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Vanessa Hudgens: Hurricane Sandy Celebrity Telethon Fundraiser!

Vanessa Hudgens: Hurricane Sandy Celebrity Telethon Fundraiser!

Vanessa Hudgens is casual chic while attending the Hurricane Sandy Celebrity Telethon Fundraiser at Fuse Studios on Friday (November 9) in New York City.

The 23-year-old actress helped answer phones and raise money, alongside Katrina Bowden and Lisa Ling.

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Later in the day, Vanessa was spotted watching the Dallas Mavericks versus New York Knicks basketball game at Madison Square Garden.

Earlier in the week, Vanessa was seen all dressed up with her boyfriend Austin Butler at Rolling Stone’s Top 25 DJ List party.

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480 Responses to “Vanessa Hudgens: Hurricane Sandy Celebrity Telethon Fundraiser!”

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  1. 76
    chchcherrybomb Says:

    @A: obviously, since you were talking about vanessa there too, you are so obsessed with her that i bet you don’t even notice how much you talk about her… Nobody said anything about Ashley here, but you, just being you, HAD to bring her up.

  2. 77
    Haters Suck! Says:

    God love you too. You can try and bait me into a fight all you want it won’t work. As I’ve said I’ve got nothing to say to you.

  3. 78
    A Says:

    @call me french she’s not just cute nowadays she’s drop dead gorgeous. And fine, here’s another of Vanessa looking rough, and she has a face full of makeup:

  4. 79
    carma Says:

    I said to be a Mexican you should born / live in Mexico (or just love the country) maybe your best friend loves mexico (if you are brazilian, you dont call yourself mexican), i just know Acapulco, Cancun and Cabo, and that´s because i were there a couple of times with my friends on vacations, im NOT mexican, im from latin america, its like you and Intric8 have the same retarded brain. Vanessa is half filipino, we were talking about blood heritage.

  5. 80
    A Says:

    @carma uhm, no, she was born in America but her parents are from Mexico. Loving a country does not make you from that line of heritage..

    @chchcherrybomb actually YOU started it by saying that she wasn’t as successful or some bs. But either way, I knew you were a pudgens pumper and called you on it. I didn’t talk about Vanessa otherwise, just defended sweet Ashley.

  6. 81
    Intric 8 Says:

    Carma, Então você está dizendo que você é metade brasileiro e que a gordura é o orgulho de sua raça? que soa muito estranho e estou certo que você entende o que quero dizer. não é como ela é algum tipo de gostosa de qualquer maneira, não?

  7. 82
    Intricc8 Says:

    Carma, Então você está dizendo que você é metade brasileiro e que a gordura é o orgulho de sua raça? que soa muito estranho e estou certo que você entende o que quero dizer. não é como ela é algum tipo de gostosa de qualquer maneira, não???

  8. 83
    Call me french Says:

    why are you still here?

  9. 84
    lily Says:

    @Intricc8: por que você está falando português?

  10. 85
    A Says:

    @call me french she doesn’t look terrible there… and you’re choosing pictures in which she’s making terrible faces. I gave you a smiling, fully made up Vanessa Hudgens. You don’t know how to match that, so you come up with a picture of Ashley making some weird face, caught off guard by the paps. Leave her alone, she’s gorgeous and you know it.

  11. 86
    Viena Says:

    I dont see her pretty. Even with makeup.

  12. 87
    Call me french Says:

    @A: no i didn’t, sorry, but it was the 1st link that i found, lol, she doesn’t look terrible, but neither does vanessa, i still dont understand why did you came with the comparison, novody was talking about ashley, a VANESSA fan said that she looked beatiful with little/no makeup, what does that have to do with ashley?

  13. 88
    A Says:

    @call me french it’s ongoing. Vanessa fans can’t stay off Ashley’s posts trashing her so now I just come here and promote her. An eye for an eye. I don’t think Vanessa Hudgens is ugly or anything, but when people say those things about Ashley I just give them something of their own idol to mull over.

  14. 89
    Call me french Says:

    @A: It would be one thing if somebody said anything about ashley, then I wouldn’t think less of you for defending her, but its kinda stupid to defend someone when nobody is attacking her in the 1st place. I’m not saying this to be mean or anything, but when you do this, you come out as a pathetic fan, and I don’t know you, but I guess you’re not always like that, so, idk, maybe you shouldn’t be that defensive all the time, it stresses everyone out, including you (sorry for any grammar error)

  15. 90
    Intric8 Says:

    Eu estava conversando com carma, não você. ela é brasileira. What im saying is this, if a half black and a fan of devin aoki, and someone thinks she is half korean, he would make a comment and say “actually, she is half japanese”, not “she is half japanese and proud of her heritage!” because it would be weird and smack of race promotion. Likewise, if i were german and someone else thought rihanna were algerian, i wouldnt correct that person and say “she is domican and proud of her heritage!” because its just so strange to do so. so why would this supposedly half brazilian “carma” race promote vanessa that way was what i was wondering.

  16. 91
    carma Says:

    @Intric 8:
    A ver cuanto tardas en traducir esto. No soy de Brasil, mas tengo sangre de Brasil, y disfruto pasando algunos fines de semana en una de nuestras casas de ahi, tomalo como quieras. No solamente sos racista sino que difrutas haciendo comentarios dicriminatorios, sos tan basico y triste hahaha, das lastima. Tratas de enredarme o hacerme “caer” usando el “gordura é o orgulho de sua raça” PORFAVOR, si en lugar de solamente leer sobre un pais o tratar de buscar algo en google tuvieras la posibilidad de conocerlo y explorarlo, estoy completamente segura que te comerias tus propias palabras! sos demasiado basico. no odias a nadie, ni das clases de odio, solamente das lastima… y esos que hablabas de tener una inteligencia superior no?
    Cant you make a better come back? hahahaha you are just a racist, do you think calling someone fat would make me angry? hahaha you are just a racist, and it is pretty sad. hahaha

  17. 92
    carma Says:

    because im a fan, and everyone here is a fan too. Because if you read or listen to an interviews about Vanessa and her blood heritage you could read or listen to her own words, HER OWN WORDS, Vanessa has said so many times she is half filipina and she is proud, as a fan i remember her words, and its not normal to me to talk with some racist guy who thinks you should be a filipinio to know Vanessa is proud to be one too.

  18. 93
    Intric8 Says:

    @carma:you faked a conversation with yourself. You said its nice to find out she is filipino and not mexican. Then you race promote, and i am the racist? You are a psychotic fraud, and your not fooling anyone here.

  19. 94
    Melissa Says:

    Although I’m not a fan of the bun look on anyone (except maybe during gym time) it’s surprisingly fitting with this outfit. It’s heart warming to see celebs and those with “status in the community” helping others.

  20. 95
    carma Says:

    por favor!
    just because you don’t know what to say, now “I was talking with myself!” hahaha you are just a racist. And now everyone knows it.
    Y es realmente patetica la forma en la que siempre reaccionas, cuando no sabes que decir, la culpa es de los demas, Y TE LA DAS DE INTELIGENTE, no seas basico ni triste nene, yo ni soy filipina, ni hable nunca comigo misma en estos post, quien pensas que soy? vos? pensas que soy como vos? NUNCA podria caer tan bajo, nunca podria ser tan triste como vos. Sos patetico y acabas de demostrarlo.

  21. 96
    Intric8 Says:

    Hahaha Poveda, i have you all figured out girl

  22. 97
    carma Says:

    lo dudo muchisimo, pero lo voy a admitir, sos divertido ahahaha por eso te sigo contestando, como esos muñequitos que solo sirven para que uno se burle de ellos. hahaha por mi, segui… siempre hahaha

  23. 98
    A Says:

    @call me french, that’s fine. Think whatever you want about me. I think there’s something “up” with this group of fans on this site. They’re over the top, crazy, and they’ve insulted me and Ashley both one too many times. Now I just come around to mess with them. Yes it stresses them out. Usually, I’m unaffected though I will admit there are occasional times when I do get angry. They don’t typically last long, so this remains entertaining to me. I remind myself that I already KNOW I’m smarter than these people, and then their opinion becomes worthless.

  24. 99
    Vic Says:

    She’s amazingly beautiful. Lovely. The bun looks amazing on her :)

  25. 100
    What! Says:



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