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Vanessa Hudgens: Hurricane Sandy Celebrity Telethon Fundraiser!

Vanessa Hudgens: Hurricane Sandy Celebrity Telethon Fundraiser!

Vanessa Hudgens is casual chic while attending the Hurricane Sandy Celebrity Telethon Fundraiser at Fuse Studios on Friday (November 9) in New York City.

The 23-year-old actress helped answer phones and raise money, alongside Katrina Bowden and Lisa Ling.

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Later in the day, Vanessa was spotted watching the Dallas Mavericks versus New York Knicks basketball game at Madison Square Garden.

Earlier in the week, Vanessa was seen all dressed up with her boyfriend Austin Butler at Rolling Stone’s Top 25 DJ List party.

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480 Responses to “Vanessa Hudgens: Hurricane Sandy Celebrity Telethon Fundraiser!”

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  1. 101
    mary Says:

    love her

  2. 102
    tina Says:

    She is looking great and giving back to the community. Try not to feed the pest maybe they will just disappear.

  3. 103
    Intric8 Says:

    Here, lets keep it in english so others understand… U are a psychpthic fraud, willing to do anything to promote pudgie. Its so sad

  4. 104
    A Says:

    @what ??

  5. 105
    carma Says:

    loool, everyone here knows you are the psychopathic racist.
    No podes refutarme nada nene… es imposible, como un fan yo estoy aca, vos? para “odiar”, no lo creo, porque lo unico que haces es dar lastima, ni isquiera podes odiar a alguien sin caer en insultos banales e inutiles, no servis. sos patetico, esta en tu naturaleza, y creeme, todos lo notaron.

  6. 106
    What! Says:

    When Vanessa made the movie Gimmie Shelter, she actually had on makeup to make her look worse. There’s actually a video of them putting on the makeup before shooting the movie somewhere on youtube. Here is a better picture of Vanessa without makeup and she still looks beautiful.

  7. 107
    Liberty Says:

    What’s peoples obsession with Vanessa’s heritage?
    So what she has a mix of a lot of great countries in…. it does not define her. What defines her are her actions. And tonight she proved that she has good intentions.

  8. 108
    A Says:

    @What! I wouldn’t call that beautiful. I actually saw those and was going to use one as my bad picture example but decided to play a little more fair and post one where she was wearing make up..

  9. 109
    Xo Says:

    I’m over the bun but she looks so cute. I like her outfit.

  10. 110
    maria Says:

    @What!: Don’t bother. It’s not worth it. She has a superiority complex so big, and that extends to her idol. It’s just not worth arguing with her. They don’t know what to make of Vanessa’s fans, quite honestly. They think we are all the same person, or are Vanessa’s relatives. LMAO. Yup, it’s ok for Ashley to have fans, but shocking that Vanessa does?? Ashley’s posts hardly have any comments, yet A has to come here because we are far more interesting to debate with than her fans. Efron’s fans also come here to argue, yet if you check out the ongoing St Tropez thread , not one Vanessa fan bothers them and their gossiping. They are ridiculous in their accusations. I was being accused of googling, LOL, when in fact it was the middle of the night where I am. They are insane.

    So, we just don’t care about them. All they do is drive up the number of comments, which brings us more news and pictures, as evidenced here. I think Vanessa looks very cute here, but more importantly, I love how she is always proving what a big heart she has. I don’t care if other celebs do, cause this is not about them, is it?

  11. 111
    What! Says:


    Well…. she looks pretty to me. You should learn to respect different opinions. What you say is not the law. Okay, you don’t like Vanessa. I respect that but don’t try to criticize her fans when they try to speak well of her.

  12. 112
    LIBERTA !!!!! Says:

    some people talk bad about her !!! WHY ???? she have a good personality No drugs No drunk !! There are worse…

  13. 113
    MoreThanWords Says:

    I think it is very commendable that Vanessa as well as other celebrities participated in the event. Good on them for supporting such a worthy cause. Go V!

  14. 114
    nessa Says:

    hi Beautiful.

  15. 115
    BOJI Says:

    Vanessa bless your sweet heart! She looks just adorable with her hair in a mussy bun. Doing your bit for humanity, that’s the way to go. What a fine role model you are.

  16. 116
    A Says:

    @Liberta she does drink… Not that it’s a big deal, but if you think she doesn’t, you’re sadly disillusioned.

  17. 117
    Chelles Says:

    Good for Vanessa for helping out and giving back. She looks happy..just gorgeous.

  18. 118
    BO Says:

    Pudge doesn`t look good without make up .Are you nuts ? She looks so watery and faded .Ashley looks so much better .

  19. 119
    zuti Says:

    Vanessa looks gorgeous

  20. 120
    zuti Says:

    and i agree with all of you, she always looks so fresh and great without makeup, Vanessa is gorgeous, a natural beautyy

  21. 121
    BOJI Says:

    The Trolls must have a love/ hate relationship. They’re always here on her threads. Outwardly they show hate but inwardly, they must be yearning for everything that Vanessa is. They accuse us fans of being blind worshippers but honestly, they are the ones never failing to post comments after comments in the hope of us fans replying to them. Vanessa is doing a good cause. Instead of supporting the cause, they just come to criticize and find fault with her appearance and they call themselves normal? It makes me sad to see human beings being so petty and superficial.
    And if all I get are name calling retorts and attempts at taking cheap shots at me, it doesn’t matter as this thread is about Vanessa and the good she is doing with her celebrity status, not about me.

  22. 122
    Lil Says:

    what happen to vanessa and austin all of a sudden. the PDA stopped and both specially austin looks out of place and bored. they doesn’t seem interested in eachother at all. its like they are just friends or something. where is that love they had for eachother? and why aren’t they hanging out alot with eachother like they did before. they seem to spend time apart alot. is there trouble in paradise?

  23. 123
    maria Says:

    @Lil: Geez, the comments on another thread were that the PDA was over the top. LOL. Keep in mind that Austin is in NYC for work, that may involve shooting different times of day. That explains why he is not always with her. Couples do not have to be together 24/7 either. I think they look just fine. But why worry? It’s their lives, and if they choose to go separate ways, they will. People should just butt out.

  24. 124
    BOJI Says:

    @ Lil, not at all. Austin is busy working on Carrie Anne Diaries. Their recent appearance of them showed them very in love. He kissed her head in one of the pics.

  25. 125
    BO Says:

    lol , If he cares to afford any time hanging out with Pudge ,I`m sure he can .You don`t shoot 24/7 .You have a schedule .And Pudge has been in NY a while .It seems to me they are trying to put some distance between them .Am I glad ?? You bet ! lol And about that kissing forehead , well , that was PDA .He was looking at the camera .period.

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