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Vanessa Hudgens Covers 'Glow' Magazine's Winter 2012 Issue

Vanessa Hudgens Covers 'Glow' Magazine's Winter 2012 Issue

Vanessa Hudgens rocks a Simone leather jacket on the cover of Glow magazine’s Winter 2012 issue, on newsstands now.

Here’s what the 23-year-old actress had to share with the mag:

On her Spring Breakers sex scene with James Franco: “It was very nerve-racking for me. I told my agent that I never want to do it ever again.”

On gaining weight and chopping off her hair for Gimme Shelter: “With so many actresses who want the exact same role, you’ve got to stand out and be different and not let anybody tell you no.”

On following her heart: “At the end of the day, I’m going to do what I want to do, regardless of whether it may upset someone. But I think that if I’m doing right for myself, then that’s all I really need to care about.”

For more from Vanessa, visit! Bigger cover picture inside…

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# 2

This is how you give an interview. No name dropping just anwers from the heart, on things that deal with you. THIS IS WHY I LOVE THIS GIRL.

# 3

self hating Filipino only like white boys like all westernized Filipinos she worships white skin.

# 4

Stop with the duck pout.

# 5

go awaayyyyyyyyy

# 7

I like her hair, she looks gorgeous

# 8

I want that jacket in my life.

# 9

Gorgeous Vanessa. She is one of the most beautiful brown eyed girls.

Flawless girl! <3

I lo lo lo lo LO LOVE LOVE HER! I love her!

Short hairstyle always makes her look more mature, she has an amazing face.

She had a sex scene with James Franco? DAMN i need to see this movie

Does anyone know if she is still in NY? It looks like she is having an amazing time there, i think she is more happy in NY than LA!

she posted some BTS on her website. It looks like it was the same photoshoot, she looks stunning.

@TulisaFan: I think that she doesn’t get hounded by the paparrazi in NYC as she does in LA. It’s so crazy for her in LA.

AHHHHHH! Gorgeous

she actually has a threesome with James and Ashley Benson. I need Spring Breakers already! Lol

@Jennay: It’s actually a threesome with James and Ashley Benson in a pool.


Well if it’s on the cover of a magazine, it’s not that bad right???

James Franco is one of my all time faves but it would be freaky to get busy with him in character with the grill, cornrows and swag, That would be so weird!


Yeah, I was surprised too :D, I didn’t know it got this far :P, I can’t wait to see it and I just turned 18 so I am allowed … so happy for V

why didn’t she drop out if she wasn’t ready for that kind of role? would make more sense.

OMG! Gorgeous

I think she is vaguely considering moving to NY!

Fun Fact LOL, since HSM she said she had a crush on James Franco and she has been friends with Ashley even before they both started being known in the business.

@TulisaFan: Maybe. But she is a California girl and her home and family are there. We’ll see. Maybe she’ll be bicoastal? It would be fun I think.

She has said that she has always wanted to work with James Franco. Well…she got to work with him alright:) And In the biblical sense too!

Not caring about anybody else – this is something that this girl is a master! Exact thing she did to Zac Efron. I wonder why nobody ever questioned why they broke up while she was filming Journey and few weeks later she was dating Josh Hutcherson. That girl sure knows how to break a heart.

Haters Suck! @ 11/15/2012 at 12:56 pm

What do you mean no ones asked why thy broke up? EVERYONE has asked why they broke up for the last two years. Not one answer given by either of them and i wouldn’t hold my breath for one in the near future either as both are well passed it now.

Haters Suck! @ 11/15/2012 at 12:57 pm

Anyway this is a very nice cover and I am very much looking forward to both movies.

i don’t think she is making a duck face, that’s just the way her mouth is, it was always the same, even when she was a little girl.

are you serious? LMAO according to many sources they took a break in december, but she ended the relationship in january, do you know what happened between december and january? do you know where your “idol” was, look i dont whant to talk about him, but it would be really good if you would do a little research before start talking shiiiiit.

@Carla: If rumors are true Zac was having plenty of his own fun in New Orleans. At least she waited until they were done for good before she got involved with Josh.

Good news, Spring Breakers will have a nationwide theatrical release!! Thats so good for a indie!! congrats to the cast and crew.

@TT: Like ANYONE knows- the internet does not know what these people do 24/7 most of it’s gossip made up by people with too much time on their hands.
“On following her heart: “At the end of the day, I’m going to do what I want to do, regardless of whether it may upset someone. But I think that if I’m doing right for myself, then that’s all I really need to care about.”
In others words: I am going to date,be friends with, and act in whatever I want and I don’t give a s*** if it upsets my loyal fan base and haters alike because I live my life for me and if I am happy then nothing else matters.
Great philosophy to have and live by. But seeing as she needs fan supports for her various project, if the way she conducts herself alienates them,then they will not support her projects,hence she will end up jobless.
And if she is talking about private life-the sad fact is as far as some of her crazier fans are concerned everything she does is there business (which it isn’t) as she is celeb.

No one really knows what happened between them but the speculation is probably worse than the actual truth. Time to move on. I’m really looking forward to seeing Spring Breakers. I the soundtrack alone will be epic.

@Chels: It’s called commitment, you sign-up to do something and see it through as simple as that.

@Liberty: So you’re saying that she should date only who someone else says she should to please “fans” who want her with that person, no matter how unhappy it makes her. That her life should be determined by these so called fans. I’m a fan and would rather see her happy than in a contrived relationship to please someone who is obviously not a real fan to begin with.

On following her heart:
Vanessa is always talking about following her heart, it means she will do what she wants to do. in my opinion, it doesnt means she doesnt care about her family, friends or the person she chooses to share her life, she is talking about the ones always hating on her life style (i dont think she even knows some guys out there spend some time hating on her while she is always just spreading love, lol) , she has said plenty of times she doesn’t care about what anyone says about her, she loves her fans, but she would never do what THEY WANT HER TO DO (ie “we want zanessa”, “i want you on dancing with the stars”, “i want you to work with efron”, “i want you back on TV”, really?) , she is not working for money, she is not working for fame, she is doing what she wants to do, and in my case that´s one of the resons why i like her, she is not one of those fake celebs out there, she is always doing everything for herself, and sometimes she shares her life with her fans = her projects (like Spring Breakers, and the Animated Movie)

@Liberty: But what is it she does in her personal life that we should take offense to? It would be one thing is she was stumbling out of nightclubs, starting fights with other celebs, dating a new guy every week, etc. She goes to the gym, spends time with her family, friends, and boyfriend, and works. The only people who take offense to anything she does are not fans and they are just looking for any reason to ridicule her. Go check some of her other posts, some people rant about her walking to her car with her boyfriend.

She is the most stunning young woman in the business. I’m really looking forward to seeing “Gimme Shelter” and “Frozen Ground.”

i think vanessa reads her jj posts and she knows how much hate she gets hence she talked about how she don’t care about the haters but deep inside she do care a lot.

vanessa my darling i am giving you advice as a mother and a well educated (fake) nurse, if you don’t want hate from people then stop calling the paps and fame.w.h.o.r.i.n.g to the sickning amount you do. it does make people hate you cause it seems you clearly do everything for attention.

now why did you do the film at the first place if you weren’t comfortable with the sex scene. you sure did know it was on the script when your agent bought it.
to who ever that said she isn’t in the industry for fame, think again. if she wasn’t OK with that sex scene then she probably said yes to do it just for the sake of fame. she did know this film would get lot of attention when people finds out that the whole film is about ho*rny half naked teens in bikinis getting drunk.

Haters Suck! @ 11/15/2012 at 2:34 pm

@Doppelgänger Maria
You’re out of you’re freaking mind. And it’s real mature to steal someone’s screen name and try to pass yourself off as them. Give me a break.

Gorgeous, love her so much.

She would move to New York with her boyfriend Austin! They are so cuteeee!

@maria: You need to stop, Bobo. Everyone knows that’s not me.

I love this cover! She looks older, gorgeous, and very chic. And I’m with Tina. I love her because she doesn’t live her life by what others say, and I was thrilled she gave up a relationship that was going nowhere. That took guts too. She is a strong young woman. Love that!

She is really pretty, and i love her life philosophy, she is living her life but there’s never news about her doing drugs, going to clubs, cheating or anything, she is always spotted with her family and her boyfriend, and according to Stella instagram her whole family LOVES Austin.

Who else here thinks that vanessa and austin will get married?

I once repelled off the side of a mountain in Germany because I signed up for it and because I did others committed to do so. Will I ever do it again? Not in this life, but I signed up for it and saw it through. That’s what adults do. When I signed I had no idea how I would feel afterwards. She could have come out of this saying things like “it made her a woman” or “it was the best time of my life” She did it, because she was commited to do so, didn’t like it and won’t do it again. Simple as that.

Love Vanessa!!!


Do you have a link to this BTS? We’d love to feature it at


@mela: You are right these pictures from this spread are gorgeous. Thanks for posting.

italian mom @ 11/15/2012 at 5:04 pm

JJJ has amazing photos. She dresses this brand like no other! Made for each other, I would say.
And yes, it’s her life and she already understood a tough lesson ( I took 36 years to not get influenced and pushed to places that were not my decisions) and she loves what she does. Very happy for her achievements!

Cant wait for the full interview

Absolutely stunningly beautiful! Just love her pics. Her honesty, openness and wisdom shines through. One of the many reasons why I identify with this girl.

It looks like she has a MASK of pale makeup on! Bad cover.

Annabelle @ 11/15/2012 at 7:43 pm

Mission accomplished today! A coordinated VH pumper attack grabs pages 1 and 2. Very amusing how you all coordinated it today. My observation is that Vanessa is looking very mature these days.

So it seems that emma and vanessa had some kind of problem with SB. Good thing I’m not watching it then, there is always a real reason why Emma dropped out. and plus i don’t want to see vanessa in a movie where she’ll obviously look like she doesn’t wanna be in it.

Annabelle @ 11/15/2012 at 8:12 pm

@LMAO: She needs the work. She’ll take anything. She should have objected to doing scene but went along with it. Harmony wrote the screenplay for that child porn “kids” movie, so this movie will likely be pushing it too.

I think she didn’t like the way the cover came out at all because it looks unflattering

@mela: thanks for the pics, mela! I actually like those better than the one they chose for the cover! Stunning!!

@LMAO: So glad Emma was never in it. She would never have fit in with the others. JMO.

@Annabelle: She absolutely does NOT take anything. She is very selective, and chooses those projects that are going to stretch her limits in some way.

Great cover, busy girl.

Greetings all! Know what bugs me about this cover? There is nothing glowing about vanessa in the shot, but look at the title of the magazine. They used too much makeup on her, the tones look horrible, and her expression should have been uppity and not pensive. I think somebody should communicate this to her agent or publicist. Make sure Vanessa gets at least 10 hours of sleep for 3 days prior to a shoot, send her for a facial rejuv 2 days prior to the shoot and insist on using less make up to let the natural skin glow push through the shot. Hey, i am no expert on the subject, you know, just employing a bit of common sense here and tapping the girlfriends habits with this advice. She is cute and only 23, so she can certainly get a better and more natural beauty shot. Cheers!

maria: based on reviews, it seems like no one fit the role. It looked like only Selena and James did their role right.

Point is, you cant sell a magazine entitled “glow” when the subtleties of the cover picture are in both subliminally and starkly in contrast to it. Vanessa is not really the problem here, the editors of the magazine are responsible for compromising their principles. It’s actually not fair for Vanessa also. Her undereye area does not look fresh. Should have tried again the next day once they looked at the shots. Hey not hating here, just giving an honest assessment.

According to the crew, Emma dropped the role because she didn’t wanted to gain weigth.
“It was very nerve-racking for
me. I told my agent that I never want to do it
ever again.”
That doesnt means she wasnt confortable doing it, it means she doesnt want to do it again, it would be so hard to find a role like this one with a director like Harmony, everyone wants to work with him (even RPattz, he loved Spring Breakers)), because he is AMAZING, she knew about the scene when she got the script, so she knew about everything, but there always some stupid people (they didnt even saw the movie yet) who think this movie is like child porn or something like that, all the critics around the world loving the movie it says everything, its a master piece! A really strong and brillant movie.

She looks great here. Love her hair and make up. She’s glowing. Maybe because she’s happy with her life.

@Connie: Are they going with wide release? My prediction is a surprising 14 million opening week, 8 mill the second, 5 mill the third, and then it fades into oblivion with a tiny cult following

Everyone can say you are “not an expert” lol, i think you need to see the outtakes, she looks stunning! And the BTS, she didnt even need photoshoop, this girl is stunning, and her eyes are amazing.

HATERS are FAULT-FINDERS…….everybody bear that in mind!

nyway……beautiful as usual…with very little make-up….tadaaaaa…….every inch very gorgeous!!!

Hello to the regulars here.Have a great day!

@Connie: I’ll give you a very unbiased opinion, at first site her tones in that shot especially under the eyes are a bit disconcerting, and it is noticeable enough at a half second second glance. From the perspective of a magazine buyer or a potential Hudgens convert perusing magazines, the effect is net negative. Yes she is cute, no question, but wrong magazine title for this shot. For me the irony will settle in. If it were good housekeeping or modern woman or something like that then no prob. She does look good, no question about it though.

Glow is happy with their cover girl or they wouldn’t have used her. Silly remark from the uninformed won’t change that.

LOL , cuttinh hair and gaining weight for Gimme sheleter ?“ so many actresses wanted to do the role “ I bet! with an unknown director who apparently has not done anything before and Brendon Fraser as the father playing like his first ever serious role in a film ,I`m just sure “lots of actresses wanted to do it “ .lol Gosh , she`s just praising herself since no one is doing it .

Well, they can check against magazine sales and do an evaluation if this was successful or not. Just trying to give an unbiased, iow, non-hudgens acolyte view of the situation, in which case Hudge looks gorgeous in any picture, even when she has just rolled out of bed.

She looks amazing on this cover (I don’t know why but I get a bit of a Jackie Kennedy vibe from it, in a good way) and all the other pictures I’ve seen from this shoot.
On the few parts from the interview we see here I don’t get what the haters are implying so it’s obvious that it’s just more bias opinions of those who have set out to hate on her no matter what she says or does. I’ve always respected Vanessa for the way she always does what her heart and mind tells her to do, not what anyone else tells her to do what she said here is just more proof of that philosophy, and speaking of SB and that comment I don’t think it has anything to do with anything other than that specific sexscene, I mean I haven’t seen the movie yet (though I can’t wait to see it) but I do believe that it probably wasn’t so that it was a sexscene that she was so uncomfortable with to say that she didn’t want to do it again but by the actual scene, if that makes sense, well either way I know Vanessa will keep working and growing as an actor with each role she takes on and with the life philosophy she will also be very happy in her life as well and that’s all that really matters in the end.

So this is she finally turns out to be .” at the end of the day i do whatever i want , even if it hurts someone , if what i am doing is right for me , it`s all what i care “ .LOL There goes your “caring , supportive ,warm “ flllyyyiiinngg out the window ! LOL Don`t tell us fans didn`t warn that she is this type .It`s all waht we`ve been sayin all along , now in her own words ! lol

Connie : Emma said “creative differences that couldn’t be resolved.” is the reason why she dropped out. If Vanessa wasn’t so desperate to get rid of her Disney image, she would have dropped out too.

Here’s the thing you should know- Interviews are usually planned months ahead, so I doubt he actually seen spring breakers. And I really wouldn’t take anything he says seriously since he is stupid enough to take back someone who cheated on him.


You are the always oh so present fan, on all her posts, and it looks like you know everything about this movie and about her, so you should know…
Its going to be amazing. o Harmony, his first movie going nationwide and most probably worldwide. This is amazing, an indie going worldwide, and its not for the $. They are doing it because everyone wants to see the movie.


Silly little BO, here again talking about things you don’t understand which only reflects badly on you. When she said that it’s obvious that she wasn’t talking about that role specifically but what an actor have to do for any role he or she takes on because there are competitions to all roles. But I do think that Vanessa knows a bit better about who else was up for any role she takes on than you do, it’s just not something they talk about out of respect for their colleagues.

The comments from the detractors become lamer as she continues to achieve her goals. Now they are just laughable.

Last I checked RPatz has said he loves James Franco , not SB .He said he wanted to work with Korine in March when the SB hadn`t even finished filming .lol

vancrazed @ 11/15/2012 at 9:11 pm

@tina: well she’s always been that way though. she’s never used somebody’s name to ‘make her famous’ or ‘keep her in the limelight’. that’s just who V is. She won’t ‘pay’ for a role, Its not about money for her, and she’s more concerned about doing what she loves and being true to herself. I agree with you 100%. Its why I love her too! :)

Btw , did I mention Zac got a PCA nomination for the favorite dramatic actor and TLO the favourite dramatic movie ! So happy !

Last I checked RPatz has said he loves James Franco , not SB .He said he wanted to work with Korine in March when the SB hadn`t even finished filming .lol

Btw , did I mention Zac got a PCA nomination for the favorite dramatic actor and TLO the favourite dramatic movie ! So happy ! ..

she looks really stunning. White is definitely her color.

My dear silly e , read the interview carefully .It specifically says what she said on Gimme shelter .lol

I highly doubt there was such competition for the role .If there had been I am sure they wouldn`t choose her .They would choose someone who can act and capable of controlling facial expressions better .Go do your search .The director hasn`t done anything before , or anything worthy .And with Fraser in a serious role , I don`t think there was tough competition .lol

i know!! I read Rob latest interview, it looks like he is in contact with Harmony and he was at one of the secret / private screenings last month: He is one of the only young actor who actually has passed the teen heartthrob phase and he is a real actor a talented actor.

ignore BO, she is just desperate for attention, lol no one cares about her anymore.

She`s true to herself and that`s why you bunch love her ! True , like , doing whatever she wants irrespective of whether others are upset .True as in , caring all about doing good to you ! LOL If that`s why you love her , you may as well love rapists .You might love rapists `cause he stayed true to himself and when he felt the need to stick his c.ock somewhere he stuck it in a gal`s p.ussy , hence he`s a rapist.But he still stayed true to himself .lol

i noticed that before! she is a cutie.

Haters Suck! @ 11/15/2012 at 9:27 pm

Do u like talking to yourself?

That´s why i love her too, it doesn’t matter that some stupid Vanessa´s ex boyfriend fan is here trying to twist her word, she knows how Vanessa is, and thats why we all love her.

Robert is a real actor, that’s why he loves Harmony and all those up and coming indie directors, because he knows what’s fight for a role, he is a good actor. He had the heartthrob factor because of Twilight, and he could easily still working on some rom coms or with the same director always, but he was out there fighting to get a role. He doesnt has his own production company, and yeah, we all know he has some pretty important friends out there, but he never used those friend to get him roles. I´m glad he liked the movie.

where did you see it`s gonna get wide release?

V supporters,,,,,,,activate you IGNORE button!

Trap is being set-up!Ignore,ignore,ignore!

Let us not stoop down to their level!!!

She looks so beautiful and grown up

@Fan Here:
JJ needs to bring all the pictures to the main site!

yes rob is a real actor. which he proved to us by taking back that cheating s.lut kristen just for the sake of twilight promo. and ofcaurse if twilight didn’t happen he wouldn’t be where he is at the first place. being a heartth.robe is what have made all these young actors in hollywood to get famous. if vanessa would have had her own production company then i would be singing a different tune. but there’s no point of her having one either way as she seem to be going thrue a hard time finding work already so even if she did have one nobody will wont to spend their money on her anyway production company anyway. its better she don’t have one.

Vanessa the hottie. Wish there were more pics though!

@andrew: Dam n so weird…I just posted that I wished there were more pics. Bam you post the same thiing!

Haters Suck! @ 11/15/2012 at 10:16 pm

There are a few more pics on the jjr post.

I forgot to ask , how many nominations does Pudge and her movies have at the PCAs ? ??….oops !

Most real actors find sex scene awkward and uncomfotable. Imagine being nearly nude upclose to someone you barely know, with twenty people in the room. Also, one of them is giving you directions, like put your hand here or move your leg to the right. You have to either not care at all or be on some serious drugs to find something romantic about that type of situation. She could have lied and said she found it enjoyable.

Fearless4Efron @ 11/15/2012 at 10:23 pm

You still wonder why the hell Vanessa went from hottie and gentle Zac to the uttershit Austin Butler

Vanessa is so freaking beautifuuullllllll

i dont think anyone here think about that. lol we are over zac and all the zanessa pr shiit. I think we should throw a party on December 13th, best date ever.

@by none. and thats why we say those awards are worthless. but if vanessa would have been nominated then we would be praising the awards such as how great winning a PCA would be and how she has supportive fans who thinks she deserve it so they voted her. but sadly the fans doesn’t seem to think so. we fans need a reality check. rather than wasting our time van on this stupid site, we should have voted for her. maybe then she would have get nominated.


Looks means nothing if you don’t have the personality to go with it.

Rpatz is a good actor `cause he likes Korine .lol I bet he`s better than Lee and Hicks , both Oscar nominated and under both Zac worked .lolThinking about it , Rpatz has never worked with an Oscar nominated director , or has he ? He might have .Of course , directors choose repeatedly the actors who do the fair job for their moivs and who are commercial and also who “suit “ the roles .Zac has been repeatedly chosen for those reasons not because directors fancy him .lmao About hte production company , don`t bother .Actor can suceed enough without one as has Zac `cause none of the films he`s done so far has been produced by his .Don`t bother blaming Pudgens` lack of success on the lack of a production comapany .lol


Or the chemistry isn’t there anymore.

i really love the way she reacted, because it would have been really easy to sell the usual PR answer about how much she loves to do sex scenes and how they all enjoyed everything. I like the way she carries herself, she is always so honest, and the most important thing she doesnt care about anyone opinion!

Whoa. Seems like JJ at least has some kind of programmed ban on me here. It worked lovers, but personally, my feelings are hurt. Will have to get more creative in getting my comments through.

Aw, am i that unlikable that you want to get my comments banned? lol

If she doesn’t care about anyone’s opinion does that mean she don’t give a about her fans.

she`s honest . so you say . so it means the things she said about not caring whether others get upset and aring all about doing good oneself , I assume she was being honest too .lol There flies the caring , supportive warm again out the window .lololol

she`s honest . so you say . so it means the things she said about not caring whether others get upset and caring all about doing good oneself , I assume she was being honest too .lol There flies the caring , supportive warm again out the window .lololol ,,

no Bu tt , I am having the some problems too .I have been typing multiple times to get one of my comments posted .And some of them post multiple times .Can you access the post before this ? I can`t . It says page not found and give an error code 404 .Something is wrong with the site .

hey my comment went to moderation without even having anything to moderate. just some problem with the site i guess

she looks great, love her jacket

wow so gorgeous

she has beautiful brown eyes

“To thine own self be true,and it must follow,as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man.” Take care of yourself first, and that way you’ll be in a position to help others.

@intric8: “Aw, am i that unlikable that you want to get my comments banned? ”


@intric8: Outwit, Outlast, Outplay.

oh , she`s wearing the Cartier in this photoshoot .

<3 can't wait to see more pics and the rest of the article!!

This site is crazy today .it actually asked me for a confirmation message to refresh the page . pooh

they are sending my comments to moderation .wtf


Ugly long lips and huge wide nose. How come attention wh**e has to wear light face makeup. Nothing to write home to about. Lookig old.

The gay girl club is out in full force to worship their tacky, plain idol. Her mask face is creepy.

@intric8 @me @Bo: If you don’t like her, please do not come here
I’m really tired of hearing complaints about her
We do not need your opinions

I’m trying to picture it. All you crazy weird females collecting her pictures. Putting them on the wall, whatever. Scary. You all act like you’re in love with the average looking attention b**ch. And you can’t stand it when she gets bad comments. She looks terrible on that cover with all that powder on. Photoshopped. And those legs are ugly. I like to see her without the spider eyelashes and the phoney smooth skin filter. She’d be plain. She looks like Janet Jackson.

Fearless4Efron @ 11/16/2012 at 1:30 am

@Xo: After their announcement of breakup, he went to North Carolina to find her, but she jilted him. She really blew her luck.

there, again..this mouth-thing…she tries to looks sexy…so ridiculous!!!!

Who is this twerp trying to look like, Carrie Underwood. They both have wide flat noses. She looks 38.

what a laugh @ 11/16/2012 at 5:13 am

i have heard about Gimme Shelter and Frozen Ground forever. she made these movies quite a while ago.then they kept getting moved that spring breakers is getting so much attention her other movies again seem to be on the back burner. isn’t she ever going to a movie released?

At a laugh,i knw who u ar.

@tina: I agree, tina. She could totally have schmoozed and said she adores Franco, and who wouldn’t want to film a s*x scene with him? She could have said it was the highlight of her life, like *cough-cough*, another actor we know. But she was being honest about how awkward and uncomfortable it was. She may just have meant the threesome, but I always like that she is honest.

And again, I think this cover is fabulous, though I do like the other pics better. She is SO photogenic, as one photographer said, it’s hard to mess up photographing Vanessa. And YEAH, for Spring Breakers getting a nation wide release! Very cool for an indie!!

@K the B – Yeah, i love u too baby

Anyone who thinks there is something wrong with her under eye area is really reaching for something stupid to say. These pics show what I like best about her. Her beautiful features, yet convey a soft subtle sexiness about her. You can’t fake that. It’s just there. Nice pics, V.

But this is just JJ which qualifies as your hacked out little corner in the websphere for Van. The real test is tmz or the yahoo line, and as you know they are ruthless with Hudgens the majority of the time. You guys have it locked in pretty tight here and didn’t botch page one today, so good job. Did Jared notify before he posted? LOL! Better you hear critique that is blatantly honest and objective rather than the typical bloviations coming from your own crew; it has more value and you know it. Most times i’m not critical just for the sake of haranguing Van, it’s much more to check and balance your overt spamming efforts which we know are a concerted effort. No blood, no foul sweetheart.

Intricate @ 11/16/2012 at 6:29 am

@K the B: FYI, you have to be a simpleton to not realize that you have been budgeted to actually pull off your shenanigan love spamming here. Nobody is this crazy about any celebrity in the world. At least save money and outsource your effort overseas (Good heavens if these are merely volunteers) if you haven’t already. Lots of call center people with time on their hands. It’s just simple economies of scale coming into play.

Wow haters can’t believe u guys wasting time here. Before judging Vanessa, maybe u should judge yourself first and look in the mirror how desperately pathetic u guys are. Pffftttt

But any honest evaluation of Pudge is besides the point, the clear objective and modus operandi is to own page one and page two if possible, give the illusion of random Hudgens fans on both pages, pump the thumbs up, have the regulars come in after for maintenance of the thread, stress the positive with vanessa, and of course, more comments gives the illusion of popularity and gets her on the upper row of the web page so double and triple post if necessary and say “oops, i dont know why it triple posted my comment”.

@Wow: I’m not judging Van. She is a hard working actress, i give her that. She says she doesn’t care what other people think about what she does, but that’s just a bunch of horse*****. Of course she does. Otherwise, she’ll find her a*ss in a sling like Kstew. Do you understand how Kristen may have possibly thrown her career away for not “caring” what other people thought when it came to her conduct? But imo Van, she’s cute, not “gorgeous”. Amber Heard, Lily Collins, Keira Knightley, now they are gorgeous.

@Wow: I’m not judging Van. She is a hard working actress, i give her that. She says she doesn’t care what other people think about what she does, but that’s just a bunch of horse*****. Of course she does. Otherwise, she’ll find her a*ss in a sling like Kstew. Do you understand how Kristen may have possibly thrown her career away for not “caring” what other people thought when it came to her conduct? But imo Van, she’s cute, not “gorgeous”. Amber Heard, Lily Collins, Keira Knightley, now they are gorgeous.

@maria, l know, someone went as far as printing a picture of her as a child to show this is the natural shape of her lips. Like I said Glow is happy with their cover girl and so am I. Most actors are not comfortable during the filming of sex scences,only a rare person would feel like “it was the best experience of their lives”

To each his own.

Where does it say ‘I DON’T CARE ABOUT ANY ONE’? She says what is true for everyone, if you live your life trying to please everyone in the end you please no one. Plus, you end up miserable. Whatever you do in live, you’re never going to please everyone, so you might as well please yourself.

Sb do in life

@intric_8: We have very different tastes, cause I don’t find anything appealing about those women. Amber and Kiera are ok, but definitely not Collins. Your opinion just doesn’t make something factual. I think you’ve got A-itis. Just accept we have different taste, and yours is NOT better than mine. I frankly don’t have time to browse the universe of celeb chatter so I’ll leave that to you. And honestly, I don’t care. If people truly enjoy being brutal, then that’s their problem. Sick, but it is reality. Off to work….have an early teach session with a new lung CA pt, carbo, alimta, avastin, in case you’re interested, intric8.

Alexandra @ 11/16/2012 at 8:53 am

It looks like Karen (what a laugh, karen4554 on twitter), one of the zanessa psycho fans is here. And now we all know who BO is too. Blah they are both obssessed with Vanessa and probably still crying because Vanessa ended zanessa. They are just as fearless4efron, they are at the same level.

@maria: Is that your protocol? Is the patient a IIIA or more? I hear alimta isn’t panning out the way they anticipated. They cant even get 5 year data on it because median survival for advanced lung is abysmal. I apologize for talking shop. Have a great day and have lunch for a change instead of spending the entire time on a Hudgens post, eh? haha

Gorgeous, and i love posts like this one, just love and everything about Vanessa, keep ignoring the 3 haters aka keep ignoring the 3 persons obssessed with Vanessa.

Sei bellissima mia cara. Ti amo.

She looks great here.

Hey you no what? Franco looks f*cking awesome in this flick too. I seriously can’t wait to see this… oops, cant believe i said that here lol

Ash looks super cute in this film too, man. No wonder Franco fell for her. Selena’s lips look like they are just ready to burst with fruit flavor.. so kissable looking, and for other purposes too. What did i say? Yes, Vanessa too, yada yada…

italian mom @ 11/16/2012 at 1:25 pm

Enchanted is the right movie for Intric8 to see.

@intric_8: MD got final bx report, and it’s squamous cell, so she switched him to Carbo/ Gemzar. But actually, we do use pemetrexed fairly often. But only as long as there is response.

She always give very dumb answers. even a 10 year old can answer better than her. she seem very immature for her age.

Not only are her answers mature, they are on point. Since judging by your grammer your either 12 or English is your second language, I’ll over look your ignorance.

@tina what do you mean my grammar? there is nothing grammatically wrong with what i wrote.

oh i love her.

Aunty Tumor tries to show off she knows english better than others , even than those who are from her same country , and ends up looking more foolish than ever .lol

Fearless4Efron @ 11/16/2012 at 8:52 pm

@Fearless4Efron: Dangsinneun every day, about Austin with her in tweeter insult .
Dangsinneun as do not like her why still interest ?
I do not know why his fans insult her to Denmark
Amujit did not her to you

@ray: Yes, there are errors with your grammar.

She always give very dumb answers. even a 10 year old can answer better than her. she seem very immature for her age.

It should be “gives”, and “seems”. “even” and “she” should be capitalized.

Aunty Tumor , FYI , this is not an online Language class .No one here needs to write absolute proper english specially those who are from non- english speaking countries .It`s enough the other can understand you .No one here writes proper english , not even you , people make grammar mistakes and specially typing mistakes .Might I point out and whine about such mistakes you have made too? I think your bringing up these grammar and spelling mistakes is extremely disrespectful , insulting and racial .This is the nature of Pudgens` fans .

Ah Maria, no cytology back, no staging, no lymph node assessment and you guys assume a non small cell advanced disease regimen? Y u guys no work up the patient thorougly first? One course no big deal, but still. Is it operable?

in a way i feel sory for pudge.she wantd a gud career but she’s been struglin evrsince leavin hsm

both zac and ash are more sucsful than her in their own ways.zac is a sucesful actor.ash a su. producer

Franco seems like he’s in his element with his role in SB. I think he channeled Gary Oldman from ‘True Romance’. That dude is the draw.

She looks gorgeous.
The new pic with James and Rachel is adorable, so happy for Spring Breakers, they are going nationwide!!! And thats all because everyone wants to see the movie, and because the critics at Venice, TIFF, Tokio, S, Spain, SM and all the other festivals around the world…. Loved the movie! Congratz guys!!!

And i LOVE Robert Pattinson too, he is a great actor.

And oh,’real actors’ do not find s.ex scenes or whatever scenes awkward.that’s cause they get in to the role so well and do not come out and look around who he realy is .for example thats wat nicol did for paperboy.she nevr said she found those bizare scens awkward.its sad same cnnot be said abot pudge.besids sayin such a thng is a downrite insult to the othr actor.mature actors dont do such thngs.

Why so flawless! She looks so good here! And it looks like she is having the time of her life in New York with her boyfriend. Its so cute to hear they are adorable!

MoreThanWords @ 11/17/2012 at 12:02 am

Sucks being ‘under’ down under, we are more likely to get SB a good week or two (or 4) after its release in the US.

Wide release or indie release doesnt depend on whethr evryon wants to see depends on prior plans.this i heard had been pland 4 wide release since beginng.indie release wont do.budget is just too high

@MO: But Hudgie looks a tad too old for the role, like she was held back a year or two, or took few semesters off during her time at the junior college. @BO: Dats because Hudgens best acting was done as a teen with cutsie roles. That appeal is hard to parlay into mid 20′s roles. @MO: How bout that Kristen too, hasn’t she looked regal at the BD2 premieres? Smokin

MoreThanWords @ 11/17/2012 at 12:08 am

@BO: a lot of actors find sex scenes a little unnerving because your lying there with nothing between you two but a body stocking lol though I imagine they would employ a body double for those nitty gritty bits, with the exception of Sharon Stone ofcourse in Basic Instinct……raaaawwrr

I love her.

Exactly patent.only great actors find such roles not so itz no wondr pudge found it anyway greetings patent!

I dont know, i used to like her more, im not over the “once a homewrecker, always a homewrecker”, im more into the inside beauty too, and with Van is the combo!. And the saga is def not her best work. I like her in on the road.

Haters Suck! @ 11/17/2012 at 12:24 am

You keep taking to yourself on the Internet of all places people are gonna think you’re crazier than you are.

suk smthng,i hv no idea wat u mean.i keep talking to myslf?nw i am gona thnk u ar crazy

@MO: I saw on the road too. Good flick, no? Sam Riley made the biggest impression on me, though everyone did great. I think you would enjoy the history behind the development of that film. Coppola obtained the rights early on and they were looking at ethan hawke and brad pitt as the leads. Wow, that would have been fantastic. Gus van sant was looked at to direct, think my own private idaho and you see how he could have worked out great in the project as well. Kristen looked inredible in that film. I honestly think her role in this film messed with her mind and led to some real life liberated behavior. I think it screwed her up.

florence2 @ 11/17/2012 at 1:55 am

Vanessa is right about doing the right thing for yourself becuase at the end of the day you have to live with your decisions and choices and if you are going to keep making choices to keep other people happy then how is that helping you. I don’t think that she meant that she does’nt care if she upset’s people on purpose but some choices will upset someone in your life but you still have to do what is right for you.

why do i get the feeling that tina and maria is the same person. somebody asked a question from tina but she’s nowhere to be seen so maria comes to the rescue. there have been times before this where this has happened. there have to be some reason behind this. all of them works like a team and its like they have a whole plan made up on who will answer who and who will comment at which time of the day.

Mila Kunis wannabe. Ugly ho can’t act her way out of a paper bag.

MoreThanWords @ 11/17/2012 at 4:41 am

@BO: Well either way I’m looking forward to FG more so than SB. And greetings to you too BO, my comments appears to be dissappearing. I’ve posted two since #197. JJ having a spaz?

@tina you think she won’t do it again? thats a big lie. if she won’t her career is over. all she gets is to play a horny little girl. not that she has talent to get a real role. she’s trying to look all innocent by saying she won’t be doing it again. nobody is going to buy that lie

@Jo:shut up!!!You don’t know anything about her

Patent , I also am having problems with the site . So do few others as well .Lots of my comments have gone missing .JJ should fix this .Seriously , this site needs repair and enhancement .You can`t at least paste a smiley along with a comment here .

People wondering where their answers are, shouldn’t be shocked. Seems like JJ finally started editing the vulgar trash after several reports.

intric8, the pt is ALWAYS worked up. Final path report showed squamous cell, so switch was made to Carbo/Gemzar. Keep in mind that I work on the nursing end, and do not get involved in the work-up. I just get the final word on what tx will be, and I do the rest. I have to schedule the pt for the teaching session, meet with pt and family, discuss the tx and side effects, send scripts for antiemetics, have them sign consent, give them a calendar for the antiemetics, send regimen to billing to check insurance verification, and basically do the “hand-holdong” throughout the length of their tx. We also determine what other services are needed, like nutritional counseling, etc. So I get the pt once work-up is done. I will tell you, once path reports and staging are in, age is also relevant in determining a regimen. Some are better tolerated than others, and quality of life is considered. This pt was elderly and inoperable. Also a big factor, is goal of tx. Curative or palliative. Obviously curative regimens are more aggressive. It is a rapidly changing field, and if you have any interest, go for it. My son is applying to med schools right now, and has a huge interest in oncology as well. Great field to keep a good brain like yours working. Now if we could work on your heart and soul…

@yets: Nope. Not the same person. Sometimes when someone asks a question and no one has responded, I will answer if I can. That doesn’t mean anything sinister, i am always just maria here.

Rotflmao “The last bastion of a desperate man” So, now @maria and I are one. Is that the best you can do? Jo, if like you I had the ability to predict the future, I’d currently be rolling around in my yahoo millions. Sadly that’s not the case. Love how you have the inside scoop on what jobs she is being offered, who’s your source? Always good to hear from someone with connections to the inter working of Hollywood.

LOL , Dahl`s brain is shrinking again . ”JJ editing vulgar trash ” lol do you know what a disgrace that to your friend Patent ? lol She`s having problems as well .lol

@yets tina is one of my multiple personalities. Look at the time of our comments. We both tend to come out at the same time. Now all these can’t be coincidences right.

Some fan(s) here clearly have nothing else better to do than keep flagging up and down all the comments here. For one’s that flagging option is pointless cause whoever who wants to read hidden comment can click on it and read it anyway. Or else its this site itself (who i assume is getting paid by her team) who is thumbing down the comments every second of the day cause just the second a negative comment is posted it gets atlest five thumbs downs. if it isn’t the site then its obviously one of her crazy fans who i feel very sad for. This person has no life.

Why do you call her fans crazy?
What is wrong with protecting her as her fans?
I do not care whose fan you are, but do not be rude to her fans

There you go. I was right. two thumbs already. @Emma i believe you are the one who is being given the job to thumb down on her posts and you had to come out because what i said might have hit a nerve there.

Nightwish @ 11/17/2012 at 9:06 am

@BEAN: Burying negative comments is one of their tasks. This is one big promo effort.

Geez, has anyone considered that tina and I are in the same time zone?? Of course not. No, we are on the same wavelength too, but not the same person! Tina, I think you have sons, right?

@JO: Zac Efron fan crazy *******

@Nightwish: Yeah, like what happens on JJ impacts the world in such a huge way. Yeah, riiiight. Just happens to be the only celeb blog I read. Not rocket science that some of us post here whenever there are Vanessa pics.

@…..: BO/JO, same person. She also has this obsession with talking to herself, and posing as me. Talk about multiple personalities. It’s quite amusing.

@maria: Yes, I guess so.
One of his fans seems to leave opinions by changing ID several times

dhal’s havin serios mental prolems

whenevr her doplgangr cms up,she says itz me,even wen itz dead of the night here in sl,she cnstantly seems to 4get dat v ar frm 2 difrnt time zones

not to mention asuming evry pudge basher is

if tumour brain was my mothr,first thng i’d do is book an apoinment at a first clas phsychiatrist

seriously,if my mothr came on to a gosip site evry half an hour to defend sm dirty gal,s.crewing her job and playng with human lives,i’d be so ashamd of havng a mothr like this

she doesnt find it wrong to play with human lives bt finds fault with us bashng a dirty gal didnt take a minute 4 my coments to get multiple thumbs about psychos!woosh!yup.pudgens pusiers!all of them. didnt take a minute 4 my coments to get multiple thumbs about psychos!woosh!yup.pudgens pusiers!all of them…..

its amusin hw pudgens pusiers always find a way round pudgens mistakes

and always defend this dirt bag

She looks gorgeous, everyone is loving this cover! Yay!

Love you baby!

@maria sorry I went to brunch with friends. Yes I have three sons. I think we’re both in the eastern timezone. They should go back to the night Sandy hit, you weren’t on line and I worried about you. Of course they’ll try to turn that into something else, too. Lol.

@tina: We were fine, tina! So nice of you to think of me! We were spared any damage, but my heart goes out to those who are still without power, and have damage so great, they can’t return to their homes. So, so sad. And yes, I am in the east too.

@BEAN: Yes because after world peace and finding a cure for cancer, commenting on this blog and constantly thumbing down comments about Vanessa are of the uttermost importance. Sarcasm intentional. You have to know how ridiculously paranoid you sound.

@kylie it seems like it is to her fans LOL thats why they spare their time to specifically thumb down every negative comment just the second its posted.

MoreThanWords @ 11/17/2012 at 7:17 pm

@maria: I hate the word, ‘oncology’ and all that it embodies. It’s taken quite a few family members, most importantly my nan and I look forward to the day a cure is found. I was my nans caregiver during the last stages and we regused to place her in a hospice. I have to say though, that I admire the medical staff for all their effort and care towards those who suffer. It’s never easy on the families but I imagine it would be just as difficult for the medical professionals.

MoreThanWords @ 11/17/2012 at 7:22 pm

@BO: I would appreciate it if you could please refrain from referring to Maria as ‘tumour brain’ or any other form of cancerous tumour. It is very offensive to myself and possibly others who has lost someone close or knows someone suffering at the moment, thanks BO.

@MoreThanWords: Thanks for that, and so sorry for your loss. I know oncology is a difficult word for many. Believe me, I know. We become very close to our patients, more than any other specialty, because we see out pts weekly, and even daily sometimes, depending on their regimen. We are there with them every step, and it is so painful for us too, when chemo is just not working anymore. The best we can do, is hope for response to the treatment, and when the cancer becomes stronger than our therapies, it is time for families to love, cherish, and talk to each other. There is a time to accept what we can’t change and help each other through it. And that is part of what we do. There is nothing more rewarding than the tears and hugs from a pt and family, even when treatment hasn’t cured their disease. They truly appreciate our care and love. I recently lost a lovely patient in her 50′s, who had chemo for 15 years! Her husband came in to see me the week after she died, and thanked us all for giving her the time, to see her sons grow up, graduate, marry, and see her first grandchild born. We were all sobbing, but it validated what we do, and why. It’s to give every person every possible minute they can have, and to live it the best way possible. We are here to love and care for each other, and I know your nan knew how much you all loved her. She will always be with you in your life. Cherish every memory you have of her; they will make you smile forever.

Seems like i’m pretty much banned. Nice going guys lol! Maybe JJ is having really bad server probs for the last two days, but i’ve kind of ruled that out. – Intric8

sory patent of ur loss

i hv great respct 4 doctors and nurses

hwevr,i hv no respect 4 those who play with their jobs and hence risk lives as pea brain

but i’l make her an excption since its hurtful to u.

u fan me hater we ar difrnt .stil i dont wanna stoop as low 2 hurt u

italian mom @ 11/17/2012 at 10:32 pm

Great maria, thank you very much for sharing.

MoreThanWords @ 11/17/2012 at 10:39 pm

@maria: I pretty much knew that when they uped the dosage of nans morphine there was no coming back for her, she was constantly out and our conversations consisted of jumbled murmurs. We couldn’t have been more happier for the help and support we received from doctors, nurses and palliative support staff. But you know Maria, a week before she passed she was in a bad way, so we gathered around her hospital bed in the lounge and we kept our beside vigil throughout the night. She wakes up only to greet her brothers and sisters and continues her conversation with them with a strong clear voice, then she turned to us and said she’s no longer afraid to go. That was the last time we had ever heard her speak the way she used to when she was healthy and well. We knew she’d be ok then, because her siblings had been deceased for years, and nan had always been known for her ability to communicate with the deceased. When nan passed away we donated thousands to the Cancer Society here in NZ for their continued efforts, and today our family continue to support Cancer Society NZ. Your ability to help and comfort sick patients speaks volumes about you Maria :)

MoreThanWords @ 11/17/2012 at 10:40 pm

@BO: Thanks BO :))

Its sad patent.cancer is spreadin fast here in next door aunty also got one in oesophagus.she died once and came back ,cn u believ that?most of her family livs abroad.she livs here with hr mothr.v were the ons who lukd aftr her

Its with such lives aunty oncology fake is messing with.smone really shud warn the authorities.this is a distraction no mater what

V shud all strive hard to have this iresponsibl oncofake fired!

Haters Suck! @ 11/17/2012 at 11:41 pm

You’re insane

@MoreThanWords: Again, thanks. And if it’s any comfort to you, I’m sure that time she had with you meant a lot to her. Caring for someone ill is very emotionally and physically exhausting. But you all gave her the greatest gift… and respect til the very end. She was able to pass with you all around, in peace. That is a blessing. She sounds like she was an amazing lady and I’m sure she was very proud of you.

MoreThanWords @ 11/18/2012 at 12:44 am

@maria: Thankyou. She never said a bad word about anyone, and our door was always open, even to bloody strangers! At her funeral we had her service in a huge church, but it wasn’t big enough to seat the hundreds who attended. I don’t think there are many people left in this world who have an unselfish heart, and I think my nan was one of the most unselfish people I have ever known. And you are so right, it is a very emotionally and physically demanding job caring for someone who is terminally ill. I don’t think people really appreciate the life we have now until we see life literally seeping out of someone so close to us. I know nan would be sorely dissapointed in the trash I used to post on here, so I’ve learnt to just flip it and move on. Thanks again Maria :)

@Nightwish:JJ is not having server problems. Good riddance and have a nice life.

Regards, Kelly the Biotch.

Love the dress.

cause no one sane would spend 24/7 on a gosip site like u

lol. Look at the plain ho showing her bra and looking like a loser.

And here’s one of the b*tch smoking a cigarette. Real cool and classy. She looks rough and old for her age.

@K the B: Yeah if anybody would know, it would be you K the B! Actually, i think Jared may have banned my out of country proxy because i cant even get into the site. Is that a random problem or did you guys go crying to him about me? Lots of comments from everyone else coming in, so it’s obviously not a server prob but seems like an ip block to me

god .she’s a total wh.ore not to mentin smoker too.

i’v seen bfor also pics of dis b.itch smoking not to mention luking t.ipsy

and here the pumpers are like,zac smokes drinks and fals outta clubs lol

oh 4 hevans sake bu tt.u arent bannd.if u ar ,u wont b able 2 coment at all

stop ranting.itz jj servr problems.patent is hvng problms as wel.i had ur same problem,but nw its ok again

@MoreThanWords: She would NOT be disappointed in you for defending someone against horrid trash and accusations. Like the example above. Yup, we saw those pics. And yup, she was 21 or 22, out having a good time, like all other kids that age. Fortunately, she again learned how to avoid that, and has not been caught again. And so what? It’s not ok for her to party but ok for the ex to come out of strip clubs tipsy with wet pants or drop condoms on the red carpet in front of photographers?? Double standards.

pudgens pusiers are the doubl standards

dey say dey liv in a modern country unlike the ‘backwardly thinking SL’

@maria: We saw those pictures when they came out. Do these people think we live under a barrel? Part of being an adult is learning from your mistakes. She was over 21 and nothing she did was illegal. Still there have been no repeats.

but find faulty with a young man who drinks and smokes but the same lot give excuses for a GIRL of the same age doing the same things .The lame excuse is “she`s just 21 and hasn`t done that after that “ .LOL FYI it was last year she drunk and fell off the stairs at Cannes and it weas this year she posyed on her blog her mornig recipe of alcohol .lol

no repeats my a rs e! how old was she when she fell off cannes steps drunk ? lol how old was she when she took that le.sbian pose pic with drunk gals ? how old was she when she posted on her bog pics of bottles of alcohol on her blog or facebook acount and said my breakfast recipe ? lol

ok , so when Zac drinks and smokes , it`s illegal , low class . When Pudge dos the same , it`s legal and classy .

Well well, what do you know, BD2 is kickin azs at the box office after all. So much for Kristen haters ******** things up. Man that chick is hot. Now if she can only find a new project…

LOL Who gave me the thumbs up ? So it means a hater is watching this .Thanks bro /sis .I assume conisdering the speed the thumbs down work on my posts , you have to have done more than one thumbs up to have this victoroious thumb up glowing on my screeen to cancel all the thumbs down ;) thanks .

Like I said, Vanessa is a muff baring disney ho.

Kristen has a good future than Pudge does careerwise .she used the hype around her wisely to gain headway in her career unlike Pudge eventhough she had few steps like having an affair with RSanders.Lots of other young actresses of and younger than Pudge have made much headway and achieved berrer than Pudgie .Pudgie is from a world hyped franchise .She clearly should have a better career ar this stage .Look at Zac and Ashley .They are both much more succesful careerwise

ok , I know who gave that thumbs up on my #285 ! *wink *

@BO: Vanessa’s gunna keep doing what she does REGARDLESS of what you Say. She doesn’t care about what you Think, Her life- her Decisons.

We full well know that Efron parties his ar se off. That’s why it’s stupid for his fans to bash her for doing the same. We never said she doesn’t drink. She loves wine, and good food too. Nothing wrong with that. Plus, I don’t go on HIS posts and talk about his drinking, etc.


But how do you know ? Rumour on twitter ?
One set of picture of him tipsy it’s far from hard partying … It’s like what at least five set of pictures of Vanessa drunk and partying. It’s fine she’s young and Free. But don’t judge Zac for one set of pics.
And just between you who judge him because he’s agnostic and didn’t commit to Vanessa like it’s a crime and Tina who called him an abuser and a cheater, and we all know that Vanessa cheated on Zac with Josh she spend new years eve with him and his family just after the breakup. Vanessa fan are digusting.

And less than one year ago Maria, Hater sucks and Tina spend all their time in Zac thread.

BO is still crying because Vanessa dumped Zac! Lol SHE DUMPED HIM!!!
She looks gorgeous, glad to know she is having the best time in NY with her boyfriend, she is finally happy. Ended “zanessa” was definitley her best decision. She is happy, we are happy.

Zac himself has said he pays to the paparazzis to hide/dont post his pictures. Do you saw his friends pictures on Pheed? Yup they are just playing poker!!!!!, there’s not drugs, alcohol, and others things there, come on, as a fan i know he is not a saint, and he is far from being one, he spend New Years with his friend and his girls in Turks and Caicos! He wasnt crying for V. They ended that relationship, but to me, it looks like Zac’ FANS cant move on, its nice to see how Vanessa and her fans doesnt care about that relationship anymore, but zac and his fans (i love him, but im not obssessed and i can see the reality) can let it go! HE was talking about her, promoting his carrer using her with the Penshoppe thing, and just look at his fans here, look at BO! She cant move on, its like she doesnt understand Vanessa doesnt care about Zac anymore, but she is here talking about Zac, and hating Vanessa just because she is happy and BO cant stand Vanessa being happy! Its lame. I was a zanessa fan, but im so happy for V now, and the same with Zac (even if i dont like any of his friends, always using him for promo and living the “forever party” life style) but thats what he likes, V is in New York with Austin, Zac with his friends in LA. They are happy, and his fans need to stop coming here to hate.

@Lou: Seeing as you think you know so much where’s the proof that she did in fact cheat on Zac, it can’t be because she spent New Years with Josh or that would imply that Zac did in fact have a relationship beyond friends with Rumor since he spent 2 New Years with her and her family. You call her fans disgusting, but you and some of the others are worse on some levels. There isn’t a dam* thing wrong with him partying he’s a single good looking man, but the same goes for her. You talk about her fans trolling his thread and yet here you are on a thread days old and not even listed as a top story, who’s trolling now?


I know he’s not a saint and he parties but it was mostly in 2011, About the Pheed thing, he’s not often at the Pheed house, and last weeks he was a lot in SLO.

He said he has the means to avoid/hide from the paparazzis.
Maybe He wasn’t crying for Vanessa, but we don’t know he spend time with his friends, normal stuff. But Josh said that they were dating during the filming of Journey, and she spend new years eve with him and his family. And it was less than a month after the breakup.

Honestly it’s since the day Tina called him a abuser that I can’t stand Vanessa fans. And I like Vanessa, and I’m happy for her she seems to be with someone who suit her better, but I don’t want to be anymore a fan of her.

Vanessa is gorgeous

Vanessa is flawless

Sososososo pretty


A friend (fan of vanessa and zac) told me about the bashing in her thread again. I’m not on her thread often, like once every three month.
About New years eve, he’s friend with Rumer for years, and it was not only Rumer and Zac and her family but other friends too.
But Josh said that they were dating during the filming of Journey, and she spend new years eve with him and his family. And it was less than a month after the breakup. And Vanessa denied their relationship for a longtime.

To who ever that said vanessa dumped zac, i want to ask were you there to know what happened between them? Yes zac did go after her to that jurney 2 set but you don’t know he went after her or she wanted him to come there. i believe they were trying to work it out but it didn’t so they broke up. If you are going by gossip and twitter then i can also say zac dumped vanessa cause in that video of them in waikiki zac looked pissed and vanessa hugs him from behind and confronts him but he moves away very quickly and she looks like she was crying there. so was she crying because she made a mistake and cheated on zac? I don’t think so. I am a fan of both and to be honest when zac and vanessa were together i always felt in a way they didn’t match up with eachother, And i am so happy for vanessa that she found austin because he seems to be a way better match for her. And he seems like a great guy.

@Lou: Can you provide the link to the interview where Josh said they dated during actual filming? I heard him say they dated briefly, but I don’t recall ever hearing the exact time at which they did. It doesn’t matter if Sac and Rumor have been friends for years or not, you said that Vanessa spent New Years with Josh and his family less than a month after the breakup and Zac did the same thing with Rumor and her family; the difference is I’m not trying to imply they had more going on than friendship, but if I use your reasoning then the same could be said about Zac; that was my point

he wasn’t in SLO, you shouldn’t believe everything on twitter. I really liked V and Josh, it looks like he was always there for her, and they being friends now it is so adorable! BEST CHEMISTRY EVER!and he is friend with Austin too
Im the same but with Zac, i love him, but i love the old Zac, not this one, I started to feel really dissapointed of him since Charlie St Cloud, the way he is on his interviews, he always come so fake, im sure thats not his real personality, im sure the Zac everyone knows is not the real one, because all his answers are so studied and scripted, i dont know, and i dont like his friends, do you saw all the private party pictures? i dont like that Zac, i know he can get drunk everytime, i know he can smoke, i know he can throw parties on his house every night. I just dont like how in interviews he has always said, i dont smoke, i dont drink and i prefer to read scripts with my GF than party hard all the time. I dont like how, it looks like he always has been lying.

Opps that should be Zac

@. yes he said all that when he was with vanessa. But they broke up 2 years ago and they have both changed for the worse in lot of ways. His friends does party alot that doesn’t mean he party all the time too. All these acussetions you are making are based on blindgossip and twitter. There is no real prove that he does all these. Now i can go on about vanessa to. She said she was private and never want her private life out there but whats happening right now is the opposite. and she smokes as well does zac. And vanessa is in a relationship but zac is still single so obviously he will party a bit here and there. Vanessa did the same when she was single.


And how do you know he wasn’t in SLO ? He was in Riverside maybe ? He spend time with his family.

The Observer, I need time for the link, it was on her fanforum thread or something ? I check

@KissThis: I think what both Zac and Vanessa suffer from is guilt by association. People assume that just because their friends or someone they know does something they are automatically guilty as well. I know it will never happen, but people need to quit assuming things. As for the partying, lay off a little. They are both young and good looking, let them live a little and have fun.


And about Rumer and Zac being friends for years it matter. It’s Vanessa and Josh who dated for a few months not long after the breakup and it was confirmed by Josh and Vanessa. Maybe it was cheating or not, but feeling was here between the two.


I agree with you on this comment.

@Observer agreed #302

Glad there’s a discussion happening here without calling eachother names and fighting with eachother.

i dont think V has said she doesn’t smoke. In the Journey 2 promo she said she enjoys a good wine with pasta or fish. Im talking about his attitude, i never said i hate him, just like Lou doesnt want to be a V fan anymore, im the same way as her but with Zac, i dont like the new Zac, it is just my opinion, i liked the old Zac better (i love him, but I AM dissapointed). I´ve been talking with a couple of Zac fans on livejournal because I thought that probably it was my problem, because i had this image about Zac (him being the good guy, the perfect one) but they feel the same as me, it looks like he always was like that, there´s 2 Zacs one for the cameras and the real one, but it is ok. I still dont know anything about Vanessa´s private life, i know she is dating Austin, but she has never talked about the relationship or anything, so i dont see how she is not being private, Austin talked about V and their relationship in Venice, he said something like “im so proud of my Vanessa”, i dont know, i found that cute. I know the whole paparazzi it bothers some zanessa fans, but i dont care, because they were never doing anything wrong, and since they are both in New York = 0 pictures lol, i think V would be more happy living in New York with her boyfriend, im not an expert but i feel he makes her happy, like really happy, i´ve never seen her like this before.
i like them both, i just i dont know, i feel disapointed by Zac. im not there bashing Zac or V, i love them both. But his fans are a little crazy.

Thats what i like about Vanessa and her fans, they are such a good persons, they only attack when the bad guys (like BO or the others “fans”) come here to insult Vanessa, and i love to read Maria, Haters Sucks and everyone opinions.
There´s never hate here, till the self proclamed Zac´s fans start talking. But i know not all the Zac´s fans are like that.

@. now i don’t want to fight here but to be honest as you are dissapointed in zac , I am dissapointed in vanessa. Yes we haven’t had any pics of them sinse she has been in NY but i think we will have some soon enough. again we will always have different opinions and won’t agree on everything because we always want our idols in a good light But i honesty believe vanessa can hide when she wants and she has connections to do so and she can stop these daily pics as well. But she isn’t doing anything about it.

I’ve never heard of this magazine.

Anyway, being completely unbiased this is a terrible, awful picture. WHY would she let them pick it for a cover? It’s not at all, at all attractive. She doesn’t look close to pretty. Does she actually have lips? Because I’m not seeing any.

as i have said this before calling zac a man without a backbone just because he didn’t commit to vanessa or because he don’t believe in a religion is very dumb of me. i call myself a perfect mother and a mature woman with a balanced opinion and yet i judge zac based on those things and that miraclelly make him to be a bad person. how double standard is my opinions? that shows the level of my maturity. i appologise for all of that as i myself know you can’t judge a person by those reasons.

and obviously i am a delusinal fan of hudgens and i worship her so i think vanessa is the only perfect girl out there and every guy should kiss her but zac didn’t so i am pissed at him for that.

@.: I totally agree with you! I used to support Efron, but no longer, for many reasons. I USED to post on his threads, when his stupid behavior warranted it, but I no longer do that either. I just really don’t like this guy now, at all, so I don’t waste my energy on him. Vanessa did not cheat with Josh; there was NO cheating involved on either side. Vanessa wanted a commitment from him. Why the heck would she cheat?? That makes no rational sense. Efron wasn’t ready. Big whoop. Like that never happens to couples that age. They have become different people, and have moved on. He parties more than she does cause he is single. So what? I don’t care what he does. But no need to bash her cause she does what HE does at times too. There are lots of pics of him looking either stoned or drunk. No need to dredge them up. He is 25 and drinks and smokes. Again, big whoop. But I am glad Vanessa is NOT single, and hitting the Chateau, Bootsie’s, etc every week. I am glad she is safe and sound with Austin. He makes her happy, and keeps her out of that seedy Hollywood life.

who ever this no lifer here who keep thumbing down the second a comment is posted,





Haters Suck! @ 11/18/2012 at 1:45 pm

People take this thumb up/thumb down feature way too seriously like it matters. It really doesn’t, who cares.
Unbiased my ass. Vanessa looks extremely beautiful not just the cover but the entire shoot was well done.

5 Already LOL i was right. YOU NEED HELP !!!

Haters Suck! @ 11/18/2012 at 2:01 pm

Why does it matter to you?

@haters suck why are you taking my comments seriously? did i hit a nerve there? it looks like it as you came out of nowhere. Why do i get the vibe that the no lifer i mentioned above is you? must be hard to keep refreshing the page LOL

Haters Suck! @ 11/18/2012 at 2:10 pm

I just asked a question. Btw a person can only use the thumb feature once. Me I can’t use it at all it doesn’t work.

@BEAN: Spending your life hating on people you don’t personally know, is no way to spend YOUR life either.

@BEAN sorry there. I did not mean it that way. You see spending your life defending some trashy celeb i know nothing about is also very dumb of me. But normaly i forget my mistakes when i point my finger at others. Hence i am delusional.

Haters Suck! @ 11/18/2012 at 7:17 pm

Doppleganger Maria
Copying Simone’s screen name and posing as them making crap up. Yeah you’re a real winner there jacka$$

That’s a good normal interview and a beautiful photo shoot.
Why are you comparing their lifestyles guys? Zac is single so he goes out a lot with his friends. So what? Vanessa is in relationship so she does other things. Is it that bad? I agree that they both went through a phase after they broke up when they would party a lot. But that’s normal because many people do that after getting out of a serious relationship. Now we don’t know what happened in their relationship or who hurt who… Assuming is getting nowhere…Nor assuming how real or fake they are. As for them getting back together nothing is impossible. Maybe they will, maybe not. It’s up to them. Even if some some want them to(like me) or not it doesn’t mean that they should “obey” us. Their life, their decisions.
Also I don’t like that these two fan bases are “hateful” towards each other. And because i’m in both I can tell you that Zac’s fans are as much hateful towards Vanessa’s fans as Vanessa’s fans towards Zac’s fans…

Haters Suck! @ 11/18/2012 at 7:19 pm


Can someone clear this up for me: Didn’t Zac dump Vanessa’s butt rather than the other way around?
@haterssuck! – Yeppers. Thumbs up/down doesn’t matter at all dude, let’s both ask Jared to remove that feature immediately lol

there are lots of pics of him looking drunk ? Oh yeah ! give me few links , will you ? The only pics out there him drunk are those from his 21 st b`day, then those real/unreal pics with theresa palmer and then last year in london -his “infamous falling outta club “ .there are rumours all over , him being seeing drinking multiple times at once or him trying to give up smoking by switching to electric ones , but no pics and no proof whatsoever .if you are foolish enough to believe them , well , then he`s a party animal – to you .lol

Alexandra @ 11/18/2012 at 7:56 pm

She dumped him, he went after her when she was filmng Journey 2 in NC, and the crew said she was mad, and she dumped him, one week later there were tons of rumors about him with Rumer, Teresa, and tons of girls, and it was everything out about him spending New Years eve in Turks and Caicos with some girls at Bruce Willis house, and Vanessa never said anything bad about him, and she was promoting Beastly and Sucker Punch, she was a lady. According to some source (it was out everywere) she dumped him, and he was mad, thats why his team tired to make him look like the happy single guy, but he was out almost everyday, drunk. There were tweets and fan pictures, i think perez hilton posted some pictures.. They even said his family had to take control of his life. I like Zac and Vanessa. But thats what we all know. Rumors rumors rumors. The only think Vanessa said about the break up was “i love loyal and honest people” and “im more happy than ever”.

Gorgeous bb

She was dating Josh while filming J2 .It was in February that they actually broke up , not Dec , stella said .So that means she cheated Zac with Josh .

Idk, his team was the one talking with people magazine about the break up in Dec, and they said there wasnt a 3 part involved, his team broke the news. But i agree, the officialy break up in Feb when she was filming Journey, I think he wanted her back but she ended everything. And it was the best, look at her now, she looks happy, and i guess he is happy too.

Pudgens cheated on efron to ride that midget’s
@alexandra here is good at writing fanfiction. she writes those type of stories which her delusional fans like reading and those type of stories which makes pudgens come out as pure as mary.

yes Good BO ,so that means she cheated on him with Josh .She wanted to ride his d.ick , that`s why she ended things .You can`t deny that she cheated wth Josh .Stella was the one posted on her blog that they broke up in Feb and Pudge herself acepted she dated Josh .When you put two and two together, yup , Pudgie cheated….

Actually pudgens obviously cheated and thats why she (as somebody here pointed out) was all cry baby in waikiki. you must be blind not to see pudge is crying in that video. and efron looks kinda pissed while your idol pudge is the one hugging him from behind and rubbing his belly like she don’t want to let him go.

@haters suck boy i can also use that thumbing down thingy and guess what? i can use it as much times as i want. i have no problem with using it few times in a row but i ain’t got no time to do that. so you here is clearly lying about it not working for you. obviously its you who keep thumbing down all the comments.

Zac can do lot better .Pudge doesn`t look as pretty as she used to now .Her beauty has clearly deteriorated eventhough Pudge fans hate to see it .She is directionless in her career .Zac on the other hand is becoming a major star and has grown from hot to hotter over the years .Yup , I think Zac can do loads better .It` s time to let this piece of trash go baby .

IDTS, it means the break they took was good. When you are on a break, and you fall for someone it means you had a right on took a break. She has done the right thing, they took a break and she ended everything, because she knew she didnt love him anymore, maybe she wanted him in Dec and he was with his friends, we dont know, what happened, but they are done now, and she is happy, thats all that matters here.

it looks like when BO is sleeping, everyone here can talk and have a good discussion without any insult or vulgar words, but when BO is here, this turn out as a horrible place, BO the worst person here.

Oh please, give me a big break. His people couldn’t wait to put out the news of the split in DECEMBER. She was with her friends for her birthday and her family for Christmas. You need to watch that Hawaii film again. SHE is looking in her purse for something, when he grabs and kisses her. Believe me if she had cheated his people would have found a way to get it into every tabloid out there. He followed her to NC trying to get back with her. Why in the he ll would he do that if she cheated on him? All you’re doing is making him sound like a weak little boy , running behind someone who ‘cheated’ on him.

Well, thats true, I think she cant defend someone without attacking others.

Oh really tina then why did after efron kissed pudge she went and hugged him from behind? did he made her hug him. sure not.
efron did went to that lame movie set of her’s but how on earth do you know he went after her? unless you are from her family you wouldn’t know that. maybe she wanted him to come there to figure things out but obviously that didn’t happen.

@.: You’re a joke.

@tina i have noticed it seems like its your mission to make it believe that pudge dumped efron. you always come out of your hole whenever that topic is discussed. i get it. it makes you feel better to point it out so pudge looks like the ‘can do no wrong’ here. but deep inside you dought it that efron might have been the one who dumped pudge

im going to agree with you, i think the ones who are always posting here are “new fans” i bet they dont know who Gina is and what has she done with Zac, his carrer and with Vanessa sometimes too. If there was any cheating behind everything im pretty sure even today, everyone would have been talking about it. There´s a reason why Zac fired her.

@tina ROFLMAO at you. what a bad come back. LOL you don’t have anything to say back so roflmao is the only option. u r such a joke tina

holy hell. Somebody is very busy at their job. Flagging hard there. Must be very pissed whoever it is.

Somethings are so inane they don’t deserve an answer.

Alright tina. Whatever you say LOL

@.: Thank you, if Gina would have had anything on Vanessa we would have had it before the news of the break up.

@.:Alexandra is right in her account of what happened. It was sourced at US magazine that Vanessa was the one that pulled the plug on the relationship. She told ZE she needed a break but she ended it completely after he tried to humilate her with the publicity stunt with that d-lister Teresa Palmer. That was revenge and PR gone wrong. Vanessa has never really spoke specifically about why it ended other to say she values loyalty and wants a family someday. Zac has never spoke about the breakup other to say that they were in love.

@tina yah right like your fanfiction isn’t inane enough.

now there’s a @soho now? are’t you @alexandra? how lame it is to come from a different name to back up your so called clames. like US mag is so reliable with their stories. that mag make things up to whatever they hear at the moment.

@Nightwish: Let me put it to you this way. There were several rumors/speculation that followed the break-up, but the truth is no one except for Zac and Vanessa and maybe friends and family know the real truth. If I recall correctly there was a statement released that said something to the effect that they mutually decided to part ways and no third party was involved. Unfortunately, some fans refused to accept that and have chosen to find fault in one or the other. So, to answer your question, no, nobody really knows who broke up with who.

well , she was with Zac till Feb .They BROKE UP IN FEB according to Stella , her own sister ! she dated Josh during that time too .That makes him a cheater,.

Zac`s act with Palmer was revenge .He had every right to do so .He wanted revenge for her rising Josh`s d.ick while being with him .

@.: No I’m not Alexandra. I even commented on this on another Vanessa thread months ago, under my username Soho. I feel like this subject has been rehashed to death. But it’s what happened. US Magazine Jan, 31, 2011 — “Zac Fights for Vanessa”. Quote from the source in this article in the magazine: “Zac is desperate to win her back. That’s why they have been together — he’ll do anything. He loves her.” That is a direct quote from the piece in the magazine. This was after they hooked up at Eden after the breakup announcement in Dec.

i think it`s better she dated Josh .You know , midget with midget ! They`ll make a n awesome midget couple ! lol

@Soho: I’m not saying the mag is right or wrong, but I would advise taking anything a gossip mag says with a grain of salt unless the “source” is actually named and not listed as a “reliable source” or “friend”. Anyone can call in a tip and they are considered a “source”, but that doesn’t make the info they say true or false.

@soho oh dear that sound so convincing. as @observer said lets take it with a grain of salt. but i must say if that is true, then even pudge wanted him back as well (the rumor says they hooked up at eden which we also have no prove of) it takes two to tango.

Also, where does he go after this piece ran in the magazine? North Carolina. Why would he fly from from L.A to North Carolina if he wanted to break up with her? He didn’t wanted to break up with her…he was trying to save the relationship. I heard he was supposed to be at the Sundance Film Festival but backed out of it to go the NC. I don’t know if that part is true but it was what I heard.

how about this SOHO , he flew there to officialy call things off and put an end to the relationship so that she can ride Josh`s d.ick with no guilty feelings but Pudgie hung on to him and used her heta hathara maayam to lure him again in to the relationship ?

@Observer: US broke the original story about the breakup in December and no one had any trouble believing that was true so why is the second story false?

@.: I really don’t care if you believe me or not. It is what it is.

True, there wasn´t any cheating because they were on a break, what Stella said, if you check her twitter and others accounts was they ended officialy the relationship in February, even Vanessa said that to Details Magazine, they were trying, they wern´t together, but they were trying to figure everything out. They didnt spend NYE together, only they know what happened there, but it didnt work, and then Stella said “trust is everything, i cant trust you or you friends” and when she said Zac was her “brother” a couple of week later she deleted that tweet and posted something like “i dont know you anymore, i dont want you in my life ever again”, if you want to talk about Stella´s tweets we can be here all the time. They are done, and Vanessa is happy. Its obvious there wasnt any cheating involved, maybe there was another part involved, but no one cheated.
And in Hollywood Zac is considered a midget too. just saying, and we all know thats true, he is on the midget list.

@soho where did i say he wanted to break up? i clearly said he might have went there to make it work again but something didn’t work out and they broke up. i also heard about that sundance thing (which idk if its true or rumor) but relashionships are more important. obviously pudge couldn’t get a leave cause she was sheduled with her work but zac found a way to not to go to that sundance thing and went to NC.
i feel sad that lot of her fans want to show that pudge is so perfect that no woman out there is better than her for efron. so he should be the one who got dumped and in your fanfiction he will never get over her but pudge will and she will be happily ever after. you guys are just so desperate. the truth is it hurts you guys that efron isn’t with her anymore. i can just read between the lines.

the so called sources are usually their TEAMS, Zac´s team talked to people, Zac´s team was Gina, that´s why everyone is so sure there wasnt any cheating in between, because almost everyone knows how Gina works, everyone knows about her and her PR stunts, and how the TP thing backfired… it was an awful PR work. But it looks like the only person angry here is BO.

@BO: I’m not sure why I’m responding to you because you sound like a flake but here goes. Do you honestly think a guy would fly across the country to break up with a girl that he just saw in LA? Tons of tweets and info about them going to Golden Globe parties and being seen out together in LA that whole week prior to him flying out to NC (This comes from a very strong source).

@alexandara that stella chick is a the ultimate twitter famewh.or.e.
so if you can believe those tweets then what do you say about stella tweeting ‘we are in love but only for the camera’ right after pudge and b.u.ttface went to that lakers game? does that mean vaustin is fake? i hope not.

well clearly , the original story of their breakup was wrong SOHO , . `cause they did so in Feb .So obviously second is false too .lol

Haters Suck! @ 11/18/2012 at 10:23 pm

This isn’t gonna stop till we’re all dead isn’t it?

@.: I’m not trying to put Vanessa in a good light, I’m neutral to them both. I’m just reporting what was published and things I heard..some of things I have no idea are true but the piece in US did run. I’m sticking by my version. You don’t have to believe or subscribe to it..matters none to me.

@soho please explain what is this very strong saurce? how many times should i say this that unless you see picture prove take everything with a grain of salt. all those things that you are claming that happened are rumors from gossip sites and that sh.itty place called twitter which is full of btw

@Haters Suck!: I know. It’s like beating a dead horse.

SOHO , how do you know he saw her in LA ?lol She was out filming and they hadn`t met . The fact that he flew there to meet her doesn`t always mean that he was trying to save the relationship .Why would he ? She was so obviously riding Josh`s d.ick at the time .He may as well have gone to call things off .He had to go to the place wher the girl is to call things off and so he did.

@.: I really don’t want to go around in circles with you…let’s just leave it. I believe my version and everyone can come to there own conclusions. If you think what I laid out is sketch…so be it.

@soho its like beating a dead horse? and yet you are arguing with us. you love it don’t cha?

if she cheated on him why were they together in february? it doesn’t makes any sense, i believe what the good ones are saying, BO fanfiction doesnt makes any sense. They were on a break since december and it looks like Vanessa ended everything in february, thats what happened.
And is anyone seriously taking BO serious? Wasnt she a couple of weeks ago saying Vanessa and Zac were secretly dating and Austin was a cover up? and then she said Austin was dating Stella… i cant take her serious, everything she said is just a contradiction to what has she said before.
The only thing true here is her obssession with Vanessa.

LOL when they can’t come up with a reply, the best answer they come up with is “you don’t believe me? alright i don’t want to argue anymore” nice touch.
@bo i think i will agree with you on that. he may have went there to finally end things for the better. obviously if they were going to end it then they must be at the same place to talk it thrue and finish it.

i don’t think anyone who is mad because his GF was “riding Josh`s d.ick at the time” and went to see her to call the relationship off, would end at someone party, the wrap up party, and be in North Carolina, were his girlfriend was working, for over a week. There were pictures of them at some cast party. If you want to end everything in a relationship, because you girlfriend was cheating on you, you dont spend time with your girlfriend and her friends. I think there something missing from BO´s fanfiction.

Dotty come on man, Its the hudgens fandom. So obviously vanessa must be the one who ended it. If its the other way around that would make their idol look bad and they do not wan’t that.

@andrew you sound like a nice young man. would you care to tell me where did it say that efron was in NC for a week? do you know when he went there and when he came back?

Why are people still talking about them
They split up 2 years ago and nobody knows the reason.
She looks happier without him.
His fans need to leave her alone

correction , Zac isn`t considered midget soho , he`s average .midgets are Daniel Rdacliff ,then Josh ,Rupert .Well they are all midgets .

Well then pudge is also considered a midget as well. she IS very short

andrew my dear , where did u see those pics of them at a cast party ? lol also , that`s why I said when he went to break up with her , she again used her woman tactics to get him back into relationship and that`s why they were seen strolling the city after that .lol

i can`t help wondering , where do these “new fans “ spring from time to time ? I mean , look at Kelly the B.itch , soho ,italian mom , mia blah blah blah . They all can`t be NEW ones .They should be multiple personalities of the existing fans .LMAO

i dont remember everything, this was what, 2 years ago?, but he was spotted, there were pictures, of him and Vanessa at the OTH wrap party, right? that was a thursday. And he was with Vanessa, Josh and the Journey 2 cast and crew at their wrap party too, that was a Sunday, right? there were pictures too, i dont think anyone mad because his girlfriend was cheating on him with someone else would spend time with that girlfriend and even the guy with she was cheating on him. That’s my opinion. And im just talking about what we all know because there were tons of tweets of Vanessa and Zac eating in North Carolina and spending time together. You can belive it or not, right now it doesnt matter.

you know andrew , since you are a guy and i a girl , i`m telling ya this .The only thing woman tactics aren’t capable of doing is turnig the planet earth upside down so that north pole is south and south pole north .lol she obviously tormented his heart strings and pulled him back in to the relationship .girls can do that , just look at Kstew and Patz .i think she realized that as much as josh was gonna get big with Hunger Games , he`s not gonna have much of a career and cannot become a hearthrob like Zac or Patz .So she decided to give him up and patch with Zac again .

This whole time i thought vanessa might have been the one to end it because she wanted to date other people. But now i’am reading what BO and dotty is saying and there is a way higher chance that zac ended it.

Eventhough her fans will say they never noticed it but zac was kind of half into the relationship most of the time. I think he knew she wasn’t the one. So he always kept that distance. They both knew the break up was meant to be.

That’s why no one believes what you say. You are always changing everything, and that’s not good. So now Zac was a poor little Angel, thats why one week later he was seen with Teresa Palmer and he was so sure to get seen with her by some critics, and he make sure they posted on their twitter about that meeting, right? BO, they are not together anymore, and i dont think they would ever be together again, at least not as a couple, and even if you want to make Zac looks like the good guy and Vanessa as the bad woman you can´t do it, because you dont have any proof, and there pictures of them together at a party in North Carolina. We all know how everything ended. Now she is in a new relationship, she is dating Austin since September from last year, and im sure he has something too, maybe permanent, maybe not. They have moved on, maybe it’s time to you to move on too.

@BO. There is a pic of them in NC at the wrap part on this site…can’t get it to link but if you paste the link below and put it in your browser it will take you to the page. Scroll down and you will see the pic and story.

Again with that teresa there is no prove of them hooking up except some stupid gossip site posting it and Puh lease you said yourself that pudge and efron was on a break at that time so what is it wrong even if teresa and efron hooked up. don’t tell me there was nothing between pudge and that midget cause there are pics of them holding hands and him visiting her house earley in the morning. now there’s picture proof on pudge’s case but we have none on efron’s case

Andrew , why do you make such a big mess of their so alled pics at a party after the break up was announced in Dec ? He went after her and then they patched up and hung out .There were pics of them out and about .How does that make him a bad guy ? You are nuts , just plain nuts .And I don`t have proof to show Pudgie is the bad woman ? Well , i don`t think her own sister posting on her blog they ended in Feb and her admitting herself she dated Josh whle filming isn`t proof enough for you .lol she is the BAD WOMAN .She wanted to ride Josh’s d.ick and when Zac came she again patched up with him .lol she’s such a w.hore .and about Zac having wanted to show the world that he’s with Palmer , how does that make him a bad guy too ? he wanted revenge and he was hurt .Apparently Pudgie had gone back to riding Josh’s d.ick by that time since they came out in Feb after Zac went after her .

She wanted to get back with him, so he flew to NC (missing a film festival which his name was down for) to break up with her. He had to spend a week telling her and attend HER movie’s wrap party because….. lol this is so convoluted I’m sure the person who came up with it, doesn’t believe it. After NC they both attended Fashion Week, wouldn’t it have been easier for him to attend his festival and just break up with her in NYC.

@tina there you go with your fanfiction again. i still stand by what i said that he went there cause they wanted to make it work bu if you go by with @bo’s theary then he just wanted to end it soon as possible so he went there and finished it. why wait until fashion week.

and we don’t know the only purpose of him going to NC was to get back together with her. i remember he said in an interview that he has family there.

you just want him to worship her like austin does don’t cha? sorry tina efron was smarter than that.

it looks like you guys cant understand anything, im not saying he was the bad guy, but if everyone knew about him and Teresa, im not saying it was true, it was because HIS PR team worked so har to make that believable, like they said it was a backfired PR work, if Vanessa cheated on him, why that was never on any media? Why his team didnt use that card? They were together, the relationship ended in December, January and February was nothing special, they werent dating anymore, it was a friends with benefits thing, then she was with Josh, Josh was with her at the Beastly premiere and at the Sucker Punch premiere, and they started dating, they were probablly just fooling around before. But they dated, and they ended that relationship in June/July, according to Josh, and then she found Austin, she is still friend with Josh, he said she was one of his Best Friends, even Austin has an amicable relationship with Josh. The rest is just past.

ah! i have to conclude theses ppl have some reading problems .How many times have i said in this age itself that they could have patched up ! The fact they were seen strolling the city doesn`t mean he didn’t go there to call things off .I think you DO realize that .They could have just patched up .But later she might have wanted to switch to Josh’s d.ick again after which those Palmer pics came up .

@andrew they said it was a backfired pr move? give me the link to that.

and quite frankly it’s the same story Hollywood Gossip came up with only in different print .If they were together at the party wouldn’t there be any pics .

please, don’t try to fool us, i don’t think even you believe what you are saying. Because his family lived on the set of Journey 2… you are right, Vanessa was filming at his relatives´ house.
Im going to quote you “LOL when they can’t come up with a reply… “

As someone was saying here, i wasnt talking about his team, but if i remember correctly, Teresa said something… i don’t follow Teresa, it was in a post, she was “joking” she said something like “we are just friends, he came to SEE ME, not the movie, we have the same pr team”… They were talking about how Efron was with her, when her movie was against Beastly. check on her february/march 2011 posts.

I don’t believe either cheated..a third party wasn’t the reason for the breakup. The Teresa Palmer mess was a PR and revenge debacle that completely backfired. The worst part that she was in a movie that opened the same day as Vanessa…insult to injury.

why Pudge cheating on him was never on media ? ’cause , it was OFFICIALLY announced in DEC that they broke up ! Use your common sense .May be that’s why their PR teams wanted to announce that in Dec when they were obviously together till Feb .They didn’t want to make Pudge look bad and quite frankly do not assume that everything was dead between Pudge and Josh when they were filming J2 and they were just friends .

Andrew there goes pudgens fans lame excuse. you guys are pathetic. you say yourselfs that you don’t care if we believe your fanfiction or not and yet you guys keep replying to us on top of that you can’t back up your own clames either. you idiots do have a severe case of reading difficulty. his family being in NC was just and example. didn’t you read i clearly said i stand by my theory that he went there cause they were trying to make things work again.
now either give me the link or i ain’t goin to say STFU cause i ain’t goin to back down with this. i want proof to your clames. you seem so sure about your clames. are you from her family?

once again you are wrong, it was never was THEIR PR TEAMS, HIS PR team was the one announcing the break up. Come one BO, this theory of yours is as bad as the “they are secretly dating and Austin is just a cover up”. and you know it. Now Gina was taking care of Vanessa? someone already mentioned who Gina was, right?

nothing backfired . Pudge got fascinated with Josh’s d.ick and dumped Zac .That makes a lot more sense .We know how hor.ny she is for her age .What with always baring somepart of her body or underwear and kissing like a pair of eels at public laces with SLL and not to mention those fabulous ses of n,ude pics and close ups of crotch and also those le.sbian pics with Alexandra or someone .She’s just too h.orny .yuck !

Now he was visiting family. You are just hilarious. His family happened to be in the same city in NC as Vanessa. I was only repeating what was said by your friend. I think he went there to try to mend their relationship. If you’re already on break, you don’t have the need to fly from one coast to the other to end it.

Im going to quote you “LOL when they can’t come up with a reply… “ now im from her family, come one… so a Vanessa fan can’t post a comment on her posts? really?

@BO: Since LEZ-BO talks so much about Vanessa’s private parts I guess that proves that she is nothing but a “**************” herself. So from this point on everyone should start calling her LEZ-BO

hahaha you are hilarious, when you cant say anything, you start using your vulgar language. Everyone here told me you were just a pathetic little girl, they told me to push you a little and you were going to start with the insults, well it looks like they were right. At the end of the day, everyone here knows you are wrong, and you cant prove your points without insulting.

@tina and @andrew are the most lamest fans of all the pudgens fandom. even after i maid it clear that family thing was a example (he said it in a interview while promoting lucky one) and yet you guys keep hanging on to that cause come on get real people you guys don’t have anything to say anymore. you can’t even come up with something on your own so you are that desperate as to use my own lines to get away with it.

@andrew yes boy i am going to quote you with my line “WHEN THEY CAN’T COME UP WITH A REPLY” lame as you are

what ? lol so her PR team never announced their break up .lol You are insane . LOL Besides it doesn’t matter who’s team announced , it clearly was their ambition to not make Pudgie look dirty gal and it will also make Zac look bad since all this time he looked head over heels for this gal and finally she turns out to be a cheater .everyone has known all along how ho.rny she is .Only Zac took time to realize it .He just hung on to her .He loved her truly .he should have realized his d.ick isn’t gonna be enough when those pics came out

Well well andrew , are you denying those things I said ? That she has pics out there- multiple – n.ude completely , top less , and that prestigious bush pic and also that crotch pic where she is spraeding her legs apart so we can all see her cl.ittoris and those le.sbian kissing pics with Alexandra or some girl ? are u denying them ?lmao

LOL guys its kind of getting boring right now isn’t it?? Some here is clearly losing there well needed sleep over this discussion. Tina i am pointing at you.

Haters Suck! @ 11/19/2012 at 12:20 am

I’ve seen these zac fans go crazy before but geez this is a new level. They are all over the map I’m not sure they even know what the hell they are talking about. All I know is 50 years from know they’ll be in their rocking chairs still trying to discuss this break up and they will never get over it.


I thought she was great and a good woman. According to you obsessed fans. You said she was like 21,22. Oh boy, she looks terrible. She’s all rough and old. And probably a chain smoker. I bet her breath stinks. Showing her bra on the streets and looking like a crackhead. Really classy. Miss V is a average looking loser. Nothing spectacular about her plain looks. What did Zac see in the vulgar b**ch.

I don’t see how you ‘maid’ anything clear. Who’s losing ‘there’ sleep? Maybe if either of you could learn proper word usage, I would understand what you’re trying to say.

suck my hairless d.ick , actually in 50 years , you will be the ones rocking chairs and discussing why they broke up ….Pudgie and Sagging Lip .lol

Haters Suck! @ 11/19/2012 at 12:28 am

You have a hairless d!ck? Ok that explains something’s considering you’re supposed to be a girl. Nothing else you said even comes close to making any sence.

@haters suck hey man lets not forget about you there. even 50 years from now you will still be jacking off to pudgens pics cause i am very sure that you ain’t getting any real action ever. why do i get the feeling you are a vir.gin LOL and ofcause lets not forget all the old hags and aunties here who are excessively obsessed with pudge to this weird extent. but i don’t think that will happen cause pudge ain’t gonna last long with her z lis career.

Haters Suck! @ 11/19/2012 at 12:31 am

Sorry I don’t speak idiot can you please put that into English for me.

@Haters ignore me, because as much as I’m on here you can guarantee the only “action” I get is from Palm-Ala and her 5 sisters.

@tina i am using your method of correcting words. that sb (shoud be) one. i am sure you understand what i am writing but sure you always come up with that old excuse that we should write with proper grammer.

sorry there. that should say z list career

@haters suck it was english but i guess you don’t have enough brain to understand that. what can i do.

I sincerely hope English is your second language.

@tina i made it clear a while ago. i am not from a english speaking country and it is my second language.

i feel sorry for Pudge fans .They are utterly lost .On the other hand , what we are doing is wrong .we are coming on a thread and messing it up and make her fans lost .lol it’s so fun though

Still Zanessa arguments? LOL. Hudge fans just can’t let go. I don’t blame them considering Vanessa was the most famous she’ll ever be while she was leeching off of him. Too bad he finally saw her for what she was and ended that.

Everyone should shut up with the discussion and just agree that Zanessa was a gag worthy couple. Vanessa fans fool themselves into thinking that this is because their 3 time nude scandal Hudge was too pure for Zac. The truth is Zac is too attractive with a much larger fan base than Hudge and doesn’t need her.

Again, this is a terrible cover photo. I’m surprised her fans are pretending it’s a good shot of her. It doesn’t do her justice at all. Her signature terrible hair pieces and lack of lips are on full display. At least her attempt to white out her face is covering up her heroine-addict looking concave cheeks.

@BO she really is losing her beauty. I don’t know how her fans can pretend not to see how fast it’s happening. Look at her five years ago and look at her now. Most starlets get more attractive as they become more Hollywood. Hudge is moving backwards.

of course it’s her/his second language .otherwise she/he wouldn’t make such spelling mistakes .you don’t have to ”hope” it ,you should know it if you have a brain any bigger than Oncofak’s .

exactly A , her face looks kinda swollen , bloated .and her figure sucks ,it lacks the curves it once used to have .she clearly seems to feel it herself ,that’ s why she struggles to get back to norm with all the gym and pilates .Her fans do not wanna face the fact .Anyway , glad to have you back .You didn’t have any problems with this site , did u ? few of us did .

Haters Suck! @ 11/19/2012 at 12:53 am

We’re lost? You and the rest of your thugs couldn’t put together and find a coherent sentence, point or arguement with two hands and a flashlight.
What do you mean “we” can’t let it go? We have let it go it’s long past us. It’s zacs fans who can’t seem to get over it.

@BO No, I didn’t have site problems, I’ve just been really busy. But I got some free time today and thought it’d be fun to check in on the psychopaths and the people stirring them up. And yes, it is mean of us to be here messing with them on their threads, but don’t feel too bad, considering they do the same thing, and you know, they’re certifiable nut jobs. ;)

Suck my hairless , my dear , just read the argument from the begining ,see how we’ve smashed you flock of pumpers and how each time they get stuck , they just avoid us and go away .lol Tell me now , you aren’t lost .

Fat, manly legs, fat body. Dresses like a hobo. No style and no looks. She will look just like her ugly mother in the end. Filipino ho.

Haters Suck! @ 11/19/2012 at 1:01 am

Since you’re supposed to be a girl you really should see a doctor about that hairless d!ck of yours.

@HS dummy, she’s not telling you to suck her d*ick she’s calling you that since your screen name is “Hater’s suck” … my hairless d*ick. Get it?

pathetic, she is the only one still talking about zanessa, she cant move on, everyone here, im talking about Vanessa fans, are really over zanessa, they dont care, but BO here cant move on, she is just as pathetic as everyone here have been saying. SHe is the only one talking about zanessa… but wait, because as she said, Zac and Vanessa are still dating, they are secretly dating since last year. And Austin is dating Stella… thats was BO has been saying.

Aherm… If i could venture an opinion here – There is no way Josh H. would publicly have an affair with Vanessa because he is becoming too big of a star. This is much like why Zac decided to split with Van as well; he found himself quickly outgrowing her professionally, namely, he became a diverse character actor while Hudgens remained a one trick pony. In any case, Josh may have settled for a quick roll in the hay with Pudgie, but that sort of thing happens all the time, and it doesnt mean squat. Point is those guys have left Pudge in the rear view mirror with their options wide open, and tons of women to choose from when they feel the time is right. Much better situation for them than to be ball and chained to pudgie if you ask me

lol Suck my hairless d.ick , you directly imply from your comments that i am saying this hairless d.ick thing for me , but each time i write a comment withthat , you just reply .lol You do realize that it indirectly implie that you accept that suck my hairless d.ick is a nickname for you and i am adressing you . lol he’s just too stupid .

Haters Suck! @ 11/19/2012 at 1:06 am

No I don’t get it. She said and I quote “suck my hairless d!ck” implying she’s got a hairless d!ck. do you get it?

@A: Welcome back! i made those same observations you are now making but no takers, they are firm that she looks fantastic here. Ironic as it is, there is nothing glowing about vanessa in this cover shot. Everything is wrong about the concept of the shoot.

Haters Suck! @ 11/19/2012 at 1:08 am

Well of course I respond to you. It’s not everyday you come across a girl with a hairless d!ck.

The beauty queens are here to put down Vanessa’s looks, lol. She’s on the cover of this magazine, and you are?

Kelly the Biotch @ 11/19/2012 at 1:08 am

@Nightwish: Okay nothing you just posted made any sense. Did you read the above posts pertaining to the breakup? You sound as absurd as @BO and @;. At least you seem semi-literate.

@Haters suck my microscopic p*enis, No she said suck my hairless d*ick followed by a comma, meaning she is addressing you. In the past she’s called you suck something and suck my d*ick. You never seemed to be confused then.

See now i can switch back from nightwish to intric8 but for a couple of days jared wasnt letting anything intric8 through under any circumstances lol. comment awaiting moderation for every little innocent comment, like wth

i told you, they are just 2, and they can’t follow a discussion without any insult. And we all know she is still stuck in zanessaland, i dont like talk bad about anyone, but she is really delusional, she is always contradicting herself, she is funny i guess, because we know no one here takes her serious, it is impossible to take her seriously.

crap, one comment under intric8 goes through and thats it? Now i have to move back to this handle. wth jared? for two days i couldnt get anything through under intric8, under any circumstances.

Kelly the Biotch @ 11/19/2012 at 1:11 am

@Nightwish: I can say with 100% certainty that you are wrong in your assessment. Trust.

@Intric8 I know. When I first saw it I was shocked. I really can’t believe it was chosen for the cover photo. If that was her best shot… wow. Lol.

Haters Suck! @ 11/19/2012 at 1:13 am

I’m not the one who’s confused based on the people you’re following I think that would be you.

@Kelly the Biotch:
nice to see you back!!!!

@HS the people I’m following?

This other person using my name is not me. its someone else. you guys know i will never worship pudgens.

this other @. don’t be a lame a.s.s are you that lazy to come up with your own name?

is this A the tisdale / efron fan everyone has been hating and calling names on Zac´s post and twitter? the stalker / pathetic one ? lol

@Kelly the Biotch: Well who knows Kelly the B. People hear what Zac’s and your beloved Pudgie’s publicists want them to hear but how did it really go down? I think most of what was disseminated publicly is a bunch of hogwash… i highly suspect zac dumped her like a bad habit as a career preserving move. BTW nice job rounding up the pumpers today, those 5 downvotes come lickity split.

Haters Suck! @ 11/19/2012 at 1:17 am

People like Bo who have no idea what theyre talking about. Do you have any idea how many absurd claims she has made on this site. From zac and Vanessa are still dating to Stella is the one dating Austin. It’s freaky. I’ve said it once I’ll say it again you can’t fight crazy.

@dot they can’t take it when BO does her joke where she’s pretending to be Maria. So they do the same thing. The difference is, it’s obviously a joke when something comes up under Maria’s name that she didn’t say, where as I guess they’re just trying to make it look as if haters are actually converting into Hudgen fans.

Kelly the Biotch @ 11/19/2012 at 1:19 am

@.: Thanks. As I can see my friends “A” and “Intric8″ are back with their lame insults and absurd theories. Crazy cat lady BO of course is still clinging to Vanessa’s thread like a raging case of bed bugs.

lol i’ve been using this name since 2011, and i’m not going to change it.

@BEAN I don’t go on Zac posts so I doubt it. There are plenty of people using the initial “A” across the web.

@HS unlike you I don’t keep a track record of every comment ever made on this site. I don’t care. When I agree with a comment, I agree with it. When I don’t, I don’t.

@Atric, is back again, defending each other to the end.

@A If i were Vanessa, i would have been disappointed with the result. Maybe Kelly the B has an opinion about this cover, since she works for Vanessa directly. Kelly the B, watcha think? Not the most flattering, no?

Kelly the Biotch @ 11/19/2012 at 1:23 am

@Nightwish: Go to @Soho’s posts for answers. Pity you were banned completely. Oh well tomorrow’s another day.

yup .a girl with such a h.orny scandolous past is just a toy on the hand of men .Zac of course was a different story .He was with her throughout till finally Pudge found another d.ick .But you see much as Josh said he adores her , he would never take her seriously .she’s just a horny w.hore who can’t keep clothes on her body and is a totally humilated upon gal .you think Sagging lip takes her seriously ,plans life ahead with her ? nope . he is as well playing around , enjoying the high class life style when he gets the chance .the only person who’s dearly loved her so far has been Zac .if anyone is gonna take her back on serious terms ,it’s gonna be him .for al we know she could be sleeping around to get roles as well ’cause such girls are toys , wothless , the type u just stick ur d.icks in to and have fun with

Kelly the Biotch @ 11/19/2012 at 1:25 am

@Kelly the Biotch: Pity you weren’t banned completely.

@Kelly the Biotch:
they are obsessed with Vanessa, they love her. And the whole Zanessa discussion was so funny, when they can’t say anything, they start with the name calling.

the other @. you are a true as.shole. thats just bunch of that you have been using that name sinse 2011.

but she dumped him, even if you are crying, she dumped him. you are just pathetic

Kelly the Biotch @ 11/19/2012 at 1:28 am

@Nightwish: If I worked for Vanessa as a publicist do you really think I would be on this blog tussling with you? I don’t think that they would give the unfortunate chore to an intern.

@Nightwish so would I. Maybe that’s the best she can do now. And ugh, please don’t bring ktb into the conversation. She just makes my skin crawl. She’s even worse than the others somehow.

@Kelly the Biotch:You aren’t schizophrenic as well are you? You are juggling to many maladies as it is, woman

A , no , I never pretended to be Pea Dhal or anyone else for that matter .I never come under other names .I have a poor connection ,i can’t afford to do those things

Kelly the Biotch @ 11/19/2012 at 1:30 am

I meant to say, I don’t think they would give that job to an intern.

@Kelly the Biotch: Not as an agents assist, but to an intern who is completely useless with no promise in the biz… why not? lol

@BO Oh, sorry, I assumed that was you. I don’t know who goes under Maria’s name then, but it’s funny.

Alright @WW is my new name from now on. that pudgens fan @. can have it to him/herself

Kelly the Biotch @ 11/19/2012 at 1:32 am

Gah…I mean that they wouldn’t EVEN give that job to an intern. I am not an intern BTW.

lol the previous page , page 19 was started at 1.08 am and was over by 1.25 am .lol how crazy are we all ? how fast the comments are coming in ?This never happens on Zac posts , of course there’s no cat fight going on in them .We just go , comment and come back .How peaceful !Just like him…..

Kelly the Biotch @ 11/19/2012 at 1:34 am

@A: I can say that I feel the exact same way about you especially with your weird fixation on Ashley Tisdale.

@A what the hell. That other @BEAN was not me. But he didn’t say anything bad so thats fine but please other @BEAN use another name will you.

Today was a good day, everyone here were having a good discussion till BO and her vulgarities have arrived. Then the zanessa discussion, when thanks to someone and the pictures, once again, it was proved that BO hates Vanessa because she is happy without Efron. And maybe now she can see how everything works. Hey A, they were talking about Gina too, your Ashley knows Gina, she owns Gina her whole career and her posts with Zac here.
At the end of the day, the haters are just haters, and they cant prove anything, even if they change their names, they cant prove anything. hahahahahahah

I should make my name blue as well.

Kelly the Biotch @ 11/19/2012 at 1:36 am

@BO: It never happens on Zac’s threads because all of you haters never post there. You spew that nonsense on Vanessa’s thread which inevitably leads to 400+ comments.

Too bad Hudge can’t look this flawless. She looks better in a candid than Hudgens looks in a photoshopped professional shot! For real..

andrew , yes , she dumped she dumped him she dumped him she dumped him she dumped him she dumped she dumped him she dumped him she dumped him she dumped him she dumped she dumped him she dumped him she dumped him she dumped him she dumped she dumped him she dumped him she dumped him she dumped him she dumped she dumped him she dumped him she dumped him she dumped him she dumped she dumped him she dumped him she dumped him she dumped him she dumped she dumped him she dumped him she dumped him she dumped him she dumped she dumped him she dumped him she dumped him she dumped him ……………….TO RIDE JOSH’S D.ICK ! lol

who´s the ugly girl with the duck face, doesnt she has a upper lip? eww she is disgusting, and once again trying to have cameras, lol she is so irrelevant now.

Haters Suck! @ 11/19/2012 at 1:40 am

Well next time she gets on the cover of anything let us know. When was the last time she was on the cover of any magazine btw?

@KTB I have a “weird fixation with Ashley Tisdale?” And what would you call what you have with Vanessa Hudgens? At least I’ve never been on these posts during work unless I was on break, unlike you. LOL what a hypocrite.

Kelly the Biotch @ 11/19/2012 at 1:40 am

@Nightwish: Umm maybe it’s because even a lowly intern has better things to do then monitor a gossip blog and respond to posts by losers.

@Haters Suck!:
Ashley was on the cover of the super prestigious Jezebel Magazine, she was doing her adorable duck face on all her pictures, she is flawless, she is fabulous.

Okay I don’t know why there’s another A now too.. but at least I agree with what she’s saying I guess… please guys, choose your own names to avoid confusion.

@HS the last time she was on a magazine cover was Jezebel magazine, not long ago at all, and looking much more attractive than Hudgens does here.

wow Ashley’s just flawless .Btw , when was it proved that i hate Pudge ’cause she’s happy without Zac ?lol disillusional much ! Who says she’s happy with Sagging Lips , just look at her eyes ,how fake they look .

@Fake A c*unt, duck face???! What would you call what Hudgens is doing in this photo? At least Ashley actually has lips.

@Haters Suck!: Don’t you remember, she was on that weekend insert to some Georgia newspaper.

Ashley is at the AMA´s after parties because she is a good singer, she is doing phineas and ferb voices, her voice is as fablulous as her! and fablulous that is her simple request! because she is a diva, she should be on the next diva concert, because she is fablulous.

Haters Suck! @ 11/19/2012 at 1:46 am


well she was on Jezbel cover this last month and looked so lovely !ol it’s quite clear , Suck my haurless d.ick doesn’t do any search

@Kelly the Biotch: I know you know vanessa personally, and that’s fine. Frankly, it would explain a great deal and serve to persuade me not to antagonize you so much. Question is, aside from the outright vulgar and mean spirited characterizations of van, Why can’t others such as my peeps and I retain our objective observations and natural feelings about Hudgie and yet also be supportive of her causes? I mean important observations like how Glow blew Van’s cover shot epically, and how Van’s staff should give them an earful? Movie critics inflict way more damage in regard to Vanessa career wise, yet you tolerate them but refuse to tolerate a bit of inconsequential message board banter?

@tina she was not in any insert to a Georgia newspaper. She was on a magazine cover. Yes, it’s an Atlanta based magazine. She was filming there. I’ve never heard of this Glow magazine, and if you look at the picture, you’ll see that’s because it’s based somewhere in Canada. What’s the difference? Either way, we both got coverage of the magazine shoots from multiple gossip sites, and we can compare the photos.

Kelly the Biotch @ 11/19/2012 at 1:48 am

@A: My posts pertaining to Van aren’t even close to the utterly delusional things you have posted about Tisdale. I also don’t go to Ashley’s threads to trash her while pimping (face it that is what you do) Vanessa.

she had her own spin off of the fabulous sharpay not even Zac had one, she is better than Zac.

Haters Suck! @ 11/19/2012 at 1:49 am

You’re right I don’t do any search. I don’t waste my time searching people i don’t like or people who are useless. Tisdale falls into both categories.

@A: Last time someone hijacked your name? Kelly the Biotch was around too.

A Sunday supplement of a GA newspaper.

Kelly the Biotch @ 11/19/2012 at 1:53 am


“Ashley is at the AMA´s after parties because she is a good singer, she is doing phineas and ferb voices, her voice is as fablulous as her! and fablulous that is her simple request! because she is a diva, she should be on the next diva concert, because she is fablulous.”

This is an example of your crazy delusions of grandeur that you have for Ashley I hope this was a troll pulling a doppelganger..because the upon quote sounds ridiculous.

i dont care if Ashley, once again, is tryinge to be her usual fame whooore going to parties when she doesnt has anything to do, BECAUSE SHE IS FABULOUS, lets trend ashley is fabulous!!! and im posting here because Jared never post anything Ashley´related, because she is to good to a site like this one, or every site actually. She is a fabulous star.

Suck my hailess d.ick , then you better keep that big mouth of yours shut without uttering absolute bullshit about things you don’t know .would you ?

Kelly the Biotch @ 11/19/2012 at 1:55 am

@nightwish I’m sorry. I do know Vanessa personally. Well she doesn’t know me personally per say but I know her. One time I camped out in her trashcan all night and it was magical. It was a real bonding experience for the two of us. When I said I was at work and had a coworker what I meant was the hobo that helps me stalk her. Even though she pretends like she doesn’t care about us she obviously does because she’s copying our hobo look. And I didn’t realize movie critics said anything bad about Vanessa because I’m not smart enough to understand anything professionally written by an educated individual. That’s why I stick to this gossip site. I can understand at least some of the stuff written here so it’s an improvement. And I have a place to lash out all the anger I have pent up inside from Vanessa’s lack of attention towards me. Why won’t she love me back!?!

she is fabulous that is her simple request.

she is fabulous that is her simple request. That why one of her websites are praying to a writer to make a movie and has her as the main start. We should start doing trends to the writer and she would give Ashley a role on the movie, because she is fabulous!

ahem , excuse me A , Ashley got a spin off since she was still stuck in Disney and on TV .Zac had gone a long way after HSM by that time .Might I remind you who the other lead was in that particular spin off ? yup ! Austin Butler ! the careerless loser of a beau of Pudge .does that mean he is better than Zac too ?lol

Kelly the Biotch @ 11/19/2012 at 1:58 am

@Nightwish: I would never try to assume “A”‘s identity trust me. “A” makes an ass of herself just file even without the help of a doppelganging troll.

@KTB I didn’t say “Ashley is at the AMA´s after parties because she is a good singer, she is doing phineas and ferb voices, her voice is as fablulous as her! and fablulous that is her simple request! because she is a diva, she should be on the next diva concert, because she is fablulous.”

That’s a person (cough cough YOU) using my name to make me sound “crazy and delusional.”

@nightwish Oh yes, it’s quite obvious who’s posing as me.

she is fabulous that is her simple request. .

@BO I didn’t say that. Someone without an education is using my name to make me sound ridiculous.

Kelly the Biotch @ 11/19/2012 at 2:00 am

@Kelly the Biotch: Anyone with half a brain knows that post is not me. Epic fail. And to be quite frank, I’m not even going to waste my time reading it and responding.,,lol

Elkeles is going to do the movie, and because we are her fabulous fans we are going to get her a rol! all of us as her website! because we are going to get her a fabulous work.

Haters Suck! @ 11/19/2012 at 2:02 am

Goodnight everyone. Don’t forget to tip your server.

Kelly the Biotch @ 11/19/2012 at 2:03 am

@A: Honey don’t flatter yourself. I have complete faith that you will make an ass on your own without me posting for you.

Kelly the Biotch @ 11/19/2012 at 2:05 am

@Nightwish: Wrong, wrong and more wrong.

Ashley is so much better than Zac, Disney didn’t want him to have his spin off because without Gabriella, he was nothing. Look at Ashley production company, she is a successful fabulous producer, and were is Zac? he cant even produce his own movies, and he is working to his friends. Ashley is more successful. She is fabulous.

@Haters Suck!: good night, now they can talk amongst themselves. Maybe Atric can figure out how to get together to make those little tricks.

.she is fabulous that is her simple request.

Kelly the Biotch @ 11/19/2012 at 2:08 am

I wish I looked more like my idol Vanessa. Maybe then my mother would have loved me and I wouldn’t be so angry and desperate to find friends on a gossip site. I hate everyone who doesn’t have the exact same opinion I do. I’m sorry for that guy, it’s just I’m so unstable that I can’t handle anyone disagreeing with me. Also, I don’t understand that when doppelganging while trolling it’s not necessary to actually try to convince someone you are that person (like I do with Vanessa Hudgens!!) The point of this post COULD be to mock me and not to actually convince the others that I’ve actually changed my one track mind’s opinions. But that’s confusing. I lack a formal education entirely and I struggle to comprehend anything I read that isn’t a compliment to Vanessa Hudgens.

@Kelly the Biotch: Actually, it’s A who communicates the best here, and i am not saying that because we share similar sentiments either. Most of what comes out of you is just big talk with nothing backing it up. Also, you say im wrong about my assumptions but your posts indic8 way to the contrary. It would actually be sad to discover that you DONT know her at all, or that you dont have a personal stake in her, the way you behave like your job is on the line here and all

we are going to get Ashley a new fabulous movie, because we are as fabulous as her, because she love us and she post everything on her twitter, we are going to get her a job towards DM´s!

@Kelly the Biotch:
you are mocking the wrong person! lol

@fake A, you’re such an a*ss. Please exercise your brain sometime, and when you’re done breathing Vanessa Hudgens day and night, step outside for a breath of fresh air.

And we want Zac as her costar, thats why there´s so many manipulations on tumblr, we are going to start the fabulous campaing, and because Zac is one of her fabulous friends, and he doesnt have a job, i mean he didnt film anything this year, he is going to love our fabulous diva, and he is going to accept the role, and they would probably get married in a fabulous wedding!

just ask Simone E. if you don’t believe me. we are as fabulous as our fabulous ashley.

you are so wrong in so many fabulous wrong ways!

kelly the Biotch @ 11/19/2012 at 2:18 am

@Kelly the Biotch Yawn, I think you need to up your game if you are going to pretend to be me. And for the record I have plenty of formal education…..a lot,

.she is fabulous that is her simple request!

oh yes , Ashley is better than Zac .Zac has no career .His production company can’t produce anthing yet despiet the fact it started just last year and he’s working on Snabba Cash remake with Warner Bros .Pudgie has a much better career than Zac despite the fact she hasn’t produced any box office hit on her own and has only one hit so far other than HSM not to mention she’s stuck without work with no projects attached .lol clearly her career is much better than Zac’s

kelly the Biotch @ 11/19/2012 at 2:22 am

@Nightwish: Judging from the fact that all of “A.”s posts get thumbed down into obscurity and mine don’t I would say you are in the minority.

@kelly the Biotch: Yes it would be like you to throw that out, while we stay quiet and remain a complete mystery to you. Why so insecure, Kelly the B? Why does team Hudgens seize every opportunity to embellish themselves, on an anonymous message board no less? Come on, woman. Just let your intellect shine through instead of resorting to more and more cheap talk.

@fake A I just googled the Simone E person with Ashley Tisdale. So there’s some rumor about Ashley being in the movie version of some book. Why is that a bad thing and why are you posting about it?

@kelly the Biotch: Oh no. You need to talk to your boy haterssuck!. Thumbs up and down dont mean anything. They are not important.

@kelly the Biotch: He cant even get the feature to work on his iphone. Where’d he get the money for an iphone when he hasn’t been able to land a job for so long?

kelly the Biotch @ 11/19/2012 at 2:29 am

@Nightwish: Whatever dude.

@nightwish you destroy them every time. Of course our comments get thumbed down. They’re all crazed Hudgens fans. If you brought in any unbiased third party they could clearly identify the intellectuals and the simpletons. It’s so obvious who fits into what category.

BTW KTB, it’s clear you HAVE been changing your name to post as me. A page ago “Kelly” was capitalized and now it isn’t. Meaning you’ve gone back and typed it in again. Busted.

Intric 8 ,Your Highness ,How I got my money to buy an iphone ? I swept the streets every morning and dusk and then washed the public toilets and then washed cars at car washes and did all the labourer work .That’s how I collected ollar by dollar to buy my iphone , Your Highness ! I didn’t commit any crime , please don’t give me to feed the lions !

There’s not even a rumor, because we, her fabulous fans, started that rumor, because one of her fabulous websites is talking to the author, so she can make the movie and has Ashley as the start, because we are so fabulos, we are getting her roles, we are going to get Ashley fabulous tisdale a fabulous job!

Your Higness, I worked 24/7 a day and quite frankly I did have hair on my d.ick unlike what her majesty BO THE GREAT says , but all of them fell off due to exhaustion .Please , have mercy on me and Think of what a loss it is for me to lose hair on my d.ick ! Forgive me for the hair’s sake .

@A: But if you put it that way, Kelly the B will come after me, and seriously, i dont care for her “balls to the wall” style. I think that i still think she works for cca, or handles Van’s PR somehow, or is in the PR business somehow. Maybe im way off.. iac she would deny it to the death, of course

kelly the Biotch @ 11/19/2012 at 2:39 am

@A: Ummm sorry I don’t do doppelganging posts trust me. Too tedious. It’s obviously one of the many haters the thumb down all of your posts.

@nightwish I don’t have enough faith in her capabilities to land a job like that LOL. Honestly I don’t know why these fans are so angry. I think assuming they have a personal relationship with Vanessa is giving them too much credit. At least then we could make sense of why they act the way they do but I’m pretty sure they’re just whackjobs.

kelly the Biotch @ 11/19/2012 at 2:43 am

@Nightwish: Wow, you are starting to remind me of an ex-boyfriend of mine…the one I threatened to get a restraining order against…lol.

I think it’s time for me to make an exit and leave you two lovebirds to alone.

He didnt film anything this year, thats why he is going to do Simones’ movie with Ashley, and she is going to get him the role. He didnt have a job this year, while Ashley was doing her fabulous movie with the fabulous and talented Lindsay Lohan and the fabulous Charlie Sheen, she is probably going to Cannes to present her movie , and everyone is going to love her, because she is fabulous. Ashley is producing so many reality shows, and now a couple of TV movies, whats zac’s doing? NOTHING! He is not going to produce that movie, because he is not as talented as Ashley. Ashley is so much better than him, Disney loves Ashley, even Justin bieber loves her.

kelly the Biotch @ 11/19/2012 at 2:47 am

@kelly the Biotch: As usual, it’s been real. L8ter Haters.

@KTB did you learn that restraining order tactic after Vanessa took out one on you? LOL.

And just because two people stand out as the smartest people in the room doesn’t mean they’re “lovebirds.” Great minds think alike, no? Again you’re trying all cheap tactics you have to discredit anything that might be said by someone with a differing opinion from yours. The only reason I could agree with what he’s saying is because I have a romantic interest in this person I don’t know and have never met or seen before in my life, and not because he actually makes valid points, right? Okay crazy, whatever you say.

@A: Needless to say, and i’m taking the liberty of including you with this, our evolution as posters on this site wouldn’t be even close to what it is now if it weren’t for the fact that we got our aszes ambushed by team hudgens over an honest observation or two about Van. I mean really, i have to ask myself why i choose to come back and i think its initially for the amusement related to absolutely glowing (no pun intended) comments over her glow cover, for example, which would actually have me in a bit of distress if i were as hard core of a fan as they are. Then what comes into play are the furious downvotes by an apparently dedicated 24/7 team of lurkers here, and then mostly dealing with the rebuke for making an honest observation.

@kelly the Biotch: Dont lie Kelly the B, it was the other way around i bet

kelly the Biotch @ 11/19/2012 at 2:50 am

@A: No but I think Ashley TIsdale needs to take one out on you. Of all the posters here, the only one more scary in terms of delusion is cat lady BO. In other words.

@kelly the Biotch: You do realize you’ve sidestepped every single question i asked, even though ive dug deep and have been diplomatic with you the whole time? Well thanks for nothing, Kelly the crackhead.

@KTB I don’t have any delusions about Ashley. I know who she is and what she’s doing and don’t make any false claims. I love her for who she is. Yes I’m a huge fan of hers but I’m not a psycho fan. I understand why you wouldn’t think that one could exist without the other though, as you’ve never witnessed it on Hudgens posts.

kelly the Biotch @ 11/19/2012 at 2:54 am

@Nightwish: He was a real psycho that one. Would love to stay and chat but…I won’t.

@nightwish that’s what she does. Notice when I pointed out that she’s changed from Kelly the Biotch to kelly the Biotch meaning she’s re-entered her name at the same time that someone’s posing as another “A,” she never addressed the point, just said she “doesn’t have the time” to doppelgang. She does however have the time to dedicate to defending Vanessa to the death here and verbally attacking all who do otherwise.

@ktb actions speak louder than words. If you’re going to run away after you’ve been outsmarted yet again then do it, but go already and stop announcing it via comments over and over.

Querido racista, no te confundas, ni de cerca sos inteligente, en realidad sos patetico y lo sabes, das lastima y lo sabes. Cuando no tenes que decir, desapareces magicamente o comenzas a isultar, inteligente ni de cerca, racista y discriminador, SIEMPRE!
Nos leemos, querido racista. Tus aires de superioridad en un blog de espectaculos me abruman. Sobrepasaste el nivel de lastima que sentia por vos.

kelly the Biotch @ 11/19/2012 at 2:59 am

@Nightwish: No I just don’t feel like reading your long winded, verbose posts to extract any questions that you may have. I don’t have the patience tonight.

Im A, i already told you, she is not you, Im youuuuuuuuuu! Im A the fabulous Ashley fan, i love her because she is perfect, and she is jewish, and all the jewish are perfect, just like Ashley, and we are going to get her a job, a fabulous jewish job. She is going to work with Zac. In a fabulous movie

kelly the Biotch @ 11/19/2012 at 3:04 am

@A: I switched browsers IE to Mozilla Firefox you have to re-enter the name and other information. Not sure why I care enough to explain it.

@A: She’s a messed up chick, maybe from her prior boyfriend. @KellytheB – You ought to be more careful who you hook up with in the future by, you know, losing the nonsense attraction to those stupid bad boy types because it most often does not translate to increased orgasms in bed, and while your at it, lose your desire to intellectually dominate your significant other because you are only acting out on your obvious insecurities with that. Your setback is that the smart dudes will see you coming from a mile away, plus my gut feel tells me you are no raving beauty, but hopefully you have some measure of sex appeal to suck them in.

@fake A/KTB of course you keep protesting under both names. Whatever. Posting from two browsers at the same time is a nice trick.. Really you’re not fooling me. Just own up to it, my God.

@kelly the Biotch: Yeah i would expect that answer. Lame.

They dont know who i am. Hahaha im the fabulous Ashley Tisdale only fan! I love her jewish self, she is perfect, and because she is perfect we are going to get her a job! Yes ATWeb is working and we are going to make our fabulous tisdale someone famous! She is the best!

Ashley is fabulous that is her simple request!

@fake A I’ve said it a hundred times but I’ll say it again. Ashley Tisdale= 12 mil fb fans. Vanessa Hudgens=5 mil. But yeah, sure I’m Ashley’s only fan. I thought you left already KTB.

And she need us to get her a job, because we are fabulous. Her fabulous fans are going to get her a fabulous job in a fabulous movie towards fabulous DM’s with the author, we are the best.
Wrong wrong wrong person, i already told you, im not her, im just youuuuuuuu! Lets get Ashley a job!

@fake A goodnight kelly. I’m going to bed now.

When is Ashley going to Cannes or Venice or TIFF to present Scary Movie? She is fabulous, so i bet they want her there, she should be there every year, she is the best.

I dont understand why Nicole Kidman, Scarlett, Mila, Kristen, Dakota or Elle are getting roles, Ashley is so much better, Ashley is a natural and talented beauty, she should be playing Grace Kelly because she is more pretty, she should have been Bella because she is more talented, she should have been the slepping beauty because she is a beauty, everyone needs to understand Ashley is the most pretty girl and she is the best actess! The others are horrible!

Kelly the Biotch @ 11/19/2012 at 3:28 am

@Nightwish: I do just fine in that dept thanks. No complaints.

Ashley is fabulous

On the Glow cover, her nose is wide and looks drawn on. Her light lipstick is ugly. She just has a line for a top lip. The eyes are fake and old looking. The hair looks like a wig and the eyebrows look manly. eeew. Looks like Carrie Underwood’s rubber mask makeup job. And of course her legs are big and manly.

LOL , So Kelly the Bi.itch has a psychopath ex .Hmmm… Does that explain something of her ? Yup .She’s a psychopath too or at least got some sort of defects in her , you know like choosing guys more based on their s*x appeal not paying attention to their real nature , and then sleeps around with him and has lots of scandolous s*x before realizing the true nature of the guy ! I think she’s that type of girl .

italian mom @ 11/19/2012 at 7:57 am

Bo, how can you think as you have no brain? Look at yourself in the mirror then go for a long healthy walk and be nice to those that you cross during the walk.

mama Italiano , kindly mind your own business without poking that fat nose of yours in to mine .I’m sure you have enough to mind on your own than what haters of a dirty actress gal say about her on some low reputed gossip site …

@italian mom: Thank the Lord, that someone normal has posted! It took me over 20 minutes to read the rantings of the fools. Do they get how stupid they are, posting on this thread about Vanessa, when they clearly don’t like her? I will never understand why they are here.

So, I will start by saying I am off today, so the resident looney toon doesn’t think I am compromising the care of my patients. LOL. Next, I will address the stupid comments by A and inric8/Nightwish. Did you see the OTHER shots of the photoshoot? I agree, this was not my favorite, but NEWSFLASH, the subject does NOT get to pick the cover. The subject also has no say in the clothes OR make-up for the shoot. THAT is dictated by the magazine, as to the look they want. Pale lips have been making their way around fashion for awhile. No, not my favorite look, pale pink lips, but THAT is the choice the magazine made. Anyone who says she has no lips is an idiot. She has GORGEOUS, perfect lips. Far nicer than Tisdales’s and Stewart’s. Sorry, that is just the truth. But no, this cover shot doesn’t show her beautiful lips. I think they were going for her eyes as the focal point. The sarcastic digs about it from Ms A are ridiculous. She clearly doesn’t like Vanessa so she will demean the photo in every way possible.

This picture is far better, and it is a gorgeous shot of her beautiful features…

And I LOVE doppleganger A……you hit it out of the park!

lol , mamaitaliano’s ”fake” faulty english is back again .Gosh this is so fr.iggin unconvincing and hilarious .Why doesn’t she realize it ? I think it’s her who needs to take a look in the mirror and realize no one her buys she’s truly italian and that most of us do realize that she is Miss Korean ****** in fact.

Va.gina , i meant to say Miss Korean Va.gina aka BOJI


I still see one dry lip. The top lip is a line. Gosh Maria, you must be in love with her. Are you a relative. Strange. I wonder if you will be protecting her when she’s 30. Doubt it.

@BO: I thought Maria WAS italian mom because they always come in at the same time @Maria – You mustve just woke up like me, so hello wake up and smell the coffee, photoshop much? They totally wiped her undereye area but the cover shot was not shopped as much. Use your eyes and your judgement as a health care prof.. whatever you consider yourself

@italian mom: Hey, do Roma tomatoes really make a difference in pasta sauce? It’s a goal of mine to stay in some extremely rural italian town, buy stuff from the market and cook a killer pasta for a very attractive woman, and hopefully have that followed by some wild sex, wine and a coupla packs of italian cigs.

@kelly @Nightwish @Bo: up your ass

italian mom @ 11/19/2012 at 9:25 am

Bo and Kelly, I would like to say “viva la gioventù!” but you both have no idea of that smiling attiture towards people and life that is a normal feeling among young people.
My English is “fake faulty”? Please correct my sentence, I will be grateful, Bo.
Dry lip? Who cares, it’s her real lip, not plastic, botox or other strange surgery. Everyone is different and she will have fans at 30, 50, 70 if she has talent and soul. Kelly, I think there is too much facial and breast surgery and I wonder why this insensitiveness.

@Nightwish: I have NO clue what YOU are seeing “under her eyes” ‘ seriously. I don’t look at her as a health professional, but as a woman, who just sees her natural beauty. I really don’t want to argue. You see Stewart as “perfection”, I don’t. I don’t see Vanessa as perfect either, but she is a lovely little package, natural, charming, and spunky. She doesn’t need to be perfect. She’s JUST HERSELF. There is NOT ONE pefect human being, and you need to stop judging people by ridiculous standards. We can’t have what God didn’t give us. So should we all be deemed useless, worthless, and ugly?? You need to accept people AS THEY ARE. Vanessa is lovely, just as she is, with her lovely face, hair extensions, petite frame, small boobs, muscular legs, and great butt. Nope, not perfect, but she works it, and is confident in herself. THAT is beautiful.

italian mom @ 11/19/2012 at 9:48 am

Nightwish. Thank you very much for this question. Here we grow tomatoes and make home made tomatosauce and… it’s another planet.
As you go buy it you should choose the one in little pieces as it is the most natural. Parmigiano Reggiano always as it is the most natural seasoned cheese in the world. Most calcium less fat.
Just because it is once in a while buy everything in an italian store. Otherwise you could buy a false. Stay away from cigs, if possible.
I know you are joking but I grab the opportunity of sharing my love for my country. Superior quality food is an encreasing value here. We have the first university of taste, every week some special village food party for visitors all around these hills. Clooney, Deapardieu and many others love these lands. So poor soil gives the most flavoured fruits.

Nightwish @ 11/19/2012 at 9:52 am

Im not out to change your unchangeable opinion maria. We were discussing the glow cover in particular. I am well aware of your general opinion of hudgens.

@Nightwish: And hun, I don’t see any difference in the undereye from one pic to the next. The magazine obviously loved it, cause THEY chose this pic.

@italian mom: I have to admit, though I am Hungarian and love my mother’s amazing dishes, I absolutely LOVE Italian cuisine! It is a blend of all things wonderful! We have amazing restaurants in the Boston North End, and in Providence’s Federal Hill. I also LOVE to cook Italian, so any tips are very appreciated! Having a lovely glass of wine while cooking is a must, especially while reducing a risotto. :o)

@italian mom: Glad to see you back. Ignore BO, as usual she’s just being herself e.g. vulgar, repressed, mentally and emotionally stunted. She obviously spends more time here then cultivating real relationships in the real world. I’ve been fortunate to travel to Italy a few times…Rome, Florence and Venice. Lovely people.

As much id like to hear cooking tips from italian MILF/maria, im out the door and not a moment too soon

As much id like to hear cooking tips from italian MILF/maria, im out the door and not a moment too soon.

It’s so hard to talk with Mr. Racist, because we all are part of Vanessa’s family or we all are from Piliphinas. And he is the only one who knows how a gorgeous girl looks.
If you dont agree with him, then we all came from the same place or we all are the same person. Racista y discriminador. Eso es lo que es.

Andrew owned BO, intricate, the bad . And the others, when they didnt know what to say anymore, BO started with her usual vulgarities, and . Just disappeared.
That A girl is crazy, just look at all her comments, and she says Ashley is fabulous, lmao, she is still living in HSM. But i hope she was joking, it would be so embarrasing, even if Ashley is not relevant anymore, it will be so embarrasing if her fans have to get her a job. Lame.

italian mom @ 11/19/2012 at 10:34 am

Thank you very much, maria. My husband and our 2 eldest still talk of that incredible gulash they ate in Budapest during his choir tour in 2003 and that amazing pastry where they could pay in euro and buy everything. So good! And the post soviet hotel: strange large spartan rooms. Very nice caring and gentle people, full of common sense.
Totally in love with the whole package they were.

@maria yes the other picture of Vanessa you posted the link to is a much more flattering photo of her. Makes me wonder why the magazine chose this photo. And no, doppelganger me does not hit it out of the park. Those are not my opinions.

And no, no, no, Vanessa does NOT have nicer lips than Ashley. That’s not even a close competition.

Ashley wore the pale lip look last night and you can still tell she has them.

THAT is flawless. And it’s not even a professionally shot, photoshopped picture like these of Vanessa. Ashley’s so much prettier in general, and her lips are for sure better. Ashley looks like a little doll and Vanessa looks like one of those weird faced knock off barbies you see in like drug stores.

@Amelie hey moron, that idiot talking about Ashley being so fabulous and her fans getting her a job is obviously a doppelganger. Maria showed up later and could tell. If you can’t, you obviously don’t have a brain inside your hollow skull.

italian mom @ 11/19/2012 at 10:45 am

@K the B:
Everywhere in Italy you will find different people. We are a nation, yes, but a very young one. Every region has a peculiar background and habits. It ‘is very interesting. Still we sometimes hardly understand each other. I think this is amazing.

Well I’m really not sure why Ashley deleted that other gorgeous picture she posted on her instagram last night.

Either way, here’s another of her with her pale lips last night. Not as good, but still pretty.

@A: Sorry, I just totally disagree. 1000%. That link doesn’t work, BTW. I am not going to argue with you nor have a war of pictures. You will post the most flattering pics of Tisdales’ lips, and the most UNflattering of Vanessa, cause that’s how you roll. Vanessa has beautiful lips, and no, this color lipstick that the MAGAZINE chose, is not flattering. THAT I will agree with. But please just stop with the comparisons. YOU are on a Vanessa thread, so what is your point? If course we’re going to discuss Vanessa and be positive. No one cares to discuss Ashley here, dear.

@carma.: please i dont have time to translate your espanol, stop hitting under the belt and go away already @amelie i dont remember getting owned, andcertainly not by someone named andrew

Look guys,I know that I am a shameless promoter of all things Ashley Tisdale but what else can I say. There ain’t no shame in the game right? I just can’t understand why you people don’t find my posts on Ash simply inspiring. Vanessa may be making movies with Michael Caine, James Franco and John Cusack but Ashley is working with Charlie Sheen, Lilo and the dude that made the sex tape with Paris Hilton Simon Rex. I mean that’s real talent right. While Vanessa is out promoting her films in Venice Ashley is hitting the gym and the Coffee Bean. My Ashley, she’s just real like that. Personally, I find my Ash so much more beautiful than Vanessa. I mean what was Zac thinking spending five years with her when he could have been kickin it with Ashley? I mean Vanessa gets the cover of Allure but hey Ashley gets a mention in the magazine along with a gazillion other people. What are the editors of Allure thinking? Don’ t they know real beauty when they see it??!. I know I should be posting on Ashley’s threads on JJR but come’s dead over there. If I’m going to be a pimp I want as many people as possible to see it. Which brings me to why I am posting here. So vive la Ashley. She’ll always be Aces to me even if you don’t agree with me. Now don’t forget to check out Scary Movie cause I smell an Oscar nomination.

@fake A you’re a major dumb @ss. Ashley has WAYYYYYY more fans than Vanessa. Ashley is prettier than Vanessa. Ashley IS more talented than Vanessa. Ashley has more potential to be long lasting while Vanessa will fade into oblivion. Vanessa is photographed doing things like going to the gym and getting coffee just as much as Ashley is, the only difference is that Ashley at least looks attractive and well dressed in her pap pictures and she doesn’t call them herself. Zac probably hooked up with Ashley behind your precious Vanessa’s back, and I think she knew about it too, but you know why she stood by both of them? Because she enjoys leeching off of their fame.

@maria I know the link doesn’t work, sorry. Ashley posted that picture on instagram last night but for some reason deleted it this morning.. And I disagree with you 1000% Ashley is much more flawless looking. She’s so much more conventionally attractive. Her face is so lovely and looks so much sweeter and more approachable than Vanessa. Her figure is so va va voom and Vanessa’s is so fuddy. Ashley dresses so much better. There’s dimension in Ashley’s photos whereas Vanessa looks vapid and flat.

Keep it up doppleganger A. The more you post like that the more I’m going to post like this.

But you sound just like that, i mean you think she is pretty. You are the same A, always the same A.

And we are working to Ashley, we are going to get her a job because we are fabulous, ATORG rocks, we are the best, Ashley is a diva fabulous, a fabulous plastic diva! She should have been in Mean Girls, because she is fabulous, Justin Bieber loves her. And, we know she cant get a job, so we, al her 12 millons fans, are going to get her one, we are in contact wih Bill and we are going to get her a role in Simones movie, we are fabulous. Lets trend Ashley is going to be in a movie because we got her a role!×360/vanessa.jpg

You’re fooling yourselves. Because you like Vanessa for her giggly personality or whatever it is about her you find appealing, you’ve convinced yourself she’s the more attractive one when it’s plain that’s not the case.

She is fabulous, it doesnt matter if Vanessa at that time was gaining weight to sucker punch with Zack Snyder, because Ashley would never work with a director like him, because she is so fabulous to him, we all know Zack wanted Ashley to be blondie, but she was too fabulous. and Ash was in a photoshoot, just after her botox, and she still looks gorgeous and fabulous, lets trend ashley loves botox!

@A: So how much are you being paid to promote her? Maybe its just the family thing to do, promote Ashley and push till everyone agrees. You need to grow up and accept the fact that not everyone finds Ashley’s qualities endearing, doesn’t mean she isn’t; just means others don’t feel the same.

She is fabulous, it doesnt matter if Vanessa at that time was gaining weight to sucker punch with Zack Snyder, because Ashley would never work with a director like him, because she is so fabulous to him, we all know Zack wanted Ashley to be blondie, but she was too fabulous. and Ash was in a photoshoot, just after her botox, and she still looks gorgeous and fabulous, lets trend ashley loves botox!

She is fabulous, it doesnt matter if Vanessa at that time was gaining weight to sucker punch with Zack Snyder, because Ashley would never work with a director like him, because she is so fabulous to him, we all know Zack wanted Ashley to be blondie, but she was too fabulous. and Ash was in a photoshoot, just after her botox, and she still looks gorgeous and fabulous, lets trend ashley loves botox!

This is so much fun. How on earth is it not plain as day to you guys, really? What I like the most is how Ashley’s make up always looks so natural and pretty whereas Vanessa looks like she’s trying to paint on a new face all together, and yet Ashley still comes out looking so much better.

@fake A L.O.L. Sucker Punch was an awful movie and Snyder got terrible heat for using it to publish his rape fantasies and whatnot. No one went to see it and the critics hated it. Never mind that I don’t understand your psycho blather, but as usual with Vanessa fans, your comparisons just aren’t comparisons at all.

I have absolutely no problem whatsoever that Ashley is more conventional than Vanessa in many ways. It makes her much more likeable and much more attractive. But you guys can keep worshiping Vanessa for how hard she tries to be different, at the expense of her career.

@A seriously your obsession with Tisdale here is annoying…go to another site to promote her….comparing her to Vanessa doesn’t make Tisdale look better…i mean “Tisdale has more fans” “Tisdale is more pretty”….you sound like a 10 year old…. it’s just annoying…. and NO WE DON’T LIKE TISDALE! GO TO THE RELATIVE POSTS!…

Awhh look here they are wearing the same dress. Only Ashley has style so she’s actually managed to piece an entire outfit together, unlike Vanessa.

I know Ashley try so hard but she is fabulous and everyone should love her, she is fabulous why you guys dont find her fabulous, Disney loves her, and she is friend with Selena, she is fabulous, She worked with Lindsay lohan, and she is going to Cannes to promote Scary Movie, maybe she is going to Venice and TIFF too, im sure theyb want her there, she is going to win an Oscar for her acting in Scary Movie.

It doesnt matter if Vanessa is. More gorgepus and actally a natural beauty, and everyone can notice Vanessa looks more pretty and she didnt even pose for the paparazzis, because Ashley is fabulous and she always call them when she is going to the GYM, the salon, coffe bean, planet blue, going to vote, in Malibu, Miami, Vegas, Vancouver, at her house, when she is New York, when she is walking Mikayla, when she is walking Maui, when she is walking her boyfriends, when she is leaving her house, when she is arriving at her house, when she is leaving her parents house. When she is arriving at her parents house, when she is going to her office, when she is leaving her office, even Atlanta, because she is fabulous. And her 12 millon fans love her and the paparazzis too. She is always with them! Yaya lets trend Ashley loves the paparazzis.

@kate: Thanks, kate.

She is irrelevant here, but A will continually post flattering pics of Tisdale and compare them to unflattering pics of Vanessa. It makes her feel better, I guess. Funny, I don’t find her attractive at all. Sorry, A. She’s just ordinary to me. I think brunettes are far more striking and appealing. Not into the California plastic blonde look. Like I said, a dime a dozen. Oh, and Sucker Punch pulled in $89 million, so that’s quite a few nobodies. I loved it, it was original, creative, and visually amazing. But if Aliens in the Attic is more your speed, then I guess you wouldn’t like it.

And im sure Zack Snyder wanted her, thats why she auditioned for Sucker Punch, but she was so much better, even Abbie Cornish was sracerdn because Ashley is a better actress, im sure even Sir MichaelC asked Vanessa about Ashley, because im sure his is one of her 12 millon fans, everyone loves her. Im sure Alex Pettyfer would find her more attractive too, Ashley is better than Dianna A. Ashley is a natural blonde with perfect jewish legs. Im sure Robert Rodriguez want her too, because Ashley is an amazing action star! She is the best fabulous actress, and she wanted to be in Spring Breakers, thats why she wanted to go to Florida to be in the party! But she is to fabulous to be in a Harmony Korine Movie, She is the best! And Scary Movie is going to have an Oscar Nominatio, and Ashley is going to win, and we are going to get her a role in the new Simone Movie! Because we are fabulous!

I still dont understand why Ashley wasnt the lead on the Final Destination Saga, she auditioned, it was they lost, because Ashley is the best fabulous actress, she was going to scream better than anyone! Everyone should love her, because she is fabulous and she has 12 millons of fans, she is on the best magazines, everyone loves her! Because she is pretty and jewish, and because we love her we are going to get her a role in a new movie, we have been talking with Simone towards DM’s on twitter and Bill told us she was so happy because we are going to get her a new job in a movie, WITH ZAC!!!

Im going to post some pictures of our fabulous Ashley at Cannes, Venice and TIFF soon! And when she is with her Oscar, because she is going to win an Oscar for Scary Movie. She should have been with Zac at the Oscars in 2008, because she is the best singer, and at the golden globes too, but she said she was too fabulous, she cant sing for free, she is an amazing performer, thats why she was offered a role in Broadway, but she is too fabulous, and now she has her fabulous Scary Movie and she is going to get and Oscar! And she is going to be the star in the new Simone Movie, and she will win the best dramatic actress too! 2 Oscars for Ashley. And she should get the best dressed Oscar too. And the best lips Oscar too.

Doppelganger A, you are right on. Funny thing is, since you sound just like the other A, it’s hard to tell which one is the “real” A!! Nice job! Now THAT is giving someone a taste of their own medicine.

Ashley is fabulous and everyone should love her!

Love you, doppelganger A. I agree with maria, you are right on point.

Why won’t my comment go up???

@maria First off, the thing is I’m just googling pictures of them on the red carpet, and yes I’m posting my favorites of Ashley obviously, but I’m finding so many lovely pictures of Ash and so many terrible pictures of Vanessa it makes it so easy. Yes there are occasionally some unflattering pictures of Ash and likewise some flattering pictures of Van, but when there are so many more attractive pictures of Ashley it becomes clear that Vanessa is only pretty when held under the exact right light, wearing a face full of makeup, and when she finally didn’t wear a terrible looking hair piece. Secondly, I posted many many pictures of Ashley as a brunette. It may kill you, but she’s a natural brunette, was one for a couple of years after HSM, and went back to blonde because part of the fun of being a girl is changing up your look. Nothing wrong with that. She looks gorgeous either way and not at all a dime a dozen. Also, it’s so petty and so lame when you’re only thing to say about the fact that Ashley is obviously much prettier than Vanessa is, “I prefer brunettes.” Ashley has been a brunette, she still looks better, and Vanessa’s fake hair pieces and wigs are all so awful that color doesn’t really matter at all. Also, Vanessa isn’t a brunette. Brunettes have brown hair, Vanessa’s is black. Thirdly, Sucker Punch was a HUGE flop, look it up. It didn’t make hardly ANY profit in the box office. Did I love Aliens in the Attic? No. Was it successful in the box office though? Yes. Why? Because Ashley will pull more people into the theaters than Vanessa, regardless. Why? Because she has more fans. Because she’s prettier. Because she has more talent. Because she has a better personality and gives more intelligent interviews. I could go on and on and on.

Trying it again..

@Fake A There are a billion pictures on this website of Vanessa looking like a slob while she walks to the gym, her parents house, etc. Why on earth are you talking then? And Ashley is the natural beauty, Vanessa is not. I posted some childhood pictures of them a while back that proves it. Ashley was adorable and Vanessa’s face was all messed up. She’s had a couple of pretty photoshoots that keep people holding on to a shred of hope that she’s actually beautiful but the fact is 85% of the time Vanessa looks terrible, and just as much of the time Ashley looks amazing. Therefore Ashley is the more beautiful one.

And no, fake A, Ashley will not win an Oscar for Scary Movie. That isn’t even a possibility as no one does those roles for the prestige, but rather for the fun of it and to entertain people. Vanessa on the other hand, will desperately try to do poorly received dramatic roles that she thinks will earn her recognition, but then will still never ever win an Oscar. The difference is Ashley isn’t trying so she hasn’t lost anything. Vanessa is and she’s failing. LOL :)

But Ashley auditioned to Sucker Punch, final destination, hairspray, Spring Breakers, Charlie st Cloud and even to the new rodriguez movie WHY they dont love her as much as i love her!!! Everyone should follow her on twitter, and everyone should like her on facebook because she is the fabulous Ashley Tisdale! Everyone knows why she is doing Scary Movie, because she wants an Oscar, and she is going to present her movie in Cannes, Venice and TIFF, she is going to shine an win a fabulous best dressed Oscar! She is fabulous

@lala she does look really cute there, I admit it. It’s a shame she doesn’t always look that good.

@fake A HOW do you know what all Ashley auditions for? I thought you Vanessa fans didn’t care about her and yet you know so much about her. You’re clearly more obsessed with her than I am. Yes, she did audition for Hairspray, I’ll admit that. Guess who also auditioned for hairspray? Yep, Vanessa. Ash, V, and Zac all did it together just for fun and Zac got lucky and actually got a part. Guess what? Vanessa has auditioned for plenty of roles she hasn’t gotten also. That’s part of being an actress.

ashley is in a photoshoot, look here, Vanessa doesnt need a phosohoot session to looks flawless×600.jpg

@lala the last picture of Ashley I posted was her in a photoshoot. I posted a ton of beautiful pictures of Ashley taken on the red carpet or on the street.

Haters Suck! @ 11/19/2012 at 2:51 pm

The 2012 maxim hot 100 list
Coming in at 62 Vanessa hudgens. Where’s Ashley on the list? I thought everyone thought she was the most beautiful girl ever.

Ashley should have been n 1 because she is the hottest more fabulous girl ever, everyone should love her.

Everyone should post Ashley pictures, but just with her new nose, she is not a natural beausty, but she is fabulous

i bet without any kind of make up both ashley and vanessa looks ordinary as f**k

@A: Face it “A”, you are such a vapid, shameless and completely SHALLOW promoter of Ashley that it’s hard to discern the overt the top doppelganger from your actual posts. Most of your praises regarding Ashley are superficial and banal…she’s better looking, has more Twitter followers…things that are so completely subjective and shallow. You seem to have no self awareness that you sound like a vapid 10-year old. Do yourself a favor and post that stuff on Ashley’s threads where people may actually find it relevant. You are making a fool out of yourself.

@lala: I agree with you. Vanessa is stunning without a lot of effort. I also feel like what you see with her is what you get. Zac once said that she brings a sparkle to everything and is always fun to be around.

@lala i am not a hater. If she is really without make up in all those pics then she is very pretty without it. but in some of them i see little bit of blush , lipgloss and mascara there. so its still not proven until we see vanessa earley in the morning when she isn’t wearing any make up at all. you can’t actually take pics and say she isn’t wearing any cause most of the time celebs never forget to put on bronzer which hides all the ugliness on their faces.

now i am waiting until @A posts pics of ashley.

BTW in my opinion, I think vanessa is more prettier. She’s more my type.

@haters suck! Dummy, Ashley’s been on Maxim’s hottest list several times. In top twenty too, not just number 62 and she also was on their television special for the twenty hottest beach girls. Vanessa was not.

@K the B LOL, you’re using my favorite word. Vapid is exactly what I use to describe Vanessa and it’s the exact quality about her that makes it difficult for me to be a fan. As a matter of fact, I have been posting pictures of Ashley looking prettier to get on your nerves, but I haven’t only stated shallow reasons for why I prefer Ashley. As I’ve said before, Ashley possesses more raw talent, Ashley is far, far more intelligent, Ashley has more charisma, etc… Those aren’t shallow. Oh, and sweetie, you need to learn the definition of subjective because something like the number of twitter followers someone has is not subjective, it’s objective, because it can be proven. It’s a statistic of sorts.

Ashley is just all around more loveable. She has a certain it factor Vanessa simply does not.

And there you go bringing up Zac again.

I bet zac and ashley f**ked in that bed behind them

The difference between Ashley and Vanessa is Ashley hasn’t lost her beauty and Vanessa has.

Ashley in the past couple months:–592×0-2.jpg

@A: I’ve actually never brought up Zac before but whatever. The only ones that seem to have your back are Intric8/Nightwish, who I find quite creepy and peculiar (a psycho?) and BO, who seems mentally ustable…she is often incoherent and her posts and thoughts seem very disordered…also very peculiar. I find that sad.

@K the B per your last comment: “Zac once said that she brings a sparkle to everything and is always fun to be around.” You can’t remember that? Maybe you’re the psycho.

@JO: LOL. That pic was taken in a club so no they didn’t get it on in that bed. Ashley just wanted everyone to think that when she tweeted it. …like it was actually in her home. Lame and kinda desperate!

Ashley wishes she could get that boy in her bed! LOL.

@A from what i saw on wiki and on another box office site aliens in the attic grossed 50+ million while sucker punch grossed 80+ million even though aliens in the attic remained more weeks on the theaters. So to me both movies flopped. From what i see on twitter no one remembers aliens in the attic except from Tisdale and hsm fan while sucker punch(and beastly) are more known movies. At least Vanessa has done more movies and has more coming out. And the fact that Tisdale has many fans on social media doesn’t say much because only a few thousand of them are interested in her. I’ve seen many times people asking why she is on the “people to follow”list or why she is famous. And on the beauty thing: beauty is subjective. For some people Tisdale is just cute for others beautiful and foe others ugly. Same goes to everyone(including Vanessa).
Oh and the fact that she has “so many fans on fb and twiiter” hasn’t really helped her on her career as an actress. I know actors who are 100 times talented than she is but have less fans on social network site and do movies she could never imagine.

@M you love to blame Ashley. Zac posed for that picture with her didn’t he? And it was right after her first break up with Scott. She tweeted how she was so lucky to have friends like him in her life. He was taking her out to get her mind off of Scott. She went partying with him several times during that time before she started hooking up with Martin. Either way, it’s a gorgeous picture, where they look like a better couple than Zac and Vanessa ever did. Zac always looked so much more at ease and genuinely happy when he was with Ashley. And even when Vanessa was around, Ashley usually had his attention.

Haters Suck! @ 11/19/2012 at 4:06 pm

Well Ashley wasn’t on it this year or last year, or the year before that.

@A: Okay I’ll give you that…’I said it and he did say that about V. But it’s funny how that makes me a psycho while you and with your effusive posts about Ashley are sane.

@kate I know it stings that Ashley has millions of more fans than Vanessa but no matter how many different ways you phrase it, it still remains a fact. Even if only a few thousand people actually care about Ashley (which isn’t true) that would mean even less people care about Vanessa.

@K the B bringing up Zac doesn’t make you a psycho, but denying ever having done it on the very next comment you leave may qualify you..

@HS Well Ashley was in the top 10 in 2008. Vanessa will never be that high on the list. And anyway I don’t care about that, because I’m a girl and I look up to Ashley, not fantasize over her body. That would be most important to you since all you do is jack off over pictures of Vanessa you perv. I hate Maxim anyway. They come up with a most unsexy list of women every year too and I think that’s really offensive and degrading towards women. Ashley is not a sexual object to me. I don’t care if she’s been objectified by maxim this year. She’s still beautiful.

@K the B bringing up Zac doesn’t make you a psycho, but denying ever having done it on the very next comment you leave may qualify you..

@HS Well Ashley was in the top 10 in 2008. Vanessa will never be that high on the list. And anyway I don’t care about that, because I’m a girl and I look up to Ashley, not fantasize over her body. That would be most important to you since all you do is jack off over pictures of Vanessa you perv. I hate Maxim anyway. They come up with a most unsexy list of women every year too and I think that’s really offensive and degrading towards women. Ashley is not a sexual object to me. I don’t care if she’s been objectified by maxim this year. She’s still beautiful.

@A from what i see on fb in most posts they have the same amount of likes….. But at least Vanessa made movies Tisdale only has one coming out… And let me tell you again that the fact that she has many fans on fb doesn’t make her a successful actreess. Like I said before there are much more successful actors and actresses who don’t have as many followers as she has. Does that make them less successful??

@kate: Kate, yes! Thank you for posting this.

@A i will agree with you on one topic. Ashley is more mature and smarter than vanessa. Not because she’s the older one , She just is and always have been. But still if i get the chance i would bang vanessa anytime. I think she must be very good in bed. Thats why zac lasted that long with her.

Haters Suck! @ 11/19/2012 at 4:22 pm

That’s what I thought you’d say. If it doesn’t have Ashley as being the best it doesn’t matter and you diss miss it as something bad.

@kate sweetie, you keep trying to make this about something else. Fact: Ashley has 12 million fans on facebook. Fact: Vanessa has 6 million fans on facebook. Fact: That’s half the number Ashley has. And I just looked up Vanessa. While a few of her posts have as many likes as Ashley’s, many of them only have 500 likes whereas Ashley has 12,000. Sorry, but it’s obvious who has more fans…

Also, while Ashley did just get done filming one movie, she has several new projects she will be filming coming up. You’ll see her in more than one movie in 2013..

Vanessa always is on people most beautiful , i dont know about the other girl, isnt tis a Vanessa post, lol maybe A is so desesperate………………………………… hahaha

Haters Suck! @ 11/19/2012 at 4:30 pm

Yes to A Facebook likes mean everything. I pointed out mila Kunis doesn’t have as many Facebook likes as Ashley. And A still believes that makes Ashley a better actress and more successful than Mila which is complete crap.

We are prying to simone to make a movie and give Ashle a role, because she is fabulous

We are prying to simone to make a movie and give Ashle a role, because she is fabulous ..

@A ashley is more classier and sophisticated than vanessa as well. But i will still do vanessa.

We are prying to simone to make a movie and give Ashle a role, because she is fabulous ..

@ A And why did Zac prefer Vanessa, if with Ashley you feel better ?

@HS Ashley HAS been in Maxim’s top ten. So the fact that I don’t like Maxim doesn’t have to do with them neglecting her, as they haven’t. It has to do with the fact that they do degrading things like make a list of the most unsexy women alive. I think that’s awful. I’m not surprised you would support it. And I’m not surprised that’s the source you brought up, you’re probably over there all the time j(acking over Vanessa’s pictures. I bet you have all her nude scandals saved to your hard drive. Ick. I honestly think you’re very creepy. Oh, an also, stop bringing Mila Kunis up. I get it, she’s another one of your fantasy girls. She isn’t in the same group as Vanessa and Ashley. Guess what? Ashley and Vanessa were in the same franchise, making their fans equally likely to have facebook, and Ashley has double the fans.

@kate: Kate, yes! Thank you! @A I think the best approach to take with you is to just ignore you and hope everyone hits the “thumbs down” button.

@ Haters Suck i noticed that she says the same thing again and again because she can’t answer to all the other things everyone says… She reminds me of those girls on facebook who think that when they get many likes on their photos they have many friends…
@A i think the only thing i’ve heard of upcoming projects other than scary movie is another kids movie…wow that’s a lot lol….Fact: Facebook doesn’t make you successful…in fact the most successful actors and actresses don’t even have facebook or twitter and those who have do not have that many fans.. And that’s a fact my dear… Sorry but Tisdale is not that much famous or successful…And yes that’s a fact again…

lily collins scored higher than pudge in that list. how sad. who cares about a stupid list anyway. half of the women in that list isn’t even hot per say.

@Jo, Yes Ashley is smarter and more mature. And I guess Vanessa’s fans are all really old women or really gross men who just want to sleep with her. (But obviously never will.) And yes, Vanessa is most famous for being a s*kank, so I guess what you’re saying is very relevant. You represent what she’s valued for. Congrats. I’ll choose the girl with a brain any day.

Haters Suck! @ 11/19/2012 at 4:46 pm

Where were those 12 million Facebook fans when hellcats got cancelled?

@A oh and another thing…. Fact: celebrities get many likes when they post pictures or videos….Fact: Vanessa and Tisdale when they post pics get around the some amount of likes…Fact: Vanessa doesn’t get many likes only in posts that don’t have a pic. So the same amount of people are that much interested at them
And on the hsm thing you said: Tisdale made her facebook page in the hsm days…. Vanessa 2-3 years after… Guess what?Some hsm fans grew up and weren’t that interested in hsm…. So it is logical that Tisdale has more fans on fb because she has it for what 3-4 years (when hsm was really successful) while vanessa for 2 years after the “phenomenon”…

@HS “The pilot episode “A World Full of Strangers” averaged a total of 3.0 million viewers and scored a 2.0 rating in the network’s target audience of women 18–34, which marks the first premiere to ever match or build on an America’s Next Top Model lead-in since The CW began. Hellcats also delivered the largest non-Top Model performance in The CW’s Wednesday 9–10 pm time period in 3 years since the Gossip Girl series premiere.[68] On September 10, the network aired an encore of the pilot episode which averaged a total of 2.42 million viewers and won the hour with adults 18–49.[69]
Hellcats delivered The CW’s most watched Tuesday of the season with 2.2 million viewers watching “Papa, Oh Papa”, its 12th episode and the first in its new Tuesday 9–10 pm timeslot.[70]”

It’s ratings fell later on in the series. It’s hard to keep a show on the air. The CW honestly didn’t do enough to help the series and gain its viewers. It was a toss up for renewal, and ended up getting cancelled after the network had already cancelled several other shows. Oh well. I was disappointed but it happens. Where were Vanessa’s fans when all of her films bombed major hard in the box office?? Same dif.

@kate FACT: Zac just created his facebook page in september and he already has nearly 4 million fans. He’s going to surpass Vanessa like that. He and Ashley will both have twice as many fans of Vanessa. Because they’re the two biggest stars of HSM. FACT.

@lli Zac has said himself, he had a crush on Ashley when he first met her and she didn’t like him back then. She clearly has feelings for him though. They must have developed over time.

@kate Someone needs to teach you what a “fact” is. It has to be proven. See, what I’ve shown you is a fact because the numbers are there. They’re statistics. What you just said were opinions, every one. I pity you. All of you. You don’t know how to structure a proper argument, you aren’t willing to try, you avoid exercises of the brain at all costs, and you idolize a girl who embodies this perfectly. As JO said, Ashley’s the smarter one, he just likes Vanessa because he thinks she’s good in bed.. okay.

Haters Suck! @ 11/19/2012 at 5:07 pm

I mean crap I follow a lot of athletes on twitter and Facebook and they don’t have as many likes or followers as Ashley. Does that honestly mean Ashley has more fans than some pro athletes?

Simply I do not understand, they always have to es comparing the reason why to two totally different people, in low gear they are friendly and I believe that both have decided to do different projects and where they believe that they feel better, while Vanessa misses for drama and the action Ashley concentrates on the comedies and in the TV, and if that this well you must be good for the fans also for them. In as much as to because simply you do not go away to Ashley’s themes and you speak all the wonders and big achievements that you have and you do a count of of as much as you have people in twiter and in facebook and you invite that people in order that you increase his themes in jjj that way to wholes you will have over she instead of being here hating Vanessa, and next do you say that all Vanessa’s fans are old and that they want to sleep with her and your these acting as one obsessed with Ashley and with Vanessa that wants to have ehh??

Jajajaja … you are so kind as to look for one of my videos or interview where Zac say that and if Zac is truth always you say to have certain falling in love with his companions of delivery

@A Zac has more fans that are not from hsm….he has fans from other movies he did and because mainly girls follow young actors and Zac is hot,so… Yes what i said bout the pictures, i mean that the get more likes is something we all know….so sue me for wrong choice of words… and that Zac and Ashley are the most successful is not a fact… That Zac is the most famous out of the hsm group is something that even Vanessa’s fans know because he does movies….About Tisdale i don’t think so because she did 2 movies and 2 guests that are not related with disney while Vanessa did 6 movies and Zac 7 or 8…. Success is not measured by fb fans sweetie…It’s measured by their work….
And i pity you more because you go idolizing Tisdale on another person’s post…And you only have one argument…Tisdale has more facebook fans while we have the argument that many 100 times more successful people than Tisdale have less fans and that Vanessa has done more… And let me tell you saying that she is more beautiful is not an argument…

Zac never liked Ash back but that doesnt matter, because he is going to work with Ash. In simone movie! And they are going to get married because Ashley is fabulous, it doesnt matter if she cant get a role, because we are going to get her one via twitter and DM’s! We are fabulous.

@HS Ashley probably does have more fans than some pro athletes… actors and actresses appeal to the masses more. Everyone goes to the movies. Not everyone likes sports. I can name a couple of football players and that’s about it.

@lli use google translate please. Your english is awful.

@kate is success measured by money you make too? Yes. Ashley is worth more money than Vanessa. Is celebrity status measured in part by fan numbers? Yes. Sweetheart, Ashley has more fans than Vanessa. Vanessa has a psycho pack and they’re hardcore no doubt, but in numbers, Ashley has many more. Oh, and Ashley was paid more for HSM 3. You know why? Because the more famous an actress is the more she’ll get paid. Oh and beauty? Ashley is a million times more beautiful than Vanessa. I think I’ve more than proved that today. Just look at all the pictures of both I posted. Vanessa looks so ratty natty and grody. Ashley looks so pristine and lovely.

@fake A, again, you’re talking about something I have nothing to do with. I didn’t even know who Simone was until you started posting and I googled. I found a tweet from the author about being interested in Ashley in the movie for some book.. big deal. What does that have to do with Tisdale’s fans getting her a role? You’re psycho.

Haters Suck! @ 11/19/2012 at 7:09 pm

That is without question one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard. If I didnt think u were an idiot before I sure as hell do now. There’s no way Vanessa, zac or Ashley have more fans than pro athletes. And beauty is subjective in all the pics you posted Vanessa is a knockout beauty while Ashley looks like a person who spends too much time in the tanning bed with her orange skin and her face is very ugly.

Haters Suck! @ 11/19/2012 at 7:18 pm

I think i have finally lost it. I need some mental help immediately as possible. Or should i jack off to my god vanessa who i worship and maybe then my depressions will go away.

@HS I already think you’re a giant idiot so we’re on the same page there. You can’t properly structure an argument to save your life. Not to mention you’re a freaky perv, so at least that can’t be said about me. Whatever, I don’t care if they have more fans than pro athletes or not but I’m sure there are some pro athletes they have more than and some they don’t, that’s the way it works… And no, in those pics I posted Vanessa looked like a weird faced cave man with ratty natty hair and bad skin. Ashley looked like a sweet, pretty faced, natural beauty with a gorgeous smile and eyes, a more desirable figure, and better hair. Period.

This is beauty:

This is not:

To the A imposter, why not give it a rest already

@doppelganger HS LOL. Exactly. Who are you?

Everyone is doppelganging now. It’s getting so confusing.

@nightwish everyone’s doppelganging on both sides. I’m pretty sure the person doing me though is K the B.

Haters Suck! @ 11/19/2012 at 7:27 pm

My doppleganger ive had at least a dozen people copy my name if you’re gonna do it at least try to be better than the rest.
In those pics Ashley has the skin of a ompalumpa and the nose of the wicked witch of the west. Vanessa is a natrual beauty.

@Haters Suck!: Oh yeah haterssuck, its impossible they don’t have more fans than professional athletes. Pro baller Mike Scott of the Hawks has an incredible 8000 followers, man it’s hard to top that number lol

Haterssuck!, the one area you can tap into and draw some knowledge with, and what, epic fail with the comparison

@HS funny, because Vanessa’s often been criticized for her bad skin and Ashley never has. And Ashley does not have the nose of the wicked witch of the west. Her face is so lovely. Vanessa’s face is like guacamole. Only people with certain tastes can appreciate it. Ashley is so much more conventionally attractive!!!

@nightwish I know. Only a select group of pro athletes are mega stars. The rest make a couple hundred grand a year and are relatively unknown by those who aren’t hardcore fans of the team they play for.

Geez. Gettin harder and harder to get my comments through

Van has been relying on lots and lots of makeup lately. Street shots are with big shades on all the time. Ive been trying to gauge her look without makeup on, but shes stingy.

Haters Suck! @ 11/19/2012 at 7:47 pm

Yes i warship vanessa S.KAN.K hudgens. she’s my god she’s my everything. I have a huge poster of her on my wall (The one with her C.LI.T wide open) and i jack off to it everyday. I really wish oneday my dream comes true and i will get to F.UC.K her dirty P.USS.Y

Haters Suck! @ 11/19/2012 at 7:56 pm

I’m pretty sure A is my doppleganger. Or it could intric8/nightwish you keep changing your name it gets harder to get your comments in.
Ashley has 8 million twitter followers. Lebron james has 6 million according to A that makes Ashley the bigger star. NOT!!
Ashley spends too much time in the tanning bed. Her skin is awful. I changed by baby cousins diaper yesterday, the crap he took look better than tisdale.

@haterssuck! I loled with this one, how you completely discredited the rest of your statement – “And beauty is subjective in all the pics you posted Vanessa is a knockout beauty while Ashley looks like a person who spends too much time in the tanning bed with her orange skin and her face is very ugly” – hello, point about being subjective is exactly why many in the world would not consider Pudge as a “knockout beauty”. That happens to be an extremely biased opinion dude

@A: Its out of control already, i wish people would stop on both sides.

Atric is up to their old tricks. Do you honestly think you will change one persons mind posting these pictures here? I don’t even bother opening them. You made a liar out of your self the day you said Ashley was in People’ s most beautiful. Never happened. Now your bringing up something from 2008? smh

@haters suck! I’m not your doppelganger I promise. The doppelganging is getting a bit exhausting in my opinion.

@nightwish LOL exactly. He states beauty is subjective implying that it therefore can not be debated and then goes on to tell me that one person is beautiful and one is ugly. He’s so hypocritical. Basically, he would think it was fine for me to say all that I say, if only I favored Vanessa rather than Ashley.

@tina Ashley was in people’s most beautiful. I remember flipping through the magazine in drama class and there she was. Why do you care anyway? It’s just a stupid magazine. Ohhh, but that DOES count in means of star power, but number of fans online doesn’t?? Okay, tina, sure, whatever you say sweetheart.

Haters Suck! @ 11/19/2012 at 8:34 pm

You think it’s wrong if me or anyone else favors Vanessa over Ashley. I’m just doing what u do.

You link every thing else, link that.

You are all lame .Of course Ashley hasn’t done as much movies as Pudgie .That’s because she focused on pursuing a PRODUCTION CAREER and NOT and acting career after HSM .And we all know she’s quite successful in it now producing shows for twelve different channels .The FACT is you CAN’T compare Ash’s and Pudge’s careers .Ash is a producer and Pudgie is an actor .The thing is Ash’s more successful in what she chose to do than Pudge in what she chose to do and also Zac is more successful as an actor than Pudgie .So the fact is both Zac and Ash are more successful than Pudge four years after HSM and Pudgie hasn’t made any headway to speak of still playing the teenage roles at 24 ..

about Ashley not making hot 100 list after HSM , it is because she became a behind the screen persona- producer, not an on screen one-actress .Hot 100 list is about on screen personalities .Pudge was always on screen and so she made it .It should be said though that , with all those crotch , **** , bush ,top less pics , Pudgie couldn’t surpass Ashley in 2008 list .Ashley ranked number 10 getting herself included in first ten without any such se.x tape as Pudge ! And it’s a FACT !

Ashley still acts… she had to focus on her production company a bit more this past year to really get it off the ground. Now that it’s very successful, she’s doing more acting. She has several upcoming projects in acting… and also she’s been recording music.

@BO: Yes well said

LOL, Now , weren’t these losers putting down making hot body lists and most beautiful lists a while ago ’cause Zac most often makes them ? ha ha ! Now that your Pudgemidget is in one you are singing a different melody ha ! LOL DOUBLE STANDARDS DOUBLE STANDARDS right there ! OMG they are so stupid .All of them contradict themselves in a bunch .LOL So f.riggin hilarious !

@Kelly the B – Lame. Very little substance. I had higher expectations of you early on. Turns out you are just dismissive and cowardly. After all.

A , how tall is Ashley ? I just checked few sites , all of them say 5 3′ .But Pudgie is said to be 5 4′ .It’s impossible

oops sorry , sorry , Pudge is 5 1′ LOL I am taller than both of them .I am 5 5′ lol I wish I get to meet them .I will tower over them .lol

nightwish @ 11/19/2012 at 9:27 pm

As ItalianMILF would say, haterssuck!s way of thinking “it’s another planet” lol

hey , Do girls grow taller when they age towards their mid twenties ? I wanna know .I just wanna grow at least three more inches taller to be 5 8′ or something like that .Well , Sri Lnakan gals aer on average 5 1′ or 5 feet .So I tower over most of them , but I wanna be taller .I love height .When I was 15 , 16 I suffered from a mania to take part in Miss Sri Lanka contest but when I grew older I felt it was stupid .You have to be around six feet for that …

I can not deal with this Tisdale crap anymore. It is really hard to hold my tongue, so to speak, and tell you what I REALLY think of her. A is a despicable person. Her digs and words are about as ugly as ANY I have seen anywhere, about ANYone. What in h-ell is up with you? Your descriptions of Vanessa are beyond disgusting, and TOTALLY SUBJECTIVE. Grody?? Who uses that word? You are making such an a$$ of yourself.

And there is nothing awkward about how these two were together for 5 years….. Enjoy the LOVELY Vanessa pics.|0;d|dWBa63XvrC33SM:

You have to have a beautiful face to carry off this hair…..I guess that’s why Ashley never has cut hers….

Oh, this is fun…..who needs conventional and average, when you can have this??

All these pics were this year…..I see no “loss” of beauty. I see a stunning young woman, who grew up quite beautifully.

Since your brain seems to incapable of realizing this fact on it’s own Aunty Oncofake , I will help you this way .YOU CAN’T SHOW THAT HER BEAUTY HASN’T CHANGED OVER THE YEARS BY JUST POSTING PICS OH HER WITHIN FEW ”MONTHS” TIME .lol You have to compare pics of her at present with photos of her from years back .Posting just pics of her at present times only doesn’t help comparison at all and just few pics isn’t gonna be enough either .Just go back few years and compare pics of her -face and figure -with her present pics .You’ll see how her beauty has deteriorated and it’s just no what we haters say , your fans have said it too in previous posts .