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ABC Cancels '666 Park Avenue' & 'Last Resort', CBS Cancels 'Partners'

ABC Cancels '666 Park Avenue' & 'Last Resort', CBS Cancels 'Partners'

ABC has decided to cancel Freshman dramas Last Resort and 666 Park Avenue, while CBS has made the decision to end their comedy show Partners.

The ABC network chose to end Last Resort and 666 Park Avenue, despite picking up two additional scripts for both series. It has not been decided what will air in place of both series, since the network has not announced its midseason lineup yet.

The network has the comedies How to Live With Your Parents (for the Rest of Your Life) and Family Tools scheduled for midseason, while they have also picked up full-season orders for Nashville, The Neighbors, and Scandal.

CBS decided to pull the plug on Partners after the show hit a series low (1.8 18-49 rating) on Monday.

Partners was the only new comedy introduced by the network this fall. Friend Me is scheduled to come on during midseason. Though Partners was cancelled, CBS has given full-season orders to dramas Elementary and Vegas.

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  • Ceara

    Sucks about Last Resort :(

  • Tiana

    Ugh I’m so happy that Scandal didn’t get cancelled that show is so frigging addictive and yayyyy for Shonda as well she is on the role for making good shows.

  • melissa


  • Marie

    Not surprised about 666 Park Avenue….boring, dull and predictable. Never watched Last Resort. Loooove Scandal. The okay for it to continue already went through a while back. Hope we get a 3rd season of that one.

  • Haters Suck!

    This sucks. Last resort is a great show. Can’t believe this load of bull.

  • Kaya

    Last Resort and Partners did not deserve that. Partners was one of the only shows that actually made me laugh out loud! :( sad!

  • Terri

    Happy for Scandal. Sad for Partners, I love having Sophia Bush on my tv every week.

  • DB

    Last Resort was a Cluster-Freak.

    They could not seem to generate any consistency at all in their scripts. They had no clear direction and the show seemed haphazard at best.

    It was not the concept – nor the acting that doomed the series – but the horrible and directionless writing on the show.

    ABC ordered more scripts, but not more episodes. When they saw those scripts, they decided to pass and canceled the series.

    Good for ABC, because it frees up some amazing actors to do some great work somewhere else.

  • Courtney

    I feel sad for all the crews and everyone else who lost their jobs. Especially with the holidays coming. I thought Partners was finding its way. I really do like Scandal and I did not ever see the other shows. Hopefully every one will be working again soon.

  • Lola

    So disappointed that Partners is already done before it got started! Loved Michael Urie on Ugly Betty and was so happy to see his face again! It was also nice to see Sophia Bush out of One Tree Hill!

  • [~Fug Face Man!ston~]

    That’s what happens when shows take too damn long to get to the point. stalling get’s you cancelled. Sucks are Last Resort.

  • Jessie

    I saw the first episode of Partners and it was one of the worst shows I’d ever seen. The Gay partner gave new meaning to being a childish a.sshole. I wanted to reach into the tv and just choke him.

  • [~Fug Face Man!ston~]

    The Mindy Project needs to be canned NOW!

  • taxgirl

    Partners is actually really cute, and the writing and chemistry is good. My problem initially was that I am tired of networks putting out “ooohhh this is a trendy show about people with different lifestyles”.
    Personally, I want to see a show that is interesting irregardless of character sexual orientation. The corporate networks need to figure out that people fall in love with the characters AFTER they see quality and strength from the writing and character interaction.

  • DB

    I do think Elementary is one of the best new shows on Television.

  • KissThis

    Sad about Partners!

  • Mare

    Oh mein, I adore Partners! It is a pretty hilarious show. I think it goes well with 2 Broke Girls. CBS pretty such sucks a** apart from those shows.

  • DB

    I think Vegas has some potential. It certainly has some good actors on the show. Hope it finds its groove.

  • maggy

    I haven’t seen any of these shows but I feel bad 666 Park Avenue was canceled because of Dave Annable. It was nice to know he was back on TV after Brothers and Sisters ended.

  • JJ

    I’m very upset that they cancelled Partners as it had the same charm as Will & Grace and (in my opinion) was more entertaining and less of a cliche than The New Normal.

    I tried getting into 666 Park Avenue because I love shows that deal with the supernatural but the storyline wasn’t interesting enough and a lot of the plots had been stolen from shows like ABC’s Lost or the CW’s Supernatural. Rachel Taylor and Dave Annable’s characters were not strong enough to keep me entertained. Robert Buckley’s character was useless. The powerhouse there was Vanessa Williams and Terry O’Quinn.

  • Lucy

    To Melissa

    Last Resort was stupid. The show got so many things wrong. Also, the number of viewers had been going down with each episode.

  • Lisa

    Give Sophia Bush a strong woman role on cable tv. I think Partners was too strong on one liners. Brandon Routh was adorable and quite the surprise. They under used Sophia for some reason. I think that was one of its problems. They needed to show the characters interacting more just the four main ones not with those creepy twins and tacky women. David Krumholtz… sex appeal. Michael Urie they wrote him like a cartoon character he sure is talented. I wish everyone from all cancelled shows success and their creators as well. You know they all worked hard to even get air time.I never heard of Last Resort till I read this. Never saw 666 either.

  • Laura

    I loved Partners! Bummer.

  • Bill

    Not defending Last Resort. It was inconsistent at best. What one cannot understand is how The Neighbors made it past the first episode! It is awful.

  • Dave Franco

    Basic TV should be reserved for reality &music shows… good shows never get a chance to survive. Premium channels are better because they don’t rely on big ratings but fanbase. Plus they have the better shows.

    Last Resort did not do well because ABC was dumb enough to put it on a crappy time slot, the show had its flaws but still very good.

  • meg

    i liked Park Avenue as I like supernatural story line :(

  • Line

    I really liked 666 :(

  • http://EllieGnelson Elinor

    call me crazy but isnt weird right before they cancel a show they order more scripts.

  • Cindy

    Last Resort was a good show!

  • Hazey

    I liked 666 park avenue. There are way worse shows that get picked up. :( other two haven’t aired here so no idea. Partners did seem a bit like a random will and grace.

  • Huda

    666 devil worshipping

  • MissMonnyy

    I can’t believe they cancelled Partners! It was my favorite comedy tv show this yeaaar!!! And 666… It sucks!

  • Jeremy

    It’s too bad that 666 Park Avenue has been canceled, but not really surprising. I think the damage to the sets caused by Hurricane Sandy was likely the last straw for the show. My coworker at DISH and I liked it too because not many supernatural themed shows are on network TV, and now there’s one less. I’ve got the season on my DISH Hopper which recorded it automatically thanks to PrimeTime Anytime. It automatically records all the shows in prime time from the four major networks so I don’t have remember to set individual show timers to catch everything. I thought Terry O’Quinn as a villain would have been a home run, I guess not.

  • omd

    partners is actually funny

  • Diane

    I really wish they would reconsider keeping 666, Park Ave. My daughter and I enjoy watching the show together. As far as Last Resort, they should have dropped that one right after the first showing. HORRIBLE show. Glad it’s going!!!!!!!