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Kristen Stewart Dresses Down for UK Premiere Departure

Kristen Stewart Dresses Down for UK Premiere Departure

Kristen Stewart and her on-and-off screen boyfriend Robert Pattinson leave the premiere of their film The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 at the Odeon Leicester Square on Wednesday (November 14) in London, England.

The 22-year-old actress took off her Zuhair Murad jumpsuit and put on some more comfortable clothes to head out with her beau.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Kristen Stewart

Earlier in the evening, Kristen and Rob were joined on the red carpet by their co-star Taylor Lautner to present their film to the British crowd.

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Credit: Reimschuessel ; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • larra

    I think they make a good couple; they are both shy, like to stay out of the spotlight, and their personalities are very similar

  • t

    I want her jacket.

  • cami

    but why can’t she go to the premiere already wearing a comfortable dress? she always defended her style but she surrenders to the hollywood pressure too, wearing heels and dresses that she herself can’t stand. anyways glad this bs is over and this b*tch is done.

  • andy

    ”god loves ugly” he sure does look at you ugly and still getting cast…

  • Asha

    She irks the s*hit out of me. AND, the post in the top right corner of JJ about Kristen being desperate for a job is complete bull. Does chick not remember back in July when she dropped out of the film “Cali” I believe it was called because she was too embarrassed to leave her house and go to work. You can’t complain about not getting work when you’re dropping out of movies.

  • Nikki


  • Nikki

    @larra: I totally agree with you

  • huh

    I guess I don’t know what her jacket means? Like she’s saying God loves even her since she did something ugly? Anyone?

  • Get a sense of humor

    @Asha: SHE WAS KIDDING! She’s a good actress who will work again. It was a joke!

  • maria


    Rob and Kristen’s personalities are nothing alike!!

  • LOVE IS IN THE AIR!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Such a beautiful couple!!!!!!! And someone on Twitter said Victoria, Rob’s sister, gave Kristen a hug. Sorry, haters!

  • mm

    please put this on just jared jnr!! the comments alone indicate that.
    and i think the same people are posting over and over again (shocking surprise there) and its painfully obvious..

    people — if you’re going to be faking it at least change your wording

  • http://hotmail whooo

    @LOVE IS IN THE AIR!!!!!!!!!!!!:

    what are you sorry about. The Pattenson family are civil, educated and professional people. It does’nt mean anything. I could give you a kiss on the chick if I know you. Just that, you imagine too much!
    KS is desperate for work otherwise she will find MAN ANY MAN TO KILL THE TIME!!

  • Robsten= $$ for Summit

    First the trampire wears a wh_0_re-ish dress to the premiere to draw attention to herself…

    Then she leaves the same premiere with a jacket stating God love Ugly…

    This slapper is beyond arrogant. Now she’s resorting to use God’s name to attract attention to herself..what a desperate sow.

  • booboo

    At least Khoe knows that shes truly, madly & deeply UGLY inside * out.

  • Trampire

    who is she going to cheat on Rob with next? Any guesses?

  • LOVE IS IN THE AIR!!!!!!!!!!!!

    @whooo: The thing is, you can be civil without giving a hug. It’s really sad that so many of you just can’t move on. She messed up. Everybody does at some point. It’s part of life. Stop being so cruel!

  • deane

    I find it completely and utter shocking that Kristen all of a sudden tries to project a temptress image after doing her part to wreck a home. Lately, her clothes have been getting more scandalous. She better not act like she does not have a choice in the matter. Of course she can pick out what she wants to wear especially in terms of how much nakedness she wants to show!

    I cannot see past her sneaky, trifling ways. I do not care what anybody else say. She cheated with someone whom she knew the woman and children, even her boyfriend knew. The more demure and innocent someone pretends to be, the more you have to watch closely.

  • Carla

    I cannot believe she had the audacity to say she cannot wait to be a mom… well, I wonder how she would feel if her child’s father cheated on her!

    I hope Rob does not have children with her or even considers putting a ring on it. She has been pressuring him lately and making him feel bad as if he owes her something, when she was the one who cheated.

  • Unbelievable

    The odd thing is, Kristen all of a sudden got a personality because of her cheating ways. She looks so comfortable in her skin lately. That tells me something about her. Who needs enemies when you have friends like that!

  • lala

    Rob you do not have to feel guilty, You do not have to be in a relationship because the other person is making you feel guilty. by claiming depression and attempting suicide. She never wanted to claim you before.

  • eiana

    Kristen loves attention. do not be fooled. She wants to be remembered after Twilight and she did whatever it took (it takes) to do that.

    What a load of crap about not wanting to be famous, or in the spotlight… blah, blah, blah….

  • Always a cheater

    Oh, oh, there goes miss perfect… She is so transparent. She can hide behind her disguise all she wants, but I know better.

    Good luck Rob. You deserve so much better.

  • From a former fan

    Selfish girl. Rob please tell me you have better plans…

  • lainey

    If she did what she did inside a minicooper i can imagine what she´ll do inside a SUV!!You are right nasty girl “God loves the ugly”including you.
    And i do NOT feel sorry for Rob.He will deserve everything that will come in his way.Cuckold.

  • Kristen clearly has no shame!

    Over Kristen. I hope one day the family she wants is faithful to her because she sure as hell did not demonstrate faithfulness to Rob by cheating with a douchebag for that matter.

  • Lola

    Is she trying to say that God loves her although she is a homewrecker? LOL! Let’s not bring God into this conversation Kristen when it is convenient.

    Is she even religious or is she just vying for attention/headlines again?!

  • Blair

    I dont get why Rob took her back… It’s humiliating enough to be cheated on for the whole world to see, but to take back your cheating gf right away like a doormat… Does he have no pride? He is clearly in love with her but love has limits… cheating is one of them.

  • Tracy

    @Unbelievable: I think she is on medication….she seems too relaxed in her interviews lately.

  • Undergrad

    It seems KS is going out of her ways to try and portray a down-to-earth, I’m digust with the glamour spot light hollywood attention rar rar.


    As a Psychology Major student, I can tell you this, plain and simple: The more you’re acting out like you don’t give a shit, the more you try to show the world that you don’t. It’s just the opposite.

    You’re actually taking that shit so seriously that you’re cringing to it, thinking about it with all the brain cells you can spare.

    People who don’t really care, normally would just ignore it. like why should I change? and make a big fuss about it? “It’s just a designer dress, I wear it, it doesn’t wear me = it doesn’t define who I am”

    Just FYI, facts.

  • EllaBlue

    Not sure if this is what her jacket’s about, but God Loves Ugly was the name of an album released by a US band several years ago.

    As to their relationship, I couldn’t care if they’re together at this point or not. If it’s for PR as has been speculated and they’re contractually obligated to act like they’re together, good for them for doing their jobs. If Rob took her back for real, it says a lot about him as a person and how he feels about Kristen’s actions toward Liberty Ross and her kids, and he deserves her. If she cheats again with her next costar or director, he’ll deserve that, too, since he knows she has a habit of cheating.

    I do find it curious, though. If he’s keeping his Los Feliz house, and they’re completely back to living together as has been said, why would Kristen need a house a mile away? Why would she need to get her own dog? 2+2=5 in this scenario, and I’m mildly curious to see if the house and dog are preparation for their eventual split once Summit has squeezed every penny they can out of BD.

  • OTR

    I see the only ugly people are here on Jared posts bashing a girl who hasn’t done anything to them…a girl they don’t even know! You people need help. Kristen and Rob are lovely just as they. It just kills you people to see others happy.

  • OTR

    @Undergrad: I think you need some is wearing dresses considered acting out? And then changing into something more comfortable once she has posed for pictures, done her interviews etc. And none of us really know what happened during that scandal. What we do know is these people want to move on. It’s their life, their’s to fight for, their’s to live and their’s to make mistakes in. Who gives us the right to judge?

  • Hmm..

    I liked them as a couple and at one point i really appreciated the way behave and all that discretion but now…
    I think the hole celebrity world is a the hell can they live there??

  • pork butt

    if you really really really think about it and analyze these movies the only people who make all this magic happen are the people behind the cameras, b/c without them these two puppets could not even scramble an egg correctly ….. have they even graduated high school or did someone do that for them too ?

  • A

    @LOVE IS IN THE AIR!!!!!!!!!!!!: Here’s another pic of Rob’s sister Victoria talking to Kristen’s people,looks like they are arguing. I think they asked her to pose with their slut to help her image and make losers like you happy and Victoria said no

  • A

    @LOVE IS IN THE AIR!!!!!!!!!!!!: And there was no hugging,just this awkward pic of slut & Rob’s sis being polite with each other Try again,loser.

  • Kris

    @larra: uhm and all these, is Kristen and Rob? I am not a hater or a fan but i have to say that this is not them! At all…I thought the same at first, but lately they are showing me the opposite the whole time!


    Maybe GOD loves ugly, but Robert Pattinson dosent. hahahaha

  • LOVE IS IN THE AIR!!!!!!!!!!!!

    @LOVE IS IN THE AIR….: Actually, I CAN still feel the love! They don’t have to be touching 24/7. The mere fact that Rob was willing to give her another chance speaks VOLUMES about the amount of love he has for her. Like it or not, that is a FACT. He loves her and she loves him! No amount of complaining and criticism from the haters is going to change that, but carry on!

  • LOVE IS IN THE AIR!!!!!!!!!!!!

    @MINDREADER: Kristen Stewart is FAR from ugly and you know it! She messed up, but that doesn’t make her a bad person and it doesn’t define her entire self worth. Unfortunately for you, MINDREADER, Rob Pattinson DOES love Kristen and nothing that you (or anyone else) say is going to change that!

  • Jessie

    Look at Pattinson’s body language, he’s got his hands folded lol. He’s forced to touch her for the photo ops, particularly at the premiers, but otherwise he’d rather not. Poor guy, he’s just dying to get out.

  • see

    she is down and out
    neat suit guy and sloppy girl
    gays and lesbians
    they are trying to tell us something

  • LOVE IS IN THE AIR!!!!!!!!!!!!

    @A: Thing is, A, I have FACTS on my side. Unfortunately, you don’t. I see nothing wrong with Victoria or Kristen’s “people” in that pic. They look to simply be chatting. If Victoria really didn’t want to be seen with Kristen, I doubt she would’ve gone anywhere near her. Stop making crap up. You’re just another spiteful hater trying to make something out of nothing. Rob, Kristen, and the Pattinsons are moving past the fact that she cheated. Why can’t you? The truth really hurts you, doesn’t it? Pity.