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Rihanna: 777 Tour Begins!

Rihanna: 777 Tour Begins!

Rihanna‘s highly anticipated tour, the 777 Tour, has just begun, and is along for the ride!

“About to get on my private plane #PhuckYoG5 #HTC #777tour” the 24-year-old entertainer tweeted, along with a pic.

RiRi invited tons of press members to board the tour plane with her, where she took the intercom into her own hands!

“You guys ready? 77 motherf-cking 7! Ready for Mexico? Ready for some tequila? Let’s get drunk!” Rihanna said over the loudspeaker.

“Everybody look in their gift bags right now. There’s a string in there that looks sh-tty and cheap. But it’s a real diamond!!! I don’t want you guys to lose that. You can never say you’ve never has a diamond in your life. Give it to someone special. I love you,” Ri surprised her guests.

The concert tour boasts seven countries in seven days. Check back in on for some exclusive updates on the tour, and be sure to follow‘s Jared Eng on Instagram for the latest pics!

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  • AMY

    Ohhh, I see a curse word!

  • AMY

    @Yiddle: Don’t u have anything better to do than diss celebrities? It’s getting REAL old.

  • Peapo


    Amy, flag Yiddle! Let’s get this nasty person off JJ!

  • Demmi


    Good that means I dont have to use any expeltives you already know what I thnk of you!!!!!

  • Peapo

    Yay, Yiddle’s rascist posts are gone at last!

  • GGGive


  • do party

    enjoy @jaredeng. :D

  • ok!

    so this is how she’s trying to live a more private life?

  • ok!

    so this is how she’s trying to live a more private life?

  • Miss BB

    Her new hairstyle looks classy for a change

  • I mean really

    @ok!: Stop. She’s promoting her album.

  • pork shoulder

    rihanna is so nasty , all she does is swear and act like a thug, i don’t get it , she must have really low self esteem issues if she thinks all that nasty talk is important… so lame and tell me i’m wrong , if that nasty talk impresses you then you are lost too !

  • ok!
  • Joey

    Its hilarious how she’s doing this major tour and she’s taking a few lucky fans with her around the world for a whole week to follow her every move and give them an oppurtunity that no1 else has, and ALL you feel the need to focus on is the fact that a GROWN 24 yr old woman curses. SO WHAT. She’s not cursing AT anyone, people curse. its not the end of the world. and don’t give me the speech about being a role model because When i was a kid artists sang about sex and cursed; I knew to not say the curses and that just because they did something or said something didn’t mean I could do it too. If your philosophy with your kids is that If you don’t want them to do it they can’t see it or hear it then YOUR life will be very childlike. YOU need to teach them whats right from wrong and thhatthey need to understand their place as a child. If you’re doing that, you should have nothing to worry about. Rihanna cursing should be the least of your worries if you’re instilling those values in your kids.

  • KissThis

    Can’t believe anyone would actually pay to see her perform. Terrible live!

  • lizzy

    she is sooo beautiful and i loved her “stay” performance on snl. i watched the vid over and over again. this haters are just bitter. nobody is forcing you to read everything about her. you choosed to do it. so why you complaining, just skip her posts.