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Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt's Kids Send Santa Christmas Letters

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt's Kids Send Santa Christmas Letters

Looks like the Jolie-Pitt family’s holiday season is off to an early start!

Angelina Jolie was spotted last week taking all six of her children – Maddox, Zahara, Pax, Shiloh, Knox, and Vivienne – to mail their letters to Santa Claus at a post office in rural Kent, England.

“It was so cute. All the children sent messages to Father Christmas and were absolutely beautifully behaved,” a post office assistant told People. “Just like any other kids in a sweet shop they were excited, but Angelina controlled them perfectly.”

“It was lovely,” she adds. “They were all very polite. They were just a bunch of gorgeous, happy kids. “[Jolie] was so polite and a really nice person. I was quite shocked at first but Angelina was so lovely I soon relaxed.”

WHAT ARE YOUR PLANS for the holiday season this year?

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  • tish

    @yolly: @tweet:

    Hi Yolly, So great to see you, never forgetting to say ever so briefy a warm wish to your very very good friends, To all of us JP Fans and never fail to leave blessings to our fav JP Family.. Such a faithful Fan .
    I always noticed that in your posts and am so sorry i missed you tonight. One time you mentioned Pax’s BD was the same day as yours..pls ….pls.. correct me if i am wrong. Anyway mine is the day before . So how about we celebrate Pax’s BD and a cheers for us on that special day the 29th…let me know and will be on at the same time.
    If not gotta a feeling will be seeing you the night of the premier, so will see you then. 4 sure.:) If for some unforseen reason i don’t see you remember i am wishing YOU a very Special Happy Birthday first and foremost on our fav couple’s special little guy Pax’s day..

    just a thought, so hope it works out that way.

    God Bless You Yolly ,…tty soon.

  • Kathy

    aww so cute. The family is always together. This is a such a loving family. Brad and Angie are great parents and you can tell they raise their children good.

  • Wonderbust

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  • tamsin

    actually loon, the only one who comes across as unstable is you, imbecile. I’m not going to keep a tally of your posts, but even your loony friends know that more than half of them are about me (including 7 posts in one page) instead of your idols. What does that say about you? What would your idols think about you? LMAO you’re such a freeek!

    Let me get you back on topic. What happened to the druggie? Where is he? What happened to the 3-day rule and the promise for the future? And why did his last movie tank, when you claim he’s an international superstar?

    Don’t strain yourself trying to answer! LOL! :D

  • True Love

    Aw I love Brad and Angie together

  • wow

    Angelina is amazing. She surprises everyone that she is more a wife to Brad Pitt than Maniston has ever been. And she is such a great mother. Brad definitely made right choice.

  • an oldie

    LOL, I went to that Deadline link, and I love this comment. The poster’s name is funny too.

    “Cruise looks ridiculous in that promo still, like a chipmunk wearing armor. Also, at 50, isn’t he a little too old for an “inexperienced soldier”?”
    Comment by all you need is growth pill

  • megatit

    Well, most of that was her talking to me, Truth and Whamo, but seeing as you demented, desperate freaks like to call this corner of the internet your home, I can see why you’d be pressed over someone talking over you azzholes. Add this bullshittt on top of the loon who just said she couldn’t believe how many “trolls” commented before “fans” got a chance. Lol, back of the bus antis! And I didn’t know there was a maximum amount of comments I could make. This is some reverse affirmative action shitt! Lol, kiss my hatin’ azz ya dumbfvcks. And hey….when’s the wedding?

  • tish

    OMG!! Wonderbust that is totally insane. We truly are dealing with severe head cases. When i see that name i always laugh thinking who listens to a nut? But it is all sooooo cray cray. seeing that name i am serious neeeds to be in a hosp. but could be in a mental ward instead of the basement but with computer privledges. It is more to be pitied but won’t be here. This is dealing with real diaper shite… ECK!

    Tks , boy you got patience…..idiot doesn’t care what you type with that nobrain. We got the message tho. It use to get attention here sometimes , so is begging LMAO.

    Take care girl.:)

  • megatit

    Aww granny isn’t it past your bedtime? Drink a glass of warm milk, take your meds, clean your dentures, fire up that heating pad and hit the hay sweetheart. We don’t want your shingles flaring up now, do we?

  • tish

    @an oldie:

    HAHA I thought the same Oldie when i saw Tommygurl looking like a freeeaakkk. GROW UP!! As stupid as they say Katie is who knows what she was dealing with to leave without setting herself up?

  • kelly

    Boring bunch. I don’t know why they have to hide certain comments. That’s very bias.

  • Jen the HAG

    ohhh the crazy loonifers talking to the fans bwahahhahaha must be lonely being alone with just 30 cats for companion hence posting in a thread of the celebrity they hate just to get attention bwahahhahahah!!!

  • kelly

    @Mr. Bright:

    And you are worshipping people you don’t even know.

  • plz

    Fans ignore the idiot trolls, don’t reply to them, just thumb them down.

  • Jen the HAG

    Wonderbust @ 11/14/2012 at 12:17 am +18

    I’ll bring this over on every new post just so lurkers can see how unstable and obsessed this male is with Brad Pitt
    ….don’t you all just love that someone who posts this much about Brad has the nerve to call me a stalker LMAO..also fyi copy and paste isn’t rocket science tamshiit..a male posting this much about Brad Pitt is NOT normal..good night :)
    Wow that loony bin is a male??? Must be the biggest GAY/ TRANSGENDER i’ve ever known in the internet.. or maybe it’s HUVANE posting in behalf of his client the needy, whinny, insecure, fugly female Brad had the unfortunate thing to have known.. bwahahhah!! You know these FUGLYBITTER HAGS they can’t accept the fact that there is a site that is positive to the JP’s they are trolling the internet depending their FUGLY IDOL coz they know their idol’s career is on the dumpster bwahhahahh!!

  • Elizabeth

    Any pics….? Hello to all JP fans

  • Jen the HAG

    Elizabeth @ 11/14/2012 at 1:10 am

    Nope no pics that’s why the loonifers are going boinkers because they don’t have a pic of Angelina where they can post hate and criticize her ad infinitum ..LOL on the other hand they still post their haterade ad nauseum ..suck to be fans of the JAY LENO look alike bwahahhahahhhh!!

  • Jen the HAG

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  • Jen the HAG

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  • Passing Through

    # 157 Wonderbust @ 11/14/2012 at 12:17 am
    Dang, Wonderbust. Give Tampon a break, would ya? Her crack dealer had a sale that day. It’s not the norm, ya know. Usually she posts much more than that. Her production was down because she had to go turns some tricks to afford the crack firesale…

  • lala

    @dawne: you know by thumbing down the comments they get hidden and that only maked everyone read them even more…just saying

  • Fresh

    Great parents– giving their kids the experience to mail stuff at the post office. And the WHOLE family are together somewhere! AWWWW

  • precious

    How can all six little ones, boys and girls be so well-behaved? No, I’m not asking that question. Thumbs up to Jolie and Pitt!

  • here

    Adopt me! :-D

  • who

    AWWWW!!! The kids going to the post office to send their Christmas letters to Santa! Brad and Angelina really are giving their children all the experiences of a normal life. This is an absolutely adorable story.

  • gab

    this picture is old, very old!
    ….November….England…. Angelina wears flip flops and t-shirt vith short sleeve for Zahara…..brrrrrrr……freeze!!!!

  • who


    Yes, the picture is from New Orleans when they went to the store.

  • tish

    @Love the JoliePitts: @Love the JoliePitts:

    Hi Love, sorry i didn’t get to this post till now. You are soooo kind you are making me blush and i don’t blush. Big hugs xo.

    Love thanks for being so sweet to me. You are a lovely lady , i hope you are living a good life because you deserve it. You would never intentionally hurt a fly. You always mean well in fact so deeply caring, so noticable on the bd.

    I left you the other post when i read what you said to the other ladies ,wish i had of seen this one. I am going to stick ‘refresh on my pc screen. Frankly I am not even suppose to be on this PC onless i know when to get off. NOT doing a good job of that today so have a husband who is starting to become concerned. He was out of sorts today (pized becomes very quiet) saying i will be retiring in a couple of yrs and would like to spend them with you.. We have been together for many many yrs and i know i am fortunate but i am a very independant women in my mind. He says he is going to call my doctor who i think the world of . In all the yrs he has never crossed me like that But on the other hand in the end i will have to just lurk,try to..and maybe i will eat and sleep better.
    I know what happened to me now but didn’t know much till i asked ..ended up coming here in the end.
    With all of the intelligent posters i thought one might be a nurse here so as i said earlier threads dawne led the way . Can’t thank her enough for that.
    Heres the story.. I was suppose to have a gallbladder surgury last July which i wasn’t concerned about, couldn’t wait b/c women told me they never felt better.
    It’s only day surgury and just have to take care at home for 2 weeks.

    Be darned i had to cancel b/c my FIL became ill,so. quick sad. That app was set up again and i got the flue, so another cancellation, GRRR
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    You can only go UP..right…:) But i will be in to say hi:)
    No the internet can make nothing out of it But you get the drift and see the lumps and bumps(disgusting) Mine are healing stage tho.. But if you go to places like web md, and read worst case scenarios everybody dies. That place is not for me but i did go there where they get into whether you will have nerve damage for life…HUH!! save yourself the hassel of checking that out,gets too morbid.
    And yes i am under doctors care but he wouldn’t be too pleased right now but will change that.

    Love you are one of a kind and you sure have the right name…Love.:)

    Going to sign off..will keep in touch. Personally i am starting to feel this looks like i want attention but i don’t.. i can get emnbarrrassed about it all.

    Thank you sooo much and promise to check in. LOL I think that will be easy but i have to be good and know when to leave.

    Good nite to you my sweet friend.

  • sunny

    @lurker is Maleficent suppose to be showing a teaser soon?
    Since Disney showed first Oz teaser trailer last June (before March, 2013 release), Maleficent willl be given similar marketing strategy. Note that Maleficent storyline is not what people are expecting from the original story. It may shock some 1959′s Sleeping Beauty fans. Really.

  • tish

    @Passing Through:

    LMFAO.. Oh PT , you are just too funny. Take care.

    Hitting the hey, love reading your posts..

    Good night

  • larry

    many kids and brad old also

  • NAN

    Wow, Brad Pitt ,you are so clever to choosing Angelina Jolie to be the mother of your children.

    You are so popular and succeed since you and Angie be Together,
    Brad Pitt+Angelina Jolie = A++ Superstars !!!!!

    Dolly’s friends are still Hurts,that their Ca Ca boss Cannot Producing Baby or Babies,8+ years gone by it’s still Empty Womb,Krama is so SWEET for HorJ,eeh eeh eeh eeh eeh eeh

    Ex is still Bitter,Lonely,Unhappy,Barren and Kaput….Ouch.

  • Rose

    Good morning to the Jolie Pitt fans. I’m hoping everyone is in good health. I will be resting today. I was out raking the leaves two days ago and now I’m feeling a little under the weather with a cold. The basic sore throat, sneezing and coughing. right now I’m making a pot of chicken soup. Will be better by tomorrow, : -).

    For those interested in the Eastcoasters, Children were back to school by yesterday. Only about 27,000 are without heat from a high of about one and a half million. City and State trying to get housing for the displaced. The Brooklyn Battery Tunnel is Back, buses are now going through the tunnel. The LIPS, long Island Power Authority head is stepping down because of all the criticism. 16,000 no heat on long Island. A few hospitals are still closed until the new year, ect.

  • Rose

    Hi Tish, hope you are feeling better.

    Hi Phool, if im not mistaken, someone stole your name yesterday evening.

    @Hi Love the Jolie Pitts, how are you? Good to see you were last night.

    @FYI 12, please post a video of the JP to keep my spirits up, :-),

    @Premelee, Long time no see. I read you met Brad and Angie, I’m so jealous.

    All other great fans have a wonderful day.

  • as it is

    I’ve known it all along when I encountered Angelina Jolie in 2008 in NYC!!!

  • Rose

    Did anyone see anything about the gallery showing of Brad’s furniture showing yesterday in NYC? I’m sure if something is on line Phool or another fan will post it for us.

    I’m hoping Brad will be in NY or somewhere promoting KTS soon. Looking forward to seeing Brad and Angie on the red carpet.

  • Georgina

    @Love the JoliePitts: Thats not true. This family does not like to a lot of people. Its not only one person… Personally I like them, but my dad, my sis, and a few people in my life doesnt like them. You have to accept that.

  • tamsin


    Kelly, it is biased indeed but it’s also a fraud. In no way do the number of votes represent unique users. Passing Poop and some of her minions use a very famous network of proxy servers to cheat at the voting. That’s also how they avoid moderation and banning.

    Reality is that there are no more than 15 resident loons in these threads, so any comment with a higher number of votes has been achieved through cheating. All of them are in on it, but the secret has been out for a while now. They’re unbelievably clumsy about faking the numbers, as the thumb down votes always double the amount of thumbed up votes, and they justify it by saying that there are “lurking fans” who do not comment, but are only waiting to thumb people down and do not care about thumbing their fellow “fans” up.

    The fun part about this is how these idiots spend countless hours doing this every single day on every page of the latest thread. Even then, loons still click on our hidden comments to reply to us. As for us we all know that the smart comments are the ones who are hidden.

    At any rate, feel free to check out the mobile version of this site, where no comment is hidden. That only means that all their stupid effort in vain. :D

  • @Georgina

    Your dad reads tabloids?

  • Dead Letters

    On errands of life those letters and their lies speed to their death.
    I thoroughly enjoy being thumbed down. I want to be hated by these naive plastic ninnies who help destroy our already dumbed down society .

  • @

    Love the JP’s, wish there were pics .

  • zzzzzzz

    The mental sick person of Tam … garbage and his fifty names

  • santa

    Deer Santee Claws,

    I’d like real army boots, a tattoo, and a buzz cut, and a 3-pack of white ribbed wife beaters, and a wallet chain.

    Your buddy,

  • QQQQ

    Human Rights at FCO‏@FCOHumanRights

    @WilliamJHague: my encounter with Angelina Jolie’s film In the Land of Blood and Honey galvanised me into starting this new UK initiative
    @WilliamJHague: I am grateful to Anglina Jolie for her support in our efforts on #sexualviolence in #conflict

  • QQQQ

    Wilton Park conference on preventing sexual violence in conflict and post-conflict situations
    The conference which includes sessions on the international normative framework; addressing impunity; early warning indicators; strengthening justice mechanisms; and communications, was also attended by the following:
    Mrs Zainab Bangura, UN Special Representative on Sexual Violence in Conflict
    Margot Wallstrom, – the former Special Representative
    Madeleine Rees, Secretary-General of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom
    Dr Mukwege from the Panzi hospital in the DRC
    Serge Brammertz, a prosecutor from the ICTY
    Angelina Jolie, Special Envoy of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees
    Angelina Jolie, Special Envoy of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees said:
    “I am delighted to be working with Foreign Secretary Hague again on the United Kingdom’s initiative on Preventing Sexual Violence in Conflict. In many conflicts, sexual violence is used as a tactic of war, intended to hurt not only a single individual, but their family, their community , their ethnic group. Today this has almost become a rule rather than an exception, and we all must work together to combat the impunity and ensure justice for the victims.”

  • tamsin

    # 175 – I love that Big Momma continues to encourage my stalker to make an ass out of herself. Big Bully Btch has enough food on her plate (literally) to bother to stalk me personally, but she cares about my opinion just as much. LMAO at how she tries to make fun of me when she’s the loontard who makes 8 posts on a single page. Talk about not having anything going on in her life.

    # 170 – I feel so sorry for the Pinay fly who is obviously unhappy about not finding a foreigner to get her out of the life she hates so much. You can tell her frustration in every single comment. I personally like that she’s revealing herself as such a bigot, which is contradictory with Heroina and Pothead’s views. Not only are they LGBT advocates but also they’ve had bisexual experiences.

    So loons, why not trying to stay on topic for a change? When’s the wedding?

  • Naive J/P fans

    You J/P trolls are so naive. This is an old picture. It looks like JJ is getting as desperate for hits as the J/P’s are for attention. I love it…:)

  • tamsin


    Yes Lala, the hidden comments are the interesting ones, even loons know that, despite their own pointless efforts to thumb them down. They get upset because we speak the truth about their pathetic idols so silly horshippers just can’t help themselves and still check them out and give us replies, even if we’re not addressing them at all! XD

  • zzzzzzz

    The garbage tam … he does not sleep, does not eat, does not have sex, lives in his world, where the mental patients are the boss