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Angelina Jolie: 'The Impossible' Screening Host!

Angelina Jolie: 'The Impossible' Screening Host!

Angelina Jolie poses for a picture with her pal Ewan McGregor at a screening of his film The Impossible on Sunday (November 18) at the Soho Hotel in London, England.

The 37-year-old actress hosted the private screening, where she praised Ewan‘s work in the film.

“I have known you for years and you are one of my favorite actors and I’ve always loved to watch you, but I watched this and I didn’t recognize you,” Angelina said. “To say it is one of the best performances of the year, really doesn’t give it credit, because it doesn’t feel like a performance. It’s from such an honest place and so deeply emotional.”

“The true testament of any film is what you walk away with, and I think in this film you walk away with more empathy, with a greater sense of connection to your fellow man, and you want to run home and hug your kids, and tell the people you love that you love them,” Angie added.

FYI: Angelina wore an Atelier Versace black long sleeve silk-crepe cocktail dress with a criss-cross pleating effect on the front with a black belt.

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Credit: Jon Furniss
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  • tina

    this is not even her movie but i predict 500+ comments about how great she/brad are.


    love her!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lucy

    She is perfect!

  • Barbara

    She looks beautiful and I love Ewan. Perfect combo!

  • Claire

    The boy in the movie is amazing, I think he should get Best Actor nod.

  • Beauty Overload

    Beautiful, Angelina Jolie is just beautiful. Ewan McGregor isn’t too shabby himself. And they’re both incredibly charismatic.

  • Phool

    Simply beautiful

  • Phool

    thnaks jared for this thread at least 2 days late we still will accept it love angelina

  • Phool

    She looks yummy mummy

  • Phool

    Brad you lucky lucky man next KTS

  • Phool

    @ TINA it always takes a TROLL like you to be waiting to post as soon as new thread appears see Angie owns your big fat A££

  • an opinion

    This movie does look great. As does Angelina. Really like that dress or top/skirt outfit.

  • Creed

    Her and Ewan look straight up BEAUTIFUL together!
    The impossible is going to win so many Oscars, good choice for Angie to promote such a wonderful movie.
    I cried in the trailer

  • Phool

    Laides pay attention know thats how you ROCK A LITTLE BLACK DRESS only takes one & only Angleina Jolie to show how gracefully its done

  • Phool

    an A-lister backing another friend A-lister good luck Ewan hope you get nominated your frends are backing you all the way

  • Phool

    Sorry i am posting before trolls sully the thread with their moronic spew..

  • Phool

    God bless all Jolie Pitt fans HAPPY THANKSGIVING

  • Claire

    This movie’s best shots are Best Picture and Best Actress, but no wins. Best Picture win is either Lincoln or Silver Lining Playbook, Best Actress win is Jennifer Lawrence.

  • Diana

    Angelina looks radiant in her happyness. I love Ewan too. He’s made a great interpretation.

  • just me

    Angelina is beautiful, but she always looks older than her age, maybe because the way she dresses and the way her hair and makeup do.

  • groundcontrol

    THIS is what friends with taste are for.
    A push for Ewan and his film is needed. And this is how it’s done.

  • villedeville

    @tina: Of course this is not her movie. She made a comment about a fellow actor’s excellent performance, what’s wrong with that? She’s unlike other pseudo actresses who only likes to talk about themselves.

  • Truth

    I see ewan moved his hand ;-)

    This is the best she’s looked in YEARS!!! And surprise she’s not with pittstain. He really drags her down, doesn’t she?

  • woman spanish

    Hi Phool! I agree with you, simply beautiful.
    It is no surprise to me that Angie show much enthusiasm to the work of Ewan, there is a scene in a phone call that is awesome!

  • a lurker

    Ewan praised Angie’s directoral debut In The Land of Blood and Honey.

  • Truth

    @villedeville: pittstain fans are upset because Their lady is not stumping for their man. Pittstain must be so jelly as he’s been paying off and kissing but for years only to not win Oscar. Now his lady is supporting a fellow actor and -gasp- that fellow actor is a better actor and more importantly he’s better looking than pittstain. Ewan is clean and appears to like showers. Pittstain is the opposite. People who drink to much tend to forget about their hygiene …… Just ask the brangtards. They know all about that.

  • groundcontrol

    It’s hard for smaller films about hard subjects to get the attention they deserve and need to be considered for awards. Hopefully this will help bring it that attention.
    Unfortunately certain films automatically get buzz – worthy or not – and that buzz just takes off and creates its own reason for making the film or performance an accepted “lock.”
    Kudos to Angie for trying to make a meaningful difference – once again.

  • Deledda

    Ewan is a very good actor. The only problem is he can’t command the screen. He can be easily overshawdowed by his co-stars which makes his performances are always ignored.

  • rachel

    she looks her age and she is totally beautiful. i want angie and ewan in a movie together

  • Sam

    Glad to see Angie supporting Ewan and this great film. Ewan is a great actor and appears to be a fan of her work, ITLOBH. Two genuine talents supporting each on movies with meaningful subjects.

  • wow

    I always thought Ewan was a good looking man, but next to Angelina, he is not that good looking. Only Brad looks equally beautiful as Angelina is Ewan is a good actor. Glad Angie shows support of him and the movie.

  • Truth

    @wow: liar. If angelina and PITTSAIN wear equal in the looks , angelina would look like a dumpster diver with pock marks. ewan is on angelinas level of cleaniness and presentability. uncle Karl and chanel must be kicking their own butts because their spokesman looks like a dirty drug addict. Angelina and ewan look spectacular and way better than angelina & pittstain. But who doesn’t look better without pittstain?

  • a lurker

    I read on Awardsdaily, Lincoln is becoming the frontrunner for Best Picture. Harvey Weinstein needs work extra hard if he wants Silver Lining Playbook to win. Jennifer Lawrence seems to be locked to win Best Actress. I really like her, she is very talented and she is a fan of Angie and Brad.

  • fyi

    Harvey Weinstein & co. has added more award screening for KTS.

  • Passing Through

    Whoa…Angie looks bangin’ in that dress. To quote Phil from Duck Dynasty, Brad is “happy, happy, happy!”

  • IMO

    In my opinion, KTS isn’t an Oscar baited movie, not Oscar type. Films like The Impossible is clearly an Oscar type movie. KTS is a small indie art house almost experimental like movie. I hope KTS gets many awards nods. But if not, I hope at least Andrew Dominick get award nods for adapted screenplay. He just won best script in Swedish Film Festival.

  • Passing Through

    # 1080 QQQQ @ 11/21/2012 at 1:39 pm
    Go Figure! @ 11/21/2012 at 11:36 am
    Here’s what I want to know – When she orders the furniture – who’s name does she put it in? And what delivery address does she use? Cuz…you know she’s not going to use her own name and address. She couldn’t use any of her friends’ names. It’d be hilarious if she ordered it in her own name and Pollaro called Brad and Brad said, “Sure, go ahead and sell it to her but triple the price and I’ll send the extra money to her mother…or to MIR…or to the MJPP or to St. Jude…or to Haiti…or to her stolen man so he can contribute to their living expenses…”

  • Creed

    @Claire: Jennifer Lawrence isn’t even going to get nominated dont hold your breath, Golden Globe yes. Oscar? Hell no.

  • Passing Through

    # 31 wow @ 11/21/2012 at 1:35 pm
    LOL. I had the opposite reaction. I thought EM was handsome before but I think standing next to Angie he looks more handsome than usual. It’s like a residual glow off Angie seeping onto him. There were some really nice pix the other day of EM at the premiere in a checkered suit. EM can wear the hell out of a suit – and so few men can these days. Brad, of course, can rock a suit. I don’t care for Becks, but he can rock a suit, too. Tom Ford, too. He’s his own 2nd best model. Brad being #1. Every other guy though seems to have a problem with getting the inseam and hem lengths wrong. If your sock is showing and you’re not sitting down, dudes, your pants are too short (See: Closet Boy). If the crotch is at your knees because your ego is bigger than your weenie…then your pants doen’t fit and you need to have the inseam raised (See: Hip Hop/Rap stars).

  • Beta

    love ewan mcgregor but do not like angelina jolie

  • JIM


  • Erica

    I agree with you. Not even Johnny Depp looks good next to Angie.

  • QQQQ

    Passing Through @ 11/21/2012 at 1:58 pm
    It will be ordered in her assistant’s name and she’ll ship it to her house, then it moved to its “rightful” destination, the Hollywood Hills house (her first house).

  • melissa B

    Gain some weight and get a tan and you’ll be in top notch form.

  • Richard P

    I love her.

    Go Angie


    GORGEOUS!!! She’s perfect. Just understated, elegance – no clown makeup and mop of hair in face needed. How sweet Angie did this for Ewan.

  • Passing Through

    # 43 QQQQ @ 11/21/2012 at 2:23 pm
    LOL. She’ll probably put in the bathroom that’s the Brad shrine. Wait…that’s what she’ll do – she’ll buy the marble tub and have it put in the bathroom of her Bird Street house. Then when she wants to get away from Squiggy and pretend she’s still somebody she’ll go over to her old house, light candles, get out the ganja baggie, chop some lines, make a vodka gimlet and sit in the tub toking and drinking while imagining that it’s still 1999 and Brad’s coming home from the paraphenalia store with the rolling papers and new custom-made Dumbwater bottle bong any second now…


    I don’t care who else wins or who else is nominated, just as long as Ben Affleck doesn’t win jack.

  • Message

    I. Love. Ewan. He is amazing. Angie ain’t bad either. These two need to work together!!!!

  • jmho

    Love Ewan, I watched Moulin Rouge at least 25 times and he was fantastic in Beginners. He deserves a nom at some point for sure.