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Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson: Bowling Date with Taylor Lautner!

Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson: Bowling Date with Taylor Lautner!

Kristen Stewart and her boyfriend Robert Pattinson have some fun while bowling at Berolina Bowling Lounge on Friday (November 16) in Berlin, Germany.

The 22 year-old actress and the 26-year-old actor were joined by their Twilight co-star Taylor Lautner.

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Earlier in the day, Robert, Kristen, and Taylor were all dressed up at the premiere of their new film The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2.

Robert recently shared what he would do with the Twilight love scenes if he was the director.

“I would put [the sex scene] the last day of the schedule,” Robert said. “[I'd] say, ‘Listen, I’ve got to have a closed set. It’s really, really important. No one can see the monitors or anything,’ and then just put like a walrus in or something.”

10+ pictures inside of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart enjoying some bowling…

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  • Sailoor

    Pattinson is a chump. He’s blue-balled. She’ll cheat on him again.

  • xxx

    its soooooooooooooooooo OVER, in the car they sit on opposite sides she doesn’t snuggle, I thought they found new hot love with each other, doesn’t look like it. They look very annoyed

  • ccc

    They so have threesomes!

  • Jolie Jux Clan

    How long are they going to appear in public? One butch and two faggots.

  • STAR

    This two are definitely not a couple. Whom they are fooling? Both always said that they don’t want their private life to an entertainment for people. But what are doing? It is obvious that Rob can’t stand her anymore. Action speaks louder than words!

  • notafan

    Since its probably and hopefully going to be a while before we see those two losers together, I think I am very happily ready to say Goodbye to them. I wonder if this whole cheating nonsense was a gimmick to stay in the limelight after twilight is over, to keep the stupid fans guessing (as Kristen said). Actually a couple as elusive as them are actually seeking more attention than open couples. Its their way to keep themselves enigmatic, its not because they are private and decent. I learned that after seeing how these two have been behaving lately.

  • well

    if they kissing or cuddling you guys would say “It’s PR!” “famewhores” etc. come on guys just let them be. mind your own business

  • aquarius64

    I don’t remember the two of them being photographed THIS much. The body lauguage is obvious they are not truly together. Taylor is there to act as a buffer. Kristen has been bowling after a premiere (and it hasn’t been photographed), and she went with Taylor (Eclispe) and Rob was not around. She can’t be alone with Taylor NOW, thanks to the Mini-Cooper scandal and past stories that she cheated on Rob with him. This is a hard sell to convince the fandom Robsten is Unbroken and to keep the money rolling in at the box office (although it’s reportedly lagging behind BD1).

  • blueberry

    They are a couple definitely. For example Pattinson had the pink lip stick print on his lips at LA premiere. From whom, hm? What do you think? So…

  • B*tch, please

    1st of all Robert and Taylor are gay together and Kristen is just there acting like she’s Rob’s love interest. It’s all an act!
    Kristen has zero interest in Rob that’s why she had an affair with Rupert.
    Rob and Taylor have been sexual partners since 2008

  • Ishmael

    Khoe knows all about splits

  • lolo

    ….and suddenly everybody is a body language expert heh

  • CHO

    Well they are currently in the UK together…just the two of them.

    I still dont know what to think but all signs are pointing to a couple.

  • Shania

    Rob’s body language tells so much about him – I think he hasn’t really forgiven her. He took her back, because he is used to being with her and when he wasn’t with her something was missing. But deep down inside I think he knows that they’re over, because he can’t forgive her for what she did. He should get himself another girlfriend, someone who appreciates him.

  • L

    She’s always trailing behind him like a lost puppy, pathetic. If it’s not PR, she will be the one dumping him (trust) when people are that young, they just want get back together out of guilt and because they don’t want to be the one getting dump, then they realize why they cheated in the first place, and break it off themselves.
    This girl showed more sexual chemistry in those 50+ dry humping pics with the married director than with the Cabana Boy in 4 years(people have to be blind to not see that) not even in the “hacked”(leaked) private pics, enough said.

  • chanda w.

    Luv Taylor Lautner , he is so handsome.

  • dn

    Maybe somebody remind him that in Berlin that was where the whole cheating (scandal) started it she really went down on rupert

  • uh huh

    sorry summit, watching these two pretend to be together isn’t going to get me to cough up 20 bucks to go see their s***y film.

  • Hana

    Robert’s jeans are those Kristen wore last days with that jacket??

  • L

    @blueberry: one word : Delusional.

  • Scarlett

    Well we will find out soon if they are really together. I personally don’t think they are anymore, and are just playing for the cameras…. They both should date other people and give each other a break.

  • http://justjared Leticia

    Robert looks like he lost all interest in her he doesn’t look at her like he used to it’s over.. should’ve thought about it twice Kristen you really f-up.

  • jen

    The movie was sooooo amazing!!

  • @Ina_Angel

    @L: Word

  • @Ina_Angel

    Oh come on, boyfriend? My HUSBAND holds my hand while out and about, opens the car door for me, leads me in crowds, carries my bags and makes sure I dont trip while walking in stairs. We’re always so close that our bodies touch. Body language NEVER lies. There is NO love there.

  • OTR

    I find it hilarious haters are here being so judgemental about people they they don’t even know. Leave these two alone, goodness they can’t even enjoy a normal night out together with Taylor without all these paps. And I find it even more hilarious as to how you all think you have a say as to what happens in their relationship.

  • lainey

    Well as far as i know,hugging,kissing,dry humping,holding hands,going down,etc,etc,doesn´t mean a couple is together.Rupert and KS proved that to the world!

  • rob fan

    @@Ina_Angel: not sure what body language you are looking at but they are on promo with publicists and managers up their but telling them how to act in public, which is appropriate for the movie especially after the scandel they are expected to act differently. when they were out and about alone they looked totally different as a couple and im sure rob is getting lots of negative advice from loosers who think they can dictate his life and is more reserved in public together. Whtaever they decide on or off its their life!

  • green

    The person who is the most frequently touches kristen is her bodyguard aka HBG. Kristen always seems fine with it. On the contrary, she screamed to her bodyguard (other bodyguard, while she promoted BD2 in Tokyo) because touching her. I wonder if kristen and HBG have sexual relationship too.

  • sameer

    November 18, 2012
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    hi Kristen Stewart i am sam i am living deep weeping in or hearts lock in pain so pain and i Believed
    you~~~~~~~me)i loved you in bout up cold ~hot underground weather and i am Updated

    to hug you so so so Tiered of me till believe you. and clean your teardrops roses and i now why how
    and win love you rose~~~~~~~77 ~~~~~~~
    sam in India .

  • blueberry

    @L: I wish it was that way.

  • sara

    they r doing it for the movie [bd2] after that they will go there seperate ways.

  • sara

    they are doing this to sell their movie later they will go in there seperate ways

  • A

    Future is really bright for these two…Kristen has so many married directors while Rob has several pending box office bombs

  • Jessie

    Is Taylor the chaperone?

  • R

    @L: she’s very touch free with eveybody: directors, ex-boyfriends, girlfriends but never with her “boyfriend”

  • Lola

    Taylor is far more handsome and sexy than Robert.

  • R

    oh and enough already with these shabby “couple” or whatever! let’s just forget about that cheap ho and her doormat boyfriend! there’s so many young beautiful and talented people out there!

  • R

    @Lola: and nice, polite, gracious, i wish him the best. very nice kid.

  • green

    Read this,especially you who always defend Ksl*t : This reveals some evidence that indicates she doesn’t feel sorry for cheating and homewrecking.

  • Pat

    I think they r over after the affair. They are just friends now. Rob helped her back on track coz she gave him his ‘big’ break. He has to forgive her before the rest of the twilight world could. Their job is done. Rob has lost the loving ‘look’. Compare last year’s pics and this year’s. THEY have lost it. Yeah, someone commented that those 50+ scandal pics showed more sexual chemistry than we have ever seen with robsten. No sex? No way. I bet it was hot. Yeah, there are more stylish ways to cheat than in a car or at the side of the road, so pedestrian. How humiliating, disturbing and shameful. Ofcourse, there are more pics, and ofcourse, we don’t see those pictures.

  • bella

    i’m sure kris had never been in love with him …. he so weak for her and act as gay all the time, he saw her flirted and make out the other guys and his reaction was like a dumb little girls!!!she respect and like the other co-star more than her boyfriend!!!, i like him in 1st twilight moves but now he make me disgust

  • nt

    @Pat: How did you like the pic of Rob and Kristen grocery shopping in london on saturday? It sounds like they will be holding up somewhere in the english country side together! The best of love and luck to the lovely couple.