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Johnny Depp Plays Daddy at School Event

Johnny Depp Plays Daddy at School Event

Johnny Depp plays his important role – dad – while attending an event at his children’s school on Tuesday (November 20) in Los Angeles.

The 49-year-old actor hung out with some pals outside during the afternoon. One of his friends had a giant eagle on his arm!

Next up for Johnny is the release of his film The Lone Ranger, in which Native American spirit warrior Tonto (Depp) recounts the untold tales that transformed John Reid (Armie Hammer), a man of the law, into a legend of justice.

15+ pictures of Johnny Depp at a school event…

Just Jared on Facebook
johnny depp plays daddy at school fundraiser 01
johnny depp plays daddy at school fundraiser 02
johnny depp plays daddy at school fundraiser 03
johnny depp plays daddy at school fundraiser 04
johnny depp plays daddy at school fundraiser 05
johnny depp plays daddy at school fundraiser 06
johnny depp plays daddy at school fundraiser 07
johnny depp plays daddy at school fundraiser 08
johnny depp plays daddy at school fundraiser 09
johnny depp plays daddy at school fundraiser 10
johnny depp plays daddy at school fundraiser 11
johnny depp plays daddy at school fundraiser 12
johnny depp plays daddy at school fundraiser 13
johnny depp plays daddy at school fundraiser 14
johnny depp plays daddy at school fundraiser 15
johnny depp plays daddy at school fundraiser 16
johnny depp plays daddy at school fundraiser 17

Photos: FameFlynet Pictures
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  • winny

    lol i love this look. just love it.
    on anybody else it would look ridic.
    but on him it is cute :-)

  • Kirsten

    I like Johnny’s hair here. He seems like a cool, relaxed guy. The bald, tall guy does not look impressed by that bird, haha.

  • Yar

    Only Johnny Depp can get away with those clothes. Bless!

  • carrie

    it’s nice but he’s not low-key

  • kentucky boi

    getting in touch with his redneck roots I see, beer gut and all

  • woot

    He looks really ridiculous

  • DarkEmpress

    I thought his kids lived in France.

  • Barbara

    I would die of embarrassment if he were my dad….They may be used to his unique way of dressing, but it changes when their friends are around. All parents have been hit with, “you’re not wearing THAT are you”…lol

  • jess

    Beer guy? I don’t think so…he looks fantastic. Right, I’m SURE his kids are embarrassed to have Johnny Depp for a father. Get real, people.

  • Cake

    He’s dressed like that for a school thing.
    If u look at the photos the other dads are dressed similarly.

  • tomie

    no, he is the only one NOT in a costume this is tame for him,sadly

  • Frozoid

    @jess: Yes, beer gut. His stomach has always been “iffy” but if you have seen the the previews of “The Lone Ranger” he’s definitely got a beer gut. He is almost fifty.

    I wouldn’t want my dad showing up to school events like that.

  • Didy

    I love the way he dresses. I would be proud if I had a father like him!

  • Katherine

    Please, haters go away! he looks good so go and look for other guy to hate today!
    The pictures with Johnny laughing at his bodyguard with afraid of the eagle are so funny! AHAHAHA!

  • Katherine

    @DarkEmpress: His kids have been living in LA for years!


    they go to LYCEE…its a french international school

  • Didy

    @DarkEmpress: No, they live in LA. There are pictures on “Facebook” of Lily-Rose since she was very little with the same friends which she is always with nowadays.
    I think they’ve been attending at the same school for all these years. They used to spend Summer vocation in France but now they spend half of their vocation in USA with their dad and the other half in France with their mom.

  • brenda

    The only rididiculous person in those photos is the guy with the big bird..,Johnny looks GREAT and he is thin…good for his age. He is so cute and him

  • LadyFire

    Where do you people see a beer gut??? I think he’s looking too thin lately and that includes his waist. And also “plays daddy”. He IS a Daddy and a darn good one. And noooooo his kids do not live and go to school in France they live with HIM and go to school in LA regardless of where their Mother is hanging out these days.

  • mh

    He always look like he smells. I don’t really see HOTness but what ever.

  • Helen

    For a teenagers ,a father wearing that is an imparressment even in LA

  • June

    @Barbara: I guess the other kids would be actually like: “OMG, JOHNNY DEPP IS YOUR DAD!?! AWESOME!”.

  • ChoctawLady

    I think Johnny looks amazing,I don’t see a beer gut. I his kids are crazy about him. I wouldn’t bother them if he showed up in nothing bur speedo’s, He’d never do that,he respects his children. Playing Dad never. He takes be a Father very serious. Sounds like some people may be a bit jealous,after all not many 49 year old men look this wonderful. As for the way he dresses, it’s his style and looks good on him. Wish more men his age looked that great. Love Johnny as an man,actor and musician and respect him for being a good father.

  • Jeny

    I didn’t realize at first, but Johnny is wearing the tshirt from his “adoptive” Comanche mother with his native name on it: “Mah-Wu-Meh” (that means: Shape Shifter”)

  • an opinion

    I can understand if some of these comments were coming from 9 year old girls that love One direction but come on don’t lie to yourself just because you are a fan of Depp. He looks really ridiculous. He does have a beer belly. See this picture
    He has gone from cool and just trying too hard and looking dumb. It is a thin line and he crossed it.

  • Jeny

    @an opinion: He can’t breathe, inspiring, relax, change his position as any person just to avoid an stupid who has the “intelligence” of an “9 years old” and knows nothing about anatomy and normal movements of a human body, can’t criticize his “body”…

    Nice try hater! the next time you try to point to some person “belly” maybe you have to see yourself in the mirror and realize that you, me and everyone else show their bellys sometimes, because there are something called “BREATHING”

  • kelly

    The crypt keeper, hobo. You like that Tina?

  • see

    i thought he lived in france, away from it all, did he divorce and move to california and take the kids with him?

  • karojen


    Especially when he brings One Direction to his home to play for his daughter! I greatly admire Johnny’s being totally unique [except when John Mayer tries to copy him].

    What youger people don’t understand is Johnny is 49 years old. I’m 58, we are from the 70′s when people did dress like he does now. It would be like your kids and their friends making fun of you dressing like you do now when you are in your 50′s. [Except that I see no unique or stand-out styles anymore].

  • Tina

    There’s just a private father, who’s waiting for his children and the whole world has nothing better to do as to criticize his look. That’s ridiculous, not his look!

  • Lol

    he’s just sort of pathetic, always trying too hard to be cooler than he is

  • LadyFire


    I’d be more EMBARRASSED by a parent that spells like you do.

  • Didy

    @see:Johnny lives in California since he was 20 years old! When his daughter was born, in 1999, he bought a house in France and started living between the U.S. and France. In 2004 he bought an island in Caribbean so, from this moment the family lived between three countrys. But the children came of school age then they settled in Los Angeles. There was no divorce, because they were not married. But by the split, the children continue attending the same school and living with their Father. When their Mother comes from France, she spends time with the kids in her new house in LA.

  • Niko

    He is THE BEST

  • Kris

    This guy is always soooo cool!!

  • *rolleyes*

    He looks absolutely ridiculous.

  • Lucy

    nothing matters when he is one of the most talented actors of hollywood

  • Richard

    @Lucy: yeah sure in your dreams

  • Zambah

    Good article, I love the pictures but… he is not “playing daddy”, he IS a daddy, and a wonderful one!

  • Zambah

    This event is Thanksgiving, but the funny thing is that Johnny embraced the cause of the Native Americans and because of that he has a jacket with the words: “No thanks, no giving”. Ironic. :)

  • Jessie

    I thought Halloween was over.

  • remember da truth

    I love how people say he has a beer gut. maybe they need to go to their local supermarket or sports bar or look around the office and see what other men his age look like.
    Right, Johnny Depp looks fantastic for his age. Get over it, people. Your boyfriend, brother, father, coworkers don’t look nearly this good!

  • Liz

    W E I R D O

  • Elena

    he’s their daddy so he’s not “playing daddy”. his kids have been with him these past few months as he’s been in LA.

  • Klarice

    WHat a beautiful eagle!!!

  • Andy

    Your envy is his recognition-your hate is his victory!!!

  • brenda

    God bless Johnny =)

  • Me

    @Elena: They’ve been in LA not just “these past few months”. The kids have been raised in LA since their early years, despite they were born in France.

  • Uups

    Is it Ruth Carter (wife of Bill Carter ) in some of the pictures with him?
    Sure looks like she’s been spending a lot of time around his children this year.

  • hilarious

    Wow he has posters now. He looks stupid.