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Nicole Kidman Greets Fans Before 'Grace of Monaco' Filming

Nicole Kidman Greets Fans Before 'Grace of Monaco' Filming

Nicole Kidman signs autographs for her fans while exiting her hotel on Thursday (November 15) in Genoa, Italy.

The 45-year-old actress made sure to greet her admirers before heading into her car and zooming off to the set of her new film Grace of Monaco for an afternoon of work.

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The day before, Nicole waved to onlookers after a day of filming at the Hall of Mirrors at the Royal Palace in the Italian city.

Nicole is portraying the late actress Grace Kelly in the upcoming flick.

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  • Orwell

    @..: Wow. You really are crazy. Yeah, an Oscar nomination is nothing. An Emmy nomination is nothing. Getting a tribute from the Film Society of Lincoln Center is nothing. Colin Firth, Chan Wook Park, Lee Daniels, John Cameron Mitchell, Aaron Eckhart, Matthew Goode, Mia Wasikowska, Clive Owen, Tim Roth are average actors and directors. And box office is all that matters. Twilight is the best film ever. And Kristen Stewart is the best actress in the world because she’s the highest paid in Hollywood. Yeah. Now we all know that money equals talent in your sad world.

  • ..

    Colin Firth will regret the day he agreed to allow Kidman a bit part in that film. No release date yet … Not a good sign … BEWARE cinema goers!!

  • Carolyn

    Cruel? Explain exactly how my comments are cruel. Anyone can sense the warmth in what I write, that I care about her and wish to see her stop putting poison in her face. I am sure you know how these things can progress. I am not a hater, I love her films!

    As for botox, its effect on the face is scientifically well known. Mentioning that is not cruelty, it is honesty.

    Very well, help silence genuine voices of concern. She will end up like Meg Ryan thanks to the likes of you. Pathetic. Unlike you, I care about her enough to not want her to put poison in her body.

  • ..

    Film review by Chris Tookey of the Daily Mail.

    Trespass (2011) is a crime, and so is this movie. Apparently Nicolas Cage walked off the set and is refusing to watch the finished product; the biggest mystery is why he ever walked in front of the camera in the first place. The film is so bad it could be — watched with friends and a plentiful supply of alcohol — downright hilarious.

    Cage, wearing a wig that resembles the family cat nailed to his head, is at his farcical worst as a greedy, fast-talking diamond merchant married to the sexually frustrated Sarah — that’s Nicole Kidman, whose face seems immobilised by Botox or possibly, disbelief! She screams and cries a lot, as if veteran director Joel Schumacher has taken her hostage. After 91 minutes, you may feel the same way.

  • http://Comcast Toni

    @ Kelly and all of your other made up names. You really have a problem, how can you get so involved in someone’s life that you don’t even know. I wouldn’t have that much hatred for my worst enemy. Have you ever stopped and thought why do I have so much hate in me ????

  • ..

    “Toni” and your militant posse of Kidman PR propagandists, I do have a very big problem with Nicole Kidman and her increasingly blatant attempts to generate publicity and manipulate public opinion.

    With her latest revelations in DuJour magazine, she has unequivocally overstepped the line of decency. If her relationship with Urban is real, then expressing the deep and passionate feelings she felt for Cruise is unpardonable, and a very public and utterly humiliating slap in the face for her husband. If her relationship with Urban is a PR sham, and he is but a pawn in her game, then that is monstrous. As the pieces of the puzzle come together and her cunning, publicity seeking strategies become increasingly obvious, people will take to sites like this to freely express their opinion. They do not expect to be set upon by paid PR hounds who are trying to censor public opinion, with tactics so obvious, as to be farcical. Do not retaliate with words like hate and psycho because that is way out of line and will not be tolerated. ps. We have no affiliation with any Urban sympathisers and I personally could not name one of his songs.

  • Shocked

    Freaky face ! What the hell did she do to herself ??

  • Shocked

    Joan Rivers’ sister ?

  • JR

    … it is said that as you age, your true character is reflected in your face … so is it really that surprising Nicole chooses to disguise her true character with Botox.

  • Orwell

    @..: Hilarious post. Thanks for the laugh. “Overstepped the line of decency”, “propagandists”, “unpardonable”, “monstrous”… You talk as if Nicole Kidman is a dangerous terrorist who should be stopped immediately. All that because she is married to your fantasy boyfriend Keith Urban. Do you even realize how crazy you sound?

  • Orwell

    @JR: All your nasty comments about Nicole Kidman give a good idea of your true character…

  • ..

    Back again? I was hoping you and your multiple aliases, had either been banned from this forum due to your vulgar language, or sacked by Kidman’s PR team for gross incompetence. By the way, you need to upgrade your repetitive argument because it’s becoming increasingly boring.

  • Orwell

    Again, I’m not the one using multiple “aliases”, you are. I always post under the same name (“Orwell”), you change your name almost every time you post here.
    And if anyone is going to be banned from Just Jared, it should be you…

  • Em

    Oh sweet Jesus, what has she done to her face.

  • ..

    … The day before, Nicole waved to onlookers after a day of filming at the HALL OF MIRRORS at the Royal Palace in the Italian city … Spare a thought for the film crew and the horror they experienced, as Kidman’s face was grossly magnified and repeatedly reflected around the hall of mirrors!

  • http://Comcast Toni

    @Kiss This and your other 10 or so names: Do you realize the huge mental problem you have ??? Any article about beautiful Nicole you are the first one to comment, do you look for articles about her several times a day, go to bed at night thinking about how much you hate her ?? Get a life. By the way Keith Urban commented recently that his life did not start until he met Nicole. Sorry, you better find someone else to fantasize about.

  • Marie

    My God, look at her face!! If she continues like that she’ll look like a total freak in six or seven years.

  • Em

    An Australian magazine has paired the above photo of Kidman with a head shot of the 86 year old Duchess of Alba and I must say, there is an uncanny resemblance. The photo caption reads “when it comes to Botox, less is more. Take note Nic!”

  • http://Comcast Teri

    Who is this one person using all of these names. Whoever it is she is a real sicko. take your meds and leave beautiful Nicole alone. You don’t think she reads your comments do you??? You’re either a Scientologist or you think you have a chance with Keith Urban who adores his wife and little girls. Why don’t you put your pic next to gorgeous Nicole so we can all have a laugh.

  • http://comcast Loren

    THE CRAZY ONE (love her name) and the other 30 names she uses doesn’t get it. Once more it is none of your business whether she uses Botox or not. it is none of you business when she is with her husband Keith. It is none of your business whether you think she can act or not. Nicole keeps getting jobs so I think people who know the business wouldn’t keep hiring her if she was a bad actress. The Crazy One, you don’t think she reads any of your ugly, dark comments do you ??? You must just write them for your sick pleasure.

  • http://comcast Judith

    What a nutty person that would say all of these things about another human being. What could possibly make someone hate this much. I really am in shock. Nicole Kidman seems like a very lovely person.