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Vanessa Hudgens: 24 Hour Plays on Broadway!

Vanessa Hudgens: 24 Hour Plays on Broadway!

Vanessa Hudgens smiles wide at the The 24 Hour Plays on Broadway after party held at BB King on Monday (November 12) in New York City.

The 23-year-old actress performed in a play titled “Workday” alongside Amber Heard, Emmanuelle Chriqui, and more!

Also in attendance to perform in the Montblanc presented Broadway festival was Olivia Wilde, whose boyfriend Jason Sudeikis came out to support, Justin Long, Taran Killam, Seth Green, Rosie Perez, Sam Rockwell, Gina Gershon, Anthony Mackie, Jack McBrayer, and (not pictured) Amber Tamblyn, Vincent Piazza, America Ferrera, and Jason Biggs!

FYI: Vanessa is wearing the Rebel Pendant by Stella & Dot.

30+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens and others participating in the 24 Hour Plays on Broadway…

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vanessa hudgens 24 hour plays on broadway 01
vanessa hudgens 24 hour plays on broadway 02
vanessa hudgens 24 hour plays on broadway 03
vanessa hudgens 24 hour plays on broadway 04
vanessa hudgens 24 hour plays on broadway 05
vanessa hudgens 24 hour plays on broadway 06
vanessa hudgens 24 hour plays on broadway 07
vanessa hudgens 24 hour plays on broadway 08
vanessa hudgens 24 hour plays on broadway 09
vanessa hudgens 24 hour plays on broadway 10
vanessa hudgens 24 hour plays on broadway 11
vanessa hudgens 24 hour plays on broadway 12
vanessa hudgens 24 hour plays on broadway 13
vanessa hudgens 24 hour plays on broadway 14
vanessa hudgens 24 hour plays on broadway 15
vanessa hudgens 24 hour plays on broadway 16
vanessa hudgens 24 hour plays on broadway 17
vanessa hudgens 24 hour plays on broadway 18
vanessa hudgens 24 hour plays on broadway 19
vanessa hudgens 24 hour plays on broadway 20
vanessa hudgens 24 hour plays on broadway 21
vanessa hudgens 24 hour plays on broadway 22
vanessa hudgens 24 hour plays on broadway 23
vanessa hudgens 24 hour plays on broadway 24
vanessa hudgens 24 hour plays on broadway 25
vanessa hudgens 24 hour plays on broadway 26
vanessa hudgens 24 hour plays on broadway 27
vanessa hudgens 24 hour plays on broadway 28
vanessa hudgens 24 hour plays on broadway 29
vanessa hudgens 24 hour plays on broadway 30
vanessa hudgens 24 hour plays on broadway 31

Credit: Andrew Toth, Andrew H Walker; Photos: Starpix/JustJared, Getty
Posted to: Amber Heard, Anthony Mackie, Gina Gershon, Jack McBrayer, Jason Sudeikis, Justin Long, Olivia Wilde, Rosie Perez, Sam Rockwell, Seth Green, Taran Killam, Vanessa Hudgens

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304 Responses to “Vanessa Hudgens: 24 Hour Plays on Broadway!”

  1. 1
    mayeth dela cruz Says:

    i love you VANESSA HUDGENS pls. come back to ZAC EFRON, Wish and Hope you could have a movie together again. we miss ZANESSA………..

  2. 2
    Yukababy Says:

    Last girl to get the header here should be Vanessa Hudgens. Who is she anyways?

  3. 3
    Cele Says:

    Amber looks totally smokin!

  4. 4
    Miko Says:

    I want Emmanuelle C as my wife

  5. 5
    Sharla Says:

    Amber – my idol every which way

  6. 6
    Bootyliscious Says:

    Guess they do it for exposure because i dont know what this thing is all about

  7. 7
    Gaylord Says:

    Emm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wohoo!!!

  8. 8
    BOJI Says:

    Hope we’ll get a link to watch her performance, Vanessa ie,

  9. 9
    Rakadishu Says:

    @Bootyliscious: This is for aspiring actors and actresses who need help becoming better actors and actresses

  10. 10
    M.M.M Says:

    Jason looks edible

  11. 11
    Fromthecoast Says:

    Who on earth is Vanessa hugens???

  12. 12
    RupertSanders Says:

    Why is this girl on this site everyday…what does she do?

  13. 13
    asn Says:

    beautifuls girls

  14. 14
    Doogie shnouzer Says:

    Emmanuelle is so fine that i want to burst he he he

  15. 15
    Yo bee oh Says:

    WTH is this function for, class B actors?

  16. 16
    Chloe Says:

    @mayeth dela cruz: She won’t return to him.. She is now happy with her present boy-friend…Just leave her alone please

  17. 17
    tye :) Says:

    Vanessa still acts and sings?

  18. 18
    BOJI Says:

    Of course, she does. Has 3 movies coming out next year, namely, Spring Breakers, Gimme Shelter and Frozen Ground. She may not be a prolific actress but I like her as a personality.

  19. 19
    MoreThanWords Says:

    Yes! Always nice to get new pictures of Vanessa, even if she looks a little tired, it’s still nice.

  20. 20
    kelly Says:

    Oh no, not this fake ****** with the tacky nails. By the way where is her top lip?

  21. 21
    kelly Says:


    Oh some untalented person who posed nude for her phone and post the photo on myspace. Nobody of importance. But she has a lot of gay girls worshipping her. Average looks.

  22. 22
    kelly Says:


    Who cares. They sound boring if she’s in them. Stop promoting the bum. Are you her PR man?

  23. 23
    BOJI Says:

    I see some who call themselves haters can’t seem to get enough of Vanessa always turning up on her threads.
    @Kelly, what is it to you if I’m her PR rep? I’d do it for free anytime anywhere. And you, pray are here just to spread the hate? Grow up, child.

  24. 24
    Melissa Says:

    @Bootyliscious: Actually, it’s not that at all. It’s a charity event done to raise money for Urban Arts Partnership, which brings dance, theatre, music, etc to city kids.

  25. 25
    Bubbs Says:

    Cant believe biggs is still tryin to act

  26. 26
    BO Says:

    lol so this is tge real genral idea of pudge.who is she?she stil acts?lol

  27. 27
    maria Says:

    Thanks to Vanessa and all the others for supporting such a good cause! Looks like it was a good time, but I’ll bet they were pretty tired by the end!

  28. 28
    Randy Says:

    Darn Vanesa ruined the spring breakers movie poster with her duck face expression. I hope they make a new one

  29. 29
    mia Says:

    Those are all fan made. And thats how Candy it is suppose to be… If you want to hate, at least it would be good if you see the movie first.

  30. 30
    mia Says:

    She looks gorgeous, so proud of her!

  31. 31
    Amelie Says:

    Awesome! They all were working all day non stop. Vanessa looks so pretty, look at that smile, cant wait to see some videos.

  32. 32
    BO Says:

    lol so this is the real general idea of Pudge in public “.Who is she ? she still acts ?“lol

  33. 33
    SAM Says:

    “At tonight’s 24 Hour Play @VanessaHudgens’ bio reads, “Im thankful for liquid courage. Kidding I’m expecting a puppy out of this.” ” LMAO she is awesome!

  34. 34
    SAM Says:

    Gorgeous, glad to see her helping! And it looks like it was a really good one!

  35. 35
    Randy Says:

    @mia: WTF are you to call me a hater?

  36. 36
    SAM Says:

    @mayeth dela cruz:
    WORST comment ever, i dont think so, WE don want her back with that guy! Just the idea of her in the same room as him its EWWWW… Let her be free and happy! We want her to be happy. D

  37. 37
    tila Says:

    Her chekbones are puuuurrrrfect! She is so pretty.

  38. 38
    Intric8 Says:

    Oh good heavens here we go again with the regulating of the comments section by team hudgens. Now there is a “mia” acting like maria here but she probably just shortened her name. Gotta laugh at the effort. Pretty hardcore.

  39. 39
    Milli Says:

    ok so, there is something I learned about hate: A person hates you for 1 of 3 reasons.
    1) They want to be you.
    2) They hate themselves.
    3) They see you as a threat

    So becaause of that i see, the haters here want to be V, well they cant, shame! they hate themselves, well they can go ahead with that, coz here no one cares about haters. They see V as a threat, oh yes, specially to their efron idol, 3 movies. Spring breakers getting high buzz, frozen ground with good early reviews, gimme shelter with good early reviews, but otther than that they see V hanging with Olivia Wilde, Amber Heard, Seth, Rosie, Gabby, and working for good causes that makes “haters” anxious, coz she is not lost, has a great job, and its loved. so haters are afraid of her success. @BOJI: we need to stop paying them attention, because obviously V does that, and they arent even important or important at all. we dont go to other post to spread hate, we dont need to, because we arent afraid of what other actors can do, V has the talent and they are afraid of that, because they know that. Shame on them!

  40. 40
    tila Says:

    God, thats great! HhEheE

  41. 41
    tila Says:

    This was actually for actors who can actually ACT. They had to put a play in less than 24 hours, not everyone can do that.

  42. 42
    Intric8 Says:

    @Milli: So the 36% of critics on rotten tomatoes who didnt like spring breakers are “haters”. And, the 64% who liked it are “wonderful people”, right? LOL, grow up.

  43. 43
    tila Says:

    I think she was talking about people like you, the ones without a constructive critic, the lame people.

  44. 44
    mia Says:

    Lol ILH

  45. 45
    Intric8 Says:

    @tila: Me? Oh, im here just for you guys because you interfere with comments and harrass anyone is isnt complimentary toward Pudge. I have nothing against Van.

  46. 46
    mia Says:

    @mayeth dela cruz:
    That’s like our worst nightmare.

  47. 47
    kelly martineau Says:

    V must be hurting for work. If she’s in new york doing broadway every night . No one wants her in a movie. Because she can’t act.
    Don’t like whats she wearing!!!!

  48. 48
    mia Says:

    I agree

  49. 49
    Iris Says:

    @kelly martineau: I agree!

  50. 50
    sophie Says:

    @kelly martineau:
    Cant you read? It was a one night play, to raise money for charity. This is made every year. 2 days of work to help a good cause. Seriously girl, you are one of the most stupiiid zanessa fans, and please stop stalking and harassing Vanessa’s friend on twitter and instagram. .

  51. 51
    sophie Says:

    She looks gorgeous, so fragile and tiny!

  52. 52
    Reaction Says:

    Look at Emmanuelle, she looks like a goddess

  53. 53
    kelly Says:

    Remember people, there’s a lot of Hudgens lovers here. They’ll defend the no talent bum to the ends of the earth. And they really believe she’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. And her looks are unbelievable. She’s just a average looking person if you seen her walking on the streets. Especially in South America or Puerto Rico. Nothing different about her features. Except she has a line for a upper lip.

  54. 54
    BO Says:

    did dey rdaly say she\’l b a thret to zac or did i gmagne it?lol

  55. 55
    BO Says:

    anyway almst evrythng i v read about fg and gime sheltr is dont hope too much

  56. 56
    maria Says:

    @Milli: You are absolutely right. I don’t feel any need to go to other threads, just to give haters a taste of their own medicine. That’s so immature and childish. I only comment on those celebs I like and have good things to say. Why waste life hating? I also laugh at all the attempts of these haters to prove we are the same person, or are relatives. My comments here are ALL under maria, and no other name. I own my comments, stand by them, and I am not cowardly enough to hide behind any other names. And LOL at us being relatives. All celebs have fans. Are they all relatives too?

  57. 57
    BO Says:

    wel wel wat hv v here?mia?wat do u get wdn u scrp a,i,r in maria?

  58. 58
    BO Says:

    pea dhal is on line.she7 gonna cut a!

  59. 59
    Kelly is a Biotch Says:

    Kelly aka “A”, crazy cat lady BO, hasn’t been laid in a decade Instic8 and the other assortment of misfits and malcontents are here right on time. Face it, these people are obsessed with Vanessa especially that loser and liar “A” aka Kelly. Flame on people..we know you have nothing else going on. I’m sure Hudgens never reads your posts anyway. As usual she looks like a doll. Love, love Amber Heard too!

  60. 60
    BO Says:

    i wondr wat hpnd to al da patients dhal brain cut da

  61. 61
    Kelly is a Biotch Says:

    @BO: WTF are you trying to say? Are you posting in some kind of imbecile code?

  62. 62
    Kelly is a Biotch Says:

    @kelly: Hey “A” why don’t you post your picture since you are the epitome of stunning beauty. . Please pick the one that is pre-nose job.

  63. 63
    tina Says:

    She is having the time of her life. This is a charity for Urban Arts. She’s having fun and giving back to the community. Still a fan.

  64. 64
    A Says:

    @kelly is a biotch funny, I just got here and there are already accusations about me posting comments. I’m not Kelly for the last time you dumb f*ucking c*unt. Stop slandering me. What would I have to gain from changing my username on this gossip site? I’m anonymous either way. You still don’t know my real name, or what I look like, or anything about me, so why would I change my name from A to Kelly to post more comments, and then deny ever having made them? Doesn’t that sound illogical? Well it is. I’m A. No one else.

    Well anyway:

    Why can’t Vanessa ever dress nicely? Look at her on the red carpet. Ashley always looks so sexy and beautiful and Vanessa still looks like she didn’t have enough energy to go find something decent so she just threw together something from her closet.

  65. 65
    Kelly is a Biotch Says:

    @kelly: Because South America and Puerto Rica are so similar right? I mean almost like the same countries? You couldn’t be any more of an imbecile if you tried. Look “A”, I heard the Tisdale was at the Breaking Dawn premiere. May JJ will make a post so you can go there instead and spare everyone here.

  66. 66
    Kelly is a Biotch Says:

    3,2, comes “A” right on time because she just HAPPENS to be on this post. Face it “A” you are racist Kelly. Please, you are so transparent. Question: don’t you have a life outside of trashing Vanessa? School, work, boyfriend, friends in general? You seem like a lonely, very bitter person.

  67. 67
    the truth hurts Says:

    im so proud to call Vanessa my idol. I look up to her because she is an amazing person. i am so proud of her and everything she has achieved, she is talented, hard worker and sweet . And you haters cant say the opposite because you dont know her. one thing even though the evil comes out of you every time you comment on her post, thanks for still making her #1 on jj lol all you comments (hate) keeps adding up for her. but no matter what she still has fans who love her and are happy for her in every aspect of her life. the truth hurts and guess what she is living her life the way she wants to, she is in love again enjoying her present. she aint going back to her past, thats history. And i just love how after everything she keeps raising her head up never losing confidence…you should learn haters.

  68. 68
    A Says:

    @kelly is a biotch I am NOT kelly. As a matter of fact I’m pretty sure Kelly is just that girl that used to post with a last name, and she has definitely been on many, many Vanessa posts since I got here and no one has made any accusations about her being me until she dropped her last name. I’m not racist and I’m not her. And yes I’m on this post, so are you, a lot of us HAPPEN to be here. I haven’t even read Kelly’s comments, I just skipped to this page and found your accusations. Anyway, I have no way to prove to you that I’m not her, and she is free to keep posting all she wants I guess so I’m not going to bother responding to you about it again and again.

    YES, I have all four of those things thank you very much.

    And I know Tisdale was at the Breaking Dawn premiere, she looked gorgeoussss! :)

  69. 69
    Kelly is a Biotch Says:

    I think people who post hateful and negative comments obsessively and pathologically obvious do so out of envy, or they feel threatened or some other pathological reason. Why else would someone invest so much time into it? Why can’t you haters just accept that Vanessa has genuine fans? She has absolutely no need for publicity people to post fake posts to boost her popularity. I don’t think anyone ever claimed that she is the best actress or the best entertainer. I think she is beautiful, courageous, hard working, fun and talented. I really don’t get why these habitual haters can’t put their negative energy into supporting someone they really like instead of constantly trashing and throwing shade on others.

  70. 70
    maria Says:

    These actors are all dressed casually, and anyone with a brain would notice. I think she would have looked pretty stupid in a sequined dress looking glam. Not the occasion to dress up.

  71. 71
    tina Says:

    Giving back to the community or attending someone else’s premiere? This weekend alone one has manned the phone’s for Sandy victims and the other posted drunken pictures on Twitter. I’ll stick with my girl. Just another attempt to bring whatherface up. Pathetic.

  72. 72
    intric8 Says:

    Great, Kelly the Coward is back! Hey Kelly, take a look of that picture of Amber Heard with Vanessa. Notice how Ambers beauty is in a totally different league? She BLOWS vanessa away and makes her look like she should be hosting blues clues or barney. There is no comparison. Vanessa is cute though.

  73. 73
    Kelly is a Biotch Says:

    If you don’t like Vanessa Hudgens fair enough but it’s ridiculous to insinuate that her fans resort to posting under fake names to support her or they MUST be family members. It’s whack to think her family, friends or Vanessa herself as the time for that. Glad Vanessa took part in this. It is such an interesting concept…24 hours for all the actors , writer, etc., to collaborate.

  74. 74
    intric8 Says:

    Stick around this time Kelly the Coward, don’t go getting all vitriolic toward everyone and then run off like a sissy complaining that nobody is man enough for you ok?

  75. 75
    Rea Says:

    Now this is the vanessa’s style and smile that I adore. You go Vanessa !
    You look so fresh and beautiful.

  76. 76
    Kelly is a Biotch Says:

    @intric8: You know what? You are entitled to your opinion. Note taken okay? I love Amber Heard but I love Vanessa Hudgens too. I’m not going to compare them. Apples and oranges but both still beautiful TO ME. Fair enough? Sorry not everyone is going to agree with you or me about who is more beautiful or talented but who cares? It’s a very subjective thing.

  77. 77
    Kelly is a Biotch Says:

    @intric8: I’m not a coward but I still do not think you would be man enough for me;)

  78. 78
    intric8 Says:

    Wow. Kelly the Coward, with your authoritative Hudgens fan support style barking at everyone the way you do on an anonymous fan site, you HAVE TO BE the president of Vanessa’s fan club here in California. Nobody else would react in such a way! You also must be pissed that team hudgens missed the spamming opportunity on page 1 of this post. Bummer. I see some REAL honest sentiment about Van there. NOT the way you guys portray with all the generic pumping like it usually happens. LOL

  79. 79
    Haters Suck! Says:

    Damn do haters ever sleep? Like voltures trying to tell everybody who and what we should like. Well f**k that. I like Vanessa and no matter what that’s not gonna change.
    Anyway Vanessa looks really good here and continues to show she’s a good person with a good heart.

  80. 80
    Robert Says:

    @intric8: I don´t think Ambers beuty is in a different league , actually they´re in the same league.Vanessa´s beauty is exotic and desirable.

  81. 81
    intric8 Says:

    @Haters Suck!: Aw haterssuck, nobody is telling you to stop loving vanessa so dont worry yourself over it snoogums. You can keep doing it as much as you want. They didnt make a law against it or anything.

  82. 82
    Haters Suck! Says:

    I’ve never met anyone like you who actually seems to get ticked off by someone getting too many good and positive comments. But ya know there’s a first for everything.

  83. 83
    A Says:

    @tina A telethon is a publicity thing for many, not to mention I’d never even heard of anyone else doing it with her. And Ashley went to Vegas to celebrate Sammy’s birthday. If she didn’t, that would make her a “disloyal and unsupportive friend” remember?

    @intric8 Hmm, KTC says it’s ridiculous to insinuate that Vanessa’s FANS pose under fake names to support what they’re saying but it’s not ridiculous to insinuate that nonfans do it?

    @maria yeah well, Vanessa never looks formal anymore. And she could have still dolled up the outfit a little more. A micro dress would have still been casual enough.

  84. 84
    kelly Says:

    @Kelly is a Biotch:

    Nobody is being racist. I’m just being realistic. The people from these countries have the same type features. And she would get lost in the crowd if she was there. So stop starting trouble. People can have their opinions. Just because you happen to worship the vulgar average bi*ch.

  85. 85
    tina Says:

    And in sweeps “papa bear” to protect his cubs. I’m shipping this new couple “Atric” A match made in he….., well you be the judge. They’re both a little bigotted, she (her own words) is prettier than Vanessa and he is looking for a Jewish wife. She is into older men, he loves defending the weak(minded). She can even write a fanfic about them. What say, people Atric (pronounced a trick) . So when answering one or the other always Atric.

  86. 86
    Kelly is a Biotch Says:

    @intric8: Okay, because I said that Vanessa is beautiful, courageous and her heart is in the right place by taking on this project in her down time….I must be president of her fan club? I think there are fans that are much more effusive believe me. Personally, I’m glad Vanessa takes on side endeavors like this rather than show up at a premiere in order to get press. It’s one of the reasons I like her.

  87. 87
    tina Says:

    @Atric I’m still sticking with the one who worked to help others.

  88. 88
    intric8 Says:

    @Haters Suck!: Im not even ticked off. You guys engage in fan club spamming as far as im concerned, and thats not really so bad, but what is bad is that you guys consistently directly address and go after anyone who comments in a way that isn’t complimentary, and that aint right. I noticed way back on my first random visit to a Hudgens posts that you regulars are extremely touchy about her in a way that goes beyond normal fandom. What do you think about that haterssuck?

  89. 89
    Haters Suck! Says:

    I think you’re completley full of $hit. But whatever you do what you gotta do and I’ll do what I have to do.

  90. 90
    Kelly is a Biotch Says:

    I have to hand it to A: nice touch to post as “A” and “Kelly” in order to throw everyone off right? Too bad you suck at this…lol. Note how, Kelly aka “A” isn’t racist but thinks that everyone in certain countries LOOK alike right? Kelly has also said that people in the Phillippines have flat features and everyone looks alike. Well she used more vulgar terminology…but of course she’s not racist right? So Vanessa Hudgens is vulgar and common but Kelly aka “A” and her idol Ashley Tisdale are the epitome of true beauty. Thanks, I’m still laughing.

  91. 91
    intric8 Says:

    @Kelly is a Biotch: We are not talking about Vanessa’s charitable endeavors, we are talking about your mean-spirited and worshipful defense of her, but in case you havent noticed, it is hardly about Vanessa here anymore. It is all about some of her fans who reside here. Am i questioning Vanessa’s character? Why do you guys always bring up her integrity and involvement with charitable causes as a way to sweep away honest opinions about how her hair may not be looking so hot one day, or how she looks a bit overweight, or how so many gym pics are getting irritating? This site is to state opinions on celebs – good or bad opinions – and it is seriously lame to think a stars good deeds preclude any negative observation of the current set of pics.

  92. 92
    kelly Says:

    Really, the “great untalented Hudgens” has a little fan club here. Lets see, um there’s (tina, Haters Suck!, Kelly is a Biotch, maria, mia) and their big leader BOJI. Wow, a lot of worshippers. Hah. The gay girl club. Really, calling her a doll. A plain doll. You need glasses. I like to see her without being photoshopped. I would see a lot of imperfections from your “goddess”.

  93. 93
    intric8 Says:

    @Haters Suck!: Dude that is exactly the reply i was expecting from you, good job

  94. 94
    BO Says:

    A hun,ignor them wen dey acus u of multple personalty.dats wat i do.dey ar just tryn to distract u

  95. 95
    BO Says:

    keep it up haters.u ar da best.i am off to bed in a while.i wont b able to partcpate

  96. 96
    intric8 Says:

    @A: Exactly. These guys are so hypocritical. You are now Kelly, but it is unfathomable that these extraordinary fans of Vanessa would NEVER EVER entertain the idea of going through the very tiny effort of posting under another name to generate more support for her. Best i heard was from Boji, who said she “never even noticed the upvote button”. Same with haterssuck, who said it doesnt work for him. These guys never cease to amaze me, and thats why i am so intrigued and end up sticking around.

  97. 97
    Kelly is a Biotch Says:

    @intric8: Well, you engage in hate spamming so fair enough. We get it: you think Hudgens is overrated, overweight and low on talent. We got it okay? WE disagree and NO we are not saying that she is the best thing in HW. Her fans are still going to come here if they want and what is it to you? Can’t stand that she has a loyal fanbase because you and A thinks she’s so unworthy. She must resonate with you both because you are always here.

  98. 98
    tina Says:

    Are @Atric up to their old tricks? Trying to start arguments where there are none. Leave them to talk to each other. She loves his mind and he appreciates her whatever. Maybe they’ll go to a whatsherface post to make out.

  99. 99
    Haters Suck! Says:

    Well glad I didn’t disappoint you. Your approval just means so much to me right up there with what the bug I stepped on yesterday thought of me. If you can insist Vanessa fans post under different names why can’t the fans accuse haters of the samething. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander as the saying goes. But whatever you want to keep fighting and picking fights that’s on you but I ain’t gonna let you drag me down with you. You lie down with dogs you get up with fleas.

  100. 100
    kelly Says:

    One more thing Hudgens worshippers. I bet you would change your opinion of her if she did a Kristen Stewart stunt. Then you would turn against the average looking hag. Just like Kristen ex-fans are doing. Then we would know what you really think of your dime a dozen twerp. Huh, gay girls.

  101. 101
    BO Says:

    me thnks kely da b.itch is korean v.agina.lingo is same

  102. 102
    Kelly is a Biotch Says:

    @intric8: Glad you are so intrigued but I seriously wish you would get lost personally. You are like a negative cloud of energy. Why aren’t you ever on Kristen Stewart’s thread since you are such an avid fan?

  103. 103
    Revenge-Is-Sweet Says:

    @mayeth dela cruz: Through how much pain do you want to put him again?
    The problems they had with each other got more and more since 2009. Do you really want to see them like this again: ? Really. At this time they couldn’t even look at each other. They were acting and playing the happy couple in front of their friends Brittany and Ryan, as soon as they 2 left, their masks fell down.
    Their break up was nothing but a matter of time. They are too different, they don’t want the same things in life and have complete different goals. Get over it, they’re over for good.
    He has what he wants and she also has the life she wants now.

  104. 104
    loveVanessa Says:

    She is so flawless, i love her. Im glad to see her always helping instead of going to random premieres or partys or getting drunk.

  105. 105
    Kelly is a Biotch Says:

    @BO: Can you please stop posting nonsense or at least try to post things that make some kind or sense? I have no idea what you are trying to say.

  106. 106
    ILoveTisdaleFans Says:

    Gorgeous, i like her style now, causal.

  107. 107
    kelly Says:


    Get glasses. She has no style. And whoever hired the loser must be nuts. She’s so vulgar and tacky looking. That’s how she comes across. Her looks are vulgar. Sorry worshippers. My opinion.

  108. 108
    Kelly is a Biotch Says:

    @kelly: “A” glad to see you are homophobic as well a racist b*tch. Do you have any redeeming qualities whatsoever? I think not. I’m sure you suck at life as well as trying to cover your ass. Tina is and Intric8 are a match made in heaven.

  109. 109
    intric8 Says:

    @Haters Suck!: Yes. Ok hatersuck. You composed an entire paragraph with no vulgarity, good job.

  110. 110
    Kelly is a Biotch Says:

    @kelly: Notice has Kelly aka “A” picks up on the Tisdale moniker and immediately jumps down that poster’s throat. Is there any doubt in anyone’s mind that racist and homophobe Kelly is really “A”?

  111. 111
    tina Says:

    LOL a micro dress on the stage where everyone one else is in jeans. Part of style is to have the good sense to dress for the occasion.

  112. 112
    Kelly is a Biotch Says:

    @tina: Atric pronouced “A Trick”. That’s brilliant. You’re right, these two are made for each other. If she is Jewish then this could lead to marriage…lol, haha.

  113. 113
    Haters Suck! Says:

    Maybe you and the rest of your ilk should try doing the same sometime.

  114. 114
    italian mom Says:

    You haters are soo thick but help us to stay around., feeling more affectionate to our Vanessa.
    I wish someone posts videos of her performance. She was on the stage having the time of her life and her haters in their closets behind their computer typing whatever, frustrated and in need of being on the stage themselves.

  115. 115
    maria Says:

    @intric8: If that’s all people were saying, I seriously doubt we would care. But, if you go back and I mean way back, the racist, she’s not good enough for efron, she’s dirty comments were WELL beyond hairstyle dislike. You just DO NOT have a clue how and why we became fans, and why we defend her. Take A and BOBO, and multiply them X 100, and you may have in inkling why we are here, after all these years. I have NEVER shipped anyone, until I came across the hideous hate on this site years ago. Ever. Let’s just say, I have always been protective of her, like my own kids. I don’t idolize her; I simply like her, from her work ethic, her loyalty to those around her, her courage after the pics were stolen, her positive nature, her beauty, her sense of adventure, to mention a few. Does that mean I think she’s perfect? Nope, no one is. Do I always like her style? Nope. Do I think she’s a great actress? Nope. Do I think she is the most beautiful woman on the face of the earth? Nope. But she DOES have a beautiful mix of personality, spirit, style, beauty, and spunk in that little package, and that is what I like about her. I have no delusions about her. Just realistic hopes for her, and wanting to see her succeed after no one gave her a chance.

    And oh, FYI, I am off today.

  116. 116
    intric8 Says:

    @Kelly is a Biotch: Kelly, seriously, you are not only a scuzzbucket but a major hypocrite as well. In one breath you call me a negative cloud of energy and in the next you go bashing on Ashley. You tell us to stop accusing others of multiple id’s and then insist that A is Kelly when they write completely differently. You are exactly the kind of dic khead we hang around to expose here. No integrity and no class.

  117. 117
    intric8 Says:

    @italian mom: Nobody is bashing vanessa’s presence there, nor hypothesizing how horribly she performed. Good for Vanessa.

  118. 118
    Kelly is a Biotch Says:

    @Haters Suck!: You are right, when you lay down with dogs you get fleas and I really hate tussling with A/Kelly and Intric8 because I feel like I need a shower afterward. They will go after Vanessa, ME and other fans and use complete and hateful vulgarity but will whinge and call me hateful when I go balls to the wall and go for the jugular…lol.

  119. 119
    tina Says:

    Awww, @Atric defending his lady. Too cute.

  120. 120
    sara Says:


  121. 121
    Kelly is a Biotch Says:

    @intric8: You are a whinging baby and you and A should not lecture anyone about class or integrity or atnd most of all HYPOCRISY. You are the epitome of hypocrisy. And “A: and “Kelly” write in different tones to throw everyone off but like I said she sucks miserably and it is very transparent trust me.

  122. 122
    Kelly is a Biotch Says:

    @tina: Aren’t those two precious? Well you know at least they have each other right?

  123. 123
    Liberty Says:

    Y’all should be ashamed of yourselves.
    You turn EVERY post in to a p****ing contest.
    Haters dislike Hudgens- great,nice you have opinion on someone you don’t know.
    But what really makes me ashamed is the way Vanessa’s fans react to these people. They make all digs personal. And become haters of people themselves. Horrid and shameful.
    Vanessa does not care about these people who hate on her,so leave them alone with their hate and STOP making all Vanessa fans look like immature pre-school kids. This is not a play ground.
    Vanessa does some great work and has some great fans-but you people and the way you act,attacking haters makes others ashamed to admit they Vanessa as they fear being tarred with the same brush as you.

  124. 124
    intric8 Says:

    @Kelly is a Biotch: Cheap girl, kelly the coward. Always pulling out your labels like “racist” or “homophobe”. That’s your idea of going for the jugular huh, reaching for the dirtiest accusations out there and slinging them at others just because you fail to convince them to see your side. Dirty, dirty, dirty.

  125. 125
    ILoveTisdaleFans Says:

    She has the best style! I seriously love her. She is a natural gorgeous looking woman.

  126. 126
    Kelly is a Biotch Says:

    @intric8: I’m glad you think I’m a scuzzbucket because let me tell you: the feeling is COMPLETELY mutual. AND, I could care less what YOU think of me. You’re nothing to me nor is “A”. Any shade you throw my way I will shrug off and give back to you twofold.

    But if you are going to keep going after Vanessa and making vulgar and racist remarks repeatedly and pathologically then I am going after YOU.

  127. 127
    tina Says:

    @Liberty: Are you really coming here to police up comments on a gossip site? If that’s your goal in life, good luck.

  128. 128
    Mela Says:

    So nice to see her, once again, helping! She is such an amazing young woman. And she looks stunning as usual

  129. 129
    Kelly is a Biotch Says:

    @intric8: She is a racist and a homophobe ass-h*ole have you read her posts? You are too but you are much more insidious. You are the dirty one…the vulgar one along with your allie Kelly/A. . I actually feel honored that you are so repelled by me…the feeling is more than mutual. Too bad I can’t shower now…haha.

  130. 130
    intric 8 Says:

    You are cheap and dirty Kelly the Coward. Dirty in real life too i would suspect. You would screw your friends over just to get ahead. You would do anything to make your point, even if its unethical or immoral. You cant fool me, Kelly the Coward, i know you are a real dirty girl in the real world, and the few friends you have secretly hate you .

  131. 131
    BO Says:

    what did she play in the play btw?a football?i supose.very macho

  132. 132
    Mela Says:

    @mayeth dela cruz:
    Oh NO! I dont want her to be sad again, she looks happy now, and her boyfriend is always with her, he even has a good relationship with her family and the most important they both share their faith! She was happy with that boy when she was 15/16, but now she is a grown woman, it was a matter of time for her to realice she deserved better (im not hating on Zac, he probablly would find someone too). They are both happy now, and Vanessa finally looks satisfied with her life.

  133. 133
    Mela Says:

    @Kelly is a Biotch:
    Im with you bb!! Love!

  134. 134
    Kelly is a Biotch Says:

    @intric 8: Don’t worry, you’ll never get to know me so relax. Glad you know so much about my character. I could say the same for you BTW.. Funny how you bring up ******** people over to get ahead. You and Kelly/A have this penchant for bringing up drama and imagined slights when there are none. You drama QUEENS would be perfect for each other.

  135. 135
    BO Says:

    all she has to do is role when others

  136. 136
    Kelly is a Biotch Says:

    @intric 8: BTW, my name is not Kelly or Kelly the Biotch. That is a moniker I assumed to expose little A for the liar that she is. Can you believe that little trollop calls me a c*nt and them calls me vulgar…completely laughing at that one.

  137. 137
    carma Says:

    Gorgeous, just look at that gorgeous smile!

  138. 138
    Intric8 Says:

    You see Kelly the Coward, only a psychopath goes after others on a celeb site and says “If you say anything bad about this celeb that im obsessed with, I AM GOING AFTER YOU” I always thought you were mentally deranged the minute you showed up on the other post, but now im convinced that you are a stalking psychopath. You need some serious help Kelly the Coward. Must’ve been your early childhood, but something isnt right with you. I would act that way if people threatened my son or daughter in real life, but not over a celeb i dont even know. WOW. I seriously am going to write an email to the administrator of this site, and tell Jared how you antagonize others with the vilest of accusations like being racist or a hater of homosexuals when nothing could be further from the truth, just because they have differing opinions about Vanessa.

  139. 139
    Kelly is a Biotch Says:

    @Mela: Thank you. I’ve seen your posts on vanessa’s threads and you are a real sweetheart.

    I don’t know why I keep giving A/ Kelly and her ally Intric8 the attention that they don’t deserve when I should be focusing on things that are challenging like work but those two losers seem to have it out for me.

  140. 140
    maria Says:

    gosh my multiple personalities are all out today. guys my comment on 115 is so not true. deep inside i know most of the time i talk s.h.i.t and i honestly don’t think vanessa handled that scandal well at all. every celebrity does the same thing she did. realease a statement and there is nothing to be proud about that. actually i should be ashamed of my self as i call me very mature but yet i come here and spend my whole day defending some celeb i know nothing about. unless i know vanessa personally how on earth would i know she is loyal to the people around her but i am a mental patient myself so i tend to hallucinate things. sorry about that.

    hey intric sweetie i am off today (no work) so if you have any questions regarding my knowledge about the medical field, you can ask me now before i fall sleep again. ask me anything. love you

  141. 141
    Kelly is a Biotch Says:

    @Intric8: Please don’t talk about psychopaths or in your case sociopath. Frankly, I don’t know any REAL men who would tussle with a unknown woman on a gossip site. I mean they might go head to head on ESPN…lol. When I say “go after you” I mean get under you skin…tear you a new one.

  142. 142
    maria Says:

    She is such a beauty. Just gorgeous.

  143. 143
    Kelly is a Biotch Says:

    @Intric8: Glad you see I’m a psychpath, a really dirty girl, a user that screws people over to get ahead. Glad you know me so well based on these frivilous posts and my defense of Vanessa Hudgens. Did I miss anything dear? Am I really under your skin now? GOOD. Don’t worry, you’re not my primary focus, i’m good at multitasking.

  144. 144
    Intric 8 Says:

    Kelly the Coward, it doesnt matter that you are a Vanessa supporter, you cant carry on the way you do. Its just not right, and it only convinces me further that something is seriously and pathologically wrong with your brain. btw, As far as im concerned, you are “Kelly the Coward”, i am not referring to the other Kelly

  145. 145
    carma Says:

    @Kelly is a Biotch:
    That’s what i’ve been saying, they are racist! HE IS A RACIST !! Just because im from latinoamerica and i love Vanessa, it actually means im from Philiphinas and im a part of her family! I think he is obsessed with Vanessa,. And the worst part, when he doesnt has anything to say, he would start twisting your words and saying you are “talking with youself” he is just a sad and pathetic person.
    Ahora solamente lo ignoro porque me da lastima, es una persona con un alma triste, racista, disfruta de discriminar, es patetico la verdad.

  146. 146
    Kelly is a Biotch Says:

    @Kelly is a Biotch: You are going to send an email to JJ to complain? Isn’t that rich especially when you laughed at me for saying I would get BO banned for posting such ridiculous and offensive posts. It was fruitless in my case right but in your case that is different. Newsflash, the people that I antagonize are YOU and the misfit BO and KELLY/A because you idiots antagonize everyone else including Haters Suck, BOJI, Maria and a thousand others. So why I don’t send an email to complain about you idiots and we’ll call it a day?

  147. 147
    carma Says:


  148. 148
    Kelly is a Biotch Says:

    @Intric 8: The above reply was meant for you and BTW I’m literally quaking in my pumps out of fear…lol.

  149. 149
    A Says:

    @ktb I am not kelly. I’m not writing differently to throw people off. Your conspiracy theories are outlandish. This is a freaking gossip site why in earth would I need to change names? STOP calling ME names based on what someone else is saying. I cannot stop kelly from posting. You can address her when you’re talking to her.
    Btw it is clear that you are chelles. Since you’re the only one to come up with accusations about me being kelly and I obviously ticked you off the other night. Just come to terms with the fact that there are more than two people out there who aren’t Vanessa fans.

  150. 150
    Intric 8 Says:

    Yes you are under my skin just a tad with that threat of yours Kelly the Coward, im shooting an email over to jared so he can see for himself that you are viciously antagonizing and threatening others who have a right to post their own opinions on his site, and that you have no business being allowed here. You are a scary woman. If you have a boyfriend id like to warn him off.

  151. 151
    Xo Says:

    @kelly martineau: lol no she’s not. She did this little show for charity and because she misses the theater. It’s a one night thing. She has four movies coming out next year and if all the speculation is right, she already is signed on to a new movie and has been for awhile, there are just other casting issues that are pushing it back.

  152. 152
    Kelly is a Biotch Says:

    @carma: They are both racists. And quite frankly, I could care less if that is their opinion. But they are also hypocrites and go after people in the most vulgar way . They are going to post this BS about Vanessa and expect her fans to play nice? A knows that she posts under a barrage of names so that she can post racist and vulgar posts about Vanessa. Intric8 goes after me and threatens to email JJ? He is a pissy little crybaby and a moron.

  153. 153
    Kelly is a Biotch Says:

    @Intric 8: You are a scary dude and a pissy one at that. Good luck with your email. I’ll be sure to shoot one over as well along with you racist rhetoric….Vanessa post BWT…a few posts back as well as your vulgar and antagonizing and patronizing posts direct towards Maria and BOJI. Good luck with that *******. You must really have a lot of time on your hands. But fortunately, I am good at multitasking.

  154. 154
    Kelly is a Biotch Says:

    @Intric 8: I am a fan of Vanessa so I have every right to be here. If anything, you should just get lost. P.S. my male coworker thinks you are a pissy little **** too!

  155. 155
    Kelly is a Biotch Says:

    @Intric 8: If by any chance you have a gf or a boyfriend. Them, they have my deepest sympathies!

  156. 156
    Intric8 Says:

    @Kelly is a Biotch:No Kelly the coward. Nobody plays dirty like you, not Boji, not Maria, not haterssuck… you are in a class all your own. You are quite possibly the cheapest and dirtiest, not to mention most fan-obsessed visitor in all the history of this website. Dirty girl with a dirty style, you can tell your boyfriend i called you that because he needs to be warned off before you go all psycho on him.

  157. 157
    Kelly is a Biotch Says:

    @Intric8: My BF isn’t going to take advice from you, I can assure you on that one!

  158. 158
    Kelly is a Biotch Says:

    @Intric8: Really don’t care if you think I play dirty. i have hardly even broken a sweat if you must know. I’m typing and doing three other things at once….sending emails, texting, checking my cell. Hell my pulse is barely pulsating unlike you. Hope you don’t share office space with anyone.

  159. 159
    A Says:

    @intric8 Every insult she throws back at you is the exact same thing you’ve just said to her. She might as well say she’s rubber and you’re glue and be done.

    And ktb I can see you are a very productive worker.. does your boss know this is how you spend your time?

  160. 160
    Kelly is a Biotch Says:

    @Intric8:I have a meeting now. Did i stick around long enough this time?

    L8tr hater! Until we meet again.

  161. 161
    Kelly is a Biotch Says:

    @A: You are so CLEVER…rubber and glue. You make it so easy.

    L8tr hater. I’m late for meeting.

  162. 162
    tina Says:

    Awww now she’s coming to his defense. Love Atric maybe they’ll marry and have little tricks.

  163. 163
    maria Says:

    @Intric8: Sorry, intric8. That dubious honor goes to Ms A-nnoying, who worships, idolizes, and idealizes a celeb, and stops at nothing to demean, degrade, and bully everyone who doesn’t agree, and to BOBO, who is the most vulgar, s*xually repressed, obnoxious human being I have ever come across.

  164. 164
    tammy Says:

    she is so precious

  165. 165
    tammy Says:

    “… me sized carts. Yaaay!!” why so adorable Vanessa???

  166. 166
    italian mom Says:

    Sorry, I think the photo you chose is beautiful but says nothing. They both are watching their friends going away and seem sharing similar thoughts.The RR photos at the Ash Tiss birthday party could maybe show not a previous perfect friendship.

  167. 167
    tina Says:

    @tammy: thanks for the links.she looks great.

  168. 168
    sarah Says:

    Why are there so many negative comments? Jeez, the actors are taking time to do something good for other people. Some people just don’t like others to succeed.

  169. 169
    InTric8 Says:

    Oh no Kelly the coward. Don’t dismiss me like that. I can’t multitask like you, i dont have an important job with things like “meetings” to go to, and unlike you, i broke a furious sweat trying to “win” the battle against you. I’ve been sitting in front of my computer screen since you came on this post and haven’t done or thought of anything since then except hang on your every last word and admire how you like to go “balls to the wall”. Your veracity makes me admire you so much! Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha. Hey by the way, you really do know Vanessa personally don’t you? You and a few of the others here? That would explain everything. Answer carefully scuzzbucket, because i will catch you in your lie. I think you either work for her agent, are someone involved in her pr, or perhaps you are actually her agent though that’s hard to believe because you are a psycho b*itch and are lacking any sense of integrity or professionalism.

  170. 170
    InTric8 Says:

    You see now i really, indeed, have to tend to some important, professional, job related matters and wont be available for a bit, but i am looking forward to your answer.

  171. 171
    InTric8 Says:

    Last – i cant let this one go – “im typing, sending emails, texting and checking my cell” Ha ha ha, you are such an insecure loser to have to point those things out, arent you? LOL girl, or woman, whatever you are, talk to you later, seriously, ha ha ha…

  172. 172
    Kelly is a Biotch Says:

    @InTric8: You are soooooooooooooooooo LAME. I mean REALLY, REALLY lame, haha. That is my response. For now.

    I’m on my way out the door. L8tr Hater!

  173. 173
    Kelly is a Biotch Says:

    @InTric8: Oh and I’m a woman not a girl.

  174. 174
    italian mom Says:

    Intric8 gives me a curious vibe: he says of others the exact things that he makes me think he is.
    Wonder how much trouble he goes into in his private life to then vomit on everyone on this thread.

  175. 175
    vanessa fan Says:

    vanessa need to do a topless cover like rihanna and keira. why don’t GQ or Allure offer vanessa a topless cover. she’s perfect for that sort of things. she should do a topless shoot to promote spring breakers. maybe all 4 of the girls should go topless for a cover. now that will be a hell of a surprise

  176. 176
    maria Says:

    Just noticed that The Paperboy has not yet grossed $1 million. Geez, even Bandslam at $12 Mill made more. Ouch!!

  177. 177
    maria Says:

    Vanessa already did a stunning cover for Allure.|0;d|F0tm2P-pXs_R9M:

  178. 178
    tina Says:

    @maria: please don’t start this, it was only opened to limited audience so they could consider Nicole for an Oscar. You know I’m usually on your side but don’t start this war.

  179. 179
    Haters Suck! Says:

    I agree with Tina. Don’t give these a$$holes anymore reason to start crap. I know they come here anyway but still they are the ones who want this to be about zac and Vanessa no need to be like them in that regard.

  180. 180
    vanessa fan Says:

    maria do not give them what they want. don’t fall to their level.

  181. 181
    kate Says:

    Proud of Vanessa! She’s very involved with charity and that’s always good.
    Oh, and people stop insulting each other on a gossip site….I don’t think that anyone cares…(i’m talking about both “haters” and “fans”)

    @intric8 i think that her fans defend her on comments that are simply rude, like the nickname pudgens… no one is obliged to like her or her work…I agree that there are some fans that are overzealous but there are also some overzealous haters…and by haters i mean those who constantly comment on her posts just to say something offensive… those who simply don’t like her and write it once is not something bad…

  182. 182
    maria Says:

    I wasn’t “falling to anyone’s level”. Just happened to come across it, and it surprised me, that’s all. Sorry, guys, really wasn’t trying to start anything. I guess I just get sick of the bragging they do, with no reason. They really are pretty much in the same places in their careers, the three of them. Trying to move into a world without the tweenie fans. It also goes to show, how difficult a box office hit is to achieve. It may sound great on paper, but in actuality, it ends up being a stinker. That was basically my point.

  183. 183
    maria Says:

    @kate: I agree, Kate. It’s the WAY it’s said, and the rude, derogatory language. And then if you speak up, you get blasted for not accepting the opinion. There is a way to give constructive criticism, and these people don’t know how.

  184. 184
    A Says:

    @Maria constructive criticism would be things Vanessa should work on.. she’s not going to read these comments. I’ve tried to I’ve YOU guys constructive criticism but you struggle with applying it.


    I was about to point out that you were clearly looking to.get Bo riled up but your supposed allies did it for you. Lol.

  185. 185
    maria Says:

    dear me. i hate the haters (secretly i love them and i want them to come here everyday) but i still try to piss them off by doing what i did on that comment above. gosh how dumb of me that i forgot paperboy is a indipendent movie and is only being shown in selective theaters. like 50 or so worldwide. and bandslam was a shown in nearly 2000 theaters and it was not a indipendent movie. @a i agree. i was clearly trying to ril out @bo and i bet when she sees this she will come up with a very good answer and that will shut my mouth up. i was clearly trying to make it look like vanessa is better than zac but me and my multiple personalities know that he will go very far in his career and that vanessa’s so called career will be over soon.

    actually no they aren’t in the same place in their careers. zac has achived alot of prase for his acting thrue a short period of time and vanessa is hardly getting any real work. so zac is way better place than vanessa will ever be.

  186. 186
    kate Says:

    @A personally i didn’t mean criticism on her work because this is a gossip site….a simple “i don’t like her” would be enough i think….i was talking about rude comments, like constant name calling… just to be clear…

    @maria i’ve read your comments and i think that you’re getting extremely defensive…i mean you do more than just stating an opinion… i don’t wanna be rude to you but that’s what i saw here… I mean sometimes you go over the top… an advice:just say your opinion and that’s it….all this argument you had was just pointless…no offense again…:)

  187. 187
    maria Says:

    to be honest eventhough me and my multiple personality boji act like we have no interest in zac we tend to go thrue his fansites and look thrue his pictures. if a good one comes up we tend to stare at it for a long time and wonder things like how amazing he must be in bed and how great he looks naked and ect. we both secretly love zac very much and would jump at the chance to have him. if he would say yes to have a sleepover we will definately say yes. i think zac is the most handsome guy ever. austin don’t even stand a chance infront of him. we actually think vanessa lost something amazing when they broke up. we secretly fantasize about zac every second of the day. and we would love to taste a piece of him. but that guy is too classy to even have the thought of doing that with two old hags.

  188. 188
    BOJI Says:

    Well, some People take desperate measures like doppleganging to pimp their idols on Vanessa’s threads. The worst kind are grown ups who act childish with malicious intent. If these trouble makers have nothing better to do with their lives, I have nothing but pity for them.

    I love what Vanessa and the others are doing here, making use of their art and craft for a good and charitable cause. There is no better gift than to be able to give and share and be appreciated by others. Bless you Vanessa! May your star shine bright in the years ahead. You deserve it , girl. I see your light from within.

  189. 189
    maria Says:

    @kate: I’m not really sure what you’re talking about. Yes, I defend Vanessa against unfair criticism, when it’s about something that can’t be proven. Like who is “more beautiful” inside or who has more soulful eyes. That is an argument that is just pointless. Is that a problem? Or is it ok to be attacked unfairly just because we are long time fans who chat here? Not sure what you are saying.

  190. 190
    maria Says:

    @kate: And comment #187 is a perfect example. You DO know that is BO, don’t you? That comment nearly made me hurl. You are obviously a Zac fan who is being sensitive then. I don’t like the guy, and I make no bones about it.

  191. 191
    BO Says:

    I don`t believe it ! Did Pea Brain compare Papreboy to Bandslam .Gosh , how foolish is she ! My gosh ! PAPERBOY IS AN INDIE , BANDSLAM WAS A WIDE RELEASE .And no , Paperboy won`t go in to wide release next year .It grossed close to %700 k , which is a superb amount for an indie .Your SB is not gonna gross as much as you think either if it gets a limited release .It was a solid performer since the beggining and if they had cared to open in more theatres it would have been massive .But no ,it`s already contracting , even that house at the end of the street or something which grossed only 6o k got more time than Paperboy .Lee is outta his freaking mind .They didn`t even do any promo for it .I wonder why .Perhaps there really is a wide release .

  192. 192
    Luce Says:

    @Kelly is a Biotch: @A@Intric 8, Please disregard what they say because they are mentally challenged children

  193. 193
    BO Says:

    Frankly Pea Dhal , indies are not about box office .It`s about expanding an actor`s career , reviews , attention .The same goes for SB .But I think they might look for a wider release than Paperboy `cause it`s budget is high .But box office isn`t gonna do as much good as you expect it to when it comes out .The good part is reviews which Pudge almost missed .That`s the nature of indies .

  194. 194
    BO Says:

    I feel like changing Pea Dhal`s name again .lol Her comments are getting lamer and lamer and surprisingly too lame for a healthy person with a normal brain .It`s my guess , her brain has been overtaken by tumor .Hmmm…..Aunty Tumour ! That suits better I suppose .

  195. 195
    MoreThanWords Says:

    Jesus, Mary and Joseph and the fights continue?!

    Loving Justin Long and Rosie Perez.

  196. 196
    BO Says:

    Greetings Patent !

  197. 197
    MoreThanWords Says:

    Hey BO howzit hanging?

  198. 198
    BO Says:

    last I checked I did`t have any hanging body part .I think it`s still that way .lol

  199. 199
    MoreThanWords Says:

    @BO: lol good to know! It’s slang for how you doing?! I see nothing has changed on these boards lol

  200. 200
    Intric8 Says:

    @A:@Luce Well, these guys defend and fight for Vanessa in a way that is totally not normal for random fans to do so, especially given their age and sex. That would imply that their relationship with her is also not typical, ie, they personally know Vanessa somehow or are even related somehow. Only way i get It completely and logically follows. I cant get over how psychotic the defense gets at times. Maria and Boji are nothing compared to Kelly the crack addict. Her approach is like an infantile psychotic who is not getting her way. Her displays are dramatically revealing. Overall, i’d say the over-the-top defense put out by fans here have much more entertainment value than any Hudgens movie would have to offer and that is sadly ironic.

  201. 201
    BOJI Says:

    @More Than Words, you are right. The ones who come here to maliciously attack Vanessa come here for a purpose to start a battle of words. Nothing much going on in their lives, I fear, hence the boredom. Some get an adrenaline rush from physical games and some from stirring the pot or just out to create trouble with a war of words. So and so is better, more talented or more beautiful than so and so. Each to their own I say. Every one has a god given talent and most are undiscovered. There is no comparison in my mind but there is preference and I choose to follow Vanessa,
    I really don’t care or bother with the comparisons, it just hurts to see a female caling another derogatory names. As for the males, it is mostly about their egos and their past experiences, stereotyping is a common factor. Intric 8 is a fine example. He chooses to come here and defend the Trolls and in effect makes himself one too. But then again, he is also a fire starter. As Italian Mom indicated, his work pressures and other aspects of his personal life make him seek refuge on these threads where he can be whomever he wants to be.
    Intelligence often times does not work well with wisdom, caring and compassion, understanding and sensitivity. Sad but true. I need not give you examples, just look at our history, plenty abound.

  202. 202
    Intric8 Says:

    Yo Kell, still waiting for that answer. Its a simple question is all. Multitasking extraordinare, how hard is it to refresh a freaking webpage

  203. 203
    MoreThanWords Says:

    @BO: Did you watch the eclipse out your way?

  204. 204
    BOJI Says:

    @intric8, Kelly the biotch is a mirror of thyself, Your battle for supremacy on Vanessa’s threads is like a game to you. Hope you have a pleasant evening,

  205. 205
    BOJI Says:

    Oh, eclipse ? Interesting. Missed the last one here. Many years ago, the day became like twilight for a short period.

  206. 206
    MoreThanWords Says:

    @BOJI: I pretty much sift through it all lol

  207. 207
    MoreThanWords Says:

    @BOJI: I was heading out for a run and thought the end of the world had come, until a friend had text me lol duh billie it’s an eclipse!

  208. 208
    Intric8 Says:

    @BOJI: Honestly woman, i don’t want to “battle” at all, just get to the bottom of what i initially thought was curious about these Hudgens posts. All you guys and your comments, and your friend Kelly the Crack addict and her PR effort fail just substantiates it further. I have to admit though, its quite fun and to hang around here because it is by far the most goofball and pathologic fan following i have ever seen in my life.

  209. 209
    BO Says:

    wait , what eclipse ? not the film , right ? or is it ?

  210. 210
    Haters Suck! Says:

    You’ve obviously never been on a Angelina Jolie brad Pitt and jenn Anniston post. Zanessa fans might be bad but those three group of fans have been at each others necks for about a decade now.

  211. 211
    maria Says:

    @Intric8: Have you EVER read a Jolie-Pitt post? I think we are quite tame in our defense compared to them. Do you read anything we say, BTW? Did you happen to catch my comment as to how and why some of us became fans years ago?? Not sure why that concept is so difficult to grasp. Yes, I am an older fan, but I also like other celebs, of ALL ages. Age is irrelevant to me. I like older actors, as well as younger ones. Why should age rule out being a fan? I love Mad Men, for example, and adore Jon Hamm, as well as Kiernan Shipka, who plays his young daughter. If I post on Hamm, I would fangirl over him, but if I post on Kiernan, I would be protective and supportive of someone young. As I do with Vanessa.

  212. 212
    Luce Says:

    @Intric8:You know nothing about her.Don’t speak ill of her fans. What a poor soul you are

  213. 213
    Haters Suck! Says:

    HA beat you to that Angelina, brad and jenn point.

  214. 214
    MoreThanWords Says:

    @BO: oh god no not the film.

    @BO I meant the solar eclipse, did you catch it?

  215. 215
    Intric8 Says:

    @BOJI: You know what? If you don’t like any negative comments, why not move your operation over to Vanessa’s blog? There will be no contrarian opinions there. Everyone loves and supports her, and she (or a member of her team) moderates comments. Problem is that some of you know vanessa is paying or has a deal with justjared to promote her on this website, this deal was arranged by her agent, you cant stand the fact that vans agent went through all the trouble just to see the effort getting derailed by the likes of intric8, A, or any of the others, and so you vehemently accuse me of the very worst labels used these days when nothing is further from the truth. I get it, i really do. You guys keep this in mind – as long as you stay on this public forum, you have no right to bark at people who make their own personal observations about celebs here.

  216. 216
    Intric8 Says:

    @maria: Ok maria that is fair enough

  217. 217
    maria Says:

    OMG. Now she doesn’t have a clue what an eclipse is. Can someone please point her in the direction of the nearest elementary school??

  218. 218
    BOJI Says:

    @ Maria, good points there.

    @Intric8, did I see the word, Fun? I needn’t say more.Again I say, have been posting for the past 7 yrs on JJ’s threads and am not about to give it up for the likes of you. You do what you think is best or right but please refrain from the derogatory names you use for us fans and Vanessa, thank you.

  219. 219
    BO Says:

    Patent , thres no eclipse here.

    Aunty Tumour , which of the things i said ave u the idea i have no idea of an eclipse .gosh .i think shes losing her sanity

  220. 220
    maria Says:

    @Intric8: Ok. I may be getting somewhere with this. So you like Kristen Stewart. Others do as well. Everyone has a different reason for how and why they became a fan. You may just drool when you see her, and that is why you like her. Someone else may only like her cause they love Twilight. Once it’s over, they may not care, but for now, they ship all things Twilight. Yet another person may relate to her extreme awkwardness and find that inspirational to see her successful. Maybe another liked her performance in Panic Room as a child, and has followed her career since then. We all have a story for why we are fans of Vanessa as well. Maybe you should stop questioning why or how, or accusing us of being her PR, and just accept she does have fans. HSM was a world-wide phenomenon. It’s really not crazy that her fans are from all over either.

  221. 221
    MoreThanWords Says:

    @BO: Ah your right, different hemispheres! Whoops!

  222. 222
    BO Says:

    Aunty Tumor is on line .She`ll fix the pacemaker in AV node instead of SA node.POLLLIIICCEEE!

  223. 223
    maria Says:

    BOBO, she clearly said it got dark while she was out for a run, and you thought she meant the movie. Give me a break.

  224. 224
    BO Says:

    there was a solar eclispse here two years back .it was partial , the surroudings didnt get so dark as in your case which i just watched on tv .we were in school and watched in the pond outside our class . we hadnt prepared any lenses , but pond saved the day .it was great .

  225. 225
    tina Says:

    I don’t see why it should matter to someone who hasso much going on, what we say on this site. It’s the same on EVERY OTHER THREAD HERE What is the fascination with us? You have no logical reason. We are who we are. It’s you who doesn’t belong here.

  226. 226
    BO Says:

    Patent , did u watch the Venus transition about three four years ago ? I didnt . we were asked not to look at the sky that day .

  227. 227
    BO Says:

    FYI ,I didn`t read that .As soon as she asked me about the eclipse i replied .lol As you can see , the two comments are on different you are hilarious .You think i wouldn`t know about an eclipse ? lol I studied everything by heart when I was in grade 8 , about the penumbra ,umbra . ha . awful stuff .

  228. 228
    Intric8 Says:

    @BOJI: Where is Kelly the crack addict? I have a hunch she works with Hudgens at some kind of business capacity level, maybe a food caterer, worked on wardrobe with her once, or helps handle her pr. It was a simple question is all Kelly, but i now have things to do so i cant get my answer till much later. Bye all, best of luck to spring breakers which will probably be a limited release, but you have Selena and Beibers break up to help drive ticket sales higher than it normally would, and all those chicks in bikinis to at least suck in the young male demographic without even understanding the concept of the flick. I’m sure Kelly would be very insightful about the marketing angle and distribution plans for the film, so maybe she would be kind enough to spill some details and be productive for a change rather than stay uncreative and go straight for the balls on some unfair racist and anti-homosexual rant.

  229. 229
    MoreThanWords Says:

    @BO: No I think I missed that one. Today only struck me as unusual because it got a little dark as I was out, which completely took me by surprise.

  230. 230
    BO Says:

    lol patent

  231. 231
    Milli Says:

    @Intric8: no sweetie, the 34% could very well not even see the movie… as u know, people like you likes to go there and vote. I for one know that Springbreakers got 8,5/10 which is really hight to your efron fantasy movies. so you grow up and dont come here to spread hate, sweetie!

  232. 232
    Milli Says:

    @maria: oh hey i didnt know we were relatives! i gotta laugh at that, of course, they hurt because we actually defend V and dont care about anything (one) else, for those saying that efron was too good for her, well i would like to remind those “fantastic” fans that after they broke up, he was the one who went chasing Vanessa to north carolina where she was filming Journey2, not the other way around, which from my pov speaks loud, and then of course he was also the same “gentleman” that not even 2 days after being back from NC was out with palmer, and a week later with palmieri? well actually that should have his fans shut up! so why dont they look what is in front of them instead of trying to hide facts.

  233. 233
    BO Says:

    ok so when Zac gets negative votes for his movie , it`s from the people who saw and thought his movie is absolute crap but when Pudge gets the same thing ,it`s from people who couldnt see the movie .lol Honey , you are the one who needs to grow up seriously .lol

  234. 234
    J-ish Says:

    <3 <3 <3 seems everyone had fun on these event. I hope some vids will be released. Vanessa looks pretty :)

  235. 235
    kelly Says:


    You are a nut case. You treat this neverbeen like she’s Mother Teresa or a immortal saint. She’s a 2 bit Disney cast-off. So stop pluggin this average bimbo. She is not likeable. Ad neither is her crazy fan club of women.

  236. 236
    kelly Says:


    hahahaha. Take off the fake spider eyelashes and makeup. And what do you have. Aaverage looking crackhead. She’s just another Kim K. So plain. Except Kimmie is well known.

  237. 237
    Emma Says:

    @kelly: Shut up!!! It is you that are crazy

  238. 238
    Haters Suck! Says:

    Vanessa is very likeable just ask everyone who has ever met or worked with her. You’re the nut case, nut case.

  239. 239
    kelly Says:


    Double, triple eeew. She’s so plain. Kind of old looking too. Nothing to write home about. She looks like a hooker with very rough features. Plus is that a faint butt chin. Fake bi*tch.

  240. 240
    kelly Says:


    Rubber skin and big effen nose. Trashy nails. Yawn….next. So average.

  241. 241
    kelly Says:

    Huge wide nose. And the mother is a fug. That’s how the “great one” will end up.

  242. 242
    BOJI Says:

    @ Kelly, Grow Up!

  243. 243
    nessa Says:

    miss Beautiiful V.

  244. 244
    maria Says:

    @kelly: Honey, that’s NOT how I see her, and your opinion doesn’t mean you’re right. If she was, she would not have gotten work after Disney, and duh, she has done at least 6 movies out of Disney. As far as her mother, well, you are just a disrespectful racist b*tch. Vanessa is a MIX of her parents, and a lovely mix,I might add. I NEVER said she was Mother Theresa. EVER. So bug off. And if people want to know why we defend her, YOU are a perfect example. Nothing constructive, just blind irrational hatred.

    Have a lovely day!

  245. 245
    kelly Says:


    Who said anything racist. You bought that up. I didn’t say any race, but you said”MIX”. So you are the trouble maker. Why am I being disrespectful. I just gave my opinion. And to me she is fugly. Of course daughter is uglier than the mother. Because she’s vulgar and rough looking. Hah, 5 movies. Big deal. Easily forgotten junk. And just like any other bum from Disney she had to make a album. I don’t know why those losers from that channel think they can sing. She’s a autotune singer. Just like the rest of Disney women. Nobody said you said Mother Teresa. I said you act like she’s Mother Teresa. But if you have to have that woman for a idol, go ahead. That’s your problem. When she turns 30, she will be a washed up actress begging for roles.

  246. 246
    kristy Says:

    Give it up~~~~what a dumb ass you are

  247. 247
    mel Says:

    @A I would ignore the wacko v fans. they think if more than one person says anything that they think is hating towards their so called perfect vanessa, it has to mean they’re the same person. LOL!

  248. 248
    malu Says:

    @Kelly is a biotch Lovin’ the way you give the bashers a dose of their own medicine.

    Keep up the good work Van.You are equally beautiful inside and out.

    Hello to all the Van supporters here!!!

  249. 249
    kate Says:

    @maria when i meant you get extremely defensive i meant don’t start all these conversations because then you seem like the insane person…don’t anwser to all of them….then you lose your point…i know what you mean on your comments but the “hater” may not…i agree with your points…. yes i’m a zac fan too but i’m also vanessa’s….but that’s irrelevant…oh and yes i didn’t know that was bo..i thought you made these comments just to make fan of the haters….

  250. 250
    kate Says:


  251. 251
    kelly Says:

    The gay girls are at it again. Defending their worthless “Goddess”. Then they’ll go to that Zac post and put stuff there about their “Queen”. Must be boring thinking about that b*tch Hudgens all the time.

  252. 252
    tina Says:

    NO WAY IN HE LL WOULD I’D WASTE THE TIME OR ENGERY TO POST ON THE EX’S THREADS, YOU ANNOYING TWIT. But then I’m not 12 years old. You’ve proved that your here because your a fan of the ex, run along and post there. I’m sure any one would be proud to have you as a fan.

  253. 253
    Juliet Says:

    @mel @kate @bo @A @Intric8: I totally ignore all the bullshit that Efrom, Ashley’s crazy fans are saying

  254. 254
    kate Says:

    @Juliet: are you maria?? because i didn’t say anything bad about vanessa…. i think she misunderstood my comment…

  255. 255
    Juliet Says:

    @Kate: “I’m sorry.. I am not Maria

  256. 256
    carma Says:

    We are not like you.

  257. 257
    Kelly the Biotch Says:

    @malu: Thanks.You are sweet and obviously a loyal fan of Van.

    But Kelly aka “A” is really not a match in terms of wit. She is vulgar, ignorant, vile and quite frankly really not worth the time to cut up although is doesn’t take a rocket scientist, member of MENSA to do so. Maybe if we ignore her she wither away or just go away.

  258. 258
    mel Says:

    Juliet, are you applying I’m saying bullshit? re-read what I said. I wasn’t hating on v, just saying she isn’t perfect. LOL. And I’m not a ashley or zac fan, not that it really matters who I’m a fan of. I’m a fan of A-list stars. and let’s face it, neither them and vanessa are consider that… YET.

  259. 259
    maria Says:

    @kate: Well, that explains why you think I get over-the-top, cause I don’t. That would be Bo, who has decided it’s funny to post under my name. It’s not. And I don’t like Zac, but I never post anything on his threads. I don’t have time. But these other losers, like ” the period”, Kelly, A, and BO have plenty of time to hate, and spend all their time here. Which just makes no sense to me. I think they must be Zac or Ashley’s PR, planted here to make them look better. Let’s see…..the way A talks, she HAS to be Ashley’s mother. No one on the face of the earth thinks you’re as perfect as your mother does. BO is just a clueless teenager, who thinks the first guy you date is Mr Perfect, and you must marry him, even if he’s all wrong for you. Kelly must be PR for Ashley, and just sounds desperate. The Period is from Zac’s PR; just on a mission to shoot the ex down, to cover up all the things HE does. Intric8, is more of a mystery, so he just may be employed by JJ to drive up the number of comments for more bucks. He doesn’t really hate Vanessa but supports all the haters. Makes sense, huh?

  260. 260
    kate Says:

    @maria well i don’t really care who they are…. i don’t think they’re associated with Zac or Ashley…. all i see is people who comment on an irrelevant for them post… just calm down and ignore all the rude comments….maybe the “haters” just keep commenting because many of you here answer them….i did that and the result was that some twisted my words..just ignore them… :)

  261. 261
    maria Says:

    @kate: My little saga is just a spoof on what they always have to say. They think we must be PR or relatives to be fans. Well, I don’t think it’s that crazy to wait for news, and then comment on the thread. And since we ARE fans and support her, yeah, a lot of the same people post. Still doesn’t mean we are relatives. But, whatever. They’re allowed to post, just as we are.

  262. 262
    Haters Suck! Says:

    It’s fun to see zac fans on his post cry and play victim about haters after all the crap they start. His fans remind me of that kid on the playground who would bully other kids when the teachers back was turned but as soon as the teacher looks they fall on the ground crying and play innocent blaming others even though they did nothing to them. Bunch of freaking hypocrites I swear.

  263. 263
    Rob Says:

    Vanessa is always a cutie. Olivia W. — you could land a Boeing 767 on her forehead.

  264. 264
    kate Says:

    Guys, someone here said that Vanessa has signed in another movie but there are some casting issues that’s why there is no announcement. Do you know what movie might that be????

  265. 265
    yets Says:

    @rob did olivia just made fun of vanessa’s forehead?

  266. 266
    vanessa hudgens Says:

    well i am a joke so nothing wrong about making fun of me jokes are meant to be made fun of

  267. 267
    kate Says:

    @maria i just saw your last comment…i know what you mean…. there is nothing wrong with commenting on a post of a person you’re a fan of… like most here what i think is wrong is saying all kinds of rude things for a person you don’t like..and that’s happening on every post…saying an opinion (like a simple i don’t like her which is fine) is different from a constant name calling…i mean there are celebs that i don’t like but i don’t go commenting on their posts….what i also find pathetic is that some haters mention people irrelevant to her posts just to make a comparison with their idol in order to make him/her look better…and of course the exactly opposite is happening…. it’s tiring seeing people compare her with Zac Efron a guy who is her ex and is doing his own thing or Ashley Tisdale a girl who is her friend but still completely different than Vanessa…. this is getting ridiculous…. they are 3 different people whether people like it or not…

  268. 268
    vanessa hudgens Says:

    i do have a gigantic forehead you could land the whole alaska state on it

  269. 269
    vanessa hudgens Says:

    i mean state of alaska not alaska state

    i am so stupid

  270. 270
    .. Says:

    @Kelly the Biotch: You just described yourself you are so stup

  271. 271
    BOJI Says:

    @kate, you got that right. Have been skipping the comments and rants of the irrelevant posters myself. You’ll just have to discern the Dopplegangers from the Vanessa fans. Some one or some persons is /are out to cause trouble and have their fun at our expense and I can name a few. For the life of me, I can’t comprehend some posters who pride in their intelligence and attempt to show it off on the threads. It only serves to make them look stupid and childish. Bullying is very evident in their retorts and challenges. Laughable really.
    You know and I know it, all this bravado is fine only in print. I wonder if they dare say the things they do if confronted face to face.
    On a lighter note, I’d like to see a video link of Vanessa’s performance if it is possible, anyone?

  272. 272
    maria Says:

    @kate: We’ve heard it could be Sin City II. Not sure how reliable that is though. I saw a post on JJ the other day on a SIn CIty launch party w/Jessica Alba. Vanessa wasn’t mentioned, but neither was the rest of the cast, so it is just a rumor for now. And I hear ya on the name calling. That is completely sickening to me. It’s one thing to disagree, but to come here and purposely bash the celeb to piss off the fans, and then call THEM names, is just psychotic. I have been called clumsy-brain, pea-dahl (whatever that is) Aunty tumor, etc. I have been accused of lying, and bashed for my profession. That’s how hideous these people are.

  273. 273
    BOJI Says:

    @maria, they call it Cyber bullying or Trolling. Btw, Dhal as I know it is chick peas cooked in a thick broth like texture with spices and eaten with rice or roti or naan bread. My country has a mix culture and we do have a lot of Indians/Sri lankans/ Pakistanis living here. Personally, I can’t distinguish the Indians from the Sri Lankans as they look the same. Only they can distinguish themselves from the other.

  274. 274
    maria Says:

    @BOJI: LOL. Well, I can honestly say, I’ve never been called a chick pea stew before. But the closeness of the country to Indian culture explains a LOT. I know many Indians, and they are very strict and traditional. So unfair to judge people by those standards when it is NOT that way in our country, and Vanessa is American.

  275. 275
    kate Says:

    thank you @maria for the info….and i agree completely with you and @boji on this one….name calling is just immature and laughable… some people confuse different opinion with worshiping…. just because you don’t agree with them you simply worship the person they don’t like…. cause i’ve been told that along with annoying because this person just didn’t have more arguments against what i was saying… when someone does not have something to say they just start name calling…. it’s what little kids do…. but what i can’t understand is why are they commenting on a person they don’t like….it seems unreasonable… at least to me…

  276. 276
    sjk Says:


    Wow! Dial it down. “That guy” has a name and it’s ZAc Efron. T hey both loved each other and both are good people. Please stop being rude.

  277. 277
    BOJI Says:

    Yep, she is American born and bred. It is a Thursday morning here, raining cats and dogs . Had my early morning walk. Feeling invigorated. Waiting for the rain to subside before I venture down the shops for brunch. Hubby went off to play golf.
    Talking about cultures here, there are still arranged marriages amongst the Hindus. Status ie your career standing is very important to them. But then again there are mixed marriages , e.g. Chinese and Indian and I also see quite a number of Caucasian s marrying Asians. I have a friend whose daughter met her future husband in London, got married in Hawaii, had the celebration here and now live in Seattle with their baby. Just attended another engagement celebration. Also friends’ daughter , a doc engaged to an Aussie doc. They’ll be marrying in New Zealand but will be living in Sydney. Enough of my rant. Just showing you what a mix culture I live in.

  278. 278
    BO Says:

    oh LOL they can`t stop talking about me and my country even when I am not here .lol

  279. 279
    BO Says:

    Kate , I think you should take that SinCity rumour with a grain of salt .It originally started back in May June when the rumor started that she is gonna be in a Robert Rodrigue movie .Everyone thought it was Sin City .But it finally turned out to be a five minute role in Machete Kills .But the rumor still continues and no insider or anyone associated with the film or the show business has ever talked of her being in it to my knowledge.Eventhough she`s gonna be in it -there`s just a teeny chance – I don`t think it`s gonna be any lead or any substantial role `cause it`s an ensemble movie with a huge cast .Done .

  280. 280
    BO Says:

    Kate , I think you should take that SinCity rumour with a grain of salt .It originally started back in May June when the rumor started that she is gonna be in a Robert Rodrigue movie .Everyone thought it was Sin City .But it finally turned out to be a five minute role in Machete Kills .But the rumor still continues and no insider or anyone associated with the film or the show business has ever talked of her being in it to my knowledge.Eventhough she`s gonna be in it -there`s just a teeny chance – I don`t think it`s gonna be any lead or any substantial role `cause it`s an ensemble movie with a huge cast .Done …

  281. 281
    BOJI Says:

    Frankly, Sin City or not, it doesn’t matter. Some people just like to put others down.
    Blue Bo here is the more articulate of the two, but chooses to post on Vanessa’s threads to put her and her fans down. Ok, I get it so what if Vanessa has a 5 min part, she is still who she is and being a fan I look forward to seeing it no matter how small.

  282. 282
    BO Says:

    theres just one BO and thats me .how man times do i have to tell u ?jj keeps switching it from blue to blck .how foolish of u to think theres two bos just because my name switches colors

  283. 283
    justsaying Says:

    you all need to go see doctors. the way you are acting is only gonna wreck your life in the long run…. Go back to the beginning and start reading all this trash. I feel sorry for you all, I really do. Also the people who disagree with the mean ones…why are you letting the anger into your life anyway. Just love Vanessa and don’t even talk back and forth with these mean people. Vanessa knows how to live HER life and doesn’t care about these mean people on here. She is a smart girl. You don’t need to fight for her on here…just read the article and move on. Don’t bring this angry karma into your life… Peace to you Vanessa. XOXO

  284. 284
    Intric8 Says:

    @Kellyisabiotch: Greetings all! Kelly the Crackhead, where’s my simple response to a very simple question?

  285. 285
    Intric8 Says:

    I notice you are fantastic at blowing your horn over very trivial matters and adept at going straight for the kick to the nuts. Isn’t that’s the sort of nonsense that Vanessa’s publicist pulls? For example, throwing out that completely false and totally unsubstantiated rumor that Bieber had “flipped” (Van’s publicist’s own concocted choice of word) over vanessa while visiting Selena on the spring breakers set must be the cheapest and dirtiest way to get decent promotional mileage out of a third-rate press release in recent memory. You know, i used ‘cheap’ and ‘dirty’ as words to describe you before and it makes much more sense now that i have a decent hunch what you are all about. Guys, if you are wondering what’s up with Vanessa’s rumored next project, Kelly the crackhead is the go-to girl for all the info because this chick has intimate knowledge of her projects and scedules. “passionate” crush? Great fantasy words, and great job leaking vanessa’s underage nude pics just to generate publicity… i cant believe Pudgie went along with that one, but you guys are great at pulling ideas out of your a ss as the need arises, no?

  286. 286
    Intric8 Says:

    Perhaps you can spin Biebers sudden and complete disinterest with Pudgie as he hangs with all the young VS models something like this – “but one of them is close to Vanessa, and Justin was trying to get more information out of her” yes Kelly the crackhead, that is something truly to ROFL about let me tell ya.. but thats the trouble you get into when you decide to spread complete and utter lies about a client. Maybe im not exactly correct about by hunch, maybe you’re just a staff member of her fan club. Does she have an organized fan club btw?

  287. 287
    kelly Says:


    BIG DEAL! Who cares. Give them a medal. For messing up all the races. What happened to purebred. Just a bunch of mixed up nobodies from that country. Are you sure you don’t have Alien blood too.

  288. 288
    Haters Suck! Says:

    You’re an idiot. You gotta be some kind of politician those are the only people who can talk out of their ass like that. I’ve never seen someone throw such a large pile of crap since…well ever. Its like you’re trying to throw all this crap against the wall and see what you can get to stick.

  289. 289
    Haters Suck! Says:

    Intric8 maybe an idiot but you’re motherf*ucking insane lady. I think you got some real issues that need to be sorted out.

  290. 290
    Intric8 Says:

    @Haters Suck!: The trail of goodies your girl leaves behind as she bounces off every tree in the forest would certainly sail straight over your head, dude, but you know, some of us just happen to notice things…

  291. 291
    Haters Suck! Says:

    Sail over my head? Don’t think so theyd sail over your head considering its stuck so far up your own ass. The only thing you’d notice is the $hit in your eyes. You’re like a blind man playing darts. Just throwing things everywhere and hope something good happens.

  292. 292
    Intric8 Says:

    @Haters Suck!: You know dude, i have recently decided to bite my tongue when it comes to you even though you get vile with me, and i still cant believe i pull it off. Let’s just wait till your friend chooses to reply

  293. 293
    Haters Suck! Says:

    Yeah im the vile one you should really look in the mirror before you call someone that. Every group needs a conspiracy theorist again you can be in the group that thinks the moon landing was faked

  294. 294
    Intric8 Says:

    @Haters Suck!: Promoting a talent can be and usually is a very dirty ballgame haterssuck, but i wouldnt expect you to understand, the way you are skipping along in la la land and dreaming about your first kiss on the cheek with Vanessa someday. Remain in ignorance, it’s the best place for you dude

  295. 295
    kelly Says:

    Vanessa is a muff baring disney ho.

  296. 296
    Intric8 Says:

    @Haters Suck!: Hey now that you mentioned it, isnt it kinda curious how we were able to land on the moon utilizing tech over 40 years ago, and nasa’s recent project to get us back had failed test after test on the lem and launch side? With state of the art modern technology at our disposal? It was utter fail, i think they completely scrapped the project. I find that peculiar, but all they have to do is zoom an orbiting telescope at various landing sites and get a shot of the lem base still sitting around, and that would be that in terms of proving it. Have they done that yet?

  297. 297
    BOJI Says:

    @Kelly, grow up Child !

  298. 298
    Intric8 Says:

    I have to jet, nice chatting with you haterssuck, you have been as inconscient as ever

  299. 299
    italian mom Says:

    Hello maria. It’s night now where you live. Sadly I think you understimated the curtain playing hard ball. You see now.
    I am astonished. I was thinking Boji is in her afternoon, maria and Tina sleeping, intric8 in hell recharging his firegun…Oops intric8 was here again yet recharged with fire and sh!t…Ohh what a surprise. NOT.

  300. 300
    italian mom Says:

    In my opinion Intric8 was not good at his job. Too eccessive and so every fan in the entire world feels repulsion towards him and more love for Vanessa.
    We care about her and about her projects and yes, we hope she will reach her goals but also hope she is happy and peaceful more than everything else.
    She has money for her needs and this is sort of freedom.
    She loves love, yes, and shows that she is able to emprove and does all her possible to let the viewers appreciate her acting.
    Old times are gone. We see her very serious about her job. This means honesty cause bad acting when it could easily be decent acting is very disappointing and direspectful to the paying viewer.

  301. 301
    BOJI Says:

    @ Italian mom, you are right. It is now 5.10 pm Thursday. Am having tea and watching international news on tv.

  302. 302
    italian mom Says:

    Hello Boji! Me too would like a cup of tea! But I have to go right now.
    Will be back in two hours. Kisses.

  303. 303
    BOJI Says:


  304. 304
    maria Says:

    @italian mom: You are right! Just waking up now, but I’m always fascinated by the fact that people don’t understand we do sleep. I got accused of “googling” all night cause I didn’t respond during the middle of MY night. LOL. Whatever. Saw a beautiful magazine cover with Vanessa, and she looked fabulous. Looking forward to her pic in Variety’s Hollywood Edition! Heading off to work soon, so everyone have a lovely day!!

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