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'Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2' Tops Box Office, Earns Over $300 Million Worldwide!

'Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2' Tops Box Office, Earns Over $300 Million Worldwide!

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 has topped this weekend’s box office with an enormous $340.9 million worldwide opening, according to THR.

The fourth installment in the popular franchise, which brought in $141.3 million domestically, opened ahead of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1‘s opening last year, but did not defeat the numbers from The Twilight Saga: New Moon‘s money making first weekend of $142.8 million.

James Bond flick Skyfall came in at number two this weekend with $41.5 million earned in it’s second weekend in theaters.

Daniel Day LewisLincoln ranked in at number three with $21 million grossed.

Coming in at number’s four and five were Wreck-It Ralph and Flight, with $18.3 million and $8.6 million made, respectively.

Keira Knightley
‘s Anna Karenina opened in limited release to a total $315,395 made.

WHAT DID YOU SEE at the movies this weekend???

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    mmmmmmm ok

  • Anna

    My Gosh, I feel like I can’t take it anymore seeing posters of this movie everywhere and hearing about it left and right…enough already wit this crap…geez

  • ccc

    People are god damn fools!!!!!

  • Sylvie

    OMG !!! I think my heart stopped for a moment at the end of the movie lol

  • Susan

    I saw Breaking Dawn pt 2 and loved it! The bonus footage was excellent and you would have had to have read the book to know what scene it is.

  • FrG

    So the three guys on the movie poster (aka Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson) are millionaire and could stop working…

    Even if they only earn 0.01 cents per ticket sold their income is over 3 million dollars.
    Of course i guess they earn a lot more than 0.01 cents per ticket sold…!!

    They are more than millionnaire. Do the math.

    My question is: Do they really deserve that money?

  • Lou

    Sad. So much money for this awfull movie. Geez, people, what’s wrong with you? We have a crisis and you spent so much money for this shit? Let’s start going to the cinemas and watching good and worth your money movies.

  • Get over it

    Good riddance.

  • Y

    Why? :(

  • hello1

    haha Twilight had no record breaking numbers. Harry Potter and Hunger Games make more money than Twilight. Losers.

  • Whatever

    Because there are so many lame people with no taste, we have wasted $340 million dollars, instead of putting that to better use, like world hunger, disease, and helping the victims of natural disaster rebuild their lives and homes. Instead, it’s in the overfilled pockets of the billionaire movie studios and these annoying actors. What is wrong with people??

  • cmac

    It seems like there is a double standard for movies young women like versus movies young men like. Everyone trashes Twilight movies. Yeah, they aren’t great but what about all those Police Academy movies, Revenge of the Nerd movies, and all of Adam Sandler’s movies? Those are far worse!

  • CJ

    I was pleasantly surprised with this movie. It is one of those rare times that a movie is better than the book. Oh, and Kristen’s acting has improved so maybe that’s what made it bearable :)

  • Tomlinson Gurl

    @Whatever: the same could be said about EVERY-freaking-movie that comes out in the cinema lbr. maybe you should do your part and start donating money instead of going to the theater :)
    And I don

  • Tomlinson Gurl

    @Whatever: the same could be said about EVERY-freaking-movie that comes out in the cinema lbr. maybe you should do your part and start donating money instead of going to the theater :)
    And I don’t get all this hate when far worse movie like Transformers did way more and is more brainless than this.

  • aquarius64

    Congratulations Summit your “Robsten is Unbroken”/damage control campaign worked. Still should have beaten New Moon’s numbers for being the last movie. Let’s be real: would BD2 have made this much if Pattinson and Stewart formally announced a permanent break up before the premiere? If BD2 pulls in this amount of money after a breakup announcement, chalk it up to the power of the story and the characters that are well loved. No matter how much people deny it, for four years this relationship has been used as a marketing tool for the franchise as much as the movie marathons. Too much money was riding on this. Again well done Summit.

    Now that the franchise is over do Pattinson, Stewart and Lautner have careers post-Twilight? Pattinson looks like he has a good start, Stewart is still in limbo despite the one with Ben Affleck, and Lautner looks like he’s on the straight to DVD track on his body of work. Let’s check in a year from now to see where everyone is.

  • Y

    At least, kristen same face, changed her expression. SHE SMILES!

  • *.*

    i’m so sad! i love the twilight saga,books and movies! last movie is so awesome <3

  • LaCroix

    man ppl are ridiculous where they would opt for this over Daniel Day Lewis in Lincoln. society needs a good thrashing.

  • blah

    I saw Breaking Dawn part 2 last night and was not impress at all.

  • lacroix

    Lacroix: why waste your time on JustJared? Shouldn’t this fluff make you nauseous just like the twihards? Ya, you’re green eye monster is showing hard.

  • Beta

    @hello1: hunger games ain’t even in the same league as harry potter but neither is twilight.hunger games movie was way too predictable which put me off reading the hunger games book

  • toni

    LOL at Harry Potter STILL having better records and grossing more.
    Besides that I want to see Lincoln, but I wonder is it a good movie. I know Daniel Day Lewis most likely brought it and will probably be in contention for an Oscar this year

    I don’t get the fascination with this franchise either, but no one knows what the people who went to the movies did to help around the world. Also there’s nothing wrong with going to the movies sometimes and wanting to get some entertainment (even if I have a different preference for it).

  • @aquarius64

    A year from now they will be irrelevant. Rob Pattinson could have the goods if he can ever make males take him seriously. Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart are done.

  • http://justjared anymouse

    okay, so who do you think should get the money? they make millions of dollars because john q public will watch the movie, buy the product and be happy spending the money to do so. shouldn’t it be fair that whoever makes the money should get a profit of what is sold? i mean the saga is popular and the actors and actress’ made the movies work. i mean if you designed something, who do you think should make the most? you the designer or the manufacturer? granted that they choose to be a movie star, but they do give up their privacy and are mocked for everything they do. that is their choice, like it is your choice to do what you do for a living.

  • Rpatz the loser

    blame europeans for pushing this film over $300M..there must be no form of entertainment in europe that they opt to see this fools’ movie!

  • goat

    @ cmac - Twilight isn’t for young girls, it’s for horny middle aged soccer moms. That’s why people make fun of twihards.

  • http://yahoo booo

    Watch Twilght only for Rob . My favourite is the first Twilight , Rob was the best in it . Rest of the directors just spoilt the twilight movies , new moon was still tolerable but Catherine did the best job in the first one. I find Rob very interesting and feel he has so much potential . So very excited to see all his new movies .

  • SandyFeet

    @FrG: YES, they do.

  • B

    This movie better not sell more than TDKR!

  • Les

    She and R-Patz realtionship seems like a PR thing. Like those two kiddos from Slumdog Millionare, PR for the both of them. R-Patz and Kirsten are avg in looks and the Slumdog kiddos are just ugly. Look like beggars from India.

  • Andre

    @B: TDKR wasn’t the hightest grossing movie of 2012 so far. The Avengers is. But I bet my money that the Hobbit will be the highest grossing movie of 2012 .

  • Crisk

    @FrG: yes

  • Arhhg!

    @Les: dev patel and freida pinto? they can’t act either. They are both fugly. freida pinto is uglier then even kirsten stwewart. people say she good looking because they don’t want to say mean thing to the foreingers. whatever i still prefer angelina jolie is wayy prettier then both of them!