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Angelina Jolie: 'The Impossible' Screening Host!

Angelina Jolie: 'The Impossible' Screening Host!

Angelina Jolie poses for a picture with her pal Ewan McGregor at a screening of his film The Impossible on Sunday (November 18) at the Soho Hotel in London, England.

The 37-year-old actress hosted the private screening, where she praised Ewan‘s work in the film.

“I have known you for years and you are one of my favorite actors and I’ve always loved to watch you, but I watched this and I didn’t recognize you,” Angelina said. “To say it is one of the best performances of the year, really doesn’t give it credit, because it doesn’t feel like a performance. It’s from such an honest place and so deeply emotional.”

“The true testament of any film is what you walk away with, and I think in this film you walk away with more empathy, with a greater sense of connection to your fellow man, and you want to run home and hug your kids, and tell the people you love that you love them,” Angie added.

FYI: Angelina wore an Atelier Versace black long sleeve silk-crepe cocktail dress with a criss-cross pleating effect on the front with a black belt.

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Credit: Jon Furniss
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  • http://com Susan

    She don’t have the balls to invite them to her wedding, although they said it was Squiggy’s idea.
    The only way she get any attention is by being attach to the J-Ps, I think all the couples would LOL at an invite.
    At the Oscars her nerves had her not being able to open the envelope and after John Mayer dumped her, she had to take him back to get an escort for that night.

  • The new lover of Jolie

    Jolie is going to invite Pitt to see the photos of her with her lover in Thailand

  • Eva

    Of course, Angie has always been classy, but after being with Brad, she is getting classier.

  • Simy Alanes’ sexual inadequacy

    @Observer: Google is your friend: who calls Angelina “Assholina Jolie” ? As does Jolie Jux Clan.

    This person happens to be a megafan of Tom Cruise & Jennifer Aniston. Also someone who can’t write proper english when there’s no automatic spell check and grammar check in the posting box. Just as Simy.

    charlie says:
    January 22, 2009 at 10:45 pm
    Well The Ones Who Deserve It R Clint Eastwood Tom Cruise And The Always Fantastic And Beautiful Jen Aniston But None Of Them R There So That Sucks Big Time All I Knw Is Assholina Jolie Does Not Deserve It And Beter Not Win Brad Has Kinda Been A Jerk But Its Cool With Me If He Wins Cause He Hasnt Been 2 Bad I Realy Want Penelope Cruz To Win One Thats 4 Sure Hopefuly She Wil Bring Her Sexy Friend Salma With Her
    Just google “Assholina Jolie”; There’s only 8 results so it’s probably all from the same person. And the Simy girl is infamous fanatical of Tom Cruise & Aniston posting her whole life away her loathsome admiration for Tom & Katie & Aniston.
    Jolie Jux Clan = Simy Alanes

  • carry

    I love see this picture of Angie with EM. Love the dress, the shoes, the hair pull up and the classic diamon earlings. And look those shinny equally full natural lips sooooo hot look. Bonos for the stylist. If you dress yourself (simiple itis) then give yourself a pat angie. And if Brad said you look fab on the way out, another pat for him too. :)
    He also look good EM that is but he looked more better in the red carpet pics I saw of him somwhere.
    don’t got no Idea who the boy is …

  • carry

    Also I hope he get a supporting actor nomination…. I am actually want to see the movie and the almost real like acting she talk about the movie. I saw the trailer and it is crazy with out warning in the sunshne day that happen so everybody was like without warning. yeah that was a crazy thing…

  • The new lover of Jolie

    Sarah don’t do you any favour to Jolie all day with pictures of her when she was young and not stealing husbands

  • juju

    angelina looks fantastic
    nice of her to support ewan

  • carry

    I have nothing against JL. I think she is one of the promising young girls current…What I am tire do the clary woman push constantly here time and time again. If she deserve it good for her.

  • juju

    i’m reading the old thread
    how sweet that they went
    visit brad on set

    a lurker @ 11/16/2012 at 12:53 pm

    Thumb up Thumb down +36

    crdt brangelinaforum

    ‘To my amazement, Brad Pitt walked in’
    Friday, November 16, 2012

    Isle of Thanet Gazette

    A MARGATE woman worked alongside Hollywood actor Brad Pitt while he was on location shooting his latest film.

    All Sign Solutions, in Margate High Street, was chosen to create signs and graphics for zombie film World War Z, being shot at the former Pfizer site.

    Owner Lynda Carter said: “We were contacted by a London company whom we had worked with before and asked to keep quiet as we would be working on the new Brad Pitt film.

    “It was obvious this was the biggest and most expensive film set we had ever worked on, but to be honest I thought they may be pulling my leg about Brad.”

    Her staff were sworn to secrecy, as rumours that the star was filming in the area spread across social media sites.

    Lynda and her team spent a week preparing the laboratories at the Discovery Park for filming and a second week on location with the film crew.

    Although she has worked on film sets before, Lynda said she found it a surreal experience, when her path crossed with the Hollywood heartthrob.

    “It was very bizarre. I was walking through the sets with the artistic director when, to my utter amazement, Brad Pitt walked in.

    “He said hi to both of us and said he couldn’t wait to start filming. “After I picked my jaw up from the floor, I drove home in a daze.”

    The superstar was joined on set by his fiancee Angelina Jolie, who brought their children Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Vivienne and Knox to watch their dad filming.

    Lynda said: “The children were little angels, glued to the screen, and Angelina looked fabulous.”

    thx for all the news

  • Simy Alanes’ sexual inadequacy

    Simy is also is proud to call herself as a «patriot» (she’s not even a real american, she’s just an immigrant) and Simy Alanes is proud to call herself a «conservative» and she viciously hates Obama.
    See, she’s “”Calling all right-wing patriots!”" on JustJared…
    @Jolie Jux Clan:
    That’s how Simy Alanes is a demented monkey.

  • The new lover of Jolie

    Sarah publishes 6666 pics of Jolie
    Jolie is going to adopt 5 children of Thailand

  • carry

    @lurker no she is not JP fan. She is not against tor anything but not a fan . That is one of those things those of them say when they need to get noticed while they are sort of unknowns and won’t repeat it when they made famous. imo

  • carry

    @Go Figure!: Almost going with that one too. But I wish Brad got a shot. I also want what angie supported to be noticed. All if they deserve also.

  • a lurker

    Jennifer Lawrence said Brad and Angie should be the king and queen of America, she’d pay tax to them. I think she is a jp fan.

  • carry

    @Susan: The people who doesn’t have a direct contact get invite for the wedding? how. This is the usual plant and deny….why not he invite his ex stories because he is not gonna invite her if he manage to marry manny. Besides who really want to go to his/hers ex wedding? May be after having kids or may be the break up and the contact after must be in wonderful terms maybe. Even that is not nessessairly . Seriously why you want to go to your ex wedding? for the tourture? for the feeling of what? Brad and Angie won’t even bother if they get a invitation paper they probably laugh at it.

  • carry

    @a lurker: yeah before the hit movie now a franchise and was sort of unknown. That is my take on it for many reasons. I am not saying she dislike JPs she doesn’t got no reason for that either. But don’t quote those kind of BEFORE talking things after the hit for carefulness. my advise.

  • The new lover of Jolie

    I cannot wait for the premiere of KTS with Pitt
    Husbands of the world, taken care with Jolie

  • angierocks

    Oh how I’ve missed Angie.She’s a breath of fresh air!I love Ewan too.

  • Uh huh

    Those two look completely dead in the eyes.

  • honeybooboo

    PREGNANT !!!

  • The new lover of Jolie

    Jolie is a religious mantis
    What man will be her next victim?

  • mosdef

    Wow! Looks like she gained an ounce or two in each leg. She looks best with a tight belt giving her a waist. She looks great! Ewan looks totally over it already.

  • Ginger

    Finally more stories on Angelina Jolie. It looks like she’s gained some weight too. She looks great!!!

  • carry

    @mosdef: No he doesn’t his body language doesn’t say that. I think he look nice except he was more dressed up and that make him look sharp and better in the other pic. His belt is hanging here and he was not all dressed up so that make him look a bit downer than the other one..
    Sometimes it surprising me some people like you actually seeing the same pictures.

  • KTS Premiere Nov 26

    I hope Angie will come to Brad’s movie premiere in New York.

  • Just Saying

    If it is not an Oscar baited movie like KTS, probably it is not good idea to let Weinstein company to do the distribution since he spends all his time on promoting the other Oscar baited movies not on KTS.

  • sunny

    I also think Jennifer Lawrence is overrated — she is getting the Natalie Portman treatment this year and I just don’t get it. Marion Cotillard is wonderful in Rust and Bone, a small movie like The Impossible that might not get a lot of attention but she gives a very powerful performance.
    I only saw Marion Cotillard in her Edit Piaf biopic but think she is a great actress. She gives ‘ soul ‘ to the character she portrays. I saw Rust and Bone trailers and thought her instructing a dolphin scene was spiritually beautifully shot.
    I think Jen will be nominated, too. She is very talented and versatile. I don’t know if she gets Natalie Portman treatment. She does not need it. Portman had been developping BlackSwan for 10 years and prepared and was physically training for more than one year and did her career best in that movie. Besides she has been in the industry for almost 20 years.
    Jen is a newcommer in the industry ( for a few years). She ws given only short time preparation for SilverLinings but her naturalistic and soulful performance is something people want to admire and Oscar forecasters already gave her top post on their BestActress lists. That’s not expected from Portman’s limited talent.
    Jen is still 22 and will be given a lot of trophies in her future. So I don’t care if she will won Oscar or lose next year. Later is better, in her case.

  • Thylie

    Angelina Jolie and Aishwarya Rai are the most beautiful women. Lucky husbands/fiaances!

  • angie look miserable & unhappy

    wow jolie looks miserable, sad, pathetic,desperate, unhealthy. it wonderful to see how karma has caught up with both brad and angelina. they are not happy and it shows in their face and appearance as they both look rough and sad

    in life you cant hurt others for your own happiness. it will come back and bite yall in the assssssssss.

    when is the wedding angie and where is brad armpit

  • hopeso


  • naturegirl

    She is Gorgeous as always

  • Fargo

    @sunny: Jennifer lawrence is very good.I find her to be much better then someone like the overrated Freida Pinto, that ugly untalented girl from Slumdog millionare.Remember she was barely in the movie and got so much attention. That girl doesn’t have a career anymore. Wonder why.

  • carry

    @Fargo: @sunny: ok both of you, this is a JP thread and you personal problem with the other poeple do it in your time. Talk about the topic here the movie angie pushed if you have mouth…… other wise out to the threads of the people you want support to shuuuuiiit.

  • sunny

    Angelina Jolie donates school uniforms and toys for internally displaced children in Georgia
    May I ask some question ?
    School uniforms are used for some school in US ?
    In my country, almost all schools have their own uniforms but I din’t know some schools in US have them, too.
    Children at MJP primary school in Samlout are given school uniforms from JPFoundation. They are cute.

  • pitt’s got dumb by channel

    just find out that chanel dumb brad pitt’s ad and replace it with a dead woman marilyn monroe, how awesome is that, i mean they did be a fool if they didnt change it since nobody want their women to smell like brad. he looks dirty, smelly and rough

    karma hell ya

  • Elisha

    I like Ewan McGregor. I wonder what he think about the new Star Wars movies to come. Such a pity that everyone started to trash the preqauls I thought they were good. Funny how when they came out in 1999,2002,2005 none of those people trashed it.

  • carry

    This is not no one promotion thread. it is sickining me they come here to promote and depromote people. Thsi is a jp thread. you want talk talk what they do f ==k

  • marlgo1

    Who is this carry? Let people have their comments! Are you Angelinas PR or something?
    BTW, this is Ewan Mcgregors premiere, not Angelina Jolie’s. She just came to support him. He should be the headline.

  • Love the JoliePitts

    I love your post Dawne.
    Hi to all the JP Fans. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving all.
    Hope this does not go into Moderation.

  • carry

    @marlgo1: they have a thread for that for him for the red carept. This is Angie thread and him and we are comment on it because she is in it and is in the fan site.And this is jp fan site thread so we don’t you do to do your adjeda here

  • knox the stoner

    @pitt’s got dumb by channel i agree and so far i have read three articles about how chanel dumb brad pitt and his stupid ad and when you go to chanel main youtube channel they have replace it as well with marilyn monroe i mean somebody who has passed on over 30yrs, it really a big shame

    also there is some few article that WWZ is on top of one of the 2012 trouble movies and it would be hard to break it even considering the production itself cost almost 200million and its zombie, nothing special to even win an award. THE END OF THE BRANDS IS NEAR AND IS A GOOD FEELING, THEY HAVE FOOLED THE PUBLIC FOR SO LONG AND THEY HAVE NOW COME TO THEIR SENSES

  • sunny

    I forgot to mention about MJP project.
    2012 is the final year of Angie’s 10-years project in Samlout.

    (from MJP site)
    Samlout 2012 focuses on 10 villages with a population of 5000 villagers. These targeted villagers, over 5 years, will receive the necessary assistance to build a sustainable economic infrastructure that will directly contribute to its economic growth. MJP selected the host villages based on the level of economic development, services provided (schools, health care centers, etc.), infrastructure needs (roads, wells, etc.) and level of human activity in Samlout Protected Area. Although MJP selected a target population of 5000 people to make economic rejuvenation achievable, by virtue of the host-villages proximity to the villages lying outside the programme, there are “spill-over” benefits. Surrounding villages are able to access the newly built roads to export or import food products, access medical care, and send their children to school.

    The achievement of Samlout2012 is shown at their site. But they need to maintain their school, clinic, preserved nature etc. It’s forever thing
    In Cambodia, there are hundreds NGOs from all over the world to suppot those needy people because the government use their money for only big cities and doesn’t care remoted areas.

  • Cesar

    Angie is a superb woman, she surprise the world every time she shows in public.

    She is a driven force of grace and charm and simple beauty that suck our attention and make that we only look to her.

    Angie is a magnetic force that touch any person. The idiots full of hate and envy talk with hate about her and the others (majority) look to her with pride and satisfaction, knowing that Angie is a special person full of good vibes and positive emotions, she transmit some kind of peace and good will to me and to almost all world.

    she don´t need to used her hair or jewels or too much paint to catch the attention. she exude confidence, grace and calm in any event.

    Her face, just her face is enough to make the entire world move and talk about her and her life and what she do and will do and about her family and her love Brad. She is unique and fantastic.

    the magnetic and charismatic personality of Angie can be seen in any photo or film. Angie is a sweet and a friendly woman that anyone admire.

    I love Angie because she is a pure heart and a clear soul without any malice or evil feelings. The perfect women. without doubts.kiss

  • XIII

    love to see these two in a movie. And Brad will produce it :-))



  • bdj

    IGN has premiered this new US trailer for Andrew Dominik’s crime-drama ‘Killing Them Softly’ (originally titled ‘Cogan’s Trade’). Dominik is the man behind one of my favourite movies of the last decade, ‘The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford.’ ‘Killing Them Softly’ re-teams Dominik with his Jesse James lead star Brad Pitt as a professional enforcer who investigates a heist that takes place during a high stakes poker game under protection of the mob. Other cast members include Ray Liotta, Richard Jenkins, James Gandolfini, Ben Mendelsohn, Scoot McNairy, Bella Heathcote, Max Casella, Slaine, and Sam Shepard….pretty stellar!



    What about:

    Stealing braddock’s script
    Brad’s rapid aging and hers too
    Sleeping with married men, mom’s boyfriend and her brother
    Fake charities
    being a homwrecker
    why they look like crap
    the vodoo on brad

    The tattoos, past and present?
    The blood vials?
    The knives?
    The cutting?
    The lezzіe lovers?
    Queen Latifah?
    The S & M?
    The Voodoo?
    The Dark Side?
    The vial of dessicated bat?
    The plastic surgeries?
    The Botox?
    The peels?
    The collagen?
    The child purchases?
    The home-wrecking adultery?
    Sucking the vital essences out of Brad?
    Brad’s hats?
    Brad’s hairplugs?
    Brad’s affairs, bi and other?
    Angie’s affairs, bi and other and avec animaux?
    Brad’s rapid aging?
    The zany and unstructured household?
    Six nannies?
    Latex rubber gimp suits?
    The ‘love’ toys?
    Beating up Bradley?
    The scat?
    The drugs, from smack to meth to smack?
    Tax evasion?
    Secret accounts?
    Money laundering?
    Fake charities?
    Designer twins / babies
    Big dіrty donkey dіcks?
    And, Satan’s prіck?

  • arghe

    master kenobi is here