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Leonardo DiCaprio: Handcuffed Inmate on Set!

Leonardo DiCaprio: Handcuffed Inmate on Set!

Leonardo DiCaprio is handcuffed and escorted out of a bus while filming scenes for his new film The Wolf of Wall Street on Wednesday (November 14) in Brooklyn, New York.

The 38-year-old actor filmed scenes earlier in the day at the local correctional facility playing a game of tennis.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Leonardo DiCaprio

The Wolf of Wall Street is about a New York stockbroker (DiCaprio) who refuses to cooperate in a large securities fraud case involving corruption on Wall Street, corporate banking world and mob infiltration.

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leonardo dicaprio handcuffed inmate on set 01
leonardo dicaprio handcuffed inmate on set 02
leonardo dicaprio handcuffed inmate on set 03
leonardo dicaprio handcuffed inmate on set 04
leonardo dicaprio handcuffed inmate on set 05

Credit: Jose Perez; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • kira

    another great performance in the making!

  • Cool

    Cool shots of Leo filming in NY on a very chilly day. Thanks JARED! Good job of finding great stuff of Leo today.

  • leo

    Hes lost weight recently…….I keep reading twitter sightings about how sexy he is in person, WOULD LOVE to meet him!!



  • Leo Fan

    His weight loss was for the movie purpose. Belfort is quite thin.
    Thanks Jared for more pix from the “correctional activitiy” scenes today.

  • Creed



    I don’t care how much weight he loses and how many great roles he gets his face got ugly about ten years ago right after The Beach. No fixing. Britney style.
    What a disappointement man, he was supposed to be the next Johnny Depp or Brad Pitt looks-wise he didn’t even make it past his thirties. From sweet blonde Apollo god to puffy bulldog face Churchill and Kathy Bates look-alike.

  • tinkerbell

    #1-6 barfbots.

    Can I get a witness? I just dont get it. why are they now defending/promoting him??

  • @8

    Go and take your meds, honey. Do you have anything to say about Leo? Why do you have to ruin it for everyone? Go and talk about your precious Bar on her threads and let people who like him enjoy this one!

  • tinkerbell

    @@8: nope! I just want to know why you are doing it…salting the comments with very obvious positive shill comments that anybody who follows this will spot right away.

    My question is why???

  • @9

    Please don’t even try to argue with mentally affected losers. the only thing she/he wants is get your attention.

  • ((__))

    do you actually think there is a med strong enough to cure this disturbed Bar obsessed patient?

  • Mari

    Personally I like this photo from the tennis scene:

    Looking good, Leo!

  • tinkerbell

    11-13 same shill poster. what you think you write nice things now he’ll “love” you again??

  • raven

    Hope you guys are well,

    His shoe is untied, lol. It seems to happen quite a bit.

  • WerdoIsUnstable

    @tinkerbell: PLEASE STOP Mentioning BAR> WTF does she have to do with these picture. She’s not in them. This thread is about LEO not BAR. Who cares about BAR? Im sick of you constantly bringing her up. GET a life and stop obsessing about bar

  • JB

    Leo is a BOSS. I cant wait to see this movie. This movie will probably be the closest thing to Leo doing a comedy. Very funny script.

  • ???

    @tinkerbell: We’re asking the same about you ‘why?’

  • ???

    @Mari: Haha, don’t those tracky daks look so dated, he looks so young and gorgeous :)

  • Leo Fan

    NEWSCOM photos have tons of additional pictures of Leo taken while filming the outdoor prison scene.

  • Yeah!

    So here is another rumor about Leo`s love life claiming Leo and Scarlett Johansson are getting close…. I like Scarlett and I wish her career would pick up again. I can`t really see her as his type but they would make a cute couple. I`m getting curious who`s gonna be the next official girlfriend!

  • photos


  • photos

    he is actually so fine

  • Fan

    @Yeah – It’s the first time I actually a gossip story between Leo and Scarlet. I don’t like her, she is pretentious and she said herself she has a very bad temper which probably was the reason for her breakup with Ryan R. I simply can not see Leo being attracted to her, at all.

  • Yeah!

    @Fan: I don`t believe it either but I like Scarlett. I could see them together but I admit I don`t know much about her. I saw some of her movies and she was good. That`s all. But I somehow doubt Leo will go for an actress ( co-star or not ). I give as much credit to this rumor as to the Margot one at this point but I kinda like that setup. But bad temper doesn`t sound good in general…
    There are some other photos of Leo playing tennis ( lainey ). He looks kinda awkward and dorky but sexy at the same time.

  • vagabond

    NOOOooOo!!!Leo’s too pretty for prison he won’t last a second in!!!
    Seriously though,I’m glad to see some more filming shots.Sometimes I wonder if these gossip writers are reading JJ,especially with this new one.It reminds me of the discussion about Scarlet and Leo’s pr maneuverings.

  • lff

    yeah, why are you looking forward to see him hooked up so soon after the breakup with erin? you piss all over the women he dates. you only like scarlett because she’s not a model and she’s short and chubby by leo’s standards. she’s pretentious as all get out. she had the world handed to her as a teenager and hasn’t been able to live up to the hype. she’s the anti-leo.

  • ^^__^^

    … you know I much prefer the idea of Leo dating Margot over the new rumors about him dating Scarlet. Definitely.

  • Yeah!

    I keep forgetting that people who post on JJ are either psychics or mind-readers. They can tell what`s the only reason why I like Scarlett. Impressive! If I don`t like someone they throw a hissy fit over that. If I dare to say I like someone that`s the problem. And of course these people can`t read. Because I never said I would like to see him hooked up with someone so soon after the breakup. All I said was I like Scarlett and I`m curious who`s gonna be the next girlfriend. In JJ-land that means I`m looking forward to see him in a new relationship soon. Ok. This is the twilight zone thanks to people like `lff`.
    PS: The icing on the cake is that I said I don`t know much about Scarlett except for her movies. But apparently having an opposing opinion is not allowed.

  • st

    Leo has developped an attraction to Jewish girls. Bar, Erin and now Scarlet…! Anyone knows what religion Margot is born to?

  • lol

    none of these dating rumors are real. The press is just desperate to find leo a girlfriend. remember that list of “potential gfs”? It’s funny. people don’t like how leo keeps bouncing from one model to the next, but they also have a problem with him being single. Just let him be alone for once

  • tinkerbell


    Nah !

  • tinkerbell

    @???: “we?”

    Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.

    I’m glad he’s above it all.

    Still want to know WHY though?

  • tinkerbell

    @???: Because you are loathsome, all of you !

  • Leo, the hunk

    I love Leo with dark hair and no facial hair. He looks good in this inmate suit, it’s different from his baggy jeans. LOL.

    Potential girlfiend issue:
    Remember when the official announcement of the breakup between him and Gisele came up in late 2005? Right after, rumours were that he was flirting and partying with Lindsay Lohan, then at one point it was with Sienna Miller. Till we found out at the end of December that he was seeing Bar.
    So it’s only natural that being still a bachelor at 38, the gossip columnists will try to emphasize his modelizing habits by mentioning names of actresses and models in numerous upcoming columns Till again, we find out he’s been seeing someone…. discreetly.

  • A tatoo girl???

    I’m not sure a “tatoo girl” is a category of person Leo would be attracted to. Scarlett might be an interesting actress but personality wise, I don’t think she qualifies. I think after she left Reynolds, she’s been dating non stop one guy after another.
    Not exactly Leo’s type.

  • A tatoo girl???


    I can’t wait for Wolf of Wall Street. Each and every scene looks exciting and amazing. Thanks JARED for sharing so many shots from the movie sets. There’s been many so far, and the more I see of them, the more I look forward to this film.

  • ???

    @tinkerbell: Why do you say “I’m ‘loathsome”? you dont know me. Please just stop with all this rubbish, you’ll make yourself ill.

  • Weirdo

    From what I’ve seen so far and read about the movie, the only reason I will go see this is because Scorsese is directing it.

  • lol

    I think scarlet and leonardo would make a very good-looking couple, though I can see him having more chemistry with margot, honestly. i know scarlett is older and whatnot, but thinking what would best for leo and who he would be best with, i think margot would be better. but i hardly think he would go out with a costar!

  • Weirdo

    Leo is already dating a co-star, his name is Jonah. There doesn’t seem to be much time for anyone else. :)

  • Yeah!

    @Weirdo: Can I ask a question? Why are you posting here? Clearly you don`t like Leo so why bother? If you post once or twice expressing your dislike… But all the time. Why are you wasting your time on him? Just out of curiosity!

  • LOL


    She’s a bitter Erin fan

  • : )

    @LOL @Yeah!
    yup she started hating Leo since He broke up with Erin
    just because he dumped you doesn’t mean he is gay,he is just not that into you :)))

  • Weirdo

    Oh we’re supposed to be nice now. Hmmmmk. How about you set an example for everyone and be nice to people who post on message boards? :)
    I’m not going ANYWHERE.
    I enjoy seeing you all drool over the media merry-go-round of single white (blonde) female actresses that are lining up to date Leo. Things that make you go hmmmm…..
    Also, there is nothing wrong with being gay. I do think lying to people is not going to make any fans happy. I have an opinion and I will express it, thankyouverymuch. :) Carry on.

  • Yeah!

    I didn`t ask you to leave, I didn`t ask you to be nice and I don`t think I wasn`t nice to you… I simply asked a question out of curiosity. That`s it!

  • : )

    don’t worry @Weirdo,erin will find someone,get married and live happily ever after

  • Weirdo

    Ha! I’ve already been married. Cinderella story it ain’t. If you want to believe in fairytales, Santa Claus and whatever else…go right ahead. :)

  • : )

    I was talking about Erin not you lol
    are you erinheathertonangelwings ?

  • Weirdo

    @ :) #49 – No, I am not.
    You guys are misunderstanding. I’m wasn’t upset that they broke up, I am upset about the public image manipulation and lying to fans. He and Erin could get back together for all I care and I still think the relationship would be false.