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Minka Kelly: Post-Workout Earth Bar Stop

Minka Kelly: Post-Workout Earth Bar Stop

Minka Kelly keeps a low profile as she stops by Earth Bar after a workout on Friday (November 9) in West Hollywood, Calif.

Later in the day, the 32-year-old actress went on a sushi date with boyfriend Chris Evans.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Minka Kelly

Earlier in the week, Chris was spotted on set with his co-star Topher Grace, working on their latest movie, A Many Splintered Thing.

In case you missed it, check out Topher‘s patriotic feature in Corduroy magazine.

10+ pictures inside of Minka Kelly at Earth Bar…

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minka kelly post workout earth bar stop 01
minka kelly post workout earth bar stop 02
minka kelly post workout earth bar stop 03
minka kelly post workout earth bar stop 04
minka kelly post workout earth bar stop 05
minka kelly post workout earth bar stop 06
minka kelly post workout earth bar stop 07
minka kelly post workout earth bar stop 08
minka kelly post workout earth bar stop 09
minka kelly post workout earth bar stop 10

Photos: AKM-GSI, FameFlynet
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  • mimi

    Why is miss Cankles Chunky when she’s working out everyday….Never sweaty for the paps. Would like to get photo of her in the gym for once .
    PIC OR IT DIDNT HAPPEN!!! If not i think that JJ should share the profit that they are gettin from her PR

  • Yaddle

    Minka stinka in da pinka.

  • Ec22

    Calling the paparazzi again, Minka Miss Who Can’t Act? She is as bad as a Kardashian. If she is going to get photoed she should always be with Evans. How he took her back, idk.

  • real girl

    @mimi: She doesn’t work out… she pretends. She does some yoga stretches that’s all.

  • mimi

    @real girl: As an actress she should live on stair master with those ugly legs… girl cant act.. needs to keep that body tight

  • kristy

    These photos were taken on a Friday? So why are these photos here on a Monday?

  • Fannie Fagg

    Only person who “works out” and gets fatter. She should be studied in a lab.

  • Yaddle


    Only thing she needs to keep in shape are her BJ lips, which is what she uses to get “acting” gigs.

  • The Wise One

    It’s comical that she is even considered an actress. Meryl Streep is an actress, Cate Blanchett is an actress. Minka is another one of the endless and disposable girls who lands a part on a TV show and suddenly becomes famous. Once the show is over, her acting career most likely will as well. Currently, we are being saturated with untalented, young men and women who thrive on the paparazzi once they get a taste of fame. The fame is fleeting for all of them, and they will most likely end up like Heidi Montag. They need to save for their future because it will not be in Hollywood.

  • katy

    Oh it would make my day if Lisa Evans would comment here.. save your momma’s boy Cankle girlfriend…. he’s not the man to do it

  • katy

    @The Wise One: comon didnt you see the roommate… classic;)

  • Pippa

    Obnoxious name, too. he real name is probably something like Sally.

  • http://CrashandBurn9 Sophia

    Wow, online bullying much? I think she looks great! She looks healthy, which is something that is hard to find in Hollywood these days.

  • Yaddle

    Online bullying? It’s called an opinion, toots. Now, go back to your box of Ho-Ho’s and stop trying to speak for the other fatties.

  • Yaddle

    Love how the article says, “Minka Kelly keeps a low profile.” Low profile? Please. B!tch probably called the paparazzi herself.

  • LOLA

    We can’t read about Minka anymore, it’s exausting! So I think we should make a deal: we won’t be commenting on the posts about her anymore, she doesn’t need us to give her audience! Let’s focus our energy on Chris and forget about this one. She’s a complete disaster

  • mimi

    @LOLA: i’m not a fan of Chris and that is not the reason Minka bugs me.. I’m more angry at JJ for being a bad site now. I quit reading because it was so obvious that they were getting paid from certain celebs. Now i’m giving up on just jared for being such a sell out

  • LOLA

    @mimi: I get you, but still, we stop getting rates to this kind of people, if we stop, they won’t be popular anymore. I don’t think JJ reads our comments about how much we hate this kind of people, but if we stop, they will know this isn’t working anymore

  • kitty

    Umm guys JJ isn’t gonna stop posting about minka, they have some kind of friendship and communicate with each other on some level. I think the level of Minka posting increased on here right after he met her. I’ve seen pictures of them posing together from her twitter account a while back. We’re all just gonna have to deal with Minka overload……..i guess.

  • kelly

    Looks just like that no talent, bore Vanessa Hudgens.

  • Kel

    Jared, the paparazzi, Minka are working around the clock. Now his mommy is on board. Chris Evans does not like people talking about his lady.

  • just say no to cankles

    @mimi: YES omg JJ is just like they have a post about Minka. It’s the same article with few new words and pic. Recycling her pictures like she recycles Jessica biels exes. Honey you only wish you looked like her!! Go train with her, then you would see some results.

  • mia

    the evans môma too? this is becoming insane!

  • taiga

    @mia: unfortunately, yes. it’s sad that they’re so easily taken advantaged of and his mom says on imdb that they’re in hollywood blah blah blah paps everywhere. you just have to read it for yourself. his mom seems to be just one of those nice people you can trick so easily, it’s pretty sad.

  • Hal

    Smoothies! Working out! Starbucks! Shopping! Hair salon! Playing with dog!

    Pretty much the only headlines related to Minka Kelly. I’ve never seen any other “actress” being photographed doing these mundane things. Just Minka. It doesn’t matter where she’s at, she’s always photographed walking around. I guess when you’re on the D List, what else are you going to do but be known for what you do on a daily basis?

    Please, Just Jared, is there anything interesting about her you can report about?

  • Jack

    Yo the practically has Dinkas biography. Her PR pays them for sure. Why the big interest in her in England? Did she date some Brit in the past? I don’t get it.

  • mimi

    @Jack: As an European i had never heard of her before jj and dailymail started to pimp her. I think it’s because the hottest directors today are in europe and her PR is trying to make her visible for them. They have to same article every 2 day. ALWAYS TELLING US THAT SHE WON JAKIE KENNEDY ROLE OVER MILA KUNIS. It’s possible that it’s the Butler movie pr people are pushing her on us.

  • gerry

    oh, boy, now the Minka PR team is writing stuff that *seem negative* just to mention that she was able to get a job.
    yeaaah, sure, who do you think you’re kidding??
    She’s not even close to Mila !

  • mia

    it’s certainly not the Butler movie that is being pushed- particularly when its director is still selling his current film …
    unless of course what is meant is a movie with GERALD BUTLER, who just had his10th CONSECUTIVE FLOP…a very good company for the poor Minka.

  • LOLA

    OMG, she got a job that was meant to Mila. I think Mila didn’t want it or couldn’t do it because her schedule, that’s why Minkagot it. The director said: We don’t have Mila, we will have to do it with Minka! Fuuuuck!”

  • Hank

    I love how uncomfortable she acts around around the paps now. She used to always smile and talk to them, now she acts like she wants to be left alone. It’s almost like, when she makes subtle eye contact with them now, she is silently saying “Sorry guys, I see you and love you, but I have to pretend like I hate you for the sake of my boyfriend. Total bummer.”

  • Gretchen

    I agree that she is a terrible actress, probably calls the paps herself, and is only ever seen at the Earth Bar with the same white v-neck and leggings on. But, I would LOVE to see the size of some of you who are commenting on how “fat” she is. Not to mention, it’s all probably the same people who would be crying anorexia and “real women have curves” if she lost weight.

  • Angela

    @Hank: I agree! She’s acting all uncomfortable now but I bet it’s because of her new BF. To me she looks like the clinger type of chick that would do anything to keep her famous boyfriend. But anyway. she’s pretty so she will probably get away with it.