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Diane Kruger: Matthew Lillard Joins 'The Bridge' Pilot

Diane Kruger: Matthew Lillard Joins 'The Bridge' Pilot

Diane Kruger heads out for lunch and some shopping with a male companion on Wednesday afternoon (November 14) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 36-year-old actress wore a body baring dress the evening before while attending GQ’s Men of the Year Party. Make sure to check out our complete coverage of the star-studded event.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Diane Kruger

It was just announced that Diane will be joined in her new FX pilot The Bridge by The Descendants actor Matthew Lillard, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Matthew will play a recurring role if the series is picked up as “a cocky reporter with the El Paso Times whose hard partying ways have taken a toll on his once promising journalism career.”

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  • kaya

    she looks healthier


    She’s cool

  • rachel

    i know she is jealous of marion cotillard. she has a movie career. i have no idea what diane kruger does but pose for the camera. her body is nothing to rave about. she is real anorexic stick

  • Everhart

    She looks great and i hear her new project is going awesome. Love you Diane!

  • no

    Oh no Lillard is a horrible actor. :((((((

  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    @rachel: number of marion cotillard in 2012: 2
    number of diane kruger movies in 2012: 2
    number of marion cotillard in 2011: 2
    number of diane kruger movies in 2011: 2
    number of marion cotillard in 2010: 2
    number of diane kruger movies in 2010: 2
    number of marion cotillard in 2009: 3
    number of diane kruger movies in 2009: 4
    number of marion cotillard in 2008: 0
    number of diane kruger movies in 2008: 1

    Yup, marion cotillard works so much more!!!!

  • AlanFletcher

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    I know this may sound crazy, impossible and unbelievable, BUT IT ISN’T CRAZY WHEN IT’S TRUE

  • helen

    She looks cute

  • Lucy

    diane has a anorexic body. nothing about her is sexy.

  • kate

    She’s just so bland, not hot. just…boring.

  • Hahahahaha

    Marion Cotillard is successful and talented and has an OSCAR.

  • Juei

    She is too skinny. The muscles and bones are sticking out because she has so little body fat. Women naturally have a fat pad on each hip; she doesn’t have them.

  • Baile

    Posing for the paps….again. So predictable.
    Why is she on these sites EVERY SINGLE DAY?

  • Neyma

    Drop-dead gorgeous? It seems this generation has thrown any form of beauty standard out the window…her face looks squished,. her body is too thin
    Honestly there are hundreds of better looking women around.

  • Di’s lover

    Diane i love you. But those red sunglasses have to go.

  • Peg

    @Happy_Evil_Dude: Marion has REAL talent and beauty. Diane could never even compare to the beauty and talent that is the wonderful Marion Collitard!

  • Nancy

    Her career is officially in the toilet. Her acting skills will never get her a meaningful role, she will alwayS be a “B” list actor. Her face and body aren’t what they used to be, her spreads will always need to be majorly airbrushed. Which has been the trend in many of her photos lately. Maybe she should go back to Paris where she might stand a chance.

  • Leo

    Her forehead… Is massive…Holy hell.

  • Sally

    Does she pay someone to take these pics? I can’t imagine that they would follow her around willingly, she isn’t a big enough star to have her picture appear so often. She is so desperate for attention, this is just getting pathetic!!!

  • Alice

    Marion Collitard’s name can be said with following words:Oscar callibar acting and she is known in the mainstream world of acting.

    Diane’s name is known on the red carpet of ANY event. She is only known on gossip sites.

  • kim

    That man is her assistent

  • nathalie

    I can’t wait her new tv-show. It’s going to be amazing!

  • gina

    I love those shoes

  • Bonnie

    I take it this is a remake of the Swedish/Dainsh series but, I’m guessing, set in the US/Mexico?

  • jan

    Diane looks gorgeous as usual.

  • backpacking-romance

    When Joshua jackson will finish filming his tv-show, he will go with his sweatheart Diane to New-Zealand for 3 weeks in december.

    I love this couple, so romantic.

  • jessy

    She has an amazing boyfriend , great career and awesome stye!

  • lolly

    who cares about this woman except that stupid troll

  • valerie

    I for one (as a Diane Kruger fan) also love Marion and Guillaume Cannet. They are great actors.
    Marion deserves every award she has been given. She is great.

    Diane and Guillaume Canet don’t have Oscars, does that mean they have no talent?
    Guillaume has to live with his girlfriend Marion who has an international career, an oscar and she might get a second one this year.
    And it clearly doesnt bother him, he is still with her.

    Diane and Guillaume are still good friends. They never talked in a negative way about each other. And neither did Marion.

    Did you ever see any Diane Kruger fans insult Marion? No, and it’s never going to happen, so stop trying to seth them up against each other.

    We are never going to hate Marion. Her baby daddy is Guillaume and he is still on good terms with Diane. Diane said many times on interviews that Guillaume was one of the most important man in her life and she still cares about him. Guillaume gave Diane her first major role in his movie. We love them all!!

  • ginger


    and obviously you.

  • emma

    an absolute beauty

  • phillips

    I love love LOVE this woman. She’s stunningly beautiful and an amazing actress

  • lara

    YES she has still got it, stunning.

  • Neyma

    @valerie:DK has fans? …. besides the troll who posts almost every comments here

  • rali

    say what you want but I find her very pretty

  • Jailson

    @valerie: I think the comparison with marion and in relation to career. marion and a respected actress, talented and beloved , Diane ‘s acting range is very limited.marion cotillard is a true actress in every sense and Diane doesn’t even come close to her ability.

  • valerie


    It may come as a chock, but justjared is not the only gossipsite on the internet.
    Nicole kidman or Leonardo dicario get many hatefull comments on their post on justjared. they only get a handfull postive comment.
    Does that mean that they don’t have fans? no, because they have. They have fans who maybe don’t know justjared, or maybe don’t like to comment, or maybe fans abroad who don’t speak english,….

  • valerie


    Diane is also respected, talented and beloved. Her acting is great, she was praised for her role as Marie Antoinette.
    Diane and Guillaume don’t have Oscars, but they have talent.

  • nice

    I don’t always like her choices but she is a fabulous actor and I am looking forward to the her film projects.

  • hmg

    she always looks lovely and she’s really grown on me over the years!

  • hhhh

    @valerie: should she stop paying the JJ then

  • simon

    she is soooo pretty everything about her is great… best wishes

  • ellen


  • keira

    Diane Kruger, why do you manage to look gorgeous in everything you wear? You always look so effortlessly stylish and classy. Good on you for having your own style and not following the masses.

  • mandy

    She’s looking really nice. A bit fuller faced and healthy.

  • me

    attractive woman with or without makeup

  • michelle

    Love her! Always so beautiful! She always gets it right.

  • lindsay

    girl crush!