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Brad Pitt: 'World War Z' Re-Shoots!

Brad Pitt: 'World War Z' Re-Shoots!

Brad Pitt puts his arm around a co-star on the set of World War Z on Thursday (November 15) in London, England.

The 48-year-old actor was filming re-shoots for the apocalypse flick, due out in theaters in June of next year.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Brad Pitt

Here’s a synopsis: A U.N. employee is racing against time and fate, as he travels the world trying to stop the outbreak of a deadly Zombie pandemic.

Be sure to check out World War Z when it hits theaters on June 21, 2013.

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  • Rose

    @Passing Through: #294, PT, I remembered the JLo and Ben A story because JLo was in NY. I did get a little about JG but not as much as i know of JLo. However, JG appears to be a woman with her head firmly planted in the sands. I’m wishing her good luck because now she has four children. I also see BA is being out and photographs with the children a lot. If that was Brad seen with his children every day we would not hear the end. BP would have been accused using his children to promote his movie. Oh well, nothing changes, B/A always have to live to a different standards.

  • NAN

    Wow,JJ put Jh0 up with her Bought Gigolo.

    Jh0 must shows her kept man (Mr.Gigolo McGreedy)

    Jh0 used 2868 days(7Jan05) with 10+ men and ended up with bought a F-list hunk to be her bedmate .

  • fyi

    On CNN, Frank Pollaro talks about Brad’s furniture debut and says some of them will go to Brad’s home also.

  • Go Figure!

    PT: Girl, you are a hoot! Keep em coming.

  • Passing Through

    # 312 Rose @ 11/16/2012 at 10:50 am
    I think Ben is p imp ing his kids because his PR person told him his comment that he’d rather be at work than at home went over like a lead balloon. Why keep knockin’ up your wife if you dont’ want to be home with the results? Every since then it’s been Ben-the-dad-on-the-go…
    As for JG. I think she’s mainly harmless. She loves the dumb lug. I’ll give her that. But I also think she spends a whole lot of time trying to show people that her life (and family) is great and any rumors about Ben’s cheating or talking about JLO are meaningless to her because she’s wearing his ring and having his babies. In other words – she’s lying to herself.

  • Sal

    @Blind item:

    So Brad wasn´t her first choice. I feel sorry for him because he is clearly is a good guy. He deserves better!
    This blind item really fits them. First how bad she talks about her life with that disgusting Billy Bob and than goes telling Brad was not her first choice. Sad….. People are guessing it’s them but i don’t think the other guy is Colin tho…
    Well, the leopard never changes its spots.

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    @Passing Through:


  • Rose

    @Passing Through: Lol PT. We know they can’t talk about the hair this time. The hair was looking tacky in those photos, and in one photo I saw on cb girl upper lip was definitely plumped up from the injection. just saying.

  • anustin

    lmao…you can not talk uriniston’s hair extension all day,do you?look at her lipz?and that greek nosebleading?oh lalalala.c’est bon!

  • Rose

    @Media Wh@re MANiston: you are so correct, SS fans are such hypocrites, they come over here telling us we talk about SS too much. However, at times we don’t mention ss for days and the trolls are still here. Then the trolls rants on about how no one cares about Brad and Angie then we see a video of Ellen D asking RiRi who would you rather, Brad or Georg C, RiR said, you look at Brad and go damn, I prefer Brad, “who was he up against”, this girl is 24 yo and looked at Brad and forget about GC. Then we see Elle fanning so excited to meet Angie and she is 14 yo. Also, we see all those TWEETS with people losing their minds whenever they see BA. I have not seen that kind of excitement with anyone meeting SS. I could go on, but you get my drift. :-),

  • lol

    Idiot Maniston hens believe the blind item. LOL. You should read Collin Ferrel interview, he wish he could have Angie but couldn’t because Angie wasn’t into him at all. But Maniston hens are known for their stupidity. no surprise.

  • Rose

    @lol: Lol, did you read BG about the beginning of the year saying they were not going to use anymore crazy days and crazy nights info because they made up stuff. I remembered reading that on BG. We know, the trolls will always believe anything negative and disbelieve anything positive, that’s how trolls think.

  • anustin

    in L.A …u got ben oplok and his dimpled kidz along with garner.resse tablespoon,miley cyrus,hudgen,alba.,therouxniston in her panamera.SAD

  • dawne

    Good day for Jared; he`s got Ticky up next to Brad……….isn`t it time to stop this charade even for extra hits…… a person who posts here daily adding to JJ`s sucess I find it tantamount to a slap in the face.

  • a fan

    Jared shouldn’t put Brad and Ticky’s pictures side by side, even dress in the movie costume with blood on his face, Brad looks better than the two fame hoes all dressed up on the right.

  • Rose

    @fyi: #307, FYI. I’m wondering now, did Brad designed some of those pieces of furniture for Angie? I just remembered Brad designed that desk for Angie, that’s how this collaboration started. That would be cool.

  • plez

    I see serial killer smile and Bravo housewife were out in Hollywood seeking attention again. I think Ticky’s hair got stuck on Squiggy face and that cause it to get messy. I don’t know if he is sweating or that is vaseline. But it sure is nasty looking. Anyway I am with others. They are perfect for each other. Look they share using Ben Stiller to keep their careers going. Poor Ben Stiller. All those major stars he worked with and no one came out to salute him.

  • tweet

    Kathryn ‏@katyadotcom

    “You know like you start to think about it and then you see Brad Pitt and you’re like ‘damn!’” ~Rihanna #highlightofmymorning

  • tamsin


    Ho looks good? LOL, that’s generous of you. I wouldn’t be able to tell, I know she’s gained weight though. Now that she’s free from Pittyfool’s anorexic fetish, she’s able to eat little more, but not too much.

    You know Ho- ever the consummate actress, so she has to stay in shape. She’s still preparing for the Miss Havisham role in a new remake of Great Expectations that is due to come out in 2040. I’m glad that she can even relate to role so well because she’s being dumped before the wedding! I even smell another Oscar in her resume! :D

  • Media Wh@re MANiston


    The haters know for a fact that Brad & Angie are famous & love around the world but they won’t admit it. Instead, they say the opposite just to annoy the fans. No one give a rat @ss about MANiston. The trolls praise how she is loved around the world but not many support her movies. Not even her thread. Go figure.

  • Observer2

    The runt has more grease on his face and hair than I use in my car. And hairboy didn’t do his hair. He probably has a vat of it in the bathroom and soaks his head in it before he leaves. Ya know, to get that bright and shiny look. Betcha his bald spot is showing.

    And some of her teeth are gray.

    And he never looks at her, there is never any interaction between them on the red carpet.

    The runt has a slip and slide head. LOL. I think his head is longer than his legs are.

    There are some pics where he’s letting the facade slip and it’s written all over his face. Problem is, the runt is letting people see him sweat. Heh.

  • NAN

    Wow,Dolly’s friends from US Weakly on Duty (B@rking)

    The Sinkable Anuston is DeadEnd with Gigolo.

    8 years gone by Anuston is still Bitter- Barren with her D o g s.

    No Babies,No Wedding,No Career.

  • NAN

    Hehehe, The Sinkable Anuston is Kaput + CaCa.

    May 98 ” A Set Up Blind Date ”

    May 11 ” A Set Up Buy Gigolo ”

    OMG ! How she so Low and No Class…..

    Anuston ££$$€€ can’t buy any A-D list hunks to be her bedmate.

    Krama is the best for Anuston and D o g s….eeh eeh eeh eeh eeh.

  • dawne

    Look, this gigilo could sit around all damn day watching porn and calling Ticky Honey Blah Blah………..and she`d still keep him on the payroll…………….Girlfriends, she has l e a r n e d ………do whatevah but do not leave…………my image cannot take it…………..I have to look like I am engaged like Angie and my ring is bigger and I will keep this going on…. no matter what…….she ain`t lettin`another one get away.

  • William Bradley& The Jolie

    Hello Everyone. Just thought I pop in and mention that the combined number of views for the trailer for World War Z are now over 13 million. That’s right, 13 MILLION. I am no movie maven, but I would think that would imply a number of multiple viewings. And the number of likes far outweigh the number of dislikes. Could this be why the trolls have gone silent regarding the prospects for this film? Whether fans of the book have legitimate complaints or not; they will not make or break this film. I have also read that this trailer is playing in from of the last twilight film. Smart move. I hope they will show it in front of Skyfall as well, but I have no idea as to how they decide what trailer goes in front of what film. I will say that if they are showing a trailer this far out, with reshoots going on, Paramount must have some research that is telling them, they’ve got potential with this film.

    Would love to know, if any of the more film savvy fans, would agree with my assessment.

    Hope everyone has a great day!

  • a lurker

    crdt brangelinaforum

    ‘To my amazement, Brad Pitt walked in’
    Friday, November 16, 2012

    Isle of Thanet Gazette

    A MARGATE woman worked alongside Hollywood actor Brad Pitt while he was on location shooting his latest film.

    All Sign Solutions, in Margate High Street, was chosen to create signs and graphics for zombie film World War Z, being shot at the former Pfizer site.

    Owner Lynda Carter said: “We were contacted by a London company whom we had worked with before and asked to keep quiet as we would be working on the new Brad Pitt film.

    “It was obvious this was the biggest and most expensive film set we had ever worked on, but to be honest I thought they may be pulling my leg about Brad.”

    Her staff were sworn to secrecy, as rumours that the star was filming in the area spread across social media sites.

    Lynda and her team spent a week preparing the laboratories at the Discovery Park for filming and a second week on location with the film crew.

    Although she has worked on film sets before, Lynda said she found it a surreal experience, when her path crossed with the Hollywood heartthrob.

    “It was very bizarre. I was walking through the sets with the artistic director when, to my utter amazement, Brad Pitt walked in.

    “He said hi to both of us and said he couldn’t wait to start filming. “After I picked my jaw up from the floor, I drove home in a daze.”

    The superstar was joined on set by his fiancee Angelina Jolie, who brought their children Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Vivienne and Knox to watch their dad filming.

    Lynda said: “The children were little angels, glued to the screen, and Angelina looked fabulous.”

  • The Stillers are TRAITORS!

    Ben and his wife are traitors!! They have known Heidi Bivens for a very long time. How can they even stand next to Aniston knowing she cheated with Therooux while he was in a relationship with Heidi! My question is what role did the Stillers play in the demise of Heidi & Justin’s relationship. The rat bast@rds probably set up secret meetings for Aniston to meet with her paid for piece. Aniston, The Stillers and Theroux are all LOW LIFE SCUM!!!

  • awwww

    Angie took kid to visit Brad on set . Swoon.

  • awwww

    Angie took kids to visit Brad on set . Swoon.

  • tamsin


    Spot on Wham. The studios won’t touch the drug addict and his concubine even with Milton Berle’s pole. Truth is they much rather invest in smaller budget movies than creating overbloated messes that take almost a year to get made and go over budget. That’s why Heroina and Pothead had to put up their own money to get those time bombs made, and that’s also why they won’t discuss how much they’re getting paid for World War Flop and Malefibomb… they both took salary cuts!

    Loons don’t understand that this, in essence, is what defines an A list actor- someone who makes profits for the studios. It doesn’t matter if the budget is low, no one gets paid millions if the movies don’t break even. Sure, both the couple of amoral whores may maintain a brand that the tabloids may have cared about for a few years, but they’re not relevant where it counts for the studios, and that is bringing audiences to movie theaters.

    Pothead and Heroina have only been A-list by association other than that, they don’t have a stable box office record to back up their salary expectations. That’s what eats loons alive- any of the actors and actresses they deem competition to their idols have actually solid box office records and awards to boot.

    Loons also know that the Brand wouldn’t be what they are today had it not been for the cheating scandal they were involved in and the media frenzy that followed, in other words, Ho and her eunuch piggybacked on Aniston to get ahead and climb out of the C list and B list, respectively.

    And what do they have now other than residuals from previous deals and money from the pics of their kids that they sold to tabloids? Four years without a hit movie, endorsement deals that turned out to be disastrous, and even worse, no jobs lined up after their current projects!!! :S

    They’re quickly fading back into the bottom of the food chain where they belong and I’m loving it! I love when karma works that way and bad things happen to bad people, don’t you too?

  • umm

    I see Laura Dern is Maniston’s future, Mcsstumpy will dump her and she goes back to be TV actress which is where she belongs to.

  • Passing Through

    Did you guys see that Hostess is going out of business? Say adios to Wonder Bread, Twinkies, Ding Dongs…and those little mini chocolate donuts. When a company is in Chapter 11 and asks union employees to take an across the board pay cut or else they’re throwing in the towell…chances are they aren’t bluffing so why in the hell would you ask for 25% of the profits and go on strike? The company had no profits, hence the bankruptcy. Duh. Sometimes unions are their own members’ worst enemy. Pay cut vs. unemployment. Seems like a no-brainer to me…

  • just sayin

    @Passing Through:

    I’m on my way to get my last Twinkie and Ding Dong now! Because once the word spreads you won’t be able to find them anywhere because everyone will rush out to purchase them. I remeber Wonder Bread was the only bread I liked when growing up because it was so soft. So long childhood memories!!

  • Passing Through

    # 320 Rose @ 11/16/2012 at 11:11 am
    You think Ticky’s been plumping up her fish lips again? Really? That was such a fail the last 3 times…I had to go check that out. Is this the photo you’re talking about? I think she’s supposed to be “pouty”. In the rest of the pix her lips looks as razor thin as usual…
    PS – Four words for Squigs: Chapstick. Carmex. Lip Therapy. All that ass kissing, ya know…

  • tamsin

    @The Stillers are TRAITORS!:

    Oh LOL Toilet Tish is that you? We already know you’re the one who uses that kind of dramatic names to draw attention. Memaw please, as if you really cared for Heidi or were personally acquainted with her.

    Face it loontard, the Stillers are there because they’re all friends with Aniston and the split was amicable between Theroux and his ex. If there were any doubts, they are now erased. You loons can continue to perpetuate the idea that Aniston and the Hor Goddess are similar, but even now, more than ever, it’s proven that Aniston is well liked by people inside and outside the industry. Even Pitty said that “there is not an ill-intentioned bone” in her body and continues to call her a friend, whereas the old ho continues her irrevocable career decline with no friends in Hollywood to save her. HAHAHAHA, suck on that loons!

  • tamsin

    @brad why why honey booboo:

    The kids know that there won’t be any wedding. In the words of Heroina, they just wanted one because they heard that a big cake is served at the party, so she probably ordered one and had them chomp down on it.

    Since they’re little savages, I bet there was lots of food fighting and the aftermath must have been tough to clean up, still nothing compared to when the help has when it’s Daddy’s bath time. :D

  • Passing Through

    # 323 lol @ 11/16/2012 at 11:23 am
    I wasn’t going to comment on the CDAN BI, but…I was LMAO. First of all, Colin Farrell admitted to practically doing handstands to get Angie’s attention and said she turned him down flat. Angie confirmed that.
    Secondly, Enty has been busted as a fraud and isn’t an entertainment lawyer at all. A lawyer yes, but it was something like patents or estate planning. He had no connection to HW at all.
    Third, Enty was busted a second time by someone on his site who regularly reads the Daily Mail. Enty was creating BI’s on people featured on the DM’s gossip pages every day. They call it the “DM Key”. His hardcore fans defended him by saying that he was merely doing BIs on the people featured in DM stories as a clue for them so they could figure out who the people in the BIs were. Seriously.
    And lastly, Enty was busted by another person on his site for lying about his BI about Angie at this year’s GGs. The person was seated at the table with Amber Heard and said AH never went anywhere near Angie the entire night. Others have called him out on lies as well. One guy even accused him of not being the original Enty and said he was a replacement Enty. Sometimes I go over there just to see how many more people have called BS on

  • Passing Through

    # 324 Rose @ 11/16/2012 at 11:30 am
    Wait a sec – the chick at Blind Gossip said she’s not going to use CDAN BIs anymore because they’re made up? LOL. Ms. Pot sells out Mr. Kettle. If that’s her criteria she needs to shut her site down because she has NE, Star, Celebuzz, Flynetm etc., as well as her own BIs that are total fiction as well.

  • Rose

    @Passing Through: #339, that’s the one PT, upper lip looks swollen to me. Now that you bring up that photo, Im going to say JT widows peak will soon touch his bald spot in the back. Also, what a big face and nose that man has. Can’t wait to see those babies. SS fans believes they see a baby bump. :-),

  • Rose

    @Passing Through: Yes, she said she was not going to use CDAN anymore. I read it. Who knows if CDAN got BG in some trouble. I forget the entire article but I’m positive that’s what was written.

  • Passing Through

    # 339 a lurker @ 11/16/2012 at 12:53 pm +23
    The superstar was joined on set by his fiancee Angelina Jolie, who brought their children Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Vivienne and Knox to watch their dad filming.

    Lynda said: “The children were little angels, glued to the screen, and Angelina looked fabulous.”
    Don’t tell US the kids were “little angels”…
    Wonder if Shiloh left there wanting to be a zombie…

  • brad is such a jerk

    stupid old man

  • angelina is hypocrite

    stupid old woman

  • Passing Through

    # 340 The Stillers are TRAITORS! @ 11/16/2012 at 1:06 pm
    You can add Snora Dern to that list of traiters, too, because suppposedly she’s been BFFs with Heidi for a long time. Then again, maybe Heidi has cut all things related to that loser out of her life…

  • angelina is hypocrite

    stupid flabby woman

  • Passing Through

    # 346 just sayin @ 11/16/2012 at 1:46 pm
    It’s probably not really the end for Hostess’s products. They recipes and rights will be sold at a liquidation sale. Another company will buy the rights and Woody Harrelson will have Twinkies in time for the next Zombieland film…

  • Rose

    @Passing Through: #339, PT, let me back track. Look at that upper lip, don’t that lip look swollen? I know the other photos don’t show as much as this one, but it could be the angle of the photo, and I believe she is jealous of Angie’s beautiful lips. Now the trolls are really going to lose it, lol.

  • Passing Through

    # 360 Rose @ 11/16/2012 at 2:29 pm
    Rose -
    I was slumming over at Lamey’s (even she mentioned how shiny/sweaty they were were) and she has a photo of Ticky sitting at the table kind of mushing her lips together and yes, it does looks swollen or filled or something. I sort of got sidetracked because I was laughing at a photo that looked like Ticky had a bit of a bump going on. That’ll be on Star next week with a Nikki Finke style “Toldja!” Then in another pic there’s no bump beyond her usual middle-aged belly pouch. Comedy gold, I tell ya…comedy gold…

  • Rose

    @Passing Through: PT, I didn’t go over to Lamey, but I did visit CB most of the ladies was not giving SS the love today.

    PT, you know what I like about Brad and Angie, they are not running around going to every little function, store openings in Hollywood. We only hear about them having their date nights at times. Angle is 37 yo and don’t feel the need to be a social butterfly all over HW. She is home with her family and her man. I just love how that young woman has her
    life in order. One man for going on 8 years and taking care of her
    babies. I will always defend her and Brad.

  • Joe


    “don’t that lip look swollen” and “most of the ladies was not giving”…. Good gawd idiot loon, stop!!! Please enroll in an elementary grammar course. There is absolutely NO reason for anyone to speak as you do! And please, don’t even attempt to blame it on an iPad, or that you were typing to fast. You are speaking like someone with a third grade education and there is NO excuse for a grown adult to speak that way…. You are pitiful!!!