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Leonardo DiCaprio: TAG Heuer Event with Cameron Diaz!

Leonardo DiCaprio: TAG Heuer Event with Cameron Diaz!

It’s a Gangs of New York reunion!

Leonardo DiCaprio makes his first appearance since his split with girlfriend Erin Heatherton at an event for TAG Heuer on Saturday evening (November 10) in New York City.

The 37-year-old actor helped his former co-star Cameron Diaz celebrate the launch of her limited edition signed watch at the event which raised money for the UN Women and New York Cares’ Hurricane Sandy relief effort.

Leo‘s split from Erin was announced last week, just days before she walked in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

FYI: Cameron is wearing SLANE bangle bracelets.

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# 2

He is adorable and one of my all-time favs but he always seems so sad when he is on the red carpet. Becoming a recluse. Its like he is turning into Howard Hughes..

# 3

He doesn’t age!

# 4

it’s a Gangs of New York reunion!!

# 5

he is bored
he want to go to a real party haha

# 6

happy birthday!!!!!

# 7

Oh my gosh. *___* Why is he so fine?

# 8
Happy_Evil_Dude @ 11/11/2012 at 3:42 am

Sorry Cameron, move along, he only goes for barely legal models (time to booty call Diddy?)

# 9
Dana Katherine Scully @ 11/11/2012 at 4:08 am

Even if its probably not, her hair looks like a wig here.
Her skin is again so bad.
I’d suggest a little Botox.
I would not knock her for that if she did it right.

First appearance after split? Haha as if he is in a struggle.
Leo does not mourn any of the bimbos he dumps, hello.

He needs to date maybe a basketball or football cheerleader.
U might think it’s dating down compared to a VS model but if u google those women they have masters and phd degrees.
They’re pretty amazing.

he does age and he looks his age
he’s an amazing actor though.

lanasworld @ 11/11/2012 at 6:03 am

I forgot they made Gangs of New York together.

Leo you are still in my top 5

Hm…wonder who his next tall, leggy, blonde, 19-year old “girlfriend” will be.

He is great looking. But i prefer him without make up/hairstyling. He is the casual kind of guy so he looks a lot more himself with it too.

I find them would be a great pair.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Leo ! you’re the best ! thanx for making us all happy with your performances . Wish you the best and please stay as great as you are .! Peace!

They look so good together. If I remember well Cameron was one of the first friends of Leo who was influenced by him to buy an environmental friendly car back. These two always got along very well and they had a wonderful chemistry in Gangs of New York.
Love them both.

francoise @ 11/11/2012 at 7:33 am

I prefer him like that without the facial hair.

We can leave that to Danny A., I think hes worked out something for Leo’s birthday.

Leo had a birthday party at The Darby that was a fundraiser for Hurricane Sandy Relief. Awesome! I think he looks great on these photos. Happy Birthday, Leo!

Leos bday was at lavo last night, with a whole host of celebs including , think jayz did a little improv too….hope u had a wicked night leo!!

Hello, handsome Leo. Happy birthday.

@bday: How many birthday parties did he have? lol C’MON LEO SMILE LIKE YOU DO IN TIS VID, its so precious

Great actress, great actor and they look wonderful!

It’s nice to see them together. I love them both.


Im sure after a few drinks…the 2 of them had some fun

Why Not?

Both are single…go for it

not only did they have fun, but Cameron went later to Leo’s birthday party at The Darby.

dicaprio and diaz @ 11/11/2012 at 9:09 am

would make one hot couple!

she looks good and it’s not his best look

@Yeah!: if you pay him ,i think he can come to celebrate his birthday at your home also :P

@carrie: ?????? What? I have no idea what you are talking about!

they are getting unattractive

Nice to see Leo dressed up. Love the purple tie. :-)

Happy Birthday, Leo. Hope you have a great day. :)
Hi, everyone. I’d love to stay, but I have a ton of work to do. * face palm sigh* (Will it ever end?)
How about giving Leo a present of no bickering, squabbling, and nice posts today? Just a suggestion. (Don’t massacre me.)
Have a good morning..!!!!

People, forget it. Cam is way too old to be Leo’s type. And incidentally, so is Leo (too old to be Cam’s type) ;)

Both of them act (and date) as if they were still in their 20′s. Peter Pan syndrome…

…and they are proposing the same exact girl pattern: actresses barely legit to have a drink.

JARED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT THESE TWO TO HAVE SEX SO BADLY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


There’s something going one !!!

Happy Birthday to Leo. He looks good with Cameron. I think It would be cool if they dated.

Happy Birthday Leo @ 11/11/2012 at 3:21 pm

I can’t wait for new reports from NYPost and others describing what type of birthday celebrations Leo had and who was on the guest list:)

dats funny.

yay, for the UN’s gender equality and the empowerment of women advertised in the back of the pics! :)

Yeah, that's right @ 11/11/2012 at 5:23 pm

@raven: HAHA!

Neither of them look like their former selves! Can we please go back to the 90s? lol.

tinkerbell @ 11/11/2012 at 7:55 pm

He looks like **** she looks pretty good, he looks bloated and like your average corporate schmo. It’s the hair that is the worst–in casual clothes and his natural hair he still looks good, but here, meh. The look of fear/distase/anger on his face is noticeable here..he does not want publicity right now after Erin and the last time he went to an event where cam was the tabs tried to link them but they are just friendly/collegial. I did hear they already explored that in 2009 in London–she was bouncing between him and Jude law at the time…maybe he doesnt really want that dug up here but he looks pissed and does not want his picture talen.

Trying to clean up his image perhaps?
From the Examiner:
“DiCaprio’s appearance at the event was presented as something of a surprise (though media was given the heads-up earlier on the day of the event). “I’m in town shooting my new film, The Wolf of Wall Street,” said the Great Gatsby actor. “I’m very proud to be associated with a company that cares so much and gives so much back.”
I do applaud him for doing charity fundraisers for his b-day. He can use his fame for so much good.

tinkerbell @ 11/11/2012 at 8:49 pm

His rep gossip copped the last time he was in a room with Cam and one of tabs tried to put them together–he really doesnt want to be tied to her but they really do look like a more age appropriate couple than his teeny boppers–not that he ever poses anywhere official on the red carpet with them, pap photos only

Was he in Australia?

Dan News‏@dannews
They appear to be filming a pretty big budget film around Sydney. Lots of road closures and massive equipment trucks.

9 NovAngela Vance‏@AngelaVance
@dannews Leonardo Dicaprio is there too. Spotted him in the crowd of the cage fighting champs. Tried to hide from camera. Coincidence?
11:19 PM – 9 Nov 12 · Details

another tweet @ 11/11/2012 at 10:07 pm

Hanging with the boys:

Julian Black‏@TheJulianBlack
Just saw Leo DiCaprio in a car with @jjanis1
12:41 PM – 9 Nov 12 · Details

Leo is an Tag Heuer ambassador @ 11/11/2012 at 11:37 pm

I’m sure Leo was pleased to take part of this charity event.
Not only like all the rest of the celebrities, he support their causes, but he is also, like Cameron a Hollywood brand ambassador. It was only natural that he was there.

TAG Heuer ‘Link’ Hope And Glamour In New York

TAG Heuer Legends Cameron Diaz and Leonardo DiCaprio join forces at elegant charity event in New York to support UN WOMEN and NY CARES’ Hurricane Sandy Relief Effort

NEW YORK, Nov. 11, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — A glamorous soiree in the iconic Cullman Hall of the Universe on Central Park West was the setting of a star-studded charity drive by luxury Swiss watchmaker TAG Heuer and its Hollywood brand ambassadors Cameron Diaz and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Here is a link to more pictures than the ones above. I like Leo’s face on one of them, he looks adorable… probably exhausted a little by all his past late partying nights, but still I think he looks relaxed and happy.

Happy Birthday Leo @ 11/11/2012 at 11:52 pm

I knew we’d get more info coming from the NYPost :
Leonardo DiCaprio celebrated his 38th birthday with a host of stars including Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Robert De Niro and Cameron Diaz on Saturday night. Newly single Leo, who we revealed just split with supermodel Erin Heatherton, threw a party at downtown supper club The Darby with guests including his “Wolf of Wall Street” director Martin Scorsese and co-stars Jonah Hill and Margot Robbie, the Australian beauty who we recently revealed he has been spending more time with. The pair were recently spotted at a party together in Las Vegas. Sources tell us DiCaprio used the birthday bash to raise money for the Red Cross by adding a fee to every bottle sold to be donated for charity. Also there were Mark Ruffalo, Edward Norton, Jamie Foxx, Emma Watson, Swizz Beatz, Chris Rock, Busta Rhymes, Kevin Connolly, Russell Simmons, Miranda Kerr, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Carla Gugino, Ethan Suplee and Lukas Haas, all of whom were entertained by live performances by Gary Clark Jr., Django Reinhardt and Eric Lewis on The Darby’s stage. The party raised money for charities supported by the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation. A $500,000 donation was made to the American Red Cross.

tinkerbell @ 11/12/2012 at 12:15 am

@Happy Birthday Leo: ha ha Margot again….they may not be hitting it now but very good chance they will be some time soon. You heard it here !

And Miranda alone. Marriage to Orly not going to last much longer, I feel sorry for the baby. And generally I like Miranda but she dresses so sluttily these days you have to wonder what is up with that…

tinkerbell @ 11/12/2012 at 12:31 am

@Happy Birthday Leo: I hate to say it, but a lot of these folks I admire their work but have no desire to meet and wouldnt think all of them in a room together is actually fun….dealing with all the egos would be tiring…..but its Margot for the win I bet.

I wonder what movie he will be doing next. I read on bellazon that things might be coming together for devil in the white city and the jfk movie. Anyone else notice that he was been working like crazy since j.edgar? Filming back to back. He broke his 2 movie a year pattern, but that was because of whatever issue baz is having.

Impressive guest list! It’s cute how the Post is still trying to sell this co-star romance even though it was also the Post that denied it ( and no other site on the reliable side picked up on the story ).
By the way aren’t we missing someone from the guess list? Someone who wasn’t seen with him for quite a while now? His mom, Irmelin….

I agree. The NY Post were the first to tell of Leo and Lively, even though that was denied. They are holding onto this story, there must be a reason.

Happy Birthday Leo @ 11/12/2012 at 7:04 am

Another birthday celebration report – from NY Daily News:
Leonardo DiCaprio made aging men everywhere ache with jealously on Saturday night as the actor celebrated his 38th birthday – again and again and again.

The charitable “Wolf of Wall Street” star kicked off the night hosting a TAG Hauer event at the American Museum of Natural History with pal Cameron Diaz, for the New York Cares Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund.

But it wasn’t until he was surrounded by a slew of other A-listers at The Darby Downstairs afterward – including Martin Scorsese, Robert De Niro, Jay-Z, Beyonce, Mark Ruffalo, Edward Norton, his “Wolf of Wall Street” co-star Jonah Hill, Emma Watson, Jamie Foxx, Swizz Beatz, Chris Rock, Busta Rhymes, Kevin Connelly, Russell Simmons, Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Ethan Suplee and Lukas Haas — that we’re sure DiCaprio really let loose.

The eight-time Golden Globe nominee hit the underground nightclub after a multi-course extravagant meal of branzino with truffled crust, yellowtail sashimi, spinach truffle pizza appetizer and steak filet with truffles.

It sounds as if he danced it off though: Lino Meoli, the deejay for the event, told Confidential that he was playing mostly oldies until Darby owner Richie Akiva said that DiCaprio wanted to hear some West Coast hip hop. “Things got pretty crazy,” Meoli said. “Leo was on the mic beat-boxing to 2 Chainz and had all his buddies up [on] stage.”

Don’t expect to see many pics of Leo’s rapping skills: The notoriously private silver screen icon had every attendee check their phone at the door to restrict the number of pictures taken.

Meoli added that despite the fact that “the girls were definitely all over him,” DiCaprio – who recently reportedly split from Victoria’s Secret bombshell Erin Heatherton after approximately 10 months – wasn’t paying much attention. “He was more with his boys,” he said. “Hanging with the rappers, getting on the mic. I didn’t see him with the girls at all.”

A second source at the party, which benefited the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation as well as hurricane relief, agrees with the celebrity deejay. “He really wasn’t flirting with anyone. It was a boys affair.”

One that lasted all night – and into the wee hours of the morning – apparently.

The party raged until after 5 a.m, at which point DiCaprio and his entourage all headed over to Avenue, where they stayed until 6:30. He might be approaching 40, but Leo still knows how to party until dawn.

@Happy Birthday Leo

sounds fun haha
some people manage to take a few pics
too bad no one recorded Leo rapping

@Heez: Except that Blake Lively wasn’t his co-star. I think people ignore that fact. Also I can’t remember how many times I have read here that Leo should dare someone closer to his own age than people hope for an affai with a 22 years old. I don’t get it…
@LOL: Hilarious indeed. ( sarcasm )

So what if she was not his co-star? People then were saying it was BS cause she was not a model and Leo only sticks to models. Some people insisting Leo should date a 30 year old brunette on blogs ( I said some not everyone cares)does not mean he is going to or that because Margot is not the type some of his ‘fans’ wish for him automatically means the story must be rubbish……..

I have one question for you. When was the last time Leo dated his co-star? I do think it is an important thing because Leo is very private and work is more important to him than anything else. An on set romane shadows a movie ( that Twilight couple, Ben Affleck and his romances with co-stars just to name a few ). I don’t think Leo is up for that kind of attention. He is conscious about his work as an actor and I just don’t think he would be up for a romance that has an affect on that. Maybe they have something going on ( very casual ) but I doubt it would become public.
You have a point. I also would like to see Leo with a brunette in her early 30′s – late 20′s who is not a model. It won’t happen. Not a chance. But you might see my point as well. ( I swear I don’t wanna start a fight with you or anyone else. :) ). But the majority here wished to see him with someone closer to his age but Margot is only 22. I saw a lot of comments about him dating someone older but now it doesn’t seem to matter. I hope you see my point!

Let me guess. You’re a brunette in her early 30s – late 20s who is not a model?
He’s not dating his co-star. They said he wasn’t flirting with anyone. She was invited to a party and went because she’s young, single and probably doesn’t know a lot of people in NYC. Plus, she’s get to mingle with the director and a lot of other Hollywood types. I would go to that party too if I were her.
People want to put Margot and Leo together, and that’s what they are probably hoping you will do. They are not together, it’s a professional relationship.

@75: I absolutely agree with everything you said. No argument at all. One thing though… I’m not a brunette but other than that I fit the description. It’s not even the hair color. Just something different for a change. Definitely not a model…

What happened to the gaggles of models?? Especially with newly single Leo AND his birthday!
Now it’s he wasn’t talking to anyone and he was just kickin’ it with the boyz.
Yeah, uh huh.

just sayin' @ 11/12/2012 at 10:02 am

just wanna say,the one who had denied blake/leo’s story and his meeting at her home was blake’s rep! but now it was leo’s rep who officially denied “leo and margot being an item”!& leo’s rep is quiet about his love life most of the time but whenever denied something, said right if u check leo’s news!
by the way leo had these news and denyin’ with kate winslet,cameron diaz, Ellen Page & …. maybe he had something such as flitration,sex or something but obvi. they were never dayting or something like that to say they were an item such as leo and blake or else!

Love The Shoes @ 11/12/2012 at 11:58 am

I could actually see these two as a couple. I like it! He’s a Scorpio and she’s a Virgo. It can work.

It will never work. She lives in Australia.

Oh, you mean Cameron and Leo. Not gonna happen either. Only friends.

Love The Shoes @ 11/12/2012 at 12:18 pm

@tye :): Thank you! He’s a very handsome man but all this pretense like he doesn’t age is delousional. He looks like a 38 yr old man and there’s nothing wrong with that. He looks great.

@Love The Shoes:
I thought Cameron was a Leo?

I think their families have been friends ever since they were kids. I like Cameron she seems like fun!

He looks like a typical 40-year old. They actually make a good looking couple. They should date probably have more than in common than he does with some 20-year old airhead who models panties for a living. No offense to the girls but come on now.

Happy Birthday Leo @ 11/12/2012 at 5:19 pm

Another report, with an interesting picture taken from Darby downstairs where we seen Leo cozying up with (Margot ?) sitting on his left.–latest-blonde-Margot-Robbie-clamped-side.html#ixzz2A5hGtMZl

Doesn`t look like cozying up whoever the blonde is. The report doesn`t sound like the Page Six report. Lots of `add ons`.

“Let me guess. You’re a brunette in her early 30s – late 20s who is not a model?”

LOL! That’s mean, but I don’t understand the obsession with hair colour. Age means something, but hair? Everyone has a type. I’m not usually attracted to blondes. That doesn’t mean I pick men based on their hair colour or I couldn’t have a relationship with a fair haired man, but so far it’ has been brunettes only. Am I shallow? I don’t think so. If a man isn’t kind, funny, and smart I wouldn’t spend time with him no matter what.

@Happy Birthday Leo:

That picture looks like a stock photo of The Darby interior, not Leo and friends.

Happy Birthday Leo @ 11/12/2012 at 6:18 pm

@89 – You’re right. Thanks. we always have to be careful with the captions under the pictures:)

Love The Shoes @ 11/12/2012 at 6:56 pm

@Geez: Nope. Aug 30 is her b-day. Aug 23 begins and Sep 22 ends it.

@Yeah!: when has he ever been single while filming a movie? and most of his previous co-stars also had bfs/husbands. I hope this leo/margot thing is real because it’s kind of hilarious how upset it makes you.

@what: I’m not upset, sweetie. There’s nothing to be upset about except for you being on my case all the time. Regardless of what I post you are after me. Never ending story…

tinkerbell @ 11/12/2012 at 9:33 pm

@just sayin’: @<a I dont why you have to be in denial about this, not they were not friends as kids, they have already effed in 2009 and go that over with. For some folks its like shaking hand, and Cam is a player herself. There are credible rumors that he and kate went at while she was breaking up with Sam Mendes really badly…..people turn to each other, sometimes friends for reassurance in times of stress…it happens. Ellen Page, friend but no sex. Margot not involved yet perhaps but strong possibilty it may happen.

Why you have to goo goo ga ga all this I dont know. It doesnt bother me Cam was seen coming out of his london hotel room at all hours and when asked what she was doing she said "playing chess"

whybe in denial when you have no vested interest (supposedly) of course they hit it sometime, just not now. People like that don't care.

And before you go there, yes, I believe it, It makes little difference to me in any case, those were friendly f*cks or friend with benefits–so what it happens.Most people have hit it with people they were more friendly than in love with at some point in their lives. So what.

Leo is not the goo goo ga ga fairy tale prince get over it.

tinkerbell @ 11/12/2012 at 9:36 pm

@@79: No no romance coming up with Cam but they already effed.

tinkerbell @ 11/12/2012 at 9:45 pm

@@79: @<a you're kidding right? If leo wants to see you or sleep with you he sends the private jet or the regular first class plane ticket. There is no "working it out either" he doesn't care about that. He flew Erin Heatheron TO Australia for some booty why wouldnt he fly Margot out?

But since she is an actress and actually pretty in the face, it would be short fling. He likes buttafaces for long term, and actresses are actually too creative and independent for him. Models are better trophies and only have their attractiveness to trade on and a lot of time on their hands…they know that their careers and their power will end early…..better get a rich /powerful man early, so he can string them along for years.

Come on guys, he looks great here, relaxed and calm. I have not seen him like this for years. I hope something good is happening in his life right now -it can be a new young blond or an interesting project, whatever, he looks good.

oh nooo
horrible human being tinkerbell
I wish she dissapear

What's next? @ 11/12/2012 at 11:25 pm

If he is not with Margot, still is good publicity for her. Only ‘a possible romance’ between them has everyone talking about her.

I actually kind of feel bad for margot. leo’s crazy fans will bash her if there is something between them. They always bash his girlfriends. She got cast in a scorsese film based on her talent. I hope she gets more attention for that than whatever is going on in her dating life.

@wolf: you’re right, I think it would be better for her if she’s not in a relationship with him

Margot fans, please point us in the direction of where we can see her talent. Pan-Am definitely wasn’t it. She looked the part, she’s well connected with the Aussie contingent and Scorsese isn’t that picky when it comes to casting blonde bombshells. It won’t be the first time he’s cast a mediocre actress as the love interest. Sometimes it works out. Cathy Moriarty was great in Raging Bull. Sometimes it doesn’t. Cameron Diaz was not up to the task in Gangs of New York. Thankfully Margot’s role in Wolf is not as demanding or central to the story as Cam’s was in Gangs.

What does it matter if Margot and Leo are sexing it up? I don’t believe they are, but they’re both adults, single, and the movie will benefit from the extra ‘Are they or aren’t they?’ publicity.

@102: Great points! Margot and her being cast for this movie. That was my first reaction when I heard the casting info and after watching a couple of episodes of PanAm. This has to be her looks. You said it right she looked the part in PanAm and I think that `s what landed her the role in WOWS not her talent. Cute girl but not an outstanding actress.
Sure a rumor doesn`t hurt the movie ( and sorry to say but her blossoming career ) just like with Kate Winslet. But I highly doubt Leo would promote this movie with his co-star being his girlfriend or ex girlfriend.

tinkerbell @ 11/13/2012 at 9:15 pm

@: ): well she didnt.

tinkerbell @ 11/13/2012 at 9:47 pm

@: ): what you don’t like is I have a long memory and I’m often right. There is nothing terrible about it. Sorry charlie.

goo goo ga ga! baby poop mindless laudatory drivel

(are you happy now?That is what you want right)

all right, be bitter and angry for the rest of your life

@WoWS: Margot spent a number of years on a soap we have down here called Neighbours- I doubt shes a struggling actress cause the “kid” on Neighbours and Home and away make between 5000-7000 per week plus depending on how central those characters are- so if she was smart about it she’ll have her own money. Shes also got a skeaky clean rep down here- Usually “kids” of those shows are one of 2 ways- either drunk/high falling out of clubs/casinos or squeaky clean girl/boy next door types. Margot is the latter- only time you read anything about her was if she was flipping burgers for McHappy Day or Planet Ark adverts- charity basically. Australian Designers also loved dressing her for logies and stuff. And- whilst friendly and bubley in interviews, she also not backward and coming forwards she will call someone on their sh@t- At least she did when she was still down here….
I think, like most people here, LD should give the 20 somethings a break. However, if thats the path he taking in this case he could do a hell of a lot worse than Margot- last 3 girls case in point (Shrug JMO)
Margot also lives in New York- has done since she left neighbours (2-3yrs ago I think) so they’er not flying in and out of Australia.
My guess if this is correct (them dating I mean) that like Lively their waiting for something- in this case maybe WOWS to finish filming so they’re no longer co-stars or something?? Just a guess??

sorry brain ****- that should read squeaky clean rep- not skeaky!

Here we go @ 11/14/2012 at 5:34 am

@Downunder: Somebody please explain to me why your comment got the thumbs down? is it maybe because there is something to like about her?? I loved her on Neighbours by the way!

@downunder: The question was about her talent and not how much she makes or about her reputation. There are people in soap operas and in movies who can’t act to save their lives yet they make money.
Her work in PanAm didn’t show talent at all.

@Yeah – I don’t know Leo personally, but I doubt his choice of girlfriends is be based on her talents as an actress.
I think he is more attracted by her looks, and mostly her personality. Margot seems like a simple, not complicated joyful and lively person. I am sure she doesn’t pretend to be an A list actress. She must feel very flattered and honored though to be in a Scorsese movie working next to Leo.And if they get along fine and he invites her to parties to mingle with his close friends it probably only means he likes her for who she is.
it is way too early to determine if there is anything serious between the two. except that they seem to like each other’s company.
But she is definitely cute, for sure….. and not boring.

@111: It`s not about how Leo picks his girlfriends. If you read #102 you will see that the question is about Margot`s talent and it has nothing to do with Leo. It`s about the fact that this girl has a soap opera in Australia and a failed TV show in the US under her acting belt and then she is a Scorsese movie. It`s not personal since I don`t know her at all and I don`t think there is an affair with Leo. It`s only about her work as an actress. I agree with #102 that it has to do something with her looks rather than her acting.
Leo seems to get along with his co-stars in general and it doesn`t seem to be any different with Margot.

I’m surprised no one has mentioned that the aussie tabs are saying Margot and Leo were seen “locking lips” at the birthday party on Saturday. I feel sorry if this is a case of another unsuspecting blonde being preyed upon by Leo, but I’m partly hoping it is true so we can see Yeah lose her cool, lol.
I would post the text but I’m on the road. It was on a site called (?) In australia.

Why would I lose my cool? I think I said that even if there’s something casual going on it won’t go public. By casual I meant an affair with kissing and having sex so an alleged kiss would make me lose my cool? That makes sense. LOL I don’t think it’s necessary to post the article since its exactly the same as the one from People except for the kiss.

Well I’m giving her acting skills benefit of the doubt, because she wasn’t good on pan am, but she may be a decent actress in the right role. sharone stone was an awful actress, yet she was perfect in scorsese’s movie. same with cameron in gangs of new york..she is a pretty mediocre actress, but at least proved she could hold her own in a scorsese movie. so you can’t judge margot on just her past performances.

Not saying there is anything going on between them, its too soon to tell, but I highly doubt. leo starting relationship with a costar doesn’t sound like him.

see what I mean. the bashing begins lol her acting on pan-am is irrelevant to her acting in wows. All actors have to start somewhere. Michelle Williams was less hyped than Katie Holmes when they were on Dawson’s Creek and look at who ended up having the better career. Working with a good director can do wonders for an actor. Like the above post mentioned, Sharon Stone got an oscar nom for Casino.. the same Sharon that gets more razzies than oscar noms lol I’m not even a fan of margot, but it annoys me how every girl that gets linked to leo gets bashed on this site. stop being so immature.

@116 agreed, hopefully there won’t be too much bashing of margot (once again i still don’t think their dating) I think she’s quite beautiful, but too young. but I agree, you all can’t judge margots acting skills yet. She’s only got small, minor roles under her belt, so you don’t really know what kind of actress she is just by seeing those little roles…she might be great, scorseses best female lead..while I doubt that is true, loll, but she shouldn’t be knocked because her past role was not the best. Scorsese doesn’t hire people who aren’t at least good in his movies role.

@wolf: How is this bashing? Nobody attacked her personally and having an opinion on her acting based on what I have actually seen is not bashing. She wasn`t good on PanAm and I really don`t see how is it bashing. If anything you sound like you are waiting for that to start…
Also her not being good on PanAm is irrelevant to her acting on WOWS? Sorry but I don`t see the point in that. Her acting on PanAm showed her acting skills that she is using now on WOWS. Hopefully she is going to be ( much ) better… I don`t think Cameron Diaz or Michelle Williams were great in their roles in Scorsese movies. Cam is a rom-com actress so she was kind of out of her element. It was OK. I`m not very familiar with Michelle Williams` work in general but I didn`t like her in Shutter Island at all. But both had more experience before being cast than Margot. I loved the female actresses in The Departed and The Aviator. All of them did an excellent job.

For the record I had the exact same opinion about Margot being cast in WOWS when I heard the news that she got the role months ago. It wasn`t bashing back then and I really don`t believe qualifies as bashing now…

@yeah but its not fair to judge margot on just pan am alone, how an actor performs also has to do with good writing, story lines, and directors. PanAm had weak story plots and writing. that doesn’t mean margot is a terrible actress. i’m not praising her either, but its unfair to judge on one performance of hers alone, when really thats the only margot performance you can reference to.

@lol: What else is there to judge her acting if you don`t live in Australia? You can be good in a weak story. Christina Ricci was actually quite entertaining in that show in spite of the story line.
The point in #102&103 was that it`s surprising she was cast in WOWS because she hasn`t shown much talent so far. Rather looks. Hopefully she is going to step up her game and show the world that she is more than just a pretty face. She looked the role and she will have to prove she is more than that. But I don`t think it`s bashing to be skeptical about her in this movie based on her resume.

Also I was also surprised to see Matthew McConaughey in the movie but he was good in The Lincoln Lawyer. He showed his potential in that movie so I curious to see how he is going to do in WOWS. Also another TV actor ( Friday Night Lights ) and a Broadway actress. Seems like kind of a random group of actors Scorsese collected for this movie. I`m really curious to see how is it going to come together.

@yeah its okay to be skeptical about her acting, but all I say is why not give her a change. I trust martin scorsese and his choices have never disappointed, so I’m just saying maybe theres more acting skill there than what we saw on PanAm :)

@123: Let`s hope so. I wasn`t always crazy about Scorsese`s casting as I mentioned before ( Diaz and Williams ) so I remain skeptical.

tinkerbell @ 11/14/2012 at 5:03 pm

@Here we go: because someone is jealous….that is why…..

Downunder @ 11/14/2012 at 6:20 pm

@Yeah!: She won a best new talent Logie when she was on Neighbours- Logies are our emmies- does that answer your question????

@126: That`s it? A … Logie? Let`s see how she does in WOWS.

You don’t owe anyone an explanation of her talents. If he wants to date her he will, and the fan that hates will simply transfer her rage to the new one and deal as always.

@128: Too bad that this whole conversation has absolutely nothing to do with Leo. I said the exact same thing about Margot months ago when Leo was dating Erin. But who cares, right? :eyeroll:

@Downunder @ 11/14/2012 at 10:00 pm


Thanks for the info. She sounds like way too good a person for him. If he wants her, I hope for her sake she runs the other way.

@@Downunder: I didn’t see Pan Am but I loved her as Donna, she’s a baby actress, give her a break everyone, but can you see her as Leo’s latest chickie? I just can’t.

Another rumor was pretty predictable.

tinkerbell @ 11/15/2012 at 8:23 pm

Yeah we all predicted Scar Jo for a fling, at least she wont stick. There isnt much else around for him. They are all “too old” or married or have a kid or too smart or recently adopted or dating someone…

Don’t worry, the posts against Margot have nothing to do with anything except raging hostility towards any woman that even so much as looks at Leo.
So what? She’s an OK actress that got cast in a big film because she also looks the part. Wouldn’t be the first time this happened. I have to give Marty some credit though, she has to be somewhat of a decent actress to get the part. We won’t know until the film comes out. Her role is not done in isolation, it will also depend on the support of her by the rest of the cast. If she’s working with Leo, she will come out looking pretty good.

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