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Rihanna: Naked 'GQ' Cover Girl!

Rihanna: Naked 'GQ' Cover Girl!

Rihanna shows off her hot body on the cover of GQ‘s December 2012 issue.

“GQ’s man of the year?! When will your fave? #histoRih #GQ,” the 24-year-old singer wrote on her Instagram.

Rihanna just announced the cities for her 777 Tour, which kicks of THIS Wednesday (November 14) and will send her to seven cities in seven days. The locations are: Mexico City, November 14; Toronto, November 15; Stockholm, November 16; Paris, November 17; Berlin, November 18; London, November 19; and New York City, November 20.

When she arrives in each city, RiRi will announce a venue where she will perform a surprise show!

“I am so excited about the 777 Tour,” Rihanna said in a statement. “We are turning this jumbo jet into our tour bus. We’re practically living on this thing for a week: sleeping, partying, all together. Me, my fans, the press…it’s going to be a wild ride. I wanted it to be a rock n’ roll adventure, and I think when it’s over it will be the coolest thing I’ve ever done. I’m that excited about it.”

FYI: Rihanna is wearing an AllSaints Cropped Escape Biker Jacket.

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Photos: Mario Sorrenti for GQ
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  • oh My

    To Hypocrite and An Opinion: Jennifer Aniston sucks too!! I am tired of seeing her over exposed ass as well! Rihanna is overexposed but at least she is doing her naked shoots at a young age where mistakes are made and hopefully by the time she is 40 she won’t feel as insecure with herself and constantly bombarding us with stupid photos like this at that age, like Aniston do.

  • lanasworld

    cool,another auto tuned slut with no self respect.

  • bob

    trash. lost brain cells…wonder how?

  • don’t be tardy for the party

    I expect everyone of you that knock Rihanna to post at the Keira Knightley thread that Jared posted.

  • lala

    such a sl*t

  • Lili

    her tattoo is ugly.

  • Nataliya (Natasha) Stasyi

    Now this’s NOT funny, attractive or whatever .. NO MORE!!!

  • csa


  • Assholery inc

    Her hands!!!!!her hands!!!! Omg the horror!!!!!

  • WTF

    SHOCKER! Another semi-nude photo. DO us a favor Rih, put some clothes on! Surprise your audience. I mean Dang, she is a pretty girl with some cathcy tunes, but this “no clothes” thing is starting to get old and borderline overexposure.

    That tattoo on her chest, she is going to cry when she is 50 years old with a big @$$, faded, tattoo on saggy ol’ skin!

  • glorify
  • chalupo

    When you are cute, you are cute. when you are talented then you are but not to an extent of being neked. nice body yes but who the hell do you think you are?

  • coolness

    Her previous GQ covers were sexy but this just looks wrong, like it was taken from a bad angle or something. She’s becoming too predictable in the sense of always appearing with little or no clothing. The tatoo on her chest doesn’t do it for me either.

  • ShameOnYou

    How shameful! Can one say DESPERATE?

  • j

    just really gross

  • Dirkstar

    That isn´t really naked!
    That is an erotic picture!
    Similar as if you would see her in a Bikini at the beach!
    Like a cup of hot chocolate, that has become cold!
    Of course, a cup of cold chocolate can taste well, too.
    So, that´s not shamefull!
    Rihanna in a short Bikini would be more sexy than on this picture!
    That black jacket in combination with the short hair shows
    too much androgynity (my opinion). Where´s her female side???
    But that shall be – obviously – the main-aspect of that erotic picure, I think.

  • lil mama

    @Fanny Fagg: stop being a hater cuz yu dnt look like that bitch

  • lil mama

    stop being a hater cuz ur body dnt look like that nomore bitch

  • lil mama

    @Fanny Fagg: \
    stop being a hater bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cin

    Heck I want to sleep with her, and I’m a heterosexual woman! lol

  • Jo

    too much

  • Daniel

    Rih Rih looking sexy and hot as usual.
    Let her be, leave her alone… y’all complaining about every little thing.
    Some of you are just jealous, and don’t say no. lol

  • TheTown

    Oh, So when Rihanna does it she’s a “$lut” just because she’s black it’s bad and gross, I see. But when Keira Knightley does it most of you call her “Beautiful and Classy”, please….

  • O

    Actually shocking headline would be Rihanna: Clothed ‘GQ’ Cover Girl!

  • ABee

    What could she possibly be talking about in THIS interview that we don’t already know from her twitter account? OVER EXPOSED.

  • Lana

    I see a monkey!

  • Harlie

    This is my last comment about her. You call Rihanna “attention *****” and I totally agree, but posting all the time your opinions about her it’s not gonna end with her career. So, stop talking and she’ll stop recording (If this is actually make music…).

  • Here comes the hooker.

    Gurl carnt keep her legs shut and clothes on for a second , nothing but a celebrity hooker And BITCH PLEASE ROCK N ROLL MY ASS

  • LooseLipz

    And she has ugly boobs too..

  • Sara

    Well, she has to do something since she has no talent to back it up.

  • Huda

    @PR stinks: the one that manufactured them is the ( illuminati )

    They wont stop this Industry crap , diseases , unemployment , poverty and wars are ALL have been made by the illuminati i have been stuying also reading tons of books articals about it

    Read and search the illuminati cult .. U well be shocked _ open your eyes ppl

  • Gina Lu

    This girl is trash. She is dirty looking with all those bad choices of tattoos. She thinks she is beautiful and sexy but really looks @$#%&$&^!!! Gross!!!

  • Gina Lu


  • Red

    She Thinks Her Self #BRITNEY Spears
    Go 2 Hell U are NOT Sexy At All !!!

  • zija

    Haters haters haters!!!!! SHE IS SO PHUCKING SEXY!!!! look at that body!!!!!!!!!!!!
    AND come on haters,DISKLIKE my comment PLEASE :))) <3 :** :) : ):): )

  • tina

    No different than the GQ cover of Jennifer Aniston wearing only a tie. Like the Aniston pic, to me, this seems like a woman who allowed herself to believe that the world seeing her naked would be a good thing for her career.

    This is just as shameful as the Jennifer Aniston picture. Desperate.

  • Nikkie69

    Well I’m not surprise people are saying negative things about her she causes controversy, her music the Chris Brown thing. But she is very sexy & very beautiful