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Adrien Brody & Lara Lieto: GQ Awards in Madrid!

Adrien Brody & Lara Lieto: GQ Awards in Madrid!

Adrien Brody is dashing while attending the 2012 GQ Awards held at the Palace Hotel on Monday (November 19) in Madrid, Spain.

The 39-year-old actor was accompanied by his girlfriend Lara Lieto.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Adrien Brody

Last weekend, Adrien and Lara were spotted posing on the red carpet at the premiere of his new film Back to 1942.

Adrien is currently in Italy filming his upcoming movie The Third Person, also starring Liam Neeson, Olivia Wilde, Mila Kunis, and James Franco.

15+ pictures inside of Adrien Brody and Lara Lieto attending an award ceremony together…

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# 1

is that her real hair?

# 2

@Iris: I think so ! It seems like…

# 3
She looks 18 years old @ 11/20/2012 at 6:17 pm

She’s gorgeous but looks like a teenager. Is she?

# 4

I’m sorry I just don’t get his appeal.

# 5

Lara is really beautiful!!

# 6

adrien’s girlfriend is stunning

# 7

Sorry, but hair that long starts to look kinda scary

# 8
why bother @ 11/20/2012 at 6:42 pm

these two will last till they’re 60 fosho

# 9
Apple raspberry @ 11/20/2012 at 6:42 pm

It’s called stripper hair folks.

Nice body but her face is just ok.
Cute but I wouldn’t call her stunning.
She’s only eye catching bec she’s got
ridiculously long hair and is a younger woman on the arm of an older Oscar winner.
Snip her hair and have her standing alone and u wouldn’t give her a second glance.
I wouldn’t.

Dave Franco @ 11/20/2012 at 7:01 pm

Wow! just wow.

That man’s nose is like an extra *****. Holy smokes!!
He makes all that money & he can’t make himself look normal.

I DO! I love him and he’s a great actor. She is breathtakingly gorgeous.

anonymous @ 11/20/2012 at 7:14 pm


Gosh, remember when he was huge and was getting all these major film roles and even won an Oscar? And that was, what, like a decade ago? Why oh why did he have to make bad career (and personal life) choices after his win? He could have won (or at least been nominated for) two or three more Oscars after that. That’s how talented he is!! I think his relationship with Elsa is what really ruined his image. I mean, all the crazy things he did for her… only to get his heart broken. I just really hope that he makes that one right film decision that will really jump start his career again and have people taking about how insanely talented he is and how he deserves more quality characters. And if not… well, at least he’s living the good life and never has to worry about money.

I’ll always love you Adrien!!! <3

I love her gorgeous hair. So different from the layer/highlighted cookie cutter hair style we see everywhere…and Adrien, well he’s super sexy.

@solecito: Give me a break, she is a cookie cutter. Obviously wearing hair extensions. Generic outfit.

Her hair is quite damaged, u can clearly see the ends.

Adrien is a magnet for beautiful women. He must have something ;-). Is she the one? I doubt it. He looked so happy with Elsa Pataki, and they were together for a long time, but she ended up marrying Chris Hemsworth.

Elsa dumped him.

Although I personally don’t find him attractive, Adrien does not need to get a nose job, thanks very much. He got some excellent leading-man roles because he can act and because of his unique features.

I think after you win an Oscar you feel like you can wing it a bit more. So what? At least he looks like he’s having fun. and he sure loves ‘em latin hunnies.

@why bother, you post the same darn message on every thread

It’s certainly none of my business, but can’t resist it. Kind of young, isn’t she?

Ew does she hold her hair when shes on the toilet? GROSS

…whats with all the negative comments regarding her hair/sure its her real hair! Just cause everyone seems to have extensions on, doesn’t mean that there are girls out there who can’t have beautiful long hair. She has a very delicate beauty and and having long hair doesn’t = stripper hair.
It’s a sign of youth…
He’s an awesome actor!

@kiki: I know jeez ppl its just hair, and It think it’s beautiful!

2 words come to mind when I saw her; HAIRCUT PLEASE!

Look at his smug expression. This guy seriously needs to get over himself.

Fading Star @ 11/21/2012 at 1:15 am


He must always ask …Why does her hair smell like poop all the time ???

why DO the very pretty pick the very ugly to mate with???

Are you 7? @ 11/21/2012 at 2:06 am

@Fading Star: Seriously, “poop”… are you 7 years old?

That hair is ridiculous. It looks like a mop! He’s such a cheese ball. He’s posing! Ick!

How old is she?

Lara would be far prettier with shorter hair. She must be pretty weird to wear that hair extremely long.

She is gorgeous and so is her hair.
Jealous haters go away.

TSK...tsk........ @ 11/21/2012 at 9:14 am

Like John Mayer heres another guy who had a promising career but he gave it up to party big time and have multiple affairs with women.

What happened to his career? He was big before.

gorgeous girl

@Sunny: It’s called money and fame. That is the magnet because it’s certainly not this guy’s looks that attract young women.

@emcee: lots of chicks think Adrien is hot. She’s the one who is puzzlingly lucky enough to be his gf. With the ENORMOUS selection he has i’m confused as to why he wouldn’t find himself something other than a generically good looking young girl who has no intelligence or personality in her facial expressions at all. Looks like a bimbo. Weird.

@NYC: just because someone doesn’t think much of this girl doesn’t make them a jealous hater. Her hair is kinda tacky, she’s a typical girly-girl, looks way too young for him and I agree w Michelle I think she looks like an airhead. I’d like to see Adrien with someone more impressive, and I don’t mean hotter.

Absolutely agree with you! She’s amazing!

@Maxine: Well, he’d like to see himself with her and not with someone you haters will approve of.

What the hell has he starred in lately?

@Aimee: for now he wants to be with her. We’ll see if it lasts, still early in their relationship and he’s had other gfs since Elsa that he stuck with for a few months, the last one made an appearance at Cannes w him. Who knows. I still have hope that Adrien will get past his bimbo phase.

Looks like he’s rebounded from the soul-sucker Elsa Pataky.

you people are digusting for judging people by their looks, hair, etc., you criticize when miley chops her hair short, then you criticize this gal for long hair… what exactly do you want everyone to do? have the exact same style as yours? what about your hair? why dont you show your faces? lets see what amazing hair you have? geesh, jealous much? shes beautiful, with or without.

Why the hate for long hair? I see so many vidoe on youtube with girls with long hair and people tell them to cut it off and donate it ! How rude. Do you ever walk up to someone who has a Mercedess and tell them that they should buy a cheaper car and give the rest to charity? This never happens in my country. America is very weird. Where on earth do you get off telling people to donate or get rid of things? Rude
I only came here to say that Adrian is a great actor.

Her hair is just gross. Not classy or anything, plain gross.
Youth and vitality does not = overly long hair. It looks sick and old like a witch from scary stories.

She┬┤s not attractive at all, but to cover the average look with stupid long hair is just awful.

If her hair was shorter no one would notice her. She looks fat and plain with no class compared to eg. taylor swift.

anyone know @ 11/21/2012 at 3:08 pm

how old is lara?

remember da truth @ 11/21/2012 at 3:51 pm

James, you wouldn’t give her a second look? Riiiight….. Because you see faces like that all the time just dying to spend a few minutes with you! LOL!!!

Adrien is so sexy adn talented, and no his previous girlfriend had nothing to do with his career. He has always preferred the independent movie over something schlocky, and he made some really good movies (maybe you didn’t see them) just because they weren’t blockbusters. when he got his Oscar, most people didn’t know who he was and he has not changed his movie choices.

From Elsa Petaky to this?

I bet she is like 26-27 but looks younger.

her hair is beautiful but far too long … it just becomes gross at that point. adrien is gorgeous.

Okay, for someone to say this girl is ugly compared to Taylor Swift — you must be ouchyodamnmind!!! Taylor Swift is the definition of average. In every way. Flip open a dictionary and you’ll see her picture next to the word “mediocre.”

Adrien likes the much younger, pretty, model-ly, um, leeching types. I think he’s talented and he seems like an intelligent person in his interviews, but his taste in women is questionable. His track record kind of proves this.

I give this relationship a few years, max. May they be happy together during that time, though. They look like they are enjoying each other, so I wish them the best. Just hope he doesn’t go buy her a castle somewhere, propose to her, and then get dumped … again.

And yes, she could use a trim … of, like, 10 inches.

Well his is a D lister. Not a famous actor…and I don’t understand how anyone finds this guy hot. I think he’s an average guy. If he wasn’t in movies, he would just be an average joe dating average chicks. He’s only attracting the hot, young, that are not from here and not famous b/c they probably think he is some big star with his one Oscar and cling onto him to be noticed. Once they are, some HOTT famous guy (ei Elsa and Chris) notices them and then the D lister is back on the market.

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