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President Obama & McKayla Maroney: Not Impressed Meeting!

President Obama & McKayla Maroney: Not Impressed Meeting!

President Obama shows his fun side while imitating U.S. Olympic gymnast McKayla Maroney‘s “not impressed” look on Thursday (November 15) in Washington, D.C.

The 51-year-old president congratulated the Olympic gymnastics team for their gold medal at this summer’s London games.

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McKayla tweeted, “Did I just do the Not Impressed face with the President..?”

In August, McKayla made the expression famous when she fell short of a gold medal in the vault competition, which lead many to spoof the look.

Bigger picture inside…

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Photos: Pete Souza
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62 Responses to “President Obama & McKayla Maroney: Not Impressed Meeting!”

  1. 1
    zey Says:

    she’s gonna be smokin hot when she’s like 25..

  2. 2
    President Bozo Says:

    dude is a stone cold joke

  3. 3
    Jay Says:

    sweet. It’s ok for people to have a little fun. I don’t know why Presidents are only expected to look miserable.

  4. 4
    jr Says:

    Isn’t it a shame that in this country, an episode of exceedingly poor sportsmanship and vulgarity is not only condoned but celebrated? Good sportsmanship and fine manners are so rare these days..

  5. 5
    miss infamous Says:

    cute pic

  6. 6
    Jane Says:

    Just brilliant, what a n epic photo! He is the coolest President in the world, so cool he did this with her.

  7. 7
    dara Says:

    Why do people think it’s cute that this ungrateful brat scowled when receiving her Olympic medal?

  8. 8
    Yohji Says:

    @jr: Good lord, get over it.

  9. 9
    Sal Says:

    No one is impressed with him

  10. 10
    Haha Says:

    @Sal. Except for the millions of American who just re-elected him. LOL.

  11. 11
    kendra Says:

    Um, Haha…the joke is on you. Truth is, only HALF of America is pro Obama. The other half is not impressed or fooled.

  12. 12
    yup. Says:

    It must make his as* pucker that he only has the support of hall of us. It must feel uncomfortable to be pres in this situation. Plus, he knows that a good number of the votes came from moronic youth who think he’s “cool”, people who love milking the system, and those who like him cuz he’s half black.

  13. 13
    yup. Says:

    Oops I meant “half” of us.

  14. 14
    Sandy Says:

    Yes, unfortunately there are so many uneducated moronic youth in America that doing stuff like the above is an effective way for Obama to win them over.

  15. 15
    max Says:

    If he’d made “duck face” for some pix before the election, he could have gotten more votes, lol.

  16. 16
    amanda Says:

    @kendra….you’re right, the other half isn’t impressed or fooled….they were impressed by a fool, which is way worse

  17. 17
    kendra Says:

    You are probably right Amanda, as I think both guys are fools. But that doesn’t change the scary fact that we’ve got a president that’s only supported by half of his people.

  18. 18
    toria Says:


    Oh please. Bush was only supported by half the people also. Get over it.

  19. 19
    toria Says:


    And oh yes, if Romney had won, he’d have been supported by only half the people also.

  20. 20
    Quinn Says:

    Hahaha his not impressed face is sick!
    Better than hers even!

  21. 21
    Rachel Says:

    I can’t picture Romney or Ryan being down for a picture like this, we have a pretty down to earth president

  22. 22
    Ok no Says:

    For whatever her reason her expression is automatically interpreted as directed towards her competitors but it was more than she was upset at her performance and that she didn’t win the top prize.

  23. 23
    Dave Franco Says:

    I love Obama but another photo op with a celebrity? Man this is funny.

  24. 24
    aly Says:

    hahaha cute!

  25. 25
    sal Says:

    Who cares what she was thinking when she made the stupid face. No one will know. What matters is that it was a sh*tty, immature, inappropriate thing to do when you are receiving an Olympic medal in front of the world. It’s called poor sportsmanship, and it reflects poorly on our country.

  26. 26
    ah Says:

    @sal: i agree — and why is this news in the first place??? how about he focus on Palestine and educate the youth about that? way to divert teens attention obama, now tumblr will be posting this and forgetting about the drone attacks.

  27. 27
    ah Says:

    @Rachel: who is ki*lling innocent people? how much more down to earth can he be.. next up, him holding a smiling baby.. or puppy..

  28. 28
    Love The Shoes Says:

    @kendra: You need a math lesson honey. Obama beat the mom jeans off Romney. I love laying down the facts:

    Obama won not only the popular vote by nearly 3.5mil but won 336 of the 536 electoral college votes. Only 270 are needed. Obama also won:


    Cuban American vote
    Evangelical!!!!!!!! (that one blows my mind the most)
    African American
    Female (white)
    Romney basically won the old white guy vote and even they were voting against Obama and not for Romney.


    Let me break it down some more for you just so you know:

    Romney won 48.1 percent of the overall vote. White people who voted for Romney made up 42.5 percent of the overall vote. That works out to 88 percent of Romney voters being white.

    2 percent of Romney’s voters were black, 6 percent were Latino, 2 percent were Asian, and 2 percent of whoever was left and not white.

    Obama got 56 percent of the white vote, 24 percent black, 14 percent Latino, 4 percent Asian, and 2 percent other. Obama won, fair and square and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

  29. 29
    ali Says:

    I’m a fan of USG team but I just cant stand mackayla,she’s always trying toooooooo hard. you can run thru her twitter,all the selfies was like “Hi I want to be a celebrity”. She was chosen to be in the team for winning the vt gold,she only trained vault after the team was settled,and she still lost.what a shame.

  30. 30
    Ceara Says:

    I am so sick of seeing this brat

  31. 31
    Should be working! Says:

    So good to see him working so hard to fix the economy !

  32. 32
    hm Says:

    @Love The Shoes: it’s called ‘the lesser of two evils’

  33. 33
    karl Says:

    if our leader behaved like this he would have been shot long time ago…

  34. 34
    tri Says:

    Both Losers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. 35
    Kendall Says:

    Barack Obama is such a fun president ! I wish I could have the same in France…

  36. 36
    Tracy Says:

    @Sal: On come on…get over it HE WON! The people have spoken they reject Mitt’s lies. DAMN!

  37. 37
    lylian Says:

    WEre you scared when George W Bush was supported by 50% of the people as well (or wait! Did Dubya even win the popular vote that year??)

  38. 38
    Idiocracy Says:

    I juss loves hym he gonna fix everyting an give me a new obamaphone he givin away stuff fo free

  39. 39
    proud!!!! Says:

    Draling, there is nothing to teach about palestines but the fact that poeple lifes worth nothing to them.
    My friends and family who live near gaza are not sleeping for eleven years.
    let see your fancy ass trying to deal with that for an hour, not years.

  40. 40
    ah Says:

    @proud!!!!: proud of what? your stupidity? Obama’s drones are killing innocent people as(shole!

  41. 41
    kelly Says:

    Obama had a lot of illegal votes too.

  42. 42
    G Says:


    You’re “special”

  43. 43
    *-* Says:

    @Jane: so cool that he’s allowing Israel to slaughter innocent people right now. good job america.

  44. 44
    Ugok Says:

    Trying hard to be funny ha! You won’t be able to smile in the next two months when reality sinks in. Those idiots who votes for you will the one who will push you down; but those s>tupids will learn their lesson hard. Boy they deserved it what is coming to them.

  45. 45
    Love It! Says:

    @jr: Oh lighten up! I’ve seen worse then twisting up a mouth. Her panties could have been in a bunch!

  46. 46
    Love It! Says:

    @kendra: Well, Kendra, if Romney had inched over that line and won, then wouldn’t that mean only half voted for him? You’re grasping at straws, luv, Obama won and I’m relieved.

  47. 47
    Love It! Says:

    @karl: Shot for posing in a silly photo with an athelete? Where on Earth do you live?

  48. 48
    Love The Shoes Says:

    @hm: It’s called sour ass grapes by you and other wipes who can’t STAND the fact Barack Hussein Obama IS once again YOUR PRESIDENT. Exit polls didn’t have people saying they voted for him because “he was the lesser of 2 evils.” They said they voted for him because he was the better man for the J O B. The End.

  49. 49
    Love The Shoes Says:

    @Love It!: AMEN! Romney is the worse thing to happen to the Republican party since Bush and that’s coming strait out of the mouths and pens of those in the GOP. This morning alone even Mike Murphy the Republican strategist, New Gingrich of all people and George Wills ALL dogged Romney so bad I almost felt sorry for him………almost. They say he’s messed up so much even post election that it’s even doubtful he’ll ever be invited to speak at their functions or help raise money. Speaking of money, donors are wanting some of it back.

  50. 50
    WTHeck Says:

    What’s wrong with the Prez meeting a US metal-winning Olympian? Lots of celebs and winning athletes get invited to the White House, no matter who’s President. So what? Taking a few moments to meet with these people doesn’t mean he isn’t doing his job.
    And for those of you saying Obama has do something about the Palestinian situation? NO! That’s part of the problem and one of the reasons the US has such a bad rep internationally; being seen as Global Cops. Let others work out their own problems…..we have enough to deal with at home! As a matter of fact, if trillions weren’t spent on unjustified wars, MAYBE things like better healthcare could be afforded. And for those of you that say all this money is needed on defence, when the money IS spent, it still doesn’t fully prevent terrorist attacks…so you point in mute.

  51. 51
    Isha Says:

    @ LOVE THE SHOES: You have argued some great facts!!! Key word here is ‘facts’, something that the opposer does not want to hear. They all will continue to spew-out hatred and lies in hopes of the lesser informed will eventually believe the lies. What really gets me is when they make comments such as, every one that voted for President Obama will get what’s coming to them, as though some dreadful dooms day is coming. Well my dooms day happened when I lost a relative in the UNJUSTIFIED WAR in Iraq. Good job LOVE THOSE SHOES and thanks for setting the record straight!!!

  52. 52
    Sira Says:

    @Love The Shoes:

    I say AMEN to you last word. YOU REACHED YOUR “THE END” . Just wait and see to your end, sorry asssssssh

  53. 53
    Lea Says:

    @Jane:OMG! is really worrying if people in your country think the same as you. There is nothing worse than a mindless mass, impressed by vulgar gestures and cheap entertainment. And I do think that Obama was better than the other option. But then to say, that he is very cool as president for taking this photo. Is it that easy to convince and keep happy the yankees with any bullsh*t?

  54. 54
    Flor Says:

    Let me tell you as a foreigner, that when this girl made ​​this gesture, for the rest of the world was a total lack of respect by the United States, exactly: the United States of America, because she was represented to you all . But I guess it is like that, after all, you all feel like that is cute, including the president.

  55. 55
    Flor Says:

    errata: *representing

  56. 56
    halli Says:


    she was making that face because she was disappointed in HERSELF!
    Give her a break, she’s still really young.

  57. 57
    Flor Says:

    @halli: whatever, she is a rude assh*le.

  58. 58
    lolady Says:

    @Dave Franco: she’s a US Athlete who competed, they always go to White House. Its a tradition…when will people begin to read again smh

  59. 59
    stupidity at its finest Says:

    @WTHeck: he supports Israel which means he is apart of it — and the fact that the drones ARE american is the problem — funny how americans have no problem starting a war but RUN when the problem becomes too much (or you dont find the oil you’re looking for) — thats why everyone blames you.

  60. 60
    You said it. Says:

    Stupidity at its finest, you are right. It seems no one here understands that we support Israel financially, that we buy them their artillery. Well, hell, yes, we need to mind our own business as a country, and that means not giving Israel another penny.

  61. 61
    mrpoizun Says:

    So what if she made a disappointed face after she messed up and lost the gold medal at the Olympics?!?!?!? That only proves she’s human, unlike you.

  62. 62
    mrpoizun Says:

    Wow. Better she is not impressed with her performance than the way you are so impressed with your moronic opinions.

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