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Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson: 'Breaking Dawn' Berlin Premiere!

Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson: 'Breaking Dawn' Berlin Premiere!

Kristen Stewart is gorgeous in gold alongside Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner at the premiere of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 held at Cinestar at Potsdamer on Friday night (November 16) Berlin, Germany.

The 22-year-old actress rocked an Elie Saab dress with Christian Louboutin shoes. Taylor suited up in Hugo Hugo Boss.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Kristen Stewart

The final installment in the Twilight franchise is currently in theaters! Did you catch a showing yet???

10+ pictures inside of Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner at The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 premiere in Berlin…

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  • Dd

    Luv her in thisdress

  • Xxx

    I truly hope she gets knocked up by next lover and waits till baby is actually born to tell Rob its not his

  • Holly

    @Yaddle I’m going to guess that you are uneducated and don’t have a job since all you do is sit on here and comment several times. And YOUR probably the “fattie”. freaking moron!

  • CHO


    How can you tell? I watched all the recent press and they seem fine, more than fine. The recent Madrid talk show they were so relaxed with each other.

    I need to see this so called tension – show me show me!

  • CHO


    There ya are look at all the pics not just the JJared ones then you can show me which look like there is tension :)

  • OTR

    LOL you people are crazy. When Kristen does smile…it’s like “Why is she smiling so much? Rob isn’t?” But when she doesn’t smile it’s like “The girl doesn’t smile”.

    She awesome just the way she is and looked stunning at all the premieres.

  • OTR

    @Eurk: Must so tiring for them of having maniacs like you judge them.

  • cool

    Something is definitely different about them this time around on the red carpets, i will admit that the first red carpet they done for breaking dawn part 2 there did look like abit of awkwardness specially in the videos of them, but since then they seem so much more natural together and i have never seen her smile so naturally before she actually looks genuinely happy and not super awkward like usual, they both look happy together.

  • KissThis

    Rob looks GOOD!!

  • rob fan

    im si glad this is all over and they can all move on, they all look fantastic here, and I hope rob and kristen find peace from all the cruel people on this site who half the time just use cuss words to comment on all the articles, hopefully with no more promos just jared wont post too much on them!

  • Rpatz the loser

    @rob fan:

    why they’re overpaid mediocre talent. Not one of his movies outside this franchise was even a success. He’s getting roles because he’s deemed a pretty boy..but he’s a one brooding note pony. As for Kristen and Taylor, she’s only gotten media attention because she boinked a director of that ridiculous movie she was in and bad at. As for Taylor, this kid knows he made money and he’s done.

  • Angie

    she and frida pinto are two terrible fugly actresses. especialy friedda pinto, how is that girl getting roles? her Pr team is trying to promote her fugly ass as one of the most beautiful actresses too lol. both need to go away.

  • jen

    Just seen the movie and it was very good!!

  • Angie

    @Rpatz the loser: He is better the that slum scum frida

  • aquarius64

    Yes the body lauguage is uncomfortable. But this is going to make Kristen, her PR team and Summit more uncomfortable:

    This is floating over several sites about Breaking Dawn 2′s box office:

    Update: Deadline is reporting that Breaking Dawn – Part 2 is “running behind” Part 1′s $ 138.1 million domestic debut and is expected to cap at around $ 130 million this weekend for US-Canada].

    For this being the final movie of the franchise this should be coming in higher, surpassing New Moon which was the highest at $142 million. If the number stands at $130 million, or LOWER, people are going to be wondering if Kristen’s cheating scandal was a factor for the box office dip.

  • Si

    Taylor might fade but not Robert or Kirsten. Robert has been working with great directors and got a Dior endorsment. They don’t hire people who fade away. Kirsten will probably do smaller movies, not big budget like Twilight or Snow White. The affair incident did hurt her career. If she were older like 35, then I dunno it might not have been this much backlash but she did it at 22 so she gonna have a hard time getting her respect back in the Industry.

  • Si

    I saw pics of On Th raod premire and it looked like her co-stars were distancing themselves from her. I wonder what Charlize Theron thinks of her now.

  • http://yahoo new chapter

    Its funny how Jared never mention what Rob is wearing …..he wore Dolce and Gabana for the Madrid premier and wore Burberry for Berlin premiere . he looked absolutely srumptious for both the premieres and totally rocked all the premieres and the interviews . Love you Rob all the best !!!

  • http://yahoo booo

    Kristen is getting booed in lot of theatres , well she deserves it !!!

  • Natasha

    Kristen looks stunning and beautiful in all the premiere dresses.. whether it’s short or long gowns. My fav is still the LA premiere though. The most glamorous look ever!

  • lainey

    KS is looking more like an Oscar statuette with this horrible golden dress.

  • lainey


    I read that too.Wouldn´t be great if this BD2 crap went right into the drain?

  • see

    can you imagine taylor lautner as an old man, he will be all scrunched up and super ugly lol, he is already getting there, old man face

  • see

    robert pattinson, the body language of ”im with her now but that is temporary”
    bye bye k-stew

  • Rpatz the loser

    oh come on EVERY celeb or singer in HW has an endorsement deal from some perfume or clothing line. It’s nothing special. Models are used less and a familiar face is easier to sell a product than an unfamiliar face. Big deal.
    As for his acting career..he’ll get parts because his name is familiar but he will now be in ensemble films with better actors because Pattinson can’t headline a film alone. His movies bomb.These 3 leads are uneventful and alone their films do so so to dismal at the box office.
    I can see why they look so miserable..they can no longer hide behind their Twilight fandom who thinks them and those crap movie are genius.

  • kelly

    She’s built like a old woman.

  • Trudy

    Taylor is the only one who deserves to be successful out of these three.He is good guy and is super sweet with his fans.

  • ha!

    .. thats the sulky face i’ve missed – way to keep it real girl
    must be difficult making millions

  • bowling partyyy
  • Beta

    @Si: i think if she was older it would be harder, she is young and screwed up like most young people do

  • Annie

    Awful dress. Would never have thought it was possible for a dress to make someone as slim as Kristen look chunky but this does it.

  • Emily

    Haters suck. Love Kristen and Robert and Taylor. Great people, great actor. And please stop saying Kristen doesn’t smile because I can show you a lot of pictures where she does.
    Really, don’t you have better things to do than bashing on them.

  • WHY

    @Honey: All tree of them are not gonna fade All three of them have gotten postive reviews for other movies. Why would Dior hire Robert? Balengica for Kirsten?. Celebs who are fading are like Megan Fox, Freida Pinto. Remeber she was big during Slumdog Millionare time but nobody cares for her anymore and she can’t act for shit( Anyone who has watched Rise of the Apes or Immortals knows what I am talking about.) She isn’t willing to tak risks or even polsih on her acting too or is even that pretty, No sex appeal,. Kristen is willing to take risks in acting. So are the other two guys.

  • oy

    Is this the last film -because all this vampire rubbish is breaking my patience.

  • Asie

    @WHY: I agree with you. As much as I dislike those 3. I don’t see them fading expect for Taylor Lautner. Noticed he hasn’t done much before,during,and afte twlight? Robert and Kristen are being hired for whatever reason.
    LOL at Megan Fox, shes gorgoeus but alas can’t act.

  • @Ina_Angel

    The dress is amazing but the sour face is not. Smile FFS you”re one of the richest young women there ever was

  • @Ina_Angel

    Yeah she actually looks like she’s about to start crying or something. It can’t be that bad? Or maybe quilt IS that bad ;-)

  • Hairy Brows!!!! Yikes!


    You’re an idiot. The movie is made for females of all ages, and has nothing to do with weight. You asinine comments have a lot to do with your bias than anything related to fans.

  • cute

    Rob has the longest legs on most men I’ve ever seen, so no.

  • Lenali

    @Eurk:How would you know if the movies are bad if you wouldn’t even watch them if you were paid to?

  • green
  • Honey

    @WHY: Dior is not hiring Rob that rumor was false.The guy responsible for hiring Kristen Nicolas Ghesquiere left Balenciaga due to whatever reason so I’m sure Kristen will be dropped soon.Everybody thought that Zac Efron and Daniel Radcliffe would still remain huge stars once their franchise was over but that turned out to be wrong,the same thing will happen with R/K

  • Okay

    LOL @ Robsten losers on thumbing down spree.Kristen slept with Rupert DEAL.WITH.IT Liberty & Rupert are separated right now going for marriage counseling coz it was full fledged affair not a momentary indiscretion ROFL