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Angelina Jolie: 'The Impossible' Screening Host!

Angelina Jolie: 'The Impossible' Screening Host!

Angelina Jolie poses for a picture with her pal Ewan McGregor at a screening of his film The Impossible on Sunday (November 18) at the Soho Hotel in London, England.

The 37-year-old actress hosted the private screening, where she praised Ewan‘s work in the film.

“I have known you for years and you are one of my favorite actors and I’ve always loved to watch you, but I watched this and I didn’t recognize you,” Angelina said. “To say it is one of the best performances of the year, really doesn’t give it credit, because it doesn’t feel like a performance. It’s from such an honest place and so deeply emotional.”

“The true testament of any film is what you walk away with, and I think in this film you walk away with more empathy, with a greater sense of connection to your fellow man, and you want to run home and hug your kids, and tell the people you love that you love them,” Angie added.

FYI: Angelina wore an Atelier Versace black long sleeve silk-crepe cocktail dress with a criss-cross pleating effect on the front with a black belt.

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Credit: Jon Furniss
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  • bdj

    Happy Thanksgiving

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  • bdj
  • http://com Susan

    If this appears twice sorry in advance.
    Cr Celebrity Networth
    JLO is worth 250 million, maybe from perfume sales not acting or records.
    Ticky @ 115 000 000 at the rate she is spending to keep her Gigalo in hair polish.
    Porgie is @ 160 000 000
    Brad’s @ 180 000 000
    Angie’s @ 120 000 000 the way she donates?
    John McAfee (anti-virus) was 100 000 000 now he is down to 4 000 000, bad investments, drugs and wanted for murder in Costa Rico.
    Kimberely Stewart is worth 10 000 000, maybe a trust fund, no wonder Rod is still touring.

  • james t kirk

    KTS is not Oscar bait! I saw the trailer and its far from Oscar bait.
    Check out Lincoln. That movie just scream Oscar Bait. Heck it has Daniel Day-Lewis in it so no wonder.

  • bdj

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    Aside from the $11.8 million in tax credit equity from U.S. Bank, subsidiary U.S. Bancorp Community Development Corp. donated $1.2 million from its Affordable Housing Assistance Program.

    Brad Pitt’s Make It Right Foundation also is involved with the project.

  • noplace

    Thank you bdj for all the goodies!
    The flea season is over and all the fleas are here now. Eventually there is not going to be anything to parasite on.

  • bdj

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    Beasts of the Southern Wild

    Saturday December 1, 2012
    6 p.m. In the Land of Blood and Honey a film by Angelina Jolie
    View Trailer

  • Wonderbust

    first of all jared needs to ban or delete the poster that is saying something vile about a four year old..these hens are sick in the head, this thread has been filled with death threats on Angie and talking shiit about her 4 year old, all because Brad dumped their idol..they need help. Brad Pitt’s chanel ad is on all major billboards throughout major cities across the world. He is everywhere. In case you the troll didnt know Chanel no 5 has many other models including Kidman. Trolls are mad as heck because no one would ever pay their idol 7 mill for a commericial, lets not forgot that Angelina got 10 million dollars just to do one print ad. anyways I was on twitter earlier, why is Jon Voights goddaughter trying to act as if Angelina even knows who she is lol

    SKYLER SHAYE ‏@ItsSkylerShaye

    Before @jaredeng and I became good friends I was mistaken for my god sis Angelina Jolie

  • The Swan

    Love the Joli-Pitts.

  • huh

    Isn’t every steven spielberg’s movie an Oscar bait movie? He only does Oscar bait movie.

  • Wonderbust

    please flag the poster that is using a 4 year old for its own nasty agenda. There are some serious mental freaks on the internet who think because they can hide under the anonymity of the internet that they are free to wish death threats and talk ill about children. I guess they don’t know that Jared will be required to hand over the person’s IP to authorities if asked to do so. Freedom of speech has its limitations, ask the freaks who wrote the n word about Obama all over their twitter

  • http://MOVIE2K.COMiswhereyoucanwatchfreemovies.allnewmoviesareuploadedandcanbewatchforfree LYNETTE

    i have already watched killing them softly in california and i couldnt even sit for 3mins. the movie is horrible and if you go to movie2k. all the new movies are there to watch. it FREE

    kTS is not worth it that all am saying

  • anustin

    lovin the agony from the trollniston.bwahahaha

  • Wonderbust

    o gosh its the “blue” jen hen that swiches its name every damn day.. care to tell us what theatre you were at and at what time and how many people were at your screening?

  • collins

    @WONDERBUST stop being ridiculous and hypocrite. am not a fan of either brad, angie or jen but i like all three and i have seen some fans of the jollie-pitt’s comment who gave out jen’s address out and tried to hire a hit man to kill her. if jared would provide that @knox the stoner ip it did be good to for him to provide an ip of those nasty crazy folks who threatened to kill jen. how pathetic are yall bitoches

  • noplace

    anustin @ 11/21/2012 at 8:40 pm
    Me too!
    How is your lovely Moreal?

  • mrst

    love, love, love the new kts trailer. can’t wait till next weekend..=)

  • Wonderbust

    um if anyone wanted a hitman to kill Jen I would must definitely flag that person down and want its IP adress handed over. Since I have been on this forum I have never seen a poster wish that on Jen and the comment be thumbed up. If you have please provide the link. Thanks

  • anustin

    ehhhh…no place!!!! how have u been?baby.

    our girl,anjie looks delicious.

  • Simy Alanes’ sexual inadequacy

    To Wonderbust : The furious troll on the preceding page is Simy. “armpitt” is how she calls Brad. Only her calls him this way. And see there
    @angie look miserable & unhappy:
    She is the one who post under the nicks, amongst others, as “knox the stoner” & “passing poo”
    All the trashing of little children is from her. She sees them, particularly the bios, as a threat to Suri, the love of her life. Simy is mentally ill, I told you. Jared banned her yesterday & she came back with new proxy. She’s furiously enraged. Simy Alanes is easy to spot, she has a mental illness causing her pattern of behaviors easily identifiable as hers.
    Simy Alanes, 37 yo filipino immigrant.
    13214 Wentworth St Arleta CA
    tel : (818) 767-4017
    This is the address you can pass to authorities or to the JoliePitt people/lawyers. It’s her, Simy Alanes, they will be able to verify. She’s done thatbefore to other celebrities too.

  • noplace

    anustin @ 11/21/2012 at 8:51 pm
    I second that!
    For me it is the hart of gold and the brain!

  • Wonderbust

    i guess the blue jen troll is frantically searcing for info on California screenings of KTS. if you went to a screening shouldnt you know off the top of your head where it was and around time you went.

  • enrique
  • Dc

    I saw these pics a couple days ago – she is just so gorgeous. She is regal, elegant and classy. Angelina brings class anywhere is goes. Just love her.

  • carry

    what jared?

  • carry

    @ susan I don’t think ur j.lo worth that much….. last time it was at 150m. Where is Lori? or guest ;)
    Angie worht more now. same brad and most likely everyone than the last time even mannyunless she gave it all to the dude.

  • carry

    @bdj: thanks. I am glad I check back. I liked this tralier better it looks more gangsta movie. I want more promotion and hit but for some reason this was not remotely pushed or make known as I think it should and we are interering the final week.

  • carry

    not because of her job with manny btw interest and such….. anyways i don’t care about that.

  • Simy Alanes’ sexual inadequacy

    @Wonderbust: You can pass the address to Diane Kruger’s & Jennifer Lawrence’s lawyers too. See on Kruger’s last thread that Jared opened, the troll posting hateful insults in different languages (with the help of babelfish) is Simy Alanes too. She’s clinically a maniac, and that’s what maniacs do, that’s how they act, in a frenzy of dementia.

  • stupidity is what it is


    This idiot is beyond stupid. FBI, NSA, and other law enforcement track cyberspace and certain words alert the authorities to possible criminal acts and terrorism. Blogs and facebook and tweets are routinely monitored. Persons like this piece of vile cr*p making threats cannot hide. I hope they are picked up and jailed.

  • carry

    @Simy Alanes’ sexual inadequacy: I personally wouldn’t care if she doesn’t like brad or angie as long as she act normal. She act totally mental in most times in the top of it she put virus and stuff too.I bet that it is her. She gone from the normal limit of not liking someone or something…. That is the problem with simmy.

  • Flawless

    Flawless healthy skin…she is perfection!

  • carry

    Btw about Brad tralier why they don’t got chicks there. chicks are nice lol. I like this one seriously look light and totally gangster movie ……..
    Where is badddd talking about it and the cast ….

  • carry

    @clinqua I thought you will be like all excited about this but you were Iike fine am a kind of stunned.

  • Passing Through

    Crikey…just saw a new Ticky commercial for St. Jude. That’s 2 more young girls for her to NOT keep track of so she’ll never know if they live or die after she left the studio. That trick can’t even read from a teleprompter without sounding like she’s choking on her tongue. I’m beginning to think she might have a speech impediment. Either that or she was soused when she did that commercial, too.

  • yolly

    @Eva: She is always will be a classy lady. Go Angie & Brad.God bless you & your family.

  • yolly

    Looking forward to Monday, hope, she will go join Brad on the red carpet. God bless the Jolie Pitt Family.

  • yolly

    Happy Thanksgiving Day to all lovely ladies of JJ & to the smart fans of Brad & Angie all over the world.

  • yolly

    Shout out to Neleh,Lara,Senior,Vicki,Anoble,Kimmy & Neer. Take care ladies. Hugs.

  • yolly

    Goodnight all.

  • bizzy bee

    Angie’s a classic lady with a wonderful heart. Kind and giving. Brad’s truly a lucky man.

    Have a wonderful Turkey Day!! ;)

  • carry

    don’t eat tooo much tomorrow :) have a nice turkey day with familys. Hope don’t miss much . night friday.

  • Frenchy

    OT Gone With The Wind is on TWO channels right now TCM and AMC. It’s some kind of marathon on AMC. I guess the connection to Thanksgiving with those movies is Lincoln who was President during the Civil War and Lincoln proclaimed Thanksgiving as a national holiday. I’s a stretch…lol. Anyway came across pics of Angelina with the only survivng cast member of the leads from that movie, Olivia de Havilland back in 2004 honoring Ms. de Havilland: ref=fbx_album album&fbid=208522604807

  • Jen the HAG

    Everybody loves to copy Angelina jolie even Catherine Zeta Jones.. but i don’t see anybody wants to copy FUGLY TICKY … in fact it was TICKY who copied somebody famous like Streisand ..bwahahhahahah!!! Loonifers been posting non stop hate even they hate the kids what a bunch of R3TAR@RD LOSERS.. I understand how the loonifers feel when the celebrity they hate are MEGA GLOBAL SUPERSTARS LIKE BRAD AND ANGELINA JOLIE and their fugly idol’s career is on the Malibu dumpster.. Loonifers will really lose their marbles like the one posting in here bwahahhah!!

  • Passing Through

    # 153 Susan @ 11/21/2012 at 8:24 pm
    Pffft. No way in hell is Porgie worth $160MIL. $60MIL would be the high end. Unlike Ticky he didn’t make $$750K-1MIL per episode for over 5 years. He made around $200K per episode for 2-3 years and then he left ER and went into movies. He’s never gotten a $20MIL payday as a movie actor. NEVER. He only got $10MIL for the Batman movie and $8MIL The Perfect Storm. The most money he ever made was on the Oceans trilogy – but Brad made at least twice as much money on those 3 movies than Porgie did and Porgie got a producing fee in addition to his acting fee. The IMDB lists Porgie’s O11 salary as $20MIL but that’s BS because BRAD got $10MIL+ backend on the first movie. There’s no way they both got $10-20MIL up-front because the budget was only $85MIL and they shot in multiple locations with a large cast.
    With the 2 Oceans movies and Troy Brad was worth about $150MIL when he dumped Ticky. He hadn’t even gotten the nearly $100MIL he made off all things M&MS at that time – or the huge backend he made on Troy. Then he had big paydays on Oceans 13 ($20MIL), CCOBB ($20MIL), IB ($15MIL) and WWZ ($20MIL acting fee + backend). Meanwhile Porgie’s biggest payday in the last 12 years was Oceans 13 and he made about $15MIL on that. That was over 5 years ago. Since then Porgie’s only making about $3-5MIL per movie because he can’t open a movie and the budgets on his movies are under $30MIL. Plus Porgie spends all his time Oscar-chasing so he makes commercials in Italy to pay for his hos and his Lake Como villa and lifestyle. That’s why he’s chasing the lead in a Disney flick – because he needs the big payday it could bring on the backend.

  • Assholina Jolie

    Whistle while you work
    Bradley is a jerk
    Assholina bit his weenie
    Now it doesn’t work

  • Passing Through

    # 158 Wonderbust @ 11/21/2012 at 8:30 pm
    anyways I was on twitter earlier, why is Jon Voights goddaughter trying to act as if Angelina even knows who she is lol

    SKYLER SHAYE ‏@ItsSkylerShaye

    Before @jaredeng and I became good friends I was mistaken for my god sis Angelina Jolie
    ROTFLMAO. I like how she says she and Jared are good friends. If so, Shaye, girlfriend…could you hook Jared up with CURRENT INFO on Angie because for the last 2 years he’s been 2-5 days late posting most J-P news…even when I’ve sent him the info. And, I guess now we know who Jared’s source is when he claims to have “exclusive” info on the J-Ps.
    The other thing that’s funny – she had to have done a screen cap or took a photo of her monitor at the time that thread was up because that photo isn’t in Jared’s archive anymore. Plus, she was NEVER mistaken for Angie. Jared put that thread up saying JV and Angie were reuniting because one of the tabs said they were. They were both supposedly staying at the Waldorf Astoria. The J-Ps were there while Brad filmed BAR. JV was seen leaving the hotel with his “goddaughter” trailing behind him and the tabs immediately said that he was there to see Angie. Some paps stopped JV on the street and asked him and he played coy and said he had no idea Angie and Brad were staying at the Waldorf. At no point did Jared insinuate that SKyler Shaye was Angie. That was just the name of the thread and there happened to be a photo of her with JV beneath the header. She’s either dumber than dirt or an even bigger fameho than I already thought she was.
    BTW – here’s the photo and you can see for youselves that she’s fugding.
    And here’s the thread that it came from from. As you can see it’s a photo of JV and a photo of Angie from earlier the same day when she and Brad took Mad and Z on a helicopter ride.

  • Andamentothat

    They should do a film together!

  • tamsin


    Did you read loontard 955′s post? So Pitty says he can’t believe how much the kids grow when he gets home. Lol, that’s because he’s never around! And he doesn’t want to influence them with his opinions. Uh….that’s called parenting. But what can you expect from a couple of selfish phools who drag their kids to wherever their whims lead them. Who needs stability? Or friends? Or schools?


    Mega, I did and I don’t really understand how loons have the nerve to someone who admitted to being an absent father. Even funnier is how they try to put a spin on things. Loons can’t say he’s been quoted out of context now, then again, they don’t do logic.

    It’s obvious the narcissists travel around the world on their self promotional tours, and only bring the kids along when it’s convenient to set up a photo shop that helps them sell the fake image of a happy family. It’s outrageous how they manage how CPS looks the other way with them, but my guess is that they’re constantly uprooting them precisely to avoid attention from them. And when they do, bribing is always an option, just like they’ve done in Cambodia, Vietnam, Ethiopia and Namibia.

  • Go Figure!

    @Passing Through: @#185. Does Ticky get paid for those commercials? After all, we all know Charity isn’t her thing. And OT: why has no one heard mention of how her “fiance’s” family feels like her. Maybe I missed something, but I don’t recall reading anything about how pleased they are to welcome her to the family. Maybe they are still on the HB bandwagon.