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Vanessa Hudgens: Hurricane Sandy Celebrity Telethon Fundraiser!

Vanessa Hudgens: Hurricane Sandy Celebrity Telethon Fundraiser!

Vanessa Hudgens is casual chic while attending the Hurricane Sandy Celebrity Telethon Fundraiser at Fuse Studios on Friday (November 9) in New York City.

The 23-year-old actress helped answer phones and raise money, alongside Katrina Bowden and Lisa Ling.

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Later in the day, Vanessa was spotted watching the Dallas Mavericks versus New York Knicks basketball game at Madison Square Garden.

Earlier in the week, Vanessa was seen all dressed up with her boyfriend Austin Butler at Rolling Stone’s Top 25 DJ List party.

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480 Responses to “Vanessa Hudgens: Hurricane Sandy Celebrity Telethon Fundraiser!”

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  1. 126
    Lil Says:

    @maria well that was rude. you call yourself a fan? well guess what i am a fan as well and to me they look unhappy for some reason (to me it does) so as a fan i worrie why she isn’t happy. thats what fans do. they care about everything related to the celeb they love. and you call it bu#tting in? i remember you use to drool over zanessa. its wrong when i do?

    @boji yes i saw that pic. i hate it when austin look at the camera. why does he do that? it automaticly make the kiss look so fake. he need to stop that. anyways i hope we get pics of them after all the shooting is over. i don’t care even if its everyday. i love looking at them. going to lunch , shopping and yoga and everything. i love how they do everything together. hope they last longer than zanessa. which i have a feeling they won’t. but we can hope for the better. i really think they are soulmates.

  2. 127
    ST Says:

    Happy to see the same debates continue. Vanessa looks adorable as usual!!!! While I am not an Austin fan… Why do you think she is in NYC? Come on! She likes Austin so I suppose we should like him too ;)

  3. 128
    maria Says:

    @Lil: Rude? Really? I was giving my opinion that they look fine. I guess I am more realistic, and understand that you can’t judge anything by pictures. Zanessa is long gone, and I only supported them while together, but not when he was an idiot. I don’t consider that “drooling”. She is totally capable of making her own decisions, so I don’t think you should be worrying.

  4. 129
    Haters Suck! Says:

    People get pissed if they hold hands. Lord knows if they were to kiss people lose what’s left of their minds.

  5. 130
    BO Says:


  6. 131
    kelly Says:

    Why is this dime a dozen bum geting all these comments. She’s average looking. Gay girls can’t get enough of this b**ch. She looks like she’s been around the block 50 times. And didn’t the vulgar hag pose nude. eew.

  7. 132
    kelly Says:


    Eeeew, plain. And such a big wide nose. Nothing remotely cute about this harsh looking bimbo. I bet the loser smokes too. And cuss like a sailor.

  8. 133
    BOJI Says:

    Kelly, speak for yourself. Don’t forget you are female too and some might just call you a Bi tch for bi tching about Vanessa. What she is doing is for a good cause and you lay claim to such credits? I think not, so don’t demean others for doing charity work.

  9. 134
    Rea Says:

    I like the style, but she looks like need more time to sleep. Her face less glowing than usual. And enough with the over tanned, you’re already beautiful Vanessa.

  10. 135
    kelly Says:


    Wow. So many races. Not one of them is black. Which is odd because she looks black. Are you sure she isn’t part Alien too?

  11. 136
    lanasworld Says:

    she’s cute . Not a fan of hers btw.

  12. 137
    laura Says:

    Horrible nails and shoes.. I can’t look at them..

  13. 138
    maria Says:

    Hmmm, I’ll bet pea-brain doesn’t know I don’t deliver babies, or do any kind of urological sugery. Some people really know how to look like fools! LMAO

    @BOJI: So true. Sadly, the race issue is alive and well on her posts.

  14. 139
    BO Says:


  15. 140
    bella Says:

    @A@Lil@kelly@laura@Intric8: Shut up!!! Do not come to this place if you don’t like her. ..and Oh my… Why do Zac From crazy fans always come to her posts and blame her?
    His fans are really trash.

  16. 141
    bella Says:

    i think i have finally lost my senses. i have started talking from my a.s.s again. how stupid of me. i am so dumb.

  17. 142
    BO Says:

    i have no life what so ever . and i have no friends either . my family treats me like trash . to be honest i am trash so can’t blame my family either . so i come here and release all that anger i have . bashing vanessa is like therapy to me . i love her with all my heart , and i am obsessed with vanessa . its just that i am very jealous that zac use to have sex with her and i wan’t to be like her , i envy everything she is , i wish i get to have sex with him but i know he will never even look at me even if i pass by him . i am fat and very ugly person inside and out , so no guy is ever going to be interested in me anyway . it just hurts me that i will never be able to experience intercourse , hence i am depressed . and i just wan’t to kill vanessa because i think she’s the most beautiful thing ever . THE TRUTH


  18. 143
    maria Says:

    (me talking to myself here) i think i should keep my mouth shut this time and be careful with my words. cause i kind of got cought with my lies on that last post. (lie as in implying that she’s a nurse and hence get lot of sympathy here) i don’t want to crack my brains out again like i did yesterday while googling to find a answer to that question. i kind of pulled my eyeballs out at that moment. so i should be careful not to act all smart cause if by any chance someone would ask a question related to medicine and i will have to crack my brains out again to google the answer. and i do not want that again. if a question will be asked again, i can’t ignore it either cause then it will be evident that i am not actually a nurse and is ignoring the question to keep out of cracking my brains again. so what should i do? should i slowly stop posting with this name and start using another name or should i keep using this name? (thinking)

  19. 144
    BO Says:

    ok , I know that it was the bu tt shot who acted my dopleganger earlier .But I don`t think it`s him now considering that we are on pretty good terms .It`s pretty obvious who this is ? isn\’t it ? lol REPOOORRRT ! POLIIIIIICCCCCEEE! SHE`S GONNA CUT THE URETER !LOL

  20. 145
    maria Says:

    oops i think my multiple personalities are at it again. i called myself as SHE’S there but it should have been I’AM i think my brain really got heavily cracked yesterday while googling that answer that i can’t even get a simple pronoun right. i think i should call the real nurses here before my other personalities such as @boji @tina @and haters suck comes out. (actually i am a mental patient at a mental hospital myself and have interest in becoming a nurse when i get out from here. which will be never it seems as my multiple personalities are all out today)

  21. 146
    kelly Says:

    Zac who? Oh, that guy with all the makeup on. And the plastic face with the tacky hair style. lol. Don’t make me laugh. Hahaha, somebody wrote this at another site, “Was anyone surprised to see that Vanessa Hudgens’ had a massive bush?” Real classy.

  22. 147
    me Says:

    yes maria will need atleast 10 years of electric shock treatment to get away from all these multiple personalities she have LOL

  23. 148
    Addie Says:

    She looks as cute as a pumpkin!

  24. 149
    tina Says:

    @kelly: Write as many stupid racist comments as you please. It only means we’ll get more pictures of Vanessa. Oh we fans tend to ignore racist idiots, so ramble on.

  25. 150
    italian mom Says:

    She have ??? She has I would say. Oh my Gosh!! Someone in need of grammar lessons! ohoh!!

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