

I was just answering a question asked by someone. Like I said , and not refering to you intric8 personally, (although if the shoe fits….. ) making racial and homophobic remarks, is so ingrained in some they try to make light if it. Bigotry is never a joke.

@Kelly the BIOTCH: Bye! Dont let the door hit you on your underdeveloped flat a ss on the way out either! Lol

Wait! Kelly the biotch, please share some of your intellect with us before you go. See, some of us here are just pseudointellectuals.. aspiring to be real intellectuals just like you. Would you be so kind and stay for awhile?

Kelly the biotch, would you mind making a prediction how spring breakers is gonna do at the box office? Or maybe share your insights on how best Vanessa can map her career out to stay in the game and not become irrelevant? How about this fiscal cliff problem coming up, how do you think it will impact the economy? Ok… how about frosted flakes, good for kids or not so good?

@intric8 it takes a real intellectual to come up with such a witty play on your screen name like “insect8″ … makes me wonder if she even realizes your name is supposed to mean “intricate.”

@A – Think you are right. She is literally misreading it as insect8. Why did she have to go and run off like that without more demonstrations of her wit? Im kinda bummed now. You think she is actually morethanwords? Maybe Vanessa herself? lol

I think @Kelly the Biotch is gone. Oh well, fun while it lasted right?

@intric8: Dude…guess you weren’t man enough for her….lol..haha

Guys kelly the biotch was rob. out of nowhere a new name comes over. rob here is obviously kelly. kelly won’t be coming back as she knows intric will her up. now kelly do not want that.

@Rob: Haha. OUCH!

Kylie rob and kelly the biotch is the same person

@me lemmings, smh

@Rob: I know. They keep telling me my piece is the size of a tic tac, you believe that bro? I feel sorry for her BF, hope he’s man enough to pleasure her the way she expects it haha

pseudo loathe people who are, I never imagined how much hatred they have, now I understand why there is so much bullying … has der be very rewarding for many being attacking vya fans herself, and even the interest not understand these people who seek to be commenting on the issues of Vanessa or understand why the fans of them stoop to answer them .. . and now they do not know who is more stupid haters Vanessa or who defend … I are both Zac fan of Vanessa, it hurts so bad that talk about those two because both have shown more maturity and class that many of the critics here, in terms of fan of Ash keeps saying that the attack Ashley and it is best if you do not then here by God, if you’re dumb and you look bad to your artist with your comments out of place … This is the first and the last time I comment because I’m not going to downgrade back to answer or read all the crap they write here all worthwhile are the photos of Vanessa.
Everyone here cause me disgust …


There you go, Trolling and bullying laced with racial slurs on the thread. Using so-called intelligence as your weapon to be one up . To me it is just bullying. I guess you call this fun. Truly sad.

@boji WHERE are these racial slurs??? Cite them!

@boji this is bulling to you and you think its just fun to them then i guess you shoudn’t be participating in it by replying. you are kind of one of them as you give them more reasons to come here. they were right about us practicing what we preach.

oh and they are clearly very intelligent. can’t blame them for using it to be one up. we does the same thing right. thats what intelligence is for. use it when you has to

@A: For such a self-proclaimed intellectual, you certainly have issues with your memory. Let’s see. Does the term “apes” sound familiar? I believe that was totally owned by you. That was one of many, but that one stands out vividly.

You know, hooligans will call this fun. They enjoy destroying and damaging public and personal property, even hurling abuse at others. What you are doing on the threads, is it any different? Attempting to destroy and damage a celebrity’s life and that of her family and her fans through your abusive and hurtful words. Have you ever thought that this could happen to some one close to you ? Pride yourself with your intelligence and what you do on these threads? Have you no feelings and where is your compassion.? Oh yes, no doubt you will name call me but you see it is not about me, I’m just feeling the hurt for you Trollers. The more I read and post on the threads, the more I see what a warped world

we live in. Young girls and educated ones at thatusing such derogatory language, even the young men who show off their intellect in a boorish/bullying manner. If You think you are superior, think again.
I brought my daughter up to be respectful of elders, polite, caring, compassionate and thoughtful. She would never have done the things that you are doing now on the threads. She doesn’t even have time to do the nonsense that you do. The free time that she has, she spends catching up with friends, enjoying the simple pleasures of life and living the outdoors. She even does charitable work. Please find it in your hearts to be the better person that you know you can be.

@448, sorry but intelligence as you call it does not intimidate me at all. I’m on these threads for a purpose, to support Vanessa and be positive. I’m doing my best to Practise what I preach.

Aunty Korean Va.gina is the biggest racist here .She was the one who condemned my country from the beginning saying all the mean things about marriage , girl`s virginity etc .Now she`s playing by the hermit .RACIST KOREAN V.AGINA ! RACIST ! RACIST !If any of you ever try having me banned , I`ll go back to the places where your precious Pu.ssy Leader have discriminated my country and will have her banned ! That`s a warning .

Aunty Pea is on line .She`s gonna CUT THE URETER ! REPPPOOOORRRRTTT!

@bo yes auntry korean aka one of my multiple persnalities is the biggest raciest here. she don’t remember her own mistakes. not surprised that me and my other personalities are pudgens fans. hence we are as dumb as pudgens herself.

@a sorry there. ape is not a racial slur. my brain is so cracked up that i forgot that humans are apes themselfs. LOL sorry sweetie. love you.

@BO, yes I admit, I have said some things to you it was not so much racially meant but more to niggle you. For that I do apologise. As I said the more I posted and read the threads the more I disliked myself for doing the very things I accused you of. Hence, I choose to reply to you in a civilized manner. As they say, a thousand apologies. : )

@454, having fun doppelganging, so it seems. Anyway, must be a boring night where you’re at,

dear me my multiple personality korean brought up her nonexistent daughters as polite and thoughful. and they will never have time to post on some gossip site. but korean herself clearly does have lot of free time to post in some gossip site. now what does that tell you haters?

I could do the same, doppelganging but that doesn’t make me any better or superior. Have a nice evening or what’s left of it.

I have an iPad and an iPhone, now what does that tell you? Besides, I don’t have to work for a living and that is my fortune.


@boji then all the haters might also have laptops , iphones and ipads themselves. and if maria can be a full time nurse and still find time to come on this thread then the haters might also have jobs where they can find time to come to this thread. or maybe some of them are on vacation or on a leave or some sort. now what does that tell us?

Oh Thank you Aunty Korean V.agina ! I for give you ! I always knew you had a trouble retarded mind ! So i`ve decided to forgive you at last ! lol

@intric8: Sorry, buddy, we do not use Merck Manuals at work. Like I said, I had one in college, and that’s it. Why would we need one when we have 8 physicians and 6 NP’s in our practice? It’s a great resource, but not really all that current for our setting. Yes, I will actually agree, that alternative medicines need to be used as an adjunct to traditional medicine. I also advised Boji to be cautious. Farrah Fawcett is a good example of alternative medicine gone wrong. We currently have a young prostate pt (50) who is insisting on “dark green jungle juice”, while his cancer is progressing quickly. He is refusing Taxotere, but willing to go with Zytiga, but insurance won’t pay for Zytiga, unless pt has failed on Taxotere. Not a good situation. But he is swearing by the juice. Scary. You seem to love giving me a hard time, but you do know I know what I’m talking about. And FYI, we have anywhere from 25- 35 pts for infusions per day, and about 20 injections daily. It varies from day to day. All our documentation is done on computer via EMR for at least 2 years now, at chairside. All up and down times on chemo drugs are documented, as well as venous access, pt response to tx, and discharge notes. It’s pretty quick. Didn’t get a lunch today, so no checking in on break. Was triage nurse today.

BTW, I would LOVE to have one poster per IP address. That would do away with certain posters and all their aliases. Would be a HUGE relief. Sould we start a petition??

Oh, and I think Spring Breakers is going to be big. I have seen MORE than a few people saying it was brilliant, and even the best movie they’ve ever seen. That’s pretty high praise. I am not a delusional idiot, who will say it’s all because of Vanessa. This was an ensemble cast, so credit goes to them all. Vanessa was the first female cast so that’s pretty cool. I am just happy she will be along for the ride. I just like her choices so far. No, they aren’t all box office successes, but that’s how it is sometimes in early careers. You have to try different things to find your niche. Better than rom-coms, that’s for sure. I’d rather she do NOTHING that be stuck doing crap like that.

@ Maria, good morning! Am off to go visiting with hubby. Today is a festive holiday here. Have a good day !

oh , yeah .If Pudge got to be in a rom com ,you`d be singing a different tune for sure .LOL

@yets: Nope. I do not respond to anyone so vulgar, illiterate, and vile. I NEVER said I worked full time. I work THREE days a week, and off the next two days. Also, I NEVER said I do/did any kind of psychotherapy with my patients. I did spend 10 years as a middle school nurse, where I often felt my job was more of a counselor.

i think i just made a bad pass at mister efron. to be honest i don’t think being stuck doing rocoms are bad. atleast you appeal to a wider audience. on the other hand my god who i worship miss pudgens career is stuck doing horny teen roles where she has to be half naked all the time because her acting isn’t appealing enough to carry the movie by itself. so she has to take her cloths off to make it more appealing. sorry haters. but i will agree with you on this one. efron has way more talent and a way better career than pudgens. and he will always be better than her. again to be really honest me and my other multiple personalities don’t see pudgens having a long lasting career. she just don’t have it. we honestly believe she’s still getting work here and there cause she still has that disney girl appeal. i think vanessa will be nowhere to be seen in 3 to 4 years.

Pity ! When people are lost for comebacks they always end up saying that ! \’\’ i do not like to respond to someone ….\’\’ bah hambag . It`s pretty….. lame strategy … typical .The real reason they won`t respond is actually there is nothing to say .LOL funny thing is they know it that others know it when they say so .

Pity ! When people are lost for comebacks they always end up saying that ! \’\’ i do not like to respond to someone ….\’\’ bah hambag . It`s pretty….. lame strategy … typical .The real reason they won`t respond is actually there is nothing to say .LOL funny thing is they know it that others know it when they say so …

@BOJI: Have a good day, Boji. Our Thanksgiving holiday is coming up next week, one of my favorite ones. Just good food, football, family, friends, and relaxing. I am off to bed soon, though the dimwits think I’m googling all night. LMAO. Whatever. You can’t change the minds of idiots.

A BIG hello to all trueblue Van supporters!!God bless you all!

Let us all be like Vanessa….POSITIVE in every aspect of her life that’s why she is being blessed even more.Love you V!

Activate your IGNORE button….let the haters sound like broken records.Be aware of the “Attention -Seeking Syndrome” which is very present among haters here.

@BO you got that right. it was fine this whole time when i was responding to you guys but now that i am kinda f.u.c.k.e.d up due to me opening my stupid mouth i don’t know what to say anymore. eventhough we tell you guys to go away the truth is we love you guys and we enjoy arguing with you all. its fun when it lasted but now i am in trouble because if i started acting all smart again ( which i am clearly not) i may get asked questions about the medical field and the fact that i am faking it as a nurse here and if somebody asks a question i will have to keep awake the whole day and crack my brains while finding answers. and i don’t want to go thrue that again. hence i won’t be commenting here as regularly as i use to.

why do i feel like one of my personalities aka italian mom has developed another personality. such as malu here. god aren’t i peanuts. LOL


This is so cool LOL


third time

@bo whats in that link? it doesn’t work.

love vanessa…damn she looks so cute

I looooooooooove @Kelly the BIOTCH, i agree with everything you said, the racist needs to GTFO

and before the loser is back, im using the name @me since 2008, you can check my name here, i always loved Vanessa.

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