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Nicole Kidman: 'Grace of Monaco' Set Arrival!

Nicole Kidman: 'Grace of Monaco' Set Arrival!

Nicole Kidman waves as she steps out of her car on the set of Grace of Monaco on Wednesday (November 14) in Genoa, Italy.

The 45-year-old actress spent the day filming at the Hall of Mirrors at the Royal Palace in the Italian city. The palace is doubling as the Prince of Monaco’s residence in Monaco for the flick.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Nicole Kidman

In case you missed it, check out Nicole on the cover of DuJour magazine’s latest issue. In the mag, she chats about ex-husband Tom Cruise, husband Keith Urban, and becoming a mother.

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  • Anoano

    I like Nicole, good actress. But I don’t see one iota of ressemblance to Grace Kelly. I think she is miscast here and too old to play her.

  • http://dlookingo rachel

    Dont smile. it is scary. granny freeze

  • uh huh


  • sea

    Wrong choice for Grace. Charlize would have been the right one, just her.

  • alliana

    I see the heaters got here ASAP. Both Grace and Nicole are classy beautiful women.

  • uh huh

    @alliana: “heaters” LMAO!!!!

  • kharama that meeeee
  • Little MY

    go ahead losers, Nicole doesnt give a flying rats behind what you think!

  • Roger

    @sea: You forget one thing : Nicole Kidman is much better actress than Charlize Theron.

  • Mimi

    Ridiculous! She looks like nothing like Grace Kelly and she’s too old. Her lips are simply atrocious! Gwyneth Paltrow should have been cast.

  • beth

    She is great!

  • riam

    She is so beautiful, I love her

  • Roger

    @Mimi: Nicole Kidman is a much better actress than Gwyneth Paltrow too.

  • ellen

    Nic is a great actress, will be incredible to see this film

  • Mimi

    @Roger: I think they’re both great actresses. I just prefer Gwyneth’s “real” appearance as opposed to Nicole’s frozen face and trout pout.

  • gaga


  • http://Comcast Pat

    It is just one sick person (and I do mean sick) using different names. She is the first to make comments on any story that is written about Nicole Kidman, just sooo unbelievable. the casting directors should have gotten a hold of this sick person before they signed Nicole, she seems to know more about hiring than the professionals doing the casting.

  • Mimi

    @Pat: Did you forget to take your meds today?

  • lucy


    there really on three people whose opinions count when it comes to Nicole in the role of Princess Grace; her children Albert, Caroline, and Stephanie.

  • Roger

    @Mimi: Oh really? Well let’s look at their latest films. I guess you prefer Paltrow’s performance in “Iron Man 2″ to Kidman’s critically acclaimed work in “Paperboy”? And maybe you think Paltrow in “Contagion” is better than Kidman’s Oscar nominated turn in “Rabbit Hole”? Just asking.

  • http://Comcast Pat

    How about that movie Paltro made with Tim McGraw, it is so horrible I cannot remember the name of it, Country something.

  • http://Comcast Pat

    @ Mimi–yes you are the sick person I am talking about.

  • Peapo

    Can’t I just like Nicole and Gwyneth both? I think they are both very talented in their own way.
    I actually posted to say I love Nicole’s hair that length. She should keep it that way after filming ( even though she is most likely wearing a wig)

  • Casper

    Anybody would have been better in this role than Kidman. No resemblance and obviously looks much older than Grace even at the time of her death.

  • http://yahoo Liz

    Princess Grace was a beautiful woman and so is Nicole Kidman. However, Grace retired from making movies while in her 20′s. Nicole will be playing Grace at 34; I don’t think that’s a stretch. At 34, Grace had settled into being a wife and mother, and gracefully matured into middle age.

  • http://Comcast Pat

    Casper, I mean Mimi. Like I said, they should have checked with you before hiring Nicole.

  • Sam


    Ha ha isn’t it funny ….serious Grace experts here. Probably every negative poster here has never even read a book about her, but yet they are experts in all things Grace. LMAO

  • kelly

    Stupid old woman. You don’t even look like Grace Kelly. You mean to tell me that directors could not find a younger person. So Grace Kelly was wrinkled in her 20s and 30s. Get real. Kidman is a joke.

  • Roger

    @Peapo: You can like both. But saying they are on the same level as actresses is ridiculous.

  • a.nonny.mouse


    What about the Prince?

  • a.nonny.mouse


    stooopid silly me; he is not alive anymore; where have I been???

  • Philipp

    What a disGrace!

  • a.nonny.mouse


    you’re dismissing the movie audience?? (crucial to a movie)

  • KissThis

    It’s being reported that Nicole got tons of botox injected for this role. She felt like she needed to. I can kind of understand why. Filling the shoes of Grace Kelley – trying to look like her would not be an easy feat!

  • Carolyn

    Please do let us know who’s reporting this. Besides, you, of course.

  • ha

    Tara the cornfield librarian doesn’t know the difference between a news story and the voices in her head.

  • Eliz

    Does anyone know what brand of sunglasses Kidman is wearing? She looks fabulous.

  • Kitty

    Kidman face looks truly horrific … Another dud !!

  • X

    In 2008, one cosmetic surgery expert told a medical conference that Miss Kidman was so ‘over-Botoxed’, she was giving the industry a bad name.

  • Orwell

    @X: And in 2011, Nicole Kidman got an Oscar nomination. And in 2012, she got an Emmy nomination and was the big star of the Cannes Film Fest. And in 2013, she’ll have a movie directed by Chan wook Park and one with Colin Firth. And right now, she’s Grace Kelly for Olivier Dahan. Crazy, huh?

  • ..

    I totally agree with you ‘Orwell’. It is CRAZY !!

  • http://Comcast Toni

    @ X and all of the other names you use. You just make up things it is called being a liar. As I have said in other articles, if Nicole does use Botox we should all load up on it because she is absolutely beautiful. My opinion, she is more beautiful now then when she was in her twenties. By the way, Keith Urban adores his beautiful wife, I hope that doesn’t upset you.

  • Orwell

    @..: You really should watch her films. I forgot : she also received a tribute from the Film Society of Lincoln Center this year. Here’s the list of actors and directors who were honored by this organization over the years :

    2012 Catherine Deneuve
    2011 Sidney Poitier
    2010 Michael Douglas
    2009 Tom Hanks
    2008 Meryl Streep
    2007 Diane Keaton
    2006 Jessica Lange
    2005 Dustin Hoffman
    2004 Michael Caine
    2003 Susan Sarandon
    2002 Francis Ford Coppola
    2001 Jane Fonda
    2000 Al Pacino
    1999 Mike Nichols
    1998 Martin Scorsese
    1997 Sean Connery
    1996 Clint Eastwood
    1995 Shirley MacLaine
    1994 Robert Altman
    1993 Jack Lemmon
    1992 Gregory Peck
    1991 Audrey Hepburn
    1990 James Stewart
    1989 Bette Davis
    1988 Yves Montand
    1987 Alec Guinness
    1986 Elizabeth Taylor
    1985 Federico Fellini
    1984 Claudette Colbert
    1983 Laurence Olivier
    1982 Billy Wilder
    1981 Barbara Stanwyck
    1980 John Huston
    1979 Bob Hope
    1978 George Cukor
    1975 Joanne Woodward and Paul Newman
    1974 Alfred Hitchcock
    1973 Fred Astaire
    1972 Charles Chaplin

  • ..

    ‘Orwell’, I don’t see Kidman’s name on the list above and never will. By the way, there is one major award Kidman has received, that you repeatedly omit from your list … BOX OFFICE POISON !!

  • Orwell

    @..: Wow. You REALLY don’t know anything about Nicole Kidman’s career. Pathetic hater.

  • Orwell

    @..: Katharine Hepburn was also called “box office poison”. That’s what happens to great actors and actresses who have unconventional, unique careers. But you probably don’t even understand. You’re probably a fan of “Twilight”.

  • @@

    Interesting you should mention “Twilight”. Because, come to think of it, Nicole would have been perfectly suited for a robotic, expressionless, pale, dead-eyed vampire role, with limited acting skills required. Perfect casting!!

  • ..

    A few years ago, film critic John Patterson devoted his weekly article to Kidman under the heading, “If only… Nicole Kidman would retire.” The by-line is, “John Patterson breaks the news to the Australian diva that she’s no longer a commercial proposition.”

    “Invasion is almost the 10th Kidman movie in a row that has vanished without trace.” He goes on to write, “If only you’d retire. Because now would be the time. If you wait any longer, Hollywood’s powers that be – or their accountants – will rise from their crypts one morning and realise it is time to cut their losses re: your not entirely brilliant career. Anyone devoted to the bottom line will sooner or later notice that you have become Miss Joan Crawford 1944: which is to say, box office poison.”

  • Orwell

    @..: John who? I never heard of this critic. Well sadly for him (and you), Kidman didn’t retire. She went on and got another Oscar nomination in 2011. And an Emmy nomination in 2012. And she was the big star of the Cannes Film Festival this year. And she got some of the very best reviews of her career for Paperboy. And she still works with people like Chan wook Park and Colin Firth. I bet you wish we were still in 2007 when it was cool to bash Nicole Kidman and when you still hoped Keith Urban would divorce her. Bad news for you : we are in 2012. Time to move on, hater!

  • ..

    I do not appreciate your continual harassment and bullying tone and have now reported you to the moderators of Just Jared. This is a public forum and individuals are entitled to freely express their opinion. Do not harass and name call because our opinions differ from yours. The moderators investigation will reveal your abuse of the ‘low comment rating’ aide. You repeatedly try to manipulate public opinion by leaving visible only one-sided sympathetic kidman comments on almost every article. Just Jared do not want the public deserting their site because differing individual comments are censored by a bullying minority.