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Gerard Butler Wanted to Spend His Birthday in India!

Gerard Butler Wanted to Spend His Birthday in India!

Gerard Butler waves to the cameras after having dinner at BOA restaurant on Sunday (November 18) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 43-year-old actor recently talked about how the embassy in India turned down his plans to spend his birthday there.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gerard Butler

“I am very disorganised. So at the last minute here in Dubai, I decided I wanted to go to India for my birthday. But I went to the embassy here today [Wednesday]. They were excited to see me, but they said ‘no’ and that it would take seven days. So this year, I will go to Scotland and spend time with my family,” Gerard shared.

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642 Responses to “Gerard Butler Wanted to Spend His Birthday in India!”

  1. 1
    A Says:

    I see he’s lost his coke bloat. Good for him.
    He still looks like crap though and he’s not a talented enough actor…..which is why he’s in mediocre B movies now.

  2. 2
    cupcake Says:

    Yeah new thread. He looks good.

  3. 3
    Dale Says:

    Dude looks busted.

  4. 4
    SouthernBelle Says:

    Are these pics photoshopped? In just days, he’s lost the double chin, square jaw and puffy face. I agree with A. He looks better but not great.

  5. 5
    Suzanne Cummings Says:

    I’m finally back, glad Gerry is home in LA. Is Maddie with him? I read that she may be with him for the premiere of PFK in NYC. That will be fun. I’m hoping this film is good.

  6. 6
    sunny Says:

    I know why he wanted to go to India. Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights, landed right on Gerry’s birthday this year. It’s a gorgeous festival and seeing it in India would have been spectacular. It’s too bad he couldn’t go.

  7. 7
    :) Says:

    Local Area Woman @leftbanks
    Why is Gerard Butler still trying RomComs. Why is he still trying movies. Why is he still trying to happen. Why does he still exist.
    - -
    Gerard Butler has 10 movies in pre/post production coming out 2013/2014. Put me out of my misery right now.

  8. 8
    bex Says: Whoever Gerard Butler’s North American agent is needs to be bound and gagged. Who is letting him make these movies? Dear Hollywood: Stop trying to make Gerard Butler happen. He’s never going to happen. Hasn’t Ryan Reynolds taught you anything?

  9. 9
    Alina Says:

    Gerry has 2 movies in pre/post production coming out 2013 (Olympus Has Fallen ,Thunder Run) and 1 movie (Dynamo) -coming out 2014.

  10. 10
    :) Says:

    burning whatnot @burningwhatnot
    It’s now clear to me that Gerard Butler is slowly being changed into Chad Kroeger via an experimental government program. BUT WHY

  11. 11
    Why? Says:

    @:): Why does he still exist. Taking it for granted that was a question? For the same reason that you do. His life is precious in the sight of God and He loves him so much, just as you are loved.
    Why is he still trying movies. Why is he still trying to happen.
    Because his chosen profession is acting and he happens to be good at it.
    May I ask you a question? Why are you here? Not walking this earth, I don’t mean that, but why are you commenting on this thread? Obviously by your statement he makes you miserable.

  12. 12
    :) Says:

    ask your questions here

  13. 13
    @:) Says:


    Could you give an example of what you mean? also who is chad kroeger?

  14. 14
    :) Says:

    I mean nothing, just posting some jokes from Twitter

    chad kroeger, a singer

  15. 15
    AntonioFigo Says:

    Love my job, since I’ve been bringing in $5600… I sit at home, music playing while I work in front of my new iMac that I got now that I’m making it online(Click on menu Home)

  16. 16
    love you Gerry Says:

    you are still sexy at 43!

    Happy Belated Birthday! mmmmmmmmmmmwha from gigi

  17. 17
    peaches mcdooby Says:

    J’adore Gerard, but his movies of late, not so much. Cannot stand Jessica Biel butI am a fan of Uma and CZJ so I may get brave and purchase a ticket to a rom com, GASP!

    Why don’t you get the scripts and films Bradley Cooper is getting or Ryan Gosling or Michael Fassbender?

    That being said I would still blow out his birthday candle anyday.

  18. 18
    bex Says:

    #hollyweird #sundayfunday #fourseasons #gerardbutler #friends #brunch

  19. 19
    African Girl Says:

    What is this guy’s appeal?

  20. 20
    lolita Says:

    There are pics at Bruno press showing Gerry shopping with Alan and Lolita. Lolita is a getting a little tubby. She does seem like a very well behaved little lady.

  21. 21
    Alina Says:

    Gerry, Alan and Lolita!

  22. 22
    bex Says:,_los_angeles?filter=E

  23. 23
    obscure Says:

    So he didn´t want to spend his birthday in scotland first. For me that´s a kind of a slap in the face for his family. Is everything else so important for him. Feeling kind of sad for him.

  24. 24
    P Says:

    So JJ when are you going to report on Gerard Butler having been approached to cohost this year’s Nobel Peace Prize concert in Olso, Norway on December 11th? Oh, that’s right…it wouldn’t make him look bad, would it?

  25. 25
    Ggfblx Says:

    His family would have wanted him home for birthday but not her.
    That’s why they were wandering all over Glasgow and Edinburgh in pubs ,restaurants and shops. ,when he should have been with family.
    Bet she wasn’t at family birthday dinner.
    Its all a big PR job,That has run it’s course

  26. 26
    Weirdo Says:

    From the movies I’ve seen him in, he’s not a bad actor. People may not like his style but it’s a bit harsh to criticize his acting skills.

  27. 27
    The Joke Says:

    The thing about Gerard is that he missed the joke and so he became the joke.
    Dennis Leary was out doing stand up and one of his bits was about men “of a certain age” dating girls their daughters’ ages. It was about what women the same age as the men don’t understand about why that happens. Guess he pissed someone off because he got heckled one night by a guy asking Dennis what he would do if it was his daughter, because Dennis has a ton of kids including a really lovely daughter whose only a handful of years younger than Madalina Ghenea.
    His answer was “before or after my one phone call” referring to the one phone call you get in prison after being arrested.
    Dennis explained that statement about the “one phone call” later and said that few people who were upset about his stand up bit didn’t get the joke. He said that men “of a certain age” who date such young girls are absurd and that’s WHY he was joking about it. If it wasn’t ridiculous for them to be doing it he wouldn’t be joking about it because it wouldn’t be funny. The joke wasn’t on the women for not understanding why men chase girls half their age but on the weak-minded old dirty guy chasers.
    Gerry doesn’t get that he’s the joke and that’s why people look at him and Madalina after his years of young modelizing as something that’s absurd. Because he’s become the joke.

  28. 28
    joke is on you Says:

    @The Joke: If you read here much you know if’s pretty much been solved that Mads is way closer to 30 than originally reported. Gasp. She lies about her age. Those old photos were pretty much her undoing. So G. wasn’t robbing the Romanian cradle after all.

  29. 29
    but... Says:

    @joke is on you: She actually looks closer to 40.

  30. 30
    bex Says:

  31. 31
    bex Says:

    Thumbs aren’t working, posts aren’t appearing, but trolls are allowed to run riot on GB threads here…WTF?

  32. 32
    Gerry? I doubt it ......... Says:

    @joke is on you:

    Fine… all we have to think about is that shes a straight up gold digger.

  33. 33
    bex Says:

    Posted this FB link yesterday because the person was under the impression that Gerry would be attending the Bafta’s in Scotland last night. He didn’t, but somebody’s just added to the original post:

    ” That wont be hard, he is a total sleezebag! He was at boho once and asked my friend back to his hotel, he thinks he can have anything he wants because hes famous. She should watch out! X x”

  34. 34
    Touchy Says:

    @P: Surely you jest. JJ is the only site that even reports on him at all anymore. And why does hosting the Nobel PP concert make him look good? He’s not winning one himself. It just highlights the fact he has way too much time on his hands these days.

  35. 35
    Modd r Ashun Says:

    @bex: I don’t know what’s going on either, but I’ve had several posts never get past moderation in the last few days, and they were harmless. I will never understand how JJ manages these boards. They seem to be fine with trolls and psychos taking over, but cut off genuine comments. Maybe they just want hits now. I think these GB threads are on their last legs, anyway, since it’s becoming harder and harder to have an adult conversation.

  36. 36
    bex Says:

    @Modd r Ashun:

    Yeah, a lot of my posts yesterday were coming up as ‘in moderation’ and many today are just not appearing at all with no explanation. But the troll/s is allowed free reign to post post-after-post of insults.

    Anyway –

  37. 37
    Let it slide Says:

    Having a beautiful festival like that on the same day as his birthday is quite rare, too bad he missed it. Has it been me, i would do the same.
    Family can wait a bit in this case, but i don’t think once in a life time event like this can.

  38. 38
    DocP Says:

    Hello fellow JJer’s I haven’t been around much due to family issues. So much posting over the weekend. I can’t get through it all. As far as MG and Gerry, I think they are still together though I am beginning to question the validity of this relationship. Afterall he could have rescheduled those interviews until after the RFF so he could be there for her. That seemd selfish to me. I don’t know what her schedule is from now out until the premiere but i am starting to get the feeling this is a staged relationship for his new movie coming out. Or perhaps Gerry was asked to help promote her career in exchange for “favors”. Its good to see lolita, I really figured he dumped the poor pouch. she is a cutie, a little fluff looks good on her. I have never seen Alan before, the guy looks like a Hobbit standing next to Gerry. Speaking of “The Hobbit”, I just saw a trailer for its release in Dec. thats going to be the big money maker this year. The trailer looks to be very promising, even better than LOTR. Gerry needs to do a Peter Jackson film, his agent would be wise to push for an interview. The hobbit is being made into 3 movies. There was talk way back in the beginning of Gerry playing a role but it was just rumours. He would fit well into a movie like these, a role in a PJ film could put him back to his 300 days

  39. 39
    P Says:

    @Touchy: Did I say it would make him look good? I just said it wouldn’t make him look bad. As for his having “way too much time on his hands” you obviously haven’t been paying much attention to his career. He’s got half a dozen films in varying stages of production on his plate on top of the three that are complete or nearly complete.

  40. 40
    What's up Doc? Says:

    @DocP: Don’t bother wading through the muck of the weekend. It’s just psycho trolls taking over the board. I hear ya on the “staged” issue. There were a few gaps of time where he could have been with her and wasn’t in the last few months, so it does seem like maybe they’re FWB’s or something business-related. Don’t care one way or the other, but it doesn’t pass the smell test to me. Maybe it’s just winding down now, since it’s been around six months. Honeymoon phases always end, sadly, and then you’re stuck with reality.

  41. 41
    Touchy Says:

    @P: Really? What would those be?

  42. 42
    God Bless yoou all! Says:

    “But I am trusting you, O Lord, saying, ‘You are my God!’ My future is in your hands. Rescue me from those who hunt me down relentlessly.” Psalm 31:14-15

  43. 43
    DocP Says:

    @What’s up Doc?:
    I agree, after reading these posts for over a month now my point of view is changing. I can understand some of why they have been separated but when your partner has a big event coming up and you choose to go do interviews have way around the world from where thay are? Like you said it doesn’t pass the smell test, in fact it kind of stinks. Those interviews he did could have been done by skype of satellite. Like you i don’t care either way, I just don’t like fakeness. Its an insult to his fans. Be honest in who you are and to all those you come in contact with, thats my Motto. Of course I’m not an actor, nor have I ever been inspired or desired to act. he did say that he was with his GF so this leads us to believe they are still together but it raises a red flag that he’s not with her.
    As far as all the posts over the weekend, I agree that world events are extremely important but they don’t belong on a gossip site. That demeans there significance in my mind. I go to CNN and various political websites and discuss world events and politics with people who are there to talk about these subjects. This is a gossip site and though it does not hold the crediabilty that CNN and FOX news may hold, it does have a purpose. It helps all of us escape into something that is more lighthearted and fun which helps to balance all the bad things in this world. All work and no play make for a very depressing day. Life is about balance, this site is just as important as the serious news sites. It gives life the balance that it needs so that we don’t all go crazy.

  44. 44
    DocP=Mashed Potatoes and Gravy Says:

    you’re a thread nazi
    you’re entitled to your opinion just like everyone else is but you really don’t have a right to shut down communication just because you want to escape. and you’re guilty of changing the subject.
    mg is off topic and is not revelent to this thread
    plastic surgery and facials are not relevent. they are inane topics.
    they are boring.
    and its really unjustified to bash any woman, whether its a poster here or the one you target as an actress, model, prostitute, hooker wh0rre whatever.
    i consider the mg bashing sexual harassment. so if a poster gets bashed back i really don’t care. its self defense.

  45. 45
    bex Says: Oh ya know, just browsing around Gerard Butler’s clothes, guns, boxers, etc for Olympus Has Fallen.

  46. 46
    DocP Says:

    @DocP=Mashed Potatoes and Gravy:
    Why are you trying to start a fight?? I don’t have to prove anything to you but i will say…I AM NOT MASHED POTATOES AND GRAVY. Something tells me you are LOL and you are just trying to throw people off. Hey if your life is that boring then go for it. I don’t care i have bigger and more important issues in my life

  47. 47
    bex Says: Gerard Butler needs to stop doing rom-coms. P.S I Love You was good, but everything else has been crap. #wastingtalent #poorcareerchoices

  48. 48
    gigibee Says:

    Flooding in Comrie Scotland.Is that where G’s family are?

  49. 49
    Ggfblx Says:

    @gigibee: Yes it is ,says the river has burst it’s bank.
    Lots of people are trapped in homes.

  50. 50
    Sam Says:

    Everybody, “you’re the crazy one” and “DocP=Mashed Potatoes and Gravy” is the military hating troll who also dumped on MGP, Sam Childers, and Gerry for playing a WW!! Soccer film. Learn the jargon people.

  51. 51
    DocP=Mashed Potatoes and Gravy Says:

    you start fights by telling them to shut-up all the time
    you just change socks to suit your mood/hide your identity

  52. 52
    Sam Says:

    @Mashed Potatoes and Gravy:
    “Your right—she baited me right in. I was just trying to defend the decent posters here, but I used poor judgement on my approach. ”
    Excellent! you’re starting to figure it out. Eve baits people.
    However.”@Mashed pototoes” is not EVE and neither is “DocP=Mashed Potatoes and Gravy” it’s that awful troll form over the weekend writing all that nasty political garbage. she is anti military, anti american, hates MGP because she is anti religion, hates Sam childers because he’s a minister, hates Gerry calling him a misogynist because her sister married a man who left her or something, take your pick – the woman is messed up.
    Eve has other issues. she fights with Manny and LOL. she hates GFW too. she hates young women and feels that men should only date women older than themselves. she hates men in general and always dump on them. she is one of the most hateful ant-MG posters here. most of the hate thrown at MG is coming form this senior citizen EVE who is in her 60s, no less.
    This EVE is a control freak so if you don’t agree with her she goes crazy and starts bothering everyone on the thread.
    she is also a hypocrite because she tells everyone not to engage the trolls but turns around and does the exact opposite, like most control freaks – their advise is just for you, not them.
    watch out of both of these trolls.

  53. 53
    Sam=Mashed Potatoes and Gravy Says:

    the thread nazi thinks its in charge
    but its not

  54. 54
    Sam=Mashed Potatoes and Gravy Says:

    hi military a…hole
    this is your third sock now amongst bazillions

  55. 55
    Sam=EVE Says:


    you must be soul sisters
    nice try loser

  56. 56
    Sam=EVE Says:

    no one believes you here
    they know you are a liar who baits people
    your a thread nazi who hates disagreement
    you just described yourself
    EVE is Mashed potatoes and gravy
    EVE is DocP
    a bazillion socks

  57. 57
    Sam=EVE Says:

    you druggie
    take a tranquilizer
    you psycho pill popper

  58. 58
    bex Says:

  59. 59
    Sam=EVE Says:

    it must really burn you up that you gotten taken for a ride this political season

  60. 60
    DocP Says:


  61. 61
    gigibee Says:

    Oh dear…..

  62. 62
    SAM=EVE Says:

    you also sock as TRansparent and totally useless information

  63. 63
    P Says:

    @Touchy: Really.

    OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN: post production
    MANHUNT : pre-production
    THUNDER RUN: pre-production
    DYNAMO: pre-production
    MOTOR CITY: in production

    If you knew anything about the man at all you’d know that he’s happiest when he’s working, and when he works he gives 110% to the job.

  64. 64
    SAM=EVE Says:

    @Modd r Ashun:
    another one of your socks

  65. 65
    SAM=EVE Says:

    the reason your comments won’t go thru is because you are a j/erk.

  66. 66
    SAM=EVE Says:

    the reason your comments won’t go thru is because you are a j/errrrrrrrk.

  67. 67
    Touchy Says:

    @P: Pre-production isn’t HIM working. It is not even certain if any of these films will ever be made at all. You appear desperate to make him relevant, but the fact is, he only actually made ONE film this year. The rest of these films may never get made. Those are the facts.

  68. 68
    Sam Says:

    My post was meant for you in this thread. I directed the same post to “Mashed Potatoes and Gravy” in the previous thread. This troll is awful. Ignore her.

  69. 69
    SAM=EVE Says:

    tghe reason your comments don’t go thru is because….
    you are writing bad things

  70. 70
    Sam Says:

    My post was meant for you in this thread. I directed the same post to “Mashed Potatoes and Gravy” in the last thread. This troll is awful. Ignore her.

  71. 71
    lolita Says:

    @P: I know he is happiest when he is working. Are all those movies still a go. Motor City just had some crew people claiming they were not paid for their work before it was shut down. I hope all the other ones you have stated are still going to be made. I do believe he gives his all when he takes on a project. MGP was proof of that.

  72. 72
    bex Says:


    Re: Motor City – pretty much dead in the water

    Thunder Run – supposedly pushed to a March 2013 start date (after, June 2012, then August 2012 and then Nov 2012)

    HTTYD – voice work = a few days in a recording studio

    Manhunt – absolutely nothing has been heard about this film since it was originally announced six months ago

    Dynamo – hasn’t even got a director attached yet

  73. 73
    Sam Says:

    Sorry, my post was meant for you in this thread. I directed the same post to “Mashed Potatoes and Gravy” in the last thread. This troll is aw.ful. Ignore her.

  74. 74
    Gg Says:

    gigibee: My prayers are with the people of Comrie and surrounding areas of Scotland.

  75. 75
    Sam Says:

    sorry about the triple post. Something is not working right with JJ today.

  76. 76
    bex Says:


    I forgot “Brilliant”, which was announced within a week or so of him leaving rehab, only for his name to be added and then removed pretty quickly from it’s IMDb page. That page was last updated on 4th April 2012 with it’s status as, “up in the air”.

  77. 77
    DocP Says:

    Which post are you talking about. Its getting a bit confusing on figureing out what anyones point is because of the troll constantly using other posters monikers and saying they are = to whoever they want to pick out of the crowd. beware anytime you defend other posters against this troll they will start picking on you. Been there done that. Of course I wouldn’t let them deter you, it is a free forum :)

  78. 78
    SAM=EVE=DocP Says:

    your cover is blown
    you shouldn’t post anymore
    you also socked as Transparent, Modd er Ashun and Totally Useless Information
    everyone thumb down sam

  79. 79
    SAM Says:

    is socking to itself
    how’s mummy?

  80. 80
    gigabee Says:

    i’m thumbsing all of you down docp sam, the = troll
    you’re all trolls
    if its not about gerry nobody cares

  81. 81
    lolita Says:

    So Thunder Run is the only one that is going to be made. I heard there were timing conflicts for Mathew M, that is why it was pushed back.
    What does preproduction mean if it is not getting things ready to start the movie. Sets,scripts, etc.

  82. 82
    gigabee Says:

    i’m thumbing all of you down

    you’re all trolls

    if its not about gerry nobody cares

  83. 83
    Touchy Says:

    Geez, I can’t believe it. I’m in moderation again, and all I said is that Motor City was taken off the table in September and that the info over at imd/b is wrong. What is going on around here?

  84. 84
    bex Says:

    Why do producers keep casting Gerard Butler in these cheesy romantic comedies? Dude is NOT funny.

    Uh… I don’t think you’re the target demographic.

    No doubt about that…problem is the target demo doesn’t go to see these movies — each one has been a huge flop. Yet they keep casting him…

  85. 85
    TeaCakes Says:

    Gerry really doesn’t have much of anything in the works next few months except HTTYD sequel. Good time for a wedding and long honeymoon and a break from the public eye.

  86. 86
    DocP Says:

    @SAM: Shes gonna be staying with me for awhile. This will make the 6 hospital stay since my Dad passed away. e’s only 75 which doesn’t seem that old to me. Alot of my customers are in there 70′s and they are doing well. I think my dad’s passing really hit her hard. She fell again due to exhaustion and the hospital thinks she had a allergic reaction to the antibiotic shes on. Last Holiday season she got really depressed and I got really sick which made things worse. Hopefully things will be alittle better though its not starting out on a good note. Thanks for asking.

  87. 87
    DocP Says:

    perhaps you should suggest this to Gerry since he seems to think a few radio interviews were more important than being with MG at the RFF which truthfully astounds me. Why would you pass up just a great opportunitie to meet other actors, directors, producers. Not to mention I thought for sure he would support her and her film.

  88. 88
    Touchy Says:

    @TeaCakes: Well if he’s going to, I wish he would just get it over with, because I’m sick of hearing about her and I find the whole sitch one big snoozefest.

  89. 89
    SouthernBelle Says:


    In one of MG’s interviews at RFF she says that she has three other projects in the works. Maybe she won’t have time “for a wedding and long honeymoon and a break from the public eye”.

  90. 90
    Preproduction Says:

    @lolita: It’s a crucial time in terms of whether the movie gets made, because that’s when the financing part is finalized, which is why many films never make it past this point. Unless it’s green-lighted and you see “in production”, it may just disappear. That’s what happened to Motor City.

  91. 91
    Gerry's L'Oreal Deal Says:

    Gerry’s got a deal with L’Oreal right? Think they’ll have him endorse a line of men’s hair dye? He’s got to be using a bottle of it every two weeks or so to fend off his massive amount of gray while he’s with this young 20s chic.
    I mean this kind of gray –>
    doesn’t stay away with a visit to the salon every six weeks. Most people with only scattered grays have to color every 2-3 weeks because gray hair doesn’t hold hair dye.
    It’s so obvious that he’s doing it because he’s dating a girl so young and doesn’t want to emphasize how much older he really is than her by letting his natural hair color fly. As everyone has pointed out, he doesn’t have any kind of role coming up for a long long long time, much less one that requires his hair to be dyed a particular color, and he’s always let his hair grow out and get all salt n’ peppery between roles before.
    Remember this guy from more than two years ago? —->
    Why so insecure GerBear? Let your grayside fly! It’s sexy. Look at George Clooney, McDreamy, Robert Downey, Jr. in The Avengers. They look way hotter with their grays than you do with that weird bottle brown with a red tinge that comes off almost neon on TV.

  92. 92
    Preproduction Says:

    @Gerry’s L’Oreal Deal: I agree. He should go gray. It would look great with his eye color. Ever since that horrid commercial with the clay-looking face and orange-tinted hair, his hair’s never recovered in terms of its color. It’s not the right shade for him at all.

  93. 93
    cupcake Says:

    Hi ladies just got back from seeing Skyfall. It was great. The bond girls gorgeous. Javier Bardem amazing as a villian. Highly recommend it.

  94. 94
    Simone Says:

    @Gerry’s L’Oreal Deal: Yes! We should start a petition to get Gerry to stop messing with himself in a desperate attempt to look more youthful. It just looks …… desperate.
    Item 1 – Stop dying your hair when you don’t have to for a role.
    Item 2 – Stop botoxing your wrinkles away.
    Item 3 – Stop tanning. Like never go out in the sun again. Those age spots are getting out of control and the fake bake you’re doing to try to make them blend in just looks FAKE. Like what gets burnt onto a pan. Just stop frying your skin and take better care of it. For realz dude.
    He should just be the salt n’ pepper pale and charming Scot who’s aging gracefully. Remember how creepy his fellow Scot Sean Connery looked when he tried to look younger for that Bond film he did when he was 53, Never Say Never Again?( I surely hope that’s not Gerry a few years down the road. Remember what Sean Connery looked like when he was named People’s Sexiest Man Alive? ( Natural always looks better.
    Be natural Gerry. Not a fluorescent colored pin cushion who looks like the only thing that’s keeping him from melting is a thin layer of Elmer’s glue.

  95. 95
    Seriously Says:

    @DocP: Gerry doesn’t have the luxury of turning down a press junket; it’s in his contract. Madalina mentions in one of her interviews when she was asked where he was that he was on a press junket. She had to use the English words.

  96. 96
    Simone Says:

    Sean Connery in Never Say Never Again –
    Yikes! Don’t do it Gerry!

  97. 97
    yikes Says:

    @Seriously: how closely are you following this girl? you keep posting about every interview she gives and everything she says, even translating for her. just because she’s dating gerard butler? that’s ever bit as odd as the people who are following her so closely to diss her.

  98. 98
    career or lack thereof Says:

    Don’t be surprised if he ends up attached to this in the near future.

  99. 99
    Which one? Says:

    @Seriously: Do you have a link? I don’t think I saw that one.

  100. 100
    Juicy Lucy Says:

    I remember when I first saw Steve Martin on SNL back in the mid to late 70′s. He was about 28-29 and I really thought his grey hair made him seem more distinguished, if not sexy. I think the only film where Martin dyed his hair was My Blue Heaven (which IMO, was awful). Steve is someone who is comfortable in his own skin-Gerry is far from it! Actors such as Pierce Brosnan, Liam Neeson and Denzal Washington are aging gracefully and still sexy. Gerry seems to be someone who is terrifyed of aging and will do most anything to hang on to his bygone youth. I’d hate to think that in a few years, he’ll be heading to the plasic surgeon but it could happen.

  101. 101
    bex Says: I hope one day Gerard Butler wins an Oscar, so we can enjoy all the “The Butler Did It!” headlines.

  102. 102
    OnAPressJunketWithoutHer ~GFW Says:

    On a press junket without her. Says a lot, huh? Shopping with Lolita and Alan, without her. Doing so much without her. Going back to strip clubs… business as usual, without her.

  103. 103
    Masha Says:

    Does this look the same as today to you?
    She did a total face reconstruction… She altered her self so she can sell sex…

  104. 104
    Ms. No Name Coward Says:

    Kathy, why don’t you tell us how either of them could have been together with the film obligations they had. I haven’t noticed SO’s hanging out during junkets. Where was Justin? Are they already having problems? Wasn’t he worried about having Jessica in a room with Gerry?

    These events after the several very happy days they spent in Scotland for his birthday with his family.

  105. 105
    Masha Says:

    Sorry , forgot the link…

  106. 106
    conrie news Says:


    Good thing he got out when he did or dear little Madi might have been stuck in Scotland. That could have been worse than the water for his parents. Hope all is well with them.

  107. 107
    Juicy Lucy Says:


    That is the primary reason most people on this site have been taking aim at MG. Anyone who mentioned why she altered her appearance was quickly branded a jealous old hag. Yes, sex does sell but every model/tv personality who can sell sex has a shelf life. Hence, Pamela Anderson.

  108. 108
    OnAPressJunketWithoutHer ~GFW Says:

    Ooops, I can post best to get in what I can while I can. Why a birthday thread so far after his birthday?
    His wanting to go to India from the mid-east appeared to be a way to get some spiritual hunger fed, without her. Instead, he defaults to heading home (with her) but as a buffer so family don’t have the ultimate, knee-to-knee.
    All I want to know is what did she by him for his birthday? We know he showered her with payoffs, I mean gifts to keep her fat mouth shut.
    Like I said… if looks could kill with that God-awful shot from Italy, you know after the extra LONG chimp arms embraced a fan-base which exists only in her mind, picture of her flattened collagen filled lips (read: hint-hint time for a refill -shivers).
    Feel as these things go, we just met the real her: calculated and bitter. Fact she’s not with him in LA as he goes shopping for Christmas gifts with is best mate, and only female in his life that doesn’t demand material goods, baby-girl Lolita, the true love of his life… outside his Valentine that is. Your Valentine is you spend your recess time with.
    who hopes his family got out or moved to higher ground or maybe it isn’t all that in the Land of Nod

  109. 109
    GFW Says:

    When it’s real, people find a way especially in this critical period of supporting each other’s career. He was not there for her when making the movie that will flop, when he had tons of time preferring to dress up for Halloween (twice) and party collecting numbers and being himself same like in LA with his buddies going to strip clubs that had to turn him on. This is such a PR stunt like the other poster said about the family wanting him in Scotland but not the dumb little python.
    ~K, hoping everyone has a nice night never once said she hacked my site, as it was worse than that but it isn’t up for discussion… and was never ordered by his people with an Order so Manny needs give that up too… cheers! (air kisses)

  110. 110
    GFW Says:

    Love your moniker, it’s so true. At least with it we can tell who you as anyone can but an @ in front of a posters reply. How lame and sneaky you are. You cannot be trusted, but I am. I am. Way trusted. But not you. You are here day in and out, night in and out, scoping something for yourself who won’t ever get .00000000000000001% as close as me. Never.
    who wants Gerry home for the holidays like last year wearing the crucifix (that is still my home laptop desktop page which says so very, very much) want him to be there amongst the people who love him just for him not for what he can do for them. Who know him well. Who know him as son, brother, uncle, step-son not needing any performance nor would he need to be ‘on’ but feel because he wasn’t alone he did. That has to be stressful but he said it was “amazing” so I’ll believe it. Want him home for midnight Mass with family… all of them. Home to hearth. The fold. Into the loving arms of his mother and extended family. Let him be given chores like like when younger.

    Let him be made to feel welcome when he crosses the threshold seeing familiar faces and objects, smells and sight.

    Sleep well in his own room, his own bed. Wake to joy and laughter all sincere and real.

  111. 111
    @ Says:

    Palestinians have a right to defend themselves as well and its Israel who has occupied Palestine for 45 years now . One mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter !

  112. 112
    @ Says:

    So are all those women and children getting killed terrorists?

  113. 113
    @ Says:

    The Jews are liars

  114. 114
    @@ Says:

    Чтоб ты сд.охла вместе с ними!

  115. 115
    @ Says:

    Actualy it is the population of the GAZA PENAL COLONY that cannot exist. As Israel periodicaly turns off the FUEL, WATER, ELECTRICITY, MEDICINE, and all other supplies.
    A while back, Israel eliminated all Palestinians working for Jewish firms, and imported Chinese workers.
    The Chinese rebelled and demonstrated after not being paid by the Jewish employers.

  116. 116
    written by rabbi Says:

    Did Israel Choose War Instead of Long-Term Truce With Gaza?
    The article says that although they knew about the discussions, the Israeli government “nevertheless” approved the assassination.

    The question I think we need to ask is whether the Israeli government ordered the assassination not “nevertheless” but “therefore.” That is, did top Israeli officials choose another round of war with Gaza rather than a long-term truce? They certainly knew that killing Jabari would for sure bring on new rocket attacks, which to the Israeli public would then seem a legitimate reason for a new war in “self-defense.”

    Why might the Netanyahu government have made this choice? With the caveat that there is no way to know for sure, without access to the inner governmental archives, let me put forward a hypothesis that seems at minimum plausible:

    At home, elections are looming, and the major focus of the emerging campaign, till last week, was the domestic social and economic crisis — not foreign policy. With that as the central issue, the pro-corporate, anti-poor-people, anti-middle-class policies of the Netanyahu government were vulnerable. A new Gaza War would shift the conversation and strengthen a government proclaiming “self-defensive war.”

    Meanwhile, President Abbas of the Palestinian Authority was preparing to ask the U.N. General Assembly to recognize Palestine as a state with “observer” status, not full membership. This was almost certain to pass, thus increasing the prestige of the Palestinian cause. Moreover, Abbas had just publicly renounced the “right” of millions of Palestinian refugees to “return” within Israel itself, thereby easing one deep fear many Israelis hold about the possibility of a two-state peace. Instead of encouraging this step toward peace, Netanyahu pooh-poohed it.

    In this atmosphere, a long-term truce with Hamas, the de facto government of Gaza, would make the achievement of a two-state peace much more likely. But the Netanyahu government does not want that. It prefers the occupation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem and the subjugation of Gaza.

  117. 117
    @@ Says:

    Oh, sh/ut up, you old dou/che b/ag!

  118. 118
    written by rabbi Says:

    The Jewish people today faces the profound danger of becoming so addicted to our new power as to treat it not as a valuable healing from our past but as an idol — and thus to over-reach, and thereby to bring ruin on ourselves.

    If indeed a key leader of Hamas was prepared after his own wrestle with reality to choose not fruitless war but a long-term truce, then that is a choice the Jewish people and the government of Israel should have welcomed.

    That peaceful choice might have led toward a free and prosperous Palestine, alongside a much stronger, prosperous Israel freed of the burden of being the oppressor.

    As I say, “If.” Without those secret archives, we cannot know for sure. But the Baskin article opens the window a crack. If it is accurate, to have chosen war instead was a profound strategic, ethical and moral mistake.

    And it is a sign of deep idolatry that practically every “established” American Jewish organization is applauding that choice without even examining the “if.”

  119. 119
    @ Says:

    Would there be rockets into Israel if it weren’t for the assassination of the Hamas leader? Write the whitehouse and tell them to cut off funding to israel until there is peace.

  120. 120
    cupcake Says:


  121. 121
    @ Says:

    From January through September 2012, Israeli weaponry caused 55 Palestinian deaths and 257 injuries. Among these 312 casualties, 61, or roughly 20 percent, were children and 28 were female. 209 of these casualties came as a result of Israeli Air Force missiles, 69 from live ammunition fire, and 18 from tank shells.
    In 2011, the projectiles fired by the Israeli military into Gaza were responsible for the death of 108 Palestinians, of which 15 where women or children, and the injury of 468 Palestinians, of which 143 where women or children. The methods by which these causalities were inflicted by Israeli projectiles breaks down as follows: 57 percent, or 310, were caused by Israeli aircraft missile fire; 28 percent, or 150, where from Israeli live ammunition; 11 percent, or 59, were from Israeli tank shells; while another 3 percent, or 18, were from Israeli mortar fire.
    As this infographic shows, there is no room for a discussion on the “equal sides of the conflict,” when the reality is a first-world country, with all the trappings of a modern highly sophisticated weapons arsenal, launching devastating and brutal attacks against the most densely populated area in the world, where half its population is youth and 40 percent of its population lives below the poverty line.
    And where does this military might come from? Israel’s military arsenal is not due to the tax pressure on its citizens, but is largely funded by the United States. American citizens actually pay more money individually and overall to the Israeli military structure than Israeli citizens do. For more information on U.S. Military Aid to Israel, please see this video and transcript from a presentation led by Mr. Josh Ruebner, and this written report on its policy implications and options. Even Israel’s classic “David v. Goliath” storyline pales when shown the actual size of their slingshot.

  122. 122
    @ Says:

    Does this remind anyone of the Nazi bombardment of the Waraw Ghetto?
    How well the descendants of the opressed has come to emulate the harsh practices of their historical oppressors. Even to the creeping reality of Lebensraum executed by civilians and then reinforced by military fictat.

  123. 123
    @ Says:

    RE US support of the Israel Defense Force, I can help flesh that out a bit. A CRS report indicates that, apart from all other aid sent to Israel from the United States, the IDF budget is 18-22% funded by American taxpayers, and has grown steadinly by about $0.15 billion dollars annually:
    Of course, money is fungible, and other forms of aid sent to Israel relieve budgetary pressures which might make Israel consider arms cuts. However, US intent in this is made clear in Title 2 of the US Naval Vessels Transfer Authority Act of 2008, which seeks to guarantee that Israel maintain a “Qualitative Military Edge over military threats”
    PL 110-429:
    With no credible military threat to Israel from any other organized armed force, the modern IDF is free to concentrate on an area many times smaller than metropolitan New York City which has no organized armed force, and this is what we are all witnessing today.

  124. 124
    @ Says:

    Putting things into perspective, view this new infographic detailing the disparities in weapons arsenals of Palestinian groups in Gaza and Israel. Besides the massive killing powers of the Israeli weapons shown here, what are not displayed are the numerous naval battleships and Merkava tanks owned and operated by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). Israel has submarines, missile boats, corvettes (the largest warships in Israel’s naval fleet), patrol boats, and numerous chasers and landing ships. Each Merkava tank is armed with two 7.62 machine guns and a 60 mm mortar that can be loaded and fired internally, in addition to the main gun, and has gone through developments to ensure accuracy and lethality.

  125. 125
    @ Says:

    israel has all that weaponry and palestine has nothing! zip! nada!
    israel has nukes!

  126. 126
    @ Says:

  127. 127
    Maggie P.U. Says:

    With reading more of the posts I still can’t figure out what Gerry’s true intentions are. Meaning, ok, he did say “girlfriend” in the interview videos (especially about how he celebrated his bday). But, there are no pics like I said especially in the US, no PDA here in LA when she is here or NYC…it is seclusion. When he has time off he doesn’t go see her while she is “working”…..she had to stop the FB sharades (sp) (or did she)… she was not seen with him in Dubai or the previous priemere and by his own words when he finds someone serious enough he will acknowledege her and bring her out… this is just plain odd (or weird, creepy….)

    Also, I agree with what several of the posters had commented on in regards to his career, future etc in that it seems that he is willing to sacrifice it all for someone who is a cash hound and has a proven history of bouncing from rich dude to rich dude. Several even under a year. It is evident he is shallow to the point he is only going by looks and not who/what she really is and is capable of. Most smart and intelligent ment, who like LC would have ran the other way…..looks (even plastic) or whatever…it doesnt matter. She is something to be avoided if they want their rep intact. Gerry apparently doesnt care….which is why I say something is wrong.

    He is acting as if “the motor is running but there is no one behind the wheel”. Sorry, but that short time in rehab did not do a thing. He has several addictions and he definitely needs them to be addressed. True, he may not like being alone…but you would think if being alone would get him better then wouldn’t that be the more positive choice to make? Get a blow up doll for heavens sake…that is plastic. Least it wouldnt cost him anything and at the same time he is getting some help.

    Another thing I am curious about is I do not recall say Bianca acting like MG has and is at anytime she was with Gerry. And if I remember right he did call BC his GF….but at the same time she was seen in public with him (in the STATES even)and at parties and premieres….JMO.


    **Hugs to CGE, GFW, Lolita, Manny (hope you are doing better)….

  128. 128
    Why? Says:

    QUESTION TO JJ???????? Why are these political trolls here???????

  129. 129
    RightAndIGoToModeration?? ~K Says:

    what gives….

  130. 130
    @ Says:

    Actually violence is the key, Netanyahu plans to slowly push them out of west bank and one bulldozed house at a time. The day Palestine has a formidable army is the day Israel will stop eating up it’s land. Netanyahu doesn’t have the courage to admit they want every last square inch but many people in Israel do and I have met many supporters who say this to. I personally don’t care who wins that war but please Israel stop crying, you took their land now defend it (which you do quite well thanks to the weapons my tax dollars give you) so please stop complaining about how hard it is.

  131. 131
    @ Says:

    So Israel is firing $100,000 Iron Dome rockets to take out $70-100 dollar homemade qassam rockets?

  132. 132
    @ Says:

    87 Palestinian Civilians dead vs 3 Isralie Civilians dead

    Who are the TERRORISTS again?

  133. 133
    @ Says:

    Hamas was democratically elected, therefore all those who have taken it upon themselves to influence and shape the political opinion in the Middle East should have factored that reality into the never ending peace process. The Likud led Government have no veto on how others choose their Government This is the origin of this cycle of murder on both sides.There are no shortage of bigotry on both sides. Each of the embedded bigots thrive on bloodshed. The sad thing is that the rest of the world has no one to look up to for a solution. Therein lies the tragedy.
    The Palestinian /Israeli crisis is the only incident in modern times where every American President, at best, becomes intellectually impotent when it comes to standing up for justice and at worst eloquently hypocritical in their contribution to the events as it unfolds.

    At least, President Jimmy Carter took President Anwar Sadat to the Knesset and Menachim Begim held a face to face meeting with him. Did both sides capitalized on that major achievement?The bigots took over. I personally congratulate both sides for their contribution to the infamous bestiality of the twenty first century.

  134. 134
    SouthernBelle Says:


    Is JJ trying to kill the thread? If so, just dispense with the comments.

  135. 135
    israel murders 10 per day Says:

    A report earlier this year pointed out that the US government already plans on sending $3.1 billion in Foreign Military Financing (FMF) to Israel for the fiscal year 2013.

  136. 136
    @ Says:

    What if you put a fence around Canadians, took all of our revenue, while not administering to our population at all; bulldozed homes in Canada, so your elite could build luxury homes; told all Canadians that they would need permission from the US to travel or leave the country; restricted all foreign relief services (food, water, clothing, medicine), etc for 20+ years; oppressed and subjugated Canadians, forcing them to live in small, shanti communities (concentration camps).. would you honestly be surprised if we launched a few rockets at you in anger?

  137. 137
    Joie de Vivre Says:

    @Autumn, hope you are healing well. Sorry to hear about your accident. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.


    Hello to all the regulars. Good to see some familiar monikers back here posting sensible sane opinions. Hope Butler has a stellar year in 2013. He’s taken a lot of bashing this year, albeit much due to his own lack of savoir-faire on numerous occassions. Still he looks very handsome here. I agree with the posters who say he should stop coloring his hair. I enjoyed CM and wish more people had heard about it to see it on the big screen. Hoping the best for his upcoming projects. Happy Thanksgiving to all the USA posters. I feel fortunate and blessed this year as always and do not take life for granted in this crazy world we all share (like it or not). Take care one and all and warm wishes for happiness, safety and good health. ♥

  138. 138
    @ Says:

    Israel has been committing atrocities toward the Palestinians since the terrorist state was formed in 1948.

  139. 139
    @ Says:

    Sadly, there has been so much violence and anger between the two, any type of peace will have to be imposed on both parties and monitored by the international community. Doesn’t matter which side you live on, if you watch your brother/sister/father/mother/son/daughter/grandson/granddaughter die.. could you forgive so easily? Israel is interested in only one solution: Total elimination of Palestine and it’s inhabitants. Nothing less than total genocide will do.

  140. 140
    @ Says:

    Would it not be better if Israel ended their inhumane occupation of Palestine, and the oppression the Palestinians, constantly adding more and more settlements , killing and maiming their children, destroying their olive groves, stealing their land, etc etc. ,perhaps when Israel sees the Palestinians as equals , entitled to a level of humanity and justice, the situation would be very different. I wish people would stop defending Israel, they are not the victims here!!! What do you expect if you oppress and deny people their human dignity and their rights on a daily basis? Them to shower you with flowers. The Palestinians are not going to lie down and take it. And neither would any one of us if we kept getting slapped around like they are.

  141. 141
    SouthernBelle Says:

    Without meaning to, I hit GFW’s moniker and landed on her blog – at least I guess that’s where I landed. What the h.e.l.l. is a “personal erotic soul food writer?”

  142. 142
    Idiots Says:

    Dear Why:
    Because you keep feeding it, or really yourself, assuming that you are it since you’re giving it the attention it’s seeking.
    No Sh/t.

  143. 143
    Autumn Says:

    @Joie de Vivre: Thanks JDV! Doing better than a few of my team, but it’s all in a day’s work.

    I, too, agree GB should go grey! It would look very sexy. I’ve always loved men with silver hair – it’s how I met Steve Martin many years ago – great time!

    Just learned about the Comrie flood – I have to check on my family at the Mill of Ross.

    Hope you are well and your holiday is filled with fun, friends, family and food! Happy Thanksgiving!

    Stay sane, safe, happy and healthy All!


  144. 144
    @ Says:

    The Arabians and Hebrews were living together peacefully. It wasn’t until after WWII and the European Jews moved in that all this came about and it wasn’t any small amount.

  145. 145
    SouthernBelle Says:

    JJ – surely you jest. I ask if you’re trying to kill the thread by letting the Israeli/Palestian monologue go on ad nauseum and you let that comment stand. Then I say that no one is feeding the troll – that it will go on until it falls asleep, and you send that to moderation?

  146. 146
    @ Says:

    99% of all Palestianian rocket attacke cause no injuries but that can’t be said about Israel rocket attacks or when they target Palestinian leaders.

  147. 147
    sunny Says:

    The only way this is going to stop is if multiple people flag the posts and tell JJ what is going on. Complaining about it on the thread won’t fix this. You have to flag and report it to the admins directly.
    Once enough people have flagged the posts, JJ will ban the troll’s IP address.
    More than one person has to do it. Once JJ gets multiple complaints, they’ll get involved and and block the offending poster.
    Flag and ignore is the only solution to a troll.

  148. 148
    for you tea partiers Says:

    See ‘The Costs to American Taxpayers of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: $3 Trillion,’ by the late Thomas R. Stauffer, June 2003 Washington Report, p. 20.)”

  149. 149
    Autumn Says:

    Had to share with those of you here. I just visited the last thread to see what I missed and pulled up the photos of MG in a thread posted by Julio. My husband walked by and went who is that? Thinking he meant “Wow is she hot” then I asked him how old he thought she was – his answer I kid you not late 40s or early 50s with lots of work. Made me chuckle!


  150. 150
    Anastasia Beaverhausen Says:

    @Joie de Vivre:

    Hi Joie! I hope you are well! I was crucified (ok a little dramatic I admit) for answering a posters question last night, what’s happened to this place?! And whats with this political mumbo jumbo? I hear enough of that in RL. Nice to come on and see familiar posters at times tho. I will email soon promise! xoxo!

  151. 151
    angelsrock Says:


    I would think this was part of his contract that he would have signed over a year ago. Promotion of the movie is part of the job and must be done now just before the movie comes out.

  152. 152
    @ Says:


    The Israeli assault on Gaza was triggered Nov. 8 when the IDF crossed the border and murdered Ahmed Younis Khader Abu Daqqa, a 13-year-old boy playing football in his front yard: the official explanation for this action was an alleged weapons cache, supposedly stored nearby, but no credible evidence supporting this contention has come to light. In retaliation, Hamas launched a — generally ineffective — counterattack, and the conflict escalated.
    However, there had been rumblings for months of the oncoming Israeli assault, and this incident was merely a pretext: the real reason is that the Israelis were deathly afraid, not of Hamas’s pathetic attempts to make a dent in “Iron Dome,” but of the prospects for a general ceasefire, albeit not a settlement of the outstanding issues, which was in the works well before Netanyahu unleashed the latest blitzkrieg.

  153. 153
    @ Says:

    Faced with the IDF’s overwhelming military superiority, Jabari and the moderate faction of Hamas entered into back channel negotiations, brokered by the Egyptians, and were about to go public with a peace proposal.
    That’s when the Israelis took him out. The timing of this is undeniable, and hardly coincidental. Netanyahu offed Jabari because peace is not in his political interests: he and his party, Likud, thrive on war, and the Israeli Prime Minister’s electoral prospects are almost entirely dependent on the continuation of the state of emergency that exists in Israel during wartime. Jabari was about to pull the rug out from under Netanyahu, and therefore he had to go.
    The timing of all this is inextricably mixed up with the looming Israeli elections: in a preemptive strike against his political competition, Netanyahu merged his Likud party with the far-right Yisrael Beiteinu, a nationalist grouping catering to Russian immigrants which advocates the forced deportation of Arabs and a foreign policy aimed at achieving a “Greater Israel.” The two parties share this vision of a greatly expanded Jewish state encompassing the space between the Mediterranean and the Jordan river: indeed, one of the original components of Likud, when it was formed in the early 1970s, was the “Movement for a Greater Israel,” composed of ultra-nationalist political and literary figures. Netanyahu has played to the settler movement — which is wary of the relatively secular Lieberman — and the Likud-Yisrael Beiteinu merger means that we now have a united right-wing “Popular Front” electoral combination freshly re-dedicated to the “Greater Israel” vision. It also means Netanyahu’s base has moved significantly to the right, and they must be appeased.
    The concept of a “Greater Israel” is not some aberration: it lies at the center of the original Zionist push for a Jewish state, giving geopolitical expression to the religious basis of Israel’s national myth.

  154. 154
    Heather Says:

    Gerry is contracted to do interviews for PFK but did he have to do them in person? Many actors do interviews via satellite. Also, MG’s November 17 premiere was set a while ago. Surely as producer of PFK, Gerry could have scheduled the interviews for just a couple of days after MG’s red carpet.

  155. 155
    UN Mandate Says:


    FACT: Syria killed more Palestinians in the 1970s than Israel has in all the conflicts this century. Syria’s brutality is now pretty clear for the whole world to see. Assad wasn’t going to put up with Arafat and PLO doing the same terrorist nonsense IN HIS country.

    FACT: If Canada was lobbing rockets over the border onto US soil, say around Buffalo, Ontario would be a parking lot right now.

    FACT: Palestinian leadership care more about lining their pockets with stolen UN Aid money than making life better for their people. They want to keep Palestinians miserable for their own agendas. Hamas and Fatah.

    What did Arafat ever really accomplish for his people. Nothing. In fact they were worse off than ever. Yet this man is revered? Israel gave up Gaza to the Palestinians and your leadership had two options – try to build a community or do what they did, try to kill each other. Imagine the Democrats and Republicans having a mob war like the Mafia in Chicago in the days of Al Capone. How many innocent Palestinians were killed in the fall out from that “war” my friend. Where was the respect for the democratic process? Let’s see those statistics. Israel gave you a test and you failed as they expected.

    Now wait THIS POST will go into moderation.

  156. 156
    @ Says:

    The most frightening weapon to Israel is the world seeing the truth. If American citizens were “allowed” to get open and continuous coverage of the area, this would be solved in a week.

  157. 157
    news Says:

    Why don’t the faux politicos here take your comments to CNN, Fox and other news sites? This is not the place. Or are you afraid your ignorance will be called out at sites where people know what they are talking about? Here you are ranting to only a handful of other ignorant dopes. Others could not care less what you have to say because you don’t know what you are talking about.

  158. 158
    @ Says:

    Israel has many lobbyist in DC who promote their cause, its all about money sorry to say. They also have a huge population in the US larger than Israel I beleive this is where their might comes from. I have nothing against either side but it is obvious one group knows how to play the game and the other is powerless due to lack of support and organization of funding to force the US and Western EU to listen to their cause through the only thing that matter now Money

  159. 159
    @ Says:

    Okay genius, what is your solution? Because the neighboring ‘Judenrein’ Arab nations are so peaceful. And for the record, there has been a continuous Jewish population in Palestine since the Roman occupation, and their pejorative renaming of Judea. And you forget to mention the fully 50% of Israelis descended from parents and grandparents who were expelled from Arab lands.

  160. 160
    @ Says:

    People who defend the slaughter of innocents by an uncaring Israel, who knew a house was full of women and children, a house where the “target” had lived for 20 years, and targeted it anyway, are despicable.
    They were not “shields”, they were human beings.
    Is it only one more step away to say that there should be widespread genocide because “targets” could be anywhere, at anytime.

  161. 161
    Likeclockwork Says:

    He wanted to spend his BD in India and not Scotland? Scotland was Plan B? So having his GF there to do the whole meet the entire fam was not really planned? Interersting!

  162. 162
    @ Says:

    It’s so sad to see all the murdered women and children at the hands of the Israelis! The absolute worst part is that they are using American weapons to do all the killing. Americans need to demand our country stop paying for (using American tax dollars) any of this slaughter. If Israel needs to do this let it be on their conscious, not Americas! America write letter to Obama asking him to de fund Israel…

  163. 163
    UN Mandate Says:


    news =@

  164. 164
    omg Says:

    @@: Hitler would have loved you. Seig Heil.

  165. 165
    Alina Says:

    More pics.

  166. 166
    DocP Says:

    @angelsrock: @angelsrock:
    I’m not in the business so i don’t know if what your saying is fact or not. i would like to know how you would know this type of info?? Are you in the business? I’m sure he did tell her that, but for all we know it was his cop out line to get away. I see other actors do interviews from remote locations either because of family issues or they are on set for another movie. I did find this on Wikipedia which pretty much backs up my thinking.

    Promotional tour
    Film actors, directors, and producers appear for television, radio, and print media interviews, sometimes showing a clip from the film or an outtake. Interviews are conducted in person or remotely. During film production, these can take place on set. After film release, key personnel make appearances in major market cities or participate remotely via “satellite” or telephone.

  167. 167
    Israeli race baiting Says:

    Not one single poster on this thread has made that ridiculous assertion !
    Israel’s supporters created that straw-man argument, and they tear it down too, either with high-mined rhetoric, or low-brow, hard-bitten, race-baiting meant to dehumanize their hated enemy the Palestinian’s …. . .and their entire “race”.

  168. 168
    Autumn Says:

    @Anastasia Beaverhausen: Hey ana B! Missed seeing you here! Hope all is well. Don’t take it to heart! Take Care.


  169. 169
    Transparent Says:

    He has always been fascinated by the diversity, beauty spirituality of India. Is he taking her to all his favorite places to see how she sizes up? Throw a sari on her and let her zoolander on front of the Taj Mahal, he can keep pretending.

    Strange. He did not want to be with mom as a first choice. Throwing that info out to the media was immature.

  170. 170
    @Alina Says:

    @Alina: Madi is going to be very happy with her D & G gift.

  171. 171
    the diabolical jews Says:

    If the State of Israel’s military tactics are based on the biblical “eye-for-an-eye” retaliation, then the Israeli Defense Force has mismatched a 50-to-1 ratio of dead Palestinians to every one Israeli civilian. That is an immoral, diabolical and inefficient poorly executed military method.

  172. 172
    UN Mandate Says:

    You back the wrong horse you keep losing. If your tactics aren’t working maybe it’s time for a rethink. You seem to forget that American tax dollars are also supporting Hamas and Fatah because the billions of dollars of UN aid money paid to Palestinian leadership is also paid by the American taxpayer since the US is the largest contributor to the United Nations. So what happened to that money? Sitting in Swiss Bank accounts. Widow Arafat is living large.

  173. 173
    the diabolical jews Says:

    Show me the part of the constitution that says we die for a 51st state full of tax thieves.

  174. 174
    the diabolical jews Says:

    Israels don’t even recognize the humanity of the Palestinian/Muslim/Arab and they are ambitious to promote that perception through propaganda and suppression of truth in the US.

  175. 175
    SouthernBelle Says:


    He probably said that he wanted to go to India because his cohost was Indian and he thought that’s what he should say. While promoting CM, he was asked if he still surfed, and he said yes that he was going to Costa Rica to go surfing. It’s a little difficult to take what he says seriously.

  176. 176
    Anastasia Beaverhausen Says:


    Hi Autumn! I hope you are feeling ok. I don’t take it to heart, just kind of sad, we used to have a blast on here. It’s a whole new ball game now and not so fun. :(( Again hope you are well, off to watch a movie. Lots of love and hugs your way.

  177. 177
    the diabolical jews Says:

    These wars have become almost ritualistic since 1948. Once Is Chance, Twice is Coincidence, Third Time Is A Pattern.

  178. 178
    the diabolical jews Says:

    Israel controls all the transport bringing food into Gaza, “an average of only 67 trucks — much less than half of the minimum requirement [for basic nutrition],” according to Jonathan Cook, a journalist based in Israel, who notes that more than 400 trucks a day were coming in before the blockade began.
    The result is chronic malnutrition.
    According to Middle East scholar Juan Cole, over half of of schoolchildren and two-thirds of infants suffer from anemia.

  179. 179
    the diabolical jews Says:

    Interesting comment from prominent people sayings. “HENRY WALLACE, Secretary of Commerce, under President Harry Truman, wrote in his dairy that in 1946 “Truman was “exasperated” over Jewish pressure that he support Zionist rule over Palestine. Wallace added “Pres. Truman expressed himself as being very much ‘put out’ with the Jews. He said that ‘Jesus Christ couldn’t please them when he was here on Earth, so how could anyone expect that I would have any luck?”
    Permalink | Share it

  180. 180
    kelly Says:

    walks in looks around stops hey I thought this was a gerard butler gossip site not a political site is this cnn or fox news blog page looks around again nodes at docp,ana b and manny and waves goodbye no fun here :( slams door and turns off the light on the way out but not before she screams GERRY LOOKING GOOD HUN keep the grey !!!!!!!! SLAM

  181. 181
    Mashed Potatoes and Gravy Says:

    Always love pics of him and Lolita. How sweet—–Daddy’s little girl.

  182. 182
    the diabolical jews Says:

    Even if you are an ardent, unapologetic supporter of Israel, this type of bloodshed (which btw has NEVER secured the peace in the area) should sadden you. You should meet the news of war and fighting with disappointment and unhappiness.
    Instead I see folks virtually high fiving one another and poking out their chests… as though they were proud, actually proud of this slaughter. They lament the loss of innocent Israeli life, and yet cheer the loss of innocent Palestinian life (or worse) claim that there are no innocent Palestinians.

  183. 183
    Mashed Potatoes and Gravy Says:

    Love Gerry’s grey suede shoes/boots? His hair looks to high and tight. I like it a little longer on the sides. He looks good though.

  184. 184
    the diabolical jews Says:

    How long do these bigots get to mask their hatred for Muslims as support for Israel? You all disgust me.

  185. 185
    the atlantic monthly Says:

    It’s true that if, say, Canada were lobbing missiles into the US, the US wouldn’t tolerate it. But here’s another thing the US wouldn’t tolerate: If Canada imposed a crippling economic blockade, denying America the import of essential goods and hugely restricting American exports. That would be taken as an act of war, and America would if necessary respond with force–by, perhaps, lobbing missiles into Canada.

  186. 186
    statistically speaking.... Says:

    according to some statistics, Singapore, Hong Kong, Monaco and 2 other places have higher population density than #Gaza

  187. 187
    Transparent Says:

    @SouthernBelle: from a person who travels a great deal and speaks many languages, he doesn’t sound worldly. He sounds like someone who can brag about the fact he can.

  188. 188
    TeaCakes Says:

    Maybe he didn’t want to go to his Mum’s for his birthday because the Russian stalkers were tailing him and Maddie. They stayed in public places and maybe met in a secret location for his actual party.

  189. 189
    the diabolical jews Says:

    Israel and Hamas were looking into the terms of a ceasefire until, on 08 November, Israeli security forces shot dead a 13 year old Palestinian boy. This caused Hamas to step up it’s rocket campaign. Israel then assassinated the Hamas official who was reviewing the ceasefire terms. A cynic would presume that the killing of the boy and the assassination of the Hamas chief were organised by hawks within Israel who do not want a ceasefire. Unfortunately it is a fact of life that many governments openly ask for peace whilst demonising enemies to allow them to better manipulate their own citizens into accepting restrictions on freedom. Examples of this are Israel and the Palestinians (both are guilty of this), and the US and UK with their “war on terrorism”.

  190. 190
    german prison camps ww2 2012 Says:

    Do you remember the native Americans and how they were ousted from their ancestral homes? Well the same thing has happened in our time to the Palestinians. The big difference is that Palestinians are people just like us and just like the Israelis. Many of us in the US feel ashamed about how Native Americans were treated and In my opinion, it is a national disgrace.
    The Israel government, which only represents a minority of the total population of Israel, is so stupid that all they can think of is to use their overwhelming superiority in weapons to bomb innocent women and children. Any student of history knows this will not work. It is the same on the Palestinian side. They will state their logical reasons for this aggression but logic without love and compassion leads to destruction. They will say that the Palestinians started this. But this is false. Palestinians were forced from their homes and forced to live in a prison camp called Gaza. This is fact.

    People can live together peacefully if they choose. it is a choice. Quite simple really.

    Jews have lived in countries all over the globe. Why can’t they help the Palestinians to have a good life too. Is that such a big deal? Why can’t the US help the Palestinians have a good life? It would certainly be more fun than war and destruction.

  191. 191
    german prison camps ww2 2012 Says:

    “When Israelis in the occupied territories now claim that they have to defend themselves, they are defending themselves in the sense that any military occupier has to defend itself against the population they are crushing. You can’t defend yourself when you’re militarily occupying someone else’s land. That’s not defense. Call it what you like, it’s not defense.”
    –Noam Chomsky

  192. 192
    attn: Tea partiers/Democrats Says:

    Conservatives worried about debt should consider cutting of aid to Israel.
    “We can’t afford it”.
    But no…Big Bird is a bigger budget-busting threat to cons. *sarcasm*

  193. 193
    eyepop....israeli brutality Says:

    How much evidence do you want that Israel clearly and intentionally kills civilians? Look on You Tube and you will see many clips of Israeli soldiers shooting at (and actually shoooting) Palestinian civilians; Israeli soldiers standing by doing nothing whilst settlers target civilians; Israeli police tazering Palestinian fathers in front of their children; and Israeli soldiers mistreating children as young as 10 that they arrest as terrorists.
    You say that the International community has ratcheted up their views on the laws of war against Israel; what you actually see is the International community reacting as Israel ignores more and more of the internationally accepted rules of war as set out in the Geneva Convention

  194. 194
    notafan Says:

    I think he wanted to be in India because he has huge crush on this Indian actress called Priyanka Chopra (she’s actually awesome). He’s been trying to woe her for like over 2 years.

  195. 195
    eyepop....israeli brutality Says:

    We’re told that this conflict was really started by rockets fired by the Palestinians. But then there’s this: since 1/1/2012 up until 11/6/12, 71 Palestinians were killed and 291 injured in Gaza, while no Israelis were killed and 19 were injured according to the United Nations during that time span. Does anyone wonder how those 71 Palestinians were killed? (My thanks to the other HuffPo poster who first called my attention to this.)

  196. 196
    Holocaust 2012 Says:

    I suggest the Israelis stop supporting a government that kills civilian women and children, imposes apartheid and is enforcing a perpetual holocaust on innocent palestinians. The whole Israeli government should be charged with war crimes.

  197. 197
    Transparent Says:

    @notafan: No, she was very wooed until she went out to LA and realized she was one of many. Then she ran back to her ex for a little while.

    She is very plastic now also.

  198. 198
    Holocaust 2012 Says:

    Israel will stall peace talks for as long as it takes to kill every important Palestinian family and leader they know about. They may have arranged for the rockets to be fired into Israe as these rockets never killed anyone. The number of rockets increased in and provided an excuse for Israel to finish the slaughter they started four years ago that Mubarak and the Europesan leaders stopped, and they wanted to test their new Iron Dome defense system.

  199. 199
    systematic oppression Says:

    Israel shot itself in the foot by assassinating one of the more moderate members of Hamas leadership. That combined with years of systemic oppression of the citizens of Gaza is behind all of this. The Palestinian need for a state of their own deserves recognition and action if we are to avoid the very real possibility of eventual global conflict. While Israel applauds the murder of a terrorist we forget that one of the driving forces behind the creation of the Jewish state, was himself, at one point, considered to be a terrorist. His Name? Menachem Begin.

  200. 200
    systematic oppression Says:

    Strange how Israel denies Palestinians the very rights it sought for itself after WW II.
    Even stranger yet is why we “support” a government that keeps 1.5 million people in a modern-day, military-checkpoint concentration camp.
    I guess the Palestinians should just sit quietly in their ghetto & be happy about it according to the Israelis……

  201. 201
    Transparent Says:


    Obvious and she wears blue contacts. Wannabe. Gerry saw it and used it to his advantage. Unfortunately for him, she didn’t want to be one of his statistics.

  202. 202
    systematic oppression Says:

    Can they leave?
    Are there military checkpoints at every border crossing making sure they dont leave?
    And you think that because they dont live in barracks thats OK?
    What kind of twisted humanity is that?

  203. 203
    systematic oppression Says:

    Difference is Hamas has got old primitive blind rockets. They don’t know where they will hit while firing.
    Israel has got latest sophisticated technology, they see, aim, fire and hit where they want.
    They know there are children. They kill 10 civilian for 1 terrorist.
    In your country does your police throw grenades to a criminal when he’s in a public place surrounded with civilians? and can you tell those civilians were mistaken because they shouldn’t stand next to the criminals?

  204. 204
    blue Says:

    Quit he spam for Israel. This is a Gerry thread….

  205. 205
    systematic oppression Says:

    the fact that their are civillian casualties on both sides is sad, but….thats war. and THAT is what makes war a thing to be avoided. not embraced. the more you try to “sanitize” war, the more acceptable it will become. war by its very nature is a very, very messy business.

  206. 206
    israel ain Says:

    Israel is not worth any support we have given. Tens of thousands of Americans have lost their lives because of them not to mention the hundreds of thousands of other nationalities casualties.When are we going to learn.
    israel has it within their power to be good neighbors and they choose to matain the same insane positions that have kept them being hated for centuries.

  207. 207
    israel ain't worth it Says:

    Israel is not worth any support we have given. Tens of thousands of Americans have lost their lives because of them not to mention the hundreds of thousands of other nationalities casualties.When are we going to learn.
    israel has it within their power to be good neighbors and they choose to maintain the same insane positions that have kept them being hated for centuries.

  208. 208
    israel ain't worth it Says:

    it’s not for israel
    its against israel

  209. 209
    israel ain't worth it Says:

    also this isn’t spam its current events.

  210. 210
    JMHO Says:

    This isn’t a current events board. Go to Politico or somewhere else. Or Godlike Productions.

  211. 211
    @JMHO Says:

    stop bashing mg and posting trash about her on a gerry thread.
    stop posting links about her.

  212. 212
    Highlighter Pen Says:

    I like the spammer troll. When people thumb down those posts they thumb up the ones about GB and MG. So all the spam is hidden and all of the GB/MG posts stand out. The spammer troll is like a highlighter pen for the GB/MG discussion. So let ‘em spam.

  213. 213
    the diabolical jews Says:

    “Human shield” seems to be the answer to all deaths in Gaza. Let me understand the scenario. A crazy man kills my neighbor. The crazy man grabs fifty women and children to protect himself. The mothers plead to me for the lives of their children. One year olds, two years olds. I kill all fifty women and children and the crazy man. I’m in the right. Because he’s put me in an impossible situation.

  214. 214
    systematic oppression Says:

    You try living in those conditions. Conditions imposed on them by the state of israel and the western world. Over 4000 people per square mile. Israel controls all their food and water… Its a messy situation all round

  215. 215
    systematic oppression Says:

    Well I do defend the gazans.they are fighting for there people against a state with overwhelming force paid for by the extortion,and bribery of US politicians,with a constant barrage of hate propaganda against them.

  216. 216
    Help from JJ Says:

    There is a contact at the top of every page that we can email JJ. For what it’s worth.

  217. 217
    systematic oppression Says:

    It’s time for the world to come down hard on Israel. They act limke military occupiers because they are. It’s shameful that we still take the bullies side under the disguise of “defending there right to defend themselves”. It’s BS and shameful.

  218. 218
    the hypocrisy of the jews Says:

    The next time anyone tells you to always remember the Holocaust, you only have to look at the latest version in Gaza, perpetrated by the children and grandchildren of the victims of the one in Germany only a few short decades ago.
    The decimation and elimination of ALL Palestinians has been the strategic goal of Israel since its founding. It is succeeding under the protective umbrella of the US and its UN Security Council veto together with our supplying many of Israel’s weapons that make this slaughter possible.
    When they say “Never Again,” you can laugh at their hypocrisy.

  219. 219
    Press Junket? Says:

    Gerard Butler couldn’t join Madalina Ghenea on the red carpet for her film because he had a “press junket”?
    Is that what they’re calling burlesque clubs like Bootsy Bellows these days? Press junkets?
    And if they had a press junket in LA for Playing for Keeps, why has Jessica Biel been in New York promoting her Hitchcock film instead of with GB at this LA “press junket”?
    I think little Madalina may be getting played.

  220. 220
    israel is a terrorist state Says:

    I am not blaming the jews as a whole. But the zionists who became terrorists and set up Israel’s first government created a horror nightmare that has gone on for more than 60 years past when it should have been throttled back into the terms of UN Resolution 181 or left to die. Israel’s states-sponsored terrorism has been the enabled child of US foreign policy for decades. Far too long. It MUST END.
    The problem is the Israeli government. Not jews globally. There are many jews who abhor Israel’s atrocities. Unfortunately their government is deaf to them as the US government is deaf to anyone who challenges Empire America.

  221. 221
    Holocaust 2012 Says:

    The oppressed of yesterday have become the oppressors of today. In both cases, reasonable people should decry the barbarism

  222. 222
    stopwastingmytaxdollarsonjews Says:

    I cannot wait to stop sending American taxes & arms to Israel

  223. 223
    GEEZ! Says:


    Did it occur to anyone that maybe he wanted to meet MG in India and because he couldn’t get a VISA they met up in Scotland? Duh!

  224. 224
    Totally Useless Information Says:

    What happens at Bootsy Bellows? Are there strippers or dancers?

  225. 225
    Holocaust 2012 Says:

    The jews in Germany would have fired every weapon they had if they had any. The Germans ran their plan in a few short years, whereas as the marketing guys in Israel have laid out a course of action to do the same through evil perception management and propaganda for more than 60 years, knowing that ovens wouldn’t work so well this time around.
    The problem is not with jews. It is with the government of Israel that began with terrorists who became prime ministers, whose policies continue to this day.
    Change the policies or delegitimize Israel.
    throw out bibi and likud!

  226. 226
    Holocaust 2012 Says:

    By Israeli reasoning on hamas prison camp, the Jews slaughtered in the holocaust were at fault for walking into the gas chambers.

  227. 227
    In Da Trunk Says:

    @Press Junket?: “Is that what they’re calling burlesque clubs like Bootsy Bellows these days? Press junkets?”
    In all famous to The Butler, since Gerry was hanging out at Bootsy Bellows, he was definitely there for some junk.
    In da trunk.

  228. 228
    Holocaust 2012 Says:

    American Media, which is ALL jewish owned, is as blood thirsty as the Israeli Media, you can almost see the sparkle in the eyes of the CNN talking heads when they mention what Israel will do next, while essentially ignoring the massacre.
    “Hamas is very well armed”, some Jewish analyst says, meaning rocks and rifles.

  229. 229
    Holocaust 2012 Says:

    THEY are both sides, NOT just one side. Israel gets by with far too many war crimes and our American tax dollars need to be withdrawn until her leaders learn to use diplomacy not threats and war.

  230. 230
    In Da Trunk Says:

    @Totally Useless Information: It’s David Arquette’s burlesque club, apparently a tribute to his grandmama who was a burlesque dancer. I read something when it opened that said pictures of his grandmama topless are everywhere.
    Burlesque used to be more artistic ions ago, but now it’s kind of like a vaudevillian striptease.

  231. 231
    Holocaust 2012 Says:

    We American People must do everything we can to reduce our use of oil. Make it a protest of our government’s continued funding of Israel’s violence & theft of Palistinian’s land. Ride a bike, share a ride to work, use public transportation. Shop once a week. Let your government representatives know that you will continue to reject oil till they quit the wars. It is the least we can do for the innocent Palistinians & Israelies that are caught in the middle of this violence. Let’s refuse to let one more child, brother, mother, grandfather get blown up by minimising the profits they get for doing it. Do it today. Start small if you want – but start…

  232. 232
    Holocaust 2012 Says:

    A nation that has been oppressed and demonized for 60 years and forced into a concentration camp called Gaza, their land stolen in West Bank and treated like untermenschen … has no future either

  233. 233
    Totally Useless Information Says:

    You could be right, but GB is a people pleaser–always has been, always will be. I wouldn’t be surprised if he said he wanted to spend his birthday in India to please his co-host. He’s very good at flattery.

  234. 234
    the unreasonable jews Says:

    To have peace with Israel Palestine is expected to accept oppression. That is not human nature. While I agree that both parties could better utilize democratic measures, Israel is not the innocent victim either. I do not agree with rockets being launched by either side due to innocent casualties but understand the need to lift the oppressive hand from one. When water is short it is cut from Palestine, Same with electricity. Israel controls who flies in and out of Palestine. Israel controls what gets into Palestine. That is not a way to promote peace either. Perhaps you could you a lesson in reality.

  235. 235
    the unreasonable jews Says:

    Well, your idea of what a Terrorist is, is not necessarily what everyone elses idea of what a Terrorist is. To the Palestinians, they are trying to protect the little tiny strip of land they have been shoved to, ejected from their homeland much like the American Indians were on the Trail of Tears. Jewish Israelis should be having more compassion for genocide considering what they endured at the hands of Germans. Its shameful and most Americans these days are getting sick of sending their hard earned tax dollars to be spent on Genocide.

  236. 236
    Totally Useless Information Says:

    @In Da Trunk

    Thanks, interesting it’s a tribute to a grandmother. I wasn’t sure what you meant by burlesque since things are not what they used to be. If the club is truly burlesque, it could be fun.

  237. 237
    SouthernBelle Says:

    @Press Junket?:

    Just watched Jessica on David Letterman’s show. She talked up Hitchcock and a clip with Scarlett and Jessica was shown, but not a word was mentioned about PFK. Saw Dennis Quaid last week. He talked about his TV series (Vegas?) but again didn’t mention PFK. Is anyone promoting this movie? I know that GB did some radio spots in Toronto and LA, but who listens to radio talk show?

  238. 238
    the unreasonable jews Says:

    Since you asked:
    “Israeli peace activist: Hamas leader Jabari killed amid talks on long-term truce
    Gershon Baskin, who helped mediate between Israel and Hamas in the deal to release Gilad Shalit, says Israel made a mistake that will cost the lives of ‘innocent people on both sides.’
    By Nir Hasson | 13:55 15.11.12
    Hours before Hamas strongman Ahmed Jabari was assassinated, he received the draft of a permanent truce agreement with Israel, which included mechanisms for maintaining the cease-fire in the case of a flare-up between Israel and the factions in the Gaza Strip. This, according to Israeli peace activist Gershon Baskin, who helped mediate between Israel and Hamas in the deal to release Gilad Shalit and has since…”
    Now you can, predictably, attack Haaretz……
    The bottom line, Israel used him, and then abused him.

  239. 239
    the unreasonable jews Says:

    When you are in a concentration camp, you do anything to get out of that hell you are in, even if the odds are 1000 to 1 that you won’t succeed. That is why I sympathize with the Palestinians in Gaza. Nobody gets used to bondage and subjugation. FREE the Palestinian people !
    Permalink | Share it

  240. 240
    sunny Says:

    I don’t think Gerry would go all the way to the embassy and try and get a visa unless he really wanted to go to India.
    The embassy story would be a very strange lie to tell just to please a co-star that he doesn’t even know.
    That just doesn’t make any sense.
    I think he really did try to go to India. The Diwali festival was on Gerry’s birthday this year. It makes sense he wanted to go.

  241. 241
    Schindler's List Says:

    I watched Schindler’s list as well as other movies depicting the atrocities Jews faced once. I have read many historical points on this as well. Which is why I don’t understand why Israel is treating these people this way? Granted Hamas fired on them. But Israel is not innocent in this whole thing. They have taken land and kept it since 1967. They have continued to build settlements in land that DOES NOT belong to them. They control all sides of the borders, what comes in, including humanitarian aid. Israel is so powerful and mighty now that they have forgotten what it is to be treated like dogs. The IDF mistreats, hurts and killed some civilians. Keep in mind they made the same mistakes in the old testament. It was their arrogance which caused Jerusalem’s destruction. The victim has become the aggressor. How soon they forget.

  242. 242
    Schindler's List Says:

    Support for Israel only shows the extreme ignorance of the masses. Shame on anyone who can support this cause.

  243. 243
    SouthernBelle Says:

    @Schindler’s List:

    You could replace waterboarding and be much more effective.

  244. 244
    Israel plays the victim card Says:

    Israel is constantly throwing the bomb of Victim down the throat of every Country involved. The word Holocaust has taken on near biblical meaning to them and heaven forbid one question the Israeli sanctioned version as one will be charged with antisemitism. By their own behavior the student has become the master it appears.

  245. 245
    Israel plays the victim card Says:

    If the Israelis and Palestinians positions were reversed simply in terms of land thefts, embargoes of food, medicine and all other goods,and having to live under the constant threat of assassinations and other problems, the Israelis would be screaming Holocaust II had arrived.
    Hamas’s unaimable rockets are basically temper tantrums. Israel has the 5th most powerful (WMD armed) military in the world.
    Israel is basically shooting infants in a day care center playground. Gaza is a free fire zone, a slow-rolling genocide.
    Israel should be ashamed. But since shame is not in the Israeli vocabulary, that is quite impossible.
    Only regime change in Israel will change anything.

  246. 246
    Totally Useless Information Says:

    Did he say anything about the Diwali festival? Did I miss that?

  247. 247
    Toronto Says:

    @SouthernBelle: What? When Gerry was in Toronto he did mainly tv interviews: E! News and ET Canada, etc., and major newspapers….

  248. 248
    Israel plays the victim card Says:

    If we stepped back a bit and said no more tax dollars from us unless you work towards real peace she would be singing a different tune of PEACE.

  249. 249
    Press Junket? Says:

    @SouthernBelle: I saw excerpts from an interview with Catherine Zeta-Jones talking about bipolar disorder and her new closet, but nothing about Playing for Keeps.
    I think the press junket thing is BS. A cast with Jessica Biel, Uma Thurman, Gerard Butler, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Dennis Quaid, and the only one who’s in LA supposedly doing interviews is Gerry?
    And has anyone seen these interviews? The ones he did from Toronto last week were up within 24 hours. Has anyone seen any new interviews from LA (new being the key word – not excerpts taken from his Toronto interview) this weekend? I haven’t seen any interview by Gerry from an LA press junket. I haven’t really searched for one, but people usually link them here.
    I did see something on Pop Sugar on Friday saying that Jessica Biel was lunching in Santa Monica on Thursday and that she WILL at some point in the future reunite with Gerry to do press for the movie, but she was in New York this weekend for the premier of her Hitchcock film on Sunday and has been there promoting it ever since, appearing on Letterman tonight. So, she wasn’t at any PFK junket.
    So no new interviews from Gerry since Toronto, Jessica not even around for a junket . . . . . I smell BS.

  250. 250
    Bright and Cheerful Says:

    Hamas’s Illegitimacy
    The death of more than 100 Palestinians and the wounding of hundreds of others in the six-day-old Gaza war were not enough for the top leader of Hamas, Khaled Meshal. Speaking in Cairo on Monday, he taunted Israel to begin a ground invasion, saying “if you wanted to launch it, you would have done it.” He ignored the fact that an invasion would kill many more Palestinians and further devastate the Gaza Strip, which, in August, before the current fighting, the United Nations predicted would be unlivable by 2020.

    Hamas, which took control of Gaza in 2007 and is backed by Iran, is so consumed with hatred for Israel that it has repeatedly resorted to violence, no matter the cost to its own people. Gaza militants have fired between 750 to 800 rockets into Israel this year before Israel assassinated one of its senior leaders last week and began its artillery and air campaigns. That approach will never get Palestinians the independent state most yearn for, but it is all Hamas has to offer.

  251. 251
    Hey Pro Lifers!!!! Says:

    Come on Pro-Lifer’s! Do something! There are children being murdered here.

  252. 252
    @@ Says:

  253. 253
    Wake Up America Says:

    any US president whose words and US veto in the UN Security Council and all other ME foreign policy issues are owned lock, stock and barrel by Israel.
    Say hello to our 51st state that dominates all the other 50.

  254. 254
    @Press Junket Says:

    @Press Junket?: Check your calendar. He was in Canada when she was in Rome. He’s back in LA now (no longer on junket) and she is no longer in Rome. You’ll see them together quite soon. Ya’ll just reach and reach don’t you. I hope no one ever gets the urge to attack you as you have her. Might be worth it to see how it feels.

  255. 255
    SMJ Says:

    Loved the photos lola looks adorable

  256. 256
    Wake Up America Says:

    Israel is in the unenviable position of having become what it was brought into being to overcome: a state that wishes to ex-terminate a people.
    It is appalling to me that the United States claims to be broke and cannot afford to care for its own people yet continues to keep israel bathed in money and weapons which Israel then turns on civilian populations with the excuse that all palestinians are militants. Israel cannot occupy the moral high ground and keep pointing to the holocaust when their actions are indistinguishable from those they abhor.

  257. 257
    Press Junket? Says:

    @In Da Trunk: “since Gerry was hanging out at Bootsy Bellows, he was definitely there for some junk.
    In da trunk.”
    That’s what I mean! Gerard Butler jets around the world constantly, often criss-crossing continents in 24 hours. He was in Toronto doing PFK interviews on Thursday. This premier at the Rome Film Festival was apparently a big deal for Madalina. Rather than fly 8 hours from Toronto to Rome on Friday to stand by Madalina’s side for the premier on Saturday night, he flew 6 hours from Toronto to LA where he spent Saturday night in a burlesque club looking at other women naked.
    What the hell is up with that? He could have easily made it to Rome to be with her. The difference in flight time is 2-3 hours max. Not only did he not do that for Maddie’s important night, but he spent the night looking at other women’s breasts and bits dancing before him?
    There’s either something wonky with this relationship or Gerard Butler is just a Supreme DoucheLord.

  258. 258
    Hello Says:

    Oh get over it. Why would he be with her in Rome and steal her thunder. Did it ever occur to you that she was fine on her own mixing it up with her friends and doing her own promoting of her film.
    GB’s presence would have been a distraction for her reviews. They both have their careers to handle…whatever they are and sure that GB knew that and is looking out for her best interest and not his own. He did the right thing by staying away.

  259. 259
    blue Says:


    And banging the crap out of whomever he went home with from the club that night.

  260. 260
    @Press Junket Says:

    Have trouble with dates and time zones, do we? idgit

  261. 261
    blue Says:


    WTF are you talking about? This is the first time I’ve posted anything for over a week. No one cares about Israel in this forum.

  262. 262
    :( For Madalina Ghenea Says:

    @Press Junket?:
    “What the hell is up with that? He could have easily made it to Rome to be with her. The difference in flight time is 2-3 hours max. Not only did he not do that for Maddie’s important night, but he spent the night looking at other women’s breasts and bits dancing before him?”
    You know that would explain Madalina’s puffy eyes, dark circles, and general sad demeanor at the photo call for her film at the RFF ~
    She might have been upset that Gerry wasn’t making it and I wouldn’t blame her. If her boyfriend of 6+ months wasn’t going to be at one of her most important professional nights. ESPECIALLY AFTER SHE MOVED TO FREAKIN’ SHREVEPORT, LOUISIANA FOR HIM for several MONTHS?!? She even passed on going to her own film screening at the Ischia Film Festival to stay by his side in Louisiana!!!
    And on her big night, Gerry flew to LA for apparently nothing of particular professional importance and spent that night, her important night, looking at other women performing stripteases?
    I’d be really upset and I would expect her to be too. It would only be understandable. As a matter of personal respect for her and any woman, I wouldn’t blame her at all.

  263. 263
    @blue Says:


    i don’t care about israel either
    im just here for the people they are trying to exterminate. its been going on for years.

  264. 264
    @blue Says:

    you should care about human rights. what’s the matter with you?
    are you american? do you believe in Jesus?

  265. 265
    Press Junket? Says:

    @:( For Madalina Ghenea: “ESPECIALLY AFTER SHE MOVED TO FREAKIN’ SHREVEPORT, LOUISIANA FOR HIM for several MONTHS?!? She even passed on going to her own film screening at the Ischia Film Festival to stay by his side in Louisiana!!!”
    Gawd I forgot about that! He really is a DoucheLord.
    “And on her big night, Gerry flew to LA for apparently nothing of particular professional importance and spent that night, her important night, looking at other women performing stripteases?”
    Exactly. He flew out on Friday. He could have totally made it to Rome in time for her premier on Saturday night with time to spare. Obviously he wasn’t in the burlesque club in LA at the same time that Maddie was on the red carpet in Rome. She was in bed by the time he was out (hopefully). So she wouldn’t know that’s what he was doing instead of being with her. But it would still be upsetting that he chose to go to LA for that and not much else important for his film instead of being by her side, like you say especially since she gave up everything to stay with him all summer in Shreveport.

  266. 266
    Lola Says:

    Well, that Gerry remembered about his pug Lolita! He recently was himself a dog on a leash at Madi! Wake up Gerry! Now is the time to do it! You look like an idi*ot! Sad for you!

  267. 267
    Iron Dome Says:

    The Arabs have 27 countries, and there are 60 different Islamic countries on the face of the globe. The Jews have one sliver of land, the size of Road Island. The Arabs refuse to leave the Jews alone. The Jews are not building settlements on Arab land, they are buildings settlements inside Israel proper and in Jerusalem. Jerusalem will never be given to the Arabs because it’s not an Islamic city, it’s a Jewish city belonging to the Jews for thousands of years.
    The Arabs have some nerve thinking that Israel will ever relinquish The City of David/Jerusalem to them. It will never happen no matter how many rockets they send on Israeli cities. This troll is misinformed and she is also making false claims, filled with lies and bigoted anti-sematic statements.

  268. 268
    Iron Dome Says:

    Israel’s Iron Dome rockets don’t kill people. They only intercept the terrorists loaded rockets in the air and destroy them before they have a chance to land or explode. Thank goodness for Israel’s technology.
    The Palestinians in the meantime, have just launched 200 rockets into Israel within the last 90 minutes, Israel was able to stop about 87 of them with the Iron Dome technology. The others landed in populated areas, but miraculously only one elderly man was hurt and rushed to the hospital.

  269. 269
    Iron Dome Says:

    The Palestinians put their kids in the line of fire so that they can get purposely killed. The Palestinian aim is to make such images play in the media and make Israel look bad in the court of public opinion. The Palestinians are nothing but an evil entity. There is no occupation in Gaza, it’s been free Palestinian territory for over 7 years, and even after Israel gave them Gaza they still refuse to stop hostilities.

  270. 270
    Iron Dome Says:

    Therefore, the Palestinians want all of the Land of Israel, which isn’t theirs and never belonged to them. It’s been Jewish land for 4,000. Palestinians never existed as a people. They are a fraud, and anyone who believes them is a ignorant fool. They don’t want to make peace with Israel and keep looking for excuses why they are fighting Israel, when in reality all they want to do is kill all the Jews and take their land. The Arabs have been fighting this war with Israel since the 1860′s, when almost no Arabs lived in the Land of Israel. No one took their land. they started moving in when they heard the Jews were coming back home to their ancient homeland – to the City of David, Judea, Carmel, and the Galilee.

  271. 271
    New interview Says:

    Not sure if this is from LA or if it’s already been posted here. Gerry and Jessica B are being interviewed by Jake the movie guy.

  272. 272
    Iron Dome Says:

    Be forewarned, once the Arabs finish Israel, they will turn to the USA and Europe. Watch out. The plan of Islam is world domination. Don’t let Islam be successful against any western target. It only emboldens it to continue fighting the West and bring Islamic law to Christendom, called Sharia law. Islam wants to Islamizes the entire earth. Every non-Islamic country is in danger.

  273. 273
    bex Says:

    @New interview:

    “relationships are boring”

    “wanted to sleep with every woman on the planet”

    —————- jeez

  274. 274
    blake Says:

    It’s all PR people… they didn’t have a relationship to begin with … at most they were just shagging and now they’re bored of eachothers junk and are moving on….THE END

  275. 275
    Iron Dome Says:

    Iran is funding and militarizing Gaza. Gaza is not under siege. Gaza has Israel under siege – there is no school, no work, no anything – the whole country has been stopped cold in its track because of the terrorists. Israel needs to stop the electricity to Gaza and curtail the rockets, but it feels bad for civilians so it hasn’t done it so far. If Israel stops power the fighting will stop. Israel doesn’t want to hurt civilians on purpose, as opposed to the Palestinians who make a point of hurting civilians by sending rockets right into people’s homes. Israel warns civilians to get out of the way when it’s about to destroy a bomb factory or about to destroy a launch pad for Kaasam Rockets, but the Palestinians make a point of moving kids into the same area so that they get hurt and it will play in the media. The Palestinians play a PR game at the expense of children’s lives.

  276. 276
    @ Says:

    @Iron Dome:
    IRON DOME is misinformed and/or a lying jew.
    the fact is that gaza is blockaded by the jews. they are committing systematic oppression by isolating and cutting them off from the world the same way the germans did to the jews in the years leading up to the gas chambers.

  277. 277
    yeah Says:

    200 some odd hits on you tube…not looking great for PFK

    clip on bangs and spittle must bang their teeth when they guess eh

  278. 278
    @ Says:

    you can’t play the holocaust card from ww2 and then try to go and do likewise and act like hitler
    its not acceptable for jews to act like hitler and nazi germany. its unholy.
    you can’t claim to be an american and not stand for human rights violations similar to what happened to the jews in germany.
    you can’t claim to be a patriot and hold these views.
    the palestinians send up rockets like you would send up a rocket out in the middle of the sea like a rocket flare….its a cry for help…because they are imprisoned with no way out…their rockets always miss…they might be a nuisance but they never hurt anybody. its not terrorism, its a nuisance.
    you are a disgusting human being for expecting them to live like animals in such highly densely populated closed in quarters closed off from teh rest of the world. they couldn’t leave even if they wanted to because the gates are blocked.
    i wonder how you are going to digest that turkey on thursday knowing its a symbol of peace between the indians and pilgrims who colonized america as an escape from oppression in england.

  279. 279
    team Jew Says:

    go Israel

  280. 280
    I love Says:

    the Torah

  281. 281
    Matzo Balls Says:

    are the best

  282. 282
    Best star in the world Says:

    is David’s

  283. 283

    JESUS IS BETTER Than the Torah and matzo balls

  284. 284
    heard of waylon jenings Says:

    and the wailers, well try the wailing wall in Jerusalem baby, it rocks ansd so will you

  285. 285

    JESUS IS THE STAR, not jews

  286. 286
    thank you Jews Says:

    for circumcision, from all us gals out there

  287. 287

    JESUS IS THE ROCK THE BUILDERS REJECTED AND THAT”s WHY they got killed in the holocaust almost 2000 years later.
    jesus is a rock that will roll you down.

  288. 288
    Jewish men Says:

    are passionate, fiery, hot, educated succesful and rich

  289. 289

    they should have circumcised their hearts…not their d.icks.

  290. 290
    Jews love Says:

    everyone and want peace, shalom

  291. 291
    Jesus was a Says:


  292. 292


  293. 293


  294. 294
    Reprint Says:

    FACT: Syria killed more Palestinians in the 1970s than Israel has in all the conflicts this century. Syria’s brutality is now pretty clear for the whole world to see. Assad wasn’t going to put up with Arafat and PLO doing the same terrorist nonsense IN HIS country.

    FACT: If Canada was lobbing rockets over the border onto US soil, say around Buffalo, Ontario would be a parking lot right now.

    FACT: Palestinian leadership care more about lining their pockets with stolen UN Aid money than making life better for their people. They want to keep Palestinians miserable for their own agendas. Hamas and Fatah.

    What did Arafat ever really accomplish for his people. Nothing. In fact they were worse off than ever. Yet this man is revered? Israel gave up Gaza to the Palestinians and your leadership had two options – try to build a community or do what they did, try to kill each other. Imagine the Democrats and Republicans having a mob war like the Mafia in Chicago in the days of Al Capone. How many innocent Palestinians were killed in the fall out from that “war” my friend. Where was the respect for the democratic process? Let’s see those statistics. Israel gave you a test and you failed as they expected.

    Now wait THIS POST will go into moderation.

  295. 295
    JJ Troll Says:

    There is no blockade of Gaza; stop lying. Gaza has been Palestinian territory for almost a decade.
    They just keep looking for excuses to make war.
    someone needs to stop this troll and release her from her misery. contact JJ.
    She is the same troll that badmouthed the US military a few months back.
    Hey troll why do you hate the military?
    why do you hate Sam childers?
    f/k off troll.

  296. 296
    waiting for Jerusalem Says:

    and the temple to be rebuilt

    God loves the Jews, He will help the righteous and defeat the evil one

    Peace to Israel, long live our land, long live the Zionists

  297. 297


  298. 298


  299. 299
    I love America Says:

    the Jews, the Christians

    America remembers 911 and will never support terroism and Hamas who is run by Iran, Hamas is destroying their own children and women, cowards hiding behind the innocents like in Iraq

    Obama loves Israel he is backing us on this

    Team America and Team Israel brothers for life

  300. 300
    blake Says:

    I see it’s thumbs down day today….lol

  301. 301


  302. 302


  303. 303
    Reprint Says:

    The neighboring Arab nations are not peaceful. They are all in a war with Israel.
    And for the record, there has been a continuous Jewish population in Palestine since the Roman occupation, and their pejorative renaming of Judea.
    And you forget to mention the fully 50% of Israelis descended from parents and grandparents who were expelled from Arab lands.
    so the Arabs are allowed to kill Jews or expel them, but Israel can’t protect itself with Iron Dome rockets.
    You’re an ignorant troll. You are full of hate and need an outlet to unload all your anger of the world, but please don’t do it here. Take it somewhere else.
    How is your sister doing, did she get re-married?

  304. 304


  305. 305
    probably strapping Says:

    a bomb to her chest now to make her point, sheesh

    get over yourself, this is a gossip blog

  306. 306


  307. 307


  308. 308
    JJ Troll Says:

    Jesus is Jewish.
    You, on the the hand, is the devil.
    you’re a disgusting mentally sick person.
    Find something else to do.

  309. 309


  310. 310



  311. 311


  312. 312

    @JJ Troll:

  313. 313


  314. 314
    Reprint Says:

    You back the wrong horse you keep losing. If your tactics aren’t working maybe it’s time for a rethink. You seem to forget that American tax dollars are also supporting Hamas and Fatah because the billions of dollars of UN aid money paid to Palestinian leadership is also paid by the American taxpayer since the US is the largest contributor to the United Nations. So what happened to that money? Sitting in Swiss Bank accounts. Widow Arafat is living large.
    Just wanted top add that all the money that the USA gives Israel (about 2 billion dollars), must be spent back in the USA, which usually means Israel buys planes with that money.. So it’s not like free money – the money goes back to the US economy. .
    Also, the USA gives Egypt about 2 Billion dollars for keeping the peace with Israel, signed back in 1979. What happened to that deal? In typical Islamic fashion, they reneged on that deal and are now calling for war with Israel. The Muslim brotherhood are now running Egypt, the same organization that killed Sadat soon after the peace treaty was signed. Can any western nation make peace with any Islamic country? can any western nation trust any Islamic country? The answer to both is a resounding NO.

  315. 315


  316. 316
    Way to go Israel! Says:

    I hope Israel takes out all of the corrupt leadership of the Palestinians.. Every terrorist should be killed, and the world should be relived of his existence.
    Way to go Israel!

  317. 317
    Iron Dome Says:

    Iron Dome Rocket Shield saves lives.
    It has intercepted in the sky about half of the rockets.
    The American embassy in Israel has just been attacked by a gunman. Reports are still sketchy.

  318. 318

    There is no blockade of Gaza; stop lying. Gaza has been Palestinian territory for almost a decade.
    They just keep looking for excuses to make war.@JJ Troll:


  319. 319


  320. 320

    Hamas wants Israel to halt all attacks on Gaza and lift tight restrictions on trade and movement in and out of the territory

  321. 321
    Reprint Says:

    Hamas, which took control of Gaza in 2007 and is backed by Iran, is so consumed with hatred for Israel that it has repeatedly resorted to violence, no matter the cost to its own people. Gaza militants have fired between 750 to 800 rockets into Israel this year before Israel assassinated one of its senior leaders last week and began its artillery and air campaigns. That approach will never get Palestinians the independent state most yearn for, but it is all Hamas has to offer.

  322. 322
    Reprint Says:

    Hamas’s Illegitimacy:
    The death of more than 100 Palestinians and the wounding of hundreds of others in the six-day-old Gaza war were not enough for the top leader of Hamas, Khaled Meshal. Speaking in Cairo on Monday, he taunted Israel to begin a ground invasion, saying “if you wanted to launch it, you would have done it.” He ignored the fact that an invasion would kill many more Palestinians and further devastate the Gaza Strip, which, in August, before the current fighting, the United Nations predicted would be unlivable by 2020.

  323. 323


  324. 324
    TRUTH Says:

    Long Live America
    Long Live Israel
    Long Live Bibi for being brave and saving his people form evil terrorists

    Death to the terrorists
    Death to Hamas/FATAH/ PLO
    Death to the Muslim brotherhood
    Death to the Mullahs in Iran

  325. 325
    Spam Alert Says:, what are you going to do about the spam?

  326. 326


    go off yourself in the potter’s field

  327. 327
    Kali Orexi Says:

    @Alina: What I don’t understand is, Lolita is Gerry’s dog so why is Alan walking her? Is he too lazy to walk his own dog now as well as carrying his luggage? :)

  328. 328
    @TRUTH Says:



  329. 329
    missjude Says:

    @:( For Madalina Ghenea: if he loved her, he would have been there. whether she wanted or not. very telling

  330. 330
    @TRUTH Says:


  331. 331
    missjude Says:

    she’ll put up with it bcos she wants the fame

  332. 332
    Amused Says:

    The thought crossed my mind that the geopolitical debate on this thread is someone making a parody of all the Old Hags vs. Children of the Corn/pro-MG vs Anti-MG bickering that goes on here. If it is, then that’s very clever, now move on. Otherwise, if you are seriously debating this on a gossip site you are trivializing your own beliefs, so why don’t you go to a more suitable venue…

  333. 333
    Mornin' Regulars Says:

    If you guys don’t feel like flagging all these posts, I think each one of us should send an email to JJ alerting them to the thread highjacker. This appears to be the work of the same “teen spammer’ that we’ve been dealing with for a couple of weeks, and it won’t stop until we get JJ to block the IP address. This is just getting ridiculous now. I’ve alerted JJ already, and I ask everyone to do the same please.

  334. 334
    missjude Says:

    @Mornin’ Regulars: here, here. its like watching someone’s mental illness unfold before your eyes. strange person.

    most of what is being posted is highly offensive and racist. i can’t believe it hasn’t been seen by jj and removed. to think some innocent posts are left “waiting moderation” forever and this disgusting spam just keeps coming.

    it’s someone that wants the talk about gb or mg to stop or move elsewhere. well, it won’t work :)

  335. 335
    @missjude Says:

    Based on what JJ allows to be posted here, they are not that concerned about content. It’s all about hits and reloads which makes the site money.

  336. 336
    missjude Says:

    @@missjude: yes, but still, people may leave the site because of the spam and jj will have less hits and reloads. they need to be clever about spam

  337. 337
    Mornin' Regulars Says:

    @missjude: I’m not sure what’s going on, but it’s odd that pages of vile posts are allowed, and yet lately the regulars’ vanilla posts are going straight to moderation or disappearing. The hijacker has the same lingo of the “teen” who appeared in the last couple of weeks and stays up all night posting..Whoever it is seems to be severely mentally ill. Unless this is an intentional campaign to shut down conversation, which it could be. JJ could even be behind it. I guess we’ll know by how they deal with the complaints now.

  338. 338
    A regular Says:

    I just reported the spammer as well. This is nuts. I haven’t bothered to even read most of this thread because of all the garbage. Hopefully, JJ will deal with it today if enough people complain. Cross fingers that today will be the end of it.

  339. 339

    @Spam Alert: The only way to do something is flag the posts.

    JJ was deleting the posts that dealt with Israel and the Palestinians on Saturday but apparently it was a one day only deal.

    Gerry’s PR team should be mortified and one phone call should do it. JJ listens to them naturally.

    Personally I think NOT POSTING HERE UNTIL THE POLITICAL SPAM IS DEALT WITH is a even louder message to JJ.

  340. 340
    Hmmmm Says:

    @TROLLCONTROL: Sorry in advance if I’m wrong, but the fact that you’re trying to get people to stop posting, and using caps, is making me suspicious that you are the spammer. If not, I apologize. If so, then say bye bye.

  341. 341
    Thumb, Flag, Ignore Says:

    Complaining like this only keeps trolls around.
    So you’re probably just the trolls themselves.
    Thumb, flag, and ignore the spammer trolls, anyone responding, anyone complaining about them, anyone responding to people complaining.

  342. 342
    bex Says:

  343. 343
    @Press Junket Says:

    From gallery above: Press Conference for Playing For Keeps
    November 17, 2012 – Four Seasons Los Angeles – Los Angeles – CA
    Munawar Hosain

    Looks like the junket moved to LA and Mr. Butler wasn’t free to travel to Italy.

  344. 344
    angelsrock Says:

    Concerning the posts knocking Gerry for not being at M.G.’s premiere event. I’m sure IF they are still “in love”, they have spoken every day and have set their calendars for their “rendezvous”. ( is there a plural for rendezvous?) I am sure he will make it up to her threefold. We are not talking about jumping in the car without any planning to drive a few hours to join her. These premieres seem to have late planning just a couple of weeks before. I’ll bet that Maddie is fine with it; why is it bothering you?
    How many of you would be irate if he cancelled arranged interviews to visit his girlfriend? You have no idea what either of their agendas look like. Stop assuming the worst.

  345. 345
    When you flag. Says:

    When you flag the posts of the spammers and posts feeding the spammers, make sure to tell the JJ administrators that the spamming is of hate speech. Hate speech is illegal and not only a clear violation of JJ’s terms of service, but something that JJ may have an obligation to refer to authorities. Hate speech is not protected by the First Amendment (even if the First Amendment applied to a private forum like JJ which it does not) and may be subject to criminal investigation to make sure the source isn’t a true threat.
    So make sure that you tell JJ it’s hate speech going on here.

  346. 346
    Weirdo Says:

    Wow, I was wondering how this thread could blow up overnight. It’s completely unreadable! JJ should know already without anyone saying anything…..seriously it’s highlighted as one of the top discussions on the front page.

  347. 347
    I did that Says:

    @When you flag.:Really good point. When I sent them an email, I did mention the “hate” speech, since from a legal point of view, they are obligated to do something about that. This person could actually be in quite a bit of trouble.

  348. 348
    Transparent Says:

    @New interview: Gerry has relationship that get boring and Jen biel has inspiring ones that she invests in.

    Maddie may have said she is fed up and cried before her Razza red carpet. He knows she can forgive him for being him.

    Got it.

  349. 349
    wow Says:

    @Kali Orexi: That’s really reaching for something to complain about. Maybe Alan wanted to walk Lolita. Geez.

  350. 350
    Transparent Says:

    Also, he wants something spiritual and screw every woman he wants. Flips between illusion and reality.

    Yep, may be bored and confused with himself and really needs Spiritual direction . Empty shell otherwise. Cannot be in a fulfilling relationship if he hasn’t his own inner peace.

  351. 351
    Transparent Says:

    @Transparent: Last two post from me is what I got out of the jake the movie guy interview.

  352. 352
    Sad Face Says:

    It’ll be interesting to see what happens. It doesn’t look like whatever press he was doing in LA couldn’t have been rearranged on done remotely so that he could be in Rome since he’s the only one of the stars that showed up, maybe the director too. It’s not like him rearranging the LA press would have required rebooking Jessica Biel’s schedule or Catherine Zeta-Jones’ schedule. They weren’t there. Jessica was off promoting her other film (those Moviephone interviews were done when they were in Toronto – Jessica has been in NYC since then). Gerry also doesn’t have anything on his work schedule that would create a schedule conflict right now. Of course, maybe there’s something we don’t know, but there’s nothing that’s come out publicly that suggests that he couldn’t have gone to Rome to be with Madalina.
    Plus even if he had press scheduled months ago, other big stars rearrange their schedules to coordinate with their partners. Angelina/Brad, Ben/Jennifer, Justin/Jessica. They coordinate to be at each others events and accommodate family, and you know they’re not sticking to schedules that were booked a year or 6 months in advance. No one’s life works that way most particularly a big stars with so many demands on their time. Maybe Gerry just hasn’t earned the clout to do that yet, or maybe he hasn’t earned the clout to do it for someone who has no clout like Madalina. Maybe lack of starpower is the issue for them.
    I don’t know. For someone like Madalina, at that point in her career, without knowing whether she’s going to make it much farther as an actress, an opening like that is the Oscars. Maybe he thinks he’ll make it up to her by taking her on the red carpet when PFK opens. Of course that will still be all about him and not her. It would have been nice if he had shown up to support her, and frankly her film. If he had been there the film would have appeared in a broader array of press. They’ve been together for a while now. The relationship isn’t a secret. Madalina has been discussing him in interviews that are supposedly about her professional work. She addressed questions about him from the press at Rome at her film screening! There’s no reason that he shouldn’t have been there from a PR point of view.
    I feel sad for her. It does look like she had been crying in those photos. I don’t think it’s the end of their relationship or anything like that. I think she’ll hold on and forgive him just about anything. I’m more concerned for her in that. Attaching herself to these older moviestars really is not good for her career or in my opinion for her as someone who is so young. It just seems like a quest for disappointment.

  353. 353
    interview Says:

    Yeah I don’t think it was the best interview although the questions were creative. On the plus side at least GB was being candid in his responses. I definitely prefer someone being honest than blandly reciting prepared responses.

  354. 354
    at last Says:

    Maybe G has finally awakened and has dumped MG. Good for him. She’s prolly looking sad because she’s afraid her free ride is ending. She’ll be on to the next poor fool asap.

  355. 355
    Mashed Potatoes and Gravy Says:

    I don’t think he really knows how to have a regular relationship with a woman. Every contact he has had with a woman has been very shallow, about sex only and about what he wants. I bet he gets like a little pouty boy when things with a woman doesn’t go his way. He needs counseling to get him grounded about what RL is all about. I think it is very sad that he is truly unable to have a really close relationship with a woman.

  356. 356
    Mashed Potatoes and Gravy Says:

    Maybe MG will show up in LA now that her premiere is over. We’ll have to wait and see!

  357. 357
    bex Says: Sat behind Gerard Butler and watched Argo last night…. #isthisreality

  358. 358
    Agreed Says:

    @Sad Face: I agree. Madalina Ghenea is very young. I know a lot of people say that she’s older than the 8-8-88 birthday she publicizes, but without proof I’m not going to deny the published age. People have said that she’s admitted to being older, but people have also been able to post links to the other contradictory things she said. I have yet to see anyone provide a link to an interview where she admits to being older and lying about her birthdate.
    I think that if Gerard Butler is going to pursue and enjoy the pleasures of being with a girl in her early 20s, as a man with a lot of experience in his 40s who could be her father, he has a responsibility to protect her — particularly from any reputational damage that he maybe contributing to. I think he should have been there for her. It doesn’t look like it would have caused any major problems for him to do whatever press was schedule in LA when Jessica appears to do it.
    I mean really — when’s the last time that you saw the male and female leads in a ROMANTIC BLOODY COMEDY doing their LA press separately?
    Something doesn’t smell right and it makes me sad that someone as young as Madalina appears to be the pawn. I’m sure she’ll show up in LA soon. Once again, being the one going to him [except for what - a few days in the South of France?] Yeah she’ll probably be on his arm for HIS film when it premiers.
    Bummer all around.

  359. 359
    DocP Says:

    @Sad Face:
    Your making excuses for him. He could have made it to rome to be with her. You want to make it look like he did all he could do but thats not the truth. All he did was some Radio interviews and a few short tv appearences in which I have seen many actors do remotely. In fact he has done some interviews remotely before. I remember for PS I Love You, both he and Hilary Swank did an interview remotesly.
    Why make excuses for his cad behavior, its the same thing he did with Amy. He’s not a gentleman and his needs will always come first. He needed to be with his buddies. Madalina better get use to this type of behavior because if hes doing it now at the early stage of this relationship, it will only get worse.

  360. 360
    Hello Says:

    Okay, try to look at it this way. Do you agree that this was MG’s night to shine? GB wasn’t there. If he had been, where do you think the paps would have been focusing? On her or him. Obviously on GB, to sell the rags and mags. I don’t think that would have been fair to her or the film to distract. The gossip would be that she got where she is on the boyfriends back…so to say. They would have made hash out of that one and no doubt on every thread.
    If she is to be a star, she should, at least, give the impression that she did it on her own, albeit maybe yes, maybe no, but that isn’t the topic. GB did good to stay away and let her do her own thing.
    If she does red carpet with GB, it will be a feather for her cap. Of course, no matter what GB does it always seems to be the wrong thing. Seems he can’t do right by anyone lately. If he could spit nickles, everybody would say how cheap, it should have been dimes. ha

  361. 361
    Phoenix Says:

    This is absolutely ridiculous!
    Continuing to let these posters spam the board while comments that pertain to what this site is about get moderated, is unappreciated and unfair. Do something about it!

  362. 362
    Jo Says:

    If Gerard makes my beautiful Maddie cry, I´ll come to give him a good thrashing.

  363. 363
    Amy Says:

    Madalina Ghenea will be on the red carpet with Gerard Butler at the Playing for Keeps premier. Even if Gerard wanted to break up with her, which I’m not saying he is just IF he did, he can’t now. That would be Madalina Ghenea’s third strike out with a Hollywood leading man in one year. The headlines in the tabloids in Europe, which is the only place she has any professional credence, would be BRUTAL. She would be branded a failed harlot to fame to the extent she isn’t already.
    I don’t think Gerard Butler can do that to her. Again, I’m not saying that he wants to break up with her. He may be very happy in this relationship. But if he’s not, if he’s tiring of it, if he’s bored and going to burlesque clubs for a little variety, etc. etc. etc., I don’t think there’s anything that he can do about it and remain in the good graces of positive PR. Because if she’s branded the Three-Strikes-She’s-Out harlot, then he’s going to be the scoundrel who did it to her. Bad image all around.
    So she’ll be at the PFK premier, either because he wants her there or because he has no choice. He’s gotta stay in this relationship for at least a year. It’s kind of like when people look at resume and wonder why someone held a job for less than a year, like the assumption is that something bad happened. Same here. If he doesn’t want her to come out looking really bad and thereby make himself look really bad, he’s gotta make this work for at least a year. Maybe in doing so something good will happen and they’ll last longer.

  364. 364
    cupcake Says:

    Hi ladies how is everyone. @Hello, just a question? Have you been in relationships before? . It seems to me that gerry could have supported maddie at her premiere. He went to see her in ST Tropez . I don’t think he would have upstaged her. Now she is expected to be in L.A. or NYC for his premiere. Again it looks like she is doing all the running around in this relationship. Gerry is doing all the taking in this relationship.

  365. 365
    Mashed Potatoes and Gravy Says:

    Do you really think she will be at his premiere? I think he will be posing with the 3 female co-stars of the film. Maybe the reason why he and JB aren’t interviewing together is because JT won’t allow it after their breakup last summer and GB and JB’s supposed dating during the breakup. IMO

  366. 366
    Making excuses Says:

    @Amy: He’ll do what suits him. He doesn’t care about your timetables, or hers. If he’s bored now, then he’s done. If you think he cares one bit about anyone but himself, then you haven’t been paying attention. He’s done it countless times in relationships that lasted a lot longer than this. The fact that he wasn’t in Rome speaks very loudly, imo. Not to mention the large amount of time in NYC before and after the hurricane. He didn’t need to be there, either. He was out partying.

  367. 367
    bex Says:

    It’s really not that unusual for cast members to do separate interviews during press junkets. Especially when they’re the likes of Biel and Butler.
    Jessica was in LA last week, did her press commitments for PFK on Friday and then flew to NYC to do the same for her other film,, which included the premier with Helen Mirren and Scarlett Johanssen.
    Both Biel and Butler (and Thurman, CZJ, Quaid and others) will have ongoing media commitments in the next few weeks regarding PFK; really doesn’t matter if they’re not in the same place when they’re doing them.

  368. 368
    Hello Says:

    @cupcake: Yes I have.
    I don’t remember reading anything about her being expected to attend any premiere in LA or NYC.
    “Gerry is doing all the taking in this relationship” And you know this HOW? If he is then that isn’t really a relationship is it. So basically it is only gossip and speculation and that’s what this is. Sure that whatever you want to call it it has benifited MG’s career immensely.

  369. 369
    Phoenix Says:

    My post #361 was in response to the overnight spamathon. After several days of this, it was getting old and I felt like I had to say something.

  370. 370
    cupcake Says:

    Actions speak louder than words just calling it the way I see it.

  371. 371
    Making excuses Says:

    @Phoenix: Help the campaign to stop it by emailing JJ with the link at the top of the page. Bring their attention to the hate language in the posts. I, and others, have done so this morning. You need to complain to JJ directly. Posting a complaint doesn’t help.

  372. 372
    Home made biscuits Says:

    I don’t think thumbing down the spammer is going to work either. It just shows that person that they have an audience. Best to report and ignore.

  373. 373
    Gerry? I doubt it ......... Says:

    benifitted her career? The jury is still out. Critics STILL need to see the movie to see if she can act. Her reputation–not so much.Her past and how she “made it” is slowly getting into the press. She looks mighty depressed in those photos shown here. If she can’t get through him not coming to her junket and going to a burleque show can you imagine if they REALLY DO get engaged? HOW WILL SHE MAKE IT THROUGH HIS BACHOLAR PARTY???

  374. 374
    cue the violins Says:

    What is up with the Harlequin romance scenarios – he won’t break up with her now because she will be humiliated? She should already be humiliated. You are talking about a guy whose world is all about him, himself and Gerry and he will do what he wants when he wants. The fact he said relationships were boring in this latest interview just shows how insensitive he is to the feelings of anyone in his life. She would be smart to cut and run. That would show some chutzpah. She should have grabbed onto that Jude Law train. He at least treats his women better at first and doesn’t hide them, well except maybe the nanny.

  375. 375
    cue the violins Says:

    @Making excuses: Agreed.

  376. 376
    Gerry? I doubt it ......... Says:

    @Gerry? I doubt it ………:
    Can you imagine the bare naked shendig Ronny and the boys would throw for him if it ever got to that point???? If he were mine–NO WAY!

  377. 377
    Zoo Lander Says:

    @Gerry? I doubt it ………: ITAWY. And may I add unless this movie is picked up in the US, she will remain an unknown here, as she is now. Her relationship with GB, whatever it’s based on, has been paid zero attention here, so has not helped her in any way that I can tell. I must say I was surprised at how bad she looked on her red carpet. Knowing how much attention she usually pays to herself, it was odd. Her hair looked like she was just in a bar fight, and then she put it back in that same scrunchy she was wearing in St. Tropez. Either that or she took out her weave.

  378. 378
    bored Says:

    He never said relationships are boring. He said that movies idealize relationships and don’t show all the gritty realism like the days you’re bored and it’s like “what do you want to do?”

  379. 379
    cue the violins Says:

    @Gerry? I doubt it ………: Always imagined RM is good for the hookups but would talk GB out of marriage anyway. Be bad for business.

  380. 380
    bex Says: @chrisjbukowski we just did an interview with Gerard Butler for CNN and you guys look like brothers. Anyone ever told you that?

  381. 381
    bex Says: I just saw Gerard Butler y’all, what in the fu88. That’s tight as f888 !
    @aicnamycats I was hiking 😯 we shared jokes 😏 lmao

  382. 382
    Gerry? I doubt it ......... Says:

    @cue the violins:
    Yeah. But if GB managed to get engaged I dont imagine him going out of singehood quietly and peacefully. It would be a nightmare for anyone who managed to get that ring!

  383. 383
    anglesrock Says:


    Typical Gerry interview. He is all over the place trying to please everyone with his answers. And he always has a need to be silly. There are countless times that he has said things that are ridiculous and absurd. It is what it is.

  384. 384
    dargabriel Says:

    Testing, hi jj. Howatd is that you being bad. I hope butler finds his way in life, I found mine. Happy thanksgiving and be thankful everyday. Dargabriel

  385. 385
    dargabriel Says:

    Hi jj, don’t you know if butler was with the one, he would shout it from the rooftops, because true love conquers all. Thanks to whomever said magnesium. Sometimes we search for things in life and falter, then we settle for something that is pretty close to perfect, you search, you wait, then after so many years you give up, then mr. Rescuer shows up with the utmost love and sincerity, attachment is inevitable. I miss you friends. Take great care. Peace to all. Love,dargabriel

  386. 386
    bex Says:

  387. 387
    la woman Says:

    @bex: Sounds like Runyon Canyon, so Hollywood cliche. Maybe he’s hoping to run into some casting directors.

  388. 388
    Leopard Says:

    The only thing you will get out of him at this point is a shag, or maybe a few shags, and a whole bunch of grief if you fall for him. A more mature woman would understand that and act accordingly. Only those women foolish enough to think you can change someone would think otherwise. Or a very young woman. He is middle-aged and is not going to change now for anyone. Period. If he wanted to settle down, he would’ve done it years ago with one of the countless others he was with previously. I’m sure there were some lovely ones in the bunch. Anyone that marries him now is looking at a short-term marriage and a heapin’ helpin’ of tears.

  389. 389
    cue the violins Says:

    @bex: Yes when GB choose Halloween parties in NYC rather than avoiding Hurricane Sandy. I wonder did he go door to door looking for candy too?

  390. 390
    Trying to figure it out Says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you too. Good to see your around.

  391. 391
    food 4 thought Says:

    @Leopard: Agreed. All of us should stop waiting for him to have a spiritual epiphany and turn into a loving and faithful partner. He’s 43 for cryin out loud. If he didn’t like his life the way it is he certainly has the freedom to change it. And yes to those who say he should have been at mg’s premiere. No matter what the nature of that relationship, it was a big deal for her, and he was a no-show. Press junket my @ss. If he can make an impulsive decision to up and fly to India for his birthday (or at least plan to), then he could get himself to Rome. He travels halfway around the world for one-night parties – why not do it for his supposed “girlfriend”. Is his contract with her up? I don’t expect to see her on the PFK red carpet. She doesn’t fit the family-friendly tone of the film’s current marketing slant, so that attempt to capitalize on his “relationship” might backfire. Please do not zoolander in front of the children.

  392. 392
    Lord Love a Duck Says:

    @dargabriel: Dar, where have you been? You sound happy and hope you are enjoying the cold weather. Any chance you could talk to the messenger and ask for some intervention on his behalf? I still have faith in the one for him and surely hope he finds her soon. I think he will be entirely at peace with himself….with a little help. Don’t give up on him, Dar. He said in the last interview he is looking for the spiritual. That’s good news.

  393. 393
    Leopard Says:

    @Leopard: I take that back. He might settle down when he’s much older, (maybe mid to late 50′s at the earliest) which is when his type tend to get scared of being alone in their old age. Much like Warren Beatty did. But. Not. Before.

  394. 394
    Totally Useless Information Says:

    There are many reasons little Maddie might have cried at her big day in Rome like maybe someone told her she was great in the movie. If I recall, someone said she would tear up when the judges on the Italian Dances With The Stars complimented her, so don’t be reading too much into a few tears. She looks more pensive to me than sad.

    And if anyone thinks GB is going to give up the spotlight for anyone, you are wrong. He’d rather eat glass. He had scheduled interviews and spotlights for his next movie and couldn’t be in Rome because of it. It’s that simple. I didn’t see little Maddie giving up her time in the spotlight for him either. That’s what happens when both people in a relationship are public figures. It is also one of the biggest reasons these relationships fail.

  395. 395
    dargabriel Says:

    @Trying to figure it out: thank yoiu trying, i miss you. I will spend thanksgiving up on the mountain with thyself, solo. My family wishes I was there, but I want to stay here. It’s a beautiful day here. I hope butlers family is safe. I love you all. Love,darhabriel

  396. 396
    Leopard Says:

    @Totally Useless Information: This. Battle of the ego titans. It doesn’t work. That’s precisely why so many celebrities who marry other celebrities rarely works out. Two narcissists fighting for attention. Fun times.

  397. 397
    Glasgow Says:

    Come on ladies it’s time to move on to greener fields.
    Come here kitty kitty,
    GB= old, outdated, boooooooring

  398. 398
    testing Says:

    testing 123

  399. 399
    bex Says:

  400. 400
    missjude Says:

    @Agreed:well, here’s the proof and interview where she admits that she has changed the year of her birth to 1988 because she says her management company said it was good luck. she also changes the age she left home and started modelling to 15 years old. she’s said 12, 14 and 15 years beofre. she can’t make her mind up it seems.

    link –


    Q) Age 23 years or 24?

    A) “Company dealing with me in Italy changed my birth year. They said that if all are born to be 8.08 and 1988, not 1987, to my luck.”

  401. 401
    bex Says:

  402. 402
    missjude Says:

    and check out the comments on the article in my last link. says it all, they know her real age in Romania and some posters are saying she was born in 83 or 84.

  403. 403
    Home made biscuits Says:


    Thanks for the pic. Now I would have a difficult time seeing my bf out and with his arms around pretty women like that.

  404. 404
    dargabriel Says:

    @Lord Love a Duck: Hi ducky, oh my gosh, I love duckies. I’m good I hope all is well with you and your family are great. There has been much storm you know, its humiliation I suspect. Oh my gosh, madness, a freaking huge tree just snapped behind my home on neighbors garage, wow talk about excitement in the forest, winds 50 mile per hr today. Mother nature is mad. Sorry to say I’ve given up, although when I say this I mean, given it over to my God, I’m the co pilot, he,he… If I’ve one thing to say to butler, be alone sometimes, relax, read, love thyself. Peace and joy,joy. Love, dargabriel

  405. 405
    gbgbgb Says:

    @Agreed: take a look at post 400. people have posted lots of links to articles and pictures that prove mg is a clear liar. you may have missed them but they’re there.

  406. 406
    dargabriel Says:

    I like positive stuff, green thumbs for all, wonderful. Green means earth and go,go,go. Oh to my friends who knew of my doe, honey and babies,twins, one twin was ingured and had a nasty big wound, well it attracted wild animals, they got eaten, also the cat who adopted me, she was so pretty, half bobcat, well she got eaten by foxy, bad fox. Nature is vicious and powerful, also very beautiful. Have a mystical day. darhopegabriel

  407. 407
    ????? Says:

    didn’t someone say madalina was in L.A?

  408. 408
    Home made biscuits Says:


    Can you supply the link please.

  409. 409
    cue the violins Says:

    @?????: No nice try.
    MG said in an interview at Rome Film Festival she was going back to London. Doesn’t look like Gerbear is pining away does it?

  410. 410
    cue the violins Says:

    @food 4 thought:
    “Please do not zoolander in front of the children.” PSML!

  411. 411
    BTW Says:

    Great set of pics at post #21. Love the outfit…nice store. Looks familiar.

  412. 412
    missjude Says:

    @Home made biscuits:

    sure. its my 2nd from last post but here u go

  413. 413
    God Bless yoou all! Says:

    “You made all the delicate, inner parts of my body and knit me together in my mother’s womb. Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex! Your workmanship is marvelous—how well I know it. You watched me as I was being formed in utter seclusion, as I was woven together in the dark of the womb. You saw me before I was born. Every day of my life was recorded in your book. Every moment was laid out before a single day had passed.” Psalm 139:13-17

  414. 414
    missjude Says:

    @Agreed:well, here’s the proof and interview where she admits that she has changed the year of her birth to 1988 because she says her management company said it was good luck. she also changes the age she left home and started modelling to 15 years old. she’s said 12, 14 and 15 years beofre. she can’t make her mind up it seems.

    link –


    Q) Age 23 years or 24?

    A) “Company dealing with me in Italy changed my birth year. They said that if all are born to be 8.08 and 1988, not 1987, to my luck.”

    ***reposted because link didn’t work

  415. 415
    ????? Says:

    @?????: calm down love. i was just asking

  416. 416
    Karen Says:

    bex like your pix. He looks happy and health. Was wondering if any of you heard are his parents ok? Was their home in any of the flood path in Scotland. Hope all is well with the people who live there, from what I saw, seems like an elderly population.

  417. 417
    another option Says:

    @Mornin’ Regulars:
    You don’t have to flag all the posts. All people have to do is flag one post and then explain the situation. When you flag a post they always ask you why you are flagging it. It will be easier for JJ to zero in on which IP address belongs to the offender if there is a flagged post to accompany the complaint. This person socks like crazy so they need an IP address.
    For those who think JJ wants this person here, you’re wrong. The racism violates their site rules. If there are enough complaints about someone they will block the offending poster. I’ve been here a long time and I’ve seen them do it before.
    Yes, you can email them directly, but flagging a post works faster because it gives them the IP. Just flag one post and explain.

  418. 418
    dargabriel Says:

    @Lord Love a Duck: p.S. I’ve spoken to the messager based upon butler, there are blockages, this should be interesting for whats to come. I’ve been hiding out for valid reasons. Butlers other half is more intuned and knows actions don’t go without consequences. I do believe butler knows whats at work behind the scenes, he does have half to do with this, wake the fcku up butler, quit fooling people, games are not my fortay, just saying, can you tell? I’ve let my gaurd down, it has had its karma, but, so be it. Pardon my spelling, I’m not hip on some programmed english pronunciations,lol. Love and light, dargabriel

  419. 419
    bex Says: #GerardButler to the White House’s rescue on the 19th April 2013, when #OlympusHasFallen is released in UK by @LionsgateUK

  420. 420
    Trying to figure it out Says:


  421. 421
    alex Says:

    Hello, Im an Italian woman, and i really do not understand all this acrimony vs MG. I know her personally. She is a sweet girl and simple person, very religious and spiritual. Neverthless she can speak perfectly four languages and play piano and she has work hard for ten years. She’s full of grace and i swear she loves Gerry very much sause they are two pure soul…I’m sorry for my english..

  422. 422
    Trying to figure it out Says:

    I hate this site at times, when I’m trying to send a post it goes off into never-never-land! So, I’ll try again!

    Life in the mountains sounds wild, you can never mess with the forces of nature. Dear lady takes cares of things, even though we as humans don’t like what we see happening particularly where animals are concerned – it’s the survival of the fittest.

    He doesn’t seem to be missing his lady love in the recent photos posted, does he? It will all work itself out one way or the other, whether we like the end result or not.

    Take care.

  423. 423
    @alex Says:

    @alex: your English is fine. you don’t have to agree with those who don’t speak well of madalina but she has lied and is lying about a lot concerning herself and her background. people are just pointing this out. it should be mentioned because its dishonest. and if she is really a sweet girl as you say, she didn’t need to lie and wouldn’t have in the first place.

    people esp. don’t appreciate that all her best asests are fake or lies or a-list men. it doesn’t look good.

  424. 424
    yeah rite Says:

    I find it very implausible that a sweet, religious, pure young lady would immediately take up with and move in with the biggest manwh 0re in Hollywood. And Gerard Butler is about as far from a pure soul as you are going to find.
    If she is so sweet and pure, why does she date so many womanizers?

  425. 425
    Whooaa Nellie Says:

    @bex: Those are some gorgeous girls. Just his type, too. Are we sure he’s not a werewolf, cuz he’s out cruising around at 2 am again. I couldn’t handle this dude for one second.

  426. 426
    alex Says:

    @@alex@@alex: : I don’t understand what you mean for ‘lies’. About her age? Cold be two years older for her model agency interest? You mean about her past relationship? She is so beautiful and from a couple of year in the jet set… I think she is courted by every single man.. Every young woman could have be dazzled by LDC. I know the truth but i can’t explain in a few word. . The photo in St.. they came after GB official interview at Men’s Journal. They together decided after six months do not escape anylonger. Escape or Hide for months is hard. They only decided that after 6 months they were almost sure of their feeling .

  427. 427
    TeaCakes Says:

    @food 4 thought: Everything he does is on impulse. I agree, he probably should have jetted to Rome for her premiere but I think he’s scoping out the scripts and roles. Wasn’t he producing OHF? There’s editing and things to do with it that he as a producer is involved in. I think what kept him from Rome is completely work-related. So what if he went clubbing. He’s not going to change, I guess.

  428. 428
    just saying Says:

    There’s a difference between clubbing and just going to a club to hang out with a group of friends. There’s always going to be female fan pics wherever he goes. It doesn’t mean he was doing anything but hanging out with his mates.

  429. 429
    eye roll Says:

    I wouldn’t put too much stock in what “alex” has to say about MG.
    I don’t know how many times I seen phannies post comments that they know Gerry personally and what a beautiful soul he is. I’ll bet anything alex is MG’s version of a phannie in Italy, not an actual insider. Take this person’s claims with a big grain of salt. She’s probably MG’s version of Moira (i.e.framo). Moira actually thinks she’s Gerry’s friend and knows the inner workings of his soul and psyche. It really was only a matter of time before MG’s fans started showing up.

  430. 430
    alex Says:

    At last I would add something about MG behavior in Italy: non gossip at all til LDC, but we’re talking about LDC! Everybody coul be dazzled. No football player (like all the italian showgirls!) No photos, no party. For my job i read every kind of magazine.and i know many people in the showbiz..In can assure that MG is absoluted concentraded in his work and study. She began to do something more than modelling when was called for Dancing in the stars (2011). The host Milly Carlucci is very attentive and selective about the competitors. She wanted MG cause she is morally clean. A nice girl without shadows in the past….Piaccia o no.
    I have red so many rubbish all around this kind of forum….

  431. 431
    bex Says: My cousin showing off pictures of him in LA watching the game tonight with Gerard butler😒 what a handsome guy can’t explain how jealous I am

  432. 432
    TeaCakes Says:

    The reason he’s out clubbing and being seen is that he’s got a film to promote. Every time he’s got a film coming out, Alan and Joy go on a rampage and have him show up everywhere. Getting his hair cut, walking Loli on a beach, clubbing, hitting the hip restaurants and cafes, shopping etc. As soon as the film’s in theaters and off everyone’s radar, he’ll disappear again until he needs more PR.

    I’m shocked no one else has figured this out. Everything you see with him is staged and it’s hard to know what’s real with him. Especially his interviews. He lies like there’s no tomorrow.

    It’s really a shame he doesn’t do something generous and sweet like donate his time serving Thanksgiving meals to the homeless. Or sponsor a food drive for the hungry. Instead, he’s at nightclubs where the temptation to party and dope must be intense.

  433. 433
    alex Says:

    @eye roll:
    Im’ not MG fan, and definetely this is the first and last time I write to this kind of forum. I’m only sadly disconcerted from all sort of nasty gossip i read from GB Gals and people who speculated about ‘nothing’…

  434. 434
    @alex Says:

    It’s kind of you to come in and defend Madalina. This group doesn’t want to hear anything nice about her, but trust me, there are many of us who are very happy for she and Gerry and wish them the best.

  435. 435
    bex Says: “Gerard butler is at coffee bean hitting on my secretary.” #SoLA

  436. 436
    eye roll Says:

    Ha! Caught you! You are a fan. GB Gals does not permit gossip about Gerry’s love life on their site. They only discuss it in their private chat rooms. Those chat rooms are members only.

  437. 437
    Sorry my dear... Says:

    @alex: I think you’re wasting your time here. Most, if not all, have made up their minds about her now, for better or worse. For the disbelievers, like moi, you will never convince them that she is a “nice girl.” Nice girls don’t flit from one celebrity to another within a matter of months, and then run off and live with one within days of meeting them. Sorry luv.

  438. 438
    eye roll Says:

    The only way for you to be reading “nasty gossip” about MG at GB Gals is for you to be a member there. You just outed yourself.

  439. 439
    alex Says:

    Yeah ….I see I’m wasting time. In Italy there is a proverb: Non c’è peggior sordo di chi non vuol sentire…..Bye

  440. 440
    @eye roll Says:

    They’ve loosened their rules a bit and even allow razzi images now.

  441. 441
    @alex Says:

    E nessuno è più cieco di chi non vuol vedere.

  442. 442
    Ggfblx Says:

    @alex: In Scotland they would say ‘awa’ an bile yer Heid.

  443. 443
    Home made biscuits Says:

    Alex is a man—he’s posted here before. lol

  444. 444
    eye roll Says:

    @@eye roll:
    Nice try “@” but GB Gals still does not allow gossip about Gerry’s love life on their main site. Their posting rules state:
    “Refrain from disparaging comments regarding people and ladies pictured with Gerard.”
    “NO speculating on Gerry’s personal life, including rumors or ‘reports’ from other web-sites.”
    “Posts containing such will be removed and may result in member being placed on Mod Review.”

  445. 445
    Double eye roll Says:

    @Home made biscuits: Would that be one of the hor/ny old men on her fb page that type with one hand? Kinda thought so…

  446. 446
    Clamsie Says:

    I never liked the fan sites. Too many net nannies trying to control everything people think and say.

  447. 447
    Home made biscuits Says:

    me engrish no so gud rotf

  448. 448
    cubfan34 Says:

    Maybe he didn’t go to her premiere because he didn’t want to steal her thunder. People would make more of a fuss over him than her.

  449. 449
    Tony the Tiger Says:

    silly at it’s best, keep going, someone is making money off of this, everytime you click, he makes money, the girl has been passed around and will continue to be passed around, that’s what happens when you sell yourself, it never ever stops, poor thing

  450. 450
    Home made biscuits Says:


    That’s right—-then they come here and think they can do the same thing.
    Hypocrisy at it’s best!

  451. 451
    cue the violins Says:

    @TeaCakes: Yeah nothing like night clubbing and going to strip clubs to entice those American families to your PG rated movies. You do post tongue in cheek right?

  452. 452
    lola Says:


  453. 453
    cue the violins Says:

    apologies you were making the same point teacakes and you are right, working at a food bank on Thanksgiving would be a better photo op

  454. 454
    Sammy Says:

    One day when I grow up I want to have a girlfriend just like Gerard Butler who shows her ass to the whole wide world.

  455. 455
    fantasstic Says:

    Kim Kardashian should be free when Kanye dumps her.

  456. 456
    lola Says:

    @alex: All the information here to see prices! I’m sure you know Russian. You probably think that people are stupid and will believe that your nonsense that you posted here! All who are interested. I think that Gerry knows it!

  457. 457
    Mmmmmmm Says:


    “In can assure that MG is absoluted concentraded in his work and study.” Really? What is she studying? … and please don´t tell me it is quantum mechanics!!!

    “she has work hard for ten years” … well, she said 12 years the other day…. Anyhow, why do you consider that she has been working harder than other people?

    “speak 4 languages” I guess than even a lingerie model can learn Italian or Spanish in less than three months if her native language is Romanian (those are really close related languages), and most people speak english nowadays.

    “Play piano” … is she good at it? If so, why did she took piano lessons when staying in Shreveport?

    “non gossip at all til LDC” … what about her relationship with Dragoş Săvulescu?

    “No football player” … really? are you sure?

    “I don’t understand what you mean for ‘lies’” … What about all those lies behind the Supermax commercial?

    Honestly, I don’t care who she is dating or who GB is dating … but she can’t expect to be considered serioulsy if she doesn’t show any respect for the public.

  458. 458
    Cecil Says:

    If my memory is correct, didn’t Kim Kardashian trash Gerard Butler on her reality show? She’s out.

  459. 459
    Markie Mark Says:

    lola: to be a fly on the wall if he takes her to Norway.

  460. 460
    Side eye Says:

    @Sammy: One day when I grow up I’d like a boyfriend just like GB who bon/es anything that stands still long enough.

  461. 461
    Home made biscuits Says:

    Regarding the RU thread—did you notice how MG has a type of man. LDC was really the different look. The one pic of Dragos with the beard and long hair reminds me of GB. IMO

  462. 462
    Johnnywalker Says:

    Gotta say this roaming the earth alone at all hours of the day and night like the Incredible Hulk is unusual. Has it occurred to anyone that it’s being recognized that he’s addicted to? Maybe he gets a rush when people stare at him and take his pic. That would account for his constant need to be out and about.

  463. 463
    PsychoB Says:

    @lola: what the uel was she thinking she is very stuning when she was natural. Her natural lIps were so much more beautiful. Now she looks like she Is showIng us a cold sore she has behind her lip

  464. 464
    obscure Says:

    @lola– LOL. There is no way for her denying all these photos, it´s all out on the www. Those russian girls really rock (Good private investigators really). This would be a massive source for gossip tabs in the US, if only some were interested in GB and his shenanigans. Seeing all of those pics she should be grateful that nobody is that interested.

  465. 465
    lola Says:

    I think mg was not a! Many p.or.n si.tes placed her photos! Po/rn movies would be suitable for her! Haha!

  466. 466
    Home made biscuits Says:


    I bet one of her wealthy bf wanted a certain look and paid for her to get all that plastic done to her. The thing with butt implants is that in time because of the weight they to will sag. She can’t go without them now because her skin and muscles are stretched. I don’t know what could ever be done to repair the damage they will do to her behind over time.

  467. 467
    Home made biscuits Says:

    She also will have to have massive surgery on her lips one day to repair the distortion. She has created a mess out of herself that time will not be very forgiving.

  468. 468
    Side eye Says:

    @obscure: That’s why it would be a good idea for them to keep their whatever-it-is over in Europe, because if the tabs here ever start digging, they won’t have far to look. I’m sure the Russian gals will be happy to supply the goods to the rags.

  469. 469
    Home made biscuits Says:

    The thing about breast implants is that the n/ipple becomes desensitize because of the nerve damage. They become numb and won’t become erect.
    Also breast feeding is not encouraged.
    She was so innocently beautiful—it’s a shame she messed herself up.

  470. 470
    Home made biscuits Says:

    Wonder what G thinks whenever he touches a part of her body that should be so typically female, and all those parts are scarred and hard and feel fake. Not soft and smooth.

  471. 471
    Phoenix Says:


    Re: post #462-Johnnywalker
    I think you’ve hit the nail on the head. Just think about his recent trip home. Walking the streets day and night… With every tweet or pic, you kind of got the feeling he was secretly saying “look at me, I’m Gerard Butler, and not only that, look who I’m with”. I found that whole thing very strange.

  472. 472
    Side eye Says:

    @Home made biscuits: Okay, er…I just ate dinner.

  473. 473
    Home made biscuits Says:

    @Side eye:


  474. 474
    because Says:

    @Cecil: Gerry would not touch a clumsy oaf like KK.

  475. 475
    Phoenix Says:

    Guys, I’ve got 2 boxes with red “X” s in them– what does that mean?

  476. 476
    Home made biscuits Says:



  477. 477
    Johnnywalker Says:

    @Phoenix: I remember during that trip someone posted that he was parading up and down in a very popular and crowded area, and it struck me then that he must want to be seen. Not to mention the roaming around at all hours of the night and yet he says he doesn’t drink. It’s so strange to me. It has to be for the attention.

  478. 478
    obscure Says:

    @Johnnywalker— When I remember correctly,wasn´t there even an article in the `Scottish Daily Mail` about GB and his new girlfriend? There were so many tweets and pics with him out and about in Glasgow, that you have to wonder no paparazzi showed up.

  479. 479
    @obscure Says:

    Because the paparazzi isn’t aggressive with their own countrymen

  480. 480
    SouthernBelle Says:


    “Has it occurred to anyone that it’s being recognized that he’s addicted to? Maybe he gets a rush when people stare at him and take his pic. That would account for his constant need to be out and about.”

    Remember when he was crossing the street in NYC last month, and some of the paps that were waiting for Taylor Swift and someone else left their place in line to take pics of GB. The man was absolutely beaming>

  481. 481
    Transparent Says:

    @Sad Face: Maybe Gerry wants their professional lives separate. Ok, I am reaching since they were in a commercial together.

    Really, MG and GB are both pretty self serving. Why not say MG escaped Gerry. What makes him better than her?

    If someone spends more than two weeks apart from work obligations, the relationship is fizzling.

  482. 482
    SouthernBelle Says:


    It seems that Esme was the only one there for her – no parents, grandparents, brother or friends. Maybe she was reflecting on what she had accomplished and how empty it felt to have only an agent to share the moment.

  483. 483
    DocP Says:

    Our views of modesty and spirituality must be drastically different. the excert from this articel says it best-
    “Modesty is defined by Webster’s Dictionary as “freedom from conceit or vanity; propriety in dress, speech, or conduct.” This definition brings out two aspects of modesty, the inward and the outward. Both aspects are related; inward modesty leads to outward modesty and outward modesty is a sign of the inward quality. Christians need both.

    We are told in I Peter 3:3-4: “Whose adorning let it not be that outward adorning of plaiting the hair, and of wearing of gold, or of putting on of apparel; But let it be the hidden man of the heart, in that which is not corruptible, even the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit, which is in the sight of God of great price.”

    From this Scripture, it is clear that inward and outward modesty are related. Those who are adorned with a meek and quiet spirit will be the same ones whose adorning is not outward. Both inward and outward modesty ought to be cultivated among us. This is not an option, this is what God’s will is for us as His people.

    There are two biblical principles that guide us in the issue of modesty in dress. The first principle is that we must not seek to draw attention to ourselves by the way that we dress. Secondly, we must very careful not to cause others to stumble into sin on account of how we are dressing.”
    I think having your picture taken in lingerie and posted all over the internet is the exact opposite of modesty. As far as spirituality, only God knows whats in our hearts. he can see through the lies that even we tell ourselves.

  484. 484
    DocP Says:

    i bet the English paps aren’t so rescpectful, I wonder why none of them floated north to get picks of Gerry?? Isn’t the dailey mail a English puplication? They were the same folks that published the pics of him and MG in the South of France kissing in the rain.

  485. 485
    DocP Says:

    We have a saying here in America. If it smells like cr.ap, looks like cr.ap and taste like crap then quess what??? Its cr.ap!!!
    it helps tell us the difference between those telling the truth and those who aren’t.

  486. 486
    Totally Useless Information Says:

    I just saw the Russian pictures and it appears that little Maddie had her nose and lips done. What a mistake. So much for GB’s remark about not liking the fake women in Hollywood. Looks like he found one in Europe. LMAO

  487. 487
    Pot calling the kettle Says:

    @DocP: No offense to you knowing scripture and Webster, but after some of the things that you have posted, do you really think it is appropriate for you to be spouting scripture. Look up gossip and truth instead and casting the first stone.

  488. 488
    DocP Says:

    @Pot calling the kettle:
    Sorry your gonna have to actually explain yourself. Where have I not posted what I see?? Sounds like your a maddie fan. Sorry the truth isn’t always pretty. As far as quoting scripture?? I actually didn’t, the article i posted was quoting scripture. I just thought it was pretty accurate. Don’t think you know me just because of my posts. I actually am very modest and i not only talk the talk but I walk the walk. Otherwise people call you a hypocrite. Which is why so many posters here don’t like MG. She lies to your face which is an insult. Maybe your stupid enough to believe her but most of us are not. Don’t tell me your meek and modest, then go expose your T&A all over the internet. Not to mention, as many posters have commented, these pictures weren’t for a job. The majority were for her personal portfolio. If not show me what magazine they were used in?? I’m not even a Gerry fan anymore, I just have to see how this one plays out.

  489. 489
    TeaCakes Says:

    OMG, I figured something out about Gerry. Not only does he crave attention but he’s fixated on Maddie because….drumroll…

    She looks like his friend Priyanka Chopra!

    Ok, hear me out. Google Priyanka and hit “images”. Look thru several of them. She and Maddie look a lot alike, a LOT. In fact, in some of the pics they look almost exactly alike and could pass for twins.

    Priyanka has also had a nose job and is rumored to have her lips plumped with injections. I suspect she’s had a boob job too. Judge for yourself in some of her pics.

    What I’m getting at is that Gerry may subconsciously be drawn to women of a certain look and style. Maybe he can’t have PC but he can easily have Maddie. He’s one of those men who is not interested in 99% of women except for flings (not love) but is only attracted to a very tiny percent of women and all because of a specific look he craves.

    Maybe the urge to be with Maddie was so overwhelming to him because she looks so much like Priyanka who doesn’t want him at all except in friendship.

    This man has such deep emotional problems that he can’t see people for themselves, they’re only a look, a type to fill that empty void in his soul.

  490. 490
    TeaCakes Says:

    The thumbers must be upset because they can’t handle the truth or else they didn’t read my entire post.

  491. 491
    SouthernBelle Says:


    Maybe he’s addicted to love. There’s nothing like the high of “being in love.” However, loving longterm isn’t always fun nor does it always produce that hormonal high. Gerry may not have met “the one” or has met her and let her get away and decided since relationships rarely last these days to just “love ‘em and leave ‘em.”

    I think the longer you look the more likely you are to give up on finding “the great love of your life” and either settle or just don’t commit.

    Cupid may still find him, but I don’t think he’s really looking for Ms. Right. His next GF may look nothing like MG or PC.

  492. 492
    Lyla J. Says:

    Gerard is a hollow man. There is no depth there in all the most important areas of character. He is funny and charming and often enjoyable to look at and probably has very good overall social skills, but lately he seems empty to me. Madalina is definitely a cautionary tale for young girls to learn from. Sad pair when you see it from that perspective, imo.

  493. 493
    PsychoB Says:

    @TeaCakes: he has a type. You could make the argument that it’s a want of Angelina Jolie. Or maybe his type goes back to the woman he lost his cherry too. Or a secret crush on his step mom. Who knows.

  494. 494
    @SouthernBelle Says:

    Or Madi is the one.

  495. 495
    SouthernBelle Says:


    Sometimes giving someone a +1 ends up as a -3. Go figure. Your comment didn’t merit a thumbsdown.

  496. 496
    SouthernBelle Says:


    She could be.

    Why can’t you post under a moniker instead of putting an at sign in front of everyone else’s moniker?

  497. 497
    blue Says:


    Six months is nothing. It’s a good start. Even 15 YO’s can last six or eight months. No one should get married before 2 years because it’s only lust then.

  498. 498
    TeaCakes Says:

    @PsychoB: True. IMO he’s a Shallow Hal. Only interested in looks and rarely gets to know anyone in a deeper capacity. This is why I think he must be in love with MG. The only one she has to fear is the real Priyanka. Or his stepmother haha.

  499. 499
    blue Says:


    And besides what the press say. GB seen with. a. girl. It’s not really news anyway. he’s always with a girl.

  500. 500
    TeaCakes Says:

    @blue: It is strange. He has a fling with Brandi and it’s all over the news. But he’s in love with one woman, admits to having a gf and almost no one covers the story except a few foreign pressers.

  501. 501
    blue Says:


    I thought that same thing. MG is the poor man’s (in Gerry’s case he’s the poor one) Priyanka. They do look alike. i think their mouths are both hideous and turned out but we have no idea what he has in mind for their uses. Right? I read that has repeatedly asked Priyanka to marry him, and she just recently broke up with her BF of several years. Maybe Gerrer had someone in mind in India and to go with plan B(-ehave)

  502. 502
    Alina Says:

    Beth Vrotny

    Gerard Butler at Bruno’s birthday dinner. Now that’s what I call a present

  503. 503
    Home made biscuits Says:


    Whose Bruno?

  504. 504
    Alina Says:

    Bruno is 20 years old only!
    What Gerry did there?

  505. 505
    Home made biscuits Says:


    Well Gerry definitely has a “type”. Who knows if he still has a thing for PC or not. Most of the ones he sees for any length of time are all that type. I think PC is too decent for him. She wouldn’t want to take on his problems.

  506. 506
    TeaCakes Says:

    @Home made biscuits: I read that PC has OCD and has it bad. She’s under treatment for it. Strange that Gerry would propose to her anyway. OCD is a very odd thing to deal with. I know he asked her to marry him, likely in jest, at that party she threw in India once. He overlooks everything about these women, because he’s drawn to their particular look.

  507. 507
    SouthernBelle Says:


    The kid’s a musician. Maybe GB’s working on his music career – LOL.

  508. 508
    Home made biscuits Says:


    Isn’t Gerry OCD? He has certainly displayed it over the years. Maybe that is one reason why he is attracted to her because he can understand it. Or it really is just her looks. Remember when he proposed to her we don’t know what he was on during that time. He is definitely very compulsive even without drugs.

  509. 509
    TeaCakes Says:

    @Home made biscuits: You’re right about that. He’s got some OCD too. He’s mentioned something about doubling or tripling up his schedule because he forgets his original commitment or is chronically late. Maybe he never showed up at his own birthday party in Glasgow because he was too busy windowshopping and greeting fans and paps in the streets.

  510. 510
    oy Says:

    Only this man would say that “they were excited to see me.” Some day, aliens will descend on earth after traveling light years to get here and tell us that they came to ask Gerard Butler to stop announcing how wonderful he is because it traveled to them so many times it was getting on their nerves.

  511. 511
    Alina Says:

    @oy: ———LOL!

  512. 512
    Aha.... Says:

    ….and Gerard would say after the aliens’ departure:
    ‘Guys, they were excited to see me!’

  513. 513
    idiot Says:

  514. 514
    Alina Says:

    @idiot: You really are an idiot.

  515. 515
    lauren Says:

    Oh dear lord, this woman’s PR team is too much. A paparazzi photo-op trying on engagement rings? Ah ha ha ha ha! Well, Gerry didn’t show up for her film so she had to think fast and do something to make the press write about her. MG and Esme really are idiots.

  516. 516
    Alina Says:

    Ha-ha-ha! Even if he would mar/ry her, this marri/age will end faster than Kim Kardashian!

  517. 517
    idiot Says:


    ‘idiot’ was in reference to MG

  518. 518
    missjude Says:

    i know. it’s ridiculous because, call me old fashioned, but wouldn’t Gerard need to be there too if it were an engagement ring purchase?

  519. 519
    lauren Says:

    I think this was just a stunt on MG’s part.
    (Btw, you can see Esme in one of the photos.)

  520. 520
    Clamsie Says:

    A lot of couples pick out the engagement ring ahead of the official engagement. Maybe she was looking because Gerry asked her to pick one. .Maybe she’s going to ask HIM for his paw in marriage.

    Maybe she’s going to move to Holland and marry Esme.

    Or just a silly girls’ stop-in at a jeweler’s to create drama and intrigue. I have to hand it to her: she knows how to push the fan girl buttons. All aboard for the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend Train Ride of Speculation!

  521. 521
    missjude Says:

    The Romanian press are really trying to make Madalina into a bigger star than she is aren’t they? I think some of the Italian press do this too but she just isn’t blowing up on any international level so it is all in vain and looks very forced. if she had no or less cosmetic jobs and studied acting properly and stopped running around after A-listers AND was actually modest not just rumored to be. she may have gotten further already and how could we have knocked her then?

  522. 522
    missjude Says:

    @missjude: but we are not speculating. we know its bs already

  523. 523
    missjude Says:

    my last post was for @clamsie

  524. 524
    not clever Says:

    picking out rings for the cameras? that girl is desperate

  525. 525
    bex Says: On December 7th, I have a tough decision. Go see #PlayingForKeeps or drink a gallon of bleach…

  526. 526
    bex Says:

    PLay nice, JJers! ;)

    Contest Time!!!

    Tell us what do you think is going on in Gerard Butler’s mind and the best answer will stand a chance to win exclusive movie merchandise!

  527. 527
    bex Says: Gerard Butler denied Indian visa. Now waiting for his travel agent, Ephialtes to guide him through the goat pass. #nichejoke

  528. 528
    missjude Says:

    @bex: lolllll!

  529. 529
    bex Says:

    oh, awaiting moderation again… WTF?


    it at all started with that movie you made with Jennifer Aniston

  530. 530
    bex Says:
    Gerard Butler, I know I intimidate u but I can’t help it, it’s nature. Get over it. Just email me. Ur whole “playing hard to get” is silly.

  531. 531
    missjude Says:

    my last post was for comment 527. i need another coffee…

  532. 532
    bex Says: gerard butler you’re so hot, why are you in such awful movies Gerard Butler : romantic comedies :: giant brick of s-hit : thanksgiving dinner

  533. 533
    missjude Says:

    @bex: 532 lolll! i’m gonna have to start following some of these people!

    thanks @bex

  534. 534
    bex Says:

    Nobody is Taking this New Gerard butler film #playingforkeeps seriously, the billboards are cheesy enough . Woof

  535. 535
    bex Says:

    Oh, moderation again. FGS.

    Hey Gerard Butler, remember 300? Quit starring in romantic comedies and stop being a Thanks!

  536. 536
    bex Says: PFK review

  537. 537
    bex Says:


    For those who don’t want to click the link:

    The Variety review

    A modestly affecting reconciliation drama wrapped in a so-so sports movie by way of a misogynistic romantic comedy, “Playing for Keeps” can’t stop tripping all over itself. Returning to Hollywood filmmaking after his 2010 Italian laffer “Kiss Me Again,” helmer Gabriele Muccino doesn’t go as spectacularly astray as he did in 2008′s “Seven Pounds,” but this cluttered tale of a past-his-prime soccer player trying to win back his ex-wife and son still hits too many false notes to realize its core emotional potential. Toplined by Gerard Butler but distinguished by Jessica Biel, the FilmDistrict release should score middling returns.
    An opening sequence uses cleverly degraded faux-video footage to show studly George Dryer (Butler) at the mid-’90s height of his soccer career. Several years later, he’s living in a Virginia suburb, struggling to make the rent and attempting to re-establish a connection with his former wife, Stacie (Biel), and their young son, Lewis (Noah Lomax).

    Stacie, who’s about to remarry, has made peace with George, and encourages him to spend time with his son. Conveniently enough, Lewis’ soccer team needs a coach, and his deadbeat dad fits the bill perfectly. Too perfectly: George proves popular not just with the kids, but with their single and/or unhappily married moms, who just can’t get enough of the tousle-haired athlete and his irresistible accent.

    It’s at this point that “Playing for Keeps,” after barreling along in conventional but inoffensive fashion, devolves into an unfunny parade of female sexpots, mystifyingly played by actresses one would have assumed to be well above this level of mistreatment. Robbie Fox’s flailing script contrives to have George fend off the advances of a weepy, clingy divorcee (Judy Greer), a frustrated housewife (Uma Thurman) and, worst of all, a scheming temptress (Catherine Zeta-Jones) who just so happens to be in a position to land George an ESPN sportscaster gig. One half expects Jennifer Connelly to turn up as a lovelorn FIFA referee.

    These caricatures achieve little, apart from perhaps flattering star-producer Butler’s vanity, and they hardly leave the viewer in a receptive mood for the more tolerable bonding scenes between George and Lewis, who has clearly inherited some of his dad’s soccer genes. While Butler and young Lomax build an engaging enough rapport, Muccino, who dealt with father-son relations much more sensitively in “The Pursuit of Happyness,” seems content to turn Lewis’ feelings on and off at will, dramatizing his plight with all the emotional commitment of a light switch.

    Butler, playing his second athletic father figure of the season (after “Chasing Mavericks”), is solid enough, and gets to speak with his native brogue, though his scruffy, mildly charming meathead routine is starting to wear thin. It’s Biel who almost singlehandedly elevates the picture to a realm of honest feeling: Providing a classy corrective to her ill-served distaff co-stars, the actress makes her character smart, tough, yet still achingly vulnerable, signaling years of long-suffering backstory with her eyes alone. Biel is so good that, when the time inevitably comes for Stacie to choose between the two men in her life, one yearns for her to consider herself first.

    Despite its relatively straightforward story elements, “Playing for Keeps” never coheres, undone by its wobbly tone and weakness for tidily artificial moments and plot developments. Tech credits are as generic as the pic’s title (changed from the racier original, “Playing the Field”).

  538. 538
    wha? Says:


    In the list of credits at the end of that review, there’s this person listed as associate producer:
    associate producers, Margaret Coll;

    Isn’t that Gerry’s mum’s name?

  539. 539
    Kali Orexi Says:

    @wha?: Yes it is.

  540. 540
    @452 All I See Is A Peasant ~K Says:

    She looks like a village peasant. Once a peasant always a peasant.

  541. 541
    wha? Says:

    @Kali Orexi:

    ok, thanks.

    totally confused now.

  542. 542
    GFW Says:

    Apparently I can post again. Wasn’t expecting that. I looked a the before and after shots and what going under the knife can do.
    Allowing your skin and body to be cut with flesh removed shifted is gross no matter what age unless needed as reconstructive surgery. But to have lips filled with collagen (that need redoing and redoing) along with plastic sacks of silicone placed inside your breasts screams desperation and self-hate.
    And all before turning 25 indicates we have a very insecure person who does not think she is pretty from the beginning. She isn’t. She looks like an average so-so village peasant from a poor third world country raised on robbery and programmed to go after rich men for security. And no amount of hearing “you’re pretty” will work because inside she is not!

  543. 543
    Transparent Says:

    @TeaCakes: Anjalina Jolie. Not piggy chops.

  544. 544
    Mmmmmmm Says:


    That’s no strange. She could have been helping her son (one of the producers) to supervise the development or post production of the film in his absence. That can be one of the functions of an associate producer.

  545. 545
    bex Says:

    Ooh! Temper temper! Gerard Butler in club outburst

    Gerard Butler shows his unpleasant side
    It’s not often a Hollywood A-lister loses their rag in spectacularly public fashion.
    So you can imagine our surprise when we heard about Gerard Butler’s latest antics.

    Now’s learnt that the Scottish hunk, 42, launched into a bad-tempered outburst on a recent night out at Movida nightclub in Dubai when he realised he’d been pictured getting cosy with not one but six pretty women.

    An onlooker at the club tells Now: ‘Gerard was surrounded by all these women in the VIP area and he was in great spirits.

    ‘But that changed when a fan approached him and asked to take a photo.

    ‘Gerard point blank refused, then grabbed her iPhone out of her hand and threw it across the dancefloor.

    ‘It was quite surprising to see but he obviously didn’t want his photo taken. Everyone in the club was shocked.’

    And the reason for his rage?

    Ladies’ man Gerard is in a relationship with Romanian lingerie model Madalina Ghenea, 24. Erm, anything you want to ‘fess up to, Gerry?

    Gerard’s spokesperson has denied the claims.

    See the picture of Gerard Butler in Now magazine dated 26 November 2012 – out now!

  546. 546
    @GFW Says:

    Wow, elitist and insensitive much?

  547. 547
    jumponthebandwagon Says:


    …”someone posted”….well, heck yes…’s true then……burn him at the stake…….he’s a monster…….we must rid the world (especially 20 something females) …..of this this this……ROAMER OF STREETS WHEN HE COULD BE FEEDING THE HOMELESS AT A SHELTER

  548. 548
    jumponthebandwagon Says:


    WHAT YOU SAY???? What a loser he is!! You are right no paparazzi has any interest in this cad and his slotty girlfriend

  549. 549
    Naughty boy Says:

    @bex: I hope that’s not true, but if it is it might explain his lavish spending on her in Glasgow and Edinburgh. LMAO! Wasn’t that the same night several women tweeted what a wonderful guy he is. LMAO
    some more.

  550. 550
    GFW Says:

    My gun is filled with shrapnel… and for a reason. For everything a reason. If anyone one is “insensitive” Ms. No Name Coward On Here All.The.Time, it is her, trust me on this. The nosy snoop will have to deal with a lot eventually… and the sooner the better. Why? I’m not going anywhere. She’ll be a bad memory and part of his life and remembered for causing more pain than good for him and his fan-base while I… well, won’t.
    So, why would Gerry want to spend his birthday in India? I think it means something. He’s spiritually hungry and wants that gentle culture to feed his soul again. Feel he needs to work that visa issue out and return there.
    ~K sayin’ she’s no Wonderwall ;o)

  551. 551
    @@@@ Says:

    @@452 All I See Is A Peasant ~K: D*MN FINE LOOKING “PEASANT”.

  552. 552
    jumponthebandwagon Says:


    How dare you come here and talk common sense~!!!! Be gone with you. There is no defending Gerard here! Did you not know that THIS IS A GOSSIP SITE!!! Must I be the enforcer of this dictum??

  553. 553
    jumponthebandwagon Says:


    HOW DARE HIM BEAM AND STEAL SOMEONE ELSE:S PAPS. I am hating him more and more as I read hear.

  554. 554
    @GFW Says:

    “My gun is filled with shrapnel… and for a reason” HUH?

    You are too funny. Please stick around to entertain us, because it’s going to be a blast to see how you spin it when they get married.

  555. 555
    jumponthebandwagon Says:

    @Pot calling the kettle:

    I will not tolerate a post like this again!!! This is your last warning. This site is for finger pointers and naysayers and general haters exclusive to Gerard Butler. They are children of God, too.

  556. 556
    jumponthebandwagon Says:


    Hmmmm…why do I smell c.r.a.p. whilst here reading your post???

  557. 557
    jumponthebandwagon Says:

    @Lyla J.:

    Oh do tell! I am collecting as much evidence as I can to hate this man!! How long were you associated with him and what was your relationship? Girlfriend? Friend? Family? Employee? Give us the whole scoop.

  558. 558
    Dubai tweets Says:

    @bex: There were tweets after his Dubai trip, one of which was something to the effect that it didn’t seem like he was in a relationship, because he was seen cozying up with five different women. I think the tweeter was someone who was at this club or event and tweeted the next day. Sounds like there’s some truth to this.

  559. 559
    Transparent Says:

    @GFW: Or he reads here and spurts out rhetoric because he wants to go back to his h)(;))man ways but knows dumping MG so early looks bad for him

  560. 560
    Didodado Says:

    @GFW: Going to India will give him some reconnection but Not hanging out with the Bollywood crowd. Most of them are nuts also. Kajol is a very respected one though.

    His life is sad if he cannot get it together on a daily basis.

  561. 561
    jumponthebandwagon Says:


    I bet he reads here, too, twice a day at least! And he wants to dump M.G.because she is so superficial and fake and a user and a terrible actor, and a trannie. (I learned that here, thank you, ladies for enlightening me). He wants someone younger, right? A teenager? Right? YES! He’s such a scumbag. If I ever see him, I will slap him across the face for being such a jerk, horrible actor, older looking than 43, who picks the worst scripts ever and can’t carry a movie on his own whom we all agree wish he were more like Daniel Craig and Michael Fassenbender except that we come here to bash on Gerry cause it’s so much fun. How am i doing? Am I a member of the club, yet?? The world will be better without Gerard Butler. Phewww….I am a quick learner.

  562. 562
    Boone Says:

    Just breath Gerry.

  563. 563
    Home made biscuits Says:

    Again—isn’t it just amazing how the paps knew exactly where she was and took pics at her looking at engagement rings. She is so good at promoting herself. I hope he didn’t mention marriage to her. She might go after him for a breech of contract or something? So now we know where she is and it’s not on the way to see him.
    The man is as phony as she is.
    The jacket she is wearing looks like one similar to the web site of the woman’s dress shop he bought her the clothes at in Scotland. (Cookie)?
    No wonder he spent the evening being paped with Alan and Lolita. I bet Alan was trying again to have a long talk with him. Doesn’t do any good though does it? G is like a 2 year old—-never know what he is going to get into next.

  564. 564
    Home made biscuits Says:


    Or this is his way of dumping women. How many times have we heard he is into one and then he starts his flirting with others and then the relationship is over. It’s his MO. 1st he gets to busy to see them then we here he is out flirting. She served her purpose for awhile—-now he is done with her. She will have to find out through the paps just like all of us. He is such a user.

  565. 565
    Home made biscuits Says:

    @Home made biscuits:

    Not to mention a coward.

  566. 566
    bex Says:

    @Dubai tweets:

    I agree. Makes me wonder whether her turning up in Scotland was by invitation, or whether she just turned up once she realised where he was going. No way could either of them have gone to India for any length of time given both of their PR commitments the following week.
    MG isn’t going to walk away quietly though, she’s got too much riding on this association with GB. She’s posing for photos with engagement rings, whilst he’s out at burlesque clubs and hanging out with pageant queens.
    His personal life is more entertaining than his film roles. Is that really what he wanted when he became an actor?
    *passes popcorn*

  567. 567
    Boone Says:

    @Boone: Running around the world and chasing myth is not the art of living. Stillness is.

  568. 568
    GerrySandalwoodBeads Says:

    Don’t hold your breath Ms. No Name @ Person Who LIVES Here! We need to trust first! No trust here… like not at all. No way, none. The peasant will not be Mrs. Butler, e.v.e.r.

  569. 569
    Mack the Knife Says:

    Mwahahaha. I knew he’d lose it in Dubai. A whole country full of his “type”? There’s no way he was going to behave while he was there.

  570. 570
    @Home made biscuits Says:

    There is a Damiani Boutique on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. Between all the accusations and bashing, did anyone else notice that she was trying on rings on her other finger and that she already had a set on her left hand? Newsflash – women do wear rings on other fingers.

  571. 571
    GerrySandalwoodBeads Says:

    @Mack the Knife:
    In Dubai he can’t ‘party’ like he likes to here. No way.
    I like he wanted to go to India, and possibly why, get back into Oneness University and back on a more spiritual path but am glad he returned to the fold too. Even if just for a short while, a good meal, warm hugs, genuine smiles and where he can be him… but if he had the peasant with him, he had to be “on” and playing “Gerard Butler” for her. His poor family most likely was going, “Eh? Oh… oh, I get it.”

  572. 572
    GerrySandalwoodBeads Says:

    No, the peasant dumb as an empty thumb drive was Plan B.

  573. 573
    GerrySandalwoodBeads Says:

    But a peasant is always a peasant. She was raised on robbery. Once a thief always a thief.
    who is glad to see Adrien in the headlines for today with his better replacement…

  574. 574
    @GFW Says:

    He was taking her with him to India to show her the places he loves so much. Madi fits very comfortably into his family dynamic and they know her well.

  575. 575
    Gerry? I doubt it ......... Says:

    Speaking of gf’s look at Adrian Brodys NEW grifriend! Apparently he and Gerry like the same type but if hes smart he better keep her MILES away!

  576. 576
    Seriously Says:

    @GerrySandalwoodBeads: You are demented.

  577. 577
    @@This&That---DREAMOn ~K Says:

    really… why just ME?

  578. 578
    Home made biscuits Says:

    @@Home made biscuits:

    No—She was trying the rings on her left hand—-and I doubt Romanian paps would be on Rodeo Dr.
    Also paps would have been able to verify what she was looking at with the sales clerk. Geesh

  579. 579
    @GFW Says:

    Why just you, what?

  580. 580
    Dubai tweets Says:

    @bex: The only reason I really pay attention to him anymore is because his personal life is like a soap opera, which is more entertaining than his films. I agree with you that she won’t go quietly. I never thought she would. I do think his attention span with regard to her has reached it’s maximum capacity, and he appears to be putting distance between them in his usual fashion. Being seen with all those women in Dubai may be his way of passively-aggressively trying to get out. Isn’t that his usual m.o.?

  581. 581
    because Says:

    @Gerry? I doubt it ………: Yeah, she looks hot but not natural, there’s one nosejob everyone can recognize at 100 yards.

  582. 582
    bex Says:

    @Dubai tweets:

    Agree with you again! Yes, it’s very much his m.o. and the amount of time he’s spent away from her since the beginning of September is also very telling. It’s almost as if he read the Men’s Journal article and suddenly remembered what the ‘arrangement’ was, hence the inexplicable last-minute jaunt to St Tropez. Then didn’t see her again for a month.

  583. 583
    Home made biscuits Says:

    He does have a very short attention span with a lot of things. I wonder if he has the same problem in bed? lol

  584. 584
    Realist Says:

    I think GB like Leo has an expiry date for women…I think him buying things for her is his way of compensating not being there for her while shes filming or doing her stuff and him not investing, dont you the see the pattern she dropped everything to be with him for months, again she travels for his bday apart from the PR op he went st tropez so he could hit the headlines for a reason, hes done it before with laurie, that arcade and lunch girl and if shes giving him free boinks too then its a win win situation.

    Any guy that truly loved a women 1) wouldnt flirt with other women as wouldnt naturally occur to him 2) wouldnt want her to flash her flesh out to the world.

    He even said he gets bored in relationships and most likely he must get sick of them, any woman meeting a man for the first jumps on to go holidaying with them shows her character no matter how good looking or rich someone is if you had standards and morals no woman of class would do that.

  585. 585
    Realist Says:

    @Home made biscuits:

    For LAC filming his dialect coach said he had an attention span of a 6yr old lol

  586. 586
    Home made biscuits Says:


    Also —-look at MR in serbia—–He did her just long enough for the film shoot and then he was done. MG was used to rehab his image and for the filming of OHF and then took her to necker. Hard telling what lines he hands all these women. Any woman that gives out to quickly and easily rarely catches any man. But of course with him he would not be with one unless she does.
    My grandmother used to say that if you want a man to love you, he has to give to you. Not gifts but of himself. The more he invest into you emotionally by protecting and caring the deeper he falls in love. fyi

  587. 587
    Dubai tweets Says:

    @Realist: My guess is the absolute worst thing one could do with a man like him is give him what he wants right up front. Most men enjoy the chase, but especially a man who has women throwing themselves at him every time he goes out. It was a mistake for her to go away with him and move in right away. He needs to be challenged. She sealed her own fate by being too easy, imo.

  588. 588
    Home made biscuits Says:

    Men do like to chase and think they conquer. They also like a mystery. My husband says I still surprise him with my personality and varied interests. It’s not good for women to play all their cards right at first.
    My husband still tells everyone that he chased me, then I caught him. lol

  589. 589
    3 months Says:

    A well known comedian said in his book that you should wait 3 months or more specifically 90 days before giving the man se/xual inte.rcour/se. Make him wait & if he is still interested by the end of the 90th day then maybe he might just really be somewhat in to you :)

  590. 590
    Home made biscuits Says:

    I guess now we know why the tabs and paps weren’t very interested in reporting about this latest adventure. He’s been here and done this so many times that it is no longer news to anyone.

  591. 591
    Aussie Says:

    MADALINA is so GORGEOUS and TALENTED!!!!!Just wanted to remind you this as i am so bored by all your negative comments and i haven’t read anything lately!!!Madalina and Gerard forever!!!!!Love this two!!!

  592. 592
    Dubai tweets Says:

    Do you guys remember in the early spring, when there were reports that he had been having the affair with the married woman? Supposedly they were hot and heavy, and then he wanted out so changed his phone number and became unreachable? I remember reading that she was confused, because he had made promises and she thought they were in love. That always stuck with me, because I do think that’s how he leaves. Abruptly, with no warning.

  593. 593
    Home made biscuits Says:

    I still think the plan in the beginning was for her to be used to show he had rehabed his image.

  594. 594
    missjude Says:

    @@Home made biscuits: well, the pics were taken in Milan for a fact. even if they were taken in Hollywood, there would be no paps.

  595. 595
    Playin' for Creeps Says:

    I’m no Madalina Ghenea fan. I think the plastic surgery that she’s had done to her face is painfully obvious and just a sad and pathetic thing for someone so young to do. Most people who have plastic surgery on their face do it when they’re older to look younger. Already pretty girls don’t have plastic surgery on their faces to look like already existing celebrities like Sophia Loren so that the end up looking old.
    I also think the way that she’s jumped from Hollywood bed to Hollywood bed is a flashing neon billboard for the fact that Madalina Ghenea is stupid. You’d have to be deaf, dumb, and blind to not know what people would say about you if you did that, especially all in one year and before you’ve become internationally known for your own talent.
    But I really don’t think she’s going anywhere soon. I’m not saying that Gerard Butler is in love with her or even in lust anymore. Once he’s had the object of his desire, unless he’s in love, a man is going to find his eyes wandering to new conquests. But GeBieber is very image conscious and it would look bad if he dumped her so soon after going public with the relationship, referring to her as his girlfriend in PFK interviews and with Madalina Ghenea out there talking about him as her boyfriend at every chance.
    Plus I’m pretty sure that GeBieber has a deal with JJ/Buzznet like Vanessa Hudgens and other celebs that you see headlines about here every damn day but nowhere else. Buzznet is known for working with celebrity clients [probs why Madalina Ghenea is suddenly referred to in the Dom Hemingway post as some known commodity in the US] and so I’m sure that they’re reporting to someone in his camp what’s being posted in these comments.
    GeBieber may not have much respect for women or value them for anything more than the superficial. His choices in women certainly support that notion. GeBieber may not actually care about being a decent guy. But GeBieber is obviously a very prideful bloke who likes to paint beautiful pictures of himself. GeBieber wants people to THINK he respects women for more than their low body fat and orifices. So I think he’ll keep this going with Madalina Ghenea for a while, even if just in the press, just to disprove the naysayers and make himself look like he’s standing by his woman who puts the Ho-Ho-Ho in Christmas.
    And I think Madalina Ghenea is more than happy to let him do it even if he’s getting a little action on the side and even if he otherwise does his own thing regardless of her. So long as she can say “Gerard Butler is my boyfriend” and he keeps buying her stuff and getting her name out there, I think she’d let Ho # 1, Ho # 2, and Ho # 3 join them in bed for Christmas.

  596. 596
    missjude Says:

    @Aussie: most comments are true if they are negative that’s madalina’s doing. we are only revealing her lies.

    if you’re angry at reading all these negative stories about her, surely you should be annoyed with her for creating them?

  597. 597
    Ggfblx Says:

    @Home made biscuits: ITAWY all a farce and all PR.

  598. 598
    Ghost girlfriend Says:

    @Ggfblx: Yep. I agree. Something’s not right about this picture. I was just at the headline grabber site, and in the whole page of GB headlines, blog posts, tweets, etc., there is no mention of Macaroni at all. He’s only ever mentioned her himself what, twice? Three times? Has he even actually said her name? Or just “girlfriend”? Seems she’s the one doing all the talking.

  599. 599
    USA sez Bye-Bye Butler Says:

    “A modestly affecting reconciliation drama wrapped in a so-so sports movie by way of a misogynistic romantic comedy, “Playing for Keeps” can’t stop tripping all over itself.”
    >> This is like that tweet that was posted on JJ a couple days ago that said something like “nothing more heartwarming for the holidays than a romcom about a woman’s ex-boyfriend who screws her over coming back to break up her marriage.”
    >> Yep. The older women chasing after Gerard Butler while he’s trying to reconcile with his 10+ years younger ex-wife? Misogynistic much?
    “Butler, playing his second athletic father figure of the season (after “Chasing Mavericks”), is solid enough, and gets to speak with his native brogue, though his scruffy, mildly charming meathead routine is starting to wear thin.
    >> Yep. Gerard Butler keeps playing the same thing over and over and over and over and over again. And the lack of turn out for his latest films shows that people are sick of it and him.
    >> Like all of the “Hollywood, stop trying to make Gerard Butler happen” tweets.
    “the FilmDistrict release should score middling returns.”
    >> If that.
    Bye-bye Gerard Butler. Whoever told you to cash in on 300 by taking the big money romcoms really screwed you over. You’re too old to go back to the Dear Frankie guy now, and since you still haven’t figured out how to excise the brogue from your American accent, we probably won’t even see you as a TV dad in the USA.
    British TV is your friend. Go home and check it out. You shouldn’t mind. After taking jabs at American men by saying that you’re just a normal guy in Scotland but “macho” here because American’s are so relatively weak, and you’re obvious disinterest in American women, you shouldn’t mind heading back to the UK too much. Bye-bye.

  600. 600
    food 4 thought Says:

    @bex: If Jessica Biel is the one getting raves for her acting performance here, GB should pack up and go home. Just as I suspected, the h0rny soccer moms are just to boost his personal ego. What a waste of some fine actresses (especially Judy Greer). He really needs to Just Sit Down.

  601. 601
    wake up Says:

    Maybe it is all an act, but he looks happier in LA than in long time. Maybe if he stays for awhile he can get good scripts . And better movie offers

  602. 602
    bex Says:

  603. 603
    bex Says:
    We just saw a preview of Playing for Keeps. Me: “Oh that looks sweet.” Bryan: “I’d rather have an ice pick between my eyes.” #mars&venus

  604. 604
    bex Says:


  605. 605
    bex Says:

    @USA sez Bye-Bye Butler:

    “Whoever told you to cash in on 300 by taking the big money romcoms really screwed you over.”

    That would be his manager and agents. Should have got rid of them when he had the chance in February.

  606. 606
    bex Says: This Gerard Butler/Jessica Biel film looks like an SNL Digital Short #playingforkeeps If Biel is “the 1 who got away,” when did she get away? She’d have been 7 when Butler was 20. Skeevy. #playingforkeeps@Wcpo

  607. 607
    bex Says:

    No idea how old this one is.

  608. 608
    Anti-American Gerard Butler Says:

    @USA sez Bye-Bye Butler: “British TV is your friend. Go home and check it out. You shouldn’t mind. After taking jabs at American men by saying that you’re just a normal guy in Scotland but “macho” here because American’s are so relatively weak, and you’re obvious disinterest in American women, you shouldn’t mind heading back to the UK too much. Bye-bye.”
    I remember when Gerry made those comments and more. I think he’s happy to sleep with American woman and maybe he’s dated one or two for more than a minute. But yeah from everything he’s said about women, he doesn’t seem to like the American variety much. You know how he says that he loves the women of whatever country he’s in when he does interviews in other countries? Well Gerry’s moved to the United States and lived the AMERICAN dream. America has made him what he is. America is what has enabled him to become a very rich man. He could never have gained this kind of success anywhere else. Has Gerry EVER said that he loves American women like he says about every other country he’s been in?
    I’m not anti-foreigners. But I had it when foreigners come to our country, live the American dream and get the kind of success that only exists in this country, and then make disrespectful comments about Americans and America the way Gerry has, like we’re somehow arrogant and egotistical when HE is experiencing the kind of success here that makes people think Americans are arrogant and egotistical.
    I agree. He can go home now.

  609. 609
    Mojo Says:

    I do think a lot of the times women might need breathing space from as can you imagine being around like a child like man acting silly and running around all the time, its like mums need time out, apart from his being good looking he must be so much hard work. Okay can u honestly say how many of you could put up for it and imagine being in his world of relationship this what it would consist of;

    Hooking up, shagg/ing, catching a plane, hotel room, on plane again, hotel again, walking up and down a place, posing pics with fans, him making convo with strangers, on plane again, eating out all time, again wondering in some random place, him going off in adventure with boys gosh hes faster than superman me for one would totally get sick of it and crave normality! I dont think hes a responsible or wise person for his age he seriously cant stay put in one place

    Another thing noticed he loves meeting new people an strangers nothing wrong with but he likes gel with everyone like a chameleon and loves the attention, And i think when it comes to women its like when you get a mobile phone you use it, enjoy it, discover all its features and gadgets and apps and then suddenly you want an upgrade or different model that has something new to offer

  610. 610
    Free advice Says:

    If I was him, I’d rent out any real estate I owned until the market turns, then I’d sell. I’d move to London and get myself a BBC series, a stage production, or lesser roles in UK productions with some bigger stars as the lead. Let’s face it, the US rags aren’t even giving him more than a passing glance. This site is the only one keeping his name alive. If he moves to London he could revive his career, and be close to Macaroni if that’s what he wants. If not, there’s plenty of tail over there for him to chase. He’s becoming a joke, and I think moving back to the UK may be his last chance to save his career before no one will work with him anymore. Jmo.

  611. 611
    jumpingonthebandwagon Says:


    What a total scum bag!! I had never heard this before. He is a total piece of c.r.a.p. I was so convinced by the many tweets and personal accounts that he is a nice guy. Boy, was I mistaken. Thanks for the REAL facts. I am so blessed that I ventured here where everyone knows “the real” Gerard Butler. Hey, Gerry, if you’re reading here today, “s.c.r.e.w. you, you hypocrite lying piece of smoldering p.o.o.p. May you rot in h.e.l.l. with all of your cheesy movie choices. (Gerry, I actually loved most of your movies and I think you are a decent actor)

  612. 612
    blue Says:


    It’s the only reason he became an actor. He wanted to be famous, not great.

  613. 613
    jumpingonthebandwagon Says:

    Okay, I can’t do this anymore. Gerry is a nice guy, living his life. Because he doesn’t fit into your little tight box, you can’t deal with it. He breaks no laws and seems to hurt no one. Why do you insist on twisting every piece of news to fit your negativity? He is not your cup of tea. Move on for pity’s sake. Your are making fools of yourselves. Most of you would squee with delight if you randomly met the man and sat down to chat and have a cup of coffee. You would walk away with a totally different opinion. Believe it or not this did happen to me and my boyfriend in Atlantic City when he was filming BH. We were sitting in the Starbucks in one of the hotels and Gerry came in and sat at the table next to us. What a nice person. It took me a few minutes to place him. We chatted for a long time. My now husband and I have been fans ever since. You will never convince me with your assumptions that this man is a bad person. I’m thinking that many of you need to leave the convent and find someone that makes you happy.

  614. 614
    missjude Says:

    someone needs a vacation…

  615. 615
    missjude Says:

    @jumpingonthebandwagon: lol! “it took a few minutes to place him”

  616. 616
    Ggfblx Says:

    I think you will find most of the regulars on here don’t hate Butler.

  617. 617
    Home made biscuits Says:

    We don’t hate him—we just don’t approve of the way he treats women—and since this is mostly an all women site he will have to change his ways to gain our respect in this characteristic of his personality.

  618. 618
    jumpingonthebandwagon Says:


    Well, I guess you’re trying to put him down. I had seen him in a few movies, but never in a million years would I think that I would randomly run in to a movie star. He looked fantastic and acted so real person kind of normal. I finally asked him if he was Gerard Butler? And my husband of course went on and on about 300. I asked him what his favorite move was and he said Beowulf. So my husband and I rented it. It was a pretty cool movie.

  619. 619
    well Says:

    @Home made biscuits: Since I don’t know him personally, I really don’t know how he treats women…just what a bunch of posting numpties say on here. And I don’t believe anything I read posted by a bunch of nobodies with nothing better to do with their time than make up stuff.

  620. 620
    Juicy Lucy Says:

    Gerry’s biggest career problem seems that no writers or directors want to work with him, hence the lack of quality scripts. I don’t recall any actor stating that they want to work with him. IMO,he really doesn’t seem to have any direction for where he wants to be as an actor. Also, I think he isn’t agressive enough at pursuing roles that he could be better suied for. Actors such as Bradley Cooper will not hesitate to audition for a part he thinks is suited for him. Hugh Laurie didn’t hesitate to audition for the part of Gregory House when his agent showed him the script. I think Gerry feels that he is “too big” of an actor to audition at this stage in his career. Likewise, he probably feels working in TV is beneath him. As for doing a play, I haven’t heard Gerry talk about wanting to do stage work the way BCoop does. Gerry seems more content being a celebrity as opposed to being an actor.

  621. 621
    cue the laughter Says:

    @Home made biscuits: This woman goes by the same playbook.

    I don’t know about you but doing a photo shoot whilst shopping is rather obvious. Pretty clear the whole ring shopping thing was staged just like the Maddie goes to Chopard’s to buy Leo a birthday present last year and pretty much did a photoshoot because of course the jewellery stores are in on it too.

    Damiani is Italian based, has boutiques around the world but I’d guess Rome or Milan or maybe London. Meanwhile Gerry is partying with Miss California and Miss Alabama. He sure wasn’t slapping the camera out of anyone’s hands on Monday night.

  622. 622
    bex Says:


    Seriously, this is ridiculous. Yet another post ‘awaiting moderation’.

    Dear JJ, what exactly is wrong with saying:

    “Not hate. Just disappointment and frustration at his career and him being surrounded by idiots.”

    I didn’t even swear?????????????

  623. 623
    jumpingonthebandwagon Says:

    @Home made biscuits:

    How does he treat women? He has not had many girlfriends from what I’ve heard. And I have never read a first person story about how abusive he was towards a girlfriend. Just the opposite, it seems most women who meet him, say he’s really nice. What am I missing here? He likes much younger women. Is that the issue?

  624. 624
    cue the laughter Says:

    @food 4 thought:
    “If Jessica Biel is the one getting raves for her acting performance here, GB should pack up and go home.”

    Or at least pull a Marilyn and sign up for drama school.

  625. 625
    bex Says:

  626. 626
    Anastasia Beaverhausen Says:

    Well since the subject goes back to Madalina, I have to say, ohhooo she is messing will you gals. Can’t help it, starting to like her (don’t let me down now, I expect to get thumbed down into oblivion for saying that). ;)

    It’s possibly time for Gerard B to settle down and it’s his choice who that may be with. Or else he may end up the REALLY old man sitting at the club/bar, smoking a cigarette saying “My a/ss twitches. You people make my a/ss twitch”~ (curtesy of Meg Ryan in the movie French Kiss). I wish him luck with his career. He’s got the talent, he just needs to utilize it well.

    Okay I bid JJ adieu. Joie, Emma, Autumn, GFW, MaggieP, Manny, cupcake, niknoks, darG and more, we had so many interesting and fun conversations. I will always cherish them. Those who I speak with via email, I will be talking to ya. Mwah!

    Happy Happy Thanksgiving all! :-D

  627. 627
    bex Says:

    New thread

  628. 628
    DocP Says:

    Oh, How romantic…Not. Who goes looking for their own engagement ring?? Give me a break, what did Gerry say, “Babe ‘m to busy with my fabulous career. I need you to go shopping for your own engagement ring. Keep it under $2000 doll. We don’t know how well my next movie is gonna do”
    Heh Heh Heh!!!

  629. 629
    dargabriel Says:

    Good morning JJ and everybody….. I hooe you all are having a great day. It amazes me how lost this butler seems, wow, is he really that lost? Or is he just playing games, oops, I almost forgot this is a gossip site, which means about 80 percent of whats said and seen is BS. I know the butler does love sex and knows what he yearns for, but temptation with many pussssyyyyyy is too tempting, be careful butler not everyone smells clean and is of your own DNA, spiritually speaking like your rightful half, so good luck with that, for women around you, you are divine, however, for yourself, others essence will always be off and will never defy you, thats a fact. Like a dog going and smelling another dog that isnt right, somehow or someway, they go for the fittest, at least my deer do, anyways butler enjoy people that whine about their pain and become babies, you’re so off on your target, your other half never complains and is stronger then you’ll ever know. At least one man gets to enjoy those essence, you’re missing out. Too bad, so sad. In all fairness I wish you happiness, now go back to scotland, your welcome has worn out in my home state, go away. I love you guys. Bye

  630. 630
    Hello Says:

    @jumpingonthebandwagon: I’ve read all your posts and still laughing. Girl you hit the nail right smack on the head. Nobody knows how he treats women or how many girlfriends he has had, serious or just dating. They have him suffering from ocd and every other malady you can think of and wandering the streets of NY. Guess they don’t know that city never sleeps. Gotta get back to making USA Thanksgiving dinner, but glad you got to meet the man in person. Rent Wrath of Gods if you liked Beowulf and keep posting. Enjoying the breath of fresh air. If you’re from Jersey or Pa. hope you are well.

  631. 631
    DocP Says:

    You must really hate MG to wish a man like Gerry on her. Lets count the number of times he was there for her…None. How about the number of times he was faithful…..none. Lets go three for three. How about the number of times he was honest with her….. once again none. i wouldn’t wish this guy on my worst enemy. Unless of course all you want is status and money. But don’t hold out for love cause he just doesn’t have it in him, except for himself.

  632. 632
    jumpingonthebandwagon Says:


    DocP, you need a doctor for your ailment of HATING A MAN YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW. Are you privy to every conversation that Gerard has had with M.G. LOL Of course not. Have you been in the bedroom with them when they’re intimate? LOL Of course not.

    Get this straight. You have no iota of information of how Gerard threats this woman or any woman.

  633. 633
    missjude Says:

    @jumpingonthebandwagon: you are insane! you loathed Gerard just a few posts back. let me remind you…

    -What a total scum bag!! I had never heard this before. He is a total piece of c.r.a.p. I was so convinced by the many tweets and personal accounts that he is a nice guy. Boy, was I mistaken. Thanks for the REAL facts. I am so blessed that I ventured here where everyone knows “the real” Gerard Butler. Hey, Gerry, if you’re reading here today, “s.c.r.e.w. you, you hypocrite lying piece of smoldering p.o.o.p. May you rot in h.e.l.l. with all of your cheesy movie choices. (Gerry, I actually loved most of your movies and I think you are a decent actor) -

  634. 634
    GFW Says:

    Why only me means why only me that goes into moderation?

  635. 635
    GFW Says:

    @Anastasia Beaverhausen:
    Like her all you want but if he can’t trust her, and he cannot, how can anything grow? It cant’ but it be reduced, if it is active at all, to call-girl (literally ‘girl on demand’) or “good for right now” girl status, which is nothing but wasting time for benefits of sex… and to keep him from being lonely… which isn’t love either.

  636. 636
    crazee peeps Says:

    @missjude: In other words, you put your trust in a bunch of posters who know nothing for rea l about butler. They repeat and embellish what other nut cases post. Perhaps the first-hand personal accounts are where the truth is. I often wonder what drives some woman in Peoria or other podunk place to be on here day after day making up stuff about someone famous. AND, it’s not just Butler they or others of their ilk rave on about. Must be some weird mental condition involving low self esteem and a desire to get back at the rich and famous,

  637. 637
    God Bless yoou all! Says:

    “God has said, ‘Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.’ So we say with confidence, ‘The Lord is my helper; I will not be afraid. What can man do to me?’” – Hebrews 13:5-6

  638. 638
    missjude Says:

    @crazee peeps: i was quoting@jumpingonthebandwagon. not my words :/ read the post again

  639. 639
    TeaCakes Says:

    @Free advice: He’s been a joke for a long time. It’s just that many of you are finally catching on while the rest of us have known it for years.

  640. 640
    jumpingonthebandwagon Says:


    Are you just plain stupid? Wear your sign, please.

  641. 641
    DocP Says:

    i didn’t even see your post because i’ve already moved on. It was only by accident that i came across it since it loaded an old page. Actually i don’t have to see them upclose. An outsiders view is less biased and more realistic than an insiders . So ya I think he does treat her with disrespect…whats it to you anyways. Are you her BFF?? Celebrities and Public figures put there lifes out there for everyone to view. Therefore we all have the right to make an opinion based on what we see.

  642. 642
    missjude Says:

    @jumpingonthebandwagon: after you take your meds. care in the community isn’t working huh?

    seriously, you are mentally ill and you know it. i won’t respond to you again as i will not humour someone who is clearly disturbed.

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