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Vanessa Hudgens Covers 'Glow' Magazine's Winter 2012 Issue

Vanessa Hudgens Covers 'Glow' Magazine's Winter 2012 Issue

Vanessa Hudgens rocks a Simone leather jacket on the cover of Glow magazine’s Winter 2012 issue, on newsstands now.

Here’s what the 23-year-old actress had to share with the mag:

On her Spring Breakers sex scene with James Franco: “It was very nerve-racking for me. I told my agent that I never want to do it ever again.”

On gaining weight and chopping off her hair for Gimme Shelter: “With so many actresses who want the exact same role, you’ve got to stand out and be different and not let anybody tell you no.”

On following her heart: “At the end of the day, I’m going to do what I want to do, regardless of whether it may upset someone. But I think that if I’m doing right for myself, then that’s all I really need to care about.”

For more from Vanessa, visit! Bigger cover picture inside…

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  1. 826
    . Says:

    once again, wrong name. lol

  2. 827
    WWW Says:

    Now there’s another @.
    and none of the comments above is me by the way. its my dopplegangers who don’t have enough balls to come up with a diferent name.

  3. 828
    kelly Says:

    Ugly Hudgens is a wannabe. She wish she had lips like Mila.

  4. 829
    BO Says:

    doppleganger dotty you do realize that Miss Korean Va.gina traces us , don;t you ? Has she ever accused me of using other names ? NO .Why ? ’cause unlike you she can see our IP adresses .lol look upon her dearie , she’s your leader .

  5. 830
    MoreThanWords Says:

    @Nightwish: @A Thanks…I think :P

    In all sincerity, I do like them both, it’s just personal preference which has me favoring Vanessa.

  6. 831
    WWW Says:

    @. my doppleganger, i used that name until yesterday when someone started doppleganging with me so sinse then i have been using @www and thats the only name i comment here with.

  7. 832
    kelly Says:

    Here’s a Ashley Tisdale lookalike.

  8. 833
    kate Says:

    @A First you don’t know how much Tisdale or Vanessa are getting paid now. Tisdale was famous in the hsm days which was what 4 years ago??? And beauty believe is not a stable argument.To you Tisdale is beautiful to others she is not. DEAL WITH IT! And it is a fact that Vanessa is doing more movies than Tisdale. Tisdale was successful back then but not anymore. And I admit that Vanessa is not as successful as 4 years ago but at least she’s taking part in movies even if it is a small role or not. And 2 of them deal with very sensitive issues like rape and teenage pregnancy. And answer me one question: John Cusack who is very talented and takes part in movies has less followers than Tisdale. Does that make him less successful?? And i’d like you to answer my question this time…

  9. 834
    BO Says:

    Kate , are you really that dense ? Didn’t you read what I have written few pages back ? For heavens sake , Ashley is NOT DOING MOVIES AS MUCH AS PUDGEMIDGET DOES ‘CAUSE SHE’S MORE OF A PRODUCER NOW THAN AN ACTRESS and quite frankly she’s MORE SUCCESSFUL NOW THAN HSM DAYS !The fact she’s not starring in movies as often as Pudge does does NOT by any means indicate she’s less successful ’cause SHE’S A PRODUCER !And I do agree with you on what you say of Pudge NOT being successful these days as much as HSM days but frankly , that isn’t relevant to either Zac or Ashley .Zac is now a leading young actor of his age whether or not you wanna face it and Ash quite successful as a producer .And also I agree with you on having less followers in facebook doesn’t mean any actor less successful .

  10. 835
    maria Says:

    @kelly: Ashley looks nothing like that and you’re just a nasty biotch to everyone.

    Let me set something straight. I do NOT hate Ashley, she is Vanessa’s friend, and I respect that. I DO dislike A and her insistance that she is SO much better, cause she is not. And I can’t stand why this chick has to bug the cr-ap out of us here on Vanessa’s post, when most of us, except for the immature teens, do NOT post on Ashley’s. I would NEVER dream of going on Ashley’s threads with the purpose of spewing such trash, calling her grody, an ape, or any other vile words she has used to describe Vanessa. No one is going to win this battle, so A needs to take her self-grandizing opinions back to Ashley’s threads and live in peace. This is so pointless.

  11. 836
    BO Says:

    I don’t think that’s OUR kelly ,it should be kelly the biotch , YOUR kelly .lol

  12. 837
    tina Says:

    Yes that is your kelly,bo, she doesn’t like anyone. She’s just filled with hate.

  13. 838
    maria Says:

    Producing Reality TV shows, and those that aren’t even close to making it to TV, is not a huge success in my book. Where are all these big successes?? ANYone can be a producer, and frankly, most actors do it when they aren’t getting the roles they want, like Efron. It’s not rocket science. Tisdale will be most successful in comedic rom-com roles, when she finally figures that out, and when she can get one. That IS her talent, and we know she can play a good b*tch. I don’t doubt she will have a place in Hollywood. But so will Vanessa, in a different way. They have already taken different paths. How can you compare filming 6 movies, with a cancelled TV show, some cartoon voicing, and producing a reality show that is already off the air? You can’t. It’s completely different work, and one is NOT MORE successful than the other. MY POINT: They are BOTH successful post HSM, and one is NOT more so than the other. They BOTH have a LONG way to go. Why can’t we just cheer them both on, in whatever they choose to do?? A makes it hard to even LIKE Ashley, after her rantings. She needs to tuck her claws back in, and back out of here.

  14. 839
    tina Says:

    @maria: That’s Kevin Jonas wife. I think she’s nice. They are a cute couple.

  15. 840
    maria Says:

    @tina: Yes, they are, but I don’t think she looks anything like Ashley, do you?

  16. 841
    maria Says:

    @tina: I admire this couple for knowing they are meant for each other, even at a young age, and making the commitment to each other. Now, whether she truly loved him and not his fame and money, only time will tell. But I have huge respect for them. I hope they make it!

  17. 842
    tina Says:

    They seem to be happy together. I wish them nothing but happiness and love.

  18. 843
    BO Says:

    Aunty Oncofake , producing needs lot more talent than acting and it’s a FACT .It needs ability to coordinate and control people as well as well as acting skils .And your argument that actors form producing companies when they don’t get ”the roles they want ” is just laughabale .You are saying that because ”zac ” has formed a production company .Production is involved in show business as well .And frankly , Zac isn’ the one getting roles he wants , ’cause year by year his career has been getting better finally from Adam shankaman comedy to,finally landing leads in Nicolas Sparks novel based movie to Dr.Seuss’ animated movie to Oscar winning movie’s director’s film to a film with HW legend Ford’s film , Zac has seen a gradual development in his career in Pudge . in the time to come Zac will be a producer and you know it as well as I do eventhough you dont t wanna face it that he’ll be much more successful as anactor too . If anyone who is afraid of her/his existence in the show busines , that person would focus on something out of the business such as forming a fashion line which your Pudgemighet is planning .Your Pudgemidget knows she isn’t gona be any more successful in her acting career in future , that’s wh she’s so hastily putting up a fashion line .lol

  19. 844
    BO Says:

    how do you know it’s OUR kelly , she hasn’t said anything bad about Ashley

  20. 845
    Fan Here Says:

    i love to see Vanessa and Austin together, it looks like they are so happy in New York, and Vanessa looks flawless without makeup, she has an amazing skin <3

  21. 846
    Layla Says:

    @A I like Ashley. I always have always will. But even I am not going to pretend that she is still relevant and as successful as Zac or Vanessa post HSM. You may mean well but the only thing that you’ve done is create a sh*tstorm of haters. With fans like you the poor girl doesn’t need any enemies!

  22. 847
    lorel Says:

    wasnt BO hating Ashley and calling her names here too? i remember a couple of V fans defending Ashley because BO was calling her names, it was early this year, when she was out with Vanessa and Austin, i would always remember her comments about Ashley sexual life. it was SO BO. Fake much? lol maybe she is just trying to use A and the other guy, and honestly it amaze me how they dont care about BO.
    Just saw the new/old pics, Vanessa looks so comfortable with Austin, they are totally married, they are living the life the both want. They are adorable, and Vanessa´s little face is just too precious for this world.

  23. 848
    tina Says:

    I know because I go to more than just Vanessa’s post here. She never has anything nice to say about anyone. She’s all yours and you’re welcome to her.

  24. 849
    BO Says:

    LOL , lorel has lost it .Totally .Poor thing .”I was calling Ashley names and Pudge fans were defending her EARLY THIS YEAR ” ? LOL This is so hilarious !!! ROTFLMAO I CAME ON TO THIS SITE MID JULY .LOL Me and Wera both started coming on to the site at around the same time .It was revealed that we both were Sri Lankans accidently and the regulars witnessed it .lol And quite frankly , I barely noticed JJ or JJJR before that considering they are low reputed among gossip sites giving frequent publicity to no bodies like Pudgie ,Jerad etc .LOL Lorel you are so fun to read .Please continue your theories of me .Perhaps I’d keep up till midnight reading through what you write of me .lmao

  25. 850
    A Says:

    @BO yes, Ashley got back together with Scott after their first break up, then they broke up in Atlanta again while she was filming Scary Movie. The official press release hasn’t come out yet but all her fans know because they unfollowed each other on twitter, she deleted her photos of him, and they haven’t been seen together once since she got back to LA.

    @kate those figures are available online and yes Ashley is worth more money RIGHT NOW than Vanessa is. Of course there are a number of things contributing to that, Ashley’s television work throughout the years has provided her with steady paychecks, her albums sold more than Vanessa’s, she got a bigger check for hsm3, etc. THIS YEAR Ashley was actually in Forbe’s top 25 most powerful female singers of the 21st century, Vanessa was not. That company just ranks them by success. Ashley is still more successful than Vanessa. She’s made more money and she has more fans and to me, that makes a celebrity very successful. Now if Vanessa HAD been winning prestigious awards and whatnot meanwhile, then you would have an argument to hold that up against what I’m using to measure Ashley’s success. But she hasn’t. And as you’re pointing out yourself, Vanessa isn’t the STAR of these films she’s doing. She’s getting supporting parts. Ashley is going to do leads because she’ll be a draw to the box office and Vanessa will not be. Why? We’re back to the “who has more fans” debate.

    @maria Ashley isn’t a one trick pony, she produces on top of everything else. Many actors may try producing but the fact that Ashley currently is working on shows for twelve different networks and was named one of the 25 new leaders of Hollywood this year show that she is in fact successful. And what I love about her production career is to make it so successful ESPECIALLY since she runs it with a couple other girls and not a giant team of people to do her work for her, is that it takes a lot of smarts, and a heavy work ethic.

    @BO I hadn’t heard of jj for the longest time either!!! I didn’t know about them at all until Ashley tweeted him one time because he published a false story about her and tagged her in it, and then I didn’t pay much attention until I stumbled across the crazed Hudge fans here. They’re like a car crash you can’t look away from. AND Jared shows a ridiculous bias towards Vanessa.

    BTW VanFans, I have to say, it’s clear you like arguing back with us as much as we like teasing you. I mean, this post was put up five days ago. You’ve already seen it, looked at the picture, read the little article. Why are you still coming back/refreshing the page? Not for Vanessa news. No, because you want to yell at us.

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