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Rachel Weisz & Marion Cotillard: THR's Actress Roundtable!

Rachel Weisz & Marion Cotillard: THR's Actress Roundtable!

Rachel Weisz, Amy Adams, Marion Cotillard, Naomi Watts, Anne Hathaway, Sally Field, and Helen Hunt glam up for the cover of The Hollywood Reporter‘s Actress Roundtable issue.

Here is what the ladies had to share with the mag:

Anne on her mother playing her Les Miserables role Fantine on stage: “Yeah. My mom was in the first national tour, and she understudied the character [Fantine] whom I wound up playing. It made me nervous to tell her that I was auditioning for it, just because I knew how much it would mean to her, and I was worried that if I didn’t get it, she would be disappointed, and if I did get it, it would be weird. And she was so cool about it. We talked about the character. And when I got the part, no one was happier for me.”

Marion on the role that changed her life: “After La Vie en Rose, I started to feel the need to clean up some relationships, which was really weird. Suddenly, I needed to start fresh. Sometimes you go deep inside yourself, and I think it opens things inside of you. I don’t know if you can really identify what it is, but you just need to heal. Did I answer the question? (Laughter.)”

Amy on how fame changed her life: “I am going to get in an altercation with the paparazzi. It’s going to happen. They keep focusing on my child. You guys are mothers. How do you handle it? Because I need to calm down. I have a really bad temper. I need to learn how to control myself.”

Rachel on fighting for a role: “I fought for The Constant Gardener. I hounded the director. I called him a lot, and I wrote him a lot of letters. They were quite bold, basically telling him why I thought I was right to play the part. That’s very un-British. But I dropped my British-ness and at the end of the day [director Fernando Meirelles] said that tenacity was right for the character.”

For more from the ladies, visit and watch the roundtable discussion below!

THR’s Actress Roundtable – Video!

10+ pictures inside of Rachel Weisz, Marion Cotillard, and more…

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  • wow

    another round table of white actresses to remind us how minority actresses are ignored in HW.

  • Reba

    Wow. You’d think there were no minority actresses in Hollywood based on this cover. Shame on the magazine and the actresses for promoting such a provincial image:(

  • Lotta

    All beautiful woman with the exception of Anne Hathaway. I will include here Octavia Spencer.




    Beautiful and talented WOMEN!

  • Amiliè


    Sorry but I disagree. I think that cover is exactly what Hollywood and american cinema are and represents: a minority select class. I don’t think it’s fair but it’s the american reality. Something to change and to make us think about.

  • Taylor

    Yes, minority but not all of them are american, and that’s someting new: Rachel is english, Naomi is british-australian and Marion is french.

  • Jen

    They should have burned that dress after Kristen Stewart wore it. Anne should get checked for fleas.

  • Manoush

    Georgous Rachel and Marion! Love Anne too, dont get why people hate her so much! Hope Marion get best actress oscar (n°2) and anne best suppporting

  • M

    I think it’s actress that may secure this year’s Oscar nominations, no? Some of them aren’t American and at least they are decent actresses. In general, minorities actress are few already in Hollywood and you would think they would go by talent but that’s never the case. Ugly reality but in order to change ppl need to really get vocal when there’s limited representation or wrong casting etc.

  • Frances

    Anne Hathaway relegated to floor space.
    Too funny.

  • Hayley

    @Manoush: peeps don’t like Anne bec she tries too hard. Her personality is super annoying.
    All u have to do is YouTube any one of her interviews and ull get it.

  • Ryan

    Amy Adams looks the best to me in this photo.

  • PipeDown

    Anne Hathaway is a beautiful, talented lady. Haters gonna hate. ;)

  • Anne

    Rachel and Marion are stunning! Anne is pretty too.

  • Emmy

    Talented white ladies in fancy dresses. I’m so sick of the way that Hollywood is continuing to ignore so many talented actresses of color. If the old guard isn’t going to make a change then I hope a new set of young women forces their way into the industry and finally shakes things up.

  • Kate

    I really want to be Marion….. What a beautiful lady!

  • Elise

    Marion’s talking about how she had to discard the nobodies and little people after she won her Oscar.

  • Sarah

    @Emmy: couldn’t agree more!

  • Dana

    Really, complaining about no minorities being present at the round table…. Oh you guys. Did you forget the Hollywood fixed racism with The Help last year… What more do you need… like come on. Lower your expectations people.

  • Uh huh

    Helen Hunts face has melted :(

  • Wow

    Naomi Harris is British and she’s black why isn’t she there?

  • S

    It’s not the actresses’ fault that only white women are at the roundtable, it’s the media’s fault and the way they label celebrities.

    In Hollywood it doesn’t matter who’s the better actress, it all depends on her status.

    For example, how come Sandra Bullock won over Gabby Sidibe? I mean come on. Sandra’s performance was NOTHING compared to Sidibe’s but she won cause she is the beloved Sandy Bullock! Of course the Academy won’t let a young African-American gir,l who no one knew of before, win the Oscar.

    This has nothing to do with color but Julia Roberts won over Ellen Burstyn with Erin Brokovich. Ridiculous. Ellen was astonoshing in Requiem for a Dream and her performance was much more raw, realistic and overall better than Julia’s. But no, Julia Roberts is famous.

    Therefore, I say the Academy is BS:

  • Claire

    Even if there are 6 others very very talented actress, I have this huge feeling that Marion is the one with the most star-power of them all. It’s like she is Marilyn Monroe sitting around random actresses. Perfection

  • HD

    Anne is at her place…..on the floor! What an ugly woman!

  • Anne

    @Claire: It is true. Marion does stand out in the group. She is so ridiculously beautiful.

  • Simon

    Actually both Rachel Weisz and Marion Cotillard and out of the group in that picture and the video with Sally Field. Those women came across as humble by their success. The rest came across as insecure and bitter.

  • Simon

    Actually both Rachel Weisz and Marion Cotillard stand out of the group in that picture and the video with Sally Field. Those women came across as humble by their success. The rest came across as insecure and bitter.

  • LOL

    I’m shocked..THR didn’t been over backwards to include Kristen Stewart in this group? at least we can be thankful for small favors.

  • PipeDown


    What an ugly person you are.

  • Lucy

    anne is her!

  • Hugo

    RACHEL WEISZ is just fantastic

  • lola_uk

    So, I guess only the white women were invited to this shindig…

  • Danni

    @LOL: kristen stewart of sucks actress she should not even doing films

  • Lou

    @HD: You are an ugly and sad person.

  • Last year…

    Last year, it was more diverse… I don’t think they intentionally left people of color out. But I thought Helen Hunt was a strange choice to include in this group, since she doesn’t really fit in. She’s a fine actress though. Sally Field must have thought her older, since she included her in the oldie group. Kinda sad, because HH is only 49, compared to 66. She took it well though. I didn’t think the guys were asking girly-girl questions, like she implied, but I can see how that can happen. So, maybe good she brought it up, for next year’s question choices. Felt sorry for Marion Colliard because you could tell she was self-conscious about her English among these articulate English only speakers.

  • You sound like a….

    @Danni: You sound like a scorned woman… jealous, much? She’s a good indie actress, but doesn’t really fit in the big blockbuster type movies. But she was successful in the Twilight movies, so maybe we are wrong.

  • You sound like a….

    @Simon: I didn’t get that impression really. I can see what you meant about “insecure” but I just took it that the nervous energy gives them adrenalin to give a more dynamic performance. I loved Marion but even she said that she couldn’t stand one director she worked with. so there was bitterness there. I thought HH, SF, KW & NW were most articulate. The reason I think they sounded bitter is that women have a “shelf life” as actresses… and it’s sad that there are not better roles for older women. I would appear bitter too.

  • http://adzilri bochakuw

    there’s reason why they put the title like that..becuase Rcahel Weizs and Marion Cotillard are the most gorgeous of all..

  • Kary

    They have all the old Hollywood royalty going in on. Gorgeous women and superb actresses.

  • Verity

    @lola_uk: Apparently Hollywood only has white actresses. Somethings just never, nor will ever change.

  • Verity

    Actors/Actresses of color need to stop banging on a door that does not want to open for them. In the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences 84 year history only 27 people of color have won Oscars in 17 categories. That’s just shameful.

  • Anna

    @Verity: Absolutely agree that it’s shameful, but could not disagree more that they need to give up. If banging on the door doesn’t work then it’s time bulldoze it down. They’ve got the support of millions of fans like me behind them, and we need to learn to speak with our money if our voices aren’t enough.

  • Angie

    Marion, omg,what a beautiful, talented and humble woman, she’s unique, has this personality that captivates you, you just can’t help but love her, she’s so charming.
    LOVE HER!.

  • Leni

    Strange Jennifer Lawrence wasn’t included. Though she’s probably busy promoting her movie.

  • Dodo

    Sally – Kinda desperate, trying to talk over the others – end of career near?
    Helen – Cool all american chick
    Amy – Cute little mommy – boring!
    Rachel – too self-concious and arrogant, she seems to love her own voice.
    Naomi – Kinda insecure and shy, but out of the bunch, the most intriguing one.
    Marion – French. boring.
    Anne – annoying, know it all nerd.

  • Xian


    Rachel was not arrogant at all. She was funny and sweet. If you are going to lie about what you saw, do a better job of it moron.

  • LovelyFrance

    Marion, you are the most beautiful woman in the world !

  • hmmm

    Kerry Washington, Octavia Spencer, Viola Davis, Thandie Newton..Naomi Harris..deserve to be in that group more than Helen has been Hunt.

  • ciruni

    First of I’m not complaining – being foreign and black – let the white people celebrate themselves = they built it. SO now us black folks, you need to drop the racism thing and follow tyler perry path, if they do not accommodate you – build your own. There are many accomplished black folks in US and beyond and if they united and made , directed, their own Quality movies – not the Madea type, then compete with the rest of them . I do not see why we cannot succeed and call the shots too..enough of the whining – which is the characteristic of American born blacks..I’m African born, came here and competed equally – that is how it is done !