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Britney Spears: Pre-'X Factor' Starbucks Stop

Britney Spears: Pre-'X Factor' Starbucks Stop

Britney Spears holds onto a flavorful drink from Starbucks while doing some shopping along Robertson Boulevard on Thursday (November 15) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 30-year-old singer and X Factor judge made a stop at the All Saints store before heading home to get ready for the live results show of her talent competition.

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Make sure to tune in to Fox tonight at 8/7c to see if all of Britney‘s four teens stay in the competition after the results are announced.

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Credit: London Ent; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, WENN
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  • Lisa

    HEY Simon X Factor SUCKS !

  • Dooley

    She looks like my Aunt who still dresses likes she 19..Stop Smoking Britney!!Those lines around your mouth are from smoking.

  • the_boyfriend

    Godney! Gorgeous.

  • KissThis

    She needs a new hairstyle and color. That yellow-blonde is aging the hell out of her.


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  • stop bullying the retards

    she has weird looking limbs, like a normal height midget or something

  • http://ASIANSCANACTUALLYREADMINDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Melissa


    I always suspected that Asians can read minds! Thanks for the great info! It makes perfect sense that they would do that to hide that they can read minds! It couldn’t be a better way of hiding that you can read minds!!

  • Melissa


    Huh so that’s how you get your name in bright blue! I just copied what comes up on the page that shows when I click on your name, and posted it onto website to see if I could get it to work! It sill didn’t :(

  • Amory

    Where is her keeper? Or have they stopped pretending now that she doesn’t have to testify in that trial??

  • Britney is crap


    Britney sucks so much ! She has no talent, doesn’t write any of her songs, and is a wh*re! And her being a good person does not give a reason to like her because she is not a good person! She is fake !!!!!

  • http://Blue Venus


    Hahaha your right! It does turn my name bright blue! Anyways what is up with so many people saying that Asians can read minds? Can they seriously??

  • Cece

    It’s been ages since she’s been seen with those boys. Does she ever see them anymore?

    Her family has the worst priorities ever. Instead of forcing her to work, they should be helping her become a mother again to those kids.

  • lolo

    hire a stylist girl!

  • Melissa


    Yeah I know I always wondered how people got their names bright blue like that! I tried clicking on that “ASIANS REALLY CAN READ MINDS!!” person and the link didn’t work, so I copied what showed up on the page and put it on website, thinking that it might take me to a website about Asians being able to read minds or something, and it didn’t work ether! and that is how I discovered how to light up your name!

  • Red

    She looks like A barbie SOOOOOOO Beautiful Without MAKEUP !!


  • Taly


    Queen of pop HOTTTT HOOOTTTT

  • Melissa


    There are a lot of other people posting that Asians can read minds? weird I have never seen it until now! It’s probably because they really can read minds! I have suspected that they can read minds for years!! and after reading everything in that comment, I seriously think they can!! I have seen all of that behavior in Asians! and doing things like that is the perfect way to hide that you can read minds when you think about it! so i’m sure they can!!!!!
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  • Taly

    YOUNGNEY, THINNEY, 2009NEY and STARBUCKSNEY all wrapped into one!

    QUEEN Of everythinggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

  • DOPE

    THE VALLEY HAT! DAMN!!!! #818

  • anne

    So simple ans so beaultiful!

  • 2007 DARK

    one word

  • red one

    her skin looks amazing! and shes not even wearing any make-up… Flawless

  • jack

    flawless body

  • c boy

    look At That BODY OK, now I’m really amazed and very jealous! She has an incredible body

  • loes4

    britney looks so so beautiful

  • holy cow

    She’s gorgeous. She has a killer body

  • kelly

    Why don’t you nuts give up on her. She’ll always be the chain smoking, fat, tacky slob. Stop giving her hope.

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    oh hi XLTINA u mad
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  • thele

    OMG don´t you see what i see? she´s only white trash….looks, behaviour…everthing…theres nothing admirable about her! i don´t hate her, but love her? come on, what for??? i don´t know what pictures you see here…but i see a blowzy aged woman with too blond hair and bad taste in clothes…

  • thele

    …in the best case you can feel sorry for her…

  • http://justjared Leticia

    I like her laid back style those uggs are always in style they’re the most comfortable boots love them!

  • sheigh

    I prefer Gizmo !

  • Ava

    So happy to see Britney like this. To think that just a few years ago, she was running around with that crazed Sam Lufti, Ali Simms, and Paris Hilton looking like a hot mess. Yeah, she may not be glammed up but who wants to be when we’re running errands and going to Starbucks?

  • T

    Must you, Britney? Conceal the nips, honey. You need to wear a different bra with that shirt, or just nix the shirt all together cause its not flattering on you.