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Leonardo DiCaprio: 'Wolf of Wall Street' Tennis Match!

Leonardo DiCaprio: 'Wolf of Wall Street' Tennis Match!

Leonardo DiCaprio gets ready to hit a tennis ball while filming a scene for his upcoming flick The Wolf of Wall Street on Wednesday (November 14) at a local correctional facility’s court in Brooklyn, NY.

The 38-year-old actor celebrated his birthday this past weekend at the TAG Heuer event with his Gangs of New York co-star Cameron Diaz. Happy belated birthday, Leo!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Leonardo DiCaprio

The Wolf of Wall Street, which also stars Matthew McConaughey, Jonah Hill, and Margot Robbie, is set to be released sometime next year.

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  • Mr. Grape

    “Ahhh Gilbert, Where’s Arnie?” – lol ~ Leo Career = Deja Vu!!!

  • http://veryverysexyandhandsome sharyllee

    skinny legs

  • Mari

    I think Leo looks good here. And I agree @ sharyllee, he does have skinny legs. He can look heavier or thinner just depending on what he’s wearing. He’s quite a chameleon that way.

  • BKM

    DiCaprio is cool.

  • Kirsten

    Despite his poor taste in women, he looks very handsome here.

  • plebeian

    He’s a heartbreaker who enjoys to break the hearts of still young girls.

  • kati

    it’s nice to see him smile :) he looks a lot thinner

  • HB


  • curious

    Can’t believe theres actually something going on between him and his co star……wonder is that one of the reasons for the erin break up

  • pants

    Jonah hill keeps talking about how craaaazy this wolf film is on twitter, wonder what kinda stuff were going to see leo doing

  • …..

    Thats a heartbreakers smile right there

  • nom

    wow lookin good

  • yay

    FINALLY some pics…….thanks Jared!! Love his hair, so cute!!

  • kellyLove

    Looking awesome,Leonardo :))

  • missy

    all the people bashing him, you’re soo jealous. Leo looks totally amazing, even more so than previous years (with the exception of Inception, he was hoooot!) and he is more popular than ever as an actor. You go Leo! I’ve loved ya since 1997 and will always love you babe.

  • TASK

    I like Leonardo a lot, he’s a very decent guy. I met him in St. Tropez last year at a yacht party models, champagne, and luxury everywhere.

  • Naomi

    Thanks Jared! It’s been a long time since we’ve seen him looking so relaxed and cool.

  • Message

    Aww. Cute. Kinda awkward, but adorable.

  • Message

    Aww. Cute. Kinda awkward, but adorable.

  • Sarah

    he looks yummy and…. yes, quite happy.

  • tinkerbell

    what are the barfbots —#16 and 17 –still doing here?? also–do you think he is still part of your “brand???” He’s not!

    Also they seem to be spreading the rumor that he broke up with erin because of margot…to get back at erin???

    Anyway, long time posters will see it.

    It is nice to see him smile, but this isnt a correctional institute. It’s one of the Coney Island handball courts.
    There are no correctional institutions in Brooklyn, except for the House of Detention on Smith Street and it doesnt have a handball court, just straight block house. The real prison is Rikers…this is Coney they are just throwing you off.

    See the stairs and the slanted wall..that is going up to the boardwalk. Recognize the fences in the back. Oh well.

    Can’t wait until the shoe polish is out of his hair….will look so much better.

  • tinkerbell

    Yes, now I see it’s a tennis court, but they have those at coney too.

  • @21

    Your obsession with Bar and her alleged fans posting here is pathetic.

  • @tinkerbell

    They will NEVER leave Leo alone. They have to wait to torment his next girl. Even if it takes 10 years! No recovery or let up from the bots.

  • @23

    But she’s right. Even if you can’t deal.

  • @25

    And she always supports herself in a self conversation. I don’t think I’m the one who can’t deal’. She sucks all the fun out of the new thread with the Barfbot talk.

  • : )

    he is adorable :)

  • Leo Fan

    The correctional faciclity court probably has to do with the story of the movie as Leo’s character spends some time in prison.
    Yep, I also agree that he looks quite happy and relaxed here.

  • Katie

    Love him. He’s not exactly Rafa Nadal, though.

  • tinkerbell

    @@23: thank you. Do you recognize #23 for their 300 other comments saying the exact same thing. Wonder what the dealio is now? After saying he was gay and all that other crap??

  • tinkerbell

    @@tinkerbell: It really amazes me—let GO. MOVE ON. He’s not yours and never will be.

    They can’t seem to deal…you are right….move on. Get a hobby, knit a sweater. That’s the party line you know, I’m “obsessed” and “pathetic.”

    And right about them, SORREEEE!

  • @30

    LOL! You are just sad and pathetic making a fool of yourself.

  • @31

    You should take your own advice, move on and get a hobby. You are just as right about the barfbots as others are about you. You should think about those party lines because they are recurring all the time.

  • tinkerbell

    @@25: There is a bunch of them over and over. The same phrasing, etc. You get to know them. The new tack is interesting..she is protecting LEO’s rep. Why?

  • tinkerbell

    @@31: Nah. I already have plenty of hobbies, this is not my manufactured “career.” I’ll leave that to you. But you amaze, really you do!

    Not in a good way either.

    “Something there is that stinks in the state of Israel.”

    I think it is coming from a horse farm in Hod Hasharon. Enjoy miss stinkiness !

    What is up with defending Leo now? Because he is done with Erin and you dont have her to attack, and Gisele is pregnant so that would really be bad form? You fool nobody.

  • tinkerbell

    When is your next personal appearance or meaningless paparazzi shot by a friend of yours or Scott Lipps going to be posted???

    Because we are going to have some FUN with that.

  • tinkerbell

    @Katie: and you’re not gisele bundchen. Or even erin heatheron.

  • @33

    You should also move on? And no I’m not Tinkerbell. WTF do you care if she calls out the BS or not. Anyone who has been to posts of Leo’s other girls Gisele/Blake/Erin see the same names ragging on them while praising the ‘beauty’ of single stalker D list Barf.

  • IKR

    In Erin posts now the ‘Fan of Models’ and ‘Naomi/Sarah’ are not present with their pic spamming concern for Leo’s ex any longer. Wonder why?
    Hamas must be keeping y’all busy.

  • Yeah!

    Leo looks cute here. I love these photos.
    Too bad the thread is already in ruins thanks to tinkerbell&co. Good job, girl! Bar sure has had a huge impact on your life. Love and hate are closely related!

  • tinkerbell

    @@33: Yeah, “pure Israeli putrefaction” I mean perfection !

  • Bar rules!!!!

    oh yeah!!!

  • MiouMiou

    Fun how Leo’s wearing the sweat pants from the ’80s.

  • tinkerbell

    @IKR: because she is no longer a threat. “Gee, Leo’s new girl is prettier/younger/taller and actually is a real VS Angel. Too bad VS said Bar was too short for the runway but OK for the catalog so she took off to headline some lesser brands no one has heard of that she now has lost to someone 17 years older..Pam Anderson.” that kind of thing.

    Gisele told VS that she would never be seen on the same catwalk with her and told the press that she didn’t like people to “think that we are the same, we are not.”

  • tinkerbell

    @Bar rules!!!!: and again.

    Oh yeah= guess who.

    Oh, and he broke up with Erin because of Margot Robbie…they are spreading that one too…wonder why???

    Love and hate are related? How about pity and ridicule, because that is what I feel here.

    And I wreck the thread for everyone, boo hoo…….

  • @Yeah#40

    Love is in the air….. The anti-semite Tinkerbell can’t help it, she has to talk and write about Bar everywhere. That’s called passion.

  • Cool

    Thanks Jared! It is sooooo good to see Leo smiling and enjoying his job this much. can’t wait for this movie.

  • tinkerbell

    now that I do take exception to, I am not an anti semite. I dont like BAR REFAELI, who doesnt even want to be Jewish herself or help out the Jewish state of Israel by doing basic things like paying taxes or doing mandatory military service to protect them.

    Otherwise, “one god many faces” I respect all the world’s major religions…and THOSE WHO TRULY PRACTICE THEM. Not those who pretend WHEN IT SUITS THEM. Wearing a Jewish star once every couple years does not equal military service, or compassion/interest for ordinary jewish people who did put their lives on the lines for others. Millions of them. MILLIONS. Like Natalie Portman’s Romanian grandma who worked as a spy againat the nazis

    If I am so anti-semite how come I post how much I like Natalie Portman? Oh well, it is the pot trying to call a crystal chandelier black, they just arent the same thing.


  • @curious (#9)

    It looks like it.

  • Here we go

    Tinkerbell, where”s your self respect and dignity, just move on, I just cant understand how you let this woman get to you so much!! does a day not go by when you’re not thinking of her? If, in your head, you really think bar or her family are posting, do the clever thing and just ignore them…you are just so annoying going on and on and on……….