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Zac Efron: Lakers Game Run-In with Skylar Astin & Rebel Wilson!

Zac Efron: Lakers Game Run-In with Skylar Astin & Rebel Wilson!

Zac Efron shows off his gorgeous smile as he leaves the Lakers game at the Staples Center on Tuesday (November 13) in Los Angeles.

At the game, the 25-year-old actor ran into Pitch Perfect co-stars Skylar Astin and Rebel Wilson!

“I had two hot dogs at half time! @SkylarAstin @ZacEfron” Rebel tweeted about the two guys.

“She’s a Laker fan too??? I think I’m in love. -Z” Zac tweeted, along with a pic of him and Rebel.

10+ pictures inside of Zac Efron leaving the Lakers game after running into Rebel Wilson and Skylar Astin

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Photos: AKM-GSI, Twitter
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  • kelly

    Is he gay?

  • R U sure

    Love You zac, nice to see you again

  • Hit

    his boyfriend??

  • thom

    He needs to stop going to the games! GOD when he is there the lakers loose! He is just a bad luck guy!

  • A

    Skylar is a talented actor, why would he be on the same post as a disney star? There is something wrong with you Jared?

  • Inyou9

    Is he on drugs?

  • yets

    @kelly are YOU gay?

  • Skounoupi

    so what if he’s gay you homophobic assholes?? he’s still more gorgeous and amazing than all of you.. People have to stop with this shit..not only with Zac but with other celebritys too..if he’s gay..he’s gay..if he’s straight ,he’s straight..damn people even if he’s gay that doesn’t mean anything..HIS PERSONAL LIFE IS NON OF YOUR BUSINESS..

  • florence2

    Doesn’t take much for him to fall in love the girl only has to be a laker,’s fan and he’s well away strange that his ex was a laker,’s fan and he let her go.

  • .

    FATFRON. Stop with the tekila and the everynight party boy!!!! isnt his job taking his clothes off? He is loosing it.

  • .

    I see hudgens fans are using his fans names to hate on him. crazy van fans. is that all you have to say. how he party everyday and get drunk. and that he’s gay. show us prove then.
    don’t accuse him of taking clothes off when your own idol is doing the same and is doing it more worse actually

  • kate

    He look soo hot and happy here! Love him! :)))

  • kelly

    Zac who?

  • lauren

    oh look its the tpyical comments of zac
    how orginal

  • R U sure

    Zac is not gay, i wish he was ,but he isn’t.

  • lauren

    what makes you think zac ‘let her go”
    where you with z and v’s relationship?

  • samsam

    yeah he looks stoned. but hey its hollywood and he just done like what? 3 movies? so yeah that was hard work and he needs to chill or whatever i dunno.

  • jenny

    even IF he is gay, why does it matter? Are you baptist or something? Idc if people are gay or not, I accept them the way they are.

  • .

    He didn’t film anything, not even one movie, this year.

  • Rachel

    Jared, where are the pics of him at the game? He looked great, he always looks great in blue.

    Guys, ignore the haters. The comments are so original! NOT.


    In the latest 5 pages from JJ, there’s 35 news about Zac, from these 35, 27 are about his works (Hiring, promoting, modelling, interviews, magazine covers, photoshoots, presence at events, premieres, awards, TV show cameos…)

    8 are about his life (this includes nigth parties, go to beach, lunchs, watch the lakers…)

  • samsam

    @.: seriously? my gosh the whole time i thought he had worked real hard and hes just out and about messing around. lol my apology

  • lanas-world

    Wow people still didn’t grow up and they STILL saying he is gay? How old are you people? 12, 14? .

    And it’s pretty sad that how. you people, are sitting behind the computer and wasting your time writing comments about Zac being gay. It’s true what they say. If you keep saying someone is gay , it turns out you are the one who is uncomfortable with your sexuality.

    P.S I am pretty sure Vanessa’ fans are here most of the time. It’s been two years. Get over it-

  • Jr

    Zac fans complain about haters but in reality they are the most hateful fan group there is. Lie to me and tell me that’s not true. Go to Vanessa’s posts and see the hateful remarks left about her by zac fans.

  • lanas-world

    @Jr: every fan base will hate other fan base. Thinking they are better then others. Im in my 20′s and all i could say Zac’s fan base is no better then Vanessa’ .. they are ALL the same. Hateful towards each other, That’s how I know kids are here most of the time. Instead of respecting each others options , they bitching around hateful things. Sad. Really sad.

  • M

    @lanas-world: Most of Vanessa’s fans don’t bother with Zac anymore and in reality don’t want him back in her life ever. The hardcore fans just don’t like him and think she is just better off careerwise and personally on her own. So you will have to shift the haterade blame elsewhere. Not are hater just telling it like it is.

  • M

    @lanas-world: Now some of her fans may bitch about him among themselves but it’s on her thread and only when some Zanessa fan continually brings him up on V’s threads. Otherwise, they really don’t care about him and you will rarely find them…talking about her real fanbase here..on one of Zac’s threads.

  • Jr

    Fair enough and I respect your opinion more now that you’ve said zac fans are just as responsible for this and Vanessa fans.

  • M

    To be honest, I think many of V’s fans will be estatic when Zac has a new girl if he doesn’t already so that he shift’s further into Vanessa’s past and people will stop linking them. Kinda sad but kinda true.

  • lanas-world

    @M: I dont know dude. Those ”hardcore” fans PROBABLY liked him while they were together. I have never been fan of zac till the last year,. I have NEVER watched High School Musical. But obviously V’s fans come here . Otherwise why would all positive comments get a thumbs down?

  • lanas-world

    @Jr: Thanks mate.

  • M

    @lanas-world: Well they were together for five years (V and Zac) so I’m sure they liked him.But many are over that now for whatever reason. I don’t know why the positive comments here get thumbed down, maybe it is because it is some of V’s fans but like I said many just don’t care. I have zero against Zac BTW and wish him well wherever life takes him as do other fans of V. I’m just sayin that just because he gets rude comments ex. gay remarks..those aren’t necessarily Vanessa fans that have something against him. FWIW

  • M

    @lanas-world: If you like Zac you should check out HSM3 even if it’s not your thing. The character is most like him personally and he has even said so. At the very least it’s very obvious that he and V were very much in love then when they filmed it.

  • the_boyfriend

    Ugh at all the crazy Vanessa fans in here, that’s why JJ should keep that no talent all she does is get her picture taken Skank on JJ junior.

  • M

    @Jr: I will say that I agree that the Zac fans who do go to V’s threads (no not everyone and I’m not saying the majority) to cause trouble are some of the worst. Mainly that freakshow BO who is a huge Zac fan and is absolutely hateful beyond compare to V.


    So cute! Glad to see him again!

  • sjk

    What a hottie! Love this guy. :)

  • Bunny

    @the_boyfriend@M@. : Why do you think who hates him is a fan of Vanessa?
    Fans of her do not read what she wrote in the bulletine, but his fans always come to the bulletine of her, and blames her all the time

  • Derpina

    Please people, stop with this “Vanessa fans don’t do that, just Zac fans do” or “Zac fans don’t do that, just Vanessa fans do”, this is stupid, and you know why? Because everyone knows that HER fans do that, HIS fans do that, and ZANESSA fans do that things that you complain about

    And I mean, just SOME of them, hide it is stupid

  • ruri

    Are you kidding me? It’s obvious Zac haters on Just Jared are mostly Vanessa fans. Proof? Look at what kind of comments get thumbs up here. They are comments defending Vanessa and her fans.
    Jared has been devoting this site to promoting Vanessa for years, and that attracted a lot of her fans. Most Zac fans don’t post here anymore. People who are hating on Vanessa on her threads are either Zanessa fans or people who are sick of seeing her daily walking post on JJ. Zac fans don’t even post much on his threads anymore. Why’d they bother to go over her threads?

  • kelly


    Stop taking everything so seriously jerk. You people need to get a thicker skin. Everything gets to you.

  • kelly

    Vanessa fans are mostly gay women who defend her to the ends of the earth. They think she’s a saint. And put that vulgar hag on a huge pedestal. They don’t have a life. Her boring life is their life. So I think there are strange compared to Zac fans.

  • Jenny

    Kelly, I’m not a jerk for not caring if people are gay or not. it actually makes me look a million times better than homophobic bitches like you, loserrr. ;)

  • what a laugh


    you are so stupid but I guess by now you do know that.

  • Amelia25

    Beautiful Zac!

  • Bunnylover

    @.: no. because he was too busy going to the premieres and doing the promotion for all the films that he has had released this year. He starts shooting on his next film in two weeks so I understand it :)

  • jake


    Well first of all, people curious if celebrities are gay or straight are always gonna be around. It’s no different than woman buying the tabloids at the grocery market to see if brad and angelina are having problems with their marriage. I also think people shoud mind they’re own business but lets face it, that’s not likely going to happen anytime soon or by posting a comment aimed at a specific person on here.
    Another thing is profaning at anyone else’s comment is not going to make them stop wondering whether a person is gay or not.
    Just because someone asks if someone else is gay doesn’t automatically make them a homofobe. I’m guessing you were just having a bad day and said some things that you didnt mean.
    I can understand, I do hope you get help for your angry typing issues and have a good day :)