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Brad Pitt: 'World War Z' Re-Shoots!

Brad Pitt: 'World War Z' Re-Shoots!

Brad Pitt puts his arm around a co-star on the set of World War Z on Thursday (November 15) in London, England.

The 48-year-old actor was filming re-shoots for the apocalypse flick, due out in theaters in June of next year.

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Here’s a synopsis: A U.N. employee is racing against time and fate, as he travels the world trying to stop the outbreak of a deadly Zombie pandemic.

Be sure to check out World War Z when it hits theaters on June 21, 2013.

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  • yolly

    Hello everyone. God bless all lovely fans of Brad & Angie all over the world. God bless the Jolie Pitt Family.

  • yolly

    Shout out to Neleh,Lara,Senior,Vicki,Anoble & Cee.

  • libs

    I think Johnny Depp has aged better then him and so has Cruise.

  • libs

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  • Ezra

    Walking Dead is much better then this crap. I was laughing when I saw the pats where the zombies were trying to climb up the wall and toppling over each other. Brad Pitt what have you done? You and Angelina Jolie used to make good movies.

  • carry

    @libs: then she must shave her hair and some thing.. she doesn’t look her

  • carry

    @Ezra: don’t you get tired talking about Walking dead? I mean you were everywhere talking abut the tv movi e where they talk abut WWZ I am assuming it is you .This is about WWZ can you quit? rollyes

  • Ezra

    @carry: No not the same commentor. Walking Dead has alot of fans. Its a comic book orginally whcih got turned into a mini-series Even people who don’t know of it think WWZ looks silly.

  • tish

    Hey there Yolly, so nice to see you. If i was wrong about your BD i got it confused with another JP Fan. Maybe nonody wants to draw attention to their I think Pax is so funnny and think his BD would be a riot Nov 29th. I bet he has the other kids laughing all the time or they just can’t take anymore of his energy.
    I enjoy seeing the JP children but like to see what Pax is going to do …one never knows..:)

    God Bless You Yolly..

  • carry

    @Ezra: It doesn’t and I bet it it you . It looks smashing. Can’t wait the end part

  • @

    Why is Brad Pitt so gorgeous? Lucky beautiful Angie.

  • @

    crdt brangelinaforum

    Brad Pitt filming in Hayes?
    Nov 15 2012 By Jack Griffith

    TWITTER is buzzing with rumours that Hollywood heartthrob Brad Pitt is filming in Hayes.

    The Academy Award-winning actor, who now lives in Richmond with fiancee Angelina Jolie, is currently filming reshoots for blockbuster Zombie epic World War Z, and people claim to have spotted the superstar in Hillingdon, with some uploading grainy photos taken on camera phones.

    The exact location is unknown, although one Twitter user said that it was taking place near the Brookhouse pub, in Kingshill Avenue, Hayes. Others say he was papped in Northolt.

    Mr Pitt is no stranger to the borough. He left Ruislip Manor shoppers wide-eyed after popping into HGB Motorcycles, in Park Way, and nearby Daytona Motorcycles, in Windmill Hill, back in May.

    Can you confirm the rumours, and did you spot him? Do you have any pictures? Send your images to

  • angel

    “he looks like some sort of sea serpent like an octopus, catfish or something from pirates of the caribbean and his stomach is gross it looks like hes prego with a giant wiener

  • angel

    At this point, I think the only people who really care and believe their drival is the media. Why else would someone ask this question.

    For the rest of us (even the Brangeloonies), we know these two only do what they do to get attention, promote their movies and try to win an industry award. I do believe they love their kids. But everything else they do is “staged.”

    btw How can I not say it : He’d remarry Aniston before he gives this one his last name! :) Funny how he didnt take the equality for ALL stance when he walked down the aisle the first time. TRUTH.

    Let the brangeloonie attack begin.

  • Ezra

    @carry: Belive what you want then. I am not the one person writing all those comments. Check it out again. And how would you know whose writing it is? Do you spend all your time commenting on blogs/forums? Wow.

  • brad hobo

    Damn! Brad used to be so cute when he was younger! Now he looks like the dude at my pool Sunday that offered me aPabst Blue Ribbon and some of his one hitter. What happened?

    He looks old as dirt. The under eye bags are that of a 60 year old! There IS cream for

  • Alanis

    Brad Pitt should really color that beard of his. Why doesnt he?

  • yap

    I think perez hilton has a man crush on Brad. No doubt Brad is the sexiest of all the sexiest man alive winners.

  • keria

    @brad hobo: He’s aging, what can he do? Yeah he used to look better and so did Angelina. Even the most beautiful woman Aishwarya has aged and her looks have changed.

  • Love Brad

    the sma cover this year is the same vanity fair cover brad had in 1998
    I can’t believe Channing Tatum’s sexiest man photo copies Brad’s photo. No question Brad is way sexier than Channing.

  • Rose

    Brad will never go back to the Hollywood doorknob he ran away from. Anyone believing Brad would leave his family is living in denial.

    Come January it will be 8 years since Brad left the boring one and never looked back. For trolls who wants a man to leave his family and six children for a woman who have had at least 10 men in eight years is evil.

    No one has seen Angie with anyone but Brad in 8 years. Men don’t like women who sleeps around no matter how banging the body is. Brad had that body and left it because x was boring and has that ugly jay Leno chin and and ms piggy nose drove Brad cray cray.

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  • yolly

    @tish: Hi back tish. God bless.

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    He needs a haircut ASAP. Yuck!
    This fake engagement is just misleading their kids since they have no intention of getting married. Otherwise, zzzzz…

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    Goodnight. Take care ladies.

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    That photo looks like Ho dragged Pitt along to go exploit some refugees.

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    Um…Rosey poop….Heroina said herself that she was still munching on Jenny Shimizu’s fish taco well into her relationship with Goatbittch. She had to stop seeing her because HE insisted. But what a powerful and deep connection they have, right loons? What a love affair for the times ….The most amazing and beautiful and loving pairing in the history of time. Can’t no man or butch lesbian come between this celestial union. Gooooooddd Bleeeeesssss the Joliiiiieee- Piiiiiitttsss….

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  • Rose

    Brad is going to marry Angie and trolls will be trying to climb up the building to throw themselves off just like zombies. See trolls falling off the building in WWZ. Go Brad, go Angie trolls are looking forward to see your wedding more than they are look forward to see Christmas. Poor trolls, Brad and Angie consumed their every waking hours. Trolls have to visit BA thread everyday.
    I have not visited SS thread for about one month, I never leave a comment there. I don’t care what’s going on with her, she does not consume me, just saying. I know she is ugly, and a narcissist so why bother to look her up, nothing going to change.

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    @dawne: You’ve been flagged by a pious Muslim supporter of Bashar al-Assad ? Certainly that someone is abandoned by God.

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    Back atya Yolly.. Hey Dawne WTF! two posts in moderation and the troll lives here..unbelievable!!!

  • scandal

    I know we have other Scandal fans here- Kerry rules!

    The Petraeus Affair Becomes an Episode of Scandal via @BrowBeat

  • pygmy’s demonic bile

    You misunderstand me people.
    dawne wrote to the trolls in her last post: “” Such a waste of hate………….so ineffective when you could channel it on Assad or someone much more worthy of your demonic bile.”"
    So the demonic bile refers to that of the haters, not of the fans. And my comment about “supporters of Assad” reporting dawne’s post was related to this. I was not talking about fans, I was talking about the hater who reported dawne.

  • megatit

    No loony loon has to go to an AJ thread to verbally get off on trashing her when they can do it right here in the comfort of their own sewer. Of the two hundred or so comments so far, looks like half of them are about “Ticky, Ticky, Ticky, Ticky, Ticky, Ticky”. So pathetic. At least I can stay on topic….Hobobittch has never looked better. You want summa that, don’t you loons? His dirty fingers going through your hair, his eye-wattering stench surrounding you, his ciggy smoke smelling mouth whispering words of durr…I should stop ….the last thing this country needs is funky loon panty pudding flowing down its streets. But ya know he’s free now loons, so here’s your chance. Lassoo you a goat.

  • lylian

    Looking forward to seeing this movie!

  • danielle


    Reshoots are often not a good sign and the buzz on most blogs is that these are needed because the movie is weak–even Brad had some issues with it (HuffPo reported it awhile back). BUT the reshoots are not Brad’s fault. They have nothing to do with his acting, his role etc. These particular reshoots have to do with the script and some weak points and the director and his editing not being up to par. None of this has anything to do with Brad. But it is amazing that the haters feel that Brad is responsible for writing the script (NOT), directing (NOT), the editing (NOT), the camera angles (NOT) and the acting abilities of all the others actors (NOT). My understanding is that Brad is exemplary in his role.

  • Observer2

    Awww, large boob, one of the biggest loonifers out there is calling her Ticky.

    Job well done. LOL.

  • tish

    Hi all you lovely JP Fans,

    going to try this as is a video of Angie before she met Brad on the Ellen show . Such a wonderful mother. Her life is very different now . Can’t imagine her going for a hambutger after 45 mins at the Oscars.:)

    Rosie Hey there sweet lady, Hope you are feeling better.

    Hugs and prayers for you…

    Take care..