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Daniel Craig Visits British Troops in Afghanistan!

Daniel Craig Visits British Troops in Afghanistan!

Daniel Craig is all smiles as he pays a surprise visit to the British servicemen and women on Sunday (November 18) at Camp Bastion, Afghanistan.

The 44-year-old actor introduced a special screening of Skyfall and went on to tour the camp, where he met hospital patients at Bastion Role 3 Hospital.

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Daniel has officially become the best paid James Bond actor in the franchise’s 50-year history.

Daniel is being paid more than $49 million to play the spy twice more after the huge success of Skyfall.

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  • Pam

    Congrats on being the highest paid Bond, Mr. Craig! You deserve it! Not only did Daniel make Bond cool again, but he has helped bring in talent for the new generation. He was directly involved in bringing Sam Mendes, Ralph Fiennes and Javier Bardem to the table. He also help with the stories and gave Bond a new raw edge never seen before!

  • carrie

    goood goood goood

  • Chu Chu

    what a decent guy he is! cool!

  • Kate

    I LOVE him even more!!!!

  • Tayler

    OMG, way to support the troops!
    Another reason to swoon over Daniel.

  • CJ

    I take my hat off to Daniel. Also by the way easily the best ever Bond!

  • Jen

    A fictional hero met real heroes. No. This means a real hero meets real heroes!

  • Mike

    According to BBC, Daniel inspected demonstration of the techniques used to search for bombs and he used the detectors himself to search for buried training devices, also he fired some of the machine guns used by UK forces. He acted honorably to raise the morale of the troops!

  • Pavlo

    Super sexy. Daniel Craig is incredibly hot!

  • Gunskills
  • Gunskills

    Now that’s awesome!

  • Gunskills
  • Monica

    Class act! More reason to love Daniel!!

  • ben

    he’s cool and all but it’s easy to hop a plane and shake hands for a day.
    it’s the TROOPS you should take your hats off to.
    they’re the ones that work the hard job for 1% of what craig makes.

  • Jess

    @ben: No, it isn’t easy. Because Camp Baston is the front line of a battle. Daniel went to show soldiers Skyfall, it was a pleasant show, but it is not without danger. Of course, each and every soldier is a real hero.
    The fact is, when a force of Taliban gunmen managed to move up to and breach the Bastion’s security at around 10.15pm (local time), supposedly without being seen or heard, have sent a shock wave through Nato’s high command.
    Initial reports state that the Taliban had been monitoring the eastern side of Camp Bastion for at least two weeks and had been posing as farmers working in a nearby maize plantation.
    A five-foot-high hole has reportedly been found in the outer fence which sits adjacent to the main runway. It is believed to have been caused by a suicide bomber detonating an explosive vest. One the fence had been breached, around 19 insurgents, many also wearing suicide vests, streamed forward firing rocket propelled grenades and mortars. Two US Marines were killed in the ensuing battle and five aircraft, including US Marine Corps Harrier jump jets and helicopters, were destroyed. A fuel storage tank and a helicopter maintenance tent were also hit and caught fire.
    The attack only ever had one aim. It was a suicide mission designed to demonstrate that the Taliban can attack any Nato installation, no matter how secure.

  • Cate

    Awww! That’s really great of him!

  • Elle

    @Mike. Well, but I was favorably impressed by an other part. Daniel visited Bastion Role 3 Hospital which specialises in treating trauma patients.
    “Pte Scott Craggs, 23, from Newcastle, a combat medical technician said: “It was really good morale for everyone – it’s a decent thing for him to take time to come out and visit everyone here.”"

    So I adore he always pays great attention to others and having good social manners. He isn’t a nationalist, but he is a patriotic man, he loves his country in his own way.

  • OMG

    What did you expect of him? Each plays their respective role!!!!! Daniel was showing support/respect to troops who fight for their own country. I respect each service!

  • Mike

    @Jess: Now I remember! Camp Bastion is the base where Prince Harry is serving as a member of a British helicopter unit. Taliban targeted Camp Bastion to attack Harry. How awful.
    @Elle: Exactly!

  • kelly

    He looks like a grandpop. Old man.

  • OMG

    I suspect you’re not very intellectually oriented. LOL. As for this subject, your dumbest comments are irrelevant and out of place to examine here. If you have brains in your head, try to learn a more varied vocabulary on the latest happenings in the world.

  • @Kelly

    is “grandpop” a real word? well “grand” means great and “pop” is a german word for F*U*C*K and if that is what you mean you are certainly right: he’s so sexy and I bet he’s a great f*U*C*K, surely greater, more sexy than every guy who wants to bed a joyless, fustrated B*I*T***CH like you.

  • Guinness-Its what Dan wants!!!

    holly crap. I wrote back to you Mendel on the previous thread.
    His PR dude is working over time!! Nice job—they should get a raise(*I would take a rise!!*). Now, this is the puff piece I am talkin’bout. Nice job Dan. And jus thkng of hiem sprawled out oan the gournd….. with his perfectly formed arsssse….

  • Guinness-Its what Dan wants!!!

    What @Kelly said! whew!

  • Fio

    Lookze: Checkout Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz’s Soho apartment:

  • Fio

    An Interview with Daniel Craig: A Poetic License To Kill
    Born in Chester, England on March 2, 1968, and raised on the Wirral Peninsula outside Liverpool, Daniel Craig has gone from waiting tables as a struggling actor to playing the legendary James Bond. In between, the versatile thespian has tackled a variety of roles, which is reflected in a resumé which includes outings in Elizabeth, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, Road To Perdition, The Mother, Sylvia, Layer Cake, Fateless, Munich and Infamous prior to his 2006 debut as 007 in Casino Royale.

    Since then, the Brit beefcake has also appeared in The Invasion, Defiance, Cowboys & Aliens, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and another Bond flick, The Quantum Of Solace. Here, Daniel talks about his third go-round as the secret agent with the proverbial “License To Kill” in Skyfall, a riveting adventure which establishes him as the best 007 since the standard was set by Sean Connery back in the ‘60s.

    Hey, Daniel. Is that you? I’m surprised, because most celebrities have their publicist place the call and then put them on the line.

    I can dial the phone myself. Amazing! (Chuckles)

    Well, thanks for the interview. I loved Skyfall. How did you enjoy making it?

    Immensely! Immensely! It’s been the culmination of a lot of effort by many different people. We’ve been very busy prepping over the entire four-year hiatus. I won’t lie, it was very hard work and sometimes very intense, but with a cast this good and a crew that’s just out of this world, it added up to a great, great experience.

    How would you say Skyfall is different from all the other Bond movies?

    I suppose the only way I could say it’s different is that it’s a modern take. But we’ve been very careful that, throughout the film, you never forget that you’re watching a James Bond movie since that, of course, is what people come to see. And we want you to make all the sort of nods to the past, and to make sure that we not only reintroduce characters that everybody knows by now but also introduce some new ones as well. We had a great story with a unique plot.

    Do you feel at all intimidated as the face of such an enduring and beloved film franchise?

    Well, I don’t know about feeling intimidated. But there is a little pressure in the back of your mind when you’ve been afforded a chance to make a movie of this stature. But it’s a good pressure. It spurs people on. I know that Sam [Mendes, director] and I were in total agreement that we just wanted to make the best Bond we could, not only because of the 50 year anniversary, but because you don’t have a chance to make one very often. So, we had better make a good one.

    How did you prepare yourself physically and mentally to play 007 this time around?

    I just hit the gym for the physical side of it. I’m training about six months before we start shooting. Three months out I kind of up the rate, and try to get as fit as I can. The mental preparation involves long, long, long discussions with the writers and the directors to make sure we’re all on the same page.

    What is the coolest gadget we get to see you use in the film?

    I can’t tell you that (chuckles, then pauses to think). The DB5! [The Aston Martin first driven by 007 in Goldfinger.] It’s still there and it’s still one of the best gadgets there ever was.

    What did you bring to your interpretation of James Bond to make the role your own?

    I don’t know, just my knowledge of the way I like to act. I’ve always felt that I could never be as good as the guys who’ve gone before, or even like them in any way, shape or form, so I have to kind of try to create something. I always had a grand plan that if I ever had the chance to make a few of these that something would emerge, and I’m really sort of pleased with how things have worked out because it gave us an opportunity to get into Bond’s head a little bit.

    Well, I think you’re being extremely modest. Yes, Sean Connery may have set the standard as the originator of the role, but I think you’ve done a phenomenal job and eclipsed all the other Bonds while making the role your own.

    Thanks, Kam.

    You are such a talented actor. What has been your favorite role to date?

    Ooh, wow! That’s a really hard question to answer. I’ve loved a lot of what I’ve done. It’s a very difficult question to answer because each individual movie has a very specific memory. I’d have to put James Bond near the top for sure.

    I’ve enjoyed the versatility of your work, which ranges from a relationship drama like Mother to the historical thriller Munich to the Holocaust drama Defiance. What a mix!

    Yeah, I get around.

    I loved your performance with the Queen in the Olympic opening ceremonies. Is she going to be your new Bond girl? Is there any chance of you two working together again?

    I shouldn’t think so. I believe that was just a one off. [Director] Danny Boyle did such an extraordinary job with it. I was very proud to be part of the opening ceremony and it was an extraordinary opportunity for me to act with the Queen and to go to the palace.

    Did you play a role in picking the Bond girls?

    Oh, no, not really, that’s Sam’s job, although I certainly encouraged him when I thought he was on the right track.

    Which was your favorite location to shoot on?

    I enjoy them all, but London was the best one this time around, because we shot at a number of places there that you don’t normally get to shoot. And I think that plays very beautifully in the film.

    Have there been moments in your career where you personally doubted the likelihood of breaking through and finding success?

    I never really had that in mind. I got rid of my desire to make it a long time ago. I actually have just enjoyed working. I’ve always felt that when you’re only trying to strive to be successful, and you’re always worried about the grass being greener somewhere else, then you’ve failed. I’ve simply enjoyed the experience of working with people more than anything else, and that’s where I’ve put all my energy. Of course, I had a desire to be successful, too, but when I first started acting, all I wanted to do was pay the rent. I counted achieving that as the biggest success.

    Is there any question no one ever asks you, that you wish someone would?

    God, no! (Laughs)

    When you look in the mirror, what do you see?

    Me, I see me.

    If you could have one wish instantly granted, what would that be for?

    To banish hate. That’s a bit of a Miss World beauty pageant question, but I really do wish people would stop hating each other.

    What key quality do you believe all successful people share?

    The people I admire are the ones who allow the people around them to do their job. The most successful people I’ve met in my life are the ones who’ve had the ability to encourage and get the best out of people.

    What is your favorite charity?

    I have several: Dr. Barnardo’s Children’s Charity. A friend of mine runs a charity called Safe Africa, which is dedicated to the eradication of disease and poverty in Africa. Another is the RNLI, the Royal National Lifeboat Institution, which I try to help out as much as I can. And a few others. But you know what? It may be a cultural thing, but I kind of keep my charity work private, maybe because I’m English. I think it’s a private matter. That’s the way I grew up.

    Thanks again for the time, Daniel. It’s been an honor.

    Nice to talk to you, Kam. Bye!

  • Guinness

    thx Fio! He gets around…and interesting charities. and ” beauty pageant questions”… excellent quip I dare say Daniel.
    happy thanksgiving americans…I am stuffed–the turkey is no longer. Done is the traditional soccer game. Now on to Pigs Ear Beer, a traditional camp fire, some Smore’s, and some DVD”s.
    Cheers across the pond, wish us well for Black Friday shopping. Wonder if Dan made it back to NYC or at least NY for some R& R. (roaming and riding, yeee haw!)
    is the party for Bond all over?

  • Amy

    @Guinness: Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! (to everyone in USA). Enjoy your family and friends this weekend, everyone! Oh, Daniel went out on some errands for Rachel as usual. :D
    Karen DePaul ‏@karendepaul
    #thanksgivingsightings just saw Daniel Craig at the grocery store. He had a list. That Rachel is a smart woman 😉
    Karen DePaul ‏@karendepaul
    @Mad4mo do it. He has big dimples. :)

  • Mendel

    to Fio

    thanks for the great articles!

    Hi Guinness

    “Cheers across the pond, wish us well for Black Friday shopping.”

    Are you shopped out yet?

    “Nice job—they should get a raise(*I would take a rise!!*).”


    But talking about a pay rise, take a look at this ;)

    (the comments are hillarious, too)

  • Guinness

    Am i all shopped out? Try shopping with 1 preteen female, and one 9yr old going on 16. i was so mad—I am finishing it the night before xmas and getting them NOTHING they wanted. It was so materialistic that I was so disgusted of the entire human race. but then i realized it was my fault. then I had an extra Pig’s Ear beer and recalculated. So, why dont u get your bluddy English non-tory butt over here and quip that again!! (cheers!)
    And, my friend, the celerybritchy article u posted last thread was every thing I was thinking too, along with your explanations. It was most definitely done BEFORE the release of Bond and somehow his underpaid PR got them to run it AFTER Bond started….and sad to say, i actually heard that joke before—I lived with 6 guys whilst in college—but i dont think the grandma part was the joke–it was more like, “Yeah. well when i wanted clams I went to see your girlfriend,(or sister or someone female…just to get a rise out of the other party!!).
    AND—-the jounalist musta recorded that because if I had to write that article, i would have def misquoted somethings he said!!! Whatever happend Dan was in rare “angry” mode… we still love him. or love whatever his persona is… or what ever…
    AND if anyone who knows Bond & Skyfall would have picked up on the subtleness of the fake ad wording….
    And i loved the comments!! thank you!!

    “Right, so I’ll be eliminating targets, then?”
    “Like Bond?”
    “Kinda. You’ll be eliminating the target to sell 10,000 tampons a month to service stations in the North West. With extreme prejudice.”

  • Guinness

    Hi Fio.
    Thanks Amy.
    “Rach is a smart woman”.
    …very funny–but she married him, so we knew that already, right? cheers!

  • Julia

    @Amy: He’ll never know how much I love him who still goes shopping to a grocery store or by himself though Daniel becomes best paid Brit star in Hollywood! *chuckle*

  • The Rolling Stone

    Did anyone read the rolling stone interview?
    He almost jumped out of the closet.
    He said he lived with a gay male couple when he was just a mere lad of 18!
    ” they led me into adult hood, they taught me how to behave”
    What else did they teach you danny boy?

  • Rie

    Skyfall is not yet released in Japan, but Dream house has finally been released here. So Jim Sheridan was interviewed by some press.
    I translated only a half of the article (he told them about Rachel Weisz, Naomi Watts, Rachel Fox, The main theme).
    – What did feel a strong attraction to the production of movie?

    Sheridan: I read the script and liked it very much. I thought it was great. My wife Fran also liked it and I thought the plot was so powerfully persuasive. I do not usually like reading a script, but I liked the idea the man who lived in two world at the same time. I thought it was going to be a commercially successful movie. I have made some small scale movies and some serious American movies, therefore I wanted to try a entertainment genre movie, make more interesting one.
    – What do you think of Daniel Craig? And what did he bring for this movie?
    Sheridan: Daniel Craig is so kind, showing warm and heartfelt friendliness….especially for women. I think, women feel he is a man who value and protect women. You see? He ‘looks’ very polite and attentive to women [Laugh]. It is the most interesting thing whether he is REALLY such a man, or not. He is all kindness, has a sweetheart.
    He shows a very positive attitude to his work, well, he is an honest/upright man. Anyway, I had been told from the producers Daniel Craig was the best for the role. It took little time for persuading him. We were overjoyed because Daniel liked the script. It has been fun and happiness to work with him. Even if he thinks me to be eccentric, I don’t care. Daniel brought great advantage to the movie; he worked hard, never complains, and performed the role with great ability. I think it is one of the his best performance. He is absolutely amazing in many works. I guess that many people have not seen him who plays such a role so far, so I am curious how they feel.

  • Skyfall Earns Nearly $800M

    Sam Mendes’ Skyfall came in No. 2, grossing $36 million for the three days and $51 million for the five days. The movie, earning $221.7 million to date, is the first James Bond pic to earn $200 million or more domestically. Internationally, the film’s estimated total is roughly $568.1 million for a worldwide booty of $790.1 million. Skyfall is doing big business in Imax theaters, earning $49 million to date globally.

  • Skyfall The Biggest Opening AU

    #2 was Eon Productions/MGM/Sony Pictures’ James Bond #23 Skyfall which crossed $200M domestic over the weekend – the first 007 film ever to cross $200 million or more domestically. Skyfall‘s overall international cume is at least $568.4M and worldwide more than $790.1M. Australia and New Zealand came in as the biggest Bond openings ever and ranked among the top openings of the year, both #1 and both commanding 65% of the market this weekend. Australia bowed with $12.5 ($21k per screen). Despite the onslaught of the Twilight Saga finale, Skyfall‘s holdover stayed strong. On IMAX, pic made $7.5 mil domestic gross while its global cume to date on IMAX will be $49M.

  • Sunshine Daydream

    There he goes making patriotism and good will toward others look incredibly sexy….AGAIN! Love Daniel!

  • Mendel

    Hi Guinness

    “I had an extra Pig’s Ear beer”

    For a split second I imagined you angrily chewing on a pig’s ear, until I read the ‘beer’ bit… ;)

    “So, why dont u get your bluddy English non-tory butt over here and quip that again!! (cheers!)”

    Would love to get my butt over there to do some serious shopping!

    “You’ll be eliminating the target to sell 10,000 tampons a month to service stations in the North West. With extreme prejudice.”

    Yes, I loved that bit, too!

    Congrats Dan! I would hate to have to do a driving test ever again!

  • Fio

    Laurenmaycowley: big brother met Daniel Craig, so so jealous!

  • Fio

    Q&A – Skyfall Director Sam Mendes on Reinventing James Bond and His Favorite Scenes

    Bond is back, and Skyfall might just be the best James Bond film yet – and we were lucky enough to go one on one with Bond Girl Berenice Marlohe.

    Berenice told us what it’s like working with Daniel Craig, who sounds quite charming really!

    Plus is she anything like a Bond Girl in real life? We found out.

    Have you seen Skyfall yet? It’s in Australian cinemas now!

    Check out the full interview below.

  • Fio

    Steven Spielberg reveals James Bond rejection as he praises Skyfall

  • Fio

    Best Bond Ever Daniel Craig Has Given 007 Another 50 Years With ‘Skyfall’ Says Sir Roger MooreEx-Bond star speaks of his love of Daniel in Bond role
    Daniel Craig is the best James Bond, so good in fact that he may have given the franchise another 50 years of life.

    Those aren’t the words of the random man on the street, but of an ex-James Bond himself, Sir Roger Moore.

    The 86-year-old star loves new 007 flick ‘Skyfall so much that he apparently wishes that when he wrote his book, ‘Bond on Bond’, including the opinion that Sean Connery was the best Bond, he’d been able to include a chapter on the latest man to take on the role of the suave secret agent.

    Talking to NBC, when asked if he’d revised his opinion of who was the best Bond he stated: “If I had been able to see ‘Skyfall’ before finishing the book, I would have then had to have written a chapter about Daniel Craig, who is a superb Bond.“

    The actor, who starred in seven Bond movies, including classics like ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’ and ‘The Man With The Golden Gun’ even said that he thinks the latest movie has guaranteed that we’ll see another half century of James risking all for Queen and country, adding: “I think it has guaranteed another 50 years for the franchise.”

    When asked about what he would have put in the chapter Moore said: “I would have liked to talk about his performance in ‘Casino Royale’. His bravery in looking like he knew what he was about in ‘Quantum of Solace’, which I didn’t understand. I don’t think anybody did. But with Sam Mendes directing, “Skyfall” to me is just an extraordinary piece of motion picture.”

    It seems that the world agrees with Sir Roger, as ‘Skyfall’ has already become the highest grossing Bond movie of all time worldwide with an amazing estimated $678m already, and is on course to become the highest grossing film of all time in the UK.

  • Guinness

    ya know, in some “pubs” over here, “they” do sell pigs feet –(for those who are double-dared when alcoholically incoherent…). gross. (and those are the upstanding-community pubs…
    anyway, thx for the link of Dan driving…his …..ah….driiving. 5 HOURS?? FFS, can he legally drive all farm/construction euipment?? the comments saud this was only for staten island district? He shudda went upstate to the “farm”. omygash—being the instructor…”ok, mr.craig, you found my instruments, i mean the cars’ toggles, i mean, CAN YOU point out your stick shift?” Take me for a ride–you then pass the test even if you run into a parked car.
    ~~ and yes, we would have fun shopping–I run in and out of stores, rushhing to make sure I hit happy hour at 5PM. (starting at 9am-you up then?)
    oh, and besided seeing Dan in Skyfall, my second holiday wish was for a job into a career. AND I got it. It is my dream job. And should take me into retirement–that is how excited i am. Please do guess what it is. and it doesnt involve pole dancing, although lucrative, the pole does get a little overused. eeeewwwwahhhhhhh. Dan. Pole. got to keep this relevant right.

    ok—i LOVE the observant and extreme insight of Sir Roger saying that dan will take it another 50 years….lovethat.

    got a msg from my facebook page….wanna friend me? but no crazies need apply……….
    thx fio–keep it up..Dan, i mean….

  • Guinness

    In the new James Bond movie, “Skyfall,” Daniel Craig takes off his shirt and examines his wounds. There appear to be two of them . He touches his wounds and winces. So do I. Bond is in pain from his wounds. I am in pain from all the hours he has spent in the gym.

    This Bond ripples with muscles. Craig is 44, but neither gravity nor age has done their evil work on him. Nothing about him looks natural, relaxed — a man in the prime of his life and enjoying it.

    Instead, I see a man chasing youth on a treadmill, performing sets and reps, a clean and press, a weighted knee raise, an incline pushup and, finally, something called an incline pec fly (don’t ask). I take these terms from the Daniel Craig Workout, which you can do, too, if your agent and publicist so insist. Otherwise, I recommend a book.

    “Skyfall” is a lot of fun — don’t get me wrong — but it still says something about our culture that, in the autumn of my years, I do not like. To appreciate what I mean, contrast this new Bond to Roger O. Thornhill, the charmingly hapless advertising man played by Cary Grant in “North by Northwest.” Like Bond, Thornhill pulls off some amazing physical feats — his frantic escape from the crop duster, the traverse of Mount Rushmore — and like Bond he wears an expensive suit.

    Unlike Bond, though, when he takes it off, we do not see some marbleized man, an ersatz creation of some trainer, but a fit man, effortlessly athletic and just as effortlessly sophisticated. Of course, he knows his martinis, but he also knows how to send out a suit for swift hotel cleaning. He is a man of the world. He is, in short, a man of a certain age — 55 at the time, to be more or less exact.

    In “North by Northwest” and other movies, Grant represented the triumph of the sexual meritocracy, a sex appeal won by experience and savoir-faire, not delts and pecs and other such things that any kid can have.

    He was not alone in this. Gary Cooper in “High Noon” wins Grace Kelly by strength of character, not muscles. He was about 50 and Kelly was a mere 23.

    Maybe the best example of the unmuscled hero is Humphrey Bogart in “Casablanca.” Bogart was 15 years older than Ingrid Bergman and it did not matter at all. He had the experience, the confidence, the internal strength that can only come with age. As he did with Mary Astor in “The Maltese Falcon” — “I don’t care who loves who, I won’t play the sap for you” — he gives up the love of his life because age and wisdom have given him character.

    These older men seduce; they are not seduced. They make love. They do not score.

    The new Bond is a zeitgeisty sort of character. “There has been a striking change in attitudes toward male body image in the last 30 years,” Harrison Pope, a Harvard psychiatry professor, recently told The New York Times. He said the portrayal of men in what amounts to the Bond image is now “dramatically more prevalent in society than it was a generation ago.”

    That same Times story reported that 40% of middle and high school boys work out with the purpose of “increasing muscle mass.” Many of them also use protein supplements.

    This is all very sad news. Every rippling muscle is a book not read, a movie not seen or a conversation not held. That’s why Sean Connery was my kind of Bond. He was 53 when he made his last Bond film, “Never Say Never Again.” Women loved him because he was sophisticated and he could handle a maitre d’ as well as a commie assassin. Western civilization was saved not on account of his pecs but on account of his cleverness and experience.

    I know the movie market skews young and kids want action, and I take it as a good thing that Daniel Craig’s Bond is older, world weary, and, in sports lingo, has slowed a step. But he still triumphs physically, not cleverly. He does not woo women; they just come on to him. Still, I have great hope for him. In this movie, Bond’s drink is Macallan Scotch. It’s mine, too.

    The name is Cohen.

    Richard Cohen.

  • Guinness

    I have a NOT snarky question…..usually when celebs or whomever are permittted to visit any military site, the person usually gives a “reason” for their visit, rather than just promoting a film. He could have went ANYWHERE in the world, but he chose this particular place. anyone know why or did Dan say? I know, he wanted to show support, but is that the end of story. ok. i will take that. odd, imma just sayin. he did film there–was there a promise from Brocoli to someone.
    ffs–i’m this bored?

  • Guinness

    oh- forgot! regarding the last post I just posted, with the vid interviewing the soldiers….. this i found funny—one of the soldiers mentioned that he was expecting the Bond girls to be coming out…but it was “ok” that it was Bond himself….
    Men. funny!! its a good point—Dan shoulda went to a female Batalion?? i think it was all about testosteronie tho, i can see them jumping up and slamming chests. talkin guns and shafeing pants with the sand in them…

  • Mendel

    to Fio

    “we’ll see another half century of James risking all for Queen and country”

    That would make the Queen the longest reigning monarch ever! ;)

    Hi Guinness

    “omygash—being the instructor…”ok, mr.craig, you found my instruments, i mean the cars’ toggles, i mean, CAN YOU point out your stick shift?” Take me for a ride–you then pass the test even if you run into a parked car.”

    LOL! Somehow the word ‘ride’ also came into my mind when I was reading the article… *grin*

    “my second holiday wish was for a job into a career. AND I got it. It is my dream job. And should take me into retirement–that is how excited i am. Please do guess what it is.”

    WOAH! Congratulations! Your dream job!? Cleaning Dan’s navel fluff? Straightening his paintings? Looking after his garden gnomes?
    (I guess it has to do with writing or editing, right?)

    “I know, he wanted to show support, but is that the end of story. ok. i will take that. odd, imma just sayin. he did film there–was there a promise from Brocoli to someone.”

    Now you got me thinking…

    “i think it was all about testosteronie tho, i can see them jumping up and slamming chests. talkin guns”

    Definitely talking guns. Big guns. Bigger guns. Is this a gun in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me…?!

  • Fio

    DANIEL Craig sent Adele a huge bag of Skyfall gifts for her and her new baby boy as a thank-you for her Skyfall song.

    The 007 star, who has praised Adele’s smash-hit theme for the movie, gave her masses of limited- edition memorabilia.

    Daniel, 44, has admitted the 24-year-old singer’s voice on Skyfall blew him away and made him cry.

    Our shaken but not stirred mole revealed: “Adele received some beautiful Skyfall gifts from Daniel.

    “They included an Aston Martin car in miniature – an exact replica of the one Daniel drove – and some Tom Ford designer babygros for her son. Tom designed the entire wardrobe for Daniel in the new film.

    “There were also exclusive framed photographs, a set of Martini glasses and an Omega watch.

    “Daniel has the utmost respect for Adele and her work.

    “He loved it that she came in very early to the set before filming had begun.

    “She was the ultimate professional and he’s thrilled she’s a new mum.

    “He sent her a handwritten letter with the gifts.”

    Chatting about the award-winning superstar landing the Bond theme, Daniel revealed: “When Adele’s name came up I jumped at it. I just said: ‘We have to get her.’

    “She has the voice and the tone that we wanted.”

    The hard-man actor even confessed he shed tears listening to her song.

    He confessed: “I cried. From the opening bars I knew immediately, then the voice kicked in and it was exactly what I’d wanted.

    “It just got better and better because it fitted the movie. In fact the more of the movie we made, the more it fitted.”

    Adele gave birth to her first son, as yet unnamed, five weeks ago.

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    Hi, Guinness
    Thanks for the article. Admitting what Cohen say, I cannot agree with him at all, tho… He’s confusing the Bond role with Daniel himself. And his claim is not based on fact. LAZY JOURNALISM. I’m glad most people disagree with him!
    All these comments are worth reading:

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