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Zac Efron: People's Choice Awards Nominee!

Zac Efron: People's Choice Awards Nominee!

Zac Efron fills up his gas tank at a local Chevron gas station on Friday (November 16) in Studio City, Calif.

The 25-year-old old actor was spotted grabbing a snack and bottle of water before hitting the road.

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Earlier in the week, Zac posed with Skylar Astin at the Lakers game.

It was recently announced that Zac is nominated for Favorite Dramatic Actor at the People’s Choice Awards. Zac will be going against Bradley Cooper, Channing Tatum, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Liam Neeson.

15+ pictures inside of Zac Efron putting gas into his car…

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zac efron peoples choice awards nominee 02
zac efron peoples choice awards nominee 03
zac efron peoples choice awards nominee 04
zac efron peoples choice awards nominee 05
zac efron peoples choice awards nominee 06
zac efron peoples choice awards nominee 07
zac efron peoples choice awards nominee 08
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zac efron peoples choice awards nominee 12
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Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • lauren

    paps are allowed to take pics of him inside the store?

    cant the owner say to the paps get out?

  • Ceara

    I don’t usually find short guys good looking but Zac Efron is so hot

  • tammy

    lauren how do you always manage to comment first?

  • R U sure

    Love the growth. Zac you are so sexy.

  • lauren

    i dont always comment ”first”
    it’s usually r u sure?
    so w/e that sarcastic comment was, it was just rude.

  • kenny

    @lauren probably the door was open, or through the window…

    he’s hot btw :D

  • penelope

    MMMM in me nowwww!

  • fatfat

    Fatfron, stp with the drugs

  • dany

    zac is with guy who just woke up!

  • asn

    I never realized how short he is o.o

  • Becca

    He looks sad :(

  • lauren

    your comment make no sense.

  • dany

    @lauren: because it makes no sense? LOL! he seems a little sleepy

  • lauren

    you should have said zac is the guy who looks sleepy?

  • dany

    @lauren: LOL! sorry English is not my first language!

  • vic

    recently saw liberal arts didnt recognized zefron but gotta say he played a great character

  • http://deleted BO



    Hey cutey-sexy man!

  • KissThis

    Is Efron wins against all those amazing actors I will be shocked.

  • Whatever

    @KissThis: And he will, cause they weren’t teen idols with teen fan bases who will vote a thousand times each. That’s why those kind of awards are so stupid. Cause he can’t even compare to those guys, talent- wise.

  • shameless commenter


    Hey Zac, it’s time to you take your shirt off and humiliate the haters, like you did when the people called you “fat” when you filmed the Lucky One

  • Vanessa Fans Strikes Back

    A lot of time ago, Zac had the opportunity to record and CD for Disney, but chose to invest in acting career and work hard in movies

    Now Zac is nominated for an PCA awards, of course this is not the Oscars, but it’s an evidence that Zac still relevant for a lot of people

    Zac is famous and popular yet, Vanessa is not even this anymore, poor girl

    She is only popular on Just Jared

    This is what annoys you for sure

    She never sold CDs, like any of this “Disney people”

    She’s just a mediocre and manufactured star

    She never had a decent performance or one that require a great amount of dramatic talent, she just knows how to make innocent faces, sexy faces and things like that

    Zac is smart and have more chances to build a career now

    He have 4 projects, 1 protagonist, 2 antagonists and 1 supporting

    What she have? 1 supporting and 1 cameo? lol

    She is not remembered even in these ridiculous awards

    Go cry, go thumbs down my comments just to show everyone that this place is infested of you Vanessa fans

  • cosmos

    @Vanessa Fans Strike Back – what does she have? Hmm let’s see. Spring Breakers of which every festival its been at so far has not only had rave reviews but each festival has had to add screenings due to demand. Yep- smell of good things to come when its released next spring. There’s Gimme Shelter and Frozen Ground. Both are strong women’s characters in which their characters go to hell and back only to end up saving themselves. Hmmm- postive dramatic women characters people like those especially women. Then yes Machete Kills. Not to mention all her charity work and 24 hours on Broadway which also happened to not only bring her back to her love of theater but also for a great cause. So yah she may not be nominated for a People’s Choice- at the end of the day thats a fun public award nothing that means anything in the industry like Festival Awards, Golden Globes or the Oscars, BUT she has worked hard and takes it one step at a time by auditioning and earning her roles one by one. THAT’s to be respected and commended. To me it’s not the amount of projects an artist takes but by how they can grow from that and learn to take it to the next step for them. And she IS doing just that.

  • fat azz Pork Azz

    his mentality is gonna wear him right down, he won’t just walk when he is out and about he runs to try and not get photographed, like lil deer hoping and prancing around, i ve seen him at a local mall and all he did was run around, it looks so stupid …

    when no one knew him he didnt run and hide he would have done anything to get/be seen, but then when they get what they want they close the door… how phony and self-aggrandizing !

  • KissThis

    @Whatever: Very true.

  • kelly

    Average and dumpy. Looks just like Levi Johnston.

  • Revenge-Is-Sweet

    @fat azz Pork Azz: You have absolutely no idea what it means to be a celeb. When he goes into a shop it doesn’t take long until someone recognizes him and his exact position is on Twitter within seconds. Because stupid people out there just think of themselves and have to post it on Twitter, Facebook and any other social networks. The paps live there and as soon as someone posts such a tweet they know where the have to go. He doesn’t want them near him and he doesn’t want that they take pics of him.

    So to run away like a hunted animal, hide his face or hide at all are his only opportunities. He belongs to the most wanted objects for the paps and he knows that. He doesn’t want that they make money with his pics. You don’t understand that guy at all, even though he’s as transparent as a glass pane.
    Things that are normal for each single human out there who isn’t famous, etc. are kinda impossible for him and the other celebs.
    To throw trash in the garbage can, impossible because the paps wait inside the garbage cans to take pics of the celebrity. That’s their life, it’s nothing funny and they can’t laugh about it.
    When he’s out and about, he’s on the run. That’s price he has to pay for being an actor.

  • ???

    If I was famous and would make millions of dollars, I would smile at the paps the whole day! Come on, like they have such a bad life. Every actor/singer or whatever knew what they were getting themselves into when they arrived in Hollywoodland. Sorry but I just don’t have any sympathy for them…

  • samsam

    you cant compare zac’s career to vanessas because they are two completely different paths so its pointless tryna figure out whos better

  • Rachel

    He looks hot. But tired. And I love the glasses.

  • Jo

    Wow so many haters! Zac is hot, wether you like it or not!

  • R U sure

    Zac just lost a family member, so of course he is not happy here. give him a break.

  • Chiara

    What´s with the constant duck lips

  • kate

    He looks hot as usual…Congrats on the nomination! Please don’t compare him with Vanessa since they have different careers…

  • kate

    @R U sure: really??? who???

  • Mandi

    @ r u sure who is it?

  • A

    His aunt died.

  • Mandi

    @A do you know what happen to her?

  • lauren

    because fans found a site where the memorial service is and all that.
    @ A
    did you find it on a site?

  • amelia25

    Beautiful Zac!

  • WM96

    @lauren you these people don’t have to go looking for sites they just have to follow you on twitter. didn’t you just twited saying zacs mom’s sis died or something. and nobody else twited anything like that. you did. and now your acting all innocent like ydk how these people know this? idiot.

    and r u sure is your pal ok. so don’t worry about him letting anything out.

  • A


    No. Her name’s Marilyn. I’m in Riverside for the memorial service which was yesterday.

  • laurenisdumb


    can people just look up things for themselves for once? no?

  • A

    I’m A and I see and know everything.

  • maya

    he looks like adam brody they are both so atractive , can’t believe how much he is mature now

  • Riverside

    Zac’s mom’s sister Marilyn died. She had been battling cancer. @A: You really don’t have to see and know everything to know this info. I was at the service too.

  • Amie

    @Revenge-Is-Sweet: I really hate your patronizing posts. They are always negative, critical especially in reference to his ex-girlfriend Vanessa. Sorry but you are not the omnipotent all-knowing source when it comes to Zac! I’ve never seen a post from you just praising Zac. When you post it’s always to chastise someone and put down Vanessa.

  • A


    Where were you sitting then? Tell me who was crying and I may believe that you attended.

  • Mandi

    @A was zac and his mom crying?