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Miranda Kerr: Milk Studios Mama!

Miranda Kerr: Milk Studios Mama!

Miranda Kerr holds on tight to her adorable little boy Flynn as they head into Milk Studios together on Wednesday (November 14) in New York City.

The 29-year-old model had to try and calm down Flynn, who was spotted crying and getting upset as they walked inside the building. Hope he feels better!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miranda Kerr

The evening before, Miranda looked absolutely gorgeous while attending the 2012 CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Awards in the Big Apple. Check out the pics in case you missed them!

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  • AMY


  • Peapo

    Amy, how refreshing. A positive, nonhatefilled comment. This place (JJ) has become so nasty lately. You are one of the good ones.

  • sall

    Flynn looks moe like Orlando every day!
    Such a beautiful little boy!
    Mommy and Daddy ain’t too bad either. ;)

  • Jess

    Stop hawking your kid out in front of the paparazzi, Kerr. Also, stop calling the paparazzi.

  • Dieter

    She pushed out a 12 pounder without any valium !!!!

  • alex

    hey jared. look at that kid’s face? he looks frightened
    paparazzi need to stop taking pictures of celebrities with their kids
    and you shouldn’t post them

  • laura

    Wow, Flynn has gotten so big!! We haven’t seen from him in a while..

  • Ut

    The kid is ugly.

  • ok!

    @alex: how about miranda kerr stops calling the paparazzi?

  • ok!

    @alex: and he doesn’t look frightened he looks like he’s just being sulky.. which is normal for a kid and m.k said herself he that she tries to cover him but he cries and doesn’t like his face covered so..

  • @ok

    There weren’t any pap pics of her for a while, before she arrived in NY. It has more to do with the city she’s in.

  • ok!
  • Jess

    @@ok: Yeah, just like the time she was on Hamilton Island in Australia, an island only accessible by boat… it’s got NOTHING to do with the city’s she’s in.

  • hmm

    @Peapo: then why come here if it’s so offensive and why are you and “amy” on all the other posts on J.J saying the same thing? 0_o

  • ….

    @12 I said BEFORE she arrived in NY.
    @Jess Hamilton Island has an airport with daily flights to Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

  • hmm

    @….: you are clearly not australian and just found that info off flight center or some sh&t ha!
    there are parts of hamilton that aren’t accessible by plane

  • @jess

    I guess that you’re the same idiot that made that claim when the pics came out.
    There is a very large airport on the island.
    When someone corrected you back then, you didn’t admit that you were wrong, you just disappeared, thinking that we would forget how stupid you are.
    Now you are adding to that stupidity by posting the same lies AGAIN, and using a sock to back you up.
    You haters really are desperate and pathetic. LOL!

  • Frozoid

    It was in the 40s today in NYC. What’s with the bare legs? Everyone else was covered up.

  • hmm

    @@jess: excuse me ignorant child, but if i wanted to post under different names… well.. i wouldn’t because i’m an adult (and yes i could tell you were referring to me) so why don’t you stick to the point and not make yourself look like a bigger idiot than you actually are. Heaven forbid TWO people have the same opinion or make the same point..

    if we were speaking of ‘pathetic’ we’d be speaking about you. I’m australian and i’m telling you that there are different parts that don’t have a runway and some that don’t even allow you to drive so unless you’ve been there i suggest you sh&t up :)

  • @

    This attention hoe again? Jared you need to post more of real supermodels and not this irrelevant nobody.

  • Mia

    How is it that Heidi Klum can spend months in New York and RARELY get photographed? How is it that Candice Swanepoel or Irina Shayk live in the East Village permanently yet get photographed maybe 2-3 times a year whereas Miranda touches down in NYC for a few weeks and gets photographed 3 days in a row? Why is it that Miranda is wearing a dress in freezing weather? Come on! It’s not being a hater by simply calling out what’s obvious…she calls the paparazzi, she expects the paparazzi. She promotes herself. There’s nothing horribly evil about it. But it’s tiresome to constantly be called a “jealous hater” for pointing out something that is SO obvious at this point.

  • F.G.F.

    Flynn is probably sick and tired of being used as a prop in mommy’s paparazzi photo’s. It used to be annoying back when kerr and bloom where dating that he could go for weeks with out being spotted and the second Miranda was in town suddenly the paparazzi magically could find their every move. Ever since she got Flynn she’s been twice as insufferable.

  • @21

    Are you kidding? Heidi gets photohraphed all the time when she is in NY (or LA, for that matter).
    And neither Candice, nor Irina have the celebrity pull that Miranda has. People want to see photos of her, and her family. if people wanted to see Candice, her pics would sell, and paps would have a reason to stake out her apartment the way that they stake out Miranda’s.
    I know. Logic hurts, doesn’t it.

  • Sunshine

    Miranda always calls the paps, she’s a fame where…bet she and Orlando split soon, he seems over her diva antics. She got pregnant on purpose to keep him around, he thought he did the right thing marrying her, but really he deserves a much nicer woman, who cares about him and their child, not being famous

  • @24

    WOW! It must be so nice to be able to read minds!
    To understand that deepest thoughts of total strangers!
    And you wonder why we laugh at you idiot haters?

  • @23

    Don’t bother trying to point out simple logic about Miranda as “Mia/Jess/Dee and all her other phony names is too filled with hatred and jealousy of her to listen to a sane person.

    She can’t stand that Miranda is hugely popular that newspapers, gossip sites and magazines all buy her pics because they know they will get more hits.

    So because of her jealousy she makes up the story that Miranda MUST call the paps……so petty!

    At the moment she’s on the The Daily Mail site posting over and over again spreading her bile.

    But what is so funny & she hasn’t worked out yet, the more she posts the more hits Miranda gets therefore making sure the DM will keep posting articles & pics of her……lol.

  • @16

    Correct. I’m not Australian and I found that info in the site of the Hamilton Island airport, which you can easily find with google.
    And yes, I find that site more reliable than some random person on JJ that lies about the existence of an airport for the sake of picking on some model.

  • Patricia

    SHOES <3

  • nepenthes

    Orlando’s mini-me! Little boy is simply adorable and stylish like his momma <3

  • Mandaryna

    Flynn is a mommy’s boy. They have special bond.. I see nothing Orlando in him.

  • @30

    Huh? That gorgeous baby looks almost exactly like his daddy. He has Orlando’s eyes, eyebrows, nose, ears, etc. He has Miranda’s cleft chin, but other than that, he is Orlando’s Mini-Me.

  • Martuś

    Flynn looks just like Miranda.