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Christina Aguilera's AMAs Performance 2012 - Watch Now!

Christina Aguilera's AMAs Performance 2012 - Watch Now!

Christina Aguilera rocks out on stage at the 2012 American Music Awards held at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live on Sunday (November 18) in Los Angeles.

The 31-year-old singer performed in a corset by The Blonds New York.

Christina performed a medley of her songs “Lotus (Intro),” “Army of Me,” and “Let There Be Love”. She also joined Pitbull later in the show for a performance of “Feel This Moment”. Make sure to check back to watch that one!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Christina Aguilera’s performance?

Christina Aguilera’s AMAs Performance 2012 – Watch Now!
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Credit: Kevin Winter; Photos: Getty
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  • Lily

    She looks beautiful and I love her music!!

  • riri


  • Jay

    the message was beautiful!!!! love Xtina!

  • Dooley

    Why does she Hate herself so much???The Fake Tan is so sad..She looks like a Wash up Pop Star getting one more chance.

  • loe




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    Try thinking, best yet visually picturing in your mind something absolutely wild as you possibly can when you are around Asians, and try looking for Asians who give people particular looks, especially dirty looks for what appears to be for completely no reason.
    I know this may sound crazy, impossible and unbelievable, BUT IT ISN’T CRAZY WHEN IT’S TRUE
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  • Lexy

    She is amazing – and so confident, too. Her song’s sends such a simple, yet powerful message that I think resonates with a lot of people: that despite being the underdog, if you fight for what you want, then you will win in the end.

    Go X-Tina!

  • Smurf

    I am so rooting for you Xtina, but I just can’t mess with this.
    Please fire your stylist.
    Please go “back to basics” which is your amazing voice

  • Legendtina

    Anything she does, people hate her for it. I’m glad Christina just doesn’t care what anyone says. Love her or hate her, she’s here to stay!

  • gracerz

    the lotus intro is stunning. i love the energy and the amazing message shes sending out about love, freedom, and surviving. love love love!!!

  • Sam

    Her album Lotus is REALLY good!! I personally love “Light Up the Sky” and “Just A Fool” but there are other great songs too

  • Elizabeth


    I know that Asians can read minds!!!!!!!! I am very glad to see that you are posting this so much!!! People really need to be told that Asians can read minds!!!

  • Dooley

    Why didn’t she sing Let There be Love Lyric??If you can’t sing it Lip Sync It…Back up Singers are the real singers.

  • XxXxX

    Damn. What a crappy audience, NO FVCKIN’ BODY was dancing or moving a toe finger. WTF? Ugh. She deserves all the love in the world. I’ll always support her. I’ve come through hard times with her songs. She’s an inspiration. A Goddess. Such a beauty. She’s just my idol<3

  • Anthuan Russia

    She sounded magnificent and looked amazing! She’s singing a song about stop the hating and bullying and people are bullying for her weight. That’s just pathetic.

  • WOW!


    Really??? I also know that Asians can read minds!!!!!!!!! I found out just recently i’m still freaked out!!!

  • jeff

    This was a great performance!! She gave a wonderful messagea bout anti bully and hate!! Loved ur black outfit!! U truly keep giving us wonderful positive with ur songs!! Love your Lotus Album Christina Agiulera!!

  • Nathan

    Best performance of the night! Real vocals. Haters can saty pressed!

  • frankie

    She’s too orange. She doesn’t look full of love she looks full of french fries and alcohol. She should be singing about stuffing your face.

  • rielan

    She’s so pretty. Good job Christina! I love your new album, girl!! Let there be love y’all!!

  • Consuela

    OMG she totally slayed with that performance, SHE’S A LEGEND, and Gloria introducing her… LATINA POWER AT ITS BEST!!

  • Team jlo

    Wow, she looks gorgeous. Pls keep this look xtina. You are such a pretty girl to be dressing ugly. Great performance.

  • Michael

    Her album bombed yet again. She a judge on one of the hottest shows yet the first week albums sales are weaker than the last one and that was considered a big bomb for. Time for a new team around her.

  • Victoria

    HER FAT THIGHS ARE BLINDING!!! Lose some weight FATTY!!! Such a gross look!!!!

  • toni

    I’m sorry and I will get thumbs down, but this performance was a confused and all over the place mess.
    She also lost her voice a bit or something because it’s not all the way there (no it’s not age because there have been artist in the past that were around her age just entering their prime or in their prime ).
    The message was great, but Christina is waay better than what she’s been putting out and performing.

  • Fatina Hamburgera

    so weak…………

  • KissThis

    The intro lyrics and style remind me of Nicki Minaj… o.O And the outfit reminds me of Gaga! But the brilliant and amazing voice is the one and only Xtina. Though I have to admit, I’ve heard better from her and she’s really touch and go at the beginning of the song, but that could have been nerves. Just giving an honest view.

  • oy

    She’s dressed like she’s about to be shot from a cannon, but I assume the Physics involved preclude this.

  • http://storm_warning01 Storm

    Xtina ROCKS! Whatever she wear or Hair design she is my favorite singer, her voice so flawless and amazing. I love her so much at The Voice. Goooo my fave ICON!

  • http://storm_warning01 Storm


  • mr.right

    amazing… her !!!

  • Diego


  • Howie

    Oh come on, you guys praising her need to get a grip on reality. The fake tan, the bloat, the tacky wigs, the hypersexual past-her-prime approach, GIVE IT UP. How pitiful that one of her fan boards is pushing people to come here and post positive comments because they know people will be ripping this “performance” to shreds. Her album is a fail. Time to call it a day, Floptina fans.

  • Danny

    Awww I heart heart her but i just wish she would’ve sang “Your Body” cuz they don’t play it on the radio as much as they should and I’m sure if more people heard it they’d like it


    GAGA The GREAT !! The first comment that came from Victoria about Christina Aguilera being fat was not from me. I don’t care about her being fat but I am interested in the LOTUS ALBUM SALES. As a littlemonster fan it brings me great pleasure to say **********BREAKING NEWS******* The LOTUS album by Christina Aguilera has BOMBED. She will only move around 75,000 units which is worst than BIONIC. I would really be surprised if she tours with weak album sales because 2 years ago, Christina had to cancel her BIONIC TOUR. KARMA, KARMA, KARMA. Remember when Ms. Aguilera was saying bad things about Gaga. Oh how karma comes back to you. The number one album will be either One direction or Twilight. Sad, Sad and double Sad. You Christina Fans can talk a big game but you can’t hold it down for Christina. You talk trash about Britney, Gaga, The horrid Keisha, Rihanna, Katy Perry and others but your girl Christina looks like a clown with all that make-up and can’t sell records anymore.


    VICTORIA – GAGA The GREAT !! ************BREAKING NEWS *********** Christina Aguilera’s new album bombed. She will move around 75,000 units. CAKE LIKE LADY GAGA. ARTPOP is coming 2013. GET READY. Gaga’s snatching WIGS.

  • kelly

    eeeew. Pathetic. She’s fatter and uglier than Spears. Can’t sing, just screams.

  • Shari

    I ADORE Christina, but dang man, she needs to fire her stylist. I don’t care about her weight, hell, who gives a rat’s tail? Her voice is still EPIC. THE best female voice of our generation. HOWEVER. She jumped the shark with Stripped. Back to Basics was THE BOMB. There have been a couple of singles since then, but dang girl…make up with Scott Storch and get back in the studio and get back to what you do best!!! Nothin but love for ya….

  • johanna

    Christina Aguilera had all of the horrible names people call her on those sacks over the peoples head. Powerful she is! Such a powerful performance with a wonderful message. Love Love your new album Xtina Lotus is a masterpiece from ballads like Best of Me Blank Page to songs like Army of Me Let There Be Love the Lotus Intro!! Amazing!!!!

  • Keyia

    what the hell are you guys talking about? that was a fail. reminds me of britney’s gimme more vma fiasco. No. This was NOT GOOD.
    She’s straining her voice so much and drinking so much it will be gone in a couple of years. Watch.

  • Samuel

    Wow, Im a big Christina Aguilera fan but what the hell is going on? I feel gutted from this performance. Im sure other fans feel let down as well. This album was meant to be a comeback album. Its first week sales in the US are lower then her last studio album! I know people will hate me for saying this but this performance equals the performance Britney gave of Gimme More at the VMA’s in 2007. It was just one big hot stinking mess. The only difference for Britney was that her album was still a success. Her voice was scratchy, she lip synched the Lotus intro, and she hardly danced on stage at all. This is one fallen pop star at the moment! Will be interesting to see what happens from now on? Will she leave RCA? The promotion for this album has been digusting also. She hasn’t even performed the lead single yet ! Seriously!!

  • Sabine

    AMAZING! Her voice is truly impressive – and she herself is admirable. I am glad there are people like her in the world. Sadly it won’t help changing people’s ways…

  • clownish

    massive columns

  • Barbara

    Huge Christina fan here. HUGE, but that presentation was a mess. It didn’t sell out the album. She should have stuck with one song. I did like the Lotus intro, but the rest was a mess. Not because the songs were bad, but because it was badly merged, too short (three songs in less than 5 minutes).
    I think she could have done a better job by making people interested in her new album…

    Also, why are Gaga and Britney fans so interested in how many copies Xtina sells? I’m a Christina fan and I don’t even know the titles of Britney’s and Gaga’s albums, let alone how many copies they sell. But Christina has this power… haters go out of their way to learn about her business.
    This is no competition, although for you it is because Gaga is in her peak. It won’t last forever (or that much longer if you ask me). So good for you your girl is selling like crazy. Christina’s been there, done that and has nothing to prove to any of you. But your behavior is sort of pathetic. Keep projecting your miserable lives in your star. It may help you through the day.

  • sebastian

    it was perfect!!! she looked stunning

  • Emilie

    Christina sounded beautiful, looked beautiful and I thought her message was gorgeous. I’m glad she’s back with some new music.

  • faxperez

    she look’s like snooki!!!